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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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liz: no dow 20k. we have "making money" next. thanks for welcoming us into your home. merry christmas. reporter: evening, everyone i'm steve hilton in nor charles payne. yesterday after donald trump's intervention, a critical and sensitive resolution in the u.n. was shelved. but date was brought back by another group countries and it passed with the u.s. abstaining.
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benjamin netanyahu and donald trump have blasted the outcome. what do you have think has been going on at the u.n.? >> what's been going on is a wrecking operation by barack obama on his way out the door. he has bent most hostile presidents towards one of our most important allies since any president since the founding of the modern state of israel. i think what he has done with this operation which was not engineered by a bunch of countries from new zealand to the middle east it was brought to us by this president, his desire to undercut bibi netanyahu. and they will be infinitely more
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afflicted by deand for further concessions and demands it give up territory that is vital to its security. it is the height of i shall responsibility. d it's the height of irresponsiblability. i expect and hope that will be forthcoming. reporter: you place the blame on obama. you think obama did get involved since the intervention of trump? >> i think he's been involved all along. john kerry and samantha power of the united nations have been pushing for this agenda. we were told they were very disappointed when the egyptians who had been expected to put this resolution forward chose not to do that. i personally think that probably
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had something to do with donald trump encouraging them not to do it. but other countries were induced or volunteered to step into the breach and bring it forward. either way, the trouble is this would note have been adopted had the president done what he had done before. admittedly before an election in which he wanted jewish votes before hillary clinton wanted jewish votes. but nonetheless, prior to this in 2011 he had an opportunity to vote for or abstain from a similar resolution, and actually vetoed it it's what he should have done this time as well. it's what i know a president trump would do in similar circumstances. >> it does feel like the most obvious example of gesture politics. it won't change anything in the real world, or is it? >> it's hard to say.
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the trouble is it shouldn't make any difference in the real world it's nonsense in the so-called world body. but in practice what it does is, it signal to the people who are determined to destroy is trail that the international community is actually egging them on, enabling them, giving them the seal of approval. and that is not something you wanted to do with jihadists. we have been talking a lot about jihadists lately. that's of course what israel is confronting at the moment from not just flynn camp, but from the islamic state. from folksing in gassa as well as -- the folks in gaza. this is an existential challenge. so what may seem to be par more games form diplomats shouldn't
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be taken lightly or be taken when so clearly it's opposed by our friend and ally israel. >> i agree with that and i love the way trump seems to be cutting through those parlor games in a direct way. all this comes on a day when we are following another major flap on another national issue which is nuclear weapons. we are joined by a former homeland security consultant and democratic strategist. president-elect trump and vladimir putin have been talking tough today and yesterday about building up their nation's it in came business, and that includes nuclear weapons. putin first declared at 4:40 spais a.m. yesterday morning that russia will even chance its
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capability of nuclear forces and at 11:50:00 a.m. trump tweeted u.s. must expand its nuke yarl capability. at 7':00 a.m. trump reportedly said let it be an arms race. what do you think has been going on overall nuclear weapons? >> donald trump has been a disruptor all of his career. it served him well in business in the campaign. but as leader of the free world, someone who is commander in chief of the biggest military the world has ever seen, it seems like it's not the best tactic to take. escalating a dialogue over nuclear weapons with russia not only send the wrong message to russia. you have got north korea and china and pakistan look at this.
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this is probably not the right way to use twitter. >> is he escalating things? >> i had the privilege of serving president reagan with responsibility for nuclear forces and arms control. and i have to say, i think what donald trump is doing here is channeling ronald reagan, like to ray again's coming into office after the presidency of someone who was massively undermining our deterrent posture and credibility. this has been sort of a light motif for barack obama. he wanted to rid the world of nuclear weapons and it turns out i had in mind, starting with ours. all of the countries we have been hearing about have been responding by building up their own nuclear forces. britaining with as you know, this a modernization program for your nuclear forces.
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every nuclear state and a lot of wonna bees are working on this. it's going to be an expensive and difficult business toss reconstitute a safe, effective and reliable deterrent which is what donald trump seems to have in mind. but it has to be done. >> i want to go back to the way you were characterizing it. it seems it's mixing up and fooling mischaracterization. a we look at how cnn reported on this. they literally said, what happened? trump threatens a new jar atmosphere arms race. but as we saw earlier. he didn't threaten anything of the sort. he was responding to something putin said. what do you make of that? >> during the campaign we talked about sometimes trump -- people don't understand exactly what he
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means and it's been a great tactic that's people talk about and it creates political fodder. but wit comes to nuclear weapons we should be more clear in shouldn't be and by giewt in terms of where he's headed in nuclear conversations around the world. it comes to this, i think frank probably remembers when ronald reagan first came to power web was making a joke in -- he was making a joke and recording a television commercial and he said bomb russia in that television commercial. >> the bombers are on their way. >> these types of tweets we should be careful. mr. trump has the right to set policy and has a right to take america in a new direction. but it should be intentional it shouldn't be over a tweet. >> i thought this was very clear and intentional.
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that to me what else was refreshing about it. >> can i make one quick point. >> i don't think we have got time. i'm really sorry. >> this an historical moment, i think he's gemght it right. >> all right, go for it. >> back in jimmy carter's era you had the secretary of defense say when we build they cut. when we cut, they build. we have not done anything with our as ma'am since 1992 it's you arently need, i think the american people expect of their new commander-in-chief. >> i'm glad you pu ♪
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>> america may have just seen a taste of what donald trump's management style will be. who could he possibly have been talking about? it turns out that someone was newt gingrich. the vice chairman of trump's transition team. he says he disclaims that. he said it was cute but he doesn't want to use it any more.
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i had written way thought was a cute tweet saying the allocators were complaining. >> i talked this morning with president-elect trump and he reminded me he likes draining the swamp. i mischaracterized it the other day. he wants to continue to use drain the swamp. he describes it as dts. gina, if someone on your team does something wrong, is this a good way of handling it? >> i think it is appropriate to set the record straight. especially him being the next president of the united states. this is the result of a hyper sensitive media headline driven
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society which takes not what a person says, they take it out of context to get more clicks. it's disappointing, because they want to paint donald trump as a liar it's become so ridiculous, you can't entrust what the media says. if you heard the clip by newt gingrich, it was complimentary to the president. so again, i'm glad that donald trump took to social media to talk about this. but something has to change with our media because they are attacking him every way they can. >> i thought there was no real change in the underlying, just in the what it was discussed. this is an example of how trump likes running things.
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cutting through the b.s. and taking action. is that something you think will carry through when he's president? >> absolutely. he has his own management style. those of us who studied business and the psychology of business and management styles can appreciate what he did here. when someone whom he doesn't perceive to be on his team criticizes him. but when someone like newt gingrich says something he doesn't agree with. it's a private matter. he takes newt aside. he says this is what happened, this is how want you to correct it and it's done, it's over. we have a lot of politicians who have never been in businessen don't have a good solid management strategy. but president-elect trump is proving again and again he has one, is willing to use it, and it will be effective.
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>> i thought that was such a great distinction. the difference between doing something to someone on your team privately. >> absolutely. i would agree with dr. loudoun. an example was air force one. he says this is costing us too much money. we have to change things immediate lid. and they say we can give you two planes for the cost of one. that speaks volumes moving forward. businesses have been put on in the mr. trump is not your. i cal every day politician who will allow for deal making that's gone on for decade to continue. >> gina, it sounds like you have got a good idea object what it takes to get through the bureaucrats. >> as a wife of someone who is a former state senator from missouri.
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i like this side of politics better than i like being on the inside. but i lot of aproper of the trump team. they seem to have the trifecta of the business approach. see you collive what happens inside management styles, and the marketing ability to sell their ideas to the american public. this is why america said, hey, a businessman, there is an idea. this is what got some people on the trump team ♪ ♪ ♪
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reporter: chinese state media
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took on donald trump today. joining to discuss is steve moore, former economic adviser to donald trump. steve, are you bored with this confrontation tall stance against china? >> what donald trump talked about during the campaign was with respect to economically and national security. i don't want a trade war for sure. but i do think tougher negotiations with china with respect to making sure they are not stealing our technologies as they do routinely. when we send over our computer software, drugs and magazines and they steal those without paying for them. and also, forcing them to open up our markets to them. donald trump's best selling book
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is "the art of the deal." he knows how to get people to make concessions. reporter: they make the point we have more leverage with china than perhaps people have thought. when there are threats made by the chinese. do you think they are real threats or something we can safely ignore? >> i think it's ridiculous we are talking about leverage. trade doesn't involve companies, it involves individuals. the more that the chinese do work as low value americans get to do higher value work. if china didn't exist we would be a much poorer country without the tractor and internet and computer. all of these things saved us from other forms of work so we could do better work. reporter: it's still the case the rules that apply to those
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economic arrangements do have an impact. steve, you have been saying recently something very interesting. your point about taxes. we tax the things we make here and export but don't tacts things we import. could you explain what you mean by that? >> before i explain that, i do agree with the premise of your last question, we do have leverage over china. there is no question by the china needs the united states market more than we need them. using some of that leverage to make sure china is playing by the rules would be a positive thing. the way i think we can level the playing field, if you will, steve, with china, rather than having terrorists which is something i don't want. why not change our tax system. we tax what we produce but we don't tax what's imported into
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this country. what's under discussion in the house republican bill toys start moving toward a more consumption-based model. when we produce something and sell it abroad it would not be taxed. but in china or japan or mexico brings in something, it would be taxed. you get those regulatory costs down, i think those businesses will move back to the united states. reporter: i appreciate you making that clear. when i first heard that i wondered if taxing the imports was another way of i am posing tariffs. john, what do you think? >> i don't like the idea of giving the government another revenue stream. he wants to raise tariffs on the middle class. he's contradict himself. free trade is about the individual. get the government out of it.
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>> john makes a good point. if we do this tax system i'm talking about, you are right. i don't want a new tax. we are talking about getting rid of the corporate tax and moving more to this new system that might be better. but you are right. no new tax. i'm with you 100% on that. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms...
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reporter: the german interior minister warned today that even those terrorist who plowed a truck through the christmas market has been killed, it does not reduce the threat. he traveled to paris, then milan, where he was killed by police. mike, you are a skeptic, including nigel farage blame the e.u.'s open borders and they are calling for them to be closed. do you think that's a good idea? >> it has been around for some 21 years. >> the agreement is specifically? >> the free movement within the
6:32 pm
countries. it breaks down the borders it's an important part of the fabric of the e.u. they have been talking about this now for four or five years since the arab spring. i guess my point being there always lot to it. it's not as if this will go away overnight. it's not just nationalists to the far right as some in the media would like you to think. there are a lot of reasons pro e.u. people in intel and law enforcement and within the government that are saying we need to take a look at this. and if not do away with it, at least revise it sow we don't have this ridiculous sort of activity. when you look at the movement of amiri when he first showed up in
6:33 pm
italy nell was shot in milan, it's astounding. it's a classic case study of a breakdown of a variety of issues related to counter terrorism. >> i'm glad you brought that up. it seems to me there are so much issues this particular case raises. every single time almost it seems when we have these cases, you have got i history of people like this involved in these acontrolsities having come to the attention of law enforcement other intelligence were vilss or the apparatus of security and they slip through the net.with t have thoughts on why that is and what we can do to correct that. >> you look at amiri, the berlin attacker who has just been killed. he was labeled a terrorist threat by the italians before he moved to switzerland then germany. the germans had picked him up.
6:34 pm
there is information in the data base in these various places. this has been a problem for well over a decade in terms of how we take this intel and couple with the operational actionable leads. you have data basses in italy and germany and france. here in the u.s. the germans advised the u.s. authorities about amiri several months agene we put him on a no-fly list. so you have all these data basses. but the problem is trying to get them to communicate with each other and share the information. i know it sounds simplistic and say how can you not do that. but over the top of the intel community globally sits all the various governments their various rules about privacy and some are important. we have to have a balance. but you look at the e.u., and these countries are operating
6:35 pm
under extremely restrictive archaic rules. once you start looking at the problems, you start to understand, i get why it's not work, i just don't understand why we are having such problems after all these years of being involved in the war on terror. >> reporter: it sounds like you are saying it's not the professionals involved. they would like to share more information and act on intelligence. you are saying they are stopped from doing that by the governments and political leaders? >> sometimes there are professional messups it's glg to happen. but their hands are tied a great degree in some of the situations based on how they can maintain an investigation, how they can open a file on somebody, how they can continue surveillance and whether it's because the
6:36 pm
rules restrict them from doing it, and in the case of germany, part of the problem is their resources are stretched completely thin. i don't want to say it temperatures purely the law. of course, there will be failure of communication where information goes missing. see you appreciate your perspective it is complicated and there is a lot more to do. thank you for joining us. >> we are not all doom and gloom tonight. next we are talking about next we are talking about helping others
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reporter: since 1891 the salvation arm christmas red kettle campaign has been raising money to help people around the world. but this year donations have been sparse, with some cities seeing a 30% decline. but thanks to ezekiel elliott, they received an extra millions online. >> 30% to 4 oh% of their income would be raised between november and december it's important for people to support salvation army.
6:41 pm
it's not just about supporting the salvation army. it's about supporting those who are less fortunate. over the last couple weeks millions of children have received toys and clothes, and families have received christmas baskets where it will be nice for them to have a nice christmas meal because of the donations given to the salvation army. >> give us a sense of the scale of the operation. what kinds of numbers in terms of the people you help? >> each year we help 25 million people. during the christmas season, anywhere from 3 to 4 million will be helped just through the christmas season. for every second we are talking, two people will have a meal provided by: the salvation army. it's cold in some places and the united states tonight. 28,000 people will be sleeping
6:42 pm
in a get tonight provided by: the spall vaition arm i. we operate in every zip code across the united states. >> it's an amazing institution. you should be so proud of it. i want to ask you what the barriers are. there are things standing in your way from doing more and helping more people. >> we are living in interesting times. retail traffic over the past few years has been down. even with that last year we had the biggest year we ever had in christmas kettles. fewer people are carrying cash, so that's a problem. this year the weather has been horrendous across the northern part of the united states. you mentioned minneapolis, down 33%. chicago down 24%. what you need to understand is he dollar that goes in the cut until those local community stays in that local community. so the folks in minneapolis are
6:43 pm
concerned not just about christmas, but they are concerned about how they are going to be able to provide assistance to those throughout the year. >> i hope everyone watching tonight can help that incredibly important work you do. right here in new york you have an army of salvation army people doing a great job in the cold, and a lot of people are excited to see them. >> those kettles will be out there tomorrow. next week if people want to go online they can go to salvation army u.s.a. and make those donations online before the end of the year. >> that's great. thanks for giving us that information and merry christmas to you. >> thank you, merry christmas to you. well, liberals don't seem to like donald trump's cabinet. senator elizabeth warren is on the war path. ♪
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reporter: in this classic trump tweet then candidate trump said goofy elizabeth warren sometimes referred to as pocahontas pretended to be native american to advance her career. today elizabeth warren launched a full-scale attack on trump's cabinet picks. danielle. what's wrong with these picks?
6:48 pm
aren't they the best people for the job? >> elizabeth warren is coming from a position of consumer protection. and in the campaign donald trump came out strong against goldman sachs, even criticizing ted cruz for being married to a woman who works for goldman sachs. on the campaign trail he was have much i'm a man of the people and goldman sachs are bad people. her concern is it was hypocrisy and the trump organization's largest debt is partly held by goldman sachs. >> shouldn't we wait and see what people do in the jobs, not just who they are? even though they come from that background and there might be some things she might agree with. >> even when hillary clinton when her speeches were revealed,
6:49 pm
she talked about putting those folks in the places because they understand the business and they understand the financial markets. and i think it' not generally a bad thing. but if trump hadn't document oh hard maybe warren wouldn't have come out so hard against him. reporter: does she have a point? >> no, she doesn't. elizabeth warren has made a career attacking wall street. she endorsed hillary clinton who is one of the biggest vessels of wall street cash. hillary clinton accepted $64 million from wall street. earlier this year the "wall street journal" put out a report that the clintons have accepts roughly 100 million from wall street since they got to the national stage where that money was to come into their campaigns, foundation or the personal finances with these wall street speeches.
6:50 pm
talk about him cite i. you have elizabeth warren attacking donald trump for hiring wall street executives. but when members of her own party accept $100 million from wall street, she gives them a pass. reporter: could you say the hypocrisy is on both side? i think you made the case well for the hypocrisy coming from their side. but what about the argument danielle was making give what trump said about the industries and the corruption that exists between politicians and big companies, especially financial ones, to hire people from goldman sachs is hypocrisy, too. >> the head of goldman action was a big hillary clinton supporters. but elizabeth warren didn't go after him. she doesn't criticize him because he backs hillary.
6:51 pm
to your point, steven, to danielle's, yes, donald trump did campaign basically self-funding as much as he could his own campaign because he doesn't want to be beholding to anybody. so i think what donald trump is doing is he wants to staff his administration with the best and brightest people, and some of those people are from wall street. reporter: thanks, adriana. just a quick last point. danielle, don't you give trump some credit for funding so much of his own campaign and for doing it much more cheaply than some of these campaigns and not being so reliant on big donors. >> absolutely. you have to give credit where credit is due. what donald trump did in this campaign is unheard of in any leadership race that we have seen in modern history anywhere in the world. you have to give him credit for
6:52 pm
what he achieved, whether you agree with what he said. reporter: appreciate that. thank you to both of you. they are calling it the collapse they are calling it the collapse of the democrats. when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in great tasting crystals. i'm all-business when i, travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
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. >> it seems that democrats can't quite believe they lost the election, if only we didn't have the electoral college, if only hillary clinton had gone to milwaukee, but wasn't just the rust belt, what about florida? and wasn't just the presidency, governor houses and state legislatures. with me now danielle mclaughlin and boston herald columnist adrianna cohen. adrianna, seems the republicans when they were defeated in 2012, they did a lot of soul-searching.
6:56 pm
the rnc had the autopsy and decided to think about what this meant, the defeat went. i don't see sign of that on the democrat side. do you think that's encouraging the republicans? >> it certainly is. what the democrats should be doing is taking, just taking responsibility for what went wrong. as you mentioned, instead of reflecting on mistakes that they made, they play the blame game. first they blame wikileaks, then fake news, then alt-right, then russia, then her gender, come christmas they're going to be blaming santa claus. they should be looking in the mirror and see where they failed the working man, where they failed the people, why are they not connecting with voters? and rejigger the message and the platform instead of playing the blame game. >> danielle, do you agree with that? >> actually i do. it was almost paralysis when we lost some ways it was so close,
6:57 pm
and other ways we lost the popular vote by so far. the democratic ideals that we stand for were received well by the general population, that doesn't matter when you have the electoral college. i think we do need to do what the gop did in 2012, have the equivalent of growth and opportunity project and how we reach out to republicans, independents, to fellow democrats and remind them of the democratic principles that can make their lives richer and better and how we can move forward together. >> i think there's a lot there that we could get into. i have a specific question why that's not happening. you agree that needs to be done. why do you think that the leadership of the party doesn't show any signs of wanting to do that. they are doing the blame game that we heard about? >> i think the blame game is ongoing and need to get beyond it. once president obama has stepped down from presidency, he will reenergize the party in a big way. i think that he will help build
6:58 pm
a bench that we seem to be lacking at this point, and objectively this is what happens when you lose, right? you lose and it looks like chaos and looks like things are falling apart, but in reality, what we need to do is come together and build for a 2018 and, of course, for 2020. >> that's fascinating, understanding the rebuilding of the democratic party would be led by obama himself? >> he will have a significant patrol play. he's extraordinarily popular. i think he'll be a very important person continuing, in a way i think many presidents haven't done. >> very interesting. adrianna, what do you make of that? only ushered out of the oval office and back rebuilding the democratic party? >> i think danielle's right. he's going stay tethered to politics. i think he simply loves it. i can't see him riding off his horse into the sunset forever. he loves golf. he will keep a hand in politics, but that being said,
6:59 pm
where i think democrats lost their way is they stray too far away from the middle. most of america is in the middle, they're not all the way to the fringe right and not all the way to the fringe left and the democratic party, the pendulum swung too far to the left. they care more about transgender bathrooms and social issues, fringe issues versus jobs, and because donald trump does care about the jobs, the 94+ million out of work, his message was he's going to grow the economy, restore the american dream and that resonated with americans? democrats voted for donald trump. bernie sanders supporters voted for donald trump because he spoke to the forgotten man, who the democrats have left far, far behind. >> danielle, what do you think, quickly, is it all about identity politics, is that where the future lies? or does the party need to focus more on economic issues. >> has to be both. i think our economic message was lost and i think identity politics, what you might call identity politics rose a little too much.
7:00 pm
has to be a little bit of both. if you can't feed your family, you are not caring about the social issues. >> thank you very much for that perspective. thanks both of and you thank you for watching "making money". we're wishing you all a very merry christmas tonight, german police are searching throughout europe for the man who plowed into a crowded christmas market killing a dozen people in berlin. we'll have the latest for you tonight from berlin, and ambassador james woolsey joins me on the nation's security. and donald trump addressed the deadly tragedy in germany. >> it's an attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity, and it's got to stop. and just days before president obama leaves office he slaps


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