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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  February 19, 2017 7:30am-8:01am EST

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>> rich is onto something with the stock. punished because of lawsuits. it's a great time to buy. david: okay. we're all good on that one. that's it for forbes on fox. thanks for watchings. the business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. eric: president trump is fighting protests with rallies taking a page from his campaign days holding a huge rally in florida later today. he's expected to tell americans how he's trying to improve their lives and the economy. some say it's the best way to get his message directly to the working class, but will it work. hi, everyone, welcome to cashin'. welcome, everybody. now, lisa is today's rally the way to get his economic message directly to the people? >> hi, eric, yes, it's going to be effective just like during the campaign. look, the reality is the media is not going to cover anything positive that president trump
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is doing, whether it's the keystone pipeline, rolling back coal regulations that decimated the industry. what did we see on the campaign, town halls, facebook, skype, and local reporters. yes, this is effective and he should be doing this. eric: mr. juan williams, stay on the money and the jobs, billions and billions of dollars promised to stay in america. jobs promised to stay in the u.s. you think of ford, general motors, chrysler. and boeing. and the president was in south carolina talking to boeing. he's got an economic message and all we want to seem to talk about is the media. >> context, the stock market went up thousands of points, not a few points, thousands of points under president obama. we avoided a terrific recession. unemployment, the experts say we're almost at full employment at the moment in the country.
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consumer confidence way up under who? thank you, obama, thank you. and guess what? when you talk about things like ford, who saved the auto industry? oh, thank you, obama. eric: hold on, hold on. >> that's a part of the story. eric: if you want to go to the auto industry, ford didn't take any of the bailout money. >> the auto city. >> guess w stimulus plan prior to obama for the autos? george bush. go ahead, mercedes, consumer confidence off the charts, retail sales expanding under a very short-term president trump. >> i think you're seeing that small businesses are very optimistic about a trump presidency. you're seeing the fact that president trump is moving forward on his promises of deregulation, of ensuring they don't have the strangle hold on regulations like the obama administration. what happens, we see more part-time employment, yes, but
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unfortunately less full-time employment. it becomes a greater challenge. you have the fact of bringing back the coal miner jobs as we know, they disapproved of the stream protection act in signing the executive order, jeopardizing about 200,000 jobs. so, i can that what president obama-- president trump is doing is being effective in taking this message back to the working class. those are the individuals who basically switched from supporting a president obama or a hillary clinton and basically having-- building their trust with president trump saying, he's the one that's going to bring jobs back to america and let me tell you, corporations are going to be happy once we start seeing the tax reform legislation also come through through congress. eric: and rachel, let's talk this week. yesterday we saw president trump showing up in south carolina by the way, a right to work state, he talked to boeing. and later he'll spend time in florida talking about his economic plans.
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>> when the cameras roll on the rally, the entire country will be watching, that's the advantage. the press conference, no one could stop watching it, that was riveting. it's not just the media, the left is organizing at the highest levels, a few miles from the white house you have president obama who set up headquarters, encouraging his holdovers in the government to disrupt and obstruct the trump presidency. organizing for america and getting their astroturf activists over to town halls. this is a very serious opposition he's facing and you know what, donald trump doesn't need all of that organization. his strength has always come from the people. so he is going right over the heads of the media, right over the heads of obama and his organization, and taking it to the people who are his supporters. >> your point is he's still campaigning, right, rachel. >> welcome to politics. >> no, he's-- >> remember what mercedes said
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about tax reform, i'm waiting, waiting to see it come into the country by the corporations, i'm waiting. eric: hold on, again, juan is right, yes, he promised stocks reform. >> it's coming. eric: and the stock market is up 10% since he's been elected largely because he promised tax reform to corporations and individuals. juan, let me push back on something you said earlier and bothering me for four minutes now, you talked about the great numbers that president obama has shown over the last eight years, right. you forgot one. >> what. >> he spent 10 trillion dollars doing this. if you throw 10 trillion hat-- at an economy, we were at 10 trillion when he took over and it's know you 20 trillion. >> you have a family and love your wife and kids and you're telling investings. eric: it's not investing, investing means you take your money and invest in assets. >> that's the american-- >> he spends, if i invested the
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way that president obama did, i would be in jail right now because creditors would be knocking on my door. >> no, you would be elected twice by the american people. >> can i take issue with something that juan said? you're not alone in this, eric (laughter) no, the reality is the dow hit over 20,000 when president trump came into the office. consumers accounts hit a 12 year high when president trump took office, the reality a lot of the businesses, a lot of corporations decide today keep jobs in america when president trump took office because the reality is, what did we see under president obama? we saw regulation after regulation, that strangled businesses of all sizes across this country. we even saw more small businesses, the backbone of this nation's economy go under created under president obama. so, yeah, i take issue with your point, juan, a lot of this confidence came after president trump was elected. >> oh, my gosh. you are a historic analysis, all the progress under president obama didn't exist,
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wish it away-- >> the optimism, juan, that you're missing. and the other number that juan is forgetting about, 2 million more hispanics dropped into poverty and i think that people are ready to turn the page, they elected a businessman president and they're excited about it and showing up on the stock market and showing-- >> stop campaigning and get back to work. get back to the governing and tax reform. eric: juan, man of the people. >> there you go. eric: listen to this. under president obama income inequality has skyrocketed. the distance between the top 1 or 5% and the lower 5 or 15% has widened under president obama. >> remember 2008, 2009? >> now we're looking-- oh, go ahead. >> senator juan williams, you're fillbustering the
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segment. >> it's pretty much 2.18%, xhifrts would argue that's disappointing numbers. for president trump his vision and goal has been to increase the gdp and ensure that we're having corporations invest in america and the american worker. time will tell. i have to admit for president trump, his focus is he understands the mentality of the ceo's and the corporations. he's willing to negotiate with them and bring jobs back to america. i think that's a very positive first step and i think you're going to see more to come. >> we'll leave it right there. speaking of more to come. it's a damn shame what's going on with our infrastructure, get it? and revealing just how bad it's gotten. we know that president trump wants to fix it, but how will he pay for it? what if technology
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>> our bridges are deficient. our roads are in disrepair and our airports are like third world countries. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, airports, bridges, tunnels and railways all across our nation. we're going to do it. eric: president trump promising to fix our infrastructure after he was elected and now that he's in it's becoming more urgent to get it done because this week nearly 200,000 people were evacuated in california over that dam scare. and the new report just out showing more than 55,000 bridges are now structurally deficient. now, mercedes, it's going to cost a lot to fix all this. how are we going to pay for it? >> it's an issue important to the democrats and president trump has taken it on and one of his own projects. i have to tell you for
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conservative budget hawks, it's tough. they're looking at this, speaker ryan looked at president trump's proposal and called it eye popping and figuring out it could cost 3.5 billion to offset spending and this is where the challenge is, eric, trying to figure out where the conservative budget folks in congress can work together with president trump to get this infrastructure spending bill done and i think, obviously, president trump will need to rely on the democrats, who would support this type of plan moving forward. eric: let's talk about it a little bit, juan. one thing that the democrats, the unions have embraced it, the democrats have braced the infrastructure bill, infrastructure spending, but are they up to spending a trillion or more, trillion dollars of our money to get it done? >> well, my thought as i was listening talk about shovel ready, it's getting deep in here. goodness gracious, the last eight years president obama is
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saying, yes, let's spend on infrastructure, it's good for america, good for jobs, let's do it. what do i hear from my republican friends? >> wait a minute, we gave him a trillion dollars, shovel ready and. >> oh, what's the result? oh, the recovery, 72, 74 straight months of recovery, too slow, not the money-- >> and creating no jobs and-- >> we have full employment. eric: we have 56,000 bridges structurally insufficient. and top 14 in california, how about this one, more than one in four bridges, 174,000 bridges are at least 50 years old without one single major reconstruction work done on it, over a trillion dollars we gave that guy. >> this hasn't happened since president trump elected. this was a problem since president obama was in office and president obama tried to
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put people before politics and republicans said, no, we're going to do political obstruction of infrastructure spending. >> that's not true. >> and passed an infrastructure bill, they did pass an infrastructure bill in congress. eric: let's gets rachel in. >> look, it's clear from the stats you showed and from here in minnesota north of me in minnesota they had a bridge that collapsed a few years ago and people actually died. look, our infrastructure has to be done, people understand that. this is a job for the federal government and this is a promise that donald trump has made very clear to paul ryan and the house republicans, that he intends to keep, and they're just going to have to figure it out and offset. we waste money on all kinds of things. from what i understand, they want to work on repatriating overseas profits and the border adjustment tax and those should go a long way to help offset the cost. eric: lets me add something, i didn't mean to cut you off. there's another way, a
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public-private partnership. that's right. eric: public corporations to deplay some of the cost and they will get paid back through tolls and not what. >> there are things that president trump talked about that could help. even the conservatives say it's not going to get you there. you need public funding for the kind of infrastructure. i hate to be a buzz kill on this, congress has been grappling with this for 20 years. i don't think it's an easy issue otherwise would be solved. we have a $20 trillion debt and talking a lot of new spending so i think it's a complicated issue. more importantly, juan williams said that president obama took people over politics, i think i need my hearing checked, i think what he meant to say president obama put politics ahead of people. so-- >> a final word on that, juan. i'm trying to figure out the-- >> and somehow that was good
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spending-- ments this is what we needed and to this moment this is what we need when you hear about the deficiencies on bridges, rachel is telling you people got-- >> none of them were fixed and-- >> why is that? because republican-- no, wait, don't do it, because obama would get credit instead of us, now that we're in power we'll get the credit. eric: i've got to go. every time juan puts his hand up, it goes in front of my camera shot. >> oh, sorry. eric: i've got to go. paper, pencils and privilege, students and faculty asked to wear white pins to address some white privilege and i've got to think that parents are asking why they pay for kids to go
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you at the top of the hour with leland vittert. now, back to cashin' in. eric: students and professors at a pennsylvania college asked to wear white pins shaped like puzzle pieces because it will raise awareness about white privilege. now, rachel parents spend a lot for them to go to school, is that what she should be paying for? >> absolutely not, if i were sending a white child and this has no place in a university and parents need to vote with lir dollars.
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eric: do we need a white pin to remind us about white privilege. >> rachel, i heard you loud and clear, i don't think this is to make anyone feel bad or loathing. i think this is an opportunity to go to school and think about race in america and we're a diverse society and a sense who we are. >> i'm a latino and you're an african-american. our children have more privilege than many white people in appalachia. i think this is so dated and has no place. >> i agree, rachel, and there's lots of racial discussion and tensions in america and it's good for young people to have an opportunity to look at it and think about it. eric: go ahead, lisa. >> now it's confirmed, i need my hearing checked hearing from juan williams. this is ridiculous, shameful. how does it possibly unite anyone. this is only going to further divide people. this is ridiculous, it's shameful and to rachel's point
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if i had kids i would not want to send them to a school like this. eric: let me make a nice pin, an idea for a pin, instead of a white puzzle piece. i'm going to make a white snowflake for people like juan to remind him of the snowflakes and when the heat gets turned up. >> can we include a therapy dog, too. >> a cry-in and we can all cry. >> go ahead. >> can i get a hug from eric? >> you can get a hug from me, too, juan. >> i want my children to wear the american flag. >> hey. >> i want them to be the ones going out there and talking about our found ago father's principles about the wonderful constitution that we have that pushes for freedom of speech, freedom of press, to talk about religious liberties, talk about the inalienable rights of rights of liberty and happiness, and let's talk about why america is exceptional and why we value diversity. >> drop the mic, absolutely.
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>> the american flag, i should be wearing mine today, i forgot to put it on. that's terrible. coming up, the stories thahahaha
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>> i want to say thanks for our cashin' in crew. time to wake up. the royal smackdown, president trump was playing whack-a-mole with the media, which was basically the whole room. >> fake news-- >> but aren't you? >> where are you from? >> bbc. >> there's another beauty. are you is friendly reporter? watch out friendly he is. wait, watch how friendly he is. eric: in an epic 77 minute press conference, president trump was in his element. the guy we talked take apart the field of 16 g.o.p. contenders and then hillary clinton who polls showed was a
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shoo-in for the presidency. it was vintage trump. the trump people voted for the outsider, thursday trump was dismantling the hostile media in the briefing room and shouting to his base, to the deplorables and they loved it. the media, not so much. they whined, they moaned and generally offended by the event so much so they failed to cover a far more important moment later in that day. after the epic press conference, president trump signed legislation that rolls back onerous regulations on the coal industry, therefore freeing an industry to hire more americans for jobs right here in america. west virginia, kentucky, pennsylvania, ohio among others. >> president trump we thank you very much for everything that you've done for us, everything you're doing for our industry is very much needed. i've been mining in this industry for 40 years and this is a very exciting time for our industry. eric: you see, that's where the trump rubber meets the road, jobs. so far tens of thousands of american jobs trump saved and
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created are what really matters, not some petulant group of media that have an overvalued sense of self-worth >> i'm bob massi. for 34 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas, the center of the recent real-estate crisis. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now, well, it's a different story. the american dream is back, and nowhere is that more clear than the sunshine state of florida. so we headed from the strip to the beach to showyou how to live the american dream. i'm gonna meet real people who are facing serious problems, take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe, and give you the tips that everyone needs to navigate the new landscape, because information is power, and the property man has got you covered. [ woman vocalizing ]


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