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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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to be filling in for neil cavuto on your world today on fox news channel, so tune in at 4 p.m., again, on fox news. i'll be there. thanks for watching. we have just had an amazing year, hasn't it been? i am going to be on vacation for a little bit next week, but i'll see you back here probably on wednesday. liz claman, back over to you. liz: happy new year, trish, thank you so much. we've got some breaking news on donald trump we're about to get to. in the meantime, you guys ready? on this final trading day of the year, the dow is set to celebrate its best year since 2013 even without dow 20,000. the dow taking a water break on its march to dow 20,000, right now lower by 38 points. -- 88 points. just a few seconds ago, we hit session lows. what's going on? no breaks at this hour for the esident-ect, donald trump, putting new year's eve on the back burner this hour in palm beach. that's mar-a-lago, a live picture of his resort there. he's in meetings at this moment.
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within the hour he will huddle with economic adviser howard lorber, still working to fill two cabinet secretary positions. blake burman on what they are and also how the trump family plans to celebrate tomorrow night. it is nighttime in russia, but is vladimir putin sleeping? maybe not after what happened today. in a multicar caravan, his 35 diplomats high-tailed it out of town after being expelled from the u.s. by president obama. are we on the verge of a new cold war? president ronald reagan turned to defense department big wig larry korb during the last cold war, he's with us exclusively on this new and potentially dangerous game with the russian bear. plus, it's the ultimate new year's eve entrepreneur story. the wine lover who used a syringe to keep a cork in it revolutionizing the way wine lovers enjoy their collections one glass at a time. it's a fox news exclusive with
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the founder of the wine needle. happy new year, everybody. i'm so glad you're with me. we're about to ring in the final closing bell of 2016, so let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: to this breaking news, it is literally just happened, president-elect donald trump has just sent out a tweet just as russian diplomats are at their last stop in d.c. before flying out of the united states. this is what donald trump is tweeting: great move on delay by have been j putin. i always -- v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. what does he mean by delay? vladimir putin says he will not retaliate, he will not expel u.s. diplomats after president obama booted 35 russian diplomats from here in the united states allegedly for interfering with our election. more on the escalating tensions and, actually, they are escalating right now just two minutes into the final hour of trade.
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we have the former cold war adversary, the guy who dealt with all of the cold war leaders straight ahead, larry korb, and get ready to kick yourself if you got spooked and pulled your money out of the markets no matter what the headline story was. we're about to give you the 2016 numbers that show what a mistake it was to stay out of the markets. turns out, it'll be a year to remember for all of you who did stick with stocks. the dow looking at its largest point and percentage upside gains since 2013. up 13.4%. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq both eyeing a 9 and an 8%, maybe 7.5% gain respectively. but it's the russell 2000 and, quite frankly, the dow transports who really stole the show over the past year. it was so dramatic, we put it up on the screen. 20% bursts to the upside. look at the russell. small and mid cap names. people counted them out. huh-uh, they did beautifully as did, of course, the dow transports.
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the individual stocks that made investors money? let's get to the 2016 mvps. caterpillar boasting a 36% annual gain. and check this out, a real star on the s&p 500, graphic chipmaker invidia. now, if you had bought invidia at the end of 2015, you would have made a stunning 224% gain. right now and actually in the past 48 hourses it's taken a bit of a hit, down about three and two-thirds percent right now because a short seller said in this stock could get hurt in 2017, but right now as you look and we stretch it out and give you the perspective, it looks really good for invidia. okay, we should mention applied materials, number two, that's the second best performer. it's the chip equipment maker surging 73% year to date. i like this company. it's been around forever. it supplies most of the chip makers, looking very nice for year to date numbers. president-elect donald trump, he's got big plans for new year's eve, but at this moment he's expect today meet
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with campaign economic adviser howard lorber, president and ceo of the vector group. he's also expected to sit down with the former economic adviser to george w. bush al hubbard. this all comes on donald trump focuses on rounding out his cabinet with nominations. here are the last two to fill, secretary of agriculture and the secretary of veterans affairs. blake burman is standing by live in washington, d.c. to give us the latest details on not just trump's meetings today, his celebration plans tomorrow and this breaking news where he's complimenting vladimir putin. >> reporter: yes. and the president-elect, liz, he will have one final holiday weekend at the florida transition headquarters, that being mar-a-lago, before he makes his way back up your way in new york for the final weeks of the transition here. the interviews are continuing today, a little bit of a quieter day, but there are still several key cabinet slots to be filled. among them, the head of veterans affairses and the the president of agriculture, and several of
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the folks who have been walking into mar-a-lago or who are expected to in the next few hours appear to be folks who could be on that list for the ag secretary. no time frame on when those picks might be coming in. meantime, with the middle of all that, mr. trump sent out a social media post today promising to enhance the country's military. it was somewhat of a long one. he said, quoting here: we're going to be building up our military, we're going to make it so big, so strong, so great that i don't think we're ever going to have to use it. nobody's going to mess with us, that i can tell you. now, the backdrop we all know is russia, and all of these sanctions. don't know if that had anything to do with russia or just a thought of the day on the military. but the incoming white house press secretary sean spicer did say this morning that mr. trump does not have any plans to speak with vladimir putin and that the next step for the president-elect is to be briefed on the matter next week at some point with the intelligence community. and then just moments ago, liz, as i believe you said, there was
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that tweet in which mr. trump basically said to vladimir putin, well played. of course, one of those, basically, putin saying i'm not going to do anything until we've got a new president over there in the u.s. liz: the bromance continues. let's not make light of this, we fell about 101 points on the dow. right now we're down 82 points on this final trading session of 2016. although, look, one day does not, certainly, tell the whole story of 2016. what a year it's been. there is no arguing that stocks had a blockbuster year with. but you can forget about these two commodities making headlines all year long. first let's check on crude oil, looking at a 45% an ideal gain, and -- annual gain, and how about gold? not the same massive runup as oil to, but still the largest one-year gain since 2012. what's interesting here is that you see that gold has real ups and downs, and people were
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trying to guess where's gold going. let's start spinning forward to 207. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nymex. teddy weisberg, you've seen them come, you've seen them go. what a year it's been. but let's all agree on one thing, anybody who got spooked whether it was by brexit, venezuela, anything that happened here, the attempted coup in turkey, lost out because we've seen some great wanes this year. >> -- gains this year. >> oh, yeah, absolutely, liz. the best course of action this year was to hang onto them and do nothing. you know, a year ago january, early february, we were in the doldrums. i mean, we were in, we were in kind of big trouble stock market wise, and what a great recovery. and a lot of it, quite frankly, came on the heels of the, what i would call the white swan event, if you will, from the election results. completely unexpected. market perhaps wolf done better no matter finish would have done better no matter who got
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elected, but with the prospect of real fiscal change coming out of washington on top of a slowly improving economy, i mean, stocks just couldn't resist, and here we are. and you gave the averages, up anywhere from 9 or 10% to almost 20% in the energy, in the energy sector. i mean, it's just been a great, it's been a great couple of months, and thank god because it salvaged the year. liz: yeah. listen, thank god you're still with us, ted key weisberg. [laughter] chris robinson, as you look at what is really to be expected in 2017, give us your predictions. teddy, we'll come back to you and get yours as well, but, chris, to you first. >> i think we'll have to continue to look at the rising dollar and also we're in a rising interest rate market, so those are are two things that i think are set in motion. i doubt if they're going to spin around. and then we're going to have to see is all this money -- and you talked about if people tried to get in and get out -- if this money gets frustrated and watches the dow go above 20,000,
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if you see a lot of new people come in, that could be risky. typically, when everybody jumps back into the water, we're going to have a correction. so that's what i would watch. i would watch those three things; money flow and also the continued rise in the dollar and what's going to happen if interest rates continue to ratchet up. i think those will be the three things to watch in '17. liz: yeah. and you're predicting the ten-year yield will hit 3%. we're on that march, certainly. alan harry, to your predictions for 2017, and what a year it's been for oil. i first have to push you on one. does the opec cut, the production cut that they have agreed upon, does it hold in 2017? >> it does. especially in the beginning. we're going to see compliance, and we're going to see come compliance at a level that the market's not expecting. so even though we're in an oversupplied market and we may have a little bit more downside, not much. when we start seeing the compliance, up it goes. and i think we're going to hit $60 in 2017, first half, and then by the end of 2017, 208, i
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think we're going to hit '70. liz: did teddy give his predictions? teddy, go. >> yeah, i sure did. i think the election was a game changer. we know markets don't go straight up, but i think the direction is up, and i think you want to be long the insurance stocks, you want to be long the financials. you want to be long the energy stocks, and you want to stay long these foreign stocks that do business in the u.s. to take advantage of the strengthened u.s. dollar. so i kind of agree with all of your other guests, and i hopefully put it all in one sweet package. liz: calling donald trump a white swan, not a black swan event. all right, you guys want to know mine? yeah? yes, liz, we do. [laughter] okay. number one, snapchat -- actually, no, let me go to yellen. janet yellen will stay. that's my prediction, because donald transfer will probably meet -- donald trump will probably meet with her, and i believe that janet yellen and donald trump will possibly hit it off. we'll see if i'm right on that. and then number two, snapchat
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will go public. and it will thrill and then chill. why? because people will realize how frightening it is to see charlie gasparino and i do the dog tongues -- [laughter] and that's about it. [laughter] that's about it. and whatever that creature is. and charlie's not here with us today, but i sure wish he was because, guess what? we're going to show some real best of 2016 that involves him. teddy, chris, alan, happy new year. thanks for being such troopers. and as i said, the special year-end edition of wall street week, that's tonight at 8 p.m. eastern. and coming up, our year-ender from countdown. we've had so much fun this year and some serious stuff too. closing bell, 48 minutes away. goldman sachs made you fold this year. goldman leading the dow 30, it was the third biggest mover in the group, up about 33% in 2016. ♪ ♪ liz: cabela's hunting for gains today after the federal trade commission asked for more
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information about its proposed sale to bass pro shops. use that stuff often, bass pro shops? yeah, you sit there and you throw the line. the outdoor equipment retailer right now is down about four and two-thirds prosecutor. cabela's up nearly 33% this year. up next, we just talked about opec's production deal. well, it could very well drive gasoline prices in a different direction, higher this year. is that going to be the case. >> 2017? jeff flock filling up in chicago. jeff. >> reporter: we talked to our friends at gasbuddy today, and they have a prediction about 2017. but you're going to have to wait to see if we crash the car until i tell you after the break, so stand by -- [laughter] liz: watch out! ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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liz: oh, the stock analysts loved to hate in 2016, but drivers absolutely adored tesla. the electric car giant slowed up by some roadblocks along the way. from the big reveal of its model 3 which was huge to the bumpy acquisition of solar city which did eventually go through, look at tesla's stock. it is on track to post a has of
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about 10% for the year, first negative move for the stock since it went public. still, that has not stopped ben callow from actually making tesla his best pick for next year, for 2017. here's what he says is making him allish. he believes -- bullish. he believes the model 3 production could race past expectations as the tesla really gets up and running and figures out how to move the assembly line faster. he also likes the energy storage business is and also prospects for a mega factory in nevada. shares right now moving lower by half a percent, tapping the brakes slightly lower on trade here for the session but, again, either way tesla, since its ipo, has been an unbelievable winner. staying on the road, aaa says thanks to the drop in oil prices, we have all saved a total of $27 billion on gasoline this year compared to last year. but prices, sorry, have climbed 8% since to opec agreed to trim production. that was in november.
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so what will hold and what will happen in 2017? jeff flock on the streets of chicago zooming around. you're still not in any fender benders yet, i see. >> reporter: no, i haven't had one lately, no, no. in the younger days. [laughter] you talk about tesla, this is not an electric car that i'm in, i'm actually burning real gas. but you talk electric carmakers, if you start to get gas prices up again, that starts to become more attractive as you point out. look at the numbers, up 8% in the last month, up 15, almost 16% for the year, you know, year-over-year. and, you know, look at arbob futures, they spiked in december with the opec move, and who does it help? it could help the electric carmakerses, but it obviously helps the oil producers and the oil explorers, companies like, i guess, whiting petroleum would be one example. i'm in the wrong lane here, i better get back over.
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okay, great. and, so, you know, that's a help to them. but that $27 with that you pointed -- $27 billion that was money not spent on gas leap, but else in the economy, lifting all of the boats. so what is the forecast? patrick dehand, we talked to him this morning on fox business, he says gas prices will likely rise 20-40 cents in 2016. he says several states, several, his word now, will hit $3 gas. so just for reference, this time last year national average, $2. he's saying coming year some states will be $3 gas. so check out your tesla. or your leaf. or your bolt. liz: that's right. your prius, your volt. i know a bunch of people who have volts. people here on fox be, they love it. they love it. absolutely -- >> reporter: do you drive cars in new york? i don't -- people don't drive
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cars in new york, do they? [laughter] liz: i do every single day, 'cuz i'm from california, and we people in los angeles, we just can't release the death grip on the steering wheel. jeff, thank you very much. [laughter] keep your eyes on the road, please. jeff flock. happy new year to you and the crew in chicago. closing bell, we're ringing in about 39 minutes. hey, you want to see what times square looks like right now? to to our live cameras and the finishing touches for the big bash in the big apple are being made at this moment, but traffic is still moving. guess what? those streets are going to be replaced, those cars by one million people. but as many get ready to pop the cork and sip the bubbly and wound, we're going to -- and wine, we're going to introduce you to one entrepreneur, brilliant, on keeping corks intact, never pulling them out and allowing oxygen to ruin your wine. a fox business exclusive with the founder of the coravin wine needle. yeah, he was a pharmaceutical executive who said, wait a
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minute, needles, wine? i see something here. and it's been an amazing year here at fox business. the best ratings year ever on "countdown to the closing bell" filled with such memorable moments like this. >> j. edgar hoover, did i get his name right? [laughter] liz: not herbert hoover, j. edgar hoover. a lot going on here. >> you don't like -- liz: it's not, i like everything independently if you guys take the tight shot you can tweet me and tell me. you've got a striped shirt, a sort of beige-y thing. >> and by the way, i'm wearing leopard skin underwear. [laughter] liz: okay. >> talk about j. edgar hoover. liz: my eyes! my eyes! leopard skin underwear. thank you, charlie. i promise, no more gasparino fashion relations, but we do have -- revelations, but we do have some of our best moments of 2016 straight ahead. stay with us, you'll see it. ♪ ♪
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>> three, two, one. [cheering] liz: yea, we count down to the markets closings down to 2016, another countdown is about to begin one block that way, one block south. folks, we have the weather forecast on times square. on your screen, that is the scene. withwer will drop to 35 degrees, 20% chance of rain. but you can squish together with all of the strangers to keep you warm. also on your screen, hey, look at that, a short time ago test run of the ball drop happened. heavy security presence consumes heart of new york city while officers work overtime to prepare up to, two million people, they have just updated the number, two million people. expected to attend one of the world's biggest new year's eve celebrations. as we all look ahead to 2017,
3:28 pm
this year team "countdown" was all over the 2016 race, covering billionaire businessman donald trump's rise to the white house. new york stock exchange, multiple times i was down there, talking to contenders like ohio governor john kasich and former rhode island governor, lincoln chafee? he was here too. we made our annual excursion to the swiss alps of davos. let's give you "countdown" best moments of 2016. [bells ringing] less than an hour from the closings bell, hang with me. we'll start the "countdown." the biggest rock star in the business world, look at international press corps trying to get to billionaire warren buffett. if you were one public, would you buy the stock? >> no. david: why not. liz: last 40 years i don't think
3:29 pm
we have ever bought a public offering. >> at&t at&t should divest batman. she have no right to control batman after this merger. >> live from las vegas at consumer electronics show, at the sands expo center. this is the world's tiniest drone. we have liftoff of the drone. oh, it even flips. the bitcoin exchange now trading and we welcome the bitcoin brothers here. we're in the gondola high above davos, switzerland. this is how skiers get to the top. down there at world economic forum, topics are so hot they're melting the snow. ♪ stephen hawking i'm sure you know, warned this week that technology could end upending humanity at some point. do you share that apocalyptic view of technology? >> i do think we have to worry about it. i don't think it is inherent as we create super intelligence
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that it will necessarily always have the same goals in mind that we do. liz: larry shover at cme is standing by. larry, what did you see shortly after 1:00 p.m. eastern time when this news broke? [crickets] >> larry is right next to me. that is how crazy this day has been. liz: one of my finer moments. yes, i thought larry was actually in chicago. meantime they brought him in. he was sitting next to me. but i'm on it. i swear i have your back. what a greater i don't. we have more highlights of "countdown" 2016. including gasparino leather underwear, leopard underwear. go on we stretched it out. by the way don't mission my classic cleveland indians prediction after the cavaliers won the nba title. and i was about 99% right. >> oh. >> almost. liz: the cubbies foiled me.
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also follow me on twitter. thanks to all of you guys. we reached more than 61,000 followers. we are pushing for 100,000. retweet, follow friday. see all kinds of things on my twitter. including my pictures from my recent trip to israel and to jordan. don't forget to like us on facebook. we post all of our daily segments on we put stock picks from many of our brilliant guests. be sure to check it out. lastly, i get a little ferklempt here. thank viewers for making "countdown to the closing bell" our best year ever. we beat our competitors. here is to better 2017. i'm an original. i started here at the launch of 2007. nine years later, we're doing it. and we've done it thanks to you. closing bell, 29 minutes away. up next, president obama fighting a new cold war as russia responds to the putin
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punishments. larry korb phased down the russian bear during reagan's defense department era. he is here with us exclusively how donald trump could thaw icy relationships and prevent other headaches and hot spots from developing around the globe. don't forget iran, venezuelan more. larry korb up next. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. core apple product, the iphone, may be hitting a wall. tech giant said it will cut production by about 10% in the first quarter of 2017, apple sold fewer iphones in fiscal 2016 than any other year. apple is down right now about almost 1% at 115.75. if you received any amazon gift cards for christmas, may want to use it today.
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the e-commerce site is running one day only promotion, called, amazon digital day. find extreme discounts for thousands of items from movies to games and music. amazon to the downside. 50 and change. charter customers may lose comcast, nbc universal network things to a deal. if deal not reached by sunday, they will miss key football and hockey games. "countdown to the closing bell" is next.
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♪ liz: russian president vladmir putin saying, quote, he will not sink to president obama's level and says there will be no retaliatory sanctions against the united states. this after president obama ordered 35 russian diplomats out, expelled from the country, accusing russia of meddling in u.s. elections. putin may be waiting for president-elect donald trump to take office in january.
3:38 pm
of course on january 20th. those two have had a much warmer dialogue so to speak than president obama has had with the russians but how will donald trump really deal with russia and even other hot spots around the world after inauguration day? we bring in the man who stared communist russia down during the cold war assistant secretary of defense under president reagan during his first term in the oval office during a party that saw four different russian leaders from brezhnev, an drop positive, cher men coand gorbachev. he is larry korb, center for american progress. happy new year. thank you for being with us. >> happy new year to, you liz,. liz: has president obama handled this correctly? do you think he did the right thing expelling 35 russian diplomats.
3:39 pm
>> he handled that right. we knew russia hacked into the emails and we had to take action. president didn't want to do that during the campaign that would got people of him trying to influence the outcome. so he had a to do it. russians have been hacking and we've been hacking them. this is the first time they have gotten into the political arena. so i think he had to do something to send a strong signal that this, we're not going to tolerate this anymore. liz: how do you think donald trump is handling this relationship? in the last about 32 minutes, he released a greet in essence said, good on you, vladmir putin for rising above it. we can put up the tweet. people can see clearly even as donald trump holds meetings right before new year's eve he is building a bridge versus icings up what appears to be a slightly newer cold war. >> well, basically putin was brilliant because if he had retaliated those are more
3:40 pm
symbolic anything else. you throw out a couple of american diplomats and won't let them use the dacha they use for parties. this lays ground work for him to work with trump because trump was opposed to this not because he liked hacking but didn't want it to undermined what he perceived the legitimacy of his election. so they have opportunity, the real question is, what will putin do next? will he withdraw from crimea? will he get out of syria? will he stop, you know, harassing american ships and planes? that's the real question. and you know, putin is smart. he can actually cut a pretty good deal because the russian economy is in the tank. it is declining. basically, it's hard for him to continue to do a lot of these overseas adventures. you notice with syria he is already beginning to withdraw from sources. he talked about a nuclear buildup. he can't afford it. if trump and he cut a deal, that will be good for both countries but i think trump is naive if he
3:41 pm
thinks that putin will do these things. that is what is really going to happen. if he doesn't, what will trump do? liz: putin, think you're rht has played this very, very well but he has shown some real imperialist tendencies snatching a huge chunk of land as you mentioned known as crimea. ukraine is very concerning. you can't just take property and land like that. of course the united nations turns the other eye. that is a whole different story. larry, talk about syria. putin has just effectuated this cease-fire which lasted about 38 seconds because immediately there were firefights and all kind of issues right afterward but does he stand to hold a better position on the international stage by trying to look like a peace maker? >> he does. he accomplished his objective. with the fall of aleppo, assad basically controls all the major cities in syria. he can't win and put syria back together again. but he is not going to lose.
3:42 pm
if they come to some sort of an agreement that allows transition from assad to go so everybody can focus on isis which is the real threat. the real interesting thing the russians working with chinese and pakistans any against the taliban in pakistan. that is on their borders. they have these other threats they have to deal with. syria makes them a player on the international stage again. gives them a small foothold in the middle east. but it will not significantly enhance russia's overall power. liz: before we go, i love to know your thought which will be the most worrisome hot spot in 2017? is it israel, you know about the problems with israel and united states and specifically president obama. will it be syria, venezuela or iran? >> you look at all of those the biggest threat is iran because they are a large country. their economy is starting to come back. the real question will the
3:43 pm
nuclear deal hold, if it doesn't hold what will you do. if it doesn't hold will you get them to modify behavior and other countries likes yemen and syria. i think that is the real thing of the russians even though they're weak, they have a lot of nuclear weapons. so you have to always be very careful about them. the chinese may be pushing things in the south china sea. they did grab an american underwater drone a couple weeks ago. how will he respond, trump respond to something like that? liz: we forgot north korea. that is for 2017. >> that's right. liz: larry, happy new year. thank you so much. >> happy new year to you, thank you very much. li larry korb served in the defense department under president reagan. now with the center for american progress. closing bell 17 minutes away. the dow is down 83 points. if you rang in 2016 thinking i like the champagne, i like that fancy wine but i wish i didn't have to drink the whole bottles because if i open it i ruin it.
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have we got the entrepreneur and his device for you. meet greg lam breck. he turned medical technology into a wine fanatic's dream. the entrepreneur's story and that ingenius innovation that he's made, the wine needle. straight ahead, a fox business exclusive. you need it before new year's eve. stand by.
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liz: well, if you're looking for the brand that took the worst hit in 2016 to its reputation, perhaps the most disasterous was mylan, maker of the epipen. the embattled maker of live saving device for food allergy sufferers and ceo heather bresch came under fire by raising price
3:49 pm
of drug by stunning 600%. since news broke and revealed in late august, that the company was making the product so expensive, some users, children, a lot of kids could not even afford it, the stock took a beating following 20%. the drugmaker attempted to salvage reputation releasing number of generic drugs over past week, including the latest. more bused about drug, version of johnson & johnson adhd drug. that was not enough to pull mylan out of the hole for the year. it is looking at a 30% annual loss. for medical injections, this is segue, to injecting some fun into your new year's eve celebration, one entrepreneur took his expertise in the medical field and decided to design needles in a very unlikely direction, wine. took him four years but he figured out how to extract a glass of wine from the bottle, leaving the work completely
3:50 pm
intact. let's bring the founder, greg lambrecht. in is fascinating and nobody wants to open the bottle, not drink the whole thing, you expose it to oxygen and. >> sometimes a bottle is right at amount to drink. on wednesday you might want a great glass of white or red, why open the whole bottle. liz: or tuesday morning. kidding everyone. >> it is evening somewhere. liz: how did you come up with this product? you went to mit, you were nuclear engineering student and fast forward you're making wine needle issue. >> 25 years later and med tech career. i gotten into needles very young in medicine. my father is type one diabetic. he was taking insulin. i thought really the bottle of wine is like medicine. we can go out of it like into an insulin bottle. there was necessity. my wife became pregnant and stopped drinking.
3:51 pm
my partner in crime who we finished off a bottle stopped drinking. liz: you don't want to drink that all. >> sure. liz: show me you who it works. this is faster nating. i can imagine the application for restaurants, they're thrilled. people order by the glass and suddenly wine was exposed. >> that was my hope. ultimately -- liz: i want to make sure we're tight on the needle. >> sure. this needle was original developed for fusion therapy and spine dimension. liz: spinal taps. >> works perfectly for cork. needles go into the cork. it pushes inert gas, argon into the bottle. the inanother gas pushing wine out. stop anytime by tipping up. pull it out. liz: how much does it cost? >> sell in range, $199 to $349. liz: is is fans any red. >> we make lots of colors. liz: this is amazing. happy new year. >> thank you very much. cheers.
3:52 pm
liz: and the whole team at corvin. creating idea all from a needle. you worked ad stryker and pfizer. >> med tech is great field. sometimes you need a great glass of wine. liz: good for you, greg. this is coravin wine needle. getting close to recession lows. down 89 points for the dow jones industrials. we have the closing bell in eight minutes. 2016 we're about to wrap it up! you have got to stay with me.
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♪ liz: five minutes, guys, five minutes away from the closings bell of 2016, the last one. look, get over it. the dow just couldn't pull off 20,000 before the year and we're at 19,783. but my guest called it back on october 5th, we would see dow 20,000 before the inauguration. that is january 20th. will it happen?
3:56 pm
the man with the big call jordan kimmel. we're bringing in griffin capital securities chief economist randy anderson. great to see both of you guys. can wegree investor scared off by all the drama this year, whether early issue with china, "brexit" and who knows what else, they were wrong? >> liz, this is uptrend. i don't know why people are fighting uptrend waiting for shoe to fall, if you see this as bear market or don't understand this is bull market, unloved bull market with advance-decline line being great. more than that investor public is just about to get in. they haven't touched this market for years. melissa: which worries me, because when the herd jumps in pro from the sidelines, it is time to get out. dow 20,000 before january 20th. do you stand by that. >> absolutely. that is one-day shot. melissa: liz: rand dry what kind of economy is president obama
3:57 pm
handing to donald trump on january 20th? >> i think the economy is doing great. i agree with your guest. dow will hit 20,000. consumers have not gotten to spending. when you see a rally after presidential election the next six months are full of good news. while this is the strongest one from any presidential election there have been five previous really strong results following an election. they all had another 10% growth in the marketplace. now i do think we will see a little bit after pull back later in the year. while the economy is strong it is almost too strong to get the desired results that donald trump is forecasting. liz: too strong? >> he is forecasting 4% gdp growth. employment falling further. that is really hard to do. gdp is is at good number. consumption drives gdp. employment rates are already low. we will have a little bit of a headwind with tightening of monetary policy.
3:58 pm
with all that said we're in for good start to 2017 for the economy. liz: we have to get to q1. jordan, what do you expect for people watching saying i want to buy stoc but i'm still a little nervous? >> start dollar-cost averaging if you're not in. finding something you're comfortable to buy. the message i give people, active does beat passive. these passive guys sold everyone average for the last 10 years. somehow people accepted average. but more importantly, don't buy into story stocks. watch your valuation and i've been talking for years now about companies with high integrity. not just beat by a penny but absolutely have have conservative accounting, have independent board, have ceos don't vote on their own salaries. liz: put up some of the names. u.s. concrete, argon, u.s. health care well plans. what is the common thread? >> it the economy is america, it is not international.
3:59 pm
people looking for sexy story. u.s. concrete doesn't sound sexy. it has been in my portfolio two years, i'm telling it is sexy. liz: randy, earlier we had teddy weisberg one of the traders from the floor of the new york stock exchange, donald trump economy, lower taxes infrastructure spending, fewer regulations will bring about what he calls a white swan event. that is obviously positive. what is run red herring, that you're worried about here? perhaps federal reserve perhaps being behind the curve? >> could be the federal reserve tries raise rates too fast. i don't think they will. they came out with the dot plot showing they will raise four times as we went into this year. my big model for entire year instead of everybody talking about threes, three fed races, i think it will be two because economy will grow but not that fast. instead of treasury at 3%. i think two handle. mid 202s. gdp instead of three or four,
4:00 pm
high 2% number b. liz: i want to thank you and our viewers for incredible 2016. market closes 2016 up for the year but down third day in a row. for that i turn to david and cheryl for "after the bell." happy new year guys. david: happy new year. cheryl: stocks coming well off the lows in the final moments of the final trading day. major averages in e red but up big time. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis. david: good to see you. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." we have winners and losers for 2016. what else we have for you on this very busy hour. u.s.-russian relations sinking further but vladmir putin refusing to engage, standing pat as president obama slaps russia with sanctions. donald trump just weighed in. we'll tell you why he just said is driving the obama administration nuts. some republicans are calling for am


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