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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks foratching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. if you can't watch a dvr. in the meantime lou dobbs. keep it right here. lou: president trump today following through on his campaign promises to take control of our borders. the department of homeland security announced criminal illegal immigrants are now the top priority and dhs had issued new guidelines calling for the hiring of 10,000 immigration and customs enforcement agents and another 5000 border patrol agents. >> we have to have a safe country. we have to let people -- lou: we will talk to radio talkshow host michael gallagher and political analyst gail trotter also to my president trump stands over religious freedom in a tour of the national museum of african-american history and
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culture. >> this is a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms. we'll take up the presence calls for unity with pastor robert jefferson president trump this week offered high praise for ambassador bolton. >> john bolton we are asking to work with us in a somewhat different capacity. john is a terrific guy and we had really good meetings with him. he knows a lot and has a good number of ideas that i agree very much with. lou: ambassador john bolton is my special guest tonight. good evening everybody. president trump and his administration today taking action to protect our nation's borders and enforce our immigration laws. the department of homeland security unveiled new guidelines to enforce our immigration laws including prioritizing criminal
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illegal immigrants for deportation and into the obama era policy of catch and release and a reinstatement of the secure communities program. enlisting law enforcement act. the design and construction of the border wall. dhs also plans to hire 10,000 immigration and customs enforcement agents, 5000 border patrol agents. the guidelines, as attorneys at the white house the department of justice and dhs are putting the final touches on a revised extreme tracking order. that order expected later this week. the president also receiving a national security briefing today is the national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster taking part in the briefing did my first guest tonight met with the president over the weekend and joining us tonight to discuss the meeting or at least the parts he can end our national security among
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other issues the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton. ambassador, good to have you with us. that drew praise from the president to say that he agrees with many ideas. that has to be not only flattering but gratifying to you. >> well it was a great honor to hear him say that and we did have a terrific meeting. i enjoyed it very much. he would have been a good trial lawyer keeping those moving along. it is an honor to be considered for a position whether accepted or not it's part of serving the country. lou: h.r. mcmaster as the new nsa, i have not heard anyone so wildly praised as he from former military officers. i've talked to current military
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leaders who just about everyone in washington were a remarkable choice on the part of the president. >> i wish them all the best. i have met them at the american enterprise institute i read his book dereliction of duty and it's an excellent book in terms of the vietnam war decision-making and civil military relations in the united states so as i say i wish him the best and if i can help him i'm happy to do it. lou: have you got any instinct right now as to what you want to do in the future? >> no, and even if i did i wouldn't say. lou: i had to give you the opportunity. i can only imagine it feels so good to be able to say that. let's turn to nato. the vice president also being complemented by president trump for his handling of his mission in europe. he basically was very strong reiterating the president's
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request if you can call it that or demand more properly perhaps that nato get into the business of funding its own defense and to do so straight away. >> i thought the vice president had an excellent series of meetings and public remarks across europ. it was reminiscent in some respects it when the bush 40. administration came in. many europeans have been afraid that the united states would get out of the abm treaty with the national defense system and retreat behind it. it was never going to happen but it took time to explain it to him and i think the vice president was able to say look we are committed to nato. we expect now our european friends to be committed to the commitments they made in 52% of their gross national product spent on defense. lou: there was a moment at the
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nato secretary-general was making remarks where he did one of those things suggesting there had been a bit of turmoil and it seemed as if he was inviting the vice president to acknowledge if the united states and to watch that just evaporate from his face as the vice president spoke was truly a roaring site. i mean what do these people think? they play cute and they think because the previous president played cute that this administration is no different? >> let me put it this way. europeans and others around the world are used to having representatives in the united states government say well you know that's what they are saying back in washington. really i agree with you but i'm just here to carry out my instructions winkink and
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that's the kind of thing that undercuts presence. they once were fundamental changing direction. i thought the vice president did exactly what vice presidents need to do and i think it's guaranteed there will not be an inch of difference between trump and pence in their various personal appearances. lou: you see the strength of the vice president and the strength of his words as he leveled them that nato was actually fun for me to watch given my worldview. but let's turn to a worldview that's changing rapidly and that apparently is the russian worldview. vladimir putin reportedly telling the state run media as if there were another kind in russia that he no longer wanted to see flattering but trails of president trump in this administration. this looks like a remarkable
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reversal in the part of an expectant person. >> well look this isn't something that i think president trump himself sees that it may be counterintuitive to the received wisdom in washington under the last eight years of obama but the best way to get russian cooperation on any issue you might have whether it's terrorism or whatever it may be used to have a strong american president, president that put and prospects and understand is going to stand up for american interest as opposed to one who is speaking at these wink wink remarks as a conversation with president medvedev for he says tells latin american be more flexible. they're not going to hear back from donald trump and i think they are beginning to get used to it. lou: to watch this piece is -- the speeches and the national media they don't in any way seem to have the global comprehension of the ideological maneuvers
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that are taking place. that is as if the left-wing of the democratic party is not closer to their views of the russian ideology in history than the republican party itself and conservative america. and then to watch the national liberal media play this russian connection to the trump administration is highly amusing. your thoughts? >> look and i will tell you who is most highly amusing to the people in the kremlin saying they are going to the useful idiots of the american media playing this up again. it's the marxist analogy as a whole as trotsky uses sam lennon , the caplis will sell us the rope to hang them with i'm sure they're laughing the same
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way today as vladimir putin does. lou: is quite something in to see this girding in trying to understand why the trump administration supports nato. russia is quickly trying to adjust its view of the trump administration. the only people missing the story happen to be those who are in the national media. ambassadors size great to see you and we appreciate your insights as always. >> thank you so much lou, i was glad to do it. ambassador john bolton. there's a lot more to cover here and some of it has to do with that left-wing national media and a lot of areas we have to explore as well. stay with us, you don't want to miss it. the trump white house expanding its crackdown on illegal immigration. >> the message from this white house and from dhs is that those people who are in this country posing a threat to public safety or have committed a crime will
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be the first to go and we will be aggressive in making sure that occurs but that is what the priority is. lou: will talk about that with mike gallagher and gayle trotter here next. president trump denouncing recent attacks and threats against the jewish community. president trump called for an end to religious bigotry. we will take all of that up and we will take all of that up and muchchchchch hi my name is tom i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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lou: riots erupting in a heavily immigrant suburb of stockholm looters setting cars ablaze and throwing rocks at police. one officer -- after president trump has been criticized by some especially some smart aleck government types in sweden who were calling out their idea was to call out the president because he called out sweden alongside a list of european targets of terror. they demanded a clarification dog on it or however this would you say it. the government called called the president on twitter saying hey donna vista sweden speaking. it's nice if you do care really but don't fall for the hype. we are okay. not last night and not the night
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before writing in sweden that is only now coming to terms with the immense immigration crisis they have on their hands. in this country immigration agents have a lot of work to do. 680 illegal immigrants obtained by i.c.e. enrages this month. that's a fraction of the more than 950,000 immigrants slated for deportation who are still free. joining me now attorney gayle trotter and mike gallagher hosted the mic gallagher radio show and the salem radio network. it's great to have you both with us and gayle, this is a president who is delivering on its promises. in this instance, you just see people reacting to the white house press secretary sean spicer who again i think handled himself brilliantly today talking about they are enforcing the law. people who have committed crimes in this country or any illegal
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immigrant doesn't have a right to be in this country. >> the trump administration is going to endorse the law and this is newsworthy only in the context of the prior eight years of complete lawlessness on our immigration law. like you said the trump administration is fulfilling his campaign promise and the mainstream media, the leftist media is going about this. we are still going to have people coming into the united states but they are going to comply with our laws and they they're going to do it legally. that is what trumps winning message on the campaign trail was. lou: i don't know if you stop and think about what 950,000 illegals slated for deportation for party gone through the process and deported. 950,000. this is not an insignificant statistic. gayle is right if the entire foundation of donald trump's campaign. when he came down the escalator
10:18 pm
trump tower was was to crackdown on illegal immigration that's what he's doing and that's what the american people who voted for him are expecting. lou: ale correctly noted eight years without enforcement of immigration law but the effort is really to be absolutely fair here extends to the bush administration in which they decided they in their judgment were going to enforce immigration laws and that harmonization along the borders of canada, mexico and the united states was a higher priority. we are watching quite a reversal , a pivot point in american history and it's going to be profound. already we are hearing the clucking class of the democratic party saying this is going to really set us back if we do this as if we have laws and we have a responsibility of enforcement and that we have not witnessed great harm to this nation and
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our middle-class in part because of the refusal of two administrations to enforce immigration laws and secure our border. >> look at the trump administration's proposal today. it's not an unfunded mandate. they are our increasing number of i.c.e. agents in the number border patrol agents and he's also not touching the controversial part of the daca illegal immigrants are the dapa illegal immigrants and i think that's brilliant because he is going forward with the thing that he most campaigned on and it's going to start with that and then we can discuss the other stuff later but left get that fixed first. lou: it's difficult to get to the facts. look at the people have twisted themselves into a pretzel won't even acknowledge that crime has risen. this blows my mind. i talked to the filmmaker who the president referred to. their own government statistics and yet -- lou: it's the capital of the world now their own media which
10:20 pm
is largely state media keeping this all submerged. by the way we have that reflex going on our left-wing media in this country as well the refusal to identify people by name or status in the crime reports and newspapers in various news organizations. it's truly outrageous. >> it's insane and prosecute somebody who speaks up if you try to speak out like the one police officer did he was threatened with prosecution. lou: they do things differently and they are doing things differently in washington. this is an administration that i think is starting to really make headway in focusing the public attention on the national left-wing media. i didn't notice a single reporter today and we will see with the story show tomorrow, that managed to connect the fact that the border patrol immigration and customs enforcement will have the authority to apprehend an
10:21 pm
illegal immigrant who is not a quote unquote criminal illegal immigrant if they are caught up in the arrest of those criminal illegal immigrants. what they are saying is there somebody who knows who these people are and in fact they should be in this country because they are breaking our laws and taking in some cases american lives. this is a sensible policy and not one person seems to take note of that connection between well not lawful but noncriminal illegal immigrants and the criminal almost 1 million who are already set for deportation. >> that's an important point and back to the about sweden, the fact that the government of sweden is doing such disrespectful tweets to our president should upset everyone and when you think about their interest in suppressing the information about the status of
10:22 pm
women in their country and in relation to the problems they're having with their refugee community it's no surprise that they are trying to divert attention to what is happening in their country and trying to pick a fight with the president of our country. lou: the fact that germany and sweden didn't commit national suicide are these mad refugee and immigration programs that they iniated thee paying the immense price for it now and i think it's just stunning for americans to watch. >> you up in clear as a bell on this for years lou so it's interesting what you said. i never -- although you never thought you would come to this conclusion with this president is determined to have been to secure our borders and declare sovereignty. lou: i've been doing this for a long time. thank you both for being with us. >> great to be with you. lou: vote in our poll tonight he does it seem odd to you that the
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left-wing news media doesn't seem to comprehend that a nation must control its borders and those who were allowed to cross those borders in order to be -- cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. for such a savvy bunch of media it seems it to have cognitive limitations. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. there's a corporate divide emerging on tax reform. chief executive officer for 16 companies including boeing caterpillar ge writing a letter to congress urging them to pass comprehensive, i love it when they start talking conferences, that scares everybody. comprehensive tax reform notches tax reform including a border adjustment tax which would raise the prices of everything irrespective of consumers in this country. the retail ceo spoke with
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president trump to argue against that very border tax. retail or manufacturing? let's come together good on wall street today another record-breaking day for stocks up a mere 119 points for dalan s&p up working in the nasdaq up 27. all three indexes, that's right new record highs. goldman sachs has cognitive dissonance in the market. volume on the 3.5 billion shares present the election that markets close to 2.9 trillion dollars in market cap gains. whoa. shares of walmart or 3% the retailer reporting better-than-expected sales during the holiday quarter and verizon cutting the price with yahoo! by a pretty sweet margin, $350 million after the disclosure of massive data breaches at yahoo!. a reminder listen to my reports
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three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next police say a gang member who has cycled in and out of prison killed a california police officer and wounded his partner. how could this have happened? we will have the full report for you here, next. a russian spy ship still patrolling off her east coast. what iit up to? we will have the latest for you. stay with us. we are comininininin
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stealing the cousin a car. whittier police chief criticize california early release program. claiming that shooter had just been paroled and should not have been on the street. >> we need to wake up, enough is enough.
10:31 pm
passing these propositions you create these laws that raises crime, it is not good for our communities, it is not good for our officers. >> early release has been accelerated in california, partly as a result of 2011 supreme court ruling that state prison were so overcrowded it amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. thousands of convicted murderers and other violence offenders have been freed with governor brown having the final say in those releases. michael m mejia has a long criminal record, and released on february 11, having served 10 days for a probation violation. on bill 109, low level, nonviolent offenders are held in county jail, rather than
10:32 pm
prison. lou: jonathan thank you. we'll discuss the case with judge alex ferrer coming up next, much more ahead stay with us. >> a lot of praise for president trump's choice for national security adviser, hrmcmaster. >> he will argue, for his views. but then, he wil willic president's policy -- will execute the president's policy at the end of the day. lou: general jack king my guest next. and. these heroes unite to save a snow boarder. snow boarder. we show you the rescue ahead did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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lou: that russian spy ship that we've been telling you about off our east coast for the past week. it is stationary. i'm sure it has not run aground. they have staked out a piece of territory 30 miles off coast of norfolk, virginia. the largest navy base in the world. i guess they find it interesting there. new reports that russian government is trying to delve into the mind of our
10:37 pm
president, a team of retired diplomats and putin staffers are working to compile what they are told is a 7 page dossier on the president's mental state too to vladimir putin. amazing. joining me now, fox news military analyst general jack king. general, a lot to cover. i have to ask, almost no one mentioning why that russian spy ship is there, 30 miles off of virginia beach. it has been around for a week. any thoughts on what it is doing? >> yeah, pretty much. listen, i they they use submarines to spy on our coastlines and naval institutions. we have a surface ship that does this work. it is there are for two reasons, all about publicity and attention it is receiving, particularly while the munich security conference was going on.
10:38 pm
and leaders are visiting in nato, they are looking for an opportunity to make the united states look a little weaker in the eyes of our allies. also i think it is also distraction from one, the fact they are thickening their military activity in eastern ukraine, they don't want a lot of publicis too to that. secondly, they unveiled a cruise missile that can be weaponizzed to tactical nuclear weapons that you reported on last week, they did not want a lot of publicity about that, to be sure. i believe those are primary reasons. lou: theyeployed the new cruise missiles in violation of treaty, that really amountses to nothing anyway. to two sites within russia. the one that i got a kick out of is nbc reporting with breathlessly, that the
10:39 pm
russians, based on their source, a former foreign minister of the russian government, they are trying to find out what is happening inside donald trump's mind. they want a psychological profile. i heard that, i just laughed, as if donald trump were first leader military or civilian of this government, in history to be psychologically profiled by the russians, they do that with everyone, don't they? >> absolutely, i am not convinced that putin, early on with this presidentty, particularly jo george bush, he was a former kgb officer. i think they will role play. listen. the united states intelligence -- >> deep into his eyes. >> right. u.s. intelligence service profiles all of our adversaries, and let's not be
10:40 pm
too surprise, also leaders that our president will deal with. we provide him with that psychological profile. to make his interactions with them more effective. >> it is incredible. national left wing media goes about their business as if this is first time this happened. because it is after all president trump. let's turn to h.r. mcmaster, the new national security adviser, his first meeting today with security council and the president. your thoughts about his prospects, his qualifications? our judgment of him. >> i am thrilled with this pick, my hat is off to the trump team for taking the time to listen to the recommendation on nominees and candidates, actually come out with absolutely one of the best choices they could have made in mcmasters, this guy is incredibly bright, very articulate, a very strong
10:41 pm
personality who fights for what he believes in, he has enormous aim of moral courage. i wish other general officers and flag officers had as much as he had to be frank about it. high fights for his ideas, but once a decision is made he will execute them, he is a bit of a change agent to be sure, and also an iconic class. he will fit in well with the show up in any white house. he has one himself, but he works well with the team, and he will have that nse, i am convinced of it humming. lou: with that the president continues to make terrific choices for his key roles in government, now has i believe 9 more in the cabinet to get confirmed. making progress. and general, it looks like
10:42 pm
that russia is just going to have a different relationship than they expected with president trump. your thoughts on that, quickly. i want your thought. >> there is no doubt about that. all of president trump's key advisers have spoken publicly, they are clear eyed about russia, they know it is trampling on or national interest and those of our allies, we'll have two vectors, engage as long as we can and deter and confront that is where we're headed. lou: great to have you, thank you. >> good talking to you. lou: general jack king. >> a dramatic rescue in california. the snow border was trapped -- snow boarder was trapped beneath the mound of snow, he was miscalculated, buried for 10 minutes. but after the rescue, no
10:43 pm
injuries at all, thanks to his excellent choice in friends. >> boycotts against ivanka trump seem to have backfired. her perfume is number one on amazon's list of best sellingy fro fragrances for 6 days in a row. success it the best -- what is it? up next. supreme court deciding whether mexican nationals can sue a border patrol agent in a cross-border shooting, we take that up with judge alex ferrer, and what we can this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, aually ere's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me!
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lou: the supreme court today hearing argument in in a cross border shooting case, justices deciding whether the family of a mexican teenager can use u.s. courts to sue a u.s. border patrol agent that fired, across the border into mexico, and kill their teenage son. this is a -- i would think i straight up case. it will be decided democratic and republican appointed judges, justices.
10:48 pm
what do you make? >> it is not an easy issue. one that does need to be resolved. it really, it is a question of whether the constitutional right extend beyond the border. to someone who is not a u.s. citizen, not on u.s. property, and killed by someone on u.s. soil. a bizarre case. it happens quite a bit. lou: why would we do that? that is inane. >> there were case -- there was kay bis before -- a case before, that cast doubt on the ability, it is a tragic case, that case basicall base held constitutional righting and protect end at border. but guantanamo bay cases came about, prisoners were held at guantanamo bay, and they
10:49 pm
demanded rights, and ruds supremsupreme court moved to issue rights beyond. lou: the idea of extending the constitution to nationals of another country not on u.s. soil. >> and not on a u.s. controlled territory like guantanamo bay. lou: why could there not be a summary judgment and be done with it? >> there are but this is on appeal going to the supreme court. >> i understand, that is why. it seems to me that supreme court should dismiss it out of hand. >> now with trump administration increasing immigration on border, you will have more dealing with this, perhaps people shooting at them, they shoot back in, this case it was tragic because he was 15 years old and killed. but -- lou: let me help the justices,
10:50 pm
this is mexico this is u.s. >> draw a stick. lou: this is our constitution, there is theirs, this is absurd. >> and repercussions, once you open that door it opens the door for people all over the world to sue americans. a question of civil rights, do they have civil rights under our constitution, when they're not here. lou: in california case, where the officer of shot. why on god green earlier witearth would supreme court have them order release of prisoners and not order them building more prisons. >> they can't order them to build more prison.
10:51 pm
all they can do is say, you get to a certain threshold, you can't keep housing people, california makes bad decisions -- how that i want to spend their money, they are not protecting citizens, they are letting criminal like this guy, they spend money on fighting trump on his immigration policies, you know. lou: boy. i tell you, between supreme court and california have you a bag of mixed nuts there. >> thank you, judge. >> always a plac pleasure, lou. lou: growing concerns that russia may have carried out a is re nuclear test perhaps in the arctic. the public was not alerted until a few days ago. those concerned over io dine, isotope prompting u.s. air force to send a special nuke-sniffing plane to the uk
10:52 pm
to help determine what the particles are and how they go the there, right now, no one at least no one is saying, who what the south of the isotopes, dangerous cancer-causing iodine isotopes are. >> up next, president trump condemned anti-semitic incidents that have taken place. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community are horrible and are painful. and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. lou: we'll take up the issues of religious bigotry and inte
10:53 pm
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with the deduction findingombine superpower of ibm watson? ah! you get more money. that's what you could get. h&r block th watson. get your taxes won. lou: in an on-line poll we asked you last night, should republican house and senate leaders start emulating president trump's work ethic. 94% of you said yes. well, they are not going to do it. joining me now, pastor, at first baptist church in dallas, texas, pastor robert jeffers, president today, speaking out against this wave of anti-semitism. calling it a horrible preminder of some of --
10:57 pm
reminder of some of the bigotry that exists, it was refreshing to hear him take up that issue. >> it was and trump administration is most pro-israel, he-jewish administration that we've had in decades, have you seen that by president trump's appointment of david friedman, ambassador to israel, and support of netanyahu, commitment to protecting israel. and lou, i believe if there is a rise of ain't -- antisemitic behavior, they are enraged by solitairely of donald trump and people of israel. lou: membership people are enraginged, he is going in directs with different demeanor and purpose than they have seen in a president, it is wonderful to watch. he was responding to a tweet
10:58 pm
from hillary clinton. which i don't know what kind of breakthrough that is, if it is one. but it seemed to me a generous response. helpful that she would address the president so. >> i agree with that. i think we need to be clear that the real ain't semitic group -- anti-semitic group in our country is liberal left who would deny the jewish people their homeland, which has been theref thousands of years, and liberal left that enemies of israel who want to erase her from the face of the earth, that i that. >> and left attacking melania trump for her prayer, they are attacking her like no first
10:59 pm
lady has been attacked, this is abhorrent. >> this is an illustration of hypocrisy of liberal left, you had liberal left hyper ventilating over president trump's criticism of the press as if he were endangering the firstmm amendment, that same first amendment. >> it is an attack on women, on christianity, this is an attack that is so outside of bounces of our tradition, that a first lady would be so attacked. yet not a response, from any quarter. of the left wing media. >> let's cut to the chase. had this been another first lady quoting a muslim player oprayer she would have been
11:00 pm
celebrated by the left. lou: thank you pastor robert jeffers. >> thank you. lou: thank you, congressman mark meadows, paul if you can't watch a dvr. in the meantime lou dobbs. keep it right here. lou: president trump today following through on his campaign promises to take control of our borders. the department of homeland security announced criminal illegal immigrants are now the top priority and dhs had issued new guidelines calling for the hiring of 10,000 immigration and customs enforcement agents and another 5000 border patrol agents. >> we have to have a safe country. we have to let people -- lou: we will talk to radio talkshow host michael gallagher and political analyst gail trotter also to my president trump stands over religious freedom in a tour of the national museum of african-american history and


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