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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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oh, it is straddling the line. mark madsen, energy must have brought us there as we hit the closing bell. [closing bell rings] it is too close to call for the dow. nasdaq definitely a record and s&p. david asman and cheryl casone pick it up on this friday after the bell. cheryl: dow going positive. david: before it went negative. cheryl: up two points right now. we're trying for a comeback. hopefully we get it on this friday. dow ending well off the lows for the day. alas that 6-day record streak may be in play. david: unbelievable. cheryl: s&p 500 turning positive in last hour, with new high. nasdaq got it in hand there. nasdaq another brand new record. cheryl casone in for melissa francis. never a boring friday. david: good to have you here. impossible to keep the market down. with all the winds against it
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still gets uin the green. i'm vid asman. happy friday. this is "after the bell." we have you covered for big market movers but first here is what else we have for you at this hour. president trump getting down to business in a boeing facility in south carolina. creating more jobs and products made in the usa. meanwhile he says the repeal and replacement of obamacare is moving fast but we'll be speaking with one house republican who is still concerned about what is going into the bill and how long it's taking. remember that russian spy ship lurking just off the east coast of the u.s.? we're keeping tabs. wait until you see where it is now. cheryl? cheryl: might as welcome over for tea at this point. let's go back to the markets right now. the dow turning positive in the final seconds of trading, hitting a brand new high. 20,621. 1.88 to the upside. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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lori, how about that close for the dow? looking good. >> so much for some profit-taking today or investors hitting a pause button on the trump rally. let's go through it, cheryl. what drove the nasdaq? kraft-heinz announcing it wants to buy unilever for $143 billion. that would be the largest deal in the food and consumer products industry. unilever says the price is not high enough, no thanks. we'll follow it. move on to t-mobile. reports are saying softbank would give up its control of t-mole so t-mobile sprint combine. that helped shares of t-mobile. unitedheth turning positive in the last second. united health was the biggest drag today. the government reportedly joining a lawsuit that unitedhealth overcharged medicare. watch that. the dow positive for the week. closing at record highs with this 3-point gain at the close every single day this week. that's staggering. the pace which this rally built on gains since inauguration day,
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really since election day, go back to november is really quite impressive. investors very excited about president trump and his business policies. all three major averages higher for the week. dow, s&p, nasdaq up 1 1/2%. unreal. guys, back to you. cheryl: lori, you have to always remember and remind our viewers to watch the numbers as they settle. this is one of the most exciting times of the trading day. thanks for bringing it to david: i never thought three point gain is exciting. the dow settling up after trading lower all day, hitting another high followed by s&p and nasdaq closing the week on their highest notes ever. joining me, "barron's" senior editor jack hough. good to see you both. jack, what is going on? there is no headwind that can stop the market rally it seems. >> the economy is strong. not that many problems out there. the threat of rising interest rates but only get those when
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conditionsood so mkets are pushing forward. there are two trumps here, one guy will cut taxes reduce regulations. the business-friendly chamber of commerce guy. the other is a bit of a rambling weirdo we saw at the news conference. david: a lot of people thought he was a rambling genius by the way. but at any rate. edtodd, that rambling got him io the white house. woe to those who criticize the style, it was a winning style but the at same time he did talk down at least the timing of tax cut yesterday. he said obamacare had to come first for a number of reasons and i suspect that had something to do any wii with with the fact the market was down most of the day today. >> david, i believe that was a little -- that stalled. we have a market overly way too complacent and way too stagnant here. that will eventually will be the
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problem. things are starting to look better but we still have a massive amount of debt and all of his plans, if he can get them done are not going to happen tomorrow. so we'll have to go back to revisit all these things. the market is up on a wing and a prayer i call it. it is built on a lot of complacency. the vix is at all-time lows probably next week. it is something to think about and a reason to believe the markets may find a reason to correct at some point here. melissa: they're still looking for what is next out of president trump. that is about the tax reform promises. the president made his way down to boeing's south carolina plant and blake burman with the latest from today's event. blake? reporter: a lot of what we heard today we heard from president trump on the campaign trail. his economic agenda would be
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america first and keeping jobs in this country, focusing as he puts it on the american worker. this however, entire speech you can view it in the context of a first trip to a private company here in the u.s. leaving washington. you can also viewing in the sense david, what you were talking about, tax reform and there was one particular point in there kind of caught our eyes as we await the president's tax reform proposal and whether or not the border adjustment tax may or may not be in it. the president once again vowed that should companies leave this country, and bring products back in, that there would be a significant penalty. listen to president trump earlier today. >> i don't want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. we're not letting that happen anymore, folks, believe me. there will be a substantial penalty to be paid. reporter: here at the
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white house we await this tax reform package that we're led to believe will be unveiled the next couple weeks. once you heard from the president once again that promise, should companies leave they might have to pay some sort of a tax or tariff when products come back in. cheryl? cheryl: the devil is in the details. blake, thank you for the report. i want to bring in jack and todd. jack, what do you make of all of this? we heard the rhetoric from campaign donald trump and now as president but we need it to happen, right? this is what the markets are wanting to see. >> i'm all for cheerleading to keep companies jobs here, for creating policies give them a carrot to do that. the problem is when we begin to threaten companies like you better keep jobs here or else, the problem is that becomes something to think about for the next company that wants to set up shop here. is this place where we can check in but we can't check out? we don't want to be france in
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that regard. we want things flexible for companies so they can move resources around where they think they're best. certnly see environment for job growth going forward. cheryl: todd, the market heard comment from president trump. we still had new record highs. you think ceos are worried about being a target by the president and by the administration, you know what, i am going to play ball, i am going to build a new factory in this country, it is easier, right? >> believe me, to quote donald trump we'll make it happen here and this is one of the great things about having a true business man in the white house. he is negotiator. he will make deals if he has to down the road. i think he is focusing in bringing america back to work. we hadn't been to work eight years and probably longer. mice to have someone who wants to make the environment and jobs in this country to bring our people back to work for a group
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that needs to go back to work. cheryl: jack, particular interest with boeing. i want to bring up the company. what you saw with that the big union vote, the union lost. they voted for hillary clinton and they lost. they're not unionizing with boeing. that helps the bottom line with boeing. but you have a competition brewing between boeing and lockheed martin when it comes to military aircraft. what do you make of that side of the story and is that good for boeing? >> the union is alive and well in the federal government, but the public sector the hold of union is weakening. look what happened during union-dominated industry during the great recession. they lock in expensive benefits when times are flush, but when times get tough, people get canned. the union is no longer a group that can preserve people's jobs like you are able to. cheryl: todd, final word on boeing, do you think this is good ph foboeing and will see more job creation by boein >> i think it's a great thing
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for boeing. trump did a great job pitting boeing against lockheed to create competition. i think it is great they didn't go for the union. all things look great moving forward. i think it's a wonderful way to go. cheryl: all right, guys, i have to say, david, what i find interesting about this entire discussion, you have ceos, a a little nervous about president trump but at the same time, they do want, they do want to manufacture here in the night. they do want to manufacture -- david: as we saw earlier in the week the retails were meeting with president trump at the white house trying to convince him, trying to talk him out of this border tax because of course they are importing, they have all of their business based on importation. if suddenly they're faced with a 20% tax on everything that they import, they're going to pass that on to the consumer. consumers will pay 20% extra. that leads us to our next guest as a matter of fact. we have representative king waiting for us. president trump reassuring americans today that an
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obamacare replacement is on the way but house republicans still appear to be divided on a plan to replace the system. >> i'm for complete repeal of obamacare, and the house leadership is putting forward obamacare light. i'm just not for that. we voted about a year ago on complete repeal. we should have complete repeal. the or the problem with partial repeal, if you repeal part of obamacare, keep some feel-good stuff, it acally gets worse. david: here to react republican congressman from iowa, steve king, a great american, who i am happy to have known quite a while. good to see you, congressman. great having you here. what do you think of senator paul's point, that we shouldn't repeal and replace the whole thing. >> i agree with him most of the way but part on tactics of reform end. but on repeal side of this we need to bring a full, 100% rip it out by the roots repeal of obamacare. that is our promise since 2010.
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that is president trump's promise. as things are set up right now we would repeal what we could through reconciliation, the balance of that there is no plan to move legislation for the full repeal. i think it is wrong for the house that has votes, everybody pledged to vote repeal not to send a vehicle to the senate to pick up full repeal. david: interesting. the irs announced this week they would not ask taxpayers anymore if they have insurance. it is no longer a mandate. if you don't have the mandate doesn't that rip the guts out of obamacare? isn't essentially a dead deal already? >> most people think so if you don't have the mandate. that is generally true but there are a lot of pieces left in here that make this too complicated going forward. here are the things that trouble me, if we maintain that the federal government will have mandates on insurance, whether it's the individual mandate, if we take that off the table for no penalties, the 26-year mandate, the pieces that the rest of them along the way,
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maternity mandate and piece after piece, there are six or seven of them, whatever the federal government does to maintain mandate, that takes benefit of being able to sell insurance across state lines where states might not have any mandates and people like to buy a policy. dad: congrsman, there is a question about the individual and corporate rate. if in fact that they have to be delayed, the tax cut on those, until after obamacare, which the president said yesterday, clearly the question then is, whether they are retroactive. if in fact they're passed sometime in the fall, will they be retroactive back to january 1st? we had, congressman king on, excuse me, congressman brady on, kevin brady yesterday. he is the head of ways and means. here is what he had to say about that i would like to get your reaction. will it be retroactive back to january 1. >> notice has been made but we want growth, we want this economy to pick up. it is so sluggish and stagnant. we're looking at the retroactive
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as a major way to give money to businesses and people's pockets. get this economy going. david: so that is a yes to retroactive to january 1st? >> haven't made a decision. david: what do you say, congressman, will it be retroactive? >> david, i would like the yes answer, that is what i would have given you before i heard chairman brady. congress has record of making some of these tax situations retroactive. that is the best stimulator that you can do. i would agree with that. i think they should be retroactive. david: that is good to hear. congressman, you're on the judiciary committee. the president vows to get into the leaks with investigation open by the justice department. these people are spies and very good covering tracks. >> some people believe we'll not get down to the truth of this. i'm of the other opinion. with jeff sessions heading up justice department, right people are appointed to do the investigation. they should be pretty good doing investigations inside of the intelligence community.
4:15 pm
but as political as they seem to be at least on this issue, looks like a clear violation of 18 usc 798 on anti-espionage act, but as good as they seem to be i have to believe there are patriots within the intelligence community that already know who the culprit are. david: interesting. >> once you start taking depositions you will find out who they are. it is so important to our national security. david: it sure is. it sure is. >> david, if i could just add? david: go ahead. >> if we had a plan together to take out usama bin laden, no one among the intelligence community and issued leaks like this to the press, osama bin laden would be walking this planet. we can't have this. david: wow, that is great way to put it. you are going back home, when you do the weeks off you have town halls. now the protesters are at town halls, very much on the left of the political spectrum. what do you think you're going to find there? do you expect to see protests?
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>> i am expecting to see protests. we know they're organized by people that want to come and protest. i would rather they bring flowers rather than protest signs, but we've had this before. usually they're ginned up. at one of those points i had protesters yelling and screaming, i looked at them this, is iowa. we don't do this. and they all clammed up because at least they were realized they were bused in from out-of-state. david: happy presidents day. good to have you here. >> see ya. cheryl: mike pompeo slamming a report that said u.s. spice are with holding information from the president as the investigation into intelligence leaks. a former cia officer will tell us who he thinks behind it is. david: taxpayers may initially be on the hook to pay for the border wall but a new report says we'll make all that money back and much more. details to come.
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cheryl: confirmmation of president trump's cabinet moving at a crawl. one more in place. scott pruitt making it through the fire this afternoon. there are seven more to go. they won't be confirmed for at least another week. we'll tell you why. >> all they're doing is delaying. and if you look at schumer and the mess he has got over there, and they have nothing going. the only thing they can do is delay. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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liberty mutual insurance cheryl: the confirmation battles in our nation's capitol, nearly one month into office and president trump's cabinet still not in place as eight top officials are unable to get to work. fox news's mike emanuel is on capitol hill with the latest. mike? reporter: cheryl, we've seen plenty of tempers flare between
4:21 pm
republicans and democrats on that issue. one confirmation is done and another one appears on the way. scott pruitt was confirmed to be the next administrator of environmental protection agency. two democrats voted with republicans, the vote was 52-46 with two absences. wilbur ross, confirmmation secretary passed a procedural vote, 66-31. that is just the first step. top republicans are blasting democrats saying they're looking for excuses to slam on the brakes. >> if it wasn't one thing it would be another. the effort has been to delay the nominations that they have made controversial as long as possible in order to play to their left-wing base which will not accept the results of the election. reporter: quite a back and forth today between majority leader mitch mcconnell and democratic leader chuck schumer. democrats had a all-nighter on the senate floor to protest scott pruitt's nomination to
4:22 pm
lead the epa. their leader chuck schumer said they're doing the right thing giving these cabinet nominees extra scrutiny. >> they don't want sunlight on this cabinet. they want to rush it through. we have done america, senator, mcconnell, we have done america a service by showing who these people are. reporter: congress is leaving town for president's day holiday. up next is wilbur ross's final confirmation vote. that will be 10 days from now. after him, rn zinke for the secretary inteor. cherylthrecess, bad timing. mike, thanks. david: the russian spy ship off the coast of the u.s. is getting closer. officials tell fox news it is 19 miles off the coast of norfolk, virginia, home to the largest naval base in the world. it is slowing moving up and down the coast what is considered international waters, just barely now.
4:23 pm
the victor lenov is armed with an array of intel gathering equipment used to intercept communications and analyze u.s. navy sonar capability. cheryl: the president defending his administration. president trump saying the white house is running like a fine-tuned machine. coming up we look at president trump's first month in office. the mainstream media is at it again. liberal journalists slam the president's recent news conference. coming up next, howard kurtz will weigh in. >> the press honestly is out of control. look at some of your shows and you see the bias and hatred. quiet, quiet. see he lied about, he was going to ask a very straight, simple question. so you know, welcome to the world of the media. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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david: mainstream media's freakout continues. left-wing journalists blasting the president after his news conference. take a listen. >> it was unhinged.
4:27 pm
it was wild. >> bluster, bravado, exaggeration, and a few loose facts. >> with this guy, it was like a guy, almost on a couch explaining his problems to his shrink. david: then there is the "new york times," look at this headline from the opinion pages. is it time to call trump mentally ill? hearing more statements. howard kurtz host of "media buzz and fox news media analyst. good to see you, howard. for all the angst of mainstream media, there is trump only one question, he is like the rest of us, he cares about the ratings. will this ultimately in the press conference and what he is getting ready to do in florida tomorrow, will they help him in the polls going directly to the people? >> david, i'm getting distinct impression most of mainstream media were not fans of the trump performance. david: correct. >> on the polls, when he is
4:28 pm
going against unpopular news business particularly when they didn't vote for him, he is on the offense. there were times he got over the top, got corrected on facts. most of the people who support him don't care about that. the people skeptical of this president probably didn't like the news conference very much. david: he chimed in about the presser himself. he sent out a tweet as he always does. thanks for all the nice statements on the press conference. rush limbaugh said it was one of greatest ever. fake media is not happy. rush limbaugh had a far better track record what he has said over the past year what would work for public and what would not work and ultimately who would win than the mainstream media combined. >> the question i have, it makes trump feel good, in fact the president said so he sees unfair media, hatred, hatred that some pundits an journalists have for him, does this help him? i guess it does if it gets his popularity up.
4:29 pm
does it help move agenda through congress? help him on tax cuts and immigration and infrastructure bill and all that? i think jury is out on that. david: good point. >> i certainly feels he has to counter and maybe even obliterate what has been a pretty negative media narrative, chaos. david: he never ignores. he always fights back. one of the biggest hits on him over the past 24 hours was a statement he said where he said leaks are real, news is fake. i think that can actually be true. "the hill" of course was doing a kind of mocking fashion as a headline but you look at "new york times" piece that appeared this week. i've got, it was on wednesday. it says, trump aides had contact with russian intelligence. clear implication of that headline is that there was some kind of collusion between trump and russian intel on the election. when in fact the third paragraph of the piece says, the officials interviewed in recent weeks said so far they had seen no evidence
4:30 pm
of such cooperation. so the leaks were real but the headline was kind of misleading, no? >> maybe a little bit. i do think "the times" had a story there because there is an fbi investigation of this matter, evenit turns up nothing. same thing on "the washington post." president trump said mike flynn had been treated very, very unfairly by the press, but the post revealed accurately he had conversations with the russian ambassador, was not straight with the white house, he was getting fired. on the leaks, president trump has strong point. some. stuff particularly private conversations with foreign leaders and stuff about flynn is confidential, secure information. it is illegal to leak that stuff. seem elements of the bureaucracy, maybe obama hold overs are undermining him. that is problem on president's side. david: we only have 10 seconds, this mentally ill meme going out, that seems like desperation on part of his enemies. >> they tried this in the campaign.
4:31 pm
he won anyway. by not as big as electoral margin. he won. he is president. get over it. david: howie, have a great weekend. with more on howard kurtz, he didn't sit back and kick back on weekend. he has a show, "mediabuzz," 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel and we always anxiously look forward to that. it's a good show. cheryl: great show. the hunt is on. the white house is vowing to find out who is responsible for recent intelligence leaks. e a director ss the media report is dead wrong. david: bracing for the strongest storm in years. the tallest dam in the country is once again at risk. look at that! the power of water. >> we're just taking our chances. we just hear things. everyone is saying different things about the problems of the dam. we just don't know.
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david: what a day for the markets. just amazing. when it seemed the dow would snap its six-day record streak, it got a shot of energy in the final minutes of trading. i know four points to the plus is not very exciting. but it is the streak we're talking about here and how it came up from the bottom. s&p 500 and nasdaq also ending at record highs. what a way to end the week. terrific, cheryl. cheryl: love it. standing by our president. cia director mike pompeo slamming a report alleging u.s. intelligence officials are withholding sensitive
4:36 pm
information from president trump. director pompeo saying quote, the cia does not have has not, and will never hide intelligence from the president, period. we're not aware of any instance when that has occurred. here now, gary bernstein, former cia officer. gary, are there, is it possible that there are rowing agents out there? we've never seen an election like this or a campaign or president like this? >> i don'think there is rogue agents out there, but in terms of the leak that caused a downfall to mike flynn there will be a path to pursue this. there is a document someplace in the community where initial collection was put on paper and there is an organization that did it. given the fact an american was included in the discussion, special measures must be taken. they had to create a bigot list probably, and put names on that list who would be able to look at that if they wanted to introduce people into that special compartmented information channel, additional
4:37 pm
readers, they would have to read them on to the program. so there could be evidence here but it wouldn't be at cia likely. likely nsa or the fbi. cia doesn't do domestic coverage per se. cheryl: let me throw another theory then because you're leading me into my next question, maybe ex-intelligence? we had a former he intelligence officer at fox news, look at somebody like former cia director john brennan, former director of intelligence james clapper. the names have been brought up. >> clearly, the coverage of mike flynn occurred when they were in power. it occurred in december. so they would have had access as well. when i say i was referring to the agency, career staff agency officers. of course brennan came back in as an appointee. at the pinnacle of the agency they would have been involved in the political process. clearly this was a crime motivated by political intent, to bring down mike flynn. it wasn't for money. and these are going to be people that were likely loyal to
4:38 pm
president obama, and other people that had been named, people like former deputy national security advisor ben rhodes was stated in the free washington beacon that he had created an infrastructure to push media out against flynn in washington as soon as he left. that was another story covered. once they begin this thing and they begin investigating and walking this back, i think that it is possible that these individuals that did this may not have used great tradecraft here in the united states. we may be able to identify them. cheryl: gary, i have ten seconds, what happens to mike flynn. >> it is unfortunate that he left. he will go on to have a career in business. he is a man that served his country for 30 years. very, very decent guy. cared about the country. it is unfortunate. cheryl: gary, thank you very much. great perspective. >> my pleasure. david: worried out west, a new string of storms arriving along the pacific coast with especially ily strong one
4:39 pm
expected to hit california, heavy rains, snow in the mountains. fox news meteorologist rick reichmuth with what we can expect particularly with the dams in california. >> that is one of the big questions will it hold a lot more moisture coming in. in fact some spots, another 15 inches of moisture, rain or snow depending on elevation. the one today, likely one of the biggest ones, one of the strongest storms we've seen in a decade across southern california. the rain moving into southern california. l.a. basin incredibly heavy at this point. we're seeing very, very strong winds with it. we have all the winter weather advisory across mountains of southern california and parts of sierra nevada as well. this is a colder storm. there is a warmer one coming on monday. that is where a little bit more concern we'll talk about potential rainfall and maybe ofs of that dam. future radar we watch the storm
4:40 pm
moving across parts of the four corners. one piles up across the california coastline. forecast precipitation totals of additional precipitation you get this idea, l.a. basin, spots, probably 10 to 15 inches. in higher elevations total from these storms, still to come, over say the next day or so, something, maybe three inches of rain. that will certainly cause mudslides and continue to be problematic. storm tracks has a series of storms. there is no breakdown to this pattern that we're seeing. obviously the drought is going on for such a long time. we would like to get moisture but too much of it. with this a lot of wind coming onshore. with thawe'll see trees down and causing pretty significant power outages. winds at times across higher elevations may gust towards 80 miles-an-hour. one plus side, that is where we were droughtwise a year ago. actually no, just in december. here is where we are almost the entire state, looking so much better.
4:41 pm
good news comes at a price. david: worry for the folks living under that dam. cheryl: what a weekend. it might be the most effective argument for the border wall yet. how president trump's proposal could end up saving taxpayers more than $60 billion. that is next. >> the wall is going to be a great wall. and it is going to be a wall negotiated by me. the price is going to come down just like it has on everythings i have negotiated for. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. golfers like me have played these holes thousands of times, generating countless data points. the microsoft cloud helps me turn that data into insight that used to be invisible. here, intuition would tell me to lay up with a 3-iron, but the analysis from the cloud tells me to go for it,
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cheryl: new study suggesting that president trump's border wall c bring big sings for americans. ceer formmigraon studieses if the wall stopped half of all expected illegals it would save americans $64 billion over the next 10 years. joining us to weigh in with more on this, the author of that report. center for immigration studies director of research, steve
4:45 pm
camerota. fascinating research. i want to find out in particular how did you calculate this within the study? give us the magic an secret sauce. >> yeah, we do have a pretty good idea based on variety of sources of likely education level of illegal immigrants. there is already existing body of research that estimates the fiscal impact of illegal immigrants by education or immigrants in general. the national academy of sciences just did a study last year how much immigrants pay in taxes and use in service is by education. once you know the education level of illegal immigrants you plug it in and you can come up with an estimate. cheryl: i bet the services, i was looking at research, fascinating report, 75,000 for each american over their lifetime. i assume a lot of that will be health care. i say that as somebody grew up along the border with mexico and saw american hospitals overrun with illegals that had to be
4:46 pm
seen and treated no matter what. is that a big piece of it? >> it's a big piece. part of the issue, especially those across the border own 57% of them, haven't graduated from high school. so they don't make much money. even when they're paid on the book they don't pay much in taxes. a big part is they don't pay much in taxes because of their education levels. that is why the costs accumulate, they're creating costs for everything, from fire, licerotection, they get some welfare programs, health care costs and they're paying that much even when they're paid on the books. cheryl: there has been a lot of pushback for i.c.e. of the raids they have been doing. we should point out president barack obama was known as the deporter-in-chief and deported 2.3 million he will miles in his eight years, more than every president combined. they have been under fire, i.c.e. has. you have them firing back saying that reports of i.c.e. checkpoints and sweeps and round of ups are false, dangerous and
4:47 pm
irresponsible. this is tweet coming from i.c.e. they go on to say these reports create mass panic and put communities and law enforcement personnel inunnecessary danger. i.c.e. is on the danger here. why are we so misunderstanding what i.c.e. is doing when we thought these raids were already planned? >> bottom line immigration enforcement is always popular with the american people but with a small group of very vocal advocates who get a lot of play in the media, when ever i.c.e. does its job, they try to make it controversial because in the view of advocates for illegal aliens, if any illegal immigrant has to go home it's a tragedy. impact on american workers or as this study points out the impacts on taxpayers don't concern them. they're focused on illegal immigrants. what i.c.e. is trying to do is save taxpayers money making illegal immigrants go home. i.c.e. is focused on criminal aliens right now.
4:48 pm
cheryl: steve camerota, fascinating report. urge viewers to take a deep look at it. issue affects all of us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. david: a lot of money that could come in. cheryl: really is. david: nearly a third of the way through president trump's first 100 days and some lks are worried about management oblems ithe administration. the president is saying no need to worry. so who is right? a debate coming up. about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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4:52 pm
the administration is in disarray. here so react rachel campos duffy, fox news contributor. blake rutherford, a democratic strategist. rachel, good to have you on. do you agree with mccain or trump on this. >> any new administration in the first month is pretty chaotic. if you look at activity, business decisions, executives orders bringing jobs back at a space almost head-spinning that is what the american people are paying attention to. i think donald trump is smart to have held that press conference yesterday and the rally today, to focus people on that because frankly i think that is where the american people are at. the people who put him in office wanted him to create jobs and all this drama about you know, people leaving or nominees that are making it or not making it through, i don't think people really paying attention to it. david: well, it is a little unfair, blake, because of course democrats are not approving
4:53 pm
anything compared to the way bipartisan support used to be. whether it was, whether it was obama or even gw bush had all of his cabinet by now in the same point in their administration but is the disarray will get better, think it will get worse, what? >> it certainly is going to get worse before it gets better. that is unfortunate for the american people. david: why do you say that? >> he is proven incapable of managing a staff and running it efficiently. david: let me stop you right there. >> 38% approval rating and it is affecting his ability to run. david: blake, let me, throw in a point because he ran an operation and has been running an operation for decades now pretty effectively. granted he has had failures but a lot more successes than failures. so he does know how to run a big operation, worldwide operation. why do you think that doesn't translate well into the white house right now anyway?
4:54 pm
>> it's, the challenges of being the president of the night are unlike anything donald trump has ever experienced in business. it requires a lot of attention to detail, a lot of focus. hiring well and ememmerring your staff too do well. he has four weeks achieved not any of that. only significant thing the president has been able to do other than holding these bizarre pre conferences is repeal his own muslim ban executive order. david: it is those bizarre -- what you call, quiet everybody. what you call bizarre press conferences got him into the press conference. i wouldn't discount those too much. rachel, even friends of the republican party, peggy noonan have been suggesting perhaps things could be tightened under the management side. here is what she wrote today, harkening back to the reagan administration. reagan's chief of staff, jim bakeknew it was a dramatic moment in history and the president had been painted as a
4:55 pm
dramatic figure, hollywood actor, turned nuclear cowboy starting a a war, he kept the public part low-key, organized and focused. not every pot had to be kept on full boil. what do you think? >> look, the american people did not elect ronald reagan, and they did not elect an establishment figure like you know, george bush. so this is going to be running very differently. he is not using the same old reed treaded establishment types. he is bringing in a lot of new people, people from the business sector. so it doesn't look very pretty when you're making sausage like that. but remember as you pointed out, he has a lot of experience in business. frankly i think there is no way that you can say that a community organizer with two years as a senator has any better handle on how to start a new administration. david: breaking news. rachel and blake, thank you very much. go ahead, cheryl. cheryl: news on viacom with
4:56 pm
paramount pictures. reuters is reporting paramount pictures, chairman around ceo brad grey stepping down with announcement coming as early next week. this is part of the viacom story. grey is at the helms. on disappointing box office bombs and teenage mutant ninja turtles, "out of shatter dose." "ben hur. they will put ininterim management team. david: okay. chylneed somebody at dinner able to pass the salt? why say it when you can text it? ? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions
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4:59 pm
>> modern convenience is tearing apart families. they text each other while they're in the same house. >> in the third of households people use their smart phones during mealtime according to
5:00 pm
report i can tell you how many fights i've had within my family they know. using their cell phone during dinner. >> tomorrow they will say i'm just telling you. there are dishonest people. i am not ranting and raving. tomorrow the headlines are going to be donald trump rants and raves. the bruised and battered mainstream media firing back at present from calling his attack yesterday on unhinged to disturbing. welcome to risk and reward.


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