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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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administration is forming nicely and this president is well onnist way to an explosive and dynamic first year. maria: he really is. tony and morgan, great to see you, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. maria: from all of us to all of you merry christmas and a wonderful and joyous new year, i'll see you next year. stuart: merry christmas, maria, indeed. he's the president-elect, four weeks until he becomes the 45th president. you wouldn't know it, donald trump has taken charge. good morning, everyone. item number one, a tweet on nukes. america must greatly strengthen its nuclear capability. that's what he tweeted. shock and horror in the media. item two, reports that trump intervened in a u.n. vote on israel settlements, he wants a veto, president obama was going to abstain. trump intervenes. stuart: and lockheed martin
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with the cost overreturns on the lockheed f-35 and that stock is down. you've never seen anything like this before. policy, communicated by tweet. national policy changed four weeks before donald trump sits in the oval office. you've never seen this before. there is other news. the berlin terror suspect is dead, shot in italy. and isis has a list of churches in america to be attacked on christmas day. here at home, the barriers are going up. america plays defense as the holidays approach. and it is friday, december 23rd, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> breaking news this morning. it's coming from overseas. the terrorist who drove a truck through the crowded christmas market in berlin is dead.
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he was found in milan during a traffic stop. he pulled out a gun, they fired back and killed him. one officer was hurt, he will be okay. that man is dead. this comes as new video is showing the truck highlighted here barrelling through the market. you can see people running for their lives. 12 dead, 50 injured. to australia, where five men are in custody, suspected of planning a series of christmas day attacks. they were going to use bombs, guns and knives, they were inspired by isis. and here at home, isis has pub published a list of churches in america to target on christmas. what have we got on that, adam? >> this is thousands of churches not only in the united states, but across the world and what isis is saying, they've posted these messages on one of their social media accounts and it's called secrets of jihadis. and they were calling for a quote, bloody celebrations in the christian new year and they also put these messages and the addresses of churches worldwide and the united states on telegram, an app you can get on
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your phone that cannot be hacked. it's embedded and encoded, rather. the deal in new york, chicago, boston, authorities are on alert. there's no credible, according to our intelligence, no indication that the threats will be carried out, but you cannot take a chance. >> it's churches targeted by muslim extremists on christmas day. >> it's an attack as you were saying early against christians. christianity is under attack. a hijacking of a libyan jet headed to malta. the latest. >> breaking news, there was 118 passengers on the jet. 65 had been released. it's unknown what the hijacker or hijackers' motives are. it's diverted. a domestic flight directed to the island of malta. women and children have been released and they're threatening to blow up the plane and there's a standoff between one hijacker or more
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with grenades threatening to blow up the plane. it's reported that they are gadhafi backers. stuart: they're negotiating by phone, i believe, from inside the plane. liz: that's correct. stuart: terror standoff continues. thank you, liz. donald trump tweets on nukes after vladimir putin flexed his muscle. putin spoke first, here is what he said. we're stronger now than any potential aggressor, anyone. he goes on to say we need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces. then donald trump tweeted this: the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. stacy washington is here. let's go beyond the nuke tweet for a second and look at the big picture here. i think donald trump is now in charge. he's acting like he is the president. mr. obama is off in hawaii playing golf.
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i mean, what are we to say about this? donald trump is in charge. >> absolutely, stuart. one of my favorite things about this is that so president obama plans to basically abstain and leave our ally in the middle east swinging in the wind at this resolution. instead, the resolution is put off because they understand that a lot of these things that president obama is doing, these last minute executive actions are going to be reversed. he's in the driver's seat, he's not on vacation, he's not golfing, he's governing before the inauguration, it's extraordinary. stuart: you're referring to a vote in the united nations and mr. trump intervened in that vote and he got his way essentially. the vote was postponed. now, that's the president-elect. i'm not going to say interfering, but certainly intervening at the united nations. now, i want to ask you, stacy, how do you feel about the
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president-elect, as you say he's taking charge. how do you feel about him-- i use the word strong arming american corporations, the latest example is, asking boeing to be price competitive on a new fighter jet with lockheed martin. how do you feel about it? should the president be doing that? >> absolutely. listen. i was watching this with interest because we're-- so he's been heavily criticized donald trump has for using twitter. what he's done is negotiated without sitting down with the companies for a price war, for underbidding each other, which should be for the government, they don't make a profit. they're going to negotiate the price of the jets, that means we are going to be more cost efficient and best price as taxpayers, and that can go to upping our troop levels and things we need to spend money on. i find it extraordinary we don't hear any criticism of president obama's overspending, the deficit being the highest
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it's ever been, him doubling it during the course of his administration and we're not hearing kudos for donald trump for using twitter to actually renegotiate multiple hundreds of millions of dollars in costs for our military. stuart: well, the media has its nose put out of joint because mr. trump has gone over top of them. one last question. did you see this coming? and we knew he was energetic, a hands-on guy, did you see this level of activity and take charge coming? >> i actually, i've been raising my expectations for what he can do before january 20th, and here is why, stuart? he did the carrier did. okay? that was widely panned, oh, it's nothing. and then moved on and he talked about air force one, the price on that has now been reduced without them sitting down. so my expectations are up and i think he'll continue to do this and president obama will continue to golf. stuart: can i say merry christmas to you, stacy washington? >> i would love it. merry christmas to you, stuart. stuart: right back at you. all right, stacy, thanks for
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joining us, we'll see you again soon. thank you. now, where is that market going today? slightly lower, probably, at the opening bell, so much for 20 k. we were 81 points an i way-- away from it at the close last night. we're going down 20 points. we are going to get new home sales. and art laffer said earlier on the program if you get a good reading that could juice the market and get us to 20,000. uh-huh, we'll see about that. take a look at bank stocks, they are the big, big gainers just since the election. what you're looking at is citi, morgan, wells fargo, bank of america, all of them up huge. if i can use that word again, just since the election. and listen to this, from america's top banker, generally recorded, jp morgan's chief jamie dimon talking about the current political culture. here is the quote. i think it's a mistake for the american public to be
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constantly told if you work for an oil company or a bank, that automatically makes you bad. how about that, liz. liz: he's saying there's rethink going on about how business people will be treated in this country and saying that people in business in trump's cabinet. they're patriotic, they don't want to work for the company, they want to work for the country. and he's common sense, 120 million people in the private sector you need them working to pay for the 20 million people in government. so, he's being very full of common sense right now. stuart: i think he was-- i think the man was worried all the way through the obama administration. >> yeah. stuart: he poked his head up and said something he'd get flattened down fast. >> he would get flattened down fast. we all have friends who work in banking and oil company and they're honorable people. the banks did a lot -- let's not forget wells fargo, cheating customers and instead of settling with them making
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them go to arbitration. j.p. morgan chase, one of the best bankers in the country and he's one of the best bankers in the world and paid billions in fines for breaking the law. cheated veterans, men and women serving in the armed forces and foreclosed on their houses and don't get me started on what they did with bernie madoff. liz: and the settlements, yes, banks had major problems and infractions, a lot of good people working there. stuart: adam's point is well taken. liz: they shouldn't have been bailed out. it's well taken. he's talking mostly about the trump cabinet. stuart: i'm interested to see jamie dimon speaking up now in those terms because now he thinks he can. very interesting. donald trump says he will be a friend to israel. and less than a month before he takes office, he shows just how good a friend he will be. we'll have that story coming up for you from the united nations. and newt gingrich joins us at
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9:45 eastern. we're talking trump nukes tweet with him and also talking terror. and we have this, ivanka trump boards a flight with her family, she is verbally harassed by an angry, we believe, hillary supporter. the angry passenger was removed. much more on that coming up. tiger woods requests a round of golf with the president-elect and it is happening this morning. we're watching out for that one, too. ♪
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>> germany's deutsche bank, settling with the u.s. government, they will pay 7 billion dollars. that's about half what they were originally supposed to pay. credit suisse has settled with the u.s. government. they'll pay $5 billion. again, they got off with a fairly good deal. we'll watch both stocks at the opening bell, likely to be pretty much unchanged. politics, please? yes, this friday morning. president-elect trump taking charge no doubt about it.
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a u.n. resolution to block israeli settlements on the west bank on hold. israel reportedly asked mr. trump for help. here is part of mr. trump's statement on the issue. the resolution considered at the united nations security council regarding israel should be vetoed. the vote was postponed. trump had his effect. and joining us now katie hopkins joining us from britain. katie, israel has no friends in europe. i would say that israel is-- europeans are anti-israel so what do europeans feel about mr. trump now that he's gone to bat for israel at the u.n.? >> yeah, absolutely, i would correct you, trump and israel have a lot of support here in europe. you just don't get to hear about it that much. i'm a big israel supporter. i had a big rant on my radio show the other day about israel and how much i love benjamin
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netanyahu and i got gone over by our regulator having a view that was not acceptable in public. that's how bad things are here. i love the fact that trump is marching out in support of israel. i love the fact that it's kind of like taxing for obama, please, no more of your nonsense and have someone who is very bold and make israel great again. i love while clinton and what not moaning about the impact on the election and obama sent some of his campaign team allegedly to israel to try to overthrow benjamin netanyahu. that's the same kind of thing. i say go israel, go trump and keep building those settlements, i'm a big pro israeli. stuart: let me throw this one at you. isis has published a list of churches to target here and in
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europe at christmas. we've come to this in america, i see police officers with machine guns around the major, large churches in our major cities all around. is it the same in britain? >> it's horrific. you know? all of the christmas markets, the guys with weapons, we've got the cement around the markets, it's not-- there's a feeling, a question mark around kind of the big gathering like our fireworks here on new year's eve just like you have. will the fireworks go ahead? will people want to go to them? people are nervous once more and politicians say we will not be stopped. we will not allow terror to kind of stopdoing what we do. people are frightened. terror is winning, and the guy that drove the truck in berlin straight into the market killing 12 people, he managed to get across three countries
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in one day because of our open borders and i think we now look to trump and to america and see you as the lucky guys because you don't face the kind of wa wall-- war, merkel's party says we're at war in europe. stuart: it's come to this a couple of days before christmas and hanukkah, astonishing. katie, always a welcomed guest and i wish you and yours a merry christmas. >> thank you, merry christmas, thank you. stuart: sure thing. all right, it's what, two days before christmas. this is prime time, of course, for amazon. adam shapiro was at one of their fulfillment centers in new york city and he saw their operation which, by the way, will deliver stuff to you in one hour. adam is with us today of course. liz: what a story. stuart: later this hour, two big named college football stars skipping their bowl games because of money. that's why i'm going to talk about football a little later on, but first, some real christmas music.
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play it. ♪ o holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ ♪ it is the night of the dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ long live the world ♪
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>> one of the big stock market stories of the last two years has been the performance, then and now, of the big tech names. look at netflix. it went to the moon in 2015, a gain of 134%. but this calendar year, not so much. up 9%. the same story with amazon. boy, was that the stock of 2015 up 117% and look at amazon, 2016, just 13% higher. i think you could say that the techs have slowed down and some of them are laggards. i want to talk more about amazon. adam shapiro is here, you reported extense-- extensively from a warehouse. >> it's smaller than the one in new jersey, 28 football fields, totally automated. this is a prime hub, they call it. stuart: did you tell us you can
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get delivery one hour. >> one hour. stuart: after you've ordered something? >> yeah, i don't think so it's something they've got in stock, you'll get it, pay $7.99 within an hour, guaranteed within the metropolitan area of new york and have these in 30 different cities across the country. stuart: the metropolitan area. >> brooklyn, queens, and it's free delivery as long as you're amazon prime member $99 a year. it's two hours. stuart: that's astonishing. there's another there there's another angle. holiday sales, bricks and mortar, december 10th, that's the amazon effect. liz: it's the amazon effect. and four mall stores are seriously this trouble. sears, kmart is in trouble, abercrombie & fitch. aeropostale and--
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>> they got bailed out. keep them on the turf. stuart: i can't remember a 4% sales decline, okay, in-store sales 4%. >> if i was looking to invest in a traditional brick and mortar retailer. what portion has shifted on-line. macy's, target, wal-mart on-line components and they have been around for several years. stuart: does the on-line component make up for the loss of sales? >> not yet, but. stuart: they're going to close them, it's just going to happen. and last day of trading before christmas, of course, that will be today. and i'll ask once again, are we going to hit 20,000 dow industrials today? frankly, i doubt it, but we'll be watching for it in just a couple of minutes when the market opens. after that, we go to newt gingrich. he's talking about mr. trump's tweet on nukes and his views on terror.
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yeah, we've got a jam-packed star-studded three-hour show that continues after the opening bell which is next. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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>> every single day this week sharp at 9:30 eastern time.
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we said, 20k. 20,000 on the dow jones industrial average, will it be today, this week, this year? if we make 20k. where do we go from there? and we've not gotten to 20k. and we opened 80 shy and i expect we're opening lower from there. the odds of us hitting 20k are slim and dare i say none? i shouldn't say that, i don't forecast the market, i report what's happening. 99 where we are, a lot of red on the right-hand side of your screen. the same story with the broader market indicator like the s&p 500. it's down just a tiny fraction, how about the nasdaq? a lot of technology stocks there, down 5 points, .09%. i'm going to call this a dead flat to slightly lower opening across the board. the price of oil not doing much, $52 a barrel. the price of gold, that's been moving lightly, largely down. $2 higher today at 1132.
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now, here is a price to watch. regular gasoline, the national average keeps going up about a penny a day, now, we're at $2.27 per gallon nationwide average. joining us this friday morning, adam shapiro, elizabeth mcdonald, jeff sica and scott shellady. you know, i think we should start by making fun of getting to dow 20,000 'cause we've said it all week, we haven't got there. scott shellady, go ahead, make fun of me if you would. >> right, it would take away about half of the program we've all been doing this week, but at the end of the day, i think in order to keep the feel-good factor going we need to damp down our expectations and name the show maybe dow maybe 19, 950 and we have a chance of hitting something and bring the number down and celebrate a little bit after smaller number, that's all. stuart: i don't have a graphic for that, however. [laughter] >> jeff sica is with me. do you think we're going to hit 20-- not today, but, are we going to hit 20,000 and move up from
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there? that's the question. >> what i find funny about this, all the johnnie come lately bulls that have piled on this so they could tell their friends at cocktail parties or the dinner table on christmas they were there when the dow hit 20,000. they must feel like dogs who chased parked cars now because this is a big disappointment for them and everybody involved. but here is what happens. everybody set their expectations to hit the 20,000, and you had the johnnie come latelies jumping in and there were a lot of investors, traders especially, that used the 20,000 mark as a reason to sell. so, that's why we have what we have. stuart: this is algorithms, the equations on computers as soon as you get close to 20k, bang, you sell! you can't get at it or above it? >> you look at-- all of the algorithms are based on momentum. when the momentums stop they
9:33 am
automatically start to sell. that's why investors are acting like dogs chasing cars. if donald trump were to tweet there's a tax cut by january 1st, i think that might be a catalyst. liz: are you making a suggestion? >> watching the show, a mild suggestion to mr. trump, what can you do for me? amazon, on-line shopping expect today account for what, 18, 20% of all holiday sales this year. now, jeff, you do business around amazon. you've bought into the real estate around fulfillment centers. essentially you're a backer of amazon, aren't you? >> i'm a huge amazon and we made the decision because of what amazon's initiatives are, which as adam spoke earlier in the show, to build these fulfillment centers in as many cities as they can, 30 now and continue to build these
9:34 am
fulfillment centers, so we get two hour delivery. we made a decision to make-- knowing that amazon brings jobs, it increases the value of real estate and any town it's in and increases the residential value. it's been a tremendous, tremendous company for people. stuart: so, would you buy the stock today at 764? >> no, i would not. [laughter]. >> buy the real estate around the building. >> around it. i mean, the stock has been very-- it's been a darling, people have piled into it, it's been a tremendous performer, but the stock, i believe, has outdone its short-term move and i think it's time to wait. stuart: okay. split decision on that one, sorry. trump tweeting about the cost of fighter jets. quote, based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the lockheed martin f-35. i've asked boeing to price out a comparable f-18 hornet. he's kind of the deal maker in chief here, i mean, he's
9:35 am
pressuring, hey, get out there and compete, you guys. >> part of the things i think that voters who voted for donald trump for washington, business as usual. yes, there are cost overruns, it's a way of doing business and fact of life. when donald trump talked about draining the swamp, look ago the pentagon, you can't spend money like that, or we're going to redo the contracts. liz: the iron triangle should be the golden triangle. some estimate double digits. >> you can't rework a contract. the f-35 is flying-- >> well, not in the rain. stuart: i've got to scott you scott shellady, should the president-elect of the united states be pressuring individual corporations? >> if he's spending our tax dollars, absolutely. we've all heard about the bloated government contracts. $500 hammer stories.
9:36 am
we've read about those all the time in the newspaper and you know what's more amazing, he's not president yet and working on government spending, cutting government spending. i think it's fantastic. stuart: we'll take that. check out the big board because we're five, six minutes now into the trading session and it's a very flat market this day before the christmas weekend and the hanukkah weekend begins. look at deutsche bank. they've settled with the u.s. government. they're a german bank, settled with america. they're going to pay $7 billion. that's actually good news for deutsche bank. they were supposed to pay $14 billion. very similar story with credit suisse. they've settled with the u.s. they're paying about $5 billion, less than previously expected. if we go back to bed, bath and beyond, very much in the news yesterday, the stock was down a whopping 9%. fewer shoppers actually going into their stores. very modest bounceback this morning. 50 cents higher, 1.2% higher. that's it on bed, bath and beyond. general motors, main joint
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venture in china has been fined $29 million for violating anti-monopoly rules. general motors at $35 a share. the stocks of some retailers actual doing well this year. i want to know the big names and winners here, nicole, plea please. nicole: names you know. it's interesting, they've had a hard time competing against the behemoth, amazon. interestingly enough, they did well this year, kohl's up 5%. macy's up 4% and also, wal-mart was the best of the bunch 13%. amazon, by the way, had an unbelievable year last year, it was up 11%, but you know what? this year, completely different picture. up about 13%. the retailers have taken on amazon as best as they could. even now, staying open 24 hours, going in to christmas eve. we have round the clock, through christmas eve for kohl's and macy's, you can run over there. wal-mart, well, they've sped up
9:38 am
the shipment for the toys for santa's elves, legos, barbie, my little pony. they've got better earnings overall. they're doing their best, bricks and mortar. it's hard to be a retailer. stuart: you're right. they're doing their best to compete with amazon. how can you compete with amazon, they can deliver one hour in 30 cities around the country. that's something else again. nicole: true. stuart: twitter, one of the great mysteries of this year, the stock is actually down 10% since the election. jeff sica, the only reason to buy into the stock of twitter if you think that somebody else is going to buy it. >> i've been calling for twitter to-- they haven't monetized their model. they deserve to be down,
9:39 am
they're not only not defining how they'll monetize their model. they're not showing willingness to create the right environment for someone to acquire them. i believe there's companies who can acquire them and monetize their model and twitter will be a very effective tool. they have not verballized that yet and investors have punished them. >> it's off 75% since the ipo. two things, twitter is still pretty powerful. donald trump wipes out billions in market cap and boeing and lockheed when he talks about companies, but at the same time it's the twitter abuse, and why disney and sales force backed away. here is the play line. could basically verizon back away from yahoo! and fix twitter? could google buy twitter. anybody in 2017. if they haven't bought them already in the year 2016. who is going to put a bid in now? >> there's the disney rumor. now, disney has had what i would consider was a justifiable idea for them and
9:40 am
they were not willing to be flexible and i think that's ultimately going to prove disasterous for them if they don't turn the ship around now. stuart: scott shellady, you're a trader kind of guy, you're in and out real fast. the only reason to buy shares of twitter, if you think that somebody is going to buy them. that's the only reason, is it? >> it's going to be the biggest reason. this is one of those peculiar instances where this thing is actually worth more to somebody else than it is to twitter on its own and that's hard for the twitter folks to get their mind around, number one, number two, if it sinks lower, i wouldn't be surprised to see a person donald trump put a bid in for twitter. stuart: why not? he uses it all the time and runs the country by twitter. all right, everybody, we have the dow industrials down by 5 and i want to thank jeff and you, scott. happy and merry christmas to one and all. we'll see you in the new year. check out the dow big board, this is a go nowhere friday morning, down 2 as we speak. now, look at this, ivanka trump
9:41 am
right there, verbally harassed on a flight. the offending passenger was removed. we have all the video from the aftermath coming up for you. newt gingrich, trump's nuke tweet. he's going to be talking about that and fighting terror. newt gingrich is next. ♪
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>> we have more information on the berlin attacker. he was shot dead in italy earlier, but there's more on this story. >> there's actually an isis linked news agency and released a video of the attacker this guy anis amri swearing allegiance to isis. so, remember, isis claimed it was one of their soldiers who carried it out. stuart: islamic terror inspired by isis, he pledges allegiance.
9:45 am
>> the key here, he was an asylum seeker who game into italy through germany. stuart: 9 points, 15 minutes into the session. we're on the down side, 10 points lower. it's pretty much a flat, go nowhere market today. listen to this, donald trump has been tweeting about nuclear policy and that's unusual in a tweet. look at this. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time until the its senses regarding nukes. the author much the aptally named book "treason", here is news gingrich. welcome to the program. >> good to see you, it's ironic, the liberals who are afraid that trump was going to be too cozy to putin are now afraid that trump will get involved in a nuclear arms
9:46 am
race. trump with the advice of his military leaders is responding. the last ten years we've allowed our nuclear capability to decay and the russians have been introducing a whole new generation of capability. the chinese introduce a whole new capability of ability and north korea working on ways for missiles to reach the united states. and because of obama's weakness we have been letting our entire system to decay. i think it's a good tweet, an important message and says to people like putin, look, we can be friends or we can be opponents. if we're opponents, we're bigger than you are, we're richer than you are, we can ultimately outproduce you. stuart: the media has gone crazy, of course, they're ap apoplectic. the horror, it was communicated by tweets.
9:47 am
our competitors were almost in tears some of them. >> there's a danger in the united nations, barack obama in the last days of his failed presidency is going to reverse u.s. policy and allow the security council resolution that will dramatically cripple israel. that's a real crisis, it's immediate, it could happen today and it's a sign of the utter irresponsibility of barack obama. this is something different. this is a clear signal to the world, that you have a future commander-in-chief who is looking at reality, and he's saying to people like putin, look, we can talk, we don't have to be enemies, but if you're determined to build up your capabilities, i'm going to overmatch you. he's saying to the chinese. if you're going to be adventurous in the south china sea, i'm going to overmatch you. if we're going to make america great again, the growth that would enable us without question to rebuild the most powerful military force in the world and to be literally beyond competition with our most immediate countries and we
9:48 am
have to do that because nuclear weapons are so dangerous. we cannot afford to allow any country to think that they could engage in nuclear blackmail. stuart: you've got a piece on fox talking about the terror cancer growing and you say that mr. trump will need a new strategy to defeat it. can you encompass that new strategy on what you're talking about in 60 seconds? >> sure, we need to look at what lincoln did during the civil war to adopt laws to allow him to control people who were traitors, in the north. he locked up former congressman, he locked up half the maryland legislature, and we're faced with a worldwide enemy that wants to kill us. remember, the tunisian who had a truck in nice, killing 94 people was mimicked by a tunisian in berlin attacking a market in berlin killing 12 people. we have to get ahead of these,
9:49 am
lock up or kill people determined to hurt us. >> he appears to be taking charge right from the get hadden go. i don't think we've ever seen anything like this before. again, you're laughing, but we haven't. >> i think the closest in sheer energy is theodore roosevelt and disruptive quality is andrew jackson. if you blend those and add in p.t. barnum as a salesman you begin to get the trump effect. donald trump is going to be a very unconventional, always on offense, always energetic and aggressive guy. when he makes mistakes he'll recover by being on offense on another front. he's not going to back up. he's committed to the changes he campaigned on and he believes that the american people are wanting him or counting on him to be the leader that they elected. stuart: it's a shock to the system, so different. >> a healthy shock and i wish you a merry christmas because i think it's going to be a great year coming up. stuart: i think it is, too.
9:50 am
thank you, newt for being with us. appreciate it, yes, sir. i want to update the hijacked plane in malta. what do we have, adam? >> we have live video showing the hijacker leaving the plane in malta, along with members of the crew and the maltese prime minister. apparently successfully negotiated an end to the standoff and the hijacker, i don't know which one it is, but it's in handcuffs being led away by maltese soldiers. stuart: have we identified who they are? >> no, just a picture of the hijacker in handcuffs. and that's over in the capital of malta. and we've got a preponderance of red, the general trend of the dow industrials are downment we're off 3 points on the big board as we speak. two big college football stars, i mean stars, skipping their bowl games. why? well, it's all about money.
9:51 am
we're talking football, college football, in a moment. i you
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> the one i watch carefully is new home sales, that's the one of all the housing numbers, that's the one you want to really watch, that hits the economic growth.
9:55 am
stuart: art laffer made the prediction on this program in a couple of days ago. in a few moments we'll get the new home sales numbers right at the top of the hour. if they're good we'll see if art is right and if it pushes us towards 20,000, we'll see. now this, star football players are sitting out the bowl games because they don't want to get injured before the nfl draft. and rich insurance these programs. rich, welcome to the program. >> thank you. stuart: are they being disloyal to their colleges? >> not i don't think so. these guys, you give four years of blood, sweat and tears to the school and then the teams go to the bowl games and they're protecting their futures. stuart: selfishly, but i can understand it, if they're interested in one of the bowls. there are so many bowl games, it's not just a couple. >> i think this is going to
9:56 am
help eliminate some of these excessive bowl games because as a kid growing up, the you had major big ones and now you're up to 60, 70 bowl games. stuart: so you approve of this, you do? >> yeah, i do. stuart: you basically approve. >> i do. stuart: do you therefore approve, eventually, of college football players getting paid, not just a stipend, getting paid? >> i think they should. and the reason why is 'cause you have some kids that, the cla scholarship, obviously, is great. but you still need extra money if the dining hall is closed and you need to feed yourself. stuart: but the principle here, these young men are making an enormous amount of money for the college. >> absolutely. stuart: why shouldn't they get a piece of the action? >> i'm with you 1,000%. stuart: it would change college football forever and totally. >> as long as you keep it on a playing, level playing field. stuart: i've got to bring this to your attention. right now donald trump and tiger woods are playing a round of golf together at the trump
9:57 am
internional course in west palm beach. rich, i understand that tiger woods asked for, he requested this round of golf. why would he do that? >> you know what? i tell you, 'cause he can, how is that? >> if you request something of the president-elect and he comes through for you. >> you know you've got some juice. stuart: i'd love to see the crowd around there though. >> my lord, even with just a-- your phone camera, the camera on your phone. stuart: i wonder if tiger woods ever played a round of golf in president obama. i'm not sure whether he did or not. >> that we know of. stuart: he's playing right there with donald trump. rich, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: how about this ivanka trump confronted by an angry passenger on a commercial jet flight in front of her children. the passenger was kicked off. i've got my take coming up in two minutes and we'll see if art laffer is right. new homes sales, the number breaks shortly. if it's a good number could it
9:58 am
get us to 20k? i'm a little dubious. we will be right back. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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10:00 am
ivanka trump verbally confronted by a man shouting we believe, that trump was ruining the country. it was premeditated harassment. the man had communicated with his husband. they were going to chase down the trump family to harass them. all of that appeared in tweets. according to passengers the man while holding a young child himself shouted directly at the trump family. he was removed from the plane. later tmz caught up with him. head-to-head nothing to say. step back a moment. if anyone had done this to president obama or president clinton's family you know it would have been headline news. but media would have jumped all over it. they would have labeled it racist, sexist, deplorable?
10:01 am
but when a gay couple disrupts the flight and assaults president presidential daughter nothing i suppose we should be used to this reaction to the left they're trying to undermine trump presidency and michael moore is still organizing to disrupt inauguration. what that man did on that plane is different. it is personal. it was in your face harassment of the president-elect's family. disgrisful an dare i say, deplorable. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right breaking news it is both new u home sales numbers. >> 5:9 ,000 annualized more than expected year over year, new home sales up more than 12% solid year and home existing
10:02 am
sales are at a nine-year high. >> so that's a solid number, a good number new home sales up, but has done nothing for the market and still up one point. [laughter] j still 0 point shy of the dow -- >> thank you for pointing that out. dow up three on the dow, however, i think more important numbers on consumer sentiment adam. >> actually a little bit better than what consensus expecting 98.2 so you know survey of how consumers are feeling about economy and this is a positive considerate 98.2 better than what experts expected. >> a mood indicator, a pause mood confidence is u up almost across the board. i don't think it's had a significant impact on overall market. okay we are going to climb not exactly a powerful rile lit at this point we're up 7 points. 19926 at the release of those two news items. got it. now, i want to get back to top
10:03 am
of the hour, ivanka trump harassed we have "the daily caller" report picket is with us. what if this would have been the family of the democrat president in mr. clinton or mr. obama? if their family had been abused on a passenger plane? what would be the reaction to that? >> of course it would be a widespread condemnation of the individual who would have done that to them. but remember as far as for example, chelsea clinton is concerned, i mean, depressed and people all over the place like she's 13 years old going through parents' scandal so often handled with the a kid glove and alsos obama's children are still very young and people never ever wanted to say anything bad about them and very, very small chances that that did happen people were condemned. but because people see e-von can ka as an older child they look at her as an open season. j but her own children were on
10:04 am
that plane very young children and man who did the shooting, at we covered his face up there but that's the guy . he held his had own child while abusing ivanka trump and those children. seems like the level of outrage that is pouring out from the left knows no bounds. [laughter] >> what had is fascinating too is you're with hear hadding go it's not like he physically attacked them or he was -- hurting them are you kidding me you're on a metal two with i thinks with on it bad to say you're a private citizen and one you want to go to sleep. >> so suppose you were on what plane and someone says you're a conservative i don't know if you support trurp or not you're a conservative. they'll harass the hell you have you. >> not sure if a person will make a comment at your book. >> well said.
10:05 am
on to mr. trump i say he's taken charge the man is acting as if he is the president already. he's done a lot of things here. you agree with me? >> serge. certainly this isn't different from the past. i think is extraordinarily interesting that barack obama feels very sidelined, of course, he's out of there in a couple of weeks. so he is wondering why people aren't paying attention to him he's useless. >> off playing golf right now we showed video of mr. trump he's playing golf as of right now in florida with tiger woods. [laughter] but you're right. i mean, the president -- president obama is off there in hawaii on the golf course. and we've not heard in addition from him. donald trump is stepped into what lookings like a value you mean. >> right after a terrorist attack over in europe, and on the golf course. >> we breerkt it. wish you a merry christmas? >> i'm going to anyway. merry christmas we have the
10:06 am
latest on hijacked plane it went to malta. >> hijacker aparticipantly has surrendered there's video you can see here -- he was led off by soldiers and passengers have been released let the women and children off the plane but now hijacker surrendered that is done, u, however, we have news out of australia about a terror plot that have been foiled emac. >> involving suicide bomb, knives, explosive devices, six in custody. five them or most of them in their 20s. five of the men in their 20s. one of them is a woman. what they were planning to do was bomb various places around melbourne and here with big -- problem for the government there, a big cricket match held on boxing day 100,000 people expected to attend and fears they were going to target the cricket match of 100,000 people in attendance.
10:07 am
>> meanwhile we in america isis has published a list of churches to be attacked by lone wolfs or isis supporters on christmas day. that goes to our theme that christianity is under direct attack. that's where i come from. >> that is. >> okay berlin trier suspect shot he's dead. he made it to i.t. -- italy shot dead today. more on that with with sebastian our very own terrorism expert who is check up in the next block. look at the big board please we're not seeing any reaction at all to relatively strong numbers on computer confidence and on new home sales. we're up just 4 points. steady as she goes on this last trading day before christmas. but look at that. retail sales now this is in store sales down 4%. again i repeat this is brix and mortar sales down 4% as of the first six weeks of the holiday shopping season. market watcher david dietz is with us.
10:08 am
which if you were a market, would you put your money if you were an investor and i don't know if you give this kind of advice but put your money into a retailer right now? >> no, because quite a runup since election day and as that statistic shows retail sales have been stopped and you know what had stewart, that doesn't surprise us. we're finishing the year in a muddled sense in terms of the economy and it goes back to weak wage and economic growth and not getting boost in their paycheck they can't spend higher confidence. >> do you remember a year i know this is only up until mid-december down 4% brix and brix and sales gone down 4% because i can't. >> brix and mortar suffering but but? equities a slow in wages. >> turn to adam shap is row because you were reporting yesterday about from an amazon
10:09 am
is warehouse where they will deliver in one hour in 30 cities. >> got this within 30 cities they extend to expngd but they're growing. amazon is testing brick and mortar and in new york city. >> what kind of stuff can you get? >> just about everything that's a big screen tv. that thing i was just holding up there this hot item that is nintendo classic game edition $60 they have them. and they were releasing them at different intervals to drive traffic to their website. but this is for amazon prime customers genius and pay $99 to become an amazon prime member and then you have access to those items you can't unless you're amazon prime. >> get a tv in an hour. if you pay $7.99 accident tray all you got. >> they ship all over the city and take the subway, they'll go on bikes that's how they get it to you within an hour.
10:10 am
>> are you going to bet against amazon? >> i got my shopping done at amazon it was em or bassing and i became a prime member but drop it, however, within the 38 period so i know you have to pay for that trial period. >> you're terrible. absolutely terrible to do that. >> but i'm honest. >> indeed qk to the show. >> that's great. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. sphwhriewrt look at this old faithful the geyser -- not a geezer in erupting and sub air creating that billowing crowd that is yellow stone there. couldn't fit in this home in oregon they cut this christmas tree in half and half of it on the roof. took six people to get that tree up there. and it cost more than $40. that's it. i say that's a success. back in a moment. ♪ hey gary, what are you doing?
10:11 am
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>> the berlin terror suspect is debt. what else have we got? >> not only did the police in milan a rookie cop killed and shot this man's partner, but it turns out that isis released a video in which this guy anis amri swore allegiance to isis released that video and remembered this was a refugee, asylum seeker who german authorities had on their terror watch list and have been investigating but he was able to slip through their fingers. islaming terror directed by isis. >> absolutely. he took the ledge. >> about time. >> isis listing churches to target for a pack i think in europe and america. >> thousands the churches. churches in all 50 states say publish a directory of where these churches are on their app
10:15 am
called telegram. >> trying to tell lone wolves follow us in america here's where it is. liz: christmas that is a direct attack on christmas is their threat. stuart: bring in author of "defeating jihad" sebastian it has come to this churches in america are targets now as i walk around new york city i see police officers are machine guns right outside churches. again, i repeat it is come to this. >> it has, stew. i love your 55 place i must say merry christmas. it is not just new york. so the cathedral in the u.k., the nativity scene outside of it so statue of the baby jesus, joseph mary, automatic weapons
10:16 am
guarding nativity scene. and this should come as a surprise to thoab. the events in berlin are not a one of, recently isis in their english language magazine, they have a special issue and the title was break the cross and the cover of the magazine had a photograph of the isis jihadi on roof of the christian church ripping down the cross from the roof. this is a war against christianity. don't forget, the san bernardino killers did what, they killed their fellow colleagues at the christmas party in their office. this is a patent, stuart. stuart: hold on a second i want a news item from adam shapiro i want your comment in a moment. homeland security is now asking travelers who are coming to america, we want to see your social network page. >> this started on tuesday and actually for people coming into the united states on visa waiver program they're presented with
10:17 am
and it is optional right now to enter information associated with their online presence essentially their facebook, twitter and social media accounts but it is people coming through the visa waiver program. >> sebastian, you just heard that is this a workable system of offrighting a filter to get -- salt people out before they come in? >> voluntary question on a tiny little form you fill out on the plane on the way to america. that's like a bad -- stuart, stuart really, i mean, the fact that let's look at what the federal government is doing now. the san bernardino bombers, killers farook and malik when she applied for her fiancé visa to come to the united states welcome the federal investigators that were looking into giving her visa were not permitted by d.h.s. regulation to look at her public facebook page because that would somehow
10:18 am
impig ping on rights that is absurd. j what about news yesterday that president obama is ending the registry of immigrants? i mean it's been on the books since 9/11. now -- a month before he leaves office he end it. looked at as a registry of muslims but it's gone. what do you make of this? >> i think this is sheer spite so that the trump campaign is associated with the reporter about some kind of registry. turns out that federal government has had one for more than a decade of young males of military age coming from areas that have jihadi problem on insurnt city and now under pressure of the attorney general of new york who says this is racist can't do that. the whole system which could be preventative hrb to prevent a tax like berlin is being scrapped. it makes no sense at all. >> i've got to wish you a merry christmas and i'm wishing you a merry christmas from new york city where we have police officers with machine guns right
10:19 am
outside guarding our churches on christmas. >> merry christmas sebastian we'll see you soon. stuart: we have a dead flat market that's about as flat as you can get down pnt .33. how about this? prince charles heir to british throne giving christmas address to consider migrants this christmas by thinking about of the profit muhammad. when his mother died, to the king he'll be the leader of the church of england. and this a massive wall of cease smoke over lake superior in minnesota. this effect is made when fog hits freezing temperatures by the way, got as low as minus 38. that's what happened. that is smoke that's remarkable stuff. what a picture. and we have this for you as well a man dressed as santa walks into the memphis city employees credit union on elvis presley
10:20 am
boulevard and giving out candy canes and then happenedded bank teller a note demanding cash. there he is -- police are still looking for that man. we'll be back. ♪
10:21 am
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your siness. strongnd secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. ♪ stuart: now that's a voice and that is wonderful christmas music. matt king coal hark the herald angels sing.
10:24 am
prince charles giving christmas address. he says think of muhammad this christmas. watch this. >> and we might also remember that when the profit muhammad migrated he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship. stuart: didn't see his lips move but that's what he said. "the daily caller" lady is back with us. you saw it -- you heard it. before i explode what's say you? >> you have so many people now who are looking to sue the sensitivities of the other cultures. that they end up even getting other culture and religions completely wrong this is a horrible analogy. but you know what, the demographics, obviously, you very well know over in britain have changed so immensely so we see particularly with the london, that now appears that you have prince charles looking
10:25 am
to sort of get into that trend speak but how does that help angela merkel? >> he won't. he'll be the king of all of the people and all of his citizens. i understand that. but to bring up that at christmas on your christmas message from a man who will be the leader of the church of england when he assumes the throne that i think is really -- very interesting shall we leave it at that? would you like to add? i wouldn't want to imitate the man's action but that was curious if you say. thanks very much indeed i have to point this out to you gnc you know the vitamin people, stock therefore i think it hit a 52-week low with a real problem responding to online sales. you know, you can buy that easily from anybody these days. and that stock is down 6.5% 52 week low. we have this for you as well.
10:26 am
trump roundly criticized for tweet about nuclear weapons. mr. trump was responding to similar comments made first by russia's president vladimir putin we've got the story for you. meanwhile ivanka trump harassed by a hillary supporter here's the question, what happenedded to going high when others go low? listen to this. >> when someone is cruel you don't swoop to their level our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> words of our wonderful first lady when they go lie, we go high. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know thatsoasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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♪ snot stuart: you may be asking why two days before krems we're playing the beach boys they may be playing at the inauguration. now considering whether or not to play. they have been invited to perform at the inauguration. they performed at the bill clinton parties, right now we don't have elton john or garth brooks but we have jackie opera singer and beach boys in operation. >> beef boys there you have them. fine group it shall big board not near 20,000 but down 17 points 19911 tech stocks underperforming at the election. apple is up. netflix is up but rest of them are down. how about the retailers report this morning that brix and mortar sales are down 4% by mid-december. that's not good. wal-mart is down. target is down. macy's, kohl's nordstrom ever so slightly higher that's what's
10:31 am
happening on the market. now this -- ivanka trump clearly harassed on a commercial jetliner this happened yesterday the story is the demand was shouting at her and her children. i want to bring in the author of we the people. that would be juan williams it is friday, so quan is with us. juan, how are you? >> good, by the way if i clear my throat an sing like andrej you think i might get invited to sing at the perform at the trump inaugural? >> slim to none. >> but liberal entertainers who don't want to go -- >> is that right? >> i don't think that's fair. look he's the president going to entertain. >> trying to change the subject. >> that's an interesting point that she's raised. stuart: i'm more interested in ivanka harass haded it on a plane yesterday if it was the other way around the family of mr. clinton on barack obama -- and they were harassed in this
10:32 am
fashion, all hell would break loose. >> hell has broken loose on the right but nowhere in the media -- in the paper every newspaper -- in the back page maybe. >> it is. but con dell nation? >> i think that is widespread but let me jus say -- : it is not. who do you hearsaying this is great, in fact, people who were thrown off -- the harassers as you call them thrown off the plane jetblue and they complain they were expressing their opinion. they were expressing their opinion in a loud voice one of them was. directly to ivanka trump's children not -- >> to ivanka trump. but the passenger. >> children with her, the comment was your father that's not to the children that was your father -- that was the comments. >> the the children making the point it was -- harass away. why not? >> i think it is a terrible thing but i must say which side
10:33 am
many this do you think has the reputation forly behavior? >> disgraceful and deplorable now hold on a second because i have an update on joe biden talking about wait a minute, wait a minute, creeping elitism among democrats? >> brutal assessment of the clinton campaign saying you know, there is a creeping bit of a lead in the crept into party thinking, and that clinton didn't really connect with working class people. he is saying these are people i grew up with they're not racist and not sexist and we didn't tack to them. so you know he also saiding identity politics we are about that. but the same time he said you can't equality that's what he said about identity politics. >> where's he been? where's he been? >> he and agricultural secretary both made the case that really you have to get out there and tack to working class white voters and they were ignored. >> finally democrats have
10:34 am
realized how annoyed people like me get when we're accused of being racist, sexist homophobe, disgraceful deplorable and ire redeemable. >> you're a working class boot collar -- american -- ever seen my family? >> no i've seen you. stuart: i'll tell you about my family there are three races, there are five nationalities. there are two religions. a democrat calls me a racist, sexist bigot are you kidding me? >> well you're a broadcaster. but we're going to get angry? >> in fact, i think president obama has trouble with the fox news channel in general but that's yous a broadcaster not your family -- >> me as a voter an american as citizen citizen cutted by a presidential candidate and joe biden realized he's doing something whereon. >> insulted by et elitism? >> he's noted creeping elite it shall >> among democrats and the failure by hillary clinton to
10:35 am
reach out to certain voters. stuart: but -- >> blanketing yourself now and all of a sudden you stuart varney are working class blue collar white america? stuart: that's where i come from. >> get out of town. stuart: that's where i come from. now, wait, wait -- no hold on a second. wait a second. [inaudible] >> on business channel. >> daddy warbucks this is too much. >> up in england i was a lower class kid my father never owned a car worked in a warehouse for 50 years i was always looked down upon by upper classes and it made me crazy. made me leave the country as a matter of fact. i come to america i all of a sudden in this election in this election year, i find democrats looking u down on me. oh, i'm a trump sporter i must be a raceist itself, elites look down on me and you still don't
10:36 am
understand how annoyed it makes us. >> no, listen -- you're talking to a kid whose parents didn't graduates fourth grade and accounted me to be a boxer at one point so it's not that i don't have any understanding of what you're talking about and talk about being a racial minority? you being looked down upon -- all right so -- i mean when i hear, though, you say that as a family you come from a family that knows diversity and difference i'm in sync with what you're saying and broadcaster beaten up hint champion donald trump as if he's without flaw and you are the grinch that stole christmas. >> i editorialize twice against donald trump. >> oh, my god stop the presses. >> that was good. >> looking for games that match --
10:37 am
>> the sometimes encroaches on stuart lectures here. >> that was quite good, thank you. >> merry christmas young man. god bless you. you're all right. but we won't be seeing you next friday. [laughter] >> serious stuff now hold on all of a sudden serious stuff here. donald trump has been tweeting about nuclear policy. about nukes. first, vladimir putin flexed his nuclear muscle when he said this, we are stronger now than any potential aggressor, anyone. we need to strengthen nuclear forces he said that first, but then trump tweeted this, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such me as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. former national security counsel staffer julianneturner is with us. ideally suited to address this issue.
10:38 am
are you horrified it that our president-elect would talk nuclear policy via tweet? >> so -- no. come to expect him to discuss important foreign policy matters i'm not surprised. i'm surprised by what i'm about to say that i never thought i would say it or think this but i sort of agree with president putin in the instance who said, in his reaction in the russian press to tweets was why is anyone surprised? donald trump has been saying this for years. like he's just put intog a tweet something that he said over and over and over again on the campaign trail. i myself -- >> and okay, so there's i think there's two questions here. one is is he allowed to do this and second is, is it appropriate for him to do this? does it demonstrate good judgment and so the first question i think is -- yes he's allowed.
10:39 am
this is not illegal this is not breaking anything that is set in stone. would i do that if i were the president-elect and sort of try and infringe upon sitting president prerogative to set foreign policy priorities for this country, i would not. so i'm critical of sort of cautiously critical here. i think also what is very evident for president-elect is tryingo do is so flex his muscle he wantsindicate to international community that u.s. foreign policy is a change. >> same thing about the u.n. vote on israeli settlement. israeli asked mr. trump for help he gave help and said veto this thing and egyptians withdrew the vote and been delayed. he didn't have effect on foreign policy. >> exactly. i think you hit on the key difference between the two issues that israeli issue and then also nuclear issue. he's actually -- i'm more critical of what he's done in the case of the u.n. resolution because he actually
10:40 am
inserted himself into foreign policy making process rather than expressing an opinion he actually worked with the israeli government to get this done and that is something that might verge on being -- not -- so you know, it's you know the thing is that along with this -- he has a whole host of right it is now that he's been elected right. he's got new prerogatives. but with those come u new responsibilities. and i think one of his gravest responsibilities is to president obama is to whoever the sitting president is, the president elect has an obligation to not embarrass them. to not undermine amendment then a allow them to continue and fill rest of their term. stuart: undermine future executive orders we're out of time but you can come back any time soon and merry christmas. >> one one is not allowed. [laughter] expwhriewrt you're in. check that market action not
10:41 am
much market action hoping to be getting close to 20,000 an it is not happening down 6 at 19910. we have this for you too. a crime waive in sweden blaming the surge in migrants filmmaker went to sweden to investigate. it came back with what i'm going to call shocking video. watch this. >> has a responsibility to adapt to immigrants coming in. should a come when they come here dress modestly with pants and sleeves -- is that important? [inaudible] removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ president-elect trump tweets on nuclear policy former house speaker newt gingrich responds. here's what he said last hour. ♪ >> the russians have been introducing a whole new generation of capability that chinese introducing whole new generation and capability. north koreans work on what it is to build missiles to reach the united states. and we have been because of obama's weakness, we have actually been letting our entire system decay. coining this is a good tweet i think it is an important message and it says to people like putin look we can be friends or we can be opponents if we're opponents we're bigger than you are. richer than you are, we can
10:44 am
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stuart: wonderful voice at christmas time bing crosby nice
10:46 am
graphic. i like that take you to the stock market we're down 7 points that's it. very low volume. we thought it might get to 20k and not going to get there today. now completely different subject -- tough stuff. there are reports of a crime surge sex attacks in sweden. some people are attributing that to the surge in muslim migrants going into that country. sweden in recent years. filmmaker ahmad made a documentary there and with us today a repeat performance because you showed us smm this stuff before. a sex attack surge in sweden. we're not used to hearing about that is it u true is it legit? >> off the last ten years more than doubled the number of sex crimes, and attracts here's the problem is where's this stuff coming from and it really does track with the surge islamic immigration that is coming from not just syria but around the
10:47 am
world and the problem of the sweden themselveses is refused to acknowledge it. >> i've got some statistics here, as of 2010, that's before the surge in muslim migrants arrived 2010, 14% of the swedish population ftion foreign born. that's a fair proportion and higher proportion now isn't it? >> yeah accident trord theirly high. >> true what i would call ghetto in major swedish cities which are some people describe as no go zones. j problem is that in the intelligence out there if you watch the becomes bbc and cnn sometimes they have an actual debate whether or not these no go zones even exist. en -- i can tell you i within the there. i know they exist. >> when you were asking questionsable you were attacked. roll that tape here's where he was attacked. show it.
10:48 am
problem to be filmed here? >> not film -- >> why? [inaudible] >> listen to me -- >> not anything -- >> tell me. >> let go of me. [inaudible] >> you wanted to film him, they didn't want to be filmed go at you. beat you up? >> yeah, five guys they jump on top of me punching me they were choking me. they were stomping on me and i looked around because we were on a busy square like hosby someone will pull them off of me and i notice nobody has pulled them off of me. >> were you wearing yarmulke? >> no, not identified jewish but no idea it wasn't about that but this is islamic enclave and you cannot have a camera crew foreigner. but i don't use word no go. police that i was interviewing
10:49 am
they said that these are -- in their words a state within estate. >> what's you are describing explosive situation in sweden, got it but across the rest of europe as well. >> berlin this is the same -- same side different coin. >> from your experience would you said that explosion civil strife fighting between two communities is that likely? >> you're already seeing it just themselves they have major, major riot with the islamic communities, and absolutely it is happening there and happening in france, it is happening in england and everywhere of course there is. this is a culture clash. reporter: thank you very much for bringing your material we're interested in it and proud to run it. thank you. we'll be back. see you then. retail sales down 4% in the first six weeks of the holiday season. jeff flock is at the mall looking for last minute shoppers in rosemont, illinois, what are
10:50 am
you seeing, jeff? reporter: what are you grinch there, down, i don't know about that. sentiment i heard on your show consumer sentiment is up and they're actually preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year at this mall and others according to the retail track folks any day in the year -- to accept its for black friday. >> show shoppers. i don't think you can hear me. [laughter] >> it opens in 10 minutes actually but there's one guy here who was -- stuart: friday before christmas is not over yet? open -- >> in ten minutes. got a member of the fciu here a employee international union if you probably don't want to talk to him. stuart: no go ahead. >> it is good to see you jeff, it's been almost a year. >> funny how that works. stuart: jeff we have to go you'll be great. guy has a great voice by the way.
10:51 am
i have to show you some video of people i called pagans this is stonehenge britain celebrating winter solstice radio listers cannot see this but video shows whole bunch of hippies banging drums. they get upset when i call these people losers, they call me a bully. we'll run your comments in a moment.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
sphwhriewrt now this we played a clip on this program of pagans celebrating the winter solstice at stonehenge in britain many viewers were not happy when i called them pagan lose rs here's a sample of the response varney you're showing your christian intolerance. just what is it to you if people celebrate is an event that is older than christianity and judaism tim say this is losers only losers i've ever cool across are one people who call others losers because they don't understand them and two reasons that money matters more than anything else in life. okay get me with that one again. laura we hear this, stuart you're being being christian stop being nasty and stuffy to pagans they were here first as a new citizen to our great country and embrace concept of religious freedoms. last one, from ann, you are
10:56 am
extremely irritating sometimes. pagans are not losers just because they have a different religion than yours does not the make them bad people. usually enjoy your show but today you're being a jerk. thank you, ann. i will not make any comment of my own and simply turn to cross to elizabeth and adam for their comments liz first. >> i don't mind drew and bathrobes in the cold banging a drum around rocks, i mean we're open-minded i think you're fine with that. as long as it's a red and green bathrobe to signify christian celebration of christmas no problem about that. >> losers -- there you go. i know i liked you. >> i heard it yesterday listening at amazon could have made the point without losers. >> or or began pagan but i cannot say that -- >> the long whoat --
10:57 am
>> that got my attention i didn't know what thing was called. ening calling them losers. >> i don't like name calling. >> i'll be with much worse next time. ade dam and liz thank you very much. you'll hear from me more in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: we knew he was energetic. and we knew he was a take in charge kinds of guy. but who knew he would take charge so quickly and so completely? that's what donald trump has done. he's acting like he's already the president. he staffed his government in record time. he already pressured at least two corporations to keep jobs in america. he's issuing policy tweets.
11:01 am
he affected a u.n. vote on is rail. it's a display of vigor from a man who will not be president for another four weeks. since the election mr. trump convinced investors things are going to change. he convinced people things are looking up. take note, a soaring consumer confidence. a normally deadlocked congress is scrambling to keep up. he's the president atlantic, but if you were visiting from mars you with think this presidency has already begun. and it has. he has taken charge and we have never seen anything like this before. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. [♪] ♪ silver bells stuart: silver bells.
11:02 am
that's christmas music, okay? it's not exactly christian, but it's good quality christmas music. liz: i agree. stuart: who is singing that? is it dean martin. adam: perry -- perry como is better. stuart: holiday sales downi meax weeks of the shopping season. that's a shopping mall. it just opened. and it is empty. how about that? you have got more on this decline.
11:03 am
sales down at brick and mortar 4%. but when you compare now to last year. but take a look at what's happening online. sales were down 4% compared to last year at brick and mortar. holiday shopping online wil wile 18% of the total hopping season it's $79.2 billion. online is amazing. stuart: i like that graphic you have going there. it's not real. it's a fine graphic. holiday sales down. bricks and mortars, way up online selling. this is the online year. i want to talk about president-elect trump. he's in my opinion taking
11:04 am
charge. he's asking defense contractors to cut costs on new military projects. this twice he tweeted. based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the lockheed martin f-35, i have asked boeing to price out a comparable f-1 state super hornet. he's telling lockheed martin to compete with boeing. i say welcome to the program. what would you say if mr. trump said to you, cut your prices and you better compete better with ruby tuesday's? would you like that? >> if i looked at that in the light of what mr. obama has been telling me to do the last 8 years it might be refreshing. and i might look at what is the long-term effects and impacted. will it hurt us?
11:05 am
what the president now has done is -- stuart: you are worried about where it leads in the future. >> what we do today -- words matter, and what we do today has ramifications next year. stuart: i thought you loved what he has been doing? >> i'm approving of what he has been doing, most of what he has been doing. but i think it's unfolding. it's an unfolding situation. i think some of the promises which i said before he was he atlanticed are concerning to me. can we put coal workers back to coal. and auto workers back in the auto business. i can tell you in the oil business we drill wells today in two to three days which used to take 20 to 30 days.
11:06 am
i'm the director an oilfield. stuart: what mr. trump is doing for you is a whole lot of good, isn't it? >> it will depend on what the need is. >> you have to have a need for it. i can tell you, in order to preserve oil leases on the lands that the big oil companies have taken, they have to start drilling. so there are 5,300 wells that have been started but are waiting for completion. the rigs were laid down and taken away. stuart: you are saying he's going to give us cheap, domestic energy and that's great for the country but not necessarily great for the oil services industry because the prices of oil will be depressed. >> prices are depressed as long as demand is depressed. if he gets industry going and the tax cuts work, demand should rise and obviously the lawsuit
11:07 am
of supply and demand, as demand rights, prices will rise. we have such an international community, the iranians are coming on stream with their oil. there is liquid natural gas and the qataris coming online with lng competing with us. they become allies and we are the common enemy. stuart: we'll get it cheap for the foreseeable future. you wear two hats. you are an oil guy, and you are also a restaurant guy with applebees. you must love mr. trump because he's going to get rid of obamacare. >> he will let us cook or french fries in oil.
11:08 am
stuart: he will get rid of obamacare. >> i love that. i was against it. i was on with you before the bill was passed. i never was for it. i think it was a car crash and i said it and maintained it all this time. the department of labor, the nlrb, all the regs. it's so overwhelming what the president has done. people think he put people to work. the president, obama. he's the president, right? the other one is the president-elect. stuart: i'm reading again the lines. you did not approve of president obama and what he did to the economy. but there is something in the back your mind, i'm not quite sure about donald trump, right? >> i guess, yes. but i do love some of the people in the cabinet positions he made and the people he appointed.
11:09 am
he's surrounding himself. but donald trump who i know a little bit, i went to a breakfast with him not long ago, a couple weeks ago, me and 100 of his best friends. about two weeks ago. stuart: did he carry himself as the president of the united states? >> he was terrific. he was candid. there was no press in the room, an just opened himself up. he wasn't on television. a didn't guys an entertainer. let's see if he can marry those two personas, the entertainer with the president. stuart: i think he's going to do it. >> i don't write him off by any means. he's a driven person. stuart: can i wish you happy hanukkah? is that legit? >> it certainly is. someone just said to me, i was speaking to a muslim friend of
11:10 am
mine and i said can i wish you a merry christmas happy new year? he said i'm a devotee of one book, the quran, the bible, whatever. so i wish you one book. stuart: three new updates on the terror front. one in berlin, one in malta, and the other in australia. we have those updates coming up for you. isis publishing a list of churches in america to target on christmas. a special guest later this hour. joe the plumber is back. he gained national attention when he asked then president obama about his business tax policy. do you remember this? >> i worked hard all along. i work 10, 12 hours a day, and i'm buying a company and i'll
11:11 am
continue to work that way. your tax plan is going to tax people. >> i think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for us. i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms, where you can share strategies with thousands of other traders? mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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stuart: the terrorist who drove a truck through the christmas market in berlin is dead. he was found during a routine traffic stop. he pulled out a gun and the officers shot him dead. the berlin attacker was in a video swearing his allegiance to isis. we received new video of the truck itself barreling through the market. you can see people running for their lives. 12 dead, 50 injured.
11:15 am
12 men are in custody, they are accused of planning a series of christmas day attacks. in malta, a libyan jet hijacked, diverted to malta. the hijacker told libyan tv he's part of a pro a qaddafi party. at home isis published a list of churches in america to target on christmas. liz: names and addresses of churches in 50 states. we are calling on an app called telegram, they are calling on lone wolves to attack these churches. homeland security has not confirmed the source of this attack. but the berlin attack happened outside a church.
11:16 am
stuart: there is a battle brewing over sanctuary cities. big city mayors said they will stop mr. trump from deporting illegals. congressman, i know you oppose sanctuary cities and mr. trump is going against them. can you say for sure that trump will win and sanctuary cities will be gone? short order? >> stuart, yes. in fact i served as the subject there are committee chairman for department of justice. i'm in essence the cfo of the d.o.j. i used my authority to quietly persuade the department of justice under loretta lynch. july 7 i made them change their
11:17 am
policy so the department of justice notified every city and state in the country. unless they repeal their sanctuary policies they will lose all of their federal law enforcement money. that's been the official policy since july 7. it's been done. the top 10 cities have been certified as sanctuary cities. so i created a light switch soian 20 sat noon president trump, attorney general sessions can turn off all the law enforcement money to the top 10 sanctuary cities in america if they choose to do so. these sanctuary cities have a choice. they can protect criminal illegal aliens or give up their federal money. they can't have the federal money and protect criminal illegal aliens anymore. stuart: that's the straightest answer i have gotten to a
11:18 am
question in a long, long time. we appreciate that on "varney and company." president obama yesterday ended a national registry program. this was designed mostly for muslim males from terror hotpots coming into the country. the president ended that registry program days before he actually leaves office. what say you to this? >> americans are sick and tired of the obama administration deliberately turning a blinds eye to terrorist threats this nation as faced since 9/11. that's one of the reasons president trump won this elections. americans expect our laws to be even forced. our borders to be enforced. we want to make sure people coming into the united states. we know who you are. they need to be identified, finger printed. know who they are, where they are going to stay and if they are herellegally they will be deported, particularly if they
11:19 am
are dangerous criminals. what we are talking about are convicted criminals that these local jurisdictions have been protecting. americans have had it. we want america back and standing tall and the law enforced. stuart: thank you for joining us. how about this. tiger woods, he requests a rounds of golf with president-elect trump. and it's happening this morning. we are watching out for it. jeff flock is at a mall in rose mont, illinois with the last-minute shoppers. it always seems to be an adventure every time jeff goes on the air. do you remember this from yesterday? >> that's dutch from behind the camera. oh, dutch, jesus, be careful, buddy. i just sent him into a tree, oh, man.
11:20 am
stuart: i do believe the cameraman had a small accident, i do hope he's okay.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: we interviewed jeff flock at a shopping pool.
11:24 am
it aspeard to be empty. it just opened. i want to talk to jeff about deliveries from fedex and ups. they are other side of the empty mall coin. reporter: they are. but online continues to grope. i think it's up 10% this year again. but most of us still shop the sold fashioned way. online is still only 20%. look at the numbers on fedex. 317 million packages shipped between i think black friday and christmas eve. then u.p.s. you have even more. up 10%. online grows but most of us still do it the sold fashioned way, you actually come to a
11:25 am
store and look at something, pick it up, bite, decide not to buy it. stuart: very true. but it's still empty on the friday before christmas eve. the grinch that so many christmas is alive and well in the studio in new york. stuart: it was amazon that did it. coal stocks have done very well today since the election. robert murray is the ceo of murray energy. can mr. trump bring back those coal mining jobs? we'll ask that question directly.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: the golf outing between president-elect trump and tiger woods at the trump golf course. they are on the 11th. no word on the score and if there are any mulligans, and no video will be provided. but they are playing now. president-elect trump vowed to unleash the american energy
11:30 am
sector and bring back those coal mining jobs with tax incentives. let's bring in robert murray, is he going to really do this? can he bring back coal mining jobs? there is a lot of the scepticism out there. can he do it? >> no, he cannot do it. before president obama was elected 52% of our electricity comes from coal. now it's 30%. he destroyed 411 coal-fired power plants. he eliminated 900,000 jobs in america. 63,000 direct coal mining jobs and another 8,000 jobs that depend on those coal mining jobs. this destruction for no environmental benefit. the epa said you could close every coal fire plant in the country and it would tomorrow change the world temperatures by
11:31 am
0.02 degrees fahrenheit. so no he can't bring it back, but he can stop the destruction. stuart: he says he's going to bring back incentives for the coal mining industry. he can bring back some coal mining jobs, i take it. >> he can. but mostly getting the government out of picking winners and losers. you see wind mills cost 26 cents a kilowatt hour, and solar powers. coal-fired electricity costs 4 cents. get it back to a level playing field and coal will come back. natural gas has historically been 15 cents a kilowatt hour. just get the government out of it.
11:32 am
stuart: you have got to get the mandates out of there if you want to get coal back on the scene. you have got to stop utility companies from having to get a portion of their energy from solar or wind. are those mandates going to go. is he going to do that? >> yes, he will do that. stuart: he's going to fight the greens. the greens will fight like the devil. >> they are not in power now. they are gone, good riddance. they are not in power. stu were a lot of utility have structured their future according to the mandates that are in place. it's very well to say we are going to get rid of those mandates, but they are still there and the utilities are geared them. >> they are geared to them but they will change. they blow in the wind and it will change. we have to get back to having a reliable power grid. we have to get back to a
11:33 am
low-cost electricity in america. that couple on fixed income, that manufacturer of a product for the global marketplace. they must have low-cost electricity. the marketplace will make the decision. all we need is a level free market on how generate electricity. it's a staple of life in america today and when must have low-cost reliable electricity. mr. obama and his democrat supporters have destroyed it. we need to get it back in america. mr. trump will do that. stuart: robert murray, you are a passionate guy and we hear you. we want to follow the path of coal as it emerges in the trump administration. merry christmas, sir. thanks a lot, sir. moody's managing director and
11:34 am
chief market economist joins. welcome to the show. you just heard robert murray there. not all coal jobs will come back. some will come back pane wants to make coal competitive again. >> coal has a lot of competition from natural gas. stuart: he says he can compete with them with you get the government out of the way. >> we'll see. once we have these rigs coming back online we'll get more natural gas in the united states and that will keep the price from rising enough to make coal competitive. stuart: it seems all forms of energy will remain relatively cheap. and if that's the case, inflation will in the go as high as some fear. stuart: i want to talk about projected growth next year. you are saying if we get main tax cuts in the early part of the year, that will bring us to a strong level of growth in the economy down the road.
11:35 am
and that you say will boost stock prices 14%? >> if you go ahead and you look at the proposed corporate income tax cuts, that means there is going to be an increase in a after-tax income that will be great enough to lift share prices by 7% to 14%, olding everything else constant. keep the price-earnings ratio. that's the gain you get by he can wits. equities are up by 7% by election day. >> you are saying the bottom line corporations will add another 7%. >> it's a one-time. and we'll get under lined pretax profits of 4%. >> we are going to grow the economy, you think.
11:36 am
>> cross our fingers. >> and we'll add even -- you are a wild stock market bull. >> a lot of that is 7% to 14%. roughly half of the easy stuff, we could go higher. we could be look at faster economic growth. but on the other hand with the latest runup by interest rates, the fact that monetary policies are unchanged. we have uncertainties with elections. problems with china. it could be the dollar strengthens further and that offsets these gains and prove fits. >> on the one hand. >> that's why i have two hints. stuart: you are bullish on the stock market. jamie dimon, i think of him as the nation's top banker. he runs jpmorgan. he said i think it's a mistake for the american public to constantly be told if you work
11:37 am
for an oil company or bank that automatically makes you a bad. he's the nation's top banker. it seems to me he's implying a change of mood by the government's attitude towards business. >> look at makeup ofrump cabinet. they have background in business, they know how to grow the economy and jobs better than the career diplomats we had in the past. stuart: do you get hate mail? >> no. sometimes you get a scolding. stuart: what you are saying is the direct opposite of what democrats are saying. you could be partially criticized for being bullish on a trump economy. >> the only concern is with faster growth and reduced
11:38 am
regulation you will be looking at morris can down the road. this recovery has been around for some time. it's more than 7 years old. it's getting long in the tooth and it becomes more difficult to get growth. i think they will do good enough to provide real consumer spending growth 23.5% to 3%. 4% may be hard to realize. i think that will be very, very hard to attain. we are talking about real gdp growth. 4.% unemployment rate. it becomes increasingly difficult to lower the unemployment rate. that implies you will get less acceleration by more consumer spending. it's hard to escape that particular con b d -- that partr
11:39 am
constraint. next we have joe the plumber. remember he challenged president obama on his business tax policy. what does he think about trump's business tax policy. a 20-foot christmas tree in oregon. they wanted it and knew it wouldn't fit into the house. they came up with the idea to cut it in half. they cut it in half. [♪] i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck. and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be.
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reporter: we have had a narrow trading trends. as we are on the watch for the dow 20,000, we are still about 100 points away. dow winners and losers pretty much 50-50. we are also look at banks right now, they are paying penalty of $12 billion over the sale of securities. starbucks drumming up holiday sales. this is their plan. they are promising to offer
11:42 am
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stuart: to choice words are being used to describe trump voters. deplorable and recently bill clinton said the trump supporters are angry white men.
11:44 am
trump won because he attracted them. joining us is joe the plummer. would you describe yourself as an angry white man? >> i would describe myself as a fed up american. it's angry americans. everybody. we are tired of the republicans and democrats essentially telling us they are going to serve us and ultimately serving themselves. that's why donald trump got elected in office. he's done with political correctness. he's happy to say merry christmas and he wants to work on behalf of the american people. bill clinton is an angry guy. the democrat party should be angry at hillary clinton. just everything he has done afterwards has been ridiculous. as far as i'm concerned bill
11:45 am
clinton is a non-issue. >> you are very calm, but i sense a level of anger right beneath the surface there, i can tell you are smiling. michelle, first lady michelle obama said after trump's election victory the country has lost hope. before we get into that. i want to look at the statistic. 40% of millennials are living with relatives. record numbers. how do you square -- how do you square that? michelle obama said the country lost hope. is it because 40% of millennials are living with relatives? >> when i grew up, i wanted to work. i couldn't wait to prove myself as a man. when i was 9 years old i got my first news tape route. then i went to work with my uncles in electrical and black
11:46 am
work. it made me feel good. these millennials are taught not to forage for food. with bernie sanders and hillary clinton we are debating, they couldn't give away enough free stuff. that's what they are teaching our young children, free college, free food, free housing. you don't know. that's not how you build character and self-reliance. we need to get back to trades which i'm big on and having kids enjoying the opportunity to work for themselves and become self-reliant. that's something america has to pause on. michelle obama, we'll get along very well without you. you never understood americans and our values. you are angry, yes you are, joe the plumber, you are concealing it very well.
11:47 am
you came to fame -- you became prominent in the media when you asked then senator barack obama about his business tax plan. did you make a career out of that? we have you on the screen in 2008 during election campaign. you made a career from that sound bite, haven't you? >> i definitely have snaitd spotlight. everybody was talking about my 15 minutes of fame being gone, but here imitate years later talking to you. the american people are passionate will our country. that's something the mainstream media doesn't get from americans. i'm angry but i'm also passionate. it's okay to be angry as long as you focus and get things done with it. i have been promoting the second amendment and working with the nra, making sure our rights aren't taken away. get the federal government out
11:48 am
of the businesses they don't belong in. i dayed focused on this for the last 8 years and the american people stayed with me on it. that's why i'm here talking to you. a lot of people call me varney. i want to bring this to your attention. vice president joe biden is being critical of his fellow democrats. he says his party didn't reach out to the working class. mr. bind says a bit of elitism has crept into the democrat party. you would agree with that, wouldn't you, joe? >> joe is 20 years late with that statement. elitism has been there for a long time. we are talking about joe biden, the guy who was vice president for 8 years and the democratic party didn't look at twice to be vice president. joe biden need to go home and look at his shotgun. he's just encouraging mainstream
11:49 am
media to push a narrative that doesn't work for the american people. stuart: donald trump was your favorite republican candidate of all time. >> donald trump has a lot of people excited. stuart: joe, you are all right. thanks for coming on the show today. i want to wish you a merry christmas. you come back again soon. thank you, joe. two days to christmas. that's it. last chance to get your shopping done. we are seeing foot traffic in that mall in illinois. it's not exactly packed. there is some traffic, though. we have a lot to do on this last show. we'll be back to show you what we have got in just a moment. [♪]
11:50 am
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11:53 am
stuart: that's a nice graphic. our crew is trying to make out it's real, warming their hands next to the fire it's a graphic, it's not real. you can't do that in a tv studio.
11:54 am
it would set fire to it. donald trump tweets on nukes. first it was vladimir putin who said this. we are stronger now than any potential aggressor, anyone. we need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces. putin said that, then trump tweeted this. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. that message exchange is different than what they were saying. adam: here is what putin writes on december 15 to president-elect trump. the trump camp calls it a nice letter. putin says the relations between wrush and the u.s. remain an important factor anyone suring safety and security of the modern world. he says they he hopes the u.s.
11:55 am
and russia can resort framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas. stuart: that was back on december 15. there is more for you actually. we have details on the u.s.-israeli settlement vote coming up today, i believe. adam: new zealand, venezuela, senegal. it had been killed, the vote, or delayed. they pushed to get it rescheduled to 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the obama administration has not respond officially other than to say that they are not involved in formulating or promoting u.n. resolution on israeli settlements. stuart: this where donald trump intervened in the u.n. vote. the vote was delayed.
11:56 am
now we have the vote taking place at 2:00. but we don't know whether the obama administration will abstain from this vote which is the same thing. you are ndemning the israeli settlement. >> the u.s. usually vetoes this kind of move. >> but this time they may abstain which is the same thing as saying yeah, do it. that would be exactly opposite in what donald trump wanted. >> that's correct. we are not done yet. we are back.
11:57 am
11:58 am
: . stuart: in britain, every year, the queen delivers the christmas address, this year i believe the queen is ill so prince charles delivered the address instead. this year he is saying, think of mohammed this christmas. watch this. >> and we might also remember that when the prophet muhammad
11:59 am
migrated from mecca to medina, he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship. stuart: i'd like to bring in my fellow american adam shapiro to pass judgment. >> i don't know if i'll pass judgment, i'm a reporter. there was a few battles in mecca and medina before religious freedom. i think that the prince is a little off. stuart: i think it was a heavily political message. the relationship between christians and muslims is of major importance in britain and throughout europe, and i think the prince is going out of his way to make it known he'll be the king of all of his subjects. muslims included. reporter: you used to be a citizen of the uk, i think you would know better than i. stuart: what i find extraordinary is prince charles, when he becomes king, will be the leader of the
12:00 pm
church of england, he'll be the leader of the anglican community worldwide. here he is invoking muhammad. >> reporter: is it possible he's trying to be inclusive? stuart: exactly, i guess that's okay. adam, appreciate your hard work. my time is up, merry christmas, everyone! neil, it's yours. neil: merry christmas to you and yours as well. we are getting more details on the berlin suspect who was killed. within hours released a tape swearing his allegiance to isis. you have seen this before, have you heard this before, so what to make of it? with captain chuck nash retired navy captain at that. you warned about this stuff and this ongoing parade of nut cases who will be inspired by or buoyed on by the likes of isis and other terror related groups. clrly the releas


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