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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: google it. sandra: put your running shoes on and get up here. dagen: i'm getting. sandra: good morning, everybody, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo. thursday december 29th. rising tensions between u.s. and israel as john kerry defends the decision to let israel condemn settlement. >> we cannot properly protect israel if we allow a two-state solution in our own eyes. >> i wish i could be comforted by the promise that the u.s. says we will not bring resolutions to the un. we have uncontestable evidence that the united states, organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the united nations security council.
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sandra: lawmakers from both sides denouncing kerry's comments this morning. implications coming forward and retaliation for russia. the obama administration expected to lay out fresh sanction for the country today over alleged role in hacking our election. why president-elect donald trump is claiming credit for sprint's decision to bring thousands of jobs to the u.s. and takata one step closer no settling air bag scandal, how much will it pay for largest recall in u.s. history? debit or credit, we will check out study about americans' spending habits, houston we swipe. dow 20,000 slipping away as
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futures somewhat mixed. s&p futures up slightly. in europe declines across the board. we are seeing weakness in ftse in london. turning to asia markets were mixed overnight. you're looking at the shanghai composite and nikkei down while the hang seng and kospi posted gain. remember the le tbend, debbie reynolds died just one they after her daughter carrie fisher's tragic death. all of that coming up. chief strategist michael block is here and national review cat cempf.
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sandra: we have a lot this morning. former connecticut senator and joe lieberman, texas congress and physician, you do not want to miss any of that. diplomatic showdown, tensions between the u.s. and israel are rising following secretary john kerry's speech yesterday. president-elect trump is teaming up with benjamin netanyahu taking aim at the obama administration. >> they have a choice, they can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. but here is a fundamental reality, if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both and it won't ever be really be at peace. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of
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peace by foreign leaders. israel's hand has been extended in peace to neighbors from day one. >> i think israel has been treated unfairly by a lot of people. you look at resolutions in the united nations, you take a look at what's happened, they are up 20 reprimands and other places that treat people horribly have sandra: this speech, a 72-minute speech, by the way, after a u.s. allowed resolution to pass which criticizeed israel's settlements. joining us fox news contributor, john bolton, embassador, so good to see you this morning. >> glad to be with you. sandra: that speech it was lengthy and wide-ranging and causing a lot of reaction both last night and still this morning, what were your thoughts on cincinnati. >> well, number one, who cares
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what john kerry thinks. his administration is about to become history, thank god. this is a venting, i think, of frustrations and i think history will soon tbin -- begin to ignore. so having it all in one place, having every mistake put together in one 75-minute speech can be helpful for historians to research and how to ruin a foreign policy. >> embassador bolton, why would john kerry and obama go out and make this kind of speech when it doesn't really matter to anybody when trump is going to be in office less than a month? >> well, i think they are trying to buy him in, resolution was all about and that does post significant problems although they say they're not going to
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support further security council resolutions, their credibility leaves a lot to be desired. i think they were very disingenuous about the role. i think also it's a measure of the hind of h rasment we are going to see from barack obama when he leaves office on the 20th of january, he's going leave but not going away. sandra: you wonder how much damage has been done at this point when you say that they are trying to box trump in. i spoke to ellen on the kelly file last night and he said the peace process in israel has been set back years, your thoughts on that. >> well, i think what a lot of people in the united states particularly barack obama and john kerry don't get is there's been a massive shift of opinion in israel over the last four or
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five years and what it indicates they don't really expect but fundamental premise of john kerry's speech, if you have a one-state solution israel will be overwhelmed by higher arab birthrates or the only other alternative is two-state solution, there are other solutions and i think that's what we need to look for now. two-state solution, the near religious montra that the obama administration has been voicing these last eight years is impossible to achieve. so if you want peace in the region and i think the israelis do, you better look at other alternatives. >> mike block here, you mentioned resolution may have orchestrated by obama administration, we have seen the obama administration make the moves and i'm going to call sabotage, they are messing around with homeland security,
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he has a few weeks left, anything that you're worried about that this administration might do to make things nor difficult or prove sot sort of juvenile points here, it looks like that's what we are seeing. >> i think later today according to the forecast reports we are going to hear to obama administration's proposed sanctions against russia for its hacking of our election or efforts to interfere in our election. i guess the one thing i could say that applies across the board domestically as well as international, to the extent the actions are all executive moves by the president, they are all easily reversible after the 20th of january. it's a very ungracious, unpresidential way to depart, but i don't suppose we should be surprised at that. sandra: obama administration will reportedly announce retaliatory actions for russia's alleged hacking, sanctions, indictments, restriction for
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russian diplomats, ideas that have been tossed around. trump was asked if government information on russia should be made public yesterday, here is what he said. >> do you think any record from russian intervention should make public? >> do the best they can to figure it all out. sandra: retaliating against russia would stop this type of hacking? >> absolutely, that should be our goal. we have to see exactly what the obama administration proposes and there may be some things they do that they are not going make public. i think you can see already, they have fundamentally misunderstood the nature of the threat, they're responding with sanctions as if this is some kind of legal violation. if in fact, the russians did try to influence our election, this is an attack on the united states, it's an attack on our constitution by whomever did it and it's just as consequential potentially as destroying dams and bridges and roads. if this is an attack, this
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warrants really a kind of military response, not necessarily in the use of active military force but understanding, we are not talking about somebody who knocked over the local starbucks in the corner, it's not a law enforcement violation in that way, what we have obviously failed to do over sustained period of time is build a structures of deterrence in the cyber world that convince people not to do it. so i think the retaliation has to be much more than sanctions. i understand, obviously, there's some thicks you don't discloses before you do them and maybe even some things you don't discloses after you do them. but i think there ought to be a sufficient retaliation against russia, not a proportional response, a disproportionate response that ultimately we can announce so the whole world knows, if you try to affect the electoral process, you will pay a steep price. we can impose that cost and you better think long adder hard before you do nit the first place. sandra: it's been a minute since
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we reconvened embassador bolton and looked at the trump transition, how do you think it's going? here we are a few weeks out from the baton being passed. >> ic by all of the statistics we can see they are on track or ahead of other transitions. i've been in transitions going in and transitions coming out. it always looks hectic, it is. but i think as january the 20th approaches it tends to concentrate people's attention, new congress will come into session next week, confirmation hearings will begin and then we will see how it goes, the real test, obviously begins with the inaugural address, incredibly important for a new president coming in and then we will go from there. sandra: all right, very good. embassador bolton, good to see you. >> glad to be with you. sandra: price tag of the settlement just ahead.
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sandra: hollywood mourning another movie legend. debbie reynolds died yesterday. cheryl casone has the details and the wonderful stories and look back at her life. cheryl: you know, sandra, make the heart break was too much for
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her. it's hard to believe that carrii fisher's mother died one day after her daughter. she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke. she was 84 year's old. she got her start at 18 year's old. >> it's morning. >> yes. and what a lovely morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl, well that role turned reynolds into america's sweetheart. she went onto star in a dozen box office hits. she continued acting until 2013.
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again reports say she may have suffered a stroke, her son was with her at the time when she and her daughter carrie were neighbors. we are looking at, the takata, linked to 11 deaths in the united states. settlement required takata to plea guilty. automakers have recalled over 40 million u.s. vehicles in connection to the air bags making it the largest recall in u.s. history. the settlement could come as early as next month. well, crews are work to go repair a massive sink hole. the hole opened up yesterday in
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bethlehem, 70 miles from philadelphia. also a gas leak at the scene. and when it's time to check out, more americans are paying with debit, americans use debit cards twice as much as credit. shoppers preferred credit cards for larger purchases, sandra because we all know you can get points, miles, credits, all kinds of stuff by using the credit card. you can rack up the goodies, back to you. sandra: what do you swipe with? >> i mean usually a credit guy. sandra: because you're making all the big purchases. >> well, sure, that's what i'm all about. [laughter]
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>> a lot of it is credit cards. maybe i'm word about that. sandra: seems like the debit cards are used in popularity for purchases like under 5 bucks? >> why not use a credit card because you can get a special on earned points. sandra: people are worried about the hidden fees and keeping up and you to look at it making sure you're not getting charged. interesting story, the dow falling further away from the 20,000 mark yesterday. any day now, we are still watching it for you, the dow 19,833 with the close. we will take a look at whether the trump rally is stalling out straight ahead and a supreme mash-up, taco bell serving up its loaded fries in one u.s. location. that's tough to look at in the morning. might be tasty, we will have the details ahead
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♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. sandra: all right, take a look at markets this morning. thursday morning, all right. it's been one of those shortened weeks so it's hard to keep track. rectionght gain of one point. after the dow fell further from the 20,000 mark yesterday that everybody has their eye on. still, though, the dow is up more than 9% since election day with gains in even the worst performing sectors particularly energy and financials. michael, has this rally stalled
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out or will we eventually see top 20,000 and move on? >> i think we are going to get there. you don't go to prom and not kiss the prom queen, we will get there sooner or later. [laughter] >> i did, i wouldn't kiss her. >> so moving back to markets. on the institutional investment side we don't care about the do i, we are here talking about it, investors are focused on it, we get through the number psychologically and inspire more buying, be ready for that. thinking about the dow jones it's stocks and biggest stocks in there is goldman sachs. i think we are one finals rally, financials have been strong in the whole move since beginning of november. we will do better. the thingly point out the stall
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as you call it and we are going sideways here, the question is are we basing or hitting up against a wall. one thing i can say it's very healthy that stocks are pulling back and consolidating, a couple of weeks when i was looking at recent highs in the market, 340% of the large caps in the u.s. were looking technically overbought. now the number is 7%, it's healthy. then again we've come a long way and, you knowinger right now when i look at the risk reward, next 45% or up or down, even for the next percent or two we might see an up move. money comes in. everybody gets excited about how business probusiness and promarkets, it's a very interesting time in the market. sandra: which is what donald trump has pointed out himself, strong consumer confidence. we are watching retailers, holiday shopping, the numbers
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are showing thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping, of course, and the last-minute holiday rush. research from customer growth partners is forecasting a 4.49% holiday sales growth. that's up from 4.1% which would be the highest rate since 2005. michael, what does this say about the economy and consumer really quite frankly? >> the consumer number was the biggest since august 2001, a watershed moment in history, markets and everything else. what does this tell you, are we tapping out or we are hitting a new high, we are seeing the dollar pull back a little. nice run, in the fed is raising rates, we will see strong dollar. do the math. more purchasing power. how does that play into some of the protectionist trade policy that trump is talking about,
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would it allow them to buy the goods that they should under perfect competition that's the issue. dagen: optimism can lift an economy and that consumer confidence number from a conference board, it was expectation that is lifted it. >> sure. dagen: looking down the road at better days ahead and trump can take some credit for that. sand sand and he is. dagen: now we need to see fulfillment of actual more spending. >> we are talking about the stock market. you will get a growth effect. my stocks have doing better, my investments are worth more, hey, i go out and buy a new car, refrigerator. dagen: liberals and people on the left, nobody participates in the stock market, it's all rich people. it's not true, $7 trillion in 4 401(k)'s alone. a hundred million people. sandra: take that.
6:27 am
do you shop online or go to the stores? >> only online. nothing in the store. >> christmas is over, go home. sandra: coming up police in arkansas demanding data from an amazon echo device, this was one of the big christmas presents, do you have one? the case that's renewing the debate of privacy versus security and president-elect trump ramps up his push to bring back jobs to america, we will have all the very latest and greatest on that just ahead.
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith, it is thursday december 29th, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect trump taking another victory before he enters office. [inaudible] >> they are bringing them back to the united states and also one b, a newompany is going to be hiring 3,000 people so that's very exciting. >> this as the president elect gives mixed signals over the state of the transition process,
6:31 am
reversing course after blasting president obama for, quote, road block, but a deadly helicopter crash off the coast of gal veston bay in texas, investigators trying to investigate what caused an army national guard health continuer to plunge into the water. wasn't amazon echo made no more than owner's favorite song. data that could help crack a murder case. brick and mortar going bust. the future of struggling retailers ahead. futures searching for direction. little movement on any major averages. s&p slightly higher. after march of dow 20,000 stalled. in europe overnight, in early trading, we are looking at the ftse in cac quarante all lower, the dax in germany leading the
6:32 am
way down 3 tenths of 1%, over in asia, markets mixed there, taco bell's, menu, well, it's getting a make-over, you can get your chance of the loaded fries. i guess basically like a taco on some french fries and sour cream or beef. >> is that beef? dagen: chilly cheese fries under another name. sandra: we are looking at bringing jobs back to america. president-elect trump continues to focus on u.s. jobs, listen to this. >> we have a combination of sprint for 5,000 jobs and that's coming from all over the world and they are coming back to the united states, nice change, and also one web 3,000 jobs, that's a new company and it was done
6:33 am
through masa, terrific guy. sandra: agreed to invest in the united states. radio talk show host larry elder, good to see you this morning, all smiles. >> good morning. sandra: happy thursday to you. >> you too. sandra: straight to companies to create jobs here at home as he promised on the campaign trail, is this a trend that will continue into his presidency? i feel like we have to keep reminding people, he's still the president elect, he'll not even in office yet. [laughter] >> well, i hope it's a trend that continues, after all, that's what he campaigned on, progrowth guy who is going to get government off the backs of people and stop some of the regulations to fight climate change and as you have been talking about it all morning, consumer confidence index hasn't been as high since 2001 and the confidence index as high since 2009 and the stock market
6:34 am
reacted with the so-call trump affect. this is all good news. sandra: we will see how it translates in the stock market. everybody has their eye on the 20,000 level. this was the focus on the campaign trail. he seems to be coming through on the proms. now sprint, jobs coming to america. how can you argue than what you're seeing is what he promised. i'm opening up my panel here. dagen: the companies are talking to donald trump to bring free publicity to -- get them on board and get this tax reform done and get this regulation rollback done and he's got maybe until july the first to do it. >> well, i couldn't agree with
6:35 am
you more and i just spoke for an hour yesterday with tom, the economist who is now retiring from the column after 25 years and he's worried about the protectionist legislation that may come down the road. donald trump, of course, has been talking about tariffs which makes him the most antifree trade republican since herbert hoover, it's a real concerned. let's just hope it's campaign rhetoric. getting the government off the backseat of people, all of which have in some cases caused ceo's to put plants overseas is good stuff but the protectionism stuff could undermine that. >> it's mike block, you know, we hear about stimulus spending, road, bridges, et cetera, here we are talking about job creation, wages have hit a wall here, stagnating, what can trump do to help that? do you think there's any chance we will hear anything about the government giving incentives for corporations like say, ibm or sprint or whoever else it may be
6:36 am
to retrain workers to enhance productivity, that's really the key here. is there any talk about anything like that? >> well, there certainly is talk about one this billion dollar infrastructure investment program which i am not down with. there's a thin line betwee infrastructure investment and pork. it's their job. just by not doing stupid stuff, not raising taxes on rich people, not by jacking up the minimum wage to $15 an hour which is what the obama administration wanted to do and what hillary would have done if she become president is good news. rolling back regulations, if donald trump does some of that and we get to 4% growth, everybody will be smiling. sandra: 4% growth will be a big change. tensions rising over the presidential transition, trump taking to twitter yesterday
6:37 am
calling out president obama writing this. doing my best to des regard many inflammatory statements, thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. after a phone call with president obama, trump said this. >> our staffs are getting along very well and i'm getting along very well with him other than a couple of statements that i responded to and we talked about it and smiled about it. sandra: today's call like the others since the election was positive and focused on continuing a smooth and effective transition. the president and president elect committed to staying in touch over the next several weeks and agreed respective teams will continue to work together to effectuate a smooth transition of power on january 20th. larry, it seems to have gotten
6:38 am
personal at some point, if you don't mind but we are getting mixed signals from both team. how is it going? >> well, it was a very contentious, a very nasty election where donald trump was called a racist and a bigot and homophobe and i don't think we ought to be too surprise that the post election period has been pretty nasty. in my opinion, i don't know what president obama is so worried about. he argues that had he had a third time to run again, he would have gone and everything is going well, it's a question of communicating how things are going, he has the media behind emand academia and historians behind him. i wouldn't worry too much about my legacy. i don't think he wants his legacy tarnish and he knows that donald trump is doing that very same thing, tarnishing. dagen: he's getting ready to tear it apart. >> that's good news. dagen: rolling back all of the regulations. president obama raised taxes on
6:39 am
many americans, trump is going to pull them back and he's going to rip up all the regulations, whether you're talk about the epa, environmental regulations, that labor and job creators in this country, it's all going to be dismantled if he delivers on promise. >> i don't understand why donald trump wouldn't tweet all of this. i don't understand why, what benefit is there to do it. dagen: go ahead, larry. >> that's how he won the election. he went around the major media, when you add facebook and his twitter followers, he has a mega phone that he's used to go directly to people to set agenda and shape how people think about issues. i think it's a brilliant strategy and i think it's going the be the way politicians campaign. sandra: something that many supporters along the way and still today have really liked. they feel like they -- dagen: i said the same thing in the past. he would go after, say, boeing, for example, when he was
6:40 am
tweeting about air force one, i'm so stoked to see him tweet about individual congressman who -- democrats in particular who get in the way of getting through legislation to reform tax because you know he's going to do it and call people by name and it's going to be awesome. sandra: sean spicer, is he going to use twighter like this when he's president and there's all indication that is he will continue to do so, larry, you don't seem to have a problem with it? >> i sure don't. i'm active on twitter myself and facebook. a marvelous way to talk to anybody in the country and have that person respond to you. i think again given how we have seen from the wikileaks emails, the collusion with new york times with the washington post, with the associated press and donald trump is able to go around them and communicate directly to the american people and i think that's wonderful. sandra: cat, you had one request for continued tweeting, what was it? >> check your spelling.
6:41 am
be a little careful. dagen: a millennial just said that? >> not to brag, but i can spell. [laughter] >> my pleasure. sandra: local retail shops set to close as sears and kmart sales plunge, what it means for you just ahead. i got to tweet, i can't remember the last time i walk intoed a store like that, have you? taco bell serving loaded fries in one u.s. location, sort of a test. we will have the tasty details next.
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sandra: welcome back, futures right now are searching for
6:45 am
direction, really no decisive action. futures ups a quarter of a point. dow futures down 8 points. alibaba could be looking to take on amazon with new investment. reuters is reporting the commerce giant to invest, shares of alibaba up more than 7% this year. gnc will be closed for the day, shutting down 4500 locations to install pricing systems and revamp loyalty program. shares of gnc down 64% for the year. update on two soldiers killed in helicopter crash yesterday. cheryl casone has the latest on this from galveston, texas. cheryl: that's right, the soldiers were killed when patchy helicopter crashing galveston bay, here is a statement from the u.s. coast gourd.
6:46 am
>> at 3:50 p.m. a texas national army crash intoed the water off the bay port cruise terminal. with the deepest sympathy that both service members are deceased. our thoughts and prayers are with their family. cheryl: bodies of the two men have been located but still being recovered from the wreckage this morning. one man was from the houston area, we will keep you updated on any new developments. our hearts and players with the peoples this morning. he had gotten away 200 miles,
6:47 am
frazier was considered dangerous and extradited back to tennessee. fresh round of store closings, the company telling employees that it plans to close 340 -- 30 sears and kmart stores, officially going out of business in the spring. they stagger the closings out, the move means retailers more than 1500 stores left in 2017. and taco bell is testing out french fries, please put cheese on them, please, they are called bell grande fries, nacho cheese, sour cream, two dollars, only available in one location, internal irvine, california, they tried nacho fries before in some locations, japan, canada, we have done the story, sandra,
6:48 am
this is something they could move into in the rest of the country. cheers on french fries is awesome, you have to try it. it's my post race treat to myself. i eat a big plate of frimple -- french fries smootherred with cheese. dagen: i was 40 pounds in college. >> i used to get those with extra everything. >> i found us a plane to irvine. sandra: taco bell fries, okay, coming up, amazon echo by more
6:49 am
than shoppers there year, police in arkansas are demanding data as part of murder investigation. we will have that next.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
sandra: amazon's echo the top selling product this holiday season, wanted by everyone even by the police. to gain access from echo device as part of a murder investigation in the state. prosecutors say they are looking for clues or any comments that the device may have overheard. we reached out for amazon and here is what they said. amazon will not release customer information without binding and legal demand properly served on u.s. amazon objects to overboard or otherwise inappropriate demands
6:53 am
as a matter of course. joining us attorney and radio host christy, good to have you here this morning, it's a really fascinating conversation because during the the commercial who received one and dagen said yes. >> they were served with a legal document, they did get a warrant that was asking for any text or audio recordings and they do have to turn it over because we have a warrant but it's interesting to think of outside of the scope of the warrant do you have a reasonable privacy, here a device in your home and typically when you look at the home you have expectation of privacy, that's one of the laws we can draw a line and say you have reasonable expectation here. but on a device that's constantly recording you and putting it on the cloud, that's
6:54 am
kind of where we are getting huk up. sandra: if you could help solve a murder investigation -- >> next thing you know it's drug crimes and next thing is they ran a red light. sandra: understood, amazon is participating, we do know that they have turned over the suspect subscriber and account information. >> right. >> in compliance. can amazon resist providing evidence from the amazon echo. they are, they are basically saying, no. >> they are. this is going to be a losing battle for them because they do have a warrant that was properly executed and it is specific enough, so for a warrant you have to have probable cause and go to a judge and get them to sign off and the echo dot was being used to streaming music throughout the night. they do have everything to get a warrant. sandra: i can imagine it is
6:55 am
going to stay in people's heads. dagen: it actually should. but if you have a drop cam, for example, that's always on which a lot of people use to watch, that they use as nanny cams or watch their dog when they are not there but they are always on. they are constantly recording and the video is online so there's basically video, you're walking around your home and it would be potentially accessible by legal authorities if you were ever involved in any kind of case. >> more commercial and personal applications of this whole internet of things, so this is going to become more prevalent. all sorts of things recording and taking pictures and, you know, this is going -- >> i don't like it. >> i've done plenty of things at home that i don't want the government to see. >> buy an echo. [laughter] >> i think that amazon really has to say that they want to protect the customer. >> of course.
6:56 am
apple fought cracking the phone into the iphone. dagen: that's still an unresolved issue in terms of the potential company being required to essentially write code for the government to open a code. >> that leaves another question, how easy it is for the government and anybody else to hack into echo? >> this is not hacking, they have a warrant that's requesting this information which is the legal way into it. they can't hack into it and say, we got it without you. >> they probably already are. [laughter] >> they wouldn't be able to use it in court. sandra: thank you. we will keep following the story. bring in the new year with a great deal. cheryl casone are you listening for every budget. she loves champagne. next hour on mornings with maria
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sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo, it is thursday december 29th, top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a war of word between u.s. and israel. john kerry calling a threat of peace in the middle east. >> it was about preserving the two-state solution, that's what we were standing up for.
7:00 am
israel's future is a jewish and democratic state, living side by side in peace and security with its navy base. >> israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and with the american congress, democrats and republicans aligning to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done and ultimately to repeal it. >> we have different views. we have to have peace. we will see what happens after january 20th. sandra: response from israeli leaders from both sides of the aisle in the u.s. russian president vladimir putin to pull back part of the country's army from the troubled nation. plus revamping the va, a preview of president-elect donald trump proposal to help our nation's veterans get better care. and new year with another winter storm, what parts of the country
7:01 am
are expecting, where they are expecting up to 2 feet of snow just in time to bring in 2017. countdown to midnight while still making bedtime. netflix to get kids to sleep early on knew -- new year's '. sign me up. futures searching for direction pretty much to the downside, s&p unchanged. nasdaq down 2. after yesterday's sell off, dow tumbling further from the 20,000 mark but still flirting with it. in europe trading mostly to the downside, declines across the board in asia i don't -- overnight. another tragedy for hollywood. >> she wanted to be with her daughter carrie fisher and it's really sad. >> i just know it was a broken
7:02 am
heart, it clearly was a broken heart. sandra: fans celebrate the movie icon. here dagen mcdowell and michael block and national review reporter cat kempf, i want to be with carrie, such a tragic loss but a heart-warming story at the same time. she was 18 year's old when she did that. 19 year's old. >> this is so sad. >> johnny cash and jim carter. sandra: we will have more on that. rising tensions between the u.s. and israel, secretary of state john kerry slamming israel as israeli leaders hit back, watch this. >> they failed to recognize that this friend, the united states of america, that has done more to support israel than any other country.
7:03 am
>> we have it uncontestable evidence that the united states organized, advanced and brought this resolution. >> i hope this is the closing chapter of the wrong approach to peace and soon we will open a new chapter where we can finally take the right road to peace because we in israel want it more than anyone even the american secretary of state. sandra: joining us this morning author of israel warrior, rabbi good to see you. >> thanks for having me. sandra: this is a week after the controversial vote happened, tensions surely are rising this morning. >> you know, i'm sorry for this metaphor but it was almost like a diplomatic belch, he had this deep animosity toward israel that he had stored within because of the diplomatic and political consequences had he voiced them and now when it's useless because the peace
7:04 am
initiative has failed catastrophically she decided to launch the blame against raceel. the middle east goes to hell in a hand basket. you have three genocides in syrias, children being bombed and he's concerned about jews building apartments in jerusalem. one begin to questions fixation, does he not see what happens in the middle east? what's his obsession with israel ? b and it gives iran a path, he
7:05 am
has to look at tefort. he doesn't blame palestinian terrorism, refusal to accept a jewish state existing, he wants there to be a two-state solution but the second state is going to be like yemen, south sudan. if it's going to be canada, that's fine but it's not going to be and he wants a second state like gaza which will be used to launch rockets and terrorist attacks against civilians in israel who have suffered enough. sandra: how would you describe the damage that's been done at this point? >> i'm optimistic that president-elect trump will be a better friend than president obama. president obama has had eight years of hostility toward the jewish state. he's done good things. let's be fair. increased military and intelligence cooperation and yet demonized israel little by lit well the un council resolution.
7:06 am
we knew it was coming 18 months. samantha power was asked about she refuse today say that she would exercise the united states' veto in the un council. and now it's being use today condemn those countries. what happened to american values, protecting democracy, country that aspouse values, freedom? palestinians have none of that. he steals people's money. here we are condemning israel, all the corruption goes on and the american taxpayer is being played for a fool. we are giving billions of dollars to the un, for them to condemn the only democracy in the middle east. where is the outrage? dagen: what made that refusal to
7:07 am
veto and then also that speech that we had to sit through yesterday even more appalling is the political timing of it. you said you had seen this coming, however, to paraphrase what the columnist said, politically, can you imagine if this has happened before the presidential election? the commercials that you would see, obama administration stood by and watched genocide and half a million people slaughtered in syria but in the meantime they are saying that it is now illegal for the jewish people to make homes in jerusalem which is exactly what the resolution did on friday. >> to pray at the western wall. if president obama and john kerry believed in the principles, they wouldn't have snuck it in the moment of cowardness, hanukkah, they we wanted to hit israel hard that
7:08 am
could bring economic sanctions, they wanted all of this to happen without any backlash, they were surprised by the backlash from the christian and jewish and prime minister netanyahu, kerry had to give a speech and it department make any sense because he didn't portion blame to any real party. any fair-mind person looks at the stabbings, trucks are driven into civilians and they say, there's a good side and a bad here and probably democracy in free and open society is a good side. sandra: can we get to the collusion, though, there are strong charges coming from israel, the prime minister himself that the obama administration was behind the push for this resolution, they say they have iron-clad evidence until the trump administration. why not turn that over now? why not show that to the israelis? why not show that to the
7:09 am
american people? >> that's a good question. i assume because obama administration will take it and skew it and while a fair-minded open-minded will put it to the american public. i don't want to say because i don't know how accurate it is. meetings of the people who were writing this were american officials. who knows, we have to actually see. the point is that we heard -- we heard this was coming. listen, we were -- my organization, the world values network, we took a full page ad, this was in the air, the un embassador made her name opposing genocide, he won a for -- pulitzer prize in 2002.
7:10 am
all the wrong messages of this blame for the jewish entity while the arab kids are dying for goodness sake. dagen: they brokered a deal with iran that praised for the death of israel, carried the hebrew message, israel must be wiped out. we are sending pa lots of cash to iran as ransom that will surely be use today fund terror. at every step -- >> let's not forget when you say fund terror, we are not just talking about israel which iran threatens every few times a week, death to america, death to america, you know, we have to remember that iran's ultimate, iran sees israel as -- the idea that we are funding terrorism, the idea that it's a great diplomatic achievement of the administration, but now to end the administrati with a
7:11 am
diplomatic assault on israel when there hasn't been one united nations resolution against syria, against iran, against russia for supporting all of this -- the carnage in aleppo. remember hezbollah is iranian-terror proxy army right on israel's northern border. we have parents that have to worry about the hundreds of thousands of rockets that are on the lebanese israeli border and there's no condemnation of that and samantha power, by the way, should pay the most important price here, obama's time is done as long as kerry, she made her name opposing genocide and now a bipartisan to genocide, everything she accused people of previously, she's a bystandard of genocide. sandra: good for you to be here this morning. coming up. it could be messy end for northeast. heavy snow, forecast to round up the year next.
7:12 am
netflix giving participants a belated birthday gift. the new year's gift clock that gets your kids to bed early
7:13 am
7:14 am
sandra: mourning the death of debbie reynolds who died one day later of her daughter carrii fisher. cheryl: she died of a broken heart, that's the question here? it's a very sad news to report.
7:15 am
actress debbie reynolds died yesterday. she was, of course, most mote notably known for break-out role in hollywood, the movie, of course, you know it singing in the rain. >> it's morning. >> yes, and what a lovely morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we talked the whole night through. >> good morning to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning, good morning. it's great to say but good morning, good morning to you. cheryl: six decades, we should say in hollywood debbie reynolds, incredible legend in hollywood, her son todd fisher says that her mother missed his sister and told him, quote, i want to be with carrie, debbie reynolds was 84. heavy snow in the forecast for today through midday friday,
7:16 am
north easterners can expect 1 to 2 feet of snow, new hampshire, vermont and maine with significant power outages and drifting issues, that's the prediction anyway. people have been told that they have a back up for travel as well as back up generators, the weather conditions are being called a blizzard, nothing called a blizzard yet but it is going to affect travel trout the weekend in particular in those states. well, we are getting the first look at ford's latest self-driving car. the fusion hybrid, he positions sensors in the cameras that used to come out from the roof. you have more computer power in the trunk of the car. in other words, it's like a normal car. it's going to make official debut at the consumer electronic show in las vegas next week. we should say liz claman will be there. for the third year netflix is going to help parents, sandra, get kids to bed before midnight
7:17 am
on new year's eve, again, countdown clock to 2017, netflix stores, beat bugs, i don't know if your kids like the character but try it out. it's sneaky, the countdown clocks and the kids can be put to bed like 1:40 but actually, l a big -- depending on the age group of your kids but i think as much as you worked this week, i'm thinking you're all about this. [laughter] sandra: i for some reason i always sang that song to my kids like a bedtime song. my husband jokes that by the time they are 18, 21 year's old, they are not going to understand but they will fall asleep. [laughter] >> i don't think kids are going fall for it, right? maybe a clue when they are won't
7:18 am
up by shouting and fireworks, i would be so mad. sandra: you would be out there in times square. you will be out there for the ball drop, fox news. >> 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. dagen: swrowt doors or they will put you in a bar? >> on commercial breaks i will be in the bar. i don't get trunk on television. sandra: amazon year-end event that gives you the chance to give you on one last shopping spree as we see devices that we talk about being so controversial. we will be right back. we live in a pick and choose world.
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7:22 am
sandra: opec's plan production plan could cost at the pump in several u.s. states in 2017 or should have an impact, i should say, 17-month high yesterday. right now off a small fraction of percent, $54. michael, how concerned should drivers be about rising oil and gas prices in the new year? >> yeah, it's certainly something to look out for as the opec production cuts kick in and everyone assumes that oil is going to go to 60 or $70, it's going to impact gasoline prices and we are going to watch that in the stock market perspective. we are going to watch how it impacts retail. the other thing i would like to watch here, by the way, is healthcare costs which were ballooning, but have come back to earth.
7:23 am
what i will say is this, with the oil prices higher, back in february of this year allowed the u.s. -- u.s. producers of oil and gas were on life support, people thought they were going out of business, now they have the retrieve, what's that's going to do if they start pumping again and drilling, maybe, they are going to, you know, it's going to impact oil prices, supply issue. last night there was api inventory data that came in, today at 11:00 a.m. we have doe data, we will see what that does. there's a lot of sentiment built in that oil is going to a higher year. we are assuming that the saudis and iranians are going to play nicely and get along and not produce behind each other's back and u.s. producers are going to see this as a life-long and flood the market as well, no punt intended. dagen: number one if oil prices are, indeed, going up because the u.s. economy is doing better, hopefully any increase price will be offset by more money in their pocket through
7:24 am
incomes, number one, it will help hard-hit areas in places like texas and dakotas if production goes online. our cars and trucks are so much more fuel efficient than they were some years ago. this is easier -- increase today would be much easier to absorb than even a few years ago. >> it's very true. thinking as the stock market guy, i think about where stocks have gone, they had a nice run already. we have to ask ourselves, is this too much? dagen: energy stocks, you mean? >> yeah, energy and people are assuming if it will come back. demand is great, how much is priced in already. i think quite a bit. sandra: by the way, because we are about to round out 2016, i like to look at where we are in the date to month year, down a little bit today, on the month up 9% in january. year to date, up 45%. wti contract with oil. that's an unbelievable --
7:25 am
>> oil is going to $20. the companies were going out of business. one of the smartest guys i talked to in the business said, what happened in february everybody shortened energy credit, bonds and stocks thinking that they were all going to zero. well, they at no time go to zero, did they? you get back to george sorros and you get better prices and improves fundamentals and cycles and cycles back up. sandra: one thing that gets in the way of oil prices going higher is the strong u.s. dollar situation that we keep watching. >> that's a wild card as well. we have to remember that not just for energy but any company that's going to be exporting goods. it may seem like it's great for american manufacturers of tractors and other machinery that is going to be good, but if they're competing with japanese and south korean producers it's going to be an issue. oil market the same thing goes on. we have to ask ourselves. sandra: most global currencies appear to be up against the u.s. dollar.
7:26 am
michael block, thanks. a ballot box punishment, the obama administration could be gearing up to unveil sanctions for russia for interfering with the punishment, plus with new year's eve just two days away, we are and i know cat will be breaking up the bubbly, everybody has to have a little something, something. the tips you need for the perfect toast to ring in 2017, proseco or champagne for you? >> either one. dagen: no your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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mcdowell. . sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith, you thursday morning december 29 top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern, breaking news russian president vladimir putin agreeing to a cease-fire deal in syria goes into effect at midnight on december 30th, plan includes a partially withdrawal of the russian army from syria we know obama administration could gear to up hit russia with sanctions forked me leaning with the election. >> i think, that -- all of the cyberattacks taking place particularly this russian one had a profound impact on our system on our political process. sandra: president-elect
7:30 am
moving torrid with potential plans to privatize department of veterans affairs how could it chang health care for america's heroes ahead a controversy president obama designating two new national money meantimes in utah and nevada in final days in office the move is sparking political backlash, a tell a of two, facebook and google dominating the year's list of top apps we will tell you who is number one, ahead. >> and look at futures markets this morning not much to report, there, searching for direction, a point gain a point loss, dow, s&p sfurts the open 20,000 level is still one to watch on the dow, over in europe stocks right now are trending to the downside, looking at the ftselon up a half a point, cac quarante in france down 5, dax in germany up 25 points 2/10 of 1% in asia overnight stocks mixed
7:31 am
the lead heer at the town sided nikkei off on for a must% hang seng, higher. >> we will tell you how you can get the best bubbly, for every bubbly. >> breaking news russia president vladimir putin agreed to cease-fire in syria with russia and you turkey as garn torz for the truce deal in effect december 30 midnight, it includes, 62000 opposition fighters, but excludes isis, joining us london center for policy research, senior fellow lieutenant colonel tony shaffer good to see you, good morning, what is your reaction to all of this? >> first on the cease-fire i think it is imperative that something be done i think the relinquishance are working with closely with syrian government to find a path forward point out something
7:32 am
inconvenient here -- kerry is not -- our role in this completely basically undermined by this administration's bad policy so right now we are we have no roll. with that said i think the russians are trying to so manager circulate positive please don't take this as me being pro-russian i can may you need to find way to bring susceptibility to help people of aleppo international community feckless in this i think good that relinquishance doing this that we maintain with with russians full-court press going after isis al-qaida elements within regional. >> sticking with russia u.s. colonel reporting planning on punishing russia for alleged hacking during election are you supportive of that. >> i am supportive of the truth i am not convindicate russians were behind the hack with that said russians constantly hacking us why after years is obama
7:33 am
administration no i paying attention russians have a been doing hacking 8 years many of us including myself have said you need pay attention to this they didn't i am not coincidented wikileaks release were you know done by russians with that said, the white house obligated to provide evidence putting us on path with potential conflict i think like a bad episode of lost in space this white house never shown abilities to draw a red line sigh father cross it had something bad is going to happen i think i this is about postureing an attempt to poison republican between russia and united states for trump administration i don't see any --. >> giving, an idea how next administration might handle this colonel, here is what
7:34 am
president-elect trump said about russia possible hacking involvement yesterday. >> i think we are the computers -- the whole -- made it nobody knows exactly what is going on, we have a lot of evidence but i am not sure the -- >> computer -- we were -- the beginning part of the president-elect saying -- what is your reaction to that. >> look, he's got essentially an everyday guy's view of what goes on, we don't actually know exactly what happened, i have seen the reports put forward media regarding who may think -- the democrats paid for some of those companies, so do you think may be if democrats paid for going to be pro democratic so i think we have to sit back, and look, all anonymous sources, person getting around this town john one of the sources
7:35 am
being it had based on my information based on -- obama -- >> take everything you are hearing with great deal of suspicious i think mr. trump is very wise to say look we just don't know enough about who did what, with that said, i think, for idea of investigating to find out. >> you are, too, tony. release intelligent senator lindsey graham said if going to lay sanctions on russia over this wait for next administration to do it release the intelligence, have an investigation. >> take action. >> precisely this is what i am saying this is posturing very negative posturing about this white house president obama is being petulant, look at fact this is through quote/unquote anonymous sources why would you consider a major military intelligence operations campaign against united states anonymous sources totally irrational.
7:36 am
>> first time we have seen democrats concerned about russia mitt romney was concerned that was politically expedient. >> absolutely. >> everyone spies on each other it becomes a game of saying okay. we are going with to spy on you you are going to spy on us, prevent you from making -- we are going to do our best to play offense there as well, how do you manage that how does that really work, is that really what that is sanctions don't seem to do anything. >> part of this is obama administration is completely mishandled the cybersector, look i have worked with army war college we have cybersovereignty accounts we looked at this issue this white house has been detached from reality in which we live you have to have a strong cyberprogram in offense and disinformation you have to be able to understand how things function. the regiment of policies white house has put forth is not regulated to the way the world works i find this totally
7:37 am
musicing at this point what white house is pofrth for a response is not related to the offense so you know trying to do all they legalese, it is complete hogwash, so i think the first thing new administration has to do is get a handle on the reality of which we face offensive use of weaponized technology by weapons chinese others as well, then try to come up with a policy that is effective, dealing with the threat not one completely whimsical not effective to threats we face. >> i have talked a lot recently about great strategist past away two weeks ago, he wrote a book arms and influence, he ways father of talking about nuclear deterrent strategy in cold war we have a cold war -- destruction policy but are dynamic in terms of cyberwarfare we are going to ibd would up begins each other
7:38 am
but there is no -- you destroy us we are going to destroy you in terms of cyberspace all information that goes out destroys intelligence. >> there is attempt to apply cold war nuclear strategy and musical destruction to the cyberspace it is not the same i have been to a a number of currencies it is not a one for one concept i think we have to relook at this, frankly what is what white house counted on it is not working. >> vets in focus for anyone coming trump administration president-elect trump meeting leaders yesterday former health and services secretary tommy thompson as well trump discussed the idea of privatizing department of veterans favors according to "the wall street journal"s, listen to this. >> -- make a great -- a matter of -- very, very -- >> i don't want to to see. >> -- two weeks.
7:39 am
and you know many cases, they have -- returns major illness -- we are going to fix it properly. >> do you like the idea of privatizing the va. >> completely correct adage of ben franklin stitch in time saves nine is applicable. the path forward on this may be prooifization at least giving veterans access to private care the issue is not funding the veterans administration is funded heavily, the money -- so not a spending issue it is not a structure it is a leadership issue so one of the ways you create conditions for success, is creating competition, and giving the ability of veterans to go seek care they need rather than care they have to beg for a good step forward i would like to believe the concept for this may be the
7:40 am
way to go i think the right track. >> i have been feeding this question to soemz guests do you have a new year's resolution. >> i have a to continue to -- to do 20 pullups 20 pounds of weights on my chest every morning -- -- >> i wanted to do one pullup. >> go for it! >> there you go, i finally have one, always good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> all right, well -- a long way. >> we are going to do this later. >> come on. >> fun, coming up controversial legacy new moneyment declared by president obama sparked political backlash, one last shopping spree for the year, amazon year end event that wants you to shop till you drop before you ring in the new year. shaffer.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
. sandra: nine-year-old boy shot in a drive by shooting in utah. cheryl: this happened yesterday the boy sitting with several children in a backseat if a car front of his house salt lake city police say two "men in black" bmw sedan fired one shot into the care boy airlifted to hospital in critical condition, as of last night, after surgery, police believe shooting may have been gang related someone he is was target police have also note released the ages of the other children, that were in that vehicle. well, president obama facing opposition on environment agenda the president has designated 1.6 million acres of land of national monuments,
7:45 am
may prove difficult for president-elect trump to reverse when he takes office -- it goes against the wishes of utah citizens, cyber monday first digital day sale tomorrow amazon describing it deal event for devices, promising to up 80% off video gales 50% off tv shows movies e-books music digital sale starts 3:00 a.m. eastern, just 24 hours. everybody in have studio a head start app from facebook and google dominated the list of 2016 top apps, facebook takes top spot more than 146 miion users re month facebook message in second, youtube number 3129 monthly there followed, and google search, gmet 7 facebook,
7:46 am
instagram at number 8 back to you a do you have all those apps. >> yeah. >> if they don't answer -- a bad day. >> what does that say heartbreaking. >> it can hurt you you know. >> what is top app on your phone. >> all of them -- i use -- >> take it -- garmin -- >> i got i don't want -- it is hard -- work all around the city in uber. >> uber up there facebook twitter. >> i don't know if snapchat -- >> [laughter] >> i will share my thoughts.
7:47 am
>> i've got a kitty cat out for you i will give to you later, kitty cat. >> what else. >> i think apps are probably up there -- without google would i be bad if i don't have on my phone i never know where i am going i don't know how people did. >> it cracks me up, up next don't let bubbly break the bank we've got top champagne for every budge this new year's eve if heading out wine shopping we can help you out. we live in a pick and choose world. choose. ♪ ♪ oose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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. . ♪ sandra: times square rock it out ahead of new year's wine spectator magazine a smartphone app can help find the point of view wine in your budget could come in handy with new year's eve two days away joining me with affordable options for upcoming new year celebrations special one, wine spectator senior editor -- and i see you brought some you've got four for us this is really -- a lot of people the time of year if they don't even buy wine or champagne often they go in the store -- so let's start with the value bubbly, chane. >> we have a pro second -- and chardonnay, app talking about allows to you buy category find best value two
7:52 am
that are featured so we have a chardonnay from california, 10 dollars, 88 points, prosecco, 10 dollars, 87 points featured in app, shows label go into store -- >> that is amazing wine spectator giving stamp of approval to 10 dollar chardonnay. >> according to ratings, the best. >> okay. so that is this is the prosecco good work if you want to fill up champagne flute this is one of your nice bubbly. >> 200 , 259 dollars a bought received 96 points, so this is one of my -- >> 2002, released this year, 2002, aging for release. >> remember that if you are looking for a very very lovely bottle. >> 259 dollars. >> okay. >> -- i was going to say.
7:53 am
>> and before we -- go to wine this is wine of the year, give us a hint what kind. >> we have white here, what's left -- a spectator would have nothing else what are some of the trends that you are seeing, by the way, with wines right now. >> well the u.s. market is growing steadily but sparkling wine driven by prosecco increase 20% in value last year we expect to continue on. so prosecco from california. >> give an idea people say you know, champagne prosecco bubbly very different allow do you describe difference. >> big difference prosecco indigenous grape from italy all champagnes, california other areas based on chardonnay -- so this is why i
7:54 am
think more fruitful floral. >> prosecco. >> prosecco, white or red fruits, chardonnay, so just a different tasting. >> what are you -- spending trends when it comes to wines. >> actually interesting, we are still maybe economy improving but people are spending more on wine above 15 dollars after 20 as there are the categories wine that are -- >> so for others or for -- >> cheap wine -- >> no -- the opposite. >> i don't know. >> there is sense of pride in find 15g, 20 dollar bodily of wine tastes incredible. >> 150,000 -- >> let's -- this is the wine i am going to allow you to do this. >> all right. >> gosh do not -- >> got it.
7:55 am
>> ♪ cabernet sauvignon from great couple in california consistently outstanding. >> camera shooting it right here, okay. so amazing cabernet sauvignon napa. >> also a number consistent outstanding. >> price up and down the what is. >> 95 dollars. >> why is it -- >> we look for things talking about top 100 wines, quality and in terms of those of score availability "x factor" what is expediting about it basically all points, we felt it was expediting story, it is -- average california cabernet napa valley 125 dollars so you have value there relatively available people can go out find in it the marketplace. >> you want to open while you are -- snuggling in friday evening by the fire.
7:56 am
>> i like fires. >> i captain -- >> wine, what do you think. >> always nice to have chardonnays, exciting trying new things christmas a bottle of wine from arizona looking forward to trying. >> it is not even 8:00 in the morning, sorry to disappoint you wine spectator magazine beautiful picture there fun to have you here really good ideas for the holidays. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right containing up president-elect trump hard at work on his promise to bring that jobs to the u.s., more on a that in our next hour of "mornings with maria". i promise we are not breaking these open right now! ♪ for us.
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7:58 am
7:59 am
>> good morning. i'm sandra mitchell for maria bartiromo this morning thursday, december 29 your top stories, kl a.m. eastern -- tens between u.s. and ailes after secretary of state john kerry blasted israeli settlements. >> secretary he kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians, against the jewish state nearly a century. >> what he did was spend most of his speech blaming israel for the lack of peace. >> this administration president barack obama came into office thinking that the whole reason why we don't have
8:00 am
peace for the palestinapps is because of the question of settlements. it was deeply disappointing this administration in days laid blame for failure to achieve peace at israel. >>. sandra: object administration top stance on i would ask what it means heading forward. >> breaking news russia announces a cease-fire in syria details on deal country awaits sanctions from u.s. over alleged role in hacking elections, not a pretty picture for samsung, new camera woes for galaxy he owners, we have broken a new year's resolution, but not on apple's watch how the tech giant plans to hold you to your word to lose weight in 2017, dow 20,000 slipping way after yesterday futures markets look at that some
8:01 am
direction o dow futures up 4 s&p futures up nasdaq futures up an hour and a half away from the opening bell we can look for direction, in europe, we are seeing declines there, in the cac quarante, and dax in germany ftse in london higher, turning to asia markets mixed as well, remembering hollywood icon debbie reynolds dies one day after her daughter carrie fisher's death we look back at incredible legacy. >> here with me this morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, rhino trading patterns michael block here "national review" reporter cat good to see all of you. >> i want to give -- our regular stage manager on this program a shout-out in 11 months, starting at the end of january last year he loft the equivalent of me in weight
8:02 am
just had an epiphany we were in airport challengerstop after fox business debate the republican candidates he had epiphany and did it, and he looks like a new man. >> he looks on -- like, on inside. >> love that. >> great a great shout-out, all right to top story this morning tensions between u.s. and israel rising, secretary of state john kerry slamming israel in speech yesterday prime minister neither moou hit him back saying he has evidence the u.s. orchestrated this entire u.n. vote, watch. >> regrettably some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means u.s. must accept any policy regardless of our own interests. our own positions. our own words, our own principals. even after urging again and again, that the policy must change. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths.
8:03 am
>> we have absolutely incontest nl evidence united states organized advanced brought this resolution to the united nations security council we will share that with incoming administration. >> joining us now former national security counsel staffer fox news contributor what does this mean for u.s. israeli relations are they further in general. >> well, certainly from a pr perspective there has been a lot of damage done this week. at the end of the day i feel like this is war of words, prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be out of office soon president obama will be out of office even sooner and i think going forward the focus is going to come back to how to achieve a negotiated settlement that leads to two-state solution i think a lot of critics -- the obama administration, secretary kerry this week, have lost sight a little bit
8:04 am
of that i understand that i would ask is a sacrosanct ally of the united states but at the same time end of the united states needs to deal with core national interests israelis two-state solution i am worded people losing site of that. >> i am confused whole idea of collusion that obama administration behind all this orchestrated this white house vehemently denying that i have spoken to the israeli ambassador to u.s. spoke to netanyahu spokesman this week say they have ironclad evidence we are supposed to believe that why not turn it over i don't get that why wait until trump is in office. >> i don't have the answer to that if i have gones advising israelis would i tell them make that public immediately right now hands are attitude the obama administration, publicly warned them israeli administration many times, over the past two years, that
8:05 am
if they continue to push east with illegal settlements there was going to be u.n. vote on the issue, this is not something that was kept from them it was very public. and so the idea that they were somehow bluindsided by this i don't buy it i understand the upset at the same time they had fair warning. >> getting past this whole event going to call it fiasco kick agree to disagree it is a bit of a mess here, what needs to happen for two-state solution can bibi abbas be two to help lead it possible or do we need to wait until a rabin type pleader on israeli side -- in power structure for palestine like abbas is, what needs to happen for that to be viable. >> there is no obviousness easy answer this is a generational struggle for good
8:06 am
reason to simplify at risk of oversimplifying with a needs this compromise on both sides in my opinion that means the palestinians need to recognize israel's right to exist under national sovereignty unequivocally on palestinside need to stop with violence sometimes, acts of -- terrorism the israelis stop at settlement expansion temporarily. >> leadership" we need -- >> the diplomacy under obama administration a joke peace talks stopped 2014 after palestinian authority joined forces with hamas. in a -- unite government hamas again another war with ill after that we should point out
8:07 am
the third such war -- vacated gaza all settlements in 2005. >> two major you rightly identified two major pushes by obama team to kind of get a middle east peace process under way both failed. so you know the hope going into new trump administration that they are able to get patent and trademarks -- apparents parties to the table. >> my worry all signs point to donald trump coming leadership at every turn i worry that is not necessarily in our core long term interests i don't know that doing everything the prime minister of israel wants us to do when he says he wants us to do it is necessarily going to -- >> we think. >> haven't we as nation under president obama accommodated palestine in palestinian government? palestine doesn't run will not recognize any -- the -- rejects israel wholly its
8:08 am
right to exist as jewish state within boards historically sumbling block had some same favor but was standing there, in if face of genocide syria lecturing israel about -- land. >> i want to get to russia while you are here because good to have you here white house expected retaliation against russia for alleged role in hacking as he will as yesterday trump was asked if information on russia should be made public here is what he said. >> do you think -- >> all right. so itself this the right move. >> it is right move to retaliate, of course. what concerns me here is the kind of show-and-tell that is going on, meaning a good
8:09 am
relatiatory move one that american public doesn't know about russian public doesn't know about russian government do you know whether or not realize until over what i don't agree with us kind of hacking allegations a slow buildup of tension president vice president saying going to retaliate take action we're going to strike back, i don't understand why we are announcing giving so much time to russia and -- >> -- the defense. >> everything they do is political, again, the timing of the veto of the resolution that speech by john kerry why did it happen after election? if they didn't -- again because it is -- quite frankly administration would be called anti-semitic by many democrats who side with israel if done before election, that they worry about optics of it all. >> fair point absolutely a fair point the only spot where i push back, and i don't disagree with you but i would
8:10 am
add the problem with the prime minister of israel, the current prime minister of israel that he has at every turn exploited and gamed america's political system from personal advantage driven a wedge in the united states that issed go for him rest of his tenure but not good for israeli people long term. never before has issue of israel in my opinion been so politicized in the united states that i don't agree request. >> good to have you here in person. >> thanks for being here. >> good to see you a daring rescue on camera off coast of florida stranded on a cat 5 boat. >> high tech gadgets new tool to ensure you teen new year's resolution. ♪ ♪ your path to retirement
8:11 am
may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer.
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sandra: this morning we mourn death of screen legend debbie reynolds, cheryl casone has details on that. cheryl: that is right sandra, people said this morning i guess you can die from a broken heart, actress debbie reynolds died yesterday suffering reportedly a stroke again reports say she was with
8:14 am
her son, todd fisher at the time, most well-known for her role break out role "singin' in the rain". >> -- ♪ what a lovely morning. >> good morning. >> good morning ♪ good morning, good morning to you ♪ ♪ good morning, good morning ♪ ♪ it is great to stay up late, good morning, to you ♪ her career spanned 6 decades in hollywood, her son, todd fisher said his mother missed his sister carrie fisher told him quote i want to be with carrie the two were next-door neighbors in hollywood mother and daughter debbie reynolds 84 years old. >> three teens safely rescued after both capsized off the coast of fellow found two 18
8:15 am
year olds one 16-year-old climbed on top of 22 foot vessel, the pictures teens life jackets were able to call 911 on cell phone boat capsized 30 miles north of key wegs florida authorities say teens were very fortunate to have a strong enough cell phone signal, next time life jackets, speaking of cell phones, lessen you have if you own a galaxy 7, a large number of people are reporting the devices camera lens has been shattering for know apparent reason while phone in the case the phone is not even in hands, so far samsung refused to pay for repairs, but there are reports of this happening to several customers, samsung says lens can only break under physical stress going to set you back 70 bucks a law firm is looking into potential claims against samsung, you if
8:16 am
you are an apple he lover wear apple watch you got notification reminding you to ring in new year with a special fitness challenge starting january 2 apple watch wearers will be encouraged to three resignation of fitness will eastern achievement badges doing anything that gets you moving can be running, swimming, walking, chasing after your son -- on social media, trying to -- everybody talking about apple watch. >> i have a garmin i run -- i want my paces. >> i love it. this is my garmin. >> there you go. >> in the garmin is -- >> i didn't track but i know how far i run that is all that matters. >> but good news if you use apple you can share on social media, or -- do that --
8:17 am
>> don't do that! >> i don't. >> nike running band used to do that on twitter -- people say i just ran 5 miles -- i don't care. >> just -- [laughter] >> exactly. >> even in gym class -- tying my shoes untie then would be able to -- >> did on purpose -- like i loved sitting down. >> number one, especially because go to commercial break. >> all right. well -- coming up a message wire carriers new plan to bring 5,000 jobs to u.s. >> president-elect trump meets health care officials,
8:18 am
antibody care overhaul may not be so clear cut. ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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8:21 am
. >> top priorities president-elect donald trump held meetings yesterday with leaders of major hospitals across the country former house and human services secretary tommy thompson, the pressure is on to make a campaign promise reality, joining me texas congressman who was a practicing physician before going to washington. how difficult of a task force is this going to be sir? >> well it is incredibly difficult but it is so
8:22 am
important, and no same person thinks status quo of aurnl care act can be or should be maintained what happens next is likely going to happen in several sib quickenshal states a budget revolution out of the senate taking pieces of affordable care act away i think critical i know people are nervous about that i think it is critical to get people back o in the room and talking about what happens next, what problem you have right now is people can't get the insurance it is too expensive, they can't use it after they get it. bill clinton of all team summed it up perfectly when he said you have a crazy system, you are paying twice as much for half the benefit. >> i remember that moment. the "the wall street journal" is taking i am a at incoming administration overhauling the board writing if republicans don't real obamacare
8:23 am
immediately the danger is national inertia of congress takes over nothing changes but more time between repeal and replace more danger will go do you think changes will actually get done. >> i do, and that is why -- you know, a lot of people don't understand why it has to happen on budget resolution that comes from senate first thing that occurs, but because of the rules of the senate, and their 50 -- 51 votes that is required to pass a budget resolution puts this win realm do i agree would "the wall street journal" something does need to happen quickly it is critical that the memorandum that was established in november election be capitalized upon reconciliation from senate needs to be prepared to act quickly shortly after new president is sworn. >> going to be tough work, there is days that it is is going to be people are going
8:24 am
to wonder why in the world did they take this on but it is so critical, it is so critical, and it has to happen. one of the things i have been doing couple weeks being home here, is talking about counterparts in the state legislature, the state senate, if they are going to need to be ready for changes, quite frankly have been asking for changes in medicaid that are likely going to come in this new term. >> if you talk about -- trump has -- going to keep some of the things, you know like -- the -- but doesn't sound a complete overhaul. >> the preexisting condition. >> realically preexisting condition argument while important most people in united states of america today are still covered in large group market under erisa based plans or preexisting conditions not he -- i existed in the individual market that
8:25 am
is where at the reform should have at an place never as large a population as the democrats portrayed it, it is still requiring a fix, and my discussions with five state senators that likely could occur at state level to provide that protection for people with preexisting conditions, and appropriately i think the states should take a -- a larger role in -- providing health care to the citizens. >> michael block has a question. >> thank you, congressman, right now there is a couple big glue deals humana cigna on docket hard on mergers saying to protect consumers has what is your feeling how new administration is going to deal with mergers like this how it will help or hurt consumers is this something worried about or excited about. >> i have been concerned about consolidation in health care market prior to you affordable
8:26 am
care act, of course, affordable care act poured flaen on fire sure, tend to form natural monopolies they like to do makes business model years to administrator not necessarily good for the person on the other end of the tracti transaction patient so are consumer i have concern about consolidations as occurring i honestly cannot tell you opinion of the new justice department of trump administration will be on this not a discussion that i have had but i do think the overall consolidation is likely to be slowed that is not bad because consolidation is not necessarily the things get bigger, person the person who wields less power patient for consumer is the one typically takes the -- gets the shorter end of that bargain. >> congressman thanks for joining us good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> happy new year to you coming up the deal maker in
8:27 am
chief why president-elect trump claiming credit for decision to bring thousands back to america, an incredible new theme park we will have a look. ♪ irriftable.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
it is thursday, december 29 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, president-elect trump making good on promise to bring jobs, back to the u.s. of about he enters the oval office. >> -- jobs -- you will see it and -- jobs with -- >> what to expect when he takes office next month in chicago, we have -- to close chapter on defective air packs the maker could be nearing a one-billion-dollar settlement with justice department. wintry end to the year for northeastern states having snow and winds adding to new england area, and blue, not white coming to walt disney world animal kingdom, into the area world featured in james
8:31 am
cameron's blockbuster hit avatar, want to get to jobless claims 265,000 is the number expectation was 264,000, so it was higher by 1,000 pretty much in line with expectations, initially jobless claims just out, at half past 8:00 eastern time investors, eyeing that data as well as a look at commodities on the move as we close out the year oil prices 54 dollars a barrel gold 1146 a troy ounce copper 2.50 a pound looking at prices this morning, all this means for your wallet take a look at futures markets, searching for direction most morning indivisive after that jobs number not moving markets yet an hour away from the opening bell a look in europe, mostly negative sentiment ftse, cac
8:32 am
and dax lower, in asia overnight markets were mixed, with hang seng kospi posting slight gains i can say and arduous offensive line what philadelphia eagles quarterback got his team members, for christmas. you might want to know about that that is ahead. bringing jobs back to america, president-elect donald trump the focus on u.s. jobs. listen. >> we have a combination of -- 5,000 jobs, sprint, from all over the world and coming back into the united states, a nice change. cht and also, one -- ,000 jobs, new company, and we appreciate it. >> trump was referring to sprint chairman agreed to invest in the united states last month that very public announcement from the president-elect, joining me now is senior starjt steve cortez good to see you.
8:33 am
>> president-elect going straight to companies to create jobs, here at home, as far as we have seen. is this a trend that will continue into this is presidency. >> sandra i think it is i think you know i campaigned hard for him in campaign season this is football season right now he scored touchdowns before he takes the field, we are he is during warm-up, scored acting more presidential than current president even though not sworn in yet, counting as the until sworn in not because i am a fan of policies but a fan of sentiment shift because of sentiment shift, by the way, we have seen enormous stock run-up, by the way, conventional wisdom on wall street, about all we heard if he would somehow win that we could sigh tumbles in global markets in fact quite a spot of markets have soared.
8:34 am
>> we are looking at dow 19776 the number you saw there, every day it feels like we are now on dow 20,000 watch, i mean it was like 25 days ago that we went through 19,000 level this market hot moving fast but has been moving anticipation of donald trump policies into effect not even in office yet, the bar set pretty high, could we see some selling once he is actually in office, sort of -- by the -- i'm sorry about oi buy the -- >> [laughter] >> -- that is -- >> okay. thank you. a couple hours of sleep last night, but -- seriously, though could be see a scenario like that play out? >> sure i think yes take off my partisan hat dispausingly at markets i would say i think we are headed higher caution
8:35 am
of policies lower taxes sensible regulation optimism among consumers given all that i think we are going higher did he spooit that not going to be just a stairway to heaven out in a continual ascent there are going to be hiccups along the way. as far as markets go i think what they will react most negatively to once president-elect trump is president trump trade sensations i don't believe a trade war but hints worries about it he is going to negotiate from to have you chance particularly china i think will worry markets my guess you are going to see sell ovz albeit traesh i tenacious i think volatility ahead an outsider taking office historic first citizen president doesn't woman he come from politics or military market don't know entirely how to deal with it markets are very ebullient right now about prospect of trump there will be hiccups. >> dagen mcdowell one of the
8:36 am
guests on the show yesterday raised issue of you get corporate tax you get individual tax reform, but, again, if trump doesn't manage the rollback in regulation, within these departments and manage it from oval office there is concern expressed that you would have individual cabinet secretaries not getting things done labor epa department of education commerce where rollback is going to happen they want to see more leadership potentially from -- >> dagen i think that is excellent point, trump has had a lifetime of managing organizations certainly not managed one this gigantic, this lethargic at times as federal government can be my confidence though is that he is assembled political a team
8:37 am
for cabinet the best brightest many from outside politics so i think part of the reason he is doing that he knows it is going to take those kinds of talents and characters to really upset washington in fact we're not going to washington to tinker around edges but blow up what is largely a rigged system works to its own benefit not to benefit of american worker. >> -- insults -- >> let's get to numbers came out, michael block on desk, 275,000 -- 265,000 not reaction headed of on this was not higher than 275 last week in line i think six-month high last week the thing i notified two things, first, nine states -- estimated claims wondering how reliable this is unusual, number two three states
8:38 am
biggest increases in claims past week ohio wisconsin michigan, those are three states that went for trump, the last two i would say surprising, wisconsin and michigan comes down to are they going to get jobs, or file more claims, this is why they voted for him didn't vote to -- if it helps jobs great a big question will continue to watch and focus on as this plays out and goes to work getting jobs. >> -- regardless of the jobs market this is ironically i think we actually want unemployment rate to tick up a little bit good for economy why? so many have gech up on work entirely if we can start bringing people into workforce we might see that tick up i don't think that is -- for america longer would be constructive. >> we will leave it there your forecast 2017, s&p finishes where? >> wow hard enough to get
8:39 am
direction right much less actually target i know -- >> -- okay higher. >> higheer than here lower taxes lower regulation smo. reigns america is back morning in america. >> good to see you -- >> we are also watching commodities markets on move mixed action with oil, moving downside, as well as, gold prices moving up this morning at least, phil flynn at cme group you about what do we need -- he to know about commodities as we wrap up the year begin a new one? >> i got to -- come back of the year why in beginning of this year everybody wrote off commodities, oil prices, gone to 5 dollars a barrel, going to 50 cents an incredible comeback this year, that comeback is really based on growth expectations the positive big part what we're
8:40 am
seeing if you look at oil we are down a little bit, today, because of the american petroleum report, oil supplies over 4 million barrels that is the same group said last week they sold -- >> the truth is probably somewhere in the middle if you look at products right now, on fire right now, heating oil gasoline have been moving higher last couple days sandra, strong demand, in part of that, of course, the fact that we have some shortages of key ingredients of gasoline and heating oil driving prices higher we also get two reports not only do we get the energy information, administration, petroleum status report we get natural gas, natural gas today, could see a record withdrawal from storage, so a lot of excitement to end the day. >> only you could be that excited about eia report, we love that.
8:41 am
>> thanks, by the way, what is the comedy at 2017 i am putting you on the spot. >> natural gas i am telling you this is the sleeping giant right now, there are some structural problems i think going to find that out in a few weeks. >> very good i think happy new year. >> to you so that coming up, seven-billion-dollar debt chinese ecommerce giant takes a page from amazon playbook. >> features expected to come to smartphones. we'll be right back. k 45 minut
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the opening bell take a look at stocks on the move we are watching kate spade handbag maker jumping more than 20% after "the wall street journal" reported company is considering a sale striked while iron is hot as coach michael core timber landed say looking for a quizzing. >> larger broadcasters can use twist live streaming service periscope, directly on twitter feed users can tilt locate smartphones with full panorama shot while video streams live, a feature in 2015 -- >> there may be just for people aekd by the defective kac takata air bags. cheryl: nearing one-billion-dollar settlement with justice department for defective air backs linked to 11 deaths in united states
8:46 am
wojt reporting the settlement would require criminal misconduct, the justice department investigated whether the company hid information from safety regulators they have recalled over 40 million vehicles this makes this largest recall in u.s. history, the settlement could come we should say as early as next month. well, brace yourselves if in northeast strong winds heavy snow in the forecast for today, and going to continue through midday friday one to two feet of snow could fall in new hampshire vermont maine significant power outages drifting issues can be dangerous people told to have back up plan for travel backup generator weather conditions not called quote up codeine blizzard doesn't fit criteria but say will be one eventual expected to affect attractively throughout
8:47 am
weekend. >> series cash on content two billion, china giant new headed of entertainment announcing inte. in memo to alibaba saying kweet i didn't come to play, okay, getting serious, expects to take place over next three years, then on entertainment disney is releasing a video that isaf tarr theme park pandora world of avatar set to open next center in disney world animal kingdom in orlando, a peek of the park the drag-like creature from 2009 motive avatar highest grossing film all time a "star wars" theme park in anaheim california. >> and the nfl tackles a new ventura how league is bringing, football to china. we'll be right back. your insurance company
8:48 am
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8:51 am
. sandra: nba heating up as one player shows he is anything but mellow, jared max is here, with that story, hey. >> carmelo anthony calls bad karma to his team. newsday calls melodrama, check it out second quarter atlanta knicks playing hawks carmelo tangles with atlanta for rebound carmela right hand around his neck a slap back of fist officials took closer
8:52 am
look issuing carmelo anthony flagrant two ejected -- 102-98, a brother played basketball in the driveway you know how it feels to braet your brother robin lopez of bulls, renewed brother will love on the court, lopez clean he shaven of twins, brooks scored 33 points, enough facial hair, scored 12 brook -- twin brother tied at 99 with dunk closing seconds enough time for butler to deliver hits game winner "the butler" did it finished with 40 points bulls victory, if any american football fans are traveling to china you will be
8:53 am
able to follow nfl struck a deal with one of china's largest social media networks -- to become the first sports league to stream live games on internet in china, 6 games shown already fans in china can stream nfl sunday night finale between packers three playoff games as well as super bowl 51 on fox, 11 hours difference, super bowl kicking off 5:18 a.m. what do you buy for a christmas for christmas for a group of men who make careers protecting you. to protect themselves and family shotguns, octavia not red rider 00 shot range. >> philadelphia eagles treated offensive linemen to christmas gifts in its form of baretta shotguns, players jersey numbers engraved on the ginn
8:54 am
get this guns have not been delivered yet i am sure -- the gift isn't ready take a photo of it then text to it loved one say hey -- >> go about the proper procedure, depending where people are -- >> send a bill in a fruitcake for christmas. . >> that is cool. in any case shotgun i have two of them. >> these. >> they are beautiful, beautiful that is a beautiful gift. >> i love the story about brothers. >> great stuff -- i got destroyed as a kid. >> i -- something about it you know. >> if you -- football you up catch the ball. >> can you talk about games on new year's eve college games. >> sure. >> who are you looking for. >> i am looking for -- >> in for ravens.
8:55 am
>> i think alabama definitely -- >> alabama washington clemson ohio state. >> i like ohio state in other game, last year alabama clemson final alabama you know defeated, lost all season i think alabama is the team i like them against buckeyes in final. >> cures -- the games -- >> three and early evening -- >> 3:00 first one, last year was awful with numbers terrible new year's eve. >> 3:00 and 7:00 pm. >> the 3:00 game probably better ratings more likely sitting around the house than ring out doing what you are doing new year's eve glued to television watching football probably going to take a look where numbers go. >> -- 10 to noon -- >> pregame. >> before you start drierngdz. >> why not pregame while watching. >> new year's eve --
8:56 am
>> well -- cool. >> 11:00 a.m., so -- awesome. >> awesome congratulations, ducks beat ucla last night. >> stormed court said no get off the court got another shot scored -- >> i hope not listening. >> -- jared max always good to see you. thank you for all of that, you can catch jared's sports report on fox news headlines 24-7 -- thanks jared coming up final thoughts from our all-star panel you never know what they are going to be.
8:57 am
♪ ♪ ... ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> let's get final thoughts from our all-star panel. a fun morning. kat. >> watch fox new year's eve, me, kennedy, tyler, kimberly, a great party, the most fun thing you can do. >> we'll be watching.
9:00 am
dagen: my final thought, go watch singin' in the rain, the whole family can watch. >> i'm going to quote henry hollins, my optimism is great and wears heavy boots and take that into the new year. >> and thank you. for us. "varney & company" is next, ashley. ashley: ain't no mountain high enough unless it's dow 20k, you can't mount that. i'm ashley webster in for stuart. the big story. what happened hitting dow 20 k before the new year? ho-hum now 126 points away, we will not jinx it more. president-elect donald trump bringing jobs pack to america and sprint saying it will bring 5,000 jobs. trump taking credit. and one


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