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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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charging trump with treason. next thing they will have a tv station. melissa: dedicated to it. david: almost there already, a couple of them, very close. melissa: there you go. david: good to have you back. melissa: thank youism it was want the same without you. >> that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we have many criminal illegal aliens, when we want to send them back to their country, their country says we don't' home, in some cases they are murderers, drug lords, drug problems. take a look at the remembe remembrance project. brothers, sisters, moms and dads, they are young. young children they were killed. so many of them. we'll build a great wall along the southern boarder. >> we will restore law, order and justice in america,
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justice. >> the law and order candidate cracking down. fulfilling more campaign promises today, white house following up on rolls out new measure to clampdown on illegals who committed crimes again average americans, including a hiring surge, ending so-called catch release policies. welcome to "risk & reward," i am cheryl in for deirdre bolton, the administration introducing a new homeland security plan to get more aggressive on keeping america safe, first, boarder security. white house announcing hiring of 10,000 additional immigration and custom enforcement agents, and 5,000 border patrol agents to keep us safe, and ending catch and arely program. this also will restore the secure community program, that means any time anyone is arrested from fingerprinted,
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their identity is checked against an immigration database. it prioritized removal of criminal illegal ill yenss -- aliens, not illegals to who don't have records. people who have been charged with a criminal ofence, and people involved in gangs or drug dealings, again not illegals with clean record u. also people who have abused public benefit programs and are subject to removal orders who are still in the country. this office, would help people, who have been victimized by people who are in this country illegally, and also in this kind of conc controversial back and forth that we've seen between authorities and the illegal immigrant population. and reallocate resources for illegal aliens and gear them
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toward victims of illegal immigrant crime. now in terms of that wall, border wall, immediately begin planning designs construction and plain maintenance of a wall, and use materials that originate here in u.s. they will begin building el paso, texas, tucson, arizona and el centro, california. a lot to go through, let's bring in right now former immigration agent. david ward. what do you think of the administration now getting more aggressive as i just laid out, targeting criminal illegal aliens, the hiring of 15,000 new agents that is a big number. >> we applaud the president for stepping up to the plate and fulfilling the promises he made to border patrol and i.c.e. the number is large, it will take a lot of work to bring
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5,000 i.c.e. agents in and 15,000 border patrol agents in, but the will to do it is there. >> is this just doing what is already on the books and the president is enforcing the law? >> absolutely, we've gone on for ars without enforcing the law as written in title 8 of u.s. code, through obama administration. responsibility of border patrol and i.c.e. agents of lessened to extent they were, now we have a president that wants to fulfill that law we're sworn to up hold that is a good thing for us and the country. >> do you remember how the mainstream media reported the recent u.s. custom immigration enforcement rate? they called it a massive crackdown. a lot of hysteria. >> immigration raids, some communities on edge after a string of deportation raids in 6 states. >> more than 16 million people in this country live in a household with at least one
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undocumented immigrant. >> families of undocumented immigrants say they are now living in fear, in texas, video, showing a man detained by an i.c.e. agent in front of a fast-food restaurant, sends a chilling message. >> an enforcement surge, targeting raids, rounding up hundreds foreign nationals, is the new administration behind the latest crackdown. >> a person warning to all 11 million undocumented living in united states, most law abiding and paying taxes and work, they are no longer safe to say here. >> do you know what, that is just, a sampling of media hysteria, then have you a new report saying that a small fraction of the total outstanding illegals tha arrested, 680 arrests, that is not en scratching surface. these numbers, of may 21 of last year.
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what do you think of less than 1% of the nearly one million with deportation orders from government having been arrested is it enough. >> the politicians and advocates hyper ventilate over the target oned enforcement action that immigration servaiservice launched two weeks ago, this was all bland out urge obama administration 4 months ago it took a lot of research, record check, coordination with u.s. attorneys, warrants, that came into effect before this was launched. it was launched under the trump administration but this is authorized some time ago. >> it seems that media, has been over blowing this, those raids were already planned. and if you look at raids here in new york. major majority of those arrests were criminalled, sometimes serious criminals. is this an overblown phenomenon. >> it is overblown.
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a lot of reports have been made about law abiding illegal aliens, i don't know how that ca stretch that were picked up in the targeted criminal aliens. you will come across a collateral arrests that are illegal aliens here without illegal changes. >> i was looking at information in regards to president obama, he deported 2.5 million ill goin illegal immigrants in his presidency, i don't understand that donald trump is being vilified for raids that happened last week. why is that number, and the truth not getting out there, frankly? >> because it is donald trump, the media, politician, they dislike him, he is enforcing the law as written, that was pass by u.s. congress, many years ago.
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why the same outrage did not exist during obama administration, is beyond me. >> david ward we appreciate your analysis, thank you, sir. >> have a good night. >> all right, we have got no word on new executive orders restricting refugees from terror hot spots today, one possibly coming later this week, we believe that. former trump campaign foreign policy advise very walid phares said today's directive will help protect us from terror. how will today's orders help with are guard t reguard to fight terror on a global scale. >> we need to understand what the orders are, what are they about? we have three level, top level, there is an attempt by administration to isolated terrorist element, that is a different battle, that needs executive orders and counterterrorism.
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then below them, a larger pool of criminal illegals in a sense mostly from land places that would be from mexico, across the border. then strategy of increasing number of i.c.e. troops or unit, and solution to the pro problem that is political constituonal and legal. but the executive order to come about those potentially terrorists coming from countries overseas this say different and complicated issue. >> they could, i guess in theory come through the southern border? they could travel up through central america. we've seen some instances, isis fighters, coming through central mark. we also had a u.s. official say that isis has people in places that conduct steady attacks. he notes this we think that transnational terrorist attacks in near-term will probably remain studyy. they have built a pro bust apparatus for conducting
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transnation alterrist attacks, is that true? that there are terrorists plotting to strike and they are here within the border. >> yes, all reporting, all rational measure am of the statements made bia by al qaeda by isis and other groups, all indicate intention that they want to strike, if you go backward, and count many dozens of either attempts to attack us or bloody ones in california, and florida. and boston, else where, the system that jihadists have established within the united states is still functioning, we're trying to did is dismantle that network and make sure it does not get supplies from the outside, other jihadists would join them and strike. >> president obama at the time, whether we had, with san bernardino, said they are olated, isolated individuals, that were just you know kind of homegrown terrorists. that were weak, i am wondering if you believe that the threat is higher now than last year. >> quickly these are not in my
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view isolated, they have the same ideology, and made the same statement. they were different one was in california one in florida. but now there is an dar atoarchattempt to strike deeper in united states, they new this administration is changing policy, and eventually oven overseas they will feel the change, they want doe defor us by attacking us at home. >> we got a new nominee for national security adviser, i am curious, with all upheaval trump administration has been dealing with, do you believe that administration is ready to fight a potential domestic attack? >> i think we are, our agencies are not really affected by few appointies in the white house or within the beltway, across the land our agents are ready to the tactical fight. what is important is think of
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long-term strategy that ul eliminate the penetration of u.s. or less than penetration, so we're not going to have to fight a very long war. all effort to make sure the we're goes a shorter way. >> walid farris thank you. >> thank you. >> help is coming to the victims of crime. by illegal immigrants, president announcing a new out reach,ed vo kasi researches for those affected, coming unwe hear from a man who lost s 16-year-old daughter to an illegal alien who it committed prior crimes. >> is the mainstream media insinuating that the president is anti-semitic, denouncing jewish community center bomb threats, that is not enough for cnn, we play that coming up, after a quick break.
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>> will have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms, the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community, and community centers are horrible. and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate, and prejudice and evil. cheryl: president trump condemning the attacksn a spee. jewish community centers across the country receiving a waivwave of bomb threats, before his comments today cnn and mainstream media said he was not doing enough to show his disapproval of the threats. >> white house is now condemning the bomb threat, this after president trump
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twice last week danced around questions about anti-semitic. >> he has not tweeted about this with ordinary vigor that president usually brings to things he does not like. this is in no way meant at a suggestion this president is somehow okay with this, he never said anything like that. but it is what he doesn't say. >> why hasn't president trump spoken out more? >> joining me, mrc tv managing editor, britney hughes. this fascinates me that we're even having this discussion. but cnn says they are not accusing trump of anti-semitism. but is that not only answer to every question we just heard from their anchors? >> yes. you talk about why he has not tweeted this more vigor usually owhatever.
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what other suggestion do you make other than that suggesting that president is antisystemic. this is a new low for media, including cnn. to the this point they might as well say he can't scratch his nose without doing it wrong, this is incredibly hypocritical, and it makes you wonder is there naugles -- nothing else in the news to report. he can't do anything right at-this-point. cheryl: you add in hillary clinton, joining the attack against him, tweeting this today on jewish community center threat saying that everyone must speak out starting with president trump. i mean, has everyone forgotten his daughter is converted to
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jewish, and his son-in-law is jewish and his grandchildren are jewish, these are all forgotten facts by liberal media. >> and for go th forgotten that hillary clinton took gobs and gobs of cash that from countries that are anti-semitic. you know donald trump has a history in both campaign, and in the very short time he has been in office of being a strong supporter of israel, netanyahu said he knows there is no stronger ally of israel than president trump and united states. toking is that donald trump is antisyste antisemitic, because he did not swee tweet about is soon enough, there are no words for how low this is.
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this is a witch-hunt to go after everything they could possibly say is wrong. this is a liberal media who defended president obama is spent last 8 years, being an apologist for radical islamic terrorism. and now suddenly that makes him anti-jewish could it is ridiculous. cheryl: i could glad you brought up back and forth with netanyahu as well. i am curious why the media is not focusing on perpetrator of the crime, those w are attacks the jewish community centers, rather than president trump a response, do they do the same thing with russia? focusing on the wrong thing with regards, to russian may be bad actors but let's attack donald trump over it. >> liberal media is focusing on one thing only, that is taking downtown don, and his administration. and going after anything they could get their hands on, they
5:21 pm
think might put him and his administration in a bad light, that back in early february, we reported this, this is common knowledge, that jewish community centers have received 57 bomb threats at that time. from anonymous phone calls, you done hear that on your nightly news, because they were too busy this weekend focusing on trump's so-called muslim ban that turned out to not be a ban. and all protesters that were floods airports because they thought that donald trump was somehow banning muslim, which was untrue, you know that is what they were focused on that week, they were not focused on third wave in a month, of bomb threats again jewish community centers, only time they chose to focus on this issue, is had they thought it made donald trump look bad, something they could go after him on, not about concern over the community centers or raise awareness of it was to make sure this was a another dart
5:22 pm
they could throw at trump administration, and try to continue to push this narrative he is a racist or bigoted or you know whatever other slander. cheryl: or best friends with vladimir putin, which is another to topic, brittany news, from media research center, thank youy is much. >> thank you. cheryl: a great perspective. help is coming to the victims of crime by illegal immigrants, president announcing a new out reach and advocacy resources for those affected. coming up a man who lost his 16-year-old daughter to an illegal il alien who had committed prior crimes.hi coming up, stay with us. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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order at the highest level. or we'll cease to have a country, 100%, we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. cheryl: now president trump moving forward with his campaign promise to keep america safe, homeland security issuing new immigration initiatives helping victims of criminal aliens, federal government will establish victims of immigration crime engagement officer. real katein -- reallocates resources, and shift its back to the victims of illegal immigrant crimes. joining me now ray trenkhant. what do you think about this? do you think that trump administration, it recognizing, your families pain, and other families pain
5:27 pm
when they lose someone in a drunk driving accident or violence crime committed by an illegal alien. >> i believe so. i think one of the reasons that i think one of the tipping points that president trump was elected was because of his stan to immigration. i think that -- i mean border patrol endorsed him, you know, he came out with real numbers he said 10 news, the other candidates -- 10,000, other candidates for last 8 years who have been looking the other way, always said we doubled force, and this year, we increased by one third, but what is the base number? 100, 200? he is really making a difference. second thing he has done is put leadership in position, last 3 homeland security executives were bureaucrats, lawyers.
5:28 pm
napolitano, morton. and the point is now we have a general, a general knows how to hole th hold the line, he knows how to make borders and he knows how to enforce the law. cheryl: why do you think that president obama, that administration refused to recognize you and families like you? >> you know it is -- that is a very complex question, but to me, bottom line is that they were prior ortizing a focus group over americans. i.c.e. agents are patriots bed my brothers are police officers, their kid are police officers, i come from a cop family, my mom is an immigrant. i consider myself the son of an immigrant. but i don't consider people who break into the country immigrants, that was a disinformation campaign by the left.
5:29 pm
because i don't believe you are an immigrant up less you are a, invited, b, have a green card or and c passed all your immigration checkpoints you have to do. all along the candidates talked about america was build by immigrants, it was. legal immigrants. not people who broke into the country. cheryl: my grandparents were immigrants as well from italy in mine too, you bet. cheryl: what do you think. nothing will take away the pain of losing year daughter, i know she was with her best friend at well, who is also gone. >> she was. cheryl: do you feel any comfort with these initiatives in particular the new office that is proposing to help victims families like your family, reach out to you, if you are the victim of a crime and an illegal immigrant. for maybe those who may could next in line? >> i don't think it is -- it is not too late for me, i was
5:30 pm
alone ranger for many years, as know immigration -- as an immigration reform activist, depending on who was in office, they would not listen to me, tim kaine of governor of virginia he refused enforce 287 g, which is a l, an law. and as of january, donald trump is know forcing those laws, the left basically just ignored and called these people immigrants and they were not. cheryl: ray, we're so sorry for your loss, i hope that things get better, you know for our family and other familiars. >> they will. cheryl: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> well media again is still complaining much that president called home out last week -- called them out last week, hear what sean hannity
5:31 pm
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5:35 pm
deaths of journalists in russia who came out against the government there donald trump made no secret of going after journalists, and his distaste for any news that does not agree with him here. is this a dangerous path he is headed down. cheryl: okay, i don't know where she got that one from on msnbc. media, why is it surprising too them, he held this position for much of his presidential campaign. >> the dishonest media back there, are going, what is happening. >> krupp media there is nothing, more corrupt than those people. not all of them but most of them. >> dishonest mainstream media is also part and a major part of this corruption. they are corrupt. they lie, and fabricate stories. to make a candidate that is not their preferred choice,
5:36 pm
look as bad and even dangerous as possible. cheryl: here to debate it, my power panel. ford oconnel and kelly grace. kelly back to that mcircumstance nbc in-- mcircumstancmsnbc interview, what is she talking about, is this out of hand. >> that is the e exception not the rule. when you think about who whines more with donald trump or the press, the truth there is more new watchers, more people consuming news. with network with biggest viewership is here at fox. 1.6 million viewers. there is more information out there. and donald trump does not care to be assessed or picked apart and looked at then judged.
5:37 pm
that is the john of news media, he does not love it. >> kelly wait, i do agree with you for mainstream media, trump bashing is fifth professional sport. this began long before trump, we don't have a free political press, it no longer objective. >> you have -- political point of view, democratic party. they bash romney for saying binders full of women, that now looks like rated g . political press mock donald trump before he entered the race, they collided with hillary clinton to -- calewded with hillary clinton. >> let me enter jec. cheryl: interject, there were e-mails uncovered from john harwood from cnbc reaching out to hillary clinton's campaign, what should i ask the g.o.p. candidate. so, i want to ask you, sean
5:38 pm
hannity, he said that media is committing -- tell me if you think he has a point. >> they are collectively, news media, at war with the president. because their little egos are bruised they have been exposed they are waging a battle by focusing in on nonimportant issues, citing unnamed sources, and they have call this president every name in the boo book. basely throwing around names with hopes that something may stick,hey lie, themislead, they distort and they have an agenda cheryl: sean did make good points. >> it is clouded in his own biased. his own ego, trump as his administration, and commander
5:39 pm
in chief makes changes and actions that don't sit well with a lot of people, it is news media job to understand that and put it in context for the american public, fox news has a large viewership. and people that watch sean hannity get vent on it, the media that is contorting the president's words? i think that media is taking his worries and put it in context, they are confusing and mixed. >> it goes beyond that. i am all for a free political press, i think we need that and bashing trump for say flubbing immigration order is spot on or his controversial hire of flynn, but last weekend, they said mar-a-lago was a southern white house, i watched reporters and producer claim there was something inster in -- sinister, saying other presidents, saying that his residence is white house
5:40 pm
south,. >> he said he got board of camp david in 30 minutes. >> so what, media is creating stories when there are none, stick to the important issues, in are a whole host of issues from immigration, and radical islam. there is one point of view on that. these are hotbot en issues because there is more than 1 poin-- than one point of view. cheryl: i'm out of time, i do want to say, those of us that work here at fox business and fox news to our best to bring you the stories the stru truth we use facts here, we are not making assumptions and calling people names when it is unsubstantiated.
5:41 pm
they are looking for ratings they don't have because do. >> gross malpractice, you brought up. first amendment protech, but when they don't do their job, they. >> we've never been in an environment like this. we'll have you back. >> all right. hey. there is nothing to see here. reporting there is no crisis in sweden, new images come from a capital suburb taken over by immigrant related violence. she is next.
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>> this is a country of 10 million people that has been very generous, and taken in millions of immigrants, that a lot. the numbers between 2012-2015, crime rose 7%. islam phobic crime, attacks on muslim target jumped considerably between 2012, and 2015, this not a country that has suffered a significant terror attack in years. and it search is not a country increase crise. cheryl: cnn and other liberal media outlets recording there no crisis in wednesda sweden, but look at images, stoc -- last night, police officers
5:46 pm
were attacked with stones, shotwere fired. so what is reality? let's ask someone on the ground there, swedish columnist. joining us. ingrid, what is your read onry triots and violence in sweden. >> we have reached a critical mass of people in the country, they don't love sweden, they don't love swedish people, they don't love our way of life, they are telling to go out to suburbs this is not sweden, the rule of law does not apply there. this has been going on for years, now since 2015, over 160,000 people in here, everything has gone you know, really bad. cheryl: why are we hearing
5:47 pm
that the push back from swedish officials? that in particular the police officers, they say, it is just violence. why is there this different story coming out from swedish administration if you will? >> yeah. because they have been working so hard for so many years, telling people that we have no problem with immigration, we have let these people in because we want to be humanitarian super power, sweden is rich, you don't have to worry. but now people are really worried, and now they have to try to cover-up what has been going on. and that is why so few people have the courage to say what is going on. these two police officers, that you refer to. i don't know why they say now that was bad they didn't say, that but we have another police officer, a week ago,
5:48 pm
peter springer, he told the story. because he is going to retire, then he fells truth that -- tells his truth on his desk all of the violent crimes that he is working with, is committed by immigrants, that iis really an uproar in sweden right now, people are scared, and authorities just keep telling us, no worry, no problem, you just are imaging these things. cheryl: ingrid, my next question, swedish people now regret letting in so many immigrants from a particular -- in particular syria. >> but of course, the swedish people never vogted t votedded to have this immigration, they were told it was just a tiny minority coming into the country, it
5:49 pm
would never affect sweden it would never bring sweden to another country than a swedish country, now people are waking up, and they are seeing, not swedish any more, they decided we're not going to be a swedish country. cheryl: sweden is not swedish any more, oh, my gosh, thank you ingrid, swedish writer there from your perspective we appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: all right, well. democrats still are refusing to accept our free and fair election. thousands participate yesterday. democrat who can't handle the election ar comparing that since of anxiety to pit circumstancptsd . we'll be right back.
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cheryl: democrats still refusing to accept our free and fair election, thousands, protesting, suffering from a psychological condition, pesd, post election stress disorder. a psychology claims there has been a rise in car accidents, divorce, work aabsences and lower lieed -- libido, come on. is this real? >> here is the thing, i don't like acronyms to stand for cultural moras, but bottom
5:54 pm
line, whytio shouldn't we expect there be a lot of stress, there is a fundamental reactofamiliar reassersion of our nationality, they are detoxing, they were told there will be unlimited entitlements, they were told that american had done such bad things in the past. these people who are told, it is all free, and you don't need to sacrifice for your country, because, your country is not worthy, they were sold this bill of goods, now there is a detox process, it should be stressful, you know, there are have divided facts work that honors america and wants to rebuild it and believes
5:55 pm
there are boundaries and there are realities, and another with its head in the clouds thking about global government, and anything goes. and everything is entitled to everyone, this bizarre. cheryl: you -- these reports have been going on for a while, friendships are breaking up, but there was a married couple, 22 years, they split because they differed on view of donald trump. is this -- can you say this is a stress disorder? >> well, i hate hearing about marriages breaking up. but on other hand, i really do think that this is a profound divide, if you can't see that the election of donald trump represents a new day, a reawakens of the american spirit, you are fundamentally different than your partner. right. if you actually believe that
5:56 pm
barack obama was taking us to a good place, your belief system is different than your spouse, now you can coexist, but maybe it revealed something about the person you are living work you say, i don't feel like i knew you. cheryl: you know, liberals have gone to a fake web site, called hillary beat trump, they pretend that hillary clinton is president. is that normal or nuts? >> well, i'll call it nuts, here is the thing, these folks are going to protest and complain, and march throughout perhaps 8 years, and it is a kindf fantasyland they are ing toliving in. but they were before, imagine, a country with no boundaries, that is a country? that does not make sense. >> you are the best could than, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. cheryl: office visits any time. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> stocks hitting new highs today, the dow skyrocketing more than 100 points. boeing united health giving us the gains. making money with charles payne coming up next. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. the department of homeland security rolling out plans today for president trump's agenda to crack down on illegal immigration and implement aggressive enforcement of existing immigration loss. dhs secretary kelly orders today include 10,000 additional ice agents, 5,000 more border patrol agents, and a moratorium on president obama's catch and release policy at the border. the order also allocates funding for victims of crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants and advocating on behalf of those here illegally. reporters grill the white house press


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