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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 22, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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celebrated by the left. lou: thank you pastor robert jeffers. >> thank you. lou: thank you, congressman mark meadows, paul sparey, and nigel farage tomorrow, good night. kennedy: dhs releasing a blizzard of immigration enforcement plans. what about the wall? the panel is here too discuss that. >> and milo yiannopoulos on the ahead seat over controversial comments about pepedophilia. and president obama official library is going to cost -- what? grab your snugy. >> president has been president for a month, it feels like longer. for his supporters it a nonstop romance, they are
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bruised from pinching themselves they believe they are dreaming. for others, it has been living in a musty gimp covered, and old bones are knitting together as bedsores set in and screaming whispers of impeachment was doused by last week's news conference. so what will month two look like? house speaker paul ryan is looking more line a line cook at the waffle house, as congressional republicans drag their heels on repeal and tax refarm. if republicans in both chambers can fire off cohesive solutions, too sick leave obamacare, they can being a collective sigh of relief, but they probably won't, because they are short-shted politicians, who could not get
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on the same page of a memo that is why god hates them. >> ryan is buying time until his treatments come true of -- treatments come true of trump- impeachment, they want credit and power. the ones with good intentions who to pear down the government and cut spending. other than the capital logjam president trump needs to put the russian baby to bed. the questions about the relationship keep popping up, i still think that president has to answer the question a few more times. >> how many times do i have to answer this question. russia is a ruse. >> i don't know if it is a country any more, you can't -- i am still doing this immigration is elephant in the
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room that some g.o.p. are happy to beat too cheer up the base, but building the mexican funded wall, and kicking brown people out only solves half of the problem, how to we do a better job of letting people in, let's leave it to media to cover that fairly. >> i have never seen more dishonest media than the political media. kennedy: never mind. month two should go smoothly, we can expect a entertaining press conference. i'm kennedy. today is the beginning of president trump's second month in office. but for many people it feels like it has been two years. what is on the new agenda? glen hall is here. news editor at "wall street
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journal," welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: hugh can th how can president make month two more seam less. >> there is a lot more to come, we saw an advance flurry of activity in the first month, that is the easy stuff that you can do with executive order, he has been working with congress to figure out hard stuff. how do we repeal and replace affordable care act, and change the tax code. they have perplexesed government for a long time, he promised to start that as soon as march. kennedy: i think those are two most impressing issues. because if they can really do that, if they can repeal and replace obamacare and have a sufficient option that saves people money and provides good care, and they reform that tax code. that could be a phenomenal win for this party. i just don't know if they are
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capable of doing that in congress. >> republicans have been talking about repeal and replace for affordable care act for a long time, they cannot agree on the basic parameters of what it should look like, donald trump promised to get his plan out next month, hopefully that will get them going. but tax reform issues that has struggled over many decades to be done. kennedy: there is always tension between congress and president with who gets power and the credit, seem its has been easy for the president to write a series of executive actions to fulfill some campaign promises. we have seen a very similar number from past administrations, how is it going to play out when reality of creating policy, collides with fulfilling campaign promises. >> there are two sides, part is still in president's control, he is getting his cabinet in place.
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as you start to see today, we saw secretary of department of homeland security out there, putting down the markers on what immigration orders that were given in the beginning of trump presidency, would play out. not those stymied in the court, you see these policies taking form. now second part is, working closely with the members of congress to get those bills done. white house said they have been working behind the scene for quite some time. kennedy: of the cabinet members that we've seen confirmed, who do you think, and you are referring to homeland security secretary kelly. but let's talk about other members, who else do you see as affective serogate for president and outlining specific agenda in their department. >> well you have seen scott pruitt today, epa director, speaking about how he was going to try to make regulation more obvious, and
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regular, to help companies better work with the government, and rex tillerson, and jim mattis, you have secretary of state and defense helping to shape and define the agenda that trump put out. you see key players in place, and putting their ideas alongside the president's ideas. kennedy: and you are right, it is the implementing, that i think will deliver him bigger wins than the distraction of a press conference, people say that president is a big picture person, it seems he is delegating people who are better at specifics. will we see victory in thunderstorm. short-term. >> i don't know about out right victory, you will see more action in second month with more actors in place, you will see that and president
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ramping up his use of bully pulpit to further his agenda. we saw him last week, driving home his message, followed by a rally, these are places where he takes strength, and he will continue to bring that rally principle to his bully pulpit. kennedy: something specific there, he is reactor just -- reactor justing the headlines, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right, let's bring in tonight's spill proof party pal, julie pan dander as. and rich lowry. >> welcome back. >> hey. kennedy: a crackdown on illegal immigration. releasing enforcement changes, the hires of 10,000 more i.c.e. agents and 5 news more border patrol agents, and
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releasing people caught at border trying to or pending deporting hearings, and seeks to speed up removal process for immigrants who are here illegally. but it spares the dreamers, those who came here as children. does it go too far or not far enough? what does this relaunch look like. >> a good start, we're going to start actually enforcing the laws on the books. i still think that the key piece is not the wall, not the travel ban, it is an e-verify system, that mandatory for employers, it makes them harder to hire illegal labor, i would be happy to trade the daka for dreamers for an e-verify system. kennedy: you say this will be more robust, every company is going to have to use it, so,
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it is more layers, to more agencies, we're seeing more government, which is -- >> you should not be able to hire illegal labor, it is illegal for a reason, you should not under cut american workers, it a -- illegal immigration is a subsidy for upper middle class for certain . employers at cost o of native legal imgrantses who are hear. kennedy: democrats are going to have a problem with public benefit provision, i don't. i don't think you should encourage people to come here by waving dangley shiny carrots. >> right, lease $113 billion a year in funding because of illegal immigrants, we are hat a historically high-def set, we need to control spending,
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if you come here, you need to be able to pay into the system. democrats are going to go nuts over this, they propose giving obamacare to illegal imgrajts immigrants, i think we're going to have a big fight over this. kennedy: where do average people come down on this issue, there are very vocal extremes on both sides, either open border or build a wall. >> this nothing new, there are immigration laws in place, under president obama there were immigration laws, he too deported people, the problem is president trump comes forward, he wants to take 11 million illegal immigrants out of the country, and to build a wall. and prevent them from coming in that is impossible. we'll get to that later. it is true that illegal immigrants of willing to do work for less, and american company owner, does not top have to spend more if they don't want to, if you top keep a business afleet, yo afloat
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you will pay someone less, it comes down to who being deported. daka, if you are going allow children who were brought into the country as minors to stay, then up hold that. the woman from arizona who was deported she came here at age 14, she is considered an illegal, she had forged a social security card to get her job. but she was still deported. so which is it? dream act, none reallie adds up. i believe that families that broken apart, is unfair. if someone is here illegally that does not mean they don't pay taxes, there are illegal undocumented immigrants that pay taxes. kennedy: a great article for "wall street journal" addressing an issue that libertarians have been concerned with that is eminent domain, most of land in border in texas is privately owned,
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the money that federal government will spend to acquire that land, this is if fift fifthmm, it is going to cause a great legal battle it will be almost impossible too finistoo finish -- to finish the wall. >> 87% of the texas-mexico bore border is privately owned. if you compare the 2006 border fence. there are more 120 separate cases, 11 years later, where land owners are fighting eminent domain. and those who took pay out, i government paid 10 to 40 times on average what the just
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compensation is. kennedy: let's say they pay 25 times more than what the places are worth in free market. you build a wall but people ca-- catapult themselves over the wall, and people that over stay their visas one of these bloated bureaucratic solutions that does not even address the problem that people have. party panel will return in a little bit. you will not believe how much president obama's presidential library will cost, it is not in the millions, and a lot more than an nfl stadium. more than an nfl stadium. stay righththththt
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kennedy: welcome back, president's role in military conflicts has been growing at the expense of congress, not just this president. in 2003, george w. bush. but in 2011 his successor president obama authorized strikes in libya without congressional approval.
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and president trump inherited a unaccountable presidency in regards to war power. congress members are asking paul ryan to require a formal vote. let me ask dr. ron paul. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: is this the most egregious area where there is too mucher concerated in foot see. presidency. >> yes, and it has been that way for a long time. so it is a war is a vicious thing to deal with because of the killing that goes on, and financial burden.
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it is perpetual, even after vietnam war they passed a war power resolution that was supposed to restrain it. after they pass it allowed the president to do more. kennedy: interesting they operate from a defensive posture with defense. but you are right. this authorization of use of military force, dates back to when you were in congress is way too broad, is it congress' fault there is so much power in the executive branch? >> i think so. the president, the executive branch will always grab it, that is the nature of government. but the way founders designed our system brakes to be in hand of legislature, they have the power of the purse. sometimes they complain, but it is inferred if you give them the money they are
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approving it, this is congress' fall, right now the congress is fighting to make sure that trump is not restrained in any manner. i love they are trying to rein in this with a new debate on this. but unfortunately, i don't think you know they will be able to stop it. i think it well in place, put in place, republicans and democrats seem too have the same determination to fight overseas, not interfere, they claim the vague constitutional authority because he is the commander in chief, he is commander in chief of military after a war has been declared. not in deciding when we go to war. kennedy: that is really important point that constitutionalist have to remind themselves of. even if they are neocons or hawks. it is up to congress to declare war. and that is why you see bipartisan support in the bills, particulay jim
12:22 am
mcgorn, a democrat from massachusetts. he has people onboard, these are people who want to limit the size and scope of government, and hold any president accountable. but it should not be a partisan issue. you should not allow president to act on your plank check. >> i like to deal with the issue, i thought it was important, i was very much involved. i thought we were too much involved in the war, i thought it was great thing for libertarians to think about, this brings an honest progressive together with a li libertarian conservative constitutionalist. these people are you know are progressives, and because they are working on principles, but right now, we have some really hawkish republicans that are determined that you know, we're destined. we have to have an enemy out
12:23 am
there otherwise how -- why do we build weapons. kennedy: dr. paul thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. kennedy: talk to you soon. coming up, right ring pro -- milo yiannopoulos has been yanked from speaking. i am talkin talk too chris and -- to crise and guy about milo.
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kennedy: hello, milo yiannopoulos, is now watching his mini media empire crumble, after comes about pedophilia went viral. >> i would like to restate my disgust at adults who sexually abuse minors. i am horrified by pe pedophilia. >> back story, milo has been making waves on college campuses for a while. number of speeches have been canceled but due to protests. in a interview he seems too advocate sexual relationships
12:28 am
between young men and old men. the apologies are not working, cpac dropped him as a key note speaker, he lost a quarter dollar book deal, and he resigned from breitbart today. joining me now chris barney. and guy benson. welcome to you. >> thank you. kennedy: chris, i'm going to start with you. you say this has nothing to do with what milo said, i kind of disagree. some of his statements were insane. he is the ultimate troll. but you really think it conservatives trying to destroy him. >> absolutely. parts of what they hate, that he has pushed envelope not past, he comes from outside of the system, who is this guy, he does not play by the rules, he has not kissed all of the
12:29 am
right rings, this has nothing to do with protecting children, and everything to do with taking down somebody in form of milo yiannopoulos they hated. congratulations, establishment g.o.p., and social justice warriors of world can celebrate tonight, that milo yiannopoulos has been taken down. kennedy: guy, do you really think that is what it's about? there are some objective lines, left in society, are there not? >> yes that is preposterous. this morning, his colleagues, at breitbart said his rds and what he said was indefensible, if breitbart is now part of g.o.p. establishment we're glu through the looking glass. they one forced him to say
12:30 am
them out loud, he did that there are consequences, sometimes for crossing bright lines, which i think the vast majority of us believe that he did. so, deflecting that blame on someone else and trying to pretend this was a big thing against him breitbart in bed with the left. no. this was milo yiannopoulos, his words. jim: kennedy: you know it, is not first time he said something controversial, this is -- >> no, but by the way, milo has taken responsibility. milo apologized. by the way, milo, it you read his apology talks about his own personal experience as having been a victim of child abuse. he said he went too far, yok i don't thini don't think that brighthat -- breitbart is part of a conspiracy.
12:31 am
kennedy: i think it might come from progressives who wha saw his performance on bilmar. >> i have defended milo on a number of occasions, his right on stay to twitter, i was outraged by what happened in berkeley, he should be rescheduled to principle, but to me, when you make an excuse and justify sex between grown adults and children as young as 13, that is a reasonable justification for organization like cpac or breitbart or simon and shuter to say, that is too far we're getting off the train. kennedy: thank you very much and also intesting to note, however right and left are responded to myelomyelodifferently myelomilo yiannopoulos differently, thank you both. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, pod friendly congressman forming a cannabis caucus. there is a twist, it is bipartisan, i am going to talk
12:32 am
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kennedy: president, former president barack obama presidential library museum will cost. half billion. it is 1 1/2 billion dollars people, the price went up. it could be problematic for president. he refused to raise money while he was in office. we learned from clinton foundation donor shortfall, big pockets are no longer interested in handing money over to has beens, but post presidential jobs are a blum big, uber hired eric holder to lead its review of sexual harassment claims. is it time to smell the money? party panel is back, julie, rich and evan. so, i think this is interesting.
12:37 am
in this post clinton era, it is very difficult for presidents to go for that big cash grab when they live office. >> because the clintons. they sort of dubbed it as you know greedy, for charging money they have charged. but president obama will have no problem making a lot of money. i thk it is resting he did not campaign for it while he was president. i wonder why. the price tag on this, this double what cost to do other president, why? because they need -- maybe because michelle obama that was fascinating they want to document her whole family history, usually. kennedy: they should document her brother craig. >> why is she such a huge factor. kennedy: he is like, oh, barack, you gt get a library, and i have been sitting around the white house raising kids. >> get the illegal immigrants in there, it will be cut in
12:38 am
half. >> that is true. >> he is right. >> it would be ultimate antitrump statement. kennedy: and chinese steel. >> right. kennedy: so let's talk about eric holder, he has figured on ut, this is how you do it, you are attorney general for a while, i think that is judge jeff sessions was such an early starter with trump, he said, i tell you i'm gonna roll the dice, if he loses i am senator, if i win, i am a g, and i get a million when i am done 4 to 8 years. >> that is model them everyone loves, why would we not want to have former government officials enrich thethemselves. >> not have to work that hard either. the life. but, what -- kennedy: why didn't i go to law school.
12:39 am
>> what is going on with eric holder, he is now representing california, and uber. i think that uber thing is an interesting part because of what the problem is. he is talking about sexual harassment issues as well as women in tech. leyna: he has a weird way of doing it he has seminars with young single women, and former attorney general said, i am going to sexually harass you, but this is just for sake of teaching you what to what to look out for. >> tsa catching flack because 11 passengers reportedly passing right through security without getting screened, they made their move yesterday at new york jfk airport, instead of notifying police, tsa agents tried to find travel or their hone, port authority cop calls in no one was locate the passengers. this tsa failed to do a basic job or because everyone is
12:40 am
just jealous that a few people did not have to wait a few hours. >> i am impressed by these people, i would have taken off my shoes and belt. kennedy: and stood there at x-ray machine, you know if you go through, you go rogue the blue gloves are going to be in very uncomfort able places. >> i love tsa they said, 11 people got through, a couple of them were 3in flying to california, they would be screened when they got off the plane. >> metal di detector goes off for two of them, they still got through. the trel ban goes into oc aneffect these people cannot come in. and tsa cannot stop 11 passengers. >> 10 seconds. >> tsa nights all americans in anger, if you remember judge
12:41 am
ryan hold -- judge ryan hold had a meltdown. >> he is actually what a gavel. >> coming up, legalizing marijuana. we take with representatives about how they are hoping to reshape the drug war. reshape the drug war. next..... i'll never find a safe used car. reshape the drug war. next..... start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family.
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kennedy: if you need any more proof that weed has gone fully mainstream, get a load of this, there is a bipartisan cannabis caucus on capitol hill, it has 4 members, from states where pot is legal. the republican congressman rohrabacher and california, and alaska, and colorado. according to th 4 lawmakers, marijuana laws are out of touch with american people, federal pro hi pro hibbing has been a failure welcome. >> my pleasure.
12:46 am
kennedy: congressman pullis i will start with you, i just visited your state of colorado, i did not see mindless stoners, you hear stories about w marijuan legalization, recreational kind has been a good tax base for the state. others say that experiment has failed. what do you say? >> well number one, give me a hol a holler next time you are in the state, did you get to visit a dispensary. kennedy: i did not. so by and large it has gone well. first of all underage use has gone down, of marijuana, we think that is because there are fewer drug dealers around, over $ $100 million in tact
12:47 am
in tact revenue -- in tax revenue. it has decimated the illegal market. it has been a positive experience overall, everything that i have seen shows it is more popular today than when colorado voters were bold enough to experiment with legalizing it 5 years ago. kennedy: we have reached critical mass on national level, 60% of adults say they believe that marijuana should be legal, at least recreation al -- congressman rohrabacher, is seems beer headed to a big fight jeff sessions who said good people don't smoke marijuana, he does not seem to be a freedom fighter like you. >> you can be of a mine set that smoking marijuana is bad for you, and still believe that marijuana laws are counter productive. because as we know as jared said, it has been a failure,
12:48 am
we have been enriching criminal gangs, people who want to smoke marijuana end up smoking it anyway. they don't have the scientific research into it now or they can't buy it from someone who can say how is strong it is or whether there is something laced in the marijuana. >> you are right, you don't know what is in there. and. >> right. kennedy: having seen some of labels that are available at dispensaries, where marijuana is, legal recreation alley, like colorado, oregon, and california or washington, and 4 other states, they put the dosage on there, they are child-proof capped. >> you don't have to -- maybe jeff sessions, i like jeff sessions he is an hon arable principled man, but you don't have to agree with something to say in a country that is free that people are free use it. but now, let me note this, jeff sessions also has to take into correction consider that
12:49 am
president trump -- during campaign was specific he believed that this should be anish left up to the states. >> and don't turn it into a federal issue. where they are cracking down on growing operations. when you know, that is really taking business out of mexico, it is knee capping cartels when you have legal groweries here, because people are not going to stop consuming marijuana, congressman polis, what is first step for you? >> for congress to act and leave it to up state, it is not going to be legal in every jurisdiction. like my home state of colorado, we have a working majority in congress, our caucus that we've formed will be center of the effort to move the law forward to make sure we can allow the state to experiment. >> first step is making sure that we pass again, an amendment that i offered last
12:50 am
time, and now it will be rohrabacher amendment, federal officials cannot get involved and supercede state law on medical marijuana if the people of that state have wanted to make it legal. kenn by ballot initiative thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, it is nighttime, the right time, do you know where your rumba and our cat are? this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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kennedy: shiver me timbers, we're hijacking the hms news. put on your eye patch, topic one. cats are good for 3 things, ridding your barn of rats. making them into violin strings, and riding rumbas. check out the last one. oh, that cat. that i am surprised cats or doe sil-- docile around robots. they are usually skeptical
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with technology. those devil eyes haunt me. topic two, "the price is right." ♪ a cultural institution that has been around for 200 year, while bob barker retired, and is spaying and neuters dogs and cats in heaven. gogod rest his soul. the show rolls on, one conse con-- contestant spun the wheel, almost killed jack black. watch. >> wow. . >> that is bad, after that moment, jack black, that poor
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contestant to jack johnson and tom o'leary, tied him to the wheel and rolled him off santa monica pier. quite a hot head for a funny man. topic three. lord knows i had my run ins with the police. when i ask them to stop and frisk. they always walk away. but i will be first to stay police officers can be some of the warmest people who have ever arrested me, look at this, a fifth grader named mollie, and marion, ohio police deputy facebook page, she is reaching out for help on her math homework. and they actually respond. oh, kudos to you. marion, ohio police department. you could never really replace those helpful late '80s classroom videos. >> almost everyone point of the day, whether we're working
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out how to thread our shoe lace, calculating moment where we embark on a condition ver conversation, and or if you can fly. planning your trajectory for the journey to work. kennedy: a great toupee. topic 4. it is inevitable. you go to eat, your baked potato is a lizard. everyone is applauding. before they were eaten. it happened in australia. at mihm mosa winery.
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♪ kennedy: that is known at greg gutfeld suite in g-minor, can we do better here. i asked paul, to write his own midi diddy. paul. >> ♪ kennedy: that light is not flattering for young paul. thank you so much for watching the program tonight, follow me on twitter, and instagram. on kennedy nation. and facebook kennedy fbn .
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