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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. you. lou: presidency marked by first 100 days is the construct of legacy media and old politicos, president trump is done more in 30 days than most presidents in 100. we'll show you why it's trump time now. >> it has been one month since my inauguration, i am here to tell you about your incredible progress in making america great again. lou: we take up the president's face of action with the dean, republican strag strategist, ed rollins, michael goodwin, and conservative best selling author michelle malkim .
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>> and here lieutenant general hr mcmaster. >> i look forward to advances and protecting the interest of machine people. lou: the 54-year-old mcmaster, served in persian gulf war, the wars in afghanistan and iraq and he is a scholar in his own right. we take up mcmaster's appoint am with john hannah. >> vice president mike pence insisting that united states is committed to the eu and nato. but reminds them that president trump expect them to pay for their own defense by the end of this year. >> i know that patience of the american people will not endure forever. lou: america first. >> good evening president trump back in washington at this hour
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after a busy weekend in florida. speaking to a rally in mull mele and speaking with candidates before selectin select lieutenal hr mcmaster. >> a man of tremendous talent and experience. i watched and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everyone in the military. and we're very honored to have him. lou: the president's announcement capping off what has been a productive first month in office to say the least since he took office on january 20, trump has signed 24 executive actions, met with 4 foreign leader as at white house, spoken to more than 24 leaders by phone, congress failing to live up to president's pace, republican
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lawmaker planning to introduce their long awaited bill to repeal and replace obamacare. after this week's recess, paul ryan saying that tax reform is on schedule but la makers not taking that up until spring, perhaps summer. joining me now to discuss president trump's first month on office, e eddie lack rollins. michael goodwin. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: what a month it has been. this is unprecedented, is it not? >> he came out of the gate, even before the inauguration. i am a very biz -- the very busy period between the transic period. we see stories he does not sleep
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much, he is there all of the time and working all of the time. it has been an extraordinary 30 days, i don't know he yet changed world with yo but he hay made a dent in the old world. lou: i think that insult was low energy, he is high energy this man, is not given to rest or excuses, he is driven, and he expects others to match his energy level. >> i don't think that anyone can do that. it may have to do with the fact he has never drank. he had an extraordinary period of time. lou: he nominated 9 supreme
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court justice. and cleared keystone pipeline, dakota access pipeline. he is moving on regulations, and delivering on his promises at a rate that we've never seen. >> equally as important are the last two appointments. i think, he benefited. he is now going full bore. lou: stumbles on the way. you know the way is only a month. it is remarkable what he has done, is it not? >> and lou, you mentioned that keeping his campaign promises, i think we often overlook this, in sometimes take it for granted. but when you hear people say,
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imagine that. a president or any politician who runs a campaign, then gets into office, and does what he says he would do right out of the gate. it breath taking, to me the unique difference that donald trump is bringing to the presidency. lou: it is -- there are so many levels this president is both unique, he is also bringing set of skills, talents, and a nature that is never been in the oval office before. i think that we're seeing, an early indication of how well, that per portends for the nation. >> whether you are for or against him, our country is still divided, people are paying a tension to what is going on, every day, he is the show, he is seth the national agenda, which is important. lou: a sad, commentary, i think that this president is now
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engaged in a dispute with five specificallspecifically 5 elemef national media. and. i should name them failing "new york times," cbs uniques, nbc, d the other one cnn, this is a fight they are going to lose, i don't think they have -- they the leaders of segment of media or broadly the national left wing media, have ever run into a personality bigger than they are, that is what they have run into. >> he is better at their game, than he is. he is terrific on television. that is how -- >> better than a are. >> at their game. so, they cannot sort of get him on a interview and trip him up and make him look foolish, he is comfortable in front of the camera, he is not afraid.
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lou: a h senator mccain in euroe talking about how this is dictator start a president says that 5 news organizations are the enemy of the people. i think what he said is what he meant, and i think that american people know every word he meant, it is a loser for national media to try to distort that by giving it a greater effect than it possesses. >> this press conference, he just determined to do that, that was -- usually you plan for a couple of days. he said i'm going to do it i'm going out there, making my case to the american public. this rally saturday, i recommend he do that, he reinforces himself, that is important. lou: i am not sure he needs
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reinvigorated. >> it great to go out there. lou: great to watch. >> you can get lonely in the white house, i think getting out there and hearing people cheering for you. >> to your point, that. we have seen other administrations, who taken far less incoming and criticism, and just nasty barrage after nasty barrage from media, they have gone into a bunker mentality, but not this president, he is rising up, and reminding people on whose terms, particularly within the republican party that elect was won. >> and ed made the point about setting the agenda. i think that is very much what -- when you get trapped in washington other people set the agenda for you, whether media or congress. or just establishment in washington. lou: we're over that. >> that is why getting press conference was about turning the tables and reaserting the presidency, the trip to boeing
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was very successful, jobing.coms, and jobs, and the rally in florida he setting the agenda. lou: he is doing it for first 30 days. against -- there is going to be a barrage from lobbyist and donor class that we've not even down to see. >> one month down, 47 months to go and declaring he is running for a second. lou: you know what, a lot of people are cheering about that, a few are upset. , amongst them president obama is is leading that shadow government. stay with us for that. ed and michael, thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> homeland security secretary john kelly says our president is
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working on a more stream line version of his extreme vetting executive order. >> president an is contemplating releasing a tighter, more stream lined version of the first oe . lou: we'll take up the president's effort to protect the country for all americans. >> and president obama's refugee resettle am effort about to cost taxpayers more than $4 billion a year, they will only rise. >> we'll talk about shocks report with conservative commentator michelle malkin, she joins me here as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say?
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lou: a new breitbart study out reveals heavy financial burden of refugees who are being resetted by obama administration, american taxpayer spending over $4 billion in the current fiscal year budget to support more than half million resettled refugees breitbart pointing out 4.1 billion could buy more than 10,000 new homes at 384 thousand a piece. it could also buy more than
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170,000 new cars. at 24 thousand dollars. the average price of a new home, at 384. i don't often do this, but i have to question that. can i ask our producers to check that. that seems a little high, i may be at sea on that. joining me now michelle malkin. most of michelle malkin investigates, and have i been looking forward to talking to you. good to have you here. >> always a lot to talk about, lou. lou: let's talk about immigration. and executive orders and general kelly, secretary of homeland security saying, they are stream lining things a little bit. do you think that is necessary? just the smart political thing to do? >> well, clearly politically it
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seems necessary to tweak the language, they are going to narrow is so green card holders are excluded from the executive order, my colleague, daniel horowitz, a brilliant legal mind, he came out with a book about courts run among. it is note just one federal statute this gives president trump the authority. not just national security, but he points out he found at left 7 stat computerstatute that back t trump's authority under the wording of the initial executive order. i have trust at some point if god forbid there is an acute national emergency that requires president trump to invoke the original powers, that were laid out in that first executive order, he will not hesitate to
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do so. some stat that daniel horowitz unearthed, point to fact that under congressional law and stoot oustatute it forbids the s having any jury over revoking of people applying, that was cited in the am -- brief this texas filed. >> we know that there are sufficient laws on the book right now that would permit any president to enforce immigration law, secure the border without any hesitation, the authorities given the president are clear. now where the issue is specifics areas as president is trying to deal with seven majority muslim states, which have produce so
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many jihadists and terrorism that requires his executive order in some fashion. there is no way that any president, could fail to enforce the laws and be unaware. particularly if he were a constitutional scholar as mr. obama was to know what he did to american people and this nation. he ignored his report to enforce those laws and secure th the border. >> no question. there is a fon phenomenon that i have diagnosed over the last years, it comes from the left, all of these civil right absolutists and open boarder type, always convenient when you are not dealing with an immediate national emergency. i call it hindsight hypocrisy,
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only in hindsight do they accept the invocasion of that kind of authority that trump is trying to exercise to preempt and prevent any disaster. lou: your reaction, to his tweet, the fake news media, he said failing ne "new york times" nbc news, abc, cbs, cnn, it is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the american people. you thought. i mean the reaction from sunday talk shows that he said, we're going to just shut down the first amendment. when he could not have been more specific, so many wanted to argue over language and semantics, which is just meaning, it is silly. your reaction? >> yes. well get out the smelling salt.
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because, these delicate souling can't stand even the milest criticism from folks who see right threw them. the -- souls condition stan even the milest criticism from folks who see right through them, the and fact that commander in chief is calling them out is making them compan come unhinged. i say more power to president trump, he is voicing the majority opinion of so many americans, who are tired of it. it is not just fake news, lies and omission and commission that goes back decades, there is a reason why he pointed out "new york times," and fish wrap of record, which to this day is not apologized for walterer di durae being a shell for stalinists.
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lou: they got themselves into a mess taking on this president. they may from to try honesty. michelle, thank you, michelle malkin, i hope we see how it works for them. breaking news. >> american aircraft carrier uss carl vincent is now on patrol in disputed waters in south china sea, the carrier carries a flight group more than 60 aircraft, acompanynied by guided missile destroyer, uss wayne mier, mission comes amid rising tensions between u.s., china, and a number of countries that claim those territory and south
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china sea, and about a third of global, global cargo transport goes through the south china sea. it is clear, why the united states navy is there. >> vote in our poll tonight, should g.o.p. house and senate leaders begin to emulate president trump's wor work ethi. can we get rut results to them t their homes in their districts? we'll see how they feel about that. we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook -- on wall street markets closed for presidents' day. goldman sachs back warning of cognitive dissidents in this market, claiming investors are
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acting irrationaly, despite $2 .8 billion in paper gains since donald trump was elected president. >> and kraft heinz dropping its merger with unilever. reminder to listen to my report 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, senator mccain. he is working as president's chief antagonist. senator rand paul said that mccain's grievances? when they don't amount to what perhaps senator mccain believes they do. >> everything he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he has runwith. >> we're lucky that john mccain is not in charge, i think we would be in perpetual
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lou: senator john mccain took his criticism of president trump abroad to the music? security county conference where he charged the administration was in disarray and said i know there is profound concern across europe and the world that mayor case laying count mantel of leadership. these are dangerous times, but you should not count america out. who the hell does if the senator think is counting america out? it's not nato states, they rely
10:30 pm
on us for their existence. there is the senator himself and his friends senator graham who may have counted us out. an went first saying the -- slamming the president form saying the media has become the enemy of the people. >> if you want to preserve democracy you have to have a free and sometimes adversarial press. without it, we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. lou: why didn't we get a dictatorship in 2009. indianapolis when president trump took office and all five of those free and independent news organizations didn't have a critical question of president trump for the next 8 years.
10:31 pm
how is it that we didn't have a dictatorship? why didn't senator mccain's fears come to reality and fruition? this is also how political careers end in hyperbolic warnings that distort the president on foreign soil. president trump fired back fat mccain's outrageous statement. saying our country is very lucky mccain is not in charge. his interest consultants of a sitting president is offensive. president trump says he can handle all the slings and arrows. he was the only republican, mccain, to vote against the president's choice for omb director. he has called for an
10:32 pm
investigation into whether president obama has had ties to russia. he slammed the president's paper on extreme veght and he called on australia's ambassador to reconfirm its alines with mayor cap after the fake news about the president's call with the australian prime minister. i think this would and good time for senator mccain to recall that he is not our president, and donald trump is thankfully and is deuf -- is due the respect of the office. this quoa takes on bitterness. here is a rule to remember in the future. when anything temps you to feel bitter, but to bear this
10:33 pm
worthley is good fortune. after a move swift action and dramatic change, president trump says all is running smoothly. >> you have seen what we accomplished in a short period of time. the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. lou: but president obama's shadow government working tirelessly to block mr. trump and his policies. we take that up with byron york. he joins me next. spacex's falcon 9 rocket blasting off into history. we are coming right t t t t dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake,
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lou: the russian ambassador to the united nations died in new york. he reportedly suffered from a cardiac condition. he was rushed to the hospital and was unconscious. the 64-year-old, the longest serving member of the united nations security council an had been russia's envoy to the united nations for the past 11 years. joining me, byron york. great to have you with us. let's chart with h.r. mcmaster, the lieutenant
10:38 pm
general becomes the new national security advisor. your thoughts on his appointment. >> i haven't heard a bad thing about it. people very, very impressed. some of the criticisms john mccain leveled against the president, he was very, very praising of mcmaster. mcmaster is one of these people in the military who is incredibly impressive, combat experience, academic experience. written highly respected books. these people are a cut above. he appears to be a very, very good choice. lou: let's start with nato where he made it very clear he expects nato to pay his pay. vice president pence to make it clear to may foe while the trump administration supports nato, it does so patiently, but there are
10:39 pm
limits and they will have to pay their way. i thought it was a strong statement by the vice president. what did you take from that? >> i watched that news conference with the vice president and secretary-general of nato, and first of all, the idea of what's called burden sharing. making nato pay the amounts for defense that they already agreed to do is an entirely reasonable idea and not knew to donald trump. also the idea that nato needs to reor joant of it strategy to include radical islamic terrorism also perfectly reasonable idea. what mapped today was pence goes over there and says, we are very strongly with nato and we support nato tremendously, but you have to remember, you have to share the burdens and change your strategy. you know what their response was? yes, sir.
10:40 pm
you listen to the nato secretary-general an said yes, we'll do that. lou: the vice president put a date certain on it. >> we want progress by the end of 2017. lou: no diplomatse. and the enemy of the people, the failing "new york times" and of course cnn. >> a couple of things. there is no doubt that there are some in the prs who have tak an unprecedented adversarial positiongainst the white house. as far as this idea of donald trump declaring war. you can consider a few things. you have known donald trump. he has had a multi decade relationship with the press. it's kind of a co-department
10:41 pm
relationship. he has not -- it's a co-dependent relationship. we have not seen trump use the power of the president against the press like james rosen being named a coconspirator. there is no evidence of journalists being intimidated into silence. it seems just the opposite. lou: byron, there has never been -- when i was talking about james, it was a democratic president. a left-wing fascist. but when you talk about the media here, we are talking about five committed nasty and certainly purposeful propaganda
10:42 pm
evident on the part of each one of these media that he targeted. i don't think there is any dispute about that. do you? >> there is no dispute. some people in the press in the course of a campaign felt that donald trump was -- but they felt donald trump was a unique threat and they had to change the way they did business. lou: i see that as an excuse. if you want a complete devotion to an idea lodge cal view, that's fine, but if they want the market to speak to them, that will happen. not even those five institutions are big enough to take on the president of the united states which looks to be afight to the death on their part. i don't see any daylight between
10:43 pm
a war they declared on the president of the united states and what they are doing right now. >> i do think to the day after the election i think they thought, we threw everything we had at this guy and it didn't work. their solution was to double down. we have seen an unprecedented adversarial relationship, maybe not since nixon which was pretty amazing. i'm not sure, but listening to rush limbaugh on "fox news sunday" yesterday basically said, his advice to trump was do obamacare, do taxes, do immigration, accomplishments are make a lot of his war with the press stuff -- lou: he can't even get credit from those five news organizations for what he has already done which is unprecedented presidential history in the first 30 days of a presidential i. and this, by the way, as rush
10:44 pm
knows very well. it was a good segment. but that's the republican-led congress. that's the republican-led senate, the outcome of which is dependent upon their leadership as well as the president. byron, i know you know that. but i have to put that forward for the record. thanks so much. please roll the video. the spacex company making more history. watch as they have launch the falcon 9 rocket from launch pad 39a at kennedy space center. spinning board for the apollo moon missions. delivering 2.5 tons of equipment to the international space station. then landed successfully south of the launch site.
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lou: foundation for defense of democracy senior counselor john hannah. great to have you with us. first lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster, national security advisor. >> great choice. i have had experience with lieutenant general mcmaster. first great national security intellectual. an independent thinker. he's perfectly willing to speak truth to his spearers. that was his focus on his book
10:50 pm
on vietnam, "dereliction of duty." lou: that attitude, that structure of values, personal and professional values he expressed in that book the nation could have benefited from over the course of the last decade and a half. a lot of generals did not respond in the way he describes a reference in that book. >> i would just say, lou, it has to be said, in iraq, well before anybody else understood or thought about a surge. this man proved the strategic of that concept in a northern city he transformed overnight from an insurgent hotbed, probably the most the the successful example we had in the entire war.
10:51 pm
lou: china, the u.s.s. carl vinson in the south china sea on patrol. major statement to china. your thoughts. >> an excellent step long overdue. the obama administration didn't run these kinds of missions enough. this has to become the and darted operating procedure for the united states navy in the south china sea. china's activities have escalated over the last couple years and have become increasingly dangerous. lou: on patrol against an obviously displeased china. what do you think will be the consequence? >> i think the chinese will huff and puff but they will take this seriously and they will eventually have to accommodate themselves to the fact that the u.s. navy necessity strength will be present in that part of
10:52 pm
the world for a long time to come. lou: with the backing of the united nations declaring china's position on all of the disputed territory to be unsubstantiated and invalid. john hannah, thanks for being with us. president trump says he wants to take his message directly to the people without the filter of fake news and he's doing just that. it's been a month. what has president trump done what has president trump done for ususususus a used car,
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lou: in our online poll friday we asked, do you find the left-wing media to be morally bankrupt and utterly repugnant? only 96% of you said yes. charlie hurt, it's been a month and what has president trump done? just about everything imaginable and then some. >> the stream court justice pick gorsuch was exemplary. i think his visits with the foreign leaders also have been incredibly important, especially with netanyahu and resetting that relationship with israel.
10:57 pm
then you have got the executive orders on the deregulation part. lou: leave something for charlie. >> okay, go, charlie. >> mercedes you are touching on all of them. the neil gorsuch thing is the a-plus number of one thing. the number one thing is he hasn't given you have who is, what got him elected. he's driving the media crazy. it's delightful. i'm almost tired of winning. lou: i am nowhere near tired of winning. i think i'll be able to handle this burden. what about the dakota access pipeline, what about keystone. years of bungling around by the obama administration and he has them moving ahead with deregulation and it goes on.
10:58 pm
i would say period it's an unprecedented 30 dmais the history of the presidency. >> what we are seeing in terms of connell super confidence, even though we don't necessarily have all the indicators to say that it is with certainty. bust confidence is so much higher. lou: $2.8 trillion in additional market cap since november 8. it's a vote that you couldn't ask for anything more finite and concrete or basic than that. let me turn to the five -- the foul five as we'll call them. the failing "new york times." abc, nbc, cbs, and cnn. the president said they are the even mist american people tbhais distort and lie. >> the american people understand why president trump called these media south lets
10:59 pm
the enemy. for too long they have been southing the leftist agenda. right now they are psycho analyzing themselves, wondering how dare donald trump go that far. he need to do it. someone needs to call these media outlets out. >> one of the things that's most amazing about all this. most people got into newspapers because they like newspapers. my first job was cutting pack the picket line in detroit working for the "detroit news." i got spit on, and i loved it. to listen to these reporters scream and cry over the fact that they are being attacked by the president, get over it. lou: it would be made easier if you would commit yourself to one of those institutions of truth.
11:00 pm
>> think about fox being ignored for 8 years. they didn't fight for fox. lou: we are done. >> owe, good-bye. lou: charlie hurt. you. lou: presidency marked by first 100 days is the construct of legacy media and old politicos, president trump is done more in 30 days than most presidents in 100. we'll show you why it's trump time now. >> it has been one month since my inauguration, i am here to tell you about your incredible progress in making america great again. lou: we take up the president's face of action with the dean, republican strag strategist, ed rollins, michael goodwin, and conservative best selling author


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