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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> he many got to be thinking about the target on his back. lou: thank you both. we appreciate it. thank you for being with us. tomorrow night congressman jip jordan joins. kennedy: tonight general michael flynn is out in washington. so what does this mean for team trump and the national security our nation? did general flynn violate any laws when he spoke to the russians? judge napolitano is here to break all of that down. the prime minister of israel now in washington for his meeting with the president. bubble up, this could get bumpy. what the hell happened to lieutenant general michael flynn? the natial security advisor abankruptly resigned after he said he inadvertently briefed
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the vice president and others with information with my phone call with the russian ambassador. andth was nothing to the story you are discussing. the new russian sanctions like old ladies in the beauty shop. moscow didn't respond in kind when president obama didn't react in kind when p obama booted the russian diplomats out of the country. the anti-flynn intelligence community was rinsing in on he phone call and reading every text. thanks to edward snowden we note
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nsa and every other intelligence apparatus is capable of spying on anyone at any time on any device. thanks to chuck schumer some of them are waiting for a reason. he broke protocol by rubbing salve on russia's wounds. it reminded me another play and lie. >> i did see the president at the phoenix airport the other night. as i was heading out, he came over and we talked about our grandchildren. no discussions were healed on any cases. kennedy: why didn't the cia, f.b.i. and nsa ever foil that ruse?
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could it be the partisanship went there? it will take time to judgment egregiousness of flynn's errors. but with the intelligence community locked and loaded against the administration to bring anyone done, i trust no one. is it the tip of the putinesque iceberg that could sink the u.s.s. trump? glad you are here, i'm kennedy. the trump administration in full damage control over michael flynn. today white house spokesman sean spicer said this wasn't a legal issue and claimed flynn talking to the russians was perfectly lawful. he said at the end of the day, it was a trust issue. >> the issue was that the president got to the point where general flynn's relationship, misleading the vice president
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and others were the possibility he had forgotten critical details of this conversation had created critical mass in an unsustainable situation. kennedy: the democrats want to take this all the way to the top. >> what did the president know and when did he know it? >> the republicans need to join us. this is not a democratic issue. this is not a republican issue. it's not an independent issue. this an american issue for the soul of our democracy. kennedy: how could this have happened in the first place. surely a career military and intelligence guy like michael flynn must have known the risks, right? my brother from the same mother,
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welcome back. this is a politicized fight. but how much of it was bad blood between flynn and the intelligence community? >> i think enough to get the former attorney general sally yates involved. the f.b.i. doesn't just do law enforcement. they do counter intelligence. the fact that flip didn't know he was going to be taped and the ambassador didn't say to him, you know we are on tape, right? it's ludicrous. and those -- you know i'm on the record way long ago predicting that this guy is a if youy sitting next -- this guy is a puppy nexto a pile of poo. it refleblghts on trump's judgment. but he got turfed for lying to the vice president. flynn couldn't figure that out
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either. there are all kinds of reasons he had to go. he leaves was pence walked in there and said i can't trust that guy, that means you can't trust him. kennedy: it stleemed were plenty issues with his appointment in the first place. but also you have people involved in the story including sally yates and john brennan and james clapper. these are people on their way out of jobs they had for several years. how much of this istles the politicization of washington? >> a lot. what this boils down to, this is a bit of a hangover from the bush and obama administration. the entire alphabet soup plus the pentagon. they are the guard dogs. they don't care who owns the house. when you have kick the guard dog
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enough it bites back. flynn got the keys to the house and immediately threw the dog on the front lawn and started bad mouthing him. of all the national security advicors we have had, this guy knew better. he was in the system. he knew better than to do that. kennedy: isn't this a question of who runs the country and ultimately who runs the world? isn't it a power struggle because we have an unorthodoxed president who wants to write the rules. and the agencies are saying this is the way we have always don't. and this is the way we are going to keep doing it. >> for a guy who said he doesn't need a daily briefing. they know full well they don't get credit for their big wins. trump can't figure that out that they are the most effective intelligence agencies in the
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whole world. so he discounts out of hands before he's even in the white house what they do. it's not new that they are polite sides. it goes way -- that they are politicized. the national park is politicized. whether it's bill clinton, george bush or barack obama. they get to push back. trump inherited washington. this is how washington works. this is how the 202 insides the beltway works. ken there are pence is one of the biggest alligators in the swamp. and he said no, not on my leash. thank you very much. now on to the party panel. so much love. glenn hall is the news editor for the "wall street journal." he's joined by matt welch and ben kissel.
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welcome, gentlemen. it's a man pann valeine's day. this is a pretty big problem fourth administration that isn't even a month old. the white house is getting it from all sides, i would say. so here we go. we have flynn who is now out. even though there is his area and outrage. i'm trying to figure out how big after deal this is. people have been doing justice and making side deals for a long time. >> the underlying issue is not an impeachable offense. yef it violates the logan act. logan act doesn't exist it was passed in the 18th century and has never been used. what price do you pay for lying
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to who and when. flynn paid no price for lie together american people if it was only when this became public and the cia leaked this and it became a public nuisance. kennedy: this all about leaks. it has nothing to do with the conversation flynn had and he lied about. obviously democrats want scalps. they want to go all the way to the top and get as many betsy devoses in there as they can. >> it doesn't end. it feeds into the different committees that started investigating in what was russia's role in it gearing t election. now they can expands that to find out what connections do they have with anyone in the trump cam. but there are republicans saying they have to be careful about pushing back too far and defending the president.
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they are walking a thin line and erring on the side of we need to look into these things. kennedy: who do you trust less? either people are cozying up to russia or the government is spying on itself. >> this is a situation of lack of judgment. if michael flynn works on his rolls per row impression, i think he will crush on the national review cruise line. he was fired under obama, now has to resign under president trump. he's the it in version of keith oberman. the kremlin is more miekd up than helms kitchen. it's a real total mistake that i can't believe he made. kennedy: the biggest loser dorm room. >> it's about not being truthful
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with the vice president and the trump administration. kennedy: we have some brand-new fox news polls and you could argue the flynn situation is trump's first real crisis. the rst foils very tely. the question is are you confident in the president's judgment in a crisis situation. 50% say yes, 49% say no. that's bert than it was back in october when 43% received they trust the president's judgment in a crisis. what does this say about voters and how they perceive the president? >> gallup had a poll that he slipped in confidence among the american people the last three weeks. my biggest takeaways is it's polarized. we are in a hype for, hyper divide moment.
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it think it's going to polarize even more. have you tried to look at facebook the last month? you can't it's not possible anymore. other thing is obamacare. people are prioritizing that as an issue. that is really important. you are talking about affecting people -- kennedy: with obamacare you are talking about people's philosophies. you are also talking about the most important thing is what affects their bottom line it's one thing to be opposed to common core when you don't have kids in school, but everyone needs health insurance and medical care. >> right on the bottom line of every person who is out there work or seeking help with their healthcare, this is going to be a challenge for everybody when
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they don't know what it's going to look like. i think that's what the concerns are reflecting. kennedy: i was having a discussion with a democratic strategist. he said democrats, it doesn't behoove them to help the president at all. >> that goes down to gerrymandering and redistricting. but this is lowered expectations. most presidents a month into their administration has quite a bit more confidence from the american people than 50%. it's coming on the heels of north korea's he grelsive actions with their ballistic missile test. i think they wanted to believe president trump will be a leader in these tough times. kennedy: democrats will continue to connect the dots.
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they see if that further erodes con if i comments president. it doesn't look like his numbers are going up until the economy does for most people. coming up next. judge napolitano joins me to weigh in on the legal fallout on president trump's actions. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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kennedy: as if the michael flynn situation isn't enough. it brings up a law that hasn't been used since 1799. judge andrew napolitano, welcome back. i ask you this on so many occasions. you haved the best way ofribing. how good is this yogurt to michael flynn? >> i don't know the answer to that. no one has been prosecuted under
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this statute since it was enacted in 1799 including the future director of the characteristics a bill casey who right after ronald reagan's election negotiated with the iranians. this is the era when they were holding americans as hostages. they were conducting shadow negotiations. far more egregious than whatever general flynn did. however, it is illegal and the justice department could prosecute somebody, the jeff sessions justice department. i doubt he would do that to flynn, but he could do that for purporting to speak on behalf of the government when you are not authorized to do so. more problematic is whether this conversation general flynn had with the russians is the tip of other conversations the trump people had with the russians. that's what both side want to know about as well.
8:21 pm
kennedy: how do we find that information without it turning into a divisive partisan -- >> that's a great question. here is general flins problem. he won't be prosecuted under the logan act. the problem is did he lie to the f.b.i. we learned he was interviewed for several hours by the f.b.i. about this conversation. if they believe he lied to them, they will take him to a grand jury. they take that very seriously. ask martha stewart. the fact that he's exposed to that means when the senate or the house calls him in to testify he will invoke his fifth amendment rights. he doesn't want to give the government gris for its mill and a potential prosecution. kennedy: he has created an even bigger headache for this administration. and it seems they have tried to
8:22 pm
distance themselves from this russian connection that keeps popping up. in some ways it's manufactured. >> i agree some of it is manufactured and some of it is legitimate being raised by friend of yours and mine. the president has known about this for two weeks. sean spicer has given three different versions of this. so there is a lot more to come here. my advice to the general whom i have met many times is get good counsel. get inside the beltway counsel who knows how to deal with this. you have ethical, intelligence and potentially criminal issues coming together in the person of one human being, general flynn. kennedy: are you concerned that
8:23 pm
he has raised the ire of the intelligence community? >> that's another issue and very troubling to me. is the deep state, is that portion of the intelligence community which never changes trying to reach into the white house to teach their critic in chief, the president of the united states, a lesson to show them what they can do to him? that is the tip of an even more dangerous iceberg. kennedy: the government is spying on itself. you raise the most profound question and the answer unfortunately is yes. we are in the middle of a massive power struggle and we are the ones who will feel the fallout from that and we'll be less safe because of it. i'm so glad you bring that up. coming up. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visiting the u.s. tim carney is next. this is the silverado special edition.
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>> tomorrow when president trump welcomes israeli president benjamin netanyahu to the oval office, oh, my, is there a lot on that plate. the two leaders expected to discuss the iran news jar deal. other than that he thinks it's great. israelis hate it, too.
8:28 pm
they are goi to talk about jewish settlements in the west bank. the meetings could also set the tone for u.s.-israeli relations the next four years. so in essence it's a pretty big deal. guess whose here to talk about it. tim carney with the washington examiner and visiting fellow for the carnegie institute. let's talk about the issues they will unpack at the white house. what do you think is the most pressing on the agenda? >> for trump, all of israel is a flying by the seat of the pants story. so the pressing question is which donald trump will come out. we had him being all over the place when it comes to where the u.s. embassy is going to be. we have had it be all over the place on a variety of things. are we going to get a trump who
8:29 pm
is trying to put himself right next to israel on this? or is the focus going to be on the iran deal which it was during the campaign? so the problem with this administration is we never have any idea what the president is going to be doing until he does it. and we don't know if he has idea what he's going to be doing. kennedy: it's difficult to glean from the president which mode he will be in during this all-important summit. what do you think is most pressingor israel? what do they come to the table with? are theyng tfirst talk about how to scrap that iran deal and if that's possible unilaterally? >> the iran deal, they feel iran deal helps iran get nuclear weapons. supporters of the iran deal makes the opposite argument. the opinion in israel is divide. but that's going to be the number one issue as far as dealing with the u.s.
8:30 pm
the settlement is a top issue facing netanyahu. but i don't know if trump will have that much of an input. the deal where netanyahu and trump don't have have much disagreement at all is on the iran deal. kennedy: that's one area where the statement that there is no daylight between their policies. two areas, one is settlement and the second moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. a lot of administrations talk about this. it's a huge shift and says something about how we see israel in terms of the rest of the middle east. but how likely do you think that is? it seems like there has been waffling? >> it's official u.s. policy passed by congress that jerusalem is the capital, ought to be considered. the embassy ought to move it. it's an affront to the people who want the palestinian state.
8:31 pm
but the fact is that every president has said, every candidate has said i'm going to move the capital to jerusalem. but that's always been something of a noble lie. they haven't actually don't. when trump came into office, it seemed he believed this noble lie and that made it stark when he did a reversal and said this will be a process. this will be slow. so it look like trump said it because everybody else said it. and once he got into office they whispered in his ear, we all say that and none of us know that. kennedy: jared kushner, his son-in-law, he said if jared can't craft peace in the middle east, no one can. what do you think? >> i spent last year underestimating done trump.
8:32 pm
jared kushner is not going to bring peace to the middle east. the disputes there go back millennia. anybody who thinks he's going to solve the problem is fooling himself. kennedy: we are talking about jared kushner here. >> the best the white house can do is manage the mess. i think of myself as a conservative. we don't think most problems can be solved. anybody who thick the tension in the middle east can be solved has way too much faith, way too much belief in the per of the u.s. government. kennedy: it's like talking teenagers out of having hormones. your insight and analysis -- the party panel returns. we'll cheer you have. there may be hope for you in a dating app that matches you with other people who are just as
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nudity. "playboy's" next issue will feature nude models. this comes a year after hugh heffner decided to eliminate nudity from the creation. now hat miss son has become the editor, the nudity is back. so, ben -- >> thank you for going to me first. i'm an expert in the subject. kennedy: i thought it was a dumb idea of playboy. it's like home depot not selling drills. >> i only read "playboy" for the feud photos. it's like when, the great
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symbolic moment. just be a beautiful person. kennedy: maybe they realize there was no editorial -- people were going to look at girls that weren't naked. >> connor had a great quote there will be was never any problem with women being nude. kennedy: you celebrate freedom in all it forms, including the nude form. glenn hall, i know you are essentially a puritan and you are disgusted by this and you have gone on a one-man protest. >> i think it's a genius move. we weren't talking about playboy until we did this. so that part was smart. but if you ask me where advertising is going down, i don't know why they thought any of these ideas --
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kennedy: that would be awesome if they put pilgrim costumes and beards on them. >> somehow they thought circulation would go if you they didn't have the nudity. kennedy: a new dating app seeks to match people by what user hate. it's called haters. it's been live for a week. the app asks whether they love or hate a certain topic. and then they try to match you based on how you respond. this is fantastic. too often you paint this rosie picture of yourself. then you go on dating apps and you are silly nonsense. now people get to bond over what matters. >> this is why people shouldn't date.
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this is why they should be married for 19 years like i have. everything is politicized. i'm sure the haight is how much do you hate donald trump or hillary clinton. kennedy: people not enamored with the price of rent. that's another thing that unifies people. then they can move in with each other. >> just be honest talking about the things you hate. >> at first i did not like this app. but thin realized the it helps you have figure out what you do love. once you figure out what you have hate, you can deduce what you like. kennedy: like drawing in a negative space. >> i learned that. thank you very much for making my valentine's day dreams come true. may love abounds in your life.
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kennedy: i have a tough question for you. if you are tmilly ill, should aoctor be allowed to help you kill yourself. washington, d.c. city council passed a law that allows a patient to end their life. but there is a move to execute many the death with dignity law. let me ask jonathan hoenig. i know when you come on oftentimes we talk about physical policy and monetary policy. we talk about investing and money and the future.
8:46 pm
but this time we are going to talk about a political and philosophical question. who owns your life, you or the government? >> it's an important to question, because of course you tone your own life. this push to make assisted suicide a crime, that itself is criminal. when you say you own your life, you have a right to its use and disposal. nothing says valentine's day like a discussion over assisted suicide. but the fact of the matter is there are rules. the right to consent, the right to the consent of the patient. they are not 14 years old. they are not out of their minds. kennedy: we talked with doctors and lawmakers about this issue who say, oftentimes a patient knowing that they have that alternative brings them so much
8:47 pm
comfort and they rarely use it. think about the way we treat our pets. we treat them much more hugh mainly. and if -- a lot more humanely. but we have a different view for human beings. i understand the argument for the sanctity of life. but there is also something to be said about your own life. there are a lot of aging people in this country who want control over their life and how they ends it. >> that's who is terrified. that's frightening to older people. because it makes growing old a terror for them. they are afraid they are going to be kept alive by new technology. they want to privilege a sense of calm and ends the suffering. it's religious influence coming into politics it comes from the
8:48 pm
republicans who say you have a right to your own money but not your own life. kennedy: i think it's interesting. god gives us free will, including the free will to end our lives if there is suffering. and that's a big if. that's a big qualifier. it's not that you are encouraged to walk down a street and walk in front of a bus. many of us have seen people at the end of their lives who are so miserable. and want to go so much suffering it's incumbent upon us as family members and members of so sight to give people some alternative option to that sort of horrific pain. i actually want to talk about neil gorsuch. the judge from colorado who is now a nominee to take up antonin scalia's justiceship on the supre court. he has written extensively about being against euthanasia laws
8:49 pm
and assisted suicide. how did that play into this discussion? >> it's a step in the wrong direction. as you have said. you take a look at individuals who are in a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. you want to end their lives with dignity with the full participation of a doctor. along comes government and says you can't do this. who owned your life? in a free country you tone your life. you have the right to its use and disposal. sow that's why moves like this are amount threat cal to -- are an think threa -- areantithetic. kennedy: nothing says be mine like -- >> will you be my valentine? >> of course. i ask myself the same question since i own my own life. and i always get myself the best
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kennedy: happy valentine's kittens.
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this is the "topical storm." the only place where it's okay to hunker in a bunker. topic number one. if you are like most americans you use a bull whip for every day household chores. but if you ever wondered what would happen if you used an 80-foot instead of the standard 6-foot length. that's great. you can see it has unforeseen consequences. that's called the recoil. brian is the first neuter to own a home in his utah community. he should have learned from the former australian prime
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minister. it's the sharia law of the outback. that was from a comedy and the kid was not harmed on camera. just wait until he gets to wrestling camp. topic number two. there are some questions that have so much subtext they are confounding riddles that have no answers. what is the sound of one hand clapping. try what's in your hand. >> what do you have in your hand? what's in your hand? your other hand. what's in your other hand?
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what are you holding on to. >> a golf club. kennedy: that's right, pops. there is nothing in my other hand. topic number 3. a world record is not an easy thing to achve. i hold the world record for most alpacas shaved during a commercial break after fox show. i'm up to 7. but for john ferraro his goal for a world record seems more difficult than normal. >> 3, 2, 1, go! >> ferraro hold the guinness world record for the most nails
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hammered in 3 minute for a total of 28. his skull is twice as thick as a normal human's. today we are going to give you instructions on how to hammer a nail. kennedy: topic number 4. i know two thing. the world needs more music and donald trump has emotional and entertaining tweets. thank god super deluxe married the two and emo tweets it's a match made in heaven. ♪ a successful presidential
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election ♪ kennedy: i don't know how it turned into death metal. topic number 5. 30 seconds to mars, throw me in. topic number five. sometimes you do it with a super cool ski jump. you fly through the air like a condor before returning to earth like a ski lodge. this next video is not one of those times.
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oh, that poor man. he's not going to be riding horses with superman anytime soon. it's very sad it remind me of my first ski trip in 1991. things were simpler back then. hey, man, slow down for a sec, i just want to talk. >> no way, you will eat me. >> i want to give you back your gloves >> nope, still wearing them. kennedy: i ended up marrying that gremlin. happy valentine's day. k-12. much harder than i thought. thanks for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on instagraham and twitter @kennedynation. tomorrow on the show, another man sandwich. grab me some gluten-free bread,
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boys. greg gutfeld, nick gillespie and justin amash. >> loose change in a desk drawer. >> for 30-plus years, this baggage has sat around? >> yes. >> inside, a fabled coin. >> it was a unicorn, talked about but never seen. >> a rare coin that could bring in millions of dollars at auction this spring. >> sounds like "ka-ching!" >> one coin, potentially worth $2 million? >> one penny. >> but then, the government flips. >> they're coming after you. >> they are. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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