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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 21, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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>> think about fox being ignored for 8 years. they didn't fight for fox. lou: we are done. >> owe, good-bye. lou: charlie hurt. good night from new york. >> the white house close to release a new immigration order. the president back on the offensive in his war with fake news and the media. who is going to come out on top. the fife bob beckle is here. do you have like dogs? we have some ideas on what kinds of dog the president should get. grab a chair. whatever you are drinking, it's time to get schooled.
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dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in for kennedy. i miss her. we are officially one month into the trump presidency. four bills signed into law. one supreme supreme court nomination. a few hundred thousand tweets. over the weekend the president signals he's just getting started. >> you have seen what we accomplished in a very short period of time. the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. believe me, i and we inherited one big mess. that i can tell you. dagen: can the trump train keep chug ahead at this dizzying pace? joining me, chris stirewalt.
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i'm not laughing at the president. but he's such a plaster at change the news cycle. >> well, look, his first month in office wasn't perfect. let's say. dagen: whose is perfect? >> you and i talked before, bill clinton had a famously horrible first 6 to 8 months in office. dagen: hillary-care. >> two failed nominees for attorney general and the controversy over gaze in the military. and it took a long time to sort out. here is the thing. being president is not like any other job. it's not like any other job. the experience bill clinton brought with him as governor of arkansas or donald trump as a celebrity developer. but here on president's day we remember all different kinds of
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men have inhabited that office. but it isn't like anything else on earth. it takes a minute to figure out who you are and what kind of president you want to be. dagen: people analyze what trump says on twitter and in these rallies, and they seem to expect a different trump than they have seen the last 1 1/2, 2 years or throughout his entire career. and this is as new president. >> let's take the press. let's take this media piece of it. by going and smashing the press in the face with satire iron. there is blood streaming from their nose and they are staggering around. and his supporters cheer because they have hate the press more than they hate democrats or liberals or obama. they hate us because they think it's our fault and they agree with him. it helps him -- with michael
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flynn who is a favorites of trump's base, people were starting fog wonder. dagen: flynn gets the boot. the leaked transcript over flynn. the story in the "wall street journal" about the intelligence community withholding information from president obama. what does he do? he does a press conference where he beat the press to a pulp. and what did everybody talk about the next morning? just that. >> my colleagues, many of whom do a great job at other outlets could not resist the bait. they could not resist the president. because you know what we love to talk about? ourselves. and how important our work is and the first amendment. dagen: the worst cocktail of arrogance is insecurity. >> even though we know that the new england patriots are evil
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and they are prove that evil is real. they are right about one thing. do your job. the motto that bill belichik of the new england patriots, do your job. dagen: not my president's day -- >> barf. simple. dagen: that's why i love. big heart, chris stirewalt. now to president trump's promise to have a new executive order on travel and immigration which he says will be released sometime this week. ththe rollout led to self lawsus and the 9th district federal court halted the so-called ban. the president vowed to keep fighting for his ban and now
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it's getting a rewrite. the new version will reportedly have an exemption for green cardholders and visa holders. let's ask the panel. jess tatar love, senior director at jimmy failla. and jimmy foster. >> this is like being on garfield minus gar if hefield. dagen: this executive order, they are changing a number of different thing. the rollout will be less chaotic. so 14 days after president trump signs the document. >> we'll have to wait and see.
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the truth of the matter is the president has a great deal of latitude on matters related to immigration. dagen: called the constitution. >> my you significant is they will probably structure this in a way that is better. i think this is probably not great policy. there is a very complicated problem. there is a best case argument for a piece of action like this. i don't think it's a particularly good one. i'm not sure this purity test is the sort of thing that would make the country much safer and it could have to blowback effects. >> it caps the number of refugees coming into the united states. it's expected to cap it at 50,000. and it on lead based on the 35,000 who have come into the u.s. this fiscal year. only 15,000 shots for refugees in the remainder of the year.
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>> it's smart for them to be retooling this. the rollout was the worst part of it. engine kelly said it shouldn't have happened this way. there shouldn't be rumors saying steven miller was calling the d.a. in brooklyn saying this is how you defend against it. i'm not a constitutional lawyer. but why there is so much opposition to this at he step i believe goes back to the campaign trail where donald trump made it clear he wanted a muslim ban. trudy giuliani went on tv and said how do we make a muslim ban legal. dagen: the new version appears to address this religious discrimination by eliminating the preferences for religious minorities. that's the central argument against the merits of it is the constitution. >> like the teacher issued a
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failing grade but said if you but up these two areas we'll pass you next time around. to hear trump address think it at his rally, this was the smoothest rollout. dagen: the word was perfect. he gets so caught up in his rallies. they have become the new rocky horror picture show. they know all the songs. dagen: let's do the time warp again. the intelligence committee met with f.b.i. director james comey behind closed doors to discuss russian interference in the 2016 elect. marco rubio took to twitter. he says i'm confident the senate intel committee i serve on will
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conduct a fair investigation of putin's interference and influence. general flynn resigned over allegations that he lied to the vice president over conversations he had with the russian ambassador. are we ever going to get answers on russia? will the political machine bury this story? >> i'm excited about this new pick. i think he's a great choice. general flynn was one of the more concerning picks for peopleo both sides of the aisle. dagen: what about the senate intel committee looking into this? what is troubling about flynn is the fact that these conversations when he was a
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private citizen were leaked and the transcript were read by many people in washington. that has to be what they are looking at, not just russia hacking into emails. >> the intelligence community has a beef on what was said in those phone calls. but flynn lied about it apparently to members of the administration. it's not clear what if any climb was committed. with respect to the broader issues in the trump investigation, it's not unprecedented there are investigations. what is unprecedented is the circumstances we find all of this folding in. and i suspect we'll get to the bottom of this. i don't know how helpful it is for people to be speculating about what this may or may not -- >> if james comey had information before the election which he did on the possible links between the trump administration and russia and he went for it 1 days before the
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election to talk about the emails final on huma abedin's computer which ended up being copies of emails they had already been through. dagen: you will have to ask president obama and vice president biden about that. >> i would be happy to ask them about it. dagen: my concern is the republican agenda gets way layed by all this. you could a this is a detriment. you lose it in the shuffle of reading the story. but they throw in a key critical piece of intel that could hurt our country. why do we need to know where the point of is. i just want to see a little more
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defense by the press. >> what was interesting about the reports was how quite all the senators were on both sides. usually people are talking to each other or talking to the press. everyone was super tight lips. dagen: they are tight lipped because of the leaks. >> i think the point why didn't comey address the trump investigating way he did the trump investigation. >> let's move on to congress this recess. that doesn't mean peace and quite for representatives. legislation towards are holding town halls in the their districts. >> for whatever you are going to do that's fully transparent, fully congressionally reviewed with constituent input instead of 50 senators behind closed doors saying this is the future
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of our healthcare bill. >> i don't understand why that's the law. >> you can't point and gesticulate. though you can call people four-letter words that you wouldn't have the guts to the people. dagen: there is an anti-trump protest book guide put out by a liberal organization. >> i think the message here is that we have not seen different wasn't going to happen in a month. we are not and tunified country on any level. and right now obamacare is something americans want to hang on to. they want it fixed but they don't want it repealed. >> america is never unified. why do we act like the country all of a sudden there is a great fissure in america. >> i was called a name on 42nd
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street after trump got elected. i have never not been called a name. it's amazing that town hall meetings have become the new hamilton. if you do get inside you are allowed to lecture a politician. it's ridiculous. >> this is not unlike just after the president was elected and not unlike during which the affordable care act was being shaped when there were tea party protests. it is totally weird to see this reversal of fortune in these meetings. it's also weird that everyone seems to have forgotten the dee back of the aca website that did not work. daig require was so long ago. the panel returns next. did president trump flub a story about sweden or is the media
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. . dagen: president trump on the defensive over a statement he made about sweden.
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here is how it started at the president's rally in florida. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this. sweden. dagen: according to the swedish government, nothing happened. they want the white house to explain the statement. but he claimed he got the story from a segment on the fox news channel. this morning he tweeted gift public a break. the fake news media is trying to say the large scale i am glacial sweden is work out just bully. kmele, it's kinds of trumpian. he heard something and it was
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like he was brush his teeth watching fox news. >> or something. here is the issue. the media is looking for a candidate who is going to talk in well prepared carefully researched talking points. he mentioned something he thinks he might have seen on the news. perhaps this is an honest mistake. i will preassignment is. in circumstances like this it's better to focus on the actual story of. and the claim he's making about whether immigrants into sweden are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the crime is something we can look at. many immigrants groups are overrepresent in crime statistics in sweden. but i don't know if we have clear-cut evidence of what happened in 2016 in sweden. and that seems to be the most important thing.
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it's not clear whether it would be good thing or a bad thing to bring refugees here. >> what happened in germany and brussels and paris was frightening. dagen: the cologne sexual assaults. >> angela merkel had to stand up and say maybe we shunnedn't have taken so many at quons. but they took a million. >> i appreciate how mag man muscle you are about this sweden tweet situation. i think it is a situation for the president to not take a moment to figure out what the segment is about before he went out there. >> what is scary is that a president is gathering talking points by listen together tv.
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what are we going to do if he gets to a hotel that doesn't have fox news? we'll have night rider quotes. dagen: why is anybody surprised by that? >> i love it about him. i think it's something people will come to embrace. when you have get sidetracked about how he laid that point out you take the focus off the substance which is this is a big issue. dagen: people started look up speend and immigration and educated themselves on it. >> let's talk about the real violence threats in sweden. couples building ikea furniture together. >> i think it's so cute when you seat couples in ikea shopping
12:24 am
around. >> i was on that episode of tucker so i note president watched me. that was the excitement for me about the tweets. dagen: the panel returns later. is chelsea clinton using her 2-year-old as a pawn to protest donald trump's travel ban? bob beblg joins me next with reaction.
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guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. dagen: president trump's war with so-called fake news is back in the spotlight after he said the media is the enemy of the american people. now a fair amount of american lawmakers are bickering about it. senator john mccain who has been a vocal opponent of trump said dictatorships get started by suppressing the free press. rand paul jumped in and said we are lucky john mccain is not in charge, claiming he's far too much of a war monger. but should trump be calling the media the enemy? i don't mean to laugh. but he uses one phrase, and
12:29 am
people can't stop themselves. they can't shut up about it. >> can you manage being his age when he's giving a speech and their fingers are crossed. he's following the script, then all of a sudden he's off on a tangent. the enemy of the american people is a little strong. when you are the free press, and without it you don't have a democracy. trump treats it like it's some sort of thorn in his side and it doesn't belong there. >> i think he enjoys debating the press and the press likes being ruffled up a little bit. >> it's not new and it won't work over time. you look at the people who fought the press, whether it was nixon or mccarthy. dagen: how about the obama administration. obama signing off on a warrant
12:30 am
for james rosen, labeling him a coconspirator. at least this is -- my point is at least this is overt what trump -- >> so far. it's not overt when you throw people out of press conferences. that's just bullying. but he is a bully. he's got all the new york city punk in him. i have known him for a long time. he doesn't like me, i don't like him, that's fine. he used to be a mode rat democrat when he needed to be. he many the barn up and bailey of the century, and he's good eight it's one thing to stand in front of an airliner and beat up the press. but to create real jobs that he can take credit of. to build an entry fence which
12:31 am
hasn't happened. this guy is a master salesman. dagen: don't you think he knows that? he changes the news cycle by bashing the press. he gets the press writing about thepabout -- writing about themselves. the american people-be less tolerant. >> they are not going to decide about trump's future based on whether they like the present or not. dagen: i want to ask about john mccain and taking shots. you couple the dictator reference with the speech he gave over the weekend and he's definitely going after trump. what's the end game there? is he bitter? >> john mccain has been a bitter man for a long time. this guy was said by trump to
12:32 am
not be a hero. he bailed out of a plane in hanoi and was in prison in hanoi for six years hang by his shoulders. dagen: publishers are worried about offending readers with what might be offensive material in books. god help us.
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dagen: if you were hoping the clinton family would get out of politics and go away forever. here is bad news. turns out the grandchildren are getting in the business. over the weekend chelsea clinton tweeted, thank you for all who organized the rally today. charlotte's first protest rally. she brought her 2-year-old to an anti-trump protest rally. when will the clintons get the message, just go away. jimmy failla and kmele foster. have you don't math on when this
12:37 am
lovely child may run for congress? >> i don't think you should take children to protest rallies. children should be able to choose their political affiliation on their own. you don't get to do this for them. dagen: this is church for them. >> when she was 2 bill took her to one in little rock when they closed the hooters. >> i'm upset at myself that i'm laughing at it. you shouldn't be forcing your politic on your kid. the hashtag bothered me. the whole no wall, no raid. we keep carrying on like he's the first president to deport anybody. the guy's following was the pete rose of deporting.
12:38 am
dagen: to talk about the baby running for office, am i skipping a generation? what does the politician do? you use a baby as a prop. and you try to gain sympathy. she is such a wonderful mother, look at her. >> that didn't work so well for her mom. i don't know. i wasn't much of a politically active baby. i went to a couple things in my teen years with my mom that i knew of what it was. but it was something i already knew i felt strongly about. the clintons are not going away. just get over it. i love it. but it's a little early, by the an incredibly important issue. there are a lot of people on the right who aren't interested in this travel ban. there are people all over the spectrum. dagen: i don't know about
12:39 am
republicans taking their babies to the rallies. >> it may say something about republican babies. dagen: all babies are cute. controversial books may soon be a thing of the past. certain book publishers have reportedly started hiring sensitivity readers. readers job is to go through the books and remove offensive stuff before they hit the store shelves. >> we need to stop infantallizing society and take away all things that might potentially upset them. you are conditioning them to live in a pretend world. you know that iconic video. i do believe that's bigger than
12:40 am
just a republican talking point. i think we all have to agree to some extent. we are starting to condition people for a world that doesn't exist. that's a lot of what the election fallout was. i couldn't argue there weren't legitimate beefs with donald trump. bust inability to accept the result by some people is an aftereffect. >> i wouldn't say it's censorship. i think we have to have a climate of free speech and not a legal regime that allows free speech and no prohibitions by the government. but there is cultural appropriation. cultures don't own the lease, they don't own clothing traditions. it, you can't appropriate it. dagen: when i meet somebody from new york city and they start
12:41 am
talking with a twang after two minutes, i'm not offended by that. >> i think we waste a lot of time talking about these small issues. when i was in high school, there were discussions about banning mark twain. there can be conversations about whether milo should be speaking at cpac. or jason riley. to not be willing to heart other side gets you into a lot of trouble. dagen: just ask hillary clinton, too. it's that kind of deafness. but i'll leave it at that. it was great to see you. president trump already has an attack dog in the west wing of the white house, in sean spicer. should the president consider a
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>> i'm going across the country. with my son andre to help people with their dogs, and meet some amazing dog heroes. now you see why i have a job. dagen: that's a clip from the nat geo show. ceasar has been teaching us how to better care for our dogs. he's sharing some of his little known secrets in a book.
12:47 am
correct sar and andre visited kennedy recently. kennedy: we were at a dinner together, seated next to each other. and i told you we were thinking about getting rid of our english bulldog because she bit our 7-month-old baby in the face. your dad pulled me to the side and said that temperatures your responsibilities. and he taught me a lot about introducing dogs to babies. you saved our family because we kept letter until the day she died at 12. >> thank you. i raised my kids around dogs who had issues. i never gave you have on the dogs. this is was they learn about our profession. we never blame the dog for the behaviors.
12:48 am
we make sure the owners understand what the needs of the dog are that they are not meeting. kennedy: one of the things i take from you guys obviously is dogs see their lives as part after pack. i think humans can benefit from that, too. >> humans and dogs are very compatible. family oriented. energy driven. you have a job and you want to go and do it and you get reward. financial stability, a loving, caring home. if you fulfill if the needs of the dog thefl give you loyalty, companionship and trust all the way. kennedy: we got a puppy last year and she had to find her place in the pack. she kept trying to take down our younger daughter. now they are palts because the dog finally learned. but dog nation is great.
12:49 am
you tell some of the incredible stories. we have seen you have retraining humans over the years. but this is different. >> i'm doing a son with my -- doing a show with my son. know it's time for him to help me to see how we can connect with organizations in the community and we can share a platform so people know how dogs change people's lives. or dog's lives. kennedy: when you see a dog with a k9 officer, it's an incredible bonds. we snow dogs are very intelligent. i happen to think dogs are superior to cats. what's your feeling on that? >> i agree with you. i'm biased. but he likes cats. kennedy: you have a warm, gentling, non-judgmental
12:50 am
husband. i don't like how much the fur sheds from my cat. kennedy: they look at you like they are waiting for you. >> they don't want to foul were swim with you or rollerblade with you. there are a lot of things of they don't want to do with you. >> this is a 3-year-old member of the family. a lot of times people feel the little dogs can't behave calm or develop anxiety it doesn't matter the size or the breed. they have the same needs. kennedy: they say the first family should get a dog. what kinds of dog should our new president get? >> they definitely feed a golden spree refer to. something with a lot of fur and a dog that stays constantly in a
12:51 am
happy go lucky state. >> i would take an afghan hound. kennedy: this so much fur. kennedy: president trump loves gold. so maybe he can die the fur in gold. >> 24 karat. thank you so much. best of luck with the show it's great to see you again. dog nation premieres march 3 on nat geo wild. dagen: is eating pictures of celebrities a diet trend to help melt away the fat? this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh!
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he. dagen: kennedy will be back tomorrow pending her bail hearing in madagascar. in the meantime, this is the "topical storm." topic number one. with a little determination and hard work in life you can usually get what you want. usually.
12:56 am
that doggy got robbed, just like in my favorite bank heist movie. >> this is a lingerie shop, sir. dagen: topic number two. apparently you don't need to be a sassy lady with snarky comebacks to make sure your snang is effective. a japanese student just got the "guinnes book of world records" for the most finger snaps in a minute. okay. we'll save you have the time and let you know how many times he snapped his finger. 296.
12:57 am
nothing about this video stands out to me. he's just not that impressive. if you want to turn heads you need to snap with both hands like this guy. now, that's how you snap. topic number three. in case you needed. >> the excuse to go out and buy yourself a pet lizard. watch what this reptile does when his owner waves at it. it's a good thing that lizard is friendly. sometimes the big ones get kind of irritable around people.
12:58 am
topic number four. a jason siegel fan is making a desperate bid for his hero's attention. he's desperate. the young man says he's going to eat a photo of jason siegel every day until jason siegel eats a picture of him. it could take a while. in the meantime i recommend the picture gobbler stock up on antacids. that was disturbing in many ways. that was like a weird japanese horror film combined with heart medication. topic number five, when a rat shows up at your place it's usually uninvited.
12:59 am
when you ask it politely to leave and come back at a more convenient time. but when it doesn't listen to you, it's time for more extreme measures. that's a video from a couple of students at duquesne university in pittsburgh. they were able to remove the rodent without actually killing it. they might have regretted that when they went back to class the next day. they are all dead now. thanks for watching the show tonight. you can catch kennedy on twitter and instagram on kennedynation. email us at that beautiful gays back tomorrow.
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joining her will be glenn greenwald, former congressman ron paul and andy levy. good night. from guthy-renker studio, a paid presentation for all new lumipearl. (male announcer) the remarkable youth restoring skin secret of the south sea pearl. (female announcer) with special guests lea thompson. -eileen davidson. -jennie garth. (male announcer) and your host for this exciting discovery, the amazing angie harmon. hi, i'm angie harmon. about a year ago, i was introduced to an incredible skincare breakthrough called lumipearl that comes from precious south sea pearls. at first, i was hesitant to try something new, but i gave it a shot and my skin is completely transformed. before, i had blotchy areas and dark patches, but now my skin looks completely even.


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