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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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the numbers you reported on, fox business 20,000, right? >> amazing, right? connell: merry christmas and happy new year and all the rest of it. good to see you, trish, a big show whether it's 20,000 or not. it's terror, it's trump and it's travel. that's what's dominating the news today. dow jones industrial average doesn't look like it will finish without hitting the 20,000 mark, forget about that for a moment. we talked enough about that, tons of other news today, on the terrorism front as an example. two days before christmas. new video obtained by fox news today of the man suspected of carrying out monday's attack on a german christmas market, anis amri, he was killed in milan, italy shoot-out this morning, seen in various location around berlin pledging allegiance to isis, vowing to kill, quote, the crusader pigs.
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we have all the angles of a developing story and investigation covered for you. and getaway friday, millions of americans searching for a holiday escape route for the long christmas weekend. we have traffic building up at the bridge to get you into new jersey, will mother nature cooperate? we have a live report on that as well. and only two shopping days left until christmas, we sent jeff flock to the outlets. he'll tell us what the last-minute shoppers are finding in terms of the deal. trump's response to putin. a controversial vote in this afternoona at the united nations. and charlie breaks it, civil war at goldman sachs, we are now less than an hour until the closing bell this friday on wall street. i'm connell mcshane in for liz claman, so let's start the "countdown". >> and welcome here once again to the floor the new york stock
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exchange as we get set for santa and have been trying get you set for 20,000 on the dow as i said a moment ago. within 13 points of it at one stage this week, drifting down a bit. start with the markets and some of the movers. we have stocked that have dragged the dow lower, merck and walmart, pfizer, united health all examples of that. if you look at bright spots, they have been there as well, the likes of verizon, jpmorgan, boeing, united technologies, so you wonder whether stocks like that could get the dow to 20,000 and that likely will be a story for another week. gold shining brightly today settling a third of a percent higher, not enough to save the precious metal for the week. longest weekly string of losses gold has seen in more than 12 years, gold miners, barrett gold, newmont mining popped a bit today.
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that's the setup. we have team fox business coverage of the major stories of the day. blake burman how the government plans to keep us safe. peter barnes following the trump transition and adam shapiro at the new york stock exchange with his eye on dow 20k and much more. first global terror and tension. law enforcement officials have confirmed to fox news the department of homeland security and the fbi distributing a joint advisory today following isis social media post calling for attacks on u.s. houses of worship over the holidays, targeting churches, coming after several days of terror attacks and threats across the globe. let's go to blake in d.c. with more on this and more perspective on the u.s. response to a busy day around the globe, blake? >> reporter: and good afternoon to you. the most-wanted man in europe we can report is now dead, after a week long manhunt,
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24-year-old anis amri was shot and killed by police in milan, italy overnight. amriot run since he was the only one named as the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack that killed 12 and injured dozens more. he was stopped by italian police officers, at that point he started shooting. terror suspect was killed in the gunfight. a video, which does not have a date attached with it showed amri pledged loyalty to isis. that video was posted to isis' website. in australia, a planned christmas day attack stopped there. several men were targeting landmarks in melbourne, the country's second largest city, the suspects born in australia with one from egypt. the suspects had been under surveillance trying plan a multilayered attack. and then a hijacked libyan
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airliner which has landed safely. that plane forced to land in malta. the hijackers surrendered to authorities and the passengers and crew on board were unharmed. more than 100 people freed safely. the motive for this failed hijacking is unclear, all of this as we head into the busy holiday season. connell: all in one day, that's what i mean when we say we had a crazy day around the globe. the president-elect appointing yesterday's entire communications team while still searching for the final two seats in his cabinet. the agriculture secretary position as well as secretary of veterans affairs. it was a letter from the russian president, vladimir putin, to mr. trump that seemed to attract more headlines. peter barnes and more for us. >> reporter: connell, on december 15th, putin wrote president-elect trump a letter
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and said, quote, i hope that after you assume the position of president of the united states of america, we'll be able by act in a constructive and pragmatic manner to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level. in a statement, mr. trump said, quote, a very nice letter from vladimir putin, his thoughts are so correct, i hope both sides are able to live up to these trump thoughts and we do not have to travel an alternate path. putin held his annual end of the year news conference in russia. he commented on mr. trump and mr. trump's tweet thursday that the u.s. must expand nuclear capability until the world comes to senses regarding nukes. >> as for the newly elected president, mr. trump, there is nothing new here, during his election campaign, he has
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spoken about the need to strengthen u.s. nuclear capabilities. there is nothing unusual about it. >> reporter: putin addressed the hacking of democratic e-mails saying democrats were mistakenly blaming losses on external factors and were, quote, sore losers. one of those congressman, tweeted today -- connell? connell: geez, you're new to this. okay, peter barnes on the president-elect and the back and forth there. the back and forth here, the dow making something of a comeback in late trading. just about flat for the day as we try to snap a two-day losing streak. the trading range has been beyond narrow, it's the narrowest at the moment, one
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day trading range we've seen in three years, believe it or not. with that, the dow jones industrial average is still up by 14% this year. we've sent adam shapiro from our main post at the new york stock exchange to post 5 to look at the market movers, whatf
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overall sales are somehow related to the michael jordan branding. the shoes and the different products that they sell, nike trying to turn itself around l . revenue was over a quarter billion dollars but nike down 19%. connell: adam shapiro with me at the new york stock exchange as we look at the markets further. microsoft and other laggards today, talking about that, and we'll also be talking about the travel. forget about a white christmas, how about blizzard conditions, having a hard time doing it thanks to mother nature.
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we have a weekend weather forecast that we put together for your holiday trip, and the icy relationship between president obama and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu freezing up altogether over a controversial u.n. vote that came down this afternoon. the israelis turned to the president-elect donald trump for help while terror threats are growing in the holiday weekend is approaching. we'll look at it all. it's a busy day and it's all next on the "countdown". don't go away. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%.
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little bit from earlier in the day but the president-elect had that tweet that the cost of the f-35 is too high. wants boeing to price out something similar and comparable. so lockheed had been under fire because of that and the stock is coming back today. there was a big vote at the united nations getting a lot of attention as u.n. voted to condemn the israeli settlement construction on the westbound. the united states abstained from that vote and reports have surfaced that members of
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israel's government contacted high level members of the trump transition team asking them to apply pressure to the obama administration which added a new twist to this, how involved was mr. trump? the vote has already happened. what happens from here? trump released a statement regarding the vote saying the resolution considered at the u.n. security council regarding israel should be vetoed as the united states maintained peace between the israelis and the palestinians will only come through direct negotiations through the parties, not the imposition of terms by the united nations. israel very important negotiating position and extremely unfair to all the israelis. it gives us the chance to bring in from the foundation of defense democracies bar silverman. thank you for joining us. we know what's happened in the vote. tell me what you think of the involvement of the trump team, israel going to trump. what did you make of that? >> i think on the vote.
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what's actually important is you had wall to wall support of democrats and republicans that were against the u.n. resolution and urging the president to veto it, i think that coupled with the incoming administration and the israeli government made clear that the administration was the outlier here on this particular issue. >> they ended up being an outlier, something you don't see all the time but had to get used to it in this transition of a president-elect before he takes office. is it worrying to you at all? >> i think you're going to see him weigh in continually on issues, domestic and foreign, especially in this one where you see therwas bipartisan consensus that this was not the way to go. connell: now, on the issue of israel in general, though, to your point the obama administration ends up being an
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outlier on this. this new sheriff in town phenomenon with donald trump taking over. how will that relationship change? a stronger friend to israel? always more complicated in the middle east, i suppose. >> always a bit more complicated. the u.n. will try to reshape the dynamics that are created here at this 11th hour move by the obama administration. connell: now your specialty has been studying what's happened in russia and no shortage of news out thereof today. the back and forth we reported on in the previous segment between the president of russia, vladimir putin and the president-elect of the united states donald trump letter writing to each other. what's your initial take on where they are right now in terms of mr. trump possibly being too friendly with mr. putin and we can talk possibly for what the future holds? >> today it's important to take in mind you have the year end
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conference that putin does every year. he struck a more conciliatory note when it comes to the nuclear issue, which donald trump has been tweeting about and issuing statements on today. yesterday, certainly more conciliatory tone on ukraine and in general trying to reach out to the incoming administration. the better itself he sent to donald trump is not very different than previous letters he had sent to the obama administration, for instance, i think is different that the president-elect released it, and also signaled that there's an opening for warmer relations which is not to say there's still not this difficult and thorny issues between russia and the united states, maybe there's an opening for discussions, but there's no clear path how you deal with those issues yet. connell: it's complicated to say the least. show this tweet from the president-elect, if year not
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showing it already. hard to see but as to the u.n. mr. trump tweeted about three minutes ago, things will be different after january 20th. so i'm not sure, boris, if you have any reaction to that. i guess that goes for certainly the relationship we were talking about with israel moments ago and a lot of things will be different after january 20th. what do you make of that? >> i think actually senator lindsey graham from south carolina said that -- has threatened to consider cutting or suspending funding to the u.n. so president-elect trump could work with republicans and democrats, again, since democrats categorically oppose this move as well to push back on this move by the united nations. connell: boris, good to talk to you, thank you very much. >> thank you. connell: and thank you for hanging with us on a couple of different subjects. >> my pleasure. connell: we'll see how we do
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into the close at the new york stock exchange and continue to cover that when "countdown to the closing bell" comes back. but it's been a busy day outside of the markets. we've got it all covered. back live on the corner of wall and broad in just a moment on "countdown."
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. connell: all right, back on "countdown," some will certainly be celebrating a white christmas this year. we have a live weather map where you can see the blizzards and thunderstorms headed to the midwest, and some on the west coast. the east experiencing what you might describe as a tranquil holiday. we have plenty of people on the road. we have live pictures of the traffic, not that there's anything weird about traffic in new jersey but traffic on the jersey turnpike, overall numbers, 103 million americans will hit the road at some point between today and january 2nd. to jonathan hunt and fox news taking temperatures to travelers on the west coast. jonathan?
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>> reporter: hey, connell! it could be better but it could be a whole lot worse here at lax. so far today, there have been something in the region of 170 delayed flights, only half a dozen cancellations. that 170 or so delays may sound like a lot. that is about average, a little above, in fact, for a friday at lax. as for the lines, very long at a couple. terminals that we have walked through here, but others, again, just looking pretty much like an average friday. the bad news is there is what the locals call a winter storm on the way here, in the rest of the country, i believe it's called a rain shower, according to officials at lax, it will make a difference, listen here. >> if you're checking the conditions at the airport even before you leave your home. check to see what the roads are
3:26 pm
like, how crowded it is. check your boarding pass, whether flight is delayed or canceled. that way you have a sense how much time you need to get to the airport. >> reporter: across the nation's airports as a whole, there have been something in the region of 630 delayed flights today. so there are a lot of travelers who are experiencing some holiday frustration, listen again. >> i think it's definitely really, really crazy. i wasn't expecting so many people. >> pretty much all the flights are oversold and offering money for people to take later flights and what not. >> you definitely have to come early and be mentally prepared to stand in line and wait. >> reporter: and the advice, connell, from officials at pretty much every airport across the country is if you are travelling today or indeed on any day throughout the holiday season, be prepared, get to the airport early. connell? connell: even if they have what
3:27 pm
the locals call a winter storm, i like that. jonathan out in l.a. as for the markets in new york. not much going on in terms of the dow and 20,000. just about flat on the day. more on what's moving in the markets individually coming up. in a moment, we're going to talk about uber, uber's driverless cars, soon to have california in the rearview mirror. is there a rearview mirror in the driverless car overall? a sunnier locale. it's a fox business minute in just a minute. and two days to go in terms of christmas shopping, so jeff flock apparently is not done, so instead of giving him the day off today, we sent him to the outlets outside of chicago. jeff? >> reporter: you found me out, connell. what can i say? supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year save for black friday at the malls. they already got lines at the fashion outlets of chicago. give you the latest on the retail picture in just a
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get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. york stock exchange with the fox business brief. a quiet day for investors ahead of the holiday weekend, but consumers are feeling jolly. new home sales jumped to highest point since july rising 5.2% to 592,000 new homes sold in november. and consumer sentiment surged to highest level since january 2004 coming in at 98.2 in december. starbucks looking to get in on all the holiday cheer. the coffee chain will give away free drinks for one hour at 100 select locations per day through january first. starbucks is trading there. uber getting a gift under each tree, arizona's governor telling the start-up california
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. connell: a couple days until christmas, and shoppers are jamming up the stores across the country. last-minute gifts, and we have a "gallup poll" that came out that finds the average american will spend $785 on christmas. that's the average. will the season live up to expectations? jeff flock has that at the mall at rosemont, illinois. >> reporter: depends who you talk to. i feel like donald trump. i can see rode down the escalator. the numbers reported by "forbes," they think it's a good year, they say we're going to spend a trillion dollars
3:34 pm
this christmas, believe it or not. $419 per shopper on average. that would be up about 8% compared to last year. online, of course, a big factor in that, fedex says they're going to have an all-time record year, they will ship 317 million packages between black friday and christmas. that is an increase of 10%, ups they think they're going to be up 14%. mpd, the retail group says they think anecdotally the week they checked about two weeks ago, shopping was down, i think about 5%. i don't know, we got a couple of young ladies here who are shopping for what? >> we're shopping for our moms today. >> reporter: you saved this until one day before christmas. >> yes, we're procrastinating. >> visiting from muncie, indiana. >> reporter: what are you going to get mom? >> i got her a wallet from tory burch.
3:35 pm
we want to spoil our moms. >> i support that fully. >> reporter: more this christmas, spending or less? >> personally less, we're college students, so i'm less for sure. >> that's why we came to the outlet mall. yes. >> reporter: you're not helping the economy. that's all i can say. mom appreciates tory burch, thank you very much, appreciate it. i leave you with lines, i talked about online, what about real life lines, that's the line to get into the gucci store. tory burch, gucci, the high-end retailers anecdotally from here are doing well. connell: merry christmas to you, the great jeff flock at the mall, working hard as always. as shoppers flock to the stores for the holiday shopping gifts, on wall street, we're looking to see whether or not we get last minute trading that puts us over the 20,000 mark. have we talked about it?
3:36 pm
so far today, at last check, somebody keeping track of this by hand, our friend charlie brady, senior editor, goes one at a time, one at a time. the dow crossed the unchanged level 162 times today. file that away somewhere, and you know, i don't know. stay tuned for the floor show which we're going to do and see whether investors reap the rewards of the dow 20,000, and on the floor show with tradeers in new york also out in chicago at the cme and the nymex, matt is still here from yesterday's interview, didn't go anywhere, was it yesterday? i don't remember. >> it was, the market didn't go anywhere. connell: chris robinson at the cme and alan harry at the nymex. that is the exciting stat of the day is that, you know, we've gone back and forth like a basketball game when they tell you how many ties and lead changes, the narrowest trading range in three years. tell me something exciting about it.
3:37 pm
>> bringing up the basketball as you have the harlem globetrotters. connell: i don't know if i mentioned that on the air. the harlem globetrotters are here, they'll be ringing the bell. that's the excitement for the day. there is nothing, and we talked about it all week, the trends are not there. haven't had impetus to get us over 20,000, but it would be nice if we got there to get this over with. >> i'd like to start talking about something other than 20,000. that won't be until the beginning of the new year anyway. connell: chris robinson, take it up, what should we be talking about in markets? what's the biggest story, 20,000 to professional tradeers is not it. what's the story you are following? >> continue to follow the yield especially in the 10 year, people are looking at that. we missed getting 20,000 by 14 ticks, we have four business days next week, we'll probably get the print. most professionals want to sell it.
3:38 pm
they can't wait to sell 20,000. we'll see what happens, and once we get the print, but i think the key is going to be the first 10, 12 days of 2017, are we going to see a ton of money coming back into try and catch up? people feel like they've missed out. connell: let's watch the 10-year, alan, what are you watching? taking 20,000 off the table. give us something else. >> in crude oil, we have the opec and non-opec countries trying to cut back production in crude oil to cut back the market. and the u.s. and other producers who are outside of opec that are trying to produce as much crude oil as they can in the tight prices. right now we've had a slow trading session for crude oil in a narrow range. natural gas is a different story. that's been on the up move. weather patterns coming in and looks like a colder winter, if it is, we'll see much higher prices in natural gas.
3:39 pm
what i'm looking for in natural gas if it breaks $4, i think we see 4.25, 4.50 in natural gas. connell: merry christmas, and happy new year, and same to you, matt. you want to sing sweet georgia brown? >> i'm good. we did our singing earlier. connell: i'm sure you did. good stuff from everybody involved. and be sure, i should point out programming note, one for self-interest, "wall street week," i'm on the show for the first time. they booked me as a guest, trish regan and gary kaminsky are co-anchoring it and lauren simonetti is on one of the panels. i don't know how to help you. 8:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network with trish and gary. dow is down not even a full point. check with charlie if we've seen the breakeven thing 100? what is it? 164 times.
3:40 pm
what came first, wonder if charlie knows this, the chicken or the egg. oversupply issues have left an industry with egg all over his face. and another charlie, charlie gasparino hitting the street with the civil war over the goldman sachs future is brewing. exclusive details only on "countdown". gaspo is next.
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. connell: so for one company's second quarter, a tough egg to break, posting a 54% drop in sales. 54%. this is the quarterly net loss and problem was an oversupply of eggs. weak export demand there still. not an egg producer walking on eggshells with investors today.
3:45 pm
you get all the puns? shares of the company jumping 6%. that was the stock we wanted to update you on. now to gasparino. goldman sachs seen a stock rise by 33%. one of the reasons, the dow is close to 20,000. the president-elect also recruiting a number of current or former goldman executives to join his cabinet. however, now we're hearing the firm could be divided on how to handle future. that's why we're bringing charlie in. mr. gasparino has gone to midtown manhattan, he's at columbus circle looking for a few extra cannolis, you are here to talk about goldman? >> high-end people come to time warner circle, this is dangerous work doing it from here. we have inside goldman sachs -- it's okay, we have goldman
3:46 pm
sachs, an odd time to have a debate about business model when stock is going up, you think everything is hunky-dory, there is a debate among goldman sachs, they have partners and the ceo lloyd blankfein how to right size it. lloyd blankfein current management team without gary cohn, he's with donald trump right now, head of the national economic commission. lloyd blankfein wants to keep t the current size and structure of the firm. offices all over the country and the world. inside the company, many of the partners, most of the partners are actually advocating for a downsize of the firm from that level to something close to 20,000, and here's what they want to do, they want to get rid of the bankers and the far-flung offices, not have a bank in every city and state and bring it to a manageable
3:47 pm
level and focus the firm on a few key areas of production including trading, which they believe will come back, now that donald trump is president. they think they can get rid of the dodd-frank rules that prevented trading and want this to be a much more manageable firm, where they can make more money being smaller. as you know lloyd blankfein is the ceo, two years left, he's advocating for keeping it the way it is, and they're likely to keep it the way it is for the time being. but there is a debate in there and i find this fascinating. sometimes the debates lead to substantial change, where some say most of the partners want the firm to be downsized. and we should point out that goldman sachs was somewhat downsized after the financial crisis, every firm was, but it's at 33,000, and it has a lot of scale. it's in every -- for investment banking, it's in every major city, like i said, most countries, and what lloyd
3:48 pm
blankfein is saying is this, our scale, now that donald trump is president, will help us with profits. the size and scale and fees will be coming back to the investment banking business and that's how they make money. as you can see, we're getting a little hecklers there in the book? they love you gasparino. >> reporter: that's the problem, they don't love me. [ laughter ] >> we should never send charlie out of the office. man! >> interesting times at goldman sachs. connell: i know. >> reporter: talking about goldman sachs, which they don't like anyway. connell: you take those people out. charlie gasparino in midtown manhattan. i was going to ask a question, i thought better of it. let's not get any more trouble than he's in. the closing bell is going to ring in about 12 minutes or so. investors look like they will have to wait until christmas to
3:49 pm
get 20k on the dow. positive on the day, up four points. we have "countdown" closers coming up. how you can unwrap profits ahead of 20,000 on the dow. the "countdown" live from the new york stock exchange is coming right back. hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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. connell: we are back at the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam and connell hanging out on a friday afternoon. talking about gnc, new all-time low today? >> 52-week low and you have priced -- i'm having a tough time talking. piper jaffray downgraded them, cut the price target to $7 from 11 bucks. gnc had price cuts, they've eliminated paid membership and piper jaffray is worried this is going to hit the bottom line. shares down almost 10%, and
3:53 pm
then, you know, they got the 52-week low. not a good day for them. connell: for the market overall, up 7 now. the high of the session is up 10. >> happy about the globe-trotters being down there. connell: adam shapiro with us, 19,926. gold is on the search. 20,000 on the dow. we're waiting to see if we can snap the two-day losing streak. let me check my air for charlie brady's calculation, 170 now? yes, 170, 171 times we've crossed the unchanged line today. information that is useful to almost no one, but because it can be calculated week put it to you, like the lead changes in basketball. we're still on track to close slightly higher for the week, and looks like we'll close on
3:54 pm
an upnote for what its worth heading up 8 points, 19,926. we have wealth adviser lee munsen and from intrepid funds ceo lee travis. lee, we talk about the market, is it the question for our earlier guests is along the lines quite simply what is next. what's next? what's the big thing you are looking at? >> first of all, we can hit 20,000 from a decent day. here's the thing, we've had the big small cap run-up. run-up in construction and banking, i get that. what we need to know is what are the other less obvious things that investors glom onto. we're in a pro-business environment next year, why not look at easy names, the profits in small cap value have happened. costco, starbucks, that's where you get the regional dollars, the largest retailer of caffeine.
3:55 pm
kevin johnson, ceo, new mexico, aggies, a little plug for new mexico. this is a stock that's big but when you can get it on the discount because people talked about the ceo howard schultz changing, it helps you get something large, never of value but can you buy it, it hasn't taken advantage of the rally. starbucks, same thing, there is costco, when you think about it, a business spender that has lower taxes and less regulations, they're going to be looser with the money and buy that extra starbucks each week and buy extra junk for the office at costco. so think about big obvious names, you want to mess around in small cap, buy an index and call it a year. connell: yeah, the russell 2000 ripping it up since the election, well thought-out with costco and starbucks, showing them on the screen. mark does not look impressed with the picks but it's not like -- i don't think it's a
3:56 pm
santa hat. that's more of an elf. >> it's an elf. connell: elf hat, right? >> nothing gets by me, mark, trust me on that one. your focus, hard to take you seriously when you get serious with stock charts with that hat. your focus is on global because there is so much geopolitical news, give us the lowdown what you are honing in on? >> i think it's hard, and this hat is in honor of the analyst elves and intrepid turns over rocks to generate attractive returns at intrepid capital funds. as lee mentioned, the russell 2000 rocketed since november 8th. it's hard in my perspective to find a private market value discount to find many in the u.s. there are odds and ends, but
3:57 pm
not abundantly, they're not abundant discounts from our perspective. connell: mark, can i stop you fair second? we're showing some of your individual stock pix, like you to talk about them, the likes of western digital and dinastar is up there, ddc and what you like about the stocks so we can add perspective to what we have on the screen, tell us about those? >> western digital bigger market cap they've merged and rationalizing their head count and free cash flow generation is going to go up. they've given guidance from 185 to 215, and synergies as they call it in reducing head count is happening quicker than maybe the street expected. so those shares are at 70 and we think they're worth in the mid 80s. dominion diamond, i hate to do due diligence in the northwest territories in canada, but it's a discount in the book and
3:58 pm
attractive dividend of 4%. it's been dinged in anticipation that china is going slow down, india is going slow down. this time of year, guys, diamonds are a girl's best friend. let's hope. connell: hope it's true, from our perspective as well. hopefully we have time to get both your perspectives. the larger discussion is have we gotten ahead of ourselves in the so-called trump rally. what are we pricing in about what he can and can't do and can't get through the congress? where are we right now, end of 2016, you think? >> don't make it too complicated. money is moving out of bonds, right? it's got to find a place to go. that's the small cap miracle. not really the tactic. here's what you have to remember, don't listen to the people who are going to talk about schillers, ford, p/e, it's not superexpensive. we can expand multiples from
3:59 pm
here. i say buy it. connell: mark, what do you think? >> doing individual security analysis, we have a high active share and growing our capital base so people co invest with us. my job is to protect and secondarily grow it. equity-type returns with less than equity risk. i have 20% cash, a function of flows, bond redemptions and shares what they are worth. connell: i leave it there with the globe-trotters. nice hat, mark.
4:00 pm
>> here comes the closing bell. david and lauren simonetti at headquarters to pick it up on after the bell. lauren: merry christmas and happy hand -- hanukkah and a few catholics in ireland. lauren: stocks fighting for any gains, climbing in the final minutes of trading before the long holiday weekend. major averages ending higher for the week. the dow higher every day of the week since election. i'm in for melissa francis. david: just barely. a lot of other news going around the world. here is what we have for you this hour. the terrorist behind the berlin christmas market attack is dead after


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