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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 5, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> 58 from dow 20,000? >> we are s&p 500 russel 2000, are less than a point away from new record highs we will be watching that as morning rolls on great to see you good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo thursday, january 5, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. changes coming to our national intelligence agencies, president-elect donald trump reportedly wants to shake up the director of national intelligence and the cia this ahead of a senate hearing today over the alleged russian meddling with the election, briefings for president obama and president-elect trump. fallout ahead. >> a brutal attack streamed live for the world to see the suspects screaming racist anti-trump remarks. >> deeb, d --
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>> addressing brutal not calling it a hate crime. >> sickening, sickening it makes you wondered what would make individuals treat somebody like this you know so i have been a cop 28 years i have seen things, that -- you should not see in a to up still amazes me you still see things that you just should not. >> outrage coming up goo targeted by labor department threatening to ban from government contracts iffit doesn't alternative over key information. >> macy's, kohl's reporting weak holidays sales now macy's cutting thousands of jobs, and closing stores, what it means for the broader economy. one of the most anticipated initial public offerings coming up one former employee
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says social media giant misleading faking growth numbers details on that, the markets, looks like taking a a little bit of breather after two days of against, the dow 58 points away, from 20,000 even less from a new record high, mixed markets 12-point gain on blue chips in europe stocks little changed in traikd mixed markets with ftse 100 england eking out trying a gain at the moment asia overnight petition mixed markets with nikkei pulling back, after that 2 1/2% gain on its first day of trading in the new year the kospi also lower as well. and bringing a southern staple to fast food mcdonald's testing its version of chicken and 1/2els the details where you can find that deliciousness, all of that more coming up this morning conservative commentator is here from goldman sachs
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partner peter kiernan back two days in row lee carter. >> when lee sat down i said i cannot wait to talk about the semantics and the wordplay between democrats and republicans on obamacare versus repeal and play of. >> two different languages, interesting to see who wins i think republicans message -- >> it is, and scare tactics on the left we have goept credential guests fox news military analyst general jack keane chairman of the human rights foundation, and author of winter is coming, garry kasparov is here, new orleans saints drew brees director about boston marathon bombing aftermath of that as well the director of some favorite
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movies out there -- i would be the go into list to have you wait hear from him, top stories future of our national intelligence today president obama will be briefed on the alleged russian hacking during the election, this comes as intelligence officials will meet regarding russia and cybersecurity at hearing shared by senator john mccain, director of national intelligence james clapper is expected to testify, tomorrow, president-elect trump and vice president elect mike pence receive their briefings. >> the president-elect has expressed very sincere and health american skepticism about intelligence conclusions that we're going to sit down this week, president and i have been receiving since election regular intelligence abbreviation i think given some of the intelligence failures of -- of the recent years, of president-elect made it clear to the american people that he is skeptical about conclusions.
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>> trump is also planning on restrictering the nation top spy agency once he takes office according to reporting in the "the wall street journal" today. the journal citing reasoning that agency is bloated has become too politicized joining is former michigan congressman former chairman house intelligence committee, heat hoekstra congressman good to see what you do you expect to happen in briefings do you think information will be made public to the american people? >> well i think some information clearly will be made public, this should have happened, a month ago these hearings briefings should have taken place long before, four wooem storm allegations about russia, and most came from leaks from the intelligence community. so you know, the process was turned inside out the leak and then briefing you usually start with the briefings congress knows what can't
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cannot be public know what intelligence community has found, so we're at the point in the process, where we he should have been at the beginning, the inintelligence commune briefing president briefing president-elect briefing congress what they have discovered, and what their conclusions are. >> congressman what do you make of the report that donald trump is looking at the new trump administration would look at revamping the office of the director of national intelligence also looking at the cia? again, with the aim to make it less politicized because what you were talking about, is a very political intelligence community. >> i think donald trump is taking exactly the right approach, it is time for the intelligence community to move back, into shadows, it should not be out in front of the issues, it should be, informing the president should it be informing congress, of what their analysis is, so that these folks can then go
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out and make the political decisions the policy decisions that need to be taking place they need to focus on content, and they have missed koet a lot we had director national intelligence said muslim brotherhood was a socially good organization, they missed benghazi missed rise of isis, so they need to get on content develop human networks human resources, they have to get back to being good at what they used to be good at doing. and get out of the politics. >> congressman christian here cybersecurity senators have said not just about rush this is broadly [cybersecurity and that is something we do know a lot about on the campaign trail but is really where this battle is raging hottest so as someone worked with intelligence before, with congress, what do we need to do, in order to protect surs,
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for the future not only looking back what happened with russia how do we protect ourselves in the future make cybersecurity a priority going forward? >> well i think john mccain is right that is why this hearing is so important, not only to talk about russia but what you said he was talking about identifying the threat from cyberer not only hacking of political institutions, it is the hacking of our potentially of our financial institutions, of our business institutions, of our military institutions, and those kinds of things, it is the new battlefield there is no ground rules there, and it is time i think for congress and the administration in america, to step up, and really develop a concerted effort to enhance cybersecurity across the o board because risk is very, very great. >> i point out before we move on to another topic, that there is a report out there, that the fbi never being a accessed dnc servers as part
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of the gave is into this hacking a lot of holes a lot of questions left there let's move on congressman, to the obamacare fight, he raging on, so far it is just -- mostly a big war of words, both president obama and mike pence, headed to capitol hill yesterday to coordinate parties efforts how to address the health care act republicans and democrats are working on how to shape their messages to voters, listen to this. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. obamacare has failed. and the american people have sent a decisive message to washington, d.c.. >> the republican plan to cut health care, wouldn't make america great again. it would make america sick again. and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> congressman hoekstra did --
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donald trump end of warned republicans in congress make sure those democrats i think you said the schumer plans own this a danger if republicans repeal and delay and don't have a replacement and the obamacare essentially sunsets over a period two of to four years. >> yeah i think clearly, there have been people who have benefited from obamacare, that they now received health care coverage, it is llapsing in and of itself but clearly some people have benefited, and you know so republicans are going to have to go a lot of times in policy like this, you have to manage the transition from where you are, you know where you want to go but really important thing is how you manage through that transition. and that is what republicans have to be focused on, as we move to a more improved health care position. they need to manage the transition. >> right. i have to ask you about this i
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think watched congressman jim humane on tucker carlson last night a democrat one of the first things out of his mouth literally that americans don't like obamacare, and, by the way, 8 out of 10 support changing it significantly in some way, americans don't like it because they have been lied to by republicans about it because they don't understand it. and i thought that that was level of insanity i rarely hear from democrats. >> the whole process i think on obamacare has been a disaster they say what what we haven't done right articulate the message. >> you are too stupidest to understand i guess premium increases lot of coverage i don't have access to my doctor, and the deductibles high but smoke and mirrors. >> absolutely they are not willing to listen they have their truthths we have ours they are not willing to listen to anybody else it is to their
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death 8 out of 10 want change to this that is what republicans say they are going to do they issue going to bring not saying we are going to repeal it let it go we are going to repeal and replace. >> final words. >> i think, you are going to see this -- graphic with democrats standing next to their bill board says make america sick people relates no two together american people have spoken, they want obamacare fixed it is going to be the pox on both houses if they don't do something move forward on this. >> well said, good to see you as always. >> thank you. >> happy new year by the way. >> happy new year. >> google under fire the department of labor, threatening to ban the company from doing business, with the federal government if it doesn't turn over key employee information. and chicken and waffles mcdonald's set ofing a southern favorite in a location near you, the question mark.
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politicized politicized. >> four people in custody after a disturbing video online assault on a mentality disabled man in chicago. cheryl casone has more detail
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on this. cheryl: you know this attack, dagen hard to watch, was streamed live on facebook, shows four african-americans taunting the white victim with racially charged anti-trump obscenities. [bleep]. >> the suspects took the man from a chicago suburb to the area on south side of the city and held him over a day, maybe two, the 30 minute long video shows victim bound with duct tape bleeding from a wound on scalp they beat burn assault him footage stunned chicago's police department. >> sickening makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that, you know, so i have been a cop 28 years i have -- i have seen things that you should not see. in the last time but it is still he amazes me you see things you just should not i
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am not going to say it shocked me but it was -- >> police have not said what charges suspects are going to face and refusing to call this a hate crime, investigators believe one of the suspects went to school with victim who we should say is out of the hospital this morning. facebook has responded to the post saying it doesn't allow users to celebrate or glorify crimes they removed video for that reason, it was viewed over 62000 times, before it was at an down. also this morning, the u.s. labor department is suing to block federal contract unless company turns over confidential information on its employees. labor department filed lawsuit yesterday saying it needs the information, to ensure the company is not discriminating against works based on gender or race google worked on various several time the decade. >> snapchat to court accused of misleading investors in lead-up to ipo, he also
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claimed he was fired for being a when isel blower snapchat rejected those allegations calling him a did you know those grunteled former employee. >> mcdonald's cooking chicken and waffles to go to all-day breakfast menu inspired by staple particular with southerners everywhere makes sense only available around florid florida-georgia border i watched this last night the fact the police of not call a hate crime i find incorrode allows, back disgusting what is facebook doing a question raised what do you think about this. >> what is there to think other than pure outrage dismay how horrible it is you know, so interesting, the power of social media, now, at our fingerprint tips can be used for great things but also
6:19 am
people that want their videos villag vooirl to create he headlines, 62000 people watched the before facebook moved it right this is it is nature of social media we have to be careful. this is an area where you know, massive people can drive the behavior we have to be careful we don't want to disincentive this behavior for people that want message out there in a hateful way. >> let's not forget either, the professor what did he write about his comment he said about the -- the -- he wands a whatever he said it was. >> right it was white genocide. >> white genocide, yet that somehow is okay this level of hatred in this count now the level of divisiveness anger is something i cannot comprehend, and one side it has been called a hate crime on the other side being called -- i don't understand why you
6:20 am
can't categorize this for what it is. >> do you want to say anything. >> this is one of those things, where anonymity of the internet protects completely abhorrent behavior this is time for civility. >> civil we need to come together election is over it is over we need to work on coming together, not expect that from politicians but african-americans. >> tough punishment two words given the fact this was mentally abled man much more repugnant. >> weak holiday sales uncertain future for macy's koeltz kohl's ahead. >> removing new york times app from store in china some are saying retaliation. with the xfinity tv app,
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>>. . dagen: no gift for two major department stores, this season macy's, kohl's reporting disappointing sales during that key holiday sales period as a result, macy's says its closing dozens of stores slashing 10,000 jobs, the bigger problem to begin -- the economy because we've seen great sales from a lot of retailers just not these two. >> this is the day or the year music died for those kind of department stores, macy's until recently was the number one seller of apparel in united states, this year amazon is going to overtake them these stores have to pare back to those making money because not just the internet. free shipping was a huge inducement this christmas, so it is amazon plus fedex, that equalize bad news for kohl's for macy's obviously i think sears having toughest
6:25 am
challenge i am not sure they make it through quarter without a chapter 11 this is a time of triumph for parts of the retail sector others have to retrench. >> mazey's has incredible amount of re in terms of value do you think acquisition targets? >> the ones they are going if they shut 100 stores 2 ones remain cash flow positive much lower margin than they used to being these stores too bland dependent a lot of private branding big brands getting their own stores combination these are tempting targets because this is great real estate there lampert bought sears for assets. >> you and lee can jump in here is customer experience part of the problem if you operate expensive stores you better get he treated like
6:26 am
king or queen when you walk through doors people don't have that expectation, of say discount chains they expect low prices first and foremost i am talking walmart or target but macy's is altogether different. >> well also, i mean you think of you go into in order symptoms neiman-marcus you get that much more valuable experience but also a culture shift the way especially unioning people wanting to buy they want to go to boutique they want online, as you mentioned amazon, don't like the feeling of the big department store, also, fashion h&m, hugely popular very, very stylish, so they think when you think of macy's you think of older department stores don't necessarily think about cutting edge fashion. >> how they interact with the customers i bought from macy's you had to put in a promo code, in addition to the sale price to get the praise or even a price that was slightly higher than on amazon, for the
6:27 am
same item, again, it makes it that you complicate the sale online, and you don't -- you are not pushing merchandise at consumer. >> the experience at macy's i was there a bunch this holiday season, i found it really, really disappointing. i mean you weigh you can into a nordstrom comparable pricing some products yet in in order symptoms you feel different than going to macy's cluttered the web site isn't an experience so one of the things they said you got to look at experience for the customer they definitely do, because, they are not with the times right now. >> part of the problem is that macy's, kohl's came out with -- kind of decent guidance before the holiday season starting based on how sales in october i think. so that is part of the problem, this is a incredible disappointment. >> big disappointment one of the things that happened structurally changed black friday no longer big day it
6:28 am
used to be the warning systems ability to for 70, no longer have missed this by a mile mostly when you lose your customer, you are really lost. . >> great insight peter thank you so much coming up more prosecutors transfers president obama race go gitmo before inauguration day, bookworms rejoice in big apple amazon plans to open a bookstore in new york city. ♪ i didn't know i needed you so letting you go was wrong ♪ and baby i know you got your way home ♪ come back ♪ his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit.
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. . dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell, thursday, january 5 your top stories, at 6:31 eastern time a possible new risk, in the transition of power, four did he containes set to be transferred from guantanamo bay to saudi arabia as obama administration scram bells to move prisoners despite objections from president-elect trump as president obama took a flight to president-elect speaking to troops for the last time as achieve. >> it should be compelled by the need of our security and not our politics.
6:32 am
we need to remember we must not give go false illusion of zaeflts of is layingsist the world needs our loip as o one indispendingable nation. >> and ep pin snowfall expected to bury west coast what you need to know, 15 feet could fall in california alone apple removing new york times app in china forced to comply with chinese authorities amazon's business man could be a stretch the retailer is reportedly eyeing yoga for next winter, and this is as wrap for taco bell the number of americans turning to jack in the box for taco fix. >> markets a breather after
6:33 am
two days of gains, dow starts this day 58 points away from 20,000, you have slight losses across the board. the s&p 500 less than a point away, from a new record close. in europe, stocks are heading lower as well, that is a very light o sell-off if you will england france germany markets mixed in asia overnight you can take a look at nikkei, kospi lower this at a, plus talk about a bad path russel westbrook forced to apologize during the oklahoma thunderers loss last night. >> turning back to national security president obama addressing troops in virginia yesterday, saying isis can be defeated, watch. >> because of you we are leading the could listing against issa terrorists lost half territory losing leaders tendons cities liberated i
6:34 am
have now doubt this barbaric terrorist group will go destroyed because of you -- >> obama -- insulates for you more gitmo detainees to be transferd to saudi arabia before he plooefrzos despite donald trump objection on twitter trump writing there should be no further residencies from gitmo these are extremely dangerous people should not be allowed on the battlefield joining me is fox news military analyst, general jack, fox news is reporting u.s. officials say up to 20 transfers, are still to come, before inauguration at a. and that is on top of with a we know, that 30% of released detainees are suspected of returning to thefield what are security implications. >> a sad indictment when we got below 200 got dangerous, and it is also what led to the
6:35 am
termination of secretary defense chuck hagel because he would not rubber-stamp request from the white house with political pressure to release prisoners they have a process there, that they don't go through this committee, because they are too dangerous, what the white house does is sending them back to new committee members, over the course of the following weeks months until they eventually get an okay from the defense department, that is what hagel objected to, and that is also why he is no longer secretary of defense, of course, this is a security, for the united states. 30% do go back, and repeat tests usually at much larger leadership role because they are iconic figures having been in our prison but the secondly, most people believe the numbers considerably higher than the 30%, we just cannot confirm it. >> we know directly from government officials, and from testimony that americans have been killed by get mother detainees who were released
6:36 am
rec recad. >> why fixation on getting detainees out of gitmo other than trying to make good on a promise, from 8 years ago? >> well, i think it is largely that, that he wants to make good on that promise, regardless of the facts on the ground, and number two, that there was so much political objections to his making good on that promise by the congress of the united states, that he is just as he has done in other areas, of his responsibilities he uses executive orders doesn't care what congress thinks trying to empty the prison but not closing prison case congress will not let him do that, that is essentially where he is, it is a falsely narrative to say the reason we are doing this is because this -- enhances their recruiting efforts. that is isis and al-qaida my organization isw tracks what they say every single day there has not been any utterance on that issue over
6:37 am
10 years, in dealing with radical islamists. >> motivated to join because of guantanamo bay that was an issue years and years ago has never been an issue, about those for many years. dagen: and democrats tried to use cost as argument as well, the cost of operating gitmo and the expense, but one of the things that got in the way of closing it and potentially moving those detainees, to u.s. soil other than it has to get past congress, is the cost of doing it, because it didn't make any sense. >> yeah most of the objection is really in the local congressional districts they do not want those detainees in their district, that is that is largely the objection they see it as a security issue, and very content with guantanamo bay off shores of the united states, yes the cost, of course,, you know when you get down below 200, the cost goes astronomical where we are now, in people pleading the fact that it is
6:38 am
not cost beneficial, listen security of american people should not have a cost. >> what do we do with president-elect trump coming into office with gitmo rest in a tough spot by out on the grounds administration. >> will not release anybody i don't think at all, for the foreseeable future. if anything we have to do something about isis in syria obama administration has no plans that may in fact plead to some kind of larger ground operation than we are currently conducting certainly president-elect trump will be given a number of being opposites if he hasn't already will select one of those may lead to more detainees we may find ourselves guantanamo bay taking on new detainees as opposed to releasing them. >> good point, general, moving on to news from overseas car come tore through baghdad market killing at least nine 15 others injured isis has not claimed responsibility for that attack but this is a tactic islamic state juiced is
6:39 am
there any way to preventative attacks on soft targets like a market or even what you saw in turkey over the new year. >> not in the foreseeable future, what is taking place in baghdad is isis terrorist attacks they can relatively do those at will, they cannot sustain it to the degree that it is happening every week, and every month, as al-qaida did in baghdad in 2006 resulted in president bush's surge, to put them down, but the reality is yes, they can occur episodically they will the real story in if iraq is the fact that the offensive in mosul has been revitalized lieutenant governor steve townsend put mind on plan in did hetails with iraqis improvement in command and imbroglio other improvements we can't talk about nonetheless they are up and moving again that is good news so eventually mosul will be taken obviously quite a
6:40 am
struggle we said it would be if isis would stay there and fight they have decided to do. >> so great to see this you morning, but always a pleasure, also a inciteful take care we will see you began to. >> good talking to you -- >> coming up wild winter weather severe storm targeting the west coast katrina pierson could get 15 feet of the snow forecast ahead a battle over tacos americans eat a staggering number of tacos from jack in the box. should taco bell be worried? ♪ just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you,
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fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. capitalist. zwoo futures pointing to a flat open this morning, the dow starts this day 58 points away, from 20,000, even less from a new record high. looked at few stocks on move
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right now alibaba taking first major step to weed out goods the chinese online retailer suing two fake watch sellers be blacklisted by u.s. government for failing to take measures against pirated goods shares alibaba up 17% last year. >> weight watchers rallied 20% landing top spot best diet for weight lost easiest to follow, weight loss program tied for fourth place in list overly ranking of 38 best diets, 4% in last month that was shaking is headed did you do weight watchers lost more than 100 pounds we love matsarnaev, storms slamming the west.
6:45 am
cheryl: we love nat. >> looks like pictures, getting several feet of snow, and heavy rain, warnings if effect across much western third of the country. some areas in california, could get 10, to 15 feet of snow. the skiees happy, freezing temperatures to reach as far south as he engulf forecasts say even going to see a winter mix across most south this weekend, there is your map right there. >> headlines apple caving into mands reve new york times from app store in china, it has been blocked following publication about china leaders and families english language chinese language apps gone from itunes store how much per china hasver technology companies some choose tnot do business in china others consider it too big a market to ignore, last
6:46 am
quarter china accounted for nearly a fifth of apple revenue amazon to open first new york city bookstore in columbus circle going to join three amazon brick-and-mortar stores seattle, portland san diego. as well as two plant stores in massachusetts and chicago, that have yet to open. over time retailing giant preparing to take on lu lu lemon, under armour developing work out gear big market, a look at the porpt of one menu item at jack in the box restaurants has -- well produced surprising results talking about, the take on the taco "the wall street journal" says americans eat 554 million tacos a year, from jack in the box, but nobody really knows why. is it tortilla wrapped around beef filling that isfried, chied lettuce hot saws one fan says like biting into wet envelope of cat food
6:47 am
discussion jack in the box taco simply amazing, so if i am going to get a taco going to be a taco bell not jack in the box i am in the minority back to you. >> the person who -- jack in the box, you are in the mood for some beef tacos, you order them at jack in the box. >> i was going to say in the mood i am in the mood i don't distinguish between one and another. >> is there that big a difference between -- >> meat filling lettuce cheese. >> even if meat is it real meat? >> do we really know. >> don't get sick from it does it matter at the end of the day not a concern for taco bell. >> should not be the only thing bothers me gum costs more than tacos so i don't know what is in them. gum costs more. >> would you like to weigh in. >> i am a fan of fast food i feel i find it fascinateing that --. >> i am, too.
6:48 am
>> big divide in how people use fast food between generations right now for us it was a treat when you got parents would say if you behave we take you to marked i talked to stepson about mcdonald's he is like -- that is not real food it is a fascinating thing. >> millennial -- >> chicken mcnuggets. >> weaned on mcnuggets. >> moderation. >> never give up a one in five-year-old french man cycle record proved his former coach wrong. ♪ ♪
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. dagen: and sports! russel westbrook accurate from -point range last night hit a target, he didn't want to jared max is here with details hey. >> he could have tried 10 times 25 times, and it wouldn't have happened again, but to the say tried do it would imply he meant to do it, of course -- judge for yourselves the end of the first quarter time-out last night in oklahoma city thunder guard through basketball to one of the officials but you saw what happened, the official got hit in the head! it was like quarterback thought he, yeah, he took off, pass got thrown gets intercepted by official's face westbrook aserviced a technical foul by different official was beside himself left for the locker room for a
6:53 am
moment, after his teams lost to hornets russel said is never, ever disrespect the game in that way -- a technical foul. >> didn't last long, two weeks ago we showed you how duke basketball player allen clipped a player on opposing team third time since february suspended by head coach mike kryzewski, he sat out one game. he scored 15 points, in duke's 39 point victory over maine someone if you learned valuable lessons in shorter period of time coach said he thought time was ripe a perhaps these -- kryzewski to take a fuel week break back surgery tomorrow, beaten at butler, fans stormed court mainly pleaing soccer opened new stadium march 5 fans reminded what happened a at
6:54 am
pulse nightclub last june 49 rainbow colored seats, in the stands each numbered, number 49 to honor 49 people who lost lives in that mass shooting at popular gay nightclub says rainbow colors to reflect the club mission inclusive diversity welcoming community. >> how far do you think you could ride a bike to go in one hour if you were 105 years old? robert mar shorthand 5' tall 115 pounds, peddling at age 105 yesterday he set a world record, in the 105 plus each category. -- >> the category was made for him. he went 14 miles in what -- 14 miles break down to he has a
6:55 am
big heart and values exceptional for age eats fruits vegetables no smoking 105 still going strong! >> wow! >> if he can do that at 105 -- >> he missed 10 miniwarning apparently -- didn't go fast i could have gone more. >> couldn't go -- >> incredible, this is a treat so much research shows exercise and being active has much more to do with healthy lifestyle and a prolonged life than necessarily eating, exercise most important thing for internal other against internal health to this guy an example to all of us. >> as a runner, if you are a cyclist ease on body you can do it for many, many years after everything else gives
6:56 am
out, i was running too much, i think. >> takes a course especially he wind coulder weather. last night looked like somebody smacked me in the face. >> i don't run -- bad knees i see people running in winter yesterday i was leaving work couple guys running with shorts on, you know the thought person doesn't run is -- >> idiot, right? >> i am. >> always think your legs aren't good enough to show off. >> january in shorts. but that is -- good to see you. >> not bad i have never sat in that seat before. >> you can being sit in the chair. >> good to see you jared max. >> sports reports on pox news headlines 24- -- fox news
6:57 am
headlines, next hour talking reports nfl star turned entrepreneur new orleans saints quarterback drew brees sweetening his restaurant tour teenage up with dunkin' donuts. ♪ ♪
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. . .
6:59 am
7:00 am
dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday january fifth, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. national intelligence in focus. president-elect trump reportedly looking to revamp the cia and the office of national intelligence ahayed of his briefing on the alleged russian hacking. before the senate hearing on the same topic, meantime congress also gearing up for the fight over obamacare. >> the american people have sent a decisive message to washed that they want obamacare to be repealed and replaced with healthcare reform that will lower the cost of health insurance, obamacare has failed. the promises of obamacare have -- have all been proven to be false. >> they're running to do this first. a huge mistake for them and the country because they don't know
7:01 am
what to do once they repeal. dagen: what's next as republicans start repeal process? four suspects in custody after beating up a a mentally disabled man. the shocking video ahead. a small plane crashing in wisconsin, thankfully all passengers including an infant surviving. audi with self-driving plans when you can expect the cars to hit the streets, that's ahead. markets taking a breather after two weeks of gain, the dow coming 58 points, 58 points of the 20,000 mark. slight losses across the board. let's call that a flat market, if you will. in europe little change, stocks in england and france have kicked back into positive territory. the dax still slightly lower. in asia overnight with losses, nikkei, japan and south korea, slight gains in shanghai
7:02 am
composite. gap worker taking a 17-year-old shirt and the store manager response is going viral. you can read it there but we have more on that coming up and so much more to discuss with the fantastic panel. former goldman sachs partner peter and pollster lee carter. great to see all of you. we have to talk more about obamacare and the messaging out of the left and the right. >> it is so fascinating. dagen: i can't get my head around it. >> democrats are consistent in your messaging. dagen: do you know why you lost senate two years ago and stunning loss in the white house across the board in november. clearly they do not. >> no, they clearly don't know what it is the american people are looking for. it is the gap in what they believe and what americans believe is completely apparent
7:03 am
in this and it just goes to show what -- why the republican party is the party of the people. dagen: party in charge. coming up this morning new orleans quarterback drew brees, professor of strategy and regular war far sebastian gorka. peter berg. this one is about the boston marathon bombing and the aftermath. president-elect trump claims to revamp top intelligence agencies, this comes as he meets with officials tomorrow as he gets briefing on the russian hacking of the dnc. president obama receives
7:04 am
briefing today. let's bring chairman of the foundation and prodemocracy leader and author of winter is coming, why vladimir putin and the enemies of the free world must be stopped. what is your take on the plant and it's in the wall street journal today that donald trump, his administration wants to revamp the office of the director of national intelligence and also looking at revamping the cia because they've been -- they've become too politicized. >> i don't know the problems with the structural cia, asian yis, may they have to put more people in the field but has nothing to do with the findings about russian hacking and they are not connected. i have no doubt about putin's engagements, putin's fingerprints all over the place, it's not only in this country. that's why i would strongly deny
7:05 am
any comparison of this findings with 2003 failed conclusion of cia, bush administration wanted the conclusion. today we hear reports from almost every major european country, intelligence officers reporting about russian stealing secret documents and running kind of a cyber war to undermine democracy. dagen: donald trump on twitter has dismissed and mocked to use the wall street journal's language the findings of the intelligence community and actually was kind of talking of referencing julian assange yesterday. julian assange said a 14-year-old -- >> hiding in ecuador em embassy in london. how on earth -- he's a criminal? all we have is his denial and also kgb denial. so i think that after 8 years of
7:06 am
the obama administration it causes not only by doing similar things by ruining reputation of cia and fbi. the new administration that is to realize that the credible of the united states is at stake. dagen: senators john mccain holding hearing, james is one of those testifying, senator lindsey graham. they are talking tough about russia, they are talking tough about greater sanctions even beyond what the lightweight stuff that the obama administration did last week. >> amazing that the obama administration has been sitting on the data for a long time. the last thing that obama wanted to reveal it. they deserved to lose. even if this hacking hadn't affected elections, that was well deserved because obama didn't want to do anything about it and he we wanted to hide it but he couldn't it. too little too late and if obama
7:07 am
had this deterrence policy before, maybe we could not be seeing this consequences now. >> gary, it's almost impossible not to compare face-off with putin to a chase game and first move was to remove all opposition at home and the second move was to do annexation, what is his third move and how should we think about playing chess with somebody like vladimir putin? >> you have rules and transparent. putin hates transparency. he can break the rules any time. his goal is to undermine democracy worldwide and he can intervene in america, france and germany because this is the only way for him to prove invincability at home. antiamerica propaganda has become the staple of domestic
7:08 am
policy. even if you want to negotiate with him, you have to do it as leader of the free world. that's what putin wants. >> how would you character the sanction that is just came in? >> it's too little too late. it's not consistent, you know. we need a strategic plan. the same plan that america had 1945 to 1990. only united states can come up with a plan to defeat putin. dagen: u.s. sent special forces troops to the baltic region to help allies fearful of russian aggression against the u.s. and nato allies, plan to deploy at least 800 troops by the spring, you're take on this move in terms of show of force.
7:09 am
>> i had my christmas vacation in estonia, people are freaking out there, they are not sure that nato will be defending them. it's not fair to raise this issue why american boys should die for the baltics. we heard it. also don't forget in 2001, america called article 5 of nato. again, if america shows weakness, you know, it will have to come back later with much more force. >> do you think the president elect's position is dangerous? he's being somewhat dismissive and also but the other thing that he's doing is take time to evaluate and take some plan. >> first you to accept the findings because you have all intelligence agencies and findings from your allies, america should coordinate the plan to oppose putin's cyber
7:10 am
aggression worldwide and i hope that trump unwise comments are caused by ignorance. dagen: go after the money, i will leave it at that. audi trying to get ahead in the autonomous car race, how it plans to get to the finish line? the shelf life on gap return policy going viral. how long one ces mother waited to return a purchase, you don't want to miss e it.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
dagen: brutally racially live on facebook. mat in chicago with the latest, mat. >> chicago police tell us this morning they have the four suspects in custody and they are expected to be charged sometime today. four african american attackers tied this young mentally challenged man up and beat him forcing him to curse donald trump. here is a portion of that video that is hard to watch. [inaudible] >> my sister said it's not
7:14 am
funny, y'all. >> the rest of the video is too graphic but they held him at knife point and forced him to speak against donald trump. he was eventually let go and found wandering in the cold. the suspects apparently wanted this to be seen. police say as the torture happened a young female broadcasted it live on facebook, meaning essentially millions of people could have watched it in say the mentally challenged male appears to be in late teens or early 20's, police think he met acquaintances in the suburbs and drove him into the city in a stolen car. here is what chicago police had to say. >> it's sickening, it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that, you know, so i've been a cop for 28 years and i've seen thicks that you shouldn't see in the lifetime but it still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn't. >> now the question is whether
7:15 am
this rises to the level of hate crime, if it does, they face 30 years in prison. we are following this today and we will keep you updated on what type of charges are thrown at the suspects. dagen. dagen: matt, thank you so much. matt for us in chicago. not a hate crime, disgusting. three people injured but alive this morning after a small plane crashed before taking off in wisconsin. cheryl casone has the details on that and more headlines. cheryl. cheryl: three passengers including a virginia couple and their infant son who was on their way home from visiting family from the holidays, their single engine plane struck a car parked on the side of the runway. you can see it here the video, winds recorded at the time of the crash which left the plane in pieces, the couple was injured but 6-month-old child completely okay. 2016 was a good year for the auto industry, sales in trucks hit a record high thanks to
7:16 am
surge in demand in the month of december. sales last month increased 3% from a year earlier by discount of $4,000. that's the highest since beginning of financial crisis. 18million vehicles sold last truck with trucks 60%. audi is putting the pedal to the metal when it concludes to fully driverless video. they plan to develop a video that can hit the road by 2020. new plan as tesla rolls out improvements to auto pilot system after a high-profile crash killed a tesla driver while system engaged. well, gap employee has refunded a customer for a 17-year-old shirt, yeah, it was sold back in 2000 for 25 bucks, a manager freaked out about this, they hung the shirt with a note, who
7:17 am
on earth accepted this as a return. it got more than 75,000 votes, people are supporting the manager who says, really, you had to do that? back to you. dagen: president-elect trump take to go twitter moments ago to weigh in on the battle over obamacare. quote, the democrats lead -- led by head clown chuck schumer, know how bad obamacare is and what a mess they are in, instead of work to go fix it, they do the typical political thing and blame. the fact is obamacare was a lie from the beginning, quote, keep your doctor, keep your plan, it is time for republicans an democrats to get together and come up with a healthcare plan that really works, much less expensive and far better. guess what we are talking about in just a matter of minutes? that very thing, the healthcare battle and what to do to fix obamacare or get rid of it
7:18 am
altogether and the new orleans saipts drew brees with business in and off the field in business venture, he joins us live [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
7:19 am
7:20 am
he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. make the switch and find out why 96% of our customers are satisfied with liberty mutual. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™.
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liberty mutual insurance. dagen: republicans and democrats sparring over the future of obamacare where both sides making promises and finding fault with one another. >> we want to make sure as we give relief we do it without pulling any rug out of anybody. >> to cut health care wouldn't
7:22 am
make america great again, it would make america sick again. it is their obligation, they are voting for repeal, it is their obligation to come up with replace, once they come up with a full replace, we will look at it. dagen: president-elect trump taking battle to twitter moments ago tweeting this. quote, the democrats led by head clown chuck schumer know how bad obamacare is and what a mez they are in, instead of working to fix it they do the typical political game and blame. the fact is that obamacare was a lie from the beginning, keep your doctor, keep your plan. it is time for republicans and democrats to come together to get together and come up with a healthcare plan that really works, much less expensive and far better. joining me now is former high-mark insurance ceo and family and emergency medicine physician dr. janet.
7:23 am
the democrats still think it's awesome sauce. i heard multitudes of democrats say, well, we wanted to ensure more people, almost 20 million people have gotten insurance, what's wrong with it? >> dagen, this is a bill that is massively complex. it took three years to write the regulations, two years to pass the bill, we were over in the third year of it and people don't like it. lots of people don't like it and it's not working. dagen: soaring premiums, high deductibles, people lost health insurance provider, they don't have doctor choice and you're going the start see healthcare costs continue to balloon? >> it is not lowered healthcare costs at all. it's health inflate healthcare costs, the goal was 30 to 35 million people covered. it's only reached 20 million covered and half of those are medicaid, it could have been expansion of medicaid program. the number of people who are
7:24 am
newly covered through the exchanges is about 10 million, 5 million of those people were covered with insurance, we've had incredibly large complex overbearing law to get 5 million people covered and so there is a path forward, though, and i think that secretary elect or -- price has a plan that has a lot of good aspects to it and democrats ought to be working with republicans not saying make america sick again. dagen: they are not going to do that. they are going to let the republicans potentially make a big mistake and one of the concerns is you do repeal and you have a sunset of the repeal of two to four years and you don't have a quick replacement in place and that could do more damage potentially. i heard that from both sides of the aisle. >> you can't pull the rug from underneath people. you can't take away what they've been given. that's very scary for the for
7:25 am
the first time are having medical insurance. we have the most innovative medical care in the world but the costs are astronomical. it's very detrimental what's happening to the patient-doctor relationship. as a doctor and director here in new york city, mayor medical group, you know, my number one priority, my number one is patient care. i want to be be able to give good patient care to my patients. dagen: what do you want washington to do? >> tax cuts, i'm -- tax credit, health savings account, no mandates, we need to eliminate the mandate. we need to eliminate discrimination and allow more options for patients, that's so important. that's why i'm a huge fan of dr. price. he's all about envisionment, empowering the patient, putting the power on the hands of doctors and not the federal government. dagen: what do insurers do if they think repeal is passed and
7:26 am
we are not certain what the plan is? >> that's right. this is like a rubick's cube. you can break it down. there's the medicaid piece, there's the medicaid piece, there's the exchanges which are the subsidies are. some things that can be done to greatly simplify the subsidy part which is where the refundable tax credit. dagen: tom price's plan. >> i was ceo during time we implemented this law, there was a change every week, if not every day and the regulation in -- and that has continued and it's way too complex. i just was reading a survey from employers, employers identify this law as one of their biggest problems, you know, that they deal with because it's so complex and the reporting requirements are huge.
7:27 am
a lot of that can be eliminated. dagen: i actually touched on that yesterday when i interviewed the former head, this is small businesses, thousands of them, the most severe problem is the cost of health insurance and health care and she literally said, they always say that. you know what, after we've had what it was passed in 2016, six years of obamacare and they are still saying it so that means you didn't fix it. >> premiums are going higher, less choices, less options for patients. doctors are working less hours, working less resources, patients have less options and this is detrimental to the patient-doctor relationship. the doctor needs to create a bond and trust with the patient and connect with the patient. the reason why this is so important is better patient outcome. the doctor trusts you, if your -- if you trust your
7:28 am
doctor, you're going to take blood pressure medicine, you are going to watch sugar and follow up with your doctor and in the long-run you will live longer. anything that erodes with the patient-dr. relationship in my opinion is sinful and unlawful. dagen: i know that senator rand paul has come out against this and he's basically he's against this because of budget reasons. ironic that a libertarian is against repealing an entitlement program. >> there are some issues where there's taxes and sources of funds that were in the affordable care act because if those are all removed, you'll have to come up with new funds, where the dollars going to come from for tax credits, but there's a path forward, dagen, i really believe that. if democrats will work with republicans and be constructive about this.
7:29 am
dagen: i will give you the final word, dr. janet. it's about taking power of the federal government and bureaucrats and putting it back on the hands of states, doctors and patients themselves. >> absolutely, the bottom line is, we need to change, we need a positive change. this isn't about washington, this is about the american people, patients in our country and doing what's best for them. they need more options, they need affordable health care and they need good-quality health care, you know what, we put a man on the moon, we should be able to come up with something. dagen: we should. >> when dr. price gets confirmed we will have good things to come. >> let's make it simpler. dagen: i hope they're all listening. good to see you. take care. >> thanks for having us. dagen: u.s. former attorney general eric holder getting a new job, he's set to help california fight the president elect's policies and crazy
7:30 am
carry-ons to light what the tsa found in passengers' bags in 2016. transportation or government. we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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7:32 am
dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell, top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. california turn to go obama staple as it prepares for possible battle with the trump administration. the golden state hiring eric holder as outside counsel as it gets ready to fight, quote,
7:33 am
extraordinary challenges ahead. meantime the transition of power continues in our nation's capitol, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell reiterating confidence in the new administration's cabinet picks and that they will be confirmed by the senate. >> i believe all of our -- all the president elect's cabinet appointments will be confirmed. i think it would be great if the democrats would understand particularly with regard to national security team, security of defense, cia, homeland security, it would make a lot of sense to have those folks in place on day one. dagen: latest as the country's new leadership continues to take shape. ever wonder why the lines at the airport are so long from sea horses to walking dead memorabilia, the weirdest things that travelers tried to get through security last year, i cannot wait for that. credit score companies dealing dealing with bad ratings of their own, why two of the
7:34 am
largest credit reporting agencies in hot water for lie to go customers, fisher-price betting big on health, the company's new plan to bring the exercise craze to toddlers. super bowl champion drew brees is looking out the field. he joins us live in the next half hour. turn to go markets, the dow coming to 58 points of closing to 20,000. 20-point loss on dow futures right now. stocks in europe have been between losses and gains. we have losses across the board at the moment. although modest. mixed markets to report in asia overnight.
7:35 am
annual ice festival kicks off. the state's top democratic lawmakers are bringing in former attorney general eric holder as outside counsel, say, quote, with the upcoming changes in administration, we expect there will be extraordinary challenges for california in the uncertain times ahead. joining us this morning university virginia senator for politics director larry, larry, your thoughts on this? again, he's the poster child for what i would call the -- those who will oppose trump. >> dagen, we are talking about california. california has 12 and a half percent of the nation's population but they have a heavy concentration of antitrump voters. you know, he got -- he was tied for the lowest percentage ever recorded by a major party
7:36 am
candidate in california, little over 31%. he tied al landon back in 1936, that was a great campaign and i remember it well. but as far as california is concerned, look, they're going to be fighting the administration on climate change and goodness knows how many other topics, so they're getting ready. dagen: do you think more states will follow california's lead then because that's not the only state that didn't vote for donald trump? >> if others do, i think we would first see it in washington state, in oregon, you know, there's some people out there encouraging the succession. others pushing together to join as cascadia. that's a nice name and do the same thing. not going to happen. i think washington and oregon have a similar orientation to california.
7:37 am
dagen: larry here is peter. >> great to see you, how are you? >> wonderful. >> in your wonderful book you said presidential legacies are a bequest. giving the urgency turning some things that obama tried to put in place, what's your opinion of what the obama legacy is going to be, what's his bequest? >> first, a great shout-out to peter, he's a terrific supporter of the university of virginia and, yes, my own senate for politics and peter, we appreciate you and we thank you. now, what was the question? [laughter] >> i remember the question. the legacy for barack obama starts with being the first african-american president and i'm not sure there's going to be a whole lot left after the trump administration, whatever people are saying now, most of obamacare is gone, they'll have to save pieces of it but the name is gone, the legacy is gone, climate change,ic, that's
7:38 am
going to be cut way back, go down the list of things that barack obama has done, immigration, go through those executive orders repealed, revoked, repeal, revoked. honestly, peter, i don't know what's going to be left other than that very personal and important part of the country's history. dagen: i just want to add before we get lee in here, but 145 new regulations merely in the 36-working days from the election until the end of december and 31 of those 145 are economically significant. they have a cost of a hundred million dollars or more. the total cost just since the election in terms of regulation is almost $22 million. that's a crushing blow to the economy. >> incredible. a lot of people are really looking forward to donald trump's administration and scaling back several of those. larry, just a quick question.
7:39 am
going back to california which obviously has tons of regulations like dagen just mentioned. you said that they do have 12.5% of the population and significant contributor to gdp to this country, actually more gdp than some small countries in the world. to what extent will the trump administration have to listen to this very vocal opposition in the form of california and now attorney general eric holder, former attorney general, i should say? >> you phrase that the right way. i think they will listen, they're not going to do much about it because, again, their constituency, the trump constituency is behind that blue wall that fell. it's in the rust belt, it's in the south, it's in the heart land of the country, all the farm states of the midwest, so that's not where trump's constituency is and it isn't going to be in 2020 either. you know, i think there are great limits there, lifting is
7:40 am
fine, doing something about it quite another thing, that's why california is gourding for battle. dagen: larry, from the university of virginia, good to see you, larry. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: the best of china's annual ice sculptor festival. classic tricycle to fight childhood obesity. that's ahead we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the
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both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. dagen: tsa out with some of the
7:44 am
most unusual things that officers have confiscated from passengers last year and airports around the country. cheryl casone has the details. hey, cheryl. cheryl: tsa top list of 24016, items like a bladed dragon claw, upper left corner of your screen as you can see, moving clockwise now, grenade, not allow today bring a grenade on the plane, the hand grenade trailer cover, that should go back to somebody's truck, the gas mask with bullets, other items on the list suicide vests that somebody try today bring on the plane because they were going a game thing that they were doing and my favorite prop, somebody tried to bring a prop corpse from the texas chain saw massacre movie. yeah. i don't know. two of the larst cret scor companies are combined
7:45 am
$23 million, lying to consumers by telling them that the reports they received were the same reports lenders received but guess what, they were not. the bureau says the company baited consumers with fewer cheap credit scores to hook consumers to report, free. >> reporter: that is you see, sometimes not so free. one of the largest ice sculptors . and then take a look at this, wasn't toy company taking aim at childhood obesity. fisher-price is rolling up the think and learn cycle. comes with tablet holder so the
7:46 am
kids can interact with gaming apps but paddle at the same time. it's for 3 to 6-year-olds, 150 bucks and second iteration of the smart cycle. the first one they did in 2007, basic like a tv plug-and-play technology, but now this smart cycle which is hitting in the fall, just in time for christmas kids, again, they're marketing this as deep your kids, if they're going to be at the ipad all day, move around. dagen: the at-home spinning company. lee carter is making a face. [laughter] lee: what happened to letting kids play outside and, you know, now we are giving them more ways to be glued to their i pad and their devices, less imagination play and already at 34 year's old making them aware -- dagen: go build a fort, play tag
7:47 am
. you millennials don't understand punctuation. bring back the period -- breach it, sister. digress. tackling business off the football field. drew brees gives us the scoop on his new venture your insurance company
7:48 am
7:49 am
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dagen: drew brees has a success on and off the field not only as new orleans saints quarterback still playing at the top of his game but also a successful businessman dipping into a business venture with dunkin' donuts. drew, why dunkin donuts. why dunkin? >> there's a couple of reasons, first of all, it's a great product, service and incredible brand to be able to bring down here to the state of louisiana. another thing is it continues to build the economy here, create jobs which is the life, blood of our community. it's a challenge to bring a national brand down here to louisiana and educate our
7:52 am
customers down here about dunkin. i think a lot of people when they first see dunkin doughnuts down here since we are bringing the brand here they think doughnuts. what has impressed with the relationship of dunkin, how it's evolved over the years. ice coffee, hot coffee, m machiatos, smoothies, a ton of different breakfast and lunch sandwich options. most of our restaurants are drive-throughs. you are a part of many other business ventures, jimmy johns, walk on enterprises which is behind basely pubs or bars.
7:53 am
what is driving your focus on business? do you see this as your legacy being -- running all of these businesses, maybe as oppose to your work as a quarterback? >> listen, if you're asking me about legacy, i want that to be that i'm a great husband, great father and great member of the community, but i mean, football -- football is my job, that's what i do, i love the game of football and it gives me a great platform not only within the game but to be able to have incredible influence off the field, you know, from a business perspective, i -- there's a lot of things i'm interested in. but i do love franchising. we have been successful with jimmy jean's. now dunkin dounts. existing business, successful business and integrating that in communities you live in.
7:54 am
great product and brand to your community. dagen: you made the community down there proud as the quarterback of the saints, you made nfl history just recently when you reached 5,000 passing yards in a single season for the fifth time but your saints had a losing season, so what about next year? the reports say that you don't plan on signing a contract extension. what are you doing to do to turn it around next year? >> well, we've -- obviously it's always disappointing to come off a season when you don't have a chance to the playoffs. at the end of the day the ultimate goal is get into the playoffs and have a chance at a championship. we have experienced that in new orleans and we know what that feels like and we know what it takes. we built incredible foundation by which we can be successful in the future. sometimes you have to go through tough times to reach the mountain top. i feel like we have the right core pieces in place, now it's
7:55 am
just a matter of putting it altogether. dagen: is dallas, a cowboys the team to beat, you think? >> well, i think they have proven that. i think atlanta is a strong team. i think green bay is coming on at the right time. so, you know, really anything can happen on the playoffs. i think that's been proven over the years, it doesn't matter whether you're one or two seed, the wild card teams go on the road and beat the teams all of the time. dagen: i want to ask you about dak prescott, are you impressed how poised in debut season? >> i could not be more impressed with the way he handled everything and how productive he's been on the field and he looks like he's in great command of that offense and -- of that team. he's certainly taken advantage of every opportunity he's been given and, you know, for a giem giew to come with that much
7:56 am
poise and confidence and handle everything that's come his way and had the success that they've had, i could not be more impressed with that young man. dagen: you mentioned jimmy johns and i know donald trump is a fan of jimmy johns. we have seen incredible optimism, tax cuts for individuals and businesses from this new administration, are you optimistic about a better operating climate for small businesses because that's where you are right now that's your wheel house? >> yeah, you know, i think so but honestly that's -- none of those things are things that we control. i think we all -- we all hope that environment is going to be created that continues to spur
7:57 am
business that helps small businesses like our franchise continue to operate at a high level to be able to employ a lot of people, create jobs and oprtunity and build our local economies, i think those are all good things. dagen: drew, great to see you. don't know how you do it. you're a busy man. take care, drew. coming up, honoring america's heros on the big screen, patriots day director peter berg joins us in the next hour ofke mornings with maria healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. dagen: good morning i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, january 5, your top stories at 8:00 e-mail eastern, the transition targeting regulation, president-elect donald trump revealing plans to reverse some of president obama's policies. and republicans also focusing on obamacare, the battle ramping up on capitol hill lawmakers get ball rolling on repealing signature legislation a brute attack streams life for the world suspects screaming racist anti-trump remarks. >> [bleep], donald trump, [bleep] -- [bleep]. dagen: those attackers in police scud chicago police chief addressing a brutality but not calling it a hate crime. >> it is sickening, it is
8:01 am
sickening makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that i have been apple cop 28 years i have seen things that we shouldn't see, in a lot of times it is still amazes me you see is shinisee things you not. >> top paying jobs least amount of stress, to have you look at what -- you should be considering for your next gig markets taking a breather after two days of gains the dow closing yesterday about 58 points away from that 20,000 mark. futures trading near the flat line the s&p 500 is less than 1 point away from a new record close. in europe, stocks are heading lower he if he moment losses across the board although modest in asia overnight markets mixed shanghai composite hang seng both heading hire, the opposite, in japan, and south korea, ultimate sale, calendar --
8:02 am
gets the birthday wrong, all that and so much more coming up this morning, conservative commentor, former goldman sachs partner peter concernaround pollster lee carter going to self-otherit not saying about about kardashians, alleged intelligence. >> professor dr. gorka, host of "varney & company", stuart varney the director sf "patriots day" other films that i know you love like lone survivor marcus latrell. >> president-elect trump adds former apprentice to team adam shapiro with the latest. >> she no is apprentice ama rosa a professional fired three times on apprentice program, by mr. trump, but now
8:03 am
she is leaving the transition team, and she is going to be the leader of the public liaison office for president-elect after sworn in she described what she is going to be doing last night on fox news's kelly file here is what she said. >> -- americans he wants to hear what issues are in communities we are going to fight for them my role is going into communities and continue extension of work that i was doing already on the campaign, and with the national diversity could coalition many she use both names or continue to address her as just omarosa, she has a position with the administration. also coming up next week, we have been talking about all the nominees, the coirmation hearings will begin a full slate tuesday senate judiciary committee will start its confirmation hearings on jeff sessions to become attorney general, then there is betsy devore on wednesday education
8:04 am
committee to determine ally secretary of education elaine chau for confirmation hearings about transportation, general john kelly, who is nominated to be the chief of homeland security, and governmental affairs should you know that democrats according to chuck schumer plan to target 8 of president-elect trump's nominees would include representative mulvaney nomentsd to head omb, of course, there is tom price who is unemployed to head health and human services and puzder steve mnuchin. >> adam shapiro outside trump tower new york city, sean duffy just broad thoughts on the trump transition. >> dagen i thought talking about kardashians this morning money i missed -- >> misread script. >> i think going well, i look at team mr. trump has built out, i think they are
8:05 am
effective going to be very well accomplished in their person lives whether in business or in the military. and so it is go through confirmation process, we all know how senate works they like to have their day in the sunlight going through this process of confirmation, but in the end i think the quality and caliber of the people mr. trump has picked, should be able to get through senate without much problem. >> do you worry in particular about his secretary of state nominee rex tillerson as donald trump kind of pushed back on the -- if you will, the russian hacking of the dnc. there appears to be a divide between donald trump and say senators john mccain even lindsey graham. does that create problems for rex tillerson's confirmation potentially? >> well, obviously mr. tillerson is a very accomplished, he is very smart. very well spoken i think would navigate those hearings very well, but as you noted he is going to have some problems
8:06 am
with some republicans like mr. mccain, but i think he in the concern comes, you know what is mrtillerson's ties to and on mobile trussia and putin he is looking out for his company. and the best interests of the company, and russia they have a lot of energy so we had to do business with russia, russian interests i think mr. tillerson, is a great american, and he will take that same zeal ply to american people and serve is well and i think that will come through in the hearings. dagen: i want to move on to this story i was in a full outrage mode about 4:45 that morning reading this editorial in "wall street journal", you want to talk about president obama's final regulatory binge push republicans naming primary targets drive to repeal these regulations, but in the last 36 working as the between election and december
8:07 am
31 there are 145 new regulations out choice white house 100-million-dollar or more economic impact, that is 22 billion dollars, in total it has been regulations out of the obama white house may be a trillion dollars in economic impact, how quickly can republicans get on this, and reverse some of this pain? >> take a step back dagen we have congressional review out allows us to look back 6 -- legislative days, we are going to start with oldest ones first because the clock is ticke tieking coming to 0 days detail with painful rules and regulations, but this is nothing different than what barack obama has done for the last 8 years he believes in big government he thinks that agency and bureaucrats better know how to run xhrn academy than those running businesses better run our families as
8:08 am
well they believe, the stock market earlier how well it has gone since mr. trump's election, there is going to be someone a business orn in the white house, who understands the impact of rules and regulations and taxes, and is going to change the tone and tenor, will set american system free again let people invest and build innovate that is why i think we see this real hope and optimism reverberate into our economy, we are going to take it seriously push back on administration one last point, we have a bill called rains act can prevent in the future big rules have impact on the economy, we think they should come back to congress, for approv approval we intour people to have say they can say this rule is horrible, vote against it. the way it works right now you know dagen, they don't have a voice that we don't have a vote want to change that one of the first bills taken up in
8:09 am
house to change the way this rule and regulations structure in washington works. >> peter kiern president i can remember what you are seeing is you a sprint to the finish to sort of why i am beau all kinds of regulations is there abandoninge cord somebody in back here are you acquittal to the task force to bring a this intoning into the range of sabity. >> slult going to bring a rein of s sanity overreach of barack obama 8 years i think you have seen american people wholeheartedly reject this big government, big rule, regulation administration with election of donald trump, not only that, look at we have do the democrat in the house the senate, in governorships zbez senates all over america, because they failed in economic leadership and health care leadership foreign policy, they want a new course forward we're going to give them that when you see our economy grow that has a impact i come from central northern wisconsin an impact on
8:10 am
families i represent because they have more opportunity for better jobs and better paying jobs that is key to this economy and trump's success. dagen: congressman duffy that really gs to the root of wh republicans intento do with the replacement for obamacare, it is about less federal control, more power to the states, and more individual power over their own health care, their dr. choice and insurance. >> dagen god forbid we think you know what is best for you and your family as opposed to the bureaucrats in washington that is exactly what we're going to do repeal obamacare hopefully within first 30 days of new administration, with an date in the future the reason we do that policies for 2018 already set. and those are under obamacare structure, the ones for 2019 are being worked on right now. so it is some lag time as you change health care in america, we are going to get a system though that is going to inject
8:11 am
competition, into health care, and empower people make choices for thechz increase choips decrease costs greats for american family. >> congressman sean duffy i saw your gorgeous wife last well thanks so much ahead h as whether stressed out about work or money, we have you covered we are breaking down the highest paying least stressful jobs for 2017, and a calendar plaeshlt not keeping up with kardashians funny blunder on reality star new calendar. .
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> breaking news four people now in custody in chicago, in connection with that racially charged anti-trump attack broadcast live on facebook, cheryl casone has details right now. cheryl: that is right, the graphic video runs 30 minutes long, shows a white mentally challenge man tied up with mouth covered cowering in corner of a room attackers all african-american can be haired laughing shouting antiwhite antidonald trump messages beat burn berate this confounding man what chicago police
8:15 am
lieutenant had to say did not mince words. >> sickening makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that i have been a cop 8 years, i have seen -- 28 years seen thins we should not see it amazes plea you still see things that you just should not, i am not going to say it shocked me but it was sick ng is in a tabooing sitting at doesn't allow useers to glorify crimes on-site removed video for that reason, before it was at an down, already viewed ove62000 times. we're following this throughout the day. >> once-upon-a-time a late-night walk around buckingham palace nearly fatalitial for britain queen elizabeth a -- nearly shot her told the story to british newspaper the times apparently queen prone to late night
8:16 am
strolls because she has problem sleeping he says didn't know it was her, and he started screaming and you know said ma'am i almost shot you nay buwe do not know that, headlines this morning the coast guard responding to fire in gulf of mexico 80 miles south of louisiana pictures for you four people have been rescued no injuries reported the coast guard says no pollution has been spotted cause under investigation. >> using a labor department database to find jobs that offer high pay, low stress here are some of the optometrist averagry 115,000 and change not very stress tolerant, 115 art director, 69 tolerance make over 100,000 orthodontist, 67, salary more than 220 grand,
8:17 am
applications software developerers 65 over 100,000 mathematicians, 57 salary over 110,000 i should say for all economists on the show, that also was one of the top jobs on the list of low stress. >> story for you this morning, kylie jener calendar full of pictures of girl this is getting attention made a mistake about birthday. it has the date as august 20 but that is not her birthday she was born august 10 on web site on sale 2 dollars as of now we will keep -- 22 dollars as of now. >> that is a lot to see for 8:17 in the morning. >> you are welcome, i try i will tell you somebody is getting fired. >> we don't have to listen to her talk breaking nude adp report private sector job a creation according to adp private sector added 153,000
8:18 am
jobs below expectations, of 170,000, we don't have much change in the futures if any at this point, 19, 18-point loss on dow futures right now, this is, of course, ahead of the big jobs' report tomorrow morning, 1 8,000 jobs expectation is for that report, 4.7% unemployment rate would be up slightly, peter kiernan what do you make a of this. >> i am not too worried this is a momentary blip most things going to create jobs beginning to come in going to face something we haven't a long time tight labor market, oh, my gosh means fed figure out quickly we are behind the curve. >>o don't want that, results from russian hacking probe fallout as intelligence officials prepare to brief president obama president-elect trump on russia alleged election meddling paving the way for self-driving cars auto industry is gearing up for autonomous vehicles.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
. dagen: with president obama to be briefed on originatored hacked during election, today, president-elect donald trump and vice elect mike pence will receive briefings tomorrow administration taking aim at one another, over the alleged hack. >> i think that the president-elect has suppressed very sincere and health american skepticism given some of the intelligence failures of -- of the recent years, of president-elect made it clear to the american people that he
8:23 am
is skeptical about conclusions. from the bureaucracy and i think the american people heard him allowed and clear. >> president-elect will have to determine who he is going to believe, and the decision that he makes about that i think will have long term consequences for the way he chooses to govern. dagen: debate comes as intelligence fishltdz are scheduled officials to testify on capitol hill later day joining us fox counterterrorist strategist. >> what do you make of the divide that you see. >> i am not interested really dagen in divide between two administrations. one of them is a republican one is a democrat administration so that is just natural. i am interested in divide between reality and spin the real story here, so number
8:24 am
one, there was no cyberhack from russia that is did linked kremlin cyberhak when somebody goes into a system steals information or damages the system, what we have is a wikileaks releasing the real e-mails of john podesta not falsified real ones, when that man's password was the word "password" not hack that is us who 10-year-old can do in 3 minutes we have the unclassified report i have read two instances in spring of 14, summer of 15 dnc was entered by somebody using code that is linked to ukraine or russia, that is not a smoking gun that could be somebody in ukraine somebody in russia could be somebody borrowing code used somewhere else, we need to get to the bottom of
8:25 am
this but not talk about it as an election hack because that is not what happened dagen. dagen: you do have donald trump tweeting and referencing julián assange, who no is supporter of the united states that is safe to say. >> look i am not fan of mr. assange, that is not an individual who is serving the american national interests absolutely. but the fact is you know, when piece of information gets out there, you can't deny veracity simply based on the person who gained access to it you. if it were the case president nixon would have served fourth term deep throat wouldn't be relevant no "washington post" story the source of the information doesn't necessarily negate veracity of that information. >> dr. gorka, one of my questions is i mean there is no question that cybersecurity is a threat to us no question that russia is playing in that i think the democrats are
8:26 am
making a mistake right now making it just about the election. what do you think is broader issue on cybersecurity? >> well the broader issue is that we are having lunch eaten every day, by -- by the cyberwarriors not about russia, russia is good at this but russia is better at propaganda disinformation look at rt television station probably more dangerous than any cyberhack in terms of distorting the reality the real threat from cyberin my opinion is china, literally tens of thousands of people in form working for chinese army as cyberwarriors, every day, they are attacking us literally tens of thousands of times every hour, so cyber is a key issue, and if you look at who the president is choosing president-elect trump is choosing for his national security council they understand this very, very clear.
8:27 am
>> a quick question, you have intelligence defense, and the political activity and the business side all having been kind of up coordinated going after terror what would be your message to trump to really go after face this squarely? >> very simply just conclusion of my book defeating jihad number one get correctness out of threat assessment acquiesce had 8 years of disthe organization censorship, analysts -- that isis analyzing sent by white house has to stop i think we can expect that with president trump we've to intaur silly allies this isn't a war we should be front line of, it should be the egyptians jordanians sunnis of the region lastly this really goes back to the social media as well, killing terrorist is not met prick of success body bags didn't work in vietnam not too smart today killing terrorists
8:28 am
is part of the solution. the ultimate victory comes from the concept of jihad is no longer sexy we have to have a large scale counterpropaganda campaign the ideology of jihad as president reagan did in communism those thee things together we've won this war. >> dr. gorka always great to see you ask you is to much for being here. >> happy new year. >> happy new year dr. is he intas sean gorka honoring heroes of bonn marathon bombing how the tell a obtained "patriots day" brought this incredible story to life, more companies taking a gamble on self-driving technology at the electrons show in vegas we will take an autonomous car for a spin a in sin city. >> viva las vegas ♪ ♪ ♪ viva las vegas
8:29 am
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choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back dagen mcdowell thursday, january 5 your top stories at 8:31 a.m. eastern time transition of power, continuing in d.c., as obama administration enters its final days, president-elect trump cabinet picks prepare to get grilled on capitol hill. vice president elect mike pence resilienting the
8:32 am
reiterating the commitment to making america great again. >> we have 16 days away from the end of business as usual in washington, d.c. . today our message is very simple. working with the leadership here in the house and in the senate we are going to be in the promise keeping business. >> latest on america's leadership ahead. >> technology world descending on sunday city intest self-driving cars to wallpaper television sets top from ces a stubble on runway what investors need to know as victoria's secret parent company lowers guidance. >> broader markets stocks a braether after two days of gains 15-point loss dow futures dow 58 points away from that 20,000 close and we have a slightly disappointing report from adp on private sector a creation not moving markets much in hollywood taking on one of america's
8:33 am
defining moments director peter bergh joins us to talk about latest if i am "patriots day", tells story of the attack during boston mar thorn led to one of the most incredible have anhunts manhunts our nation has scene. >> electronics show under way liz clayman there live in las vegas with a look at the top trend this year, good morning. reporter: viva las vegas dagen i am on debbie wasserman schultz -- how appropriate biggest trend right now when it comes to this autonomous vehicles first fox business delphi audi cq take a ride this is the most complex automated drive demonstrated on fox business network i introduce you you to glenn our safety driver we are off no hands, tell us about this drive why the most complex? >> it is -- involves city
8:34 am
streets tunnels highway driving, and all the unique things that las vegas can throw at you -- >> kicking in to autonomous vehicle status right now us there what is happening, and, by the way, i am nervous, i am being very serious. >> no need to be nervous car can control everything uses 25 you different sensors radars, cameras sea world around it plans the path feels natural zri. >> testing wind right now turning into a curve why is this complex? because we are going to enter a tunnel, it is not just what you see in the past where you see a highway, right? this is something different, there are other cars around, there er pedestrians what else can this do. >> sea world around basically. >> -- [no audio].
8:35 am
dagen: that is -- car works we lost signal i want to thank liz clayman for that going to have so much more from ces as day moves on innovation in insurance industry nation's largest publicly held personal casualty insurer all state is also at the consumer electrons show in las vegas bring in allstate ceo tom, seems like odd fit why the heck are you at ces? >> well, we're at ces because the personal transportation systems are going to change dramatically, so you saw a little bit about autonomous cars dagen that is the tip of the iceberg, the entire system is going to change we have to change with it, and so we can serve our customers errs. dagen: what do you mean by that tell us more about allstate's efforts on autonomous driving overall car. >> so first let me -- define opportunity for you, a 20% improvement in the cost and effectiveness evident
8:36 am
transportation system worth a% improvement inern income in america single biggest opportunity that addressed to raise household incomes the way we are working on doing this created a company called arity it helps upgraded technology, existing cars so they can be connected, provide technology insurance companies like our, other insurance companies directly to consumers, we can do three things, first, we can give them more accurate pays price for insurance over half the time a lower price in customers like that part. sendly we can impre driving are spending make it safer give awards game with each other saver driver thirdly can rice overall cost of transportation system, and which is that 5% improvement in household income, so this is a big thing for us we have over a million cars connected. we get over 700 million miles a month of data. we connected -- we are, would go hard on current after market, and so that we can help bring those benefits to
8:37 am
people so they don't have to buy, the 60,000 dollar autonomous car. >> tom this is christian haglund. >> i have many, many friends colleagues, just you know buzzing so a much innovation to look forward to in future. and yet these are ovn innovations we are not going to see as xhooerz consumers for years autonomous vehicles people owning them driving every day, may be a few years are away are you optimistic about the future of connected cars alps vehicles becoming a staple of american life? >> it is a really good point a lot of people are just focused on the autonomous cars nobody is going to drive the average age of the fleet about 11 years, it is going to take a while before all cars get turned over. even when technology gets caught up. and so there is a big transition is huge what we're
8:38 am
doing working with our customers to make the transition come sooner by upgrading the technology, in existing cars, so you don't have to apply a new one to get to be safer in the way you drive make money off the way you drive we think people will be able to share cars like airbnb make money off house or apartment we think customers will make money off cars, by letting other people use them, because most of the time your car is sitting around, i mean, 70 to 80% time nobody using car just sitting in a parking lot someplace. >> i don't know tom sharing my car is like sharing my shoes with request somebody. [laughter] i am not into that. >> we are into cars -- >> okay. okay. tom i want to ask you this is he became the ceo of u.s. chamber of commerce, what are your top objectives going forward and are you he optimistic about what the new administration incoming administration is talking about?
8:39 am
>> well, the -- u.s. chamber probably most successful business organization in the country, both at national and local and state level, and what i am working on is is i believe businesses can do more, so for a long time, probably last 20, 30 years businesses have really been judging on how much money you make for shareholders. that came from milton friedman said you shouldn't do anything else other than make money for shareholders i believe that is wrong society asks corporations do more than that we can do more so what business do through u.s. chamber create prosperity. >> ideas, people resources, and processes around we create prosperity, so how do we get businesses organized, to do more? so, for example, if you look in nonprofit world, america we have a lot of success here but we got problems; right? if waiting for the government, or for nonprofit to fix it going to wait a long time. >> exactly. >> we need businesses to get in, bring their resources to
8:40 am
it and i think if we do that, we do that through chamber customers society will reward us we got to eliminate trust gap people think business are not good business make america great! >> i think that message snaeth with people. >> good to -- so a you from las vegas, coming up elect donald trump slamming democratic senator chuck schumer on obamacare sfoouftuar varney will weigh in on that heroes stood tall on day and aftermath of marathon terror attacks to silver screen the police xhifgs at the time hailed the team behind "patriots day" on our show last month. >> we had -- peter perkibergh unique team told story better than anything i have seen on television, in the movies, did
8:41 am
he pikeing real life. >> we are going to talk to the director about that work, peter bergh all that went into that adaptation. millions of you are online right now, searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results.
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. welcome back everybody, we ir46 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at some stocks moving this morning, we are watching i brands falling 6% company said 4th quarter profit will be low end of guidance the latest retailer to report low profit expectations macy's, kohl's reporting disappointing holiday season sales, l brands victoria's secret and bath and body works. >> walgreens boots alliance narrowly beat estimates raising low end to guidance full year hopes to win more customers with new pharmacy partnerships, walgreens replaced cva health as in-network pharmacy for
8:45 am
tricare for military personnel, and families. breaking this moments ago president-elect donald trump tweeting about wikileaks julián assange, saying quote the dishonesty media like saying i am in agreement with julián assange, wrong. i simply say what he states it is for the people. >> that is the first and what is expected to be a series of tweets we will follow the story and bring you the latest developments there. republicans democrats sparring over future of obamacare, presid the battles to twitter tweeting this democrats led by headed clown chuck schumer knew how bad obamacare is what a mess they are in, and instead of working to fix this do typically political thing and blame, the fact is obamacare was a lie from the beginning keep your doctor keep your plan, it is time for republicans and if democrats to come together, and come up with a health care plan that really works.
8:46 am
much less expensive far better exclamation point all caps. >> joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney with thoughts on this. >> my thought hes how about shock. trump tweet first thing in the morning talking about the clown chuck schumer quite a shock to the system, i want to take you back a little bit. you and i were sitting here on the set watching the democrats performance yesterday as they opposed the repealing obamacare. later in the day, our colleague neil cavuto came up with the following. which is that under obamacare, the death rate is up life expectation is down we are living less years less months actually, and all kinds of chronic illnesses on the increase chronic lung disease stroke related death kidney disease all up precisely same time seeing democrats say if
8:47 am
you repeal obamacare, america gets sicker, it was just an extraordinary adjudication position old guard democrats claim demise of obamacare would make america sicker our colleague neil cavuto pointing out very clearly that obamacare in those years we have gotten sicker anyway. >> i watched congressman jim on tucker carlson almost a quote said americans don't like affordable care act because they have been lied to for years about it by the republicans and conservatives so because they don't understand it and they believe lies, that is why they don't like it that is why you roughly 8 out of 10 americans want it changed. >> it is the old guard democrat leadership that is clinging on to basically a failure, clinging on to the shreds ridiculous old guard
8:48 am
democrat leadership need new ladders now, policy to approach america nowhere near doing that at this moment. >> in trump's words crown-like. >> wonderful, trump is right through everything, simple tweet 7:30 in the morning. >> it was a circus it was a circus. >> thank you stuart. >> thank you. >> stuart, "varney & company" starts exactly 13 minutes from now, every day, at 9:00 a.m. eastern. and the heroes of the boston marathon bombing in manhunt come to big screen. >> never citizens on streets where all these, every inch of this city is getting searched. we're shutting it down. -- tax as i picked up a guy matching white house description could be on his way to the office. >> -- a team --
8:49 am
>> have a team and director behind "patriots day" stayed true to this inspiring story. brother dominic sir. nice work brother dominic, very nice. thank you. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, ♪ brother and sister. and shared across the 7 continents. now where were we... ♪ (different languages spoken.) ♪ brother dominic again. look abbot, i got it! it's a miracle...
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . >> boston marathon -- [cheers and applause] >> oh! behaving yourselves? -- >> terrorism. >> that is a claip from the new film "patriots day" based on 013 boston marathon back manhunt joining me director that have the film peter berg
8:53 am
why attracted to telling this honor people killed evolved people of boston. >> i think the couple reasons, mark wahlberg good friend asked me to come to boston with him, and meet the men and women who went through this, when i did, i was really impressed with two things, one was the love that this community showed very clear this kind of this tactic of terrorism is flawed it may hurt us but actually really brings people together i was very impressed with that how community took care of themselves i was also really, really impressed when the law enforcement that i met with people like commissioner ed davis top cop in boston with lawyer ran fbi two guys happened on that watch, and to see how you know, it is -- it is really great to know that we were taking care of each other to see if they want to do this come at us like this, we have some pretty extraordinary men and women
8:54 am
who will give them every bit they can handle and will go get them and bring them to justice, that was very inspiring to me. >> what is going to surprise medium about this when they see it. >> a couple things we live in a headlined culture hard to go deep into stories but i think, to see how intense, and competent our law enforcement was, and getting them and capturing them is extraordinary. to see, how a young 22-year-old chinese immigrant danny saved new york brz had more bombs in the car gotten away headed for new york city, and they kidnapped the wrong kid, this kid's story way -- fought back, and quite literally saved manhattan they times square gps a car full of bombs, there was nothing standing in between these two psychotic brothers and another
8:55 am
attack but this young -- young chinese citizen one of the most bad-asspeople i met in my life a great, great fern. >> a lot of films we point out you rhetoric screenplay you have prin appreciative screen plays directed movies based on real events long survivor, why attracted to the real the real events real people versus just fiction make-believe does it make your job harder. >> i grew up, doing journalism like you a little bit and wasn't was good as you are i was okay. and i was, really just attracted to inducing people finding out real stories, found for me personally that was more interesting so when i am working on a flame and i have marcus latrell twin brother, 6'8 navy seals
8:56 am
reminding me to get it right tends to make me work harder be more focused when i have commissioner ed davis boston p.d. 6' also thousands men and women of the boston police community when i have them standing over my shoulder, making sure that we capture it, correctly, that i found very inspiring. >> this is third movie you have made with mark wahlberg. >> mr. wahlberg yes. >> we have our moments, particularly like in playoff season because he is a patriots i am a giants' fan, but you know, it is -- i never had a brother so it is like having a brother i love him very much, i have so much respect for him. we you know we fight like brothers fight sometimes, but there is always a lot of love there. >> great to see you -- >> by the way, he is behind state of play on hbo producer of that incredible series on
8:57 am
sports, so i know more episodes coming from excited about that motive opens not tomorrow but a week from tomorrow. >> 18th. >> buy tickets people, we will be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
... >> breaking news right now. we're monitoring a developing situation in turkey. turkish police followed explosions outside of a courthouse.
9:00 am
they believe to have been car bombs. police are seeking a third assailant and we'll bring you the latest developments here on the fox business network. thanks to kirsten, lee carter this morning. right now it's all about "varney & company" and mr. stuart varney. take it away. stuart: i will. thanks, dagen. today we begin with a money story, a trend story, how we live and spend our money. there's been a big shift. good morning, everyone, department stores in deep trouble despite growing consumer confidence. they had a very weak holiday season. some shopping malls will lose their anchor stores. we're just not buying what we used to buy and we're not buying it where we used to buy it. the holiday winners were the on-line guys, amazon in particular. it shipped a billion items. you will see this reflected on the market. hu


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