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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 23, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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issues that are about his attack on san carry cities. -- sanctuary cities, join us, thank you for joining us tonight, and good night from new york. kennedy: liberals are up in arms over president trump crackdown on illegal immigrants, have they checked his predecessor's record on immigration? should government leave pbs and artists out in the cold to starve. john stossel will join me. grab your paint brushes, it is time to create a masterpiece. >> oh, the mess eswe messy wet faces of president obama
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supporters. president obama o was saintly and smooth. president trump wants to kick people out of the country and make it impossible for others to arrive, and president obama held illegal imgrain immigrant to his bosom and nursed their freedom dreams from his man teat, right, no. >> immigration under president obama was a continuation of bush years, a program was in place portions local cops to turnover illegal criminals, he did that until 2015. comparing regime, president obama fined employers for film brea -- immigration violations. he did not know president mom genes it, it in him.
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other than abortion there is no divisive debate than immigration. a wall is not going to do much to curb naughty visitors, 60% of people who poke around illegally are here on over stays visas. fences work great in small combined areas, but places as vast as desert. they get around the border, we have more than southern wall, there is 95,000 miles of shoreline, 300 ports of entry, that northern border we share with canada. there is no blue pill for this ed . 2/3 of border in texas is privately or state-owned.
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let's be honest, federal government seizing private property is tacky. very easy to fan the flames of fear by convincing economically unstable voters, an army of brownies wants to steal their jobs and rape their women, but we should be concerned about ending the entitlement state that acts as a shiney magnet. and one who do commit felonies should be catapulted back to the dumps from onc where they came. you are a poem, and i am kenned kennedy. a day after trump administration ruled out new rule, secretary of state rex tillerson is traveling south of the border to mexico with john kelly to do damage control. america's neighbor to south
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are smarting from plans to build the wall, and economy -- erect tariffs, is that the name of your show? >> it is. kennedy: i love it. you are here in my america, buck. how much damage control do tillerson and kelly have to do in mexico, what can they say to their county parts. >> their counterparts are ratcheting up tension saying they will not accept unilateral act on immigration from america. this will be a problem, already on books there are a number of laws that trump administration said will be enforced. one thing which has not been used in past but is an economist -- existing u.s.
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policy, if a country does not take back deportees, we is ban all visas from this country, mexico i think will find out quickly under a trump administration they don't have quite the same leverage from trump administration does to get them to bend on some of the issues,. if we have someone violated the law next to their illegal status, and mexico will not take them back that is a problem for the mec ebb a mexican government. kennedy: of course, mexico does not want people who depend on time time and they -- entitlements and they don't want criminal. >> right. those are kinds of crimes that now, it is up to enforcement of immigration and customs officers, but president trump guidance, there is guidance, it is not a law or an executive order, just saying we'll consider those for
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deportation, expand pool of likely to be detoward ported. kennedy: -- deported. kennedy: president obama was not good on immigration, from the point of view of immigrants, except for the dreamers. children who came here illegally with parents. he shielded three quarters of a million of them from deportation, but sent many million more than president bush. it is too soon to see what donald trump will do, but how will rex tillerson and john kelly get mexico to slap down the amex to pay for the wall. >> i think that trump administration recognized the dreamers, they say they will keep it in place. kennedy: there is a caveat, unless they commit a crime. >> right, then they go in to
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the come iting crimes category -- committing crimes category. you look at what obama did, he was called by immigration activist the deporter in chief. to the people on right it a head scratcher. obama, there has been a shift, democratic party after the "gang of 8" bill fell apart, at least narrative, i believe, it that obama of willing to tighten up some border control for a while, so they could get the political capital to get amnesty through, once that fell apart, the last two years, deportations dropped. it seemed like it was in an effort to get amnesty. but obama was deporting a lot of people, and meadia of not complaining about it, no stories of children, that we're seeing now, teary eyed. but where were they a few years ago. kennedy: they were not there, there is a paradox, with voters on immigration. you know people want
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immigration control, that i want to make sure we have borders that are protected. people see that as a practical issue, but at same time, because, you know often times with party, it is one sydor the other but not both as for voters, they want comprehensive immigration reform, that is where congress keeps dropping the ball. >> there is a bipartisan desire to live in this gray area of the federal law that is not being infersed on immigration, where you have republicans, because of donor class and commercial interests. or okay with legal immigration to somic tech fo --ic tech for a long time there say bipartisan dishonesty with how parties are dealing with immigration as an issue. i think that democratic party is hard left on this. kennedy: they have, but i think that is a good example of a public and private position, publicly a lot of the progressives say, open borders, anyone with come in, and privately they are like,
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not in my neighborhood. >> when hillary clinton and bernie sanders were campaigning. hillary, said, if you come here, and you don't commit a crime, you should be allowed to stay. kennedy: she would grant them citizenship. >> obamacare for illegals was on her web site that is a huge departure. kennedy: you cannot have open borders and entitlement. >> absolutely not. >> democrats used to give li lip service it has changed. real change on their side, also, if this was also inhumane and terrible, barack obama had congress in his hands for first two years, they could have changed the immigration laws but they did not. kennedy: buck thank you. >> great to see you. kennedy: now, let's meet party panel tonight, lisa booth.
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from washington examine tom shah lou. peter suter man. welcome to you. >> hello. kennedy: the day of the hump, we have much to discuss. a new poll showing 80% of americans think that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should have to turn them over to federal authorities. now 200 cities in 32 states identify as sanctuary cities, refusing to enforce federal immigration law, top 10 suck up over $2 billion in federal aid, president trump is threatening to cut off the spigot, i start with you. a lot of americans think, i thini think this is a natural desire, if you commit crimes, you are a bad person, of course, you should tell federal authority. >> i am going to stick up for sanctuary cities a little bit.
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>> i thought i might. >> they provide protect for citizens who are here, that is one reason they were put in place, you have bush administration's security act that requires police to pick up anyone for a minor infraction to report details of people to i.c.e., and i.c.e. to sign off on that person. that does is that means federal government has to sign off even when like, you know, a legal immigrant or a citizen has been picked up by police, that gives federal government a huge amount of power, cities are saying we're not going to allow that. kennedy: okay. often times you know local law enforcement like in san francisco, they don't always do the right thing, they don't always do what they should, you know if you are hire here, and you are hurting people, taking their stuff and murdering them, you should not
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be here. >> right, if you are committing a v violent crime, and you have come here illegally you should be deported. the poll, 77% of people said they were -- for comprehensive immigration reform. that tells you that what people want are clear, rules, as anyone who dealt with immigration system knows we too not have. >> the reason you get that result, they are realizing they do exist, sanctuary cities, i don't think that people were aware of them, my wife and i were hit by a car, and driver did not have identification, license or, he -- i assume he was not here legally. he did not speak english, and cops you know said, okay, they send him on his way, i asked
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is that what you do, they said yeah, there is nothing we can do. that is the eye-opener for me, that is when i learn local law enforcement does nothing. kennedy: so, if you and your wife hit someone, would law enforcement have treated you differently. >> well we would not have been arrested but they would have stayed, yo stayed you hit a guy here on the corner. we had to go to emergency room, kennedy: just you and your wife. >> why do you think people are adamant. >> i think there are a lot of complexity to immigration at large, you see republicans and democrats, changing positions, you know a lot of argument with immigration. i think there is a lot of hyperbole about things that president trump is trying to do. you said president obama
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deported more illegal aliens than any other president before. there is a lot of hyperbole on the issue. but i believe that democratic party is overreaching their hand or over playing their hand, this is something chris matthews mentioned after the election. he said that one of big issues for hillary clinton is her inability to address immigration and her failure to say it is illegal immigration it is wrong. that was one of the issues that cost her the election, i think that there is a problem for the democratic party over playing their hand in this open border approach. not addressing the legality. kennedy: and no intention of letting obama carry go gently into the night. they are racing against the national day of action. urging congress to not repeal affordable care act, it will have any purchase, does it
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seem odd to you? >> a little bit rich that mayors are stumping for a law that turns healthcare regulation over to the federal government. that takes it out of local hands. i don't think it will make much difference, right now, republicans are their own worst enemy with obamacare. kennedy: right. >> obamacare is finally more popular now that republicans have white house and congress and are working to repeal it. obama administration trying for years to make it more popular, now republicans, have succeeded where obama failed. kennedy: do have you fake tha faith that republicans will come up with a plan in short order. >> no. >> in march. >> did he say ther say they will repeal by march. i think that reason that it is getter more popular, because,
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you know people do you like obamacare, they said no, it is confusing. but now it is about to be taken away. kennedy: you have to scrap the whole thing. what do you do? scrap or augment? >> there is nothing to defend against it, we do not know what they are replacing it with. kennedy: right. >> amazing. >> we have much more with the panel. coming up could obamacare strikes back. protests against the president, and plans to repeal aca are erupting in town halls. and later on, is reality too difficult for you, you can check our new web site, with a news feed of how life would have been in hillary had won
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kennedy: welcome back, several republicans from capitol hill returns to their home district to hold those town hall meetings, many have been bet
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with angry protests and tough questions on everything from obamacare to president trump's cabinet appointments. they are planned out by liberal activist, sad. our president will address the join session of congress next tuesday. will his speech eases tension or add fuel on the fire? joining me now. senior politic writer. david -- welcome to the big show gram, i am glad you are here, have you been writing about thes town halls, if republicans cower, and they don't go, and meet their constituent the left wins. but if they are shout down
12:22 am
then plow hards get attention. >> this does impact senators and congressmen when they go to their district, they are usually people in their district or state voicing opposition, i think president trump said, they are manufactured or liberal activists you. sure some is organized. move on has said they are urging people to get out, people are out there from california, iowa and new york. i see it as a reverse tea party movement. left energized by president trump, rather than right. at heart of issue, same issue that we've been talking about for 8 years, which is healthcare. kennedy: you are right, and interesting, i know we talked about this a little bit, this is certainly one of sticking points that people are not used to having to defend
12:23 am
themselves again, but problem is we saw with most recent poll, people are now in favor of keeping obamacare, they are worried about chaos and turmoil, it seems as though republicans don't have a cohesival ver --al very -- alternative at the ready. >> we have seen the plans drawn up. a little bit of difference in those, but there is not unity behind one plan, now trump administration has to step up, and put out a plan in beginning to mid march, and i think that is only way you can get republican cohesion. the president has to get involv, so far, he has stayedack saying we'll repeal and replace, but the questions is ha is that replacement. kennedy: he has to be logical unifies force, reince priebus said that, it will be you know just a week or two from now
12:24 am
they put forward their plan. you say this is huang week for president. a defining week. because have you cpac, and dnc at same time, what makes it so big? >> a lot going on, cpac, a 4 day event, president addresses cpac friday, it has not always been friendly to the president . last year, in midst of republican primary race, he did not show up to cpac. now i think he will get a hero's welcome, because winning solvings problem. he occupied oval office now, i think they will salute him, it will be interesting to see if he gets into policy that goes against conservative orthodoxy, on trade? or russia and foreign policy. kennedy: it is going to be a different year, because, you
12:25 am
know, rand paul has been victorious at cpac, he is not going to share. david thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: all right coming up, more on cpac, it kicks off the annual convention tomorrow. but for first time donald trump will be president. and addressing the big crowd. i will ask dana what to expect, your cpac guide is next. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just sayshowe cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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kennedy: conservatives gather en masse at cpac for phoeni next 4 days in wake of president trump's victory, in keeping the majority in house and senate. but schumer said that love fest with president will not last long, oh, chuck. >> my prediction is sh is he keeps up on this, in 4 months you see republicans breaking with him. they are good people, they will feel they have no choice but to break with him. kennedy: when did he turn into christopher. opposite happen, and more republicans fall in line?
12:30 am
joining me to discuss, cpac has been so interest over the years, because, for a while, last 4 years it has been libertarian. but this year, marks a dramatic shift. how has the winner rewritten the rules. >> he won. there is that. i had a chance to go cpac last year, i loved the number of young people, and energy and excitement. that was when you had i think 12 people in the primary. so, this is going to be different. i think chuck schumer he could be right, he could be drastically wrong. looking at these places have you tough senate or house races in next midterm, it is just as likely that republicans who may be traditional republicans or unco uncomfortable with trade status perhaps, they might say, i have to take good with bad, i love the supreme court nomination, i love what he is
12:31 am
doing on energy and environment. so okay fine trade. they are not going to necessarily walk away. kennedy: that is true, you make a good point, and this is something that i have found curious, i don't think you will find a lot of people who agree with this president on everything. that is a low number of people, but for him that is not necessary, all he needs are a few big issues that resonate and that is what they are focusing on, rand paul as done well, he is not going this year, instead they have several nationalistic panels on thin like immigration. >> immigration is not that partisan. if you look -- it say little bit more regional. if look at statistics coming back, when you ask americans about san carr -- sanctuary cities, they are not for them, and news stories about crimes at are happening by illegal immigrants who have been sent
12:32 am
back and returned, they get sick of that, on immigration he will probably have more support even if it is quiet support. and he could get other stuff down, possibly tax. hardest thing i think is obamacare, it is hard to take away sugar from people, and the sugar was given out for 7 years. kennedy: on that note, we talked about this last night, the two most important things that really carve out job second for republicans in congress attacks reform -- tax reform and repeal and replace, affordable care act. it is impossible to take back a entitlement, only happened one time in 40 years, but if you replace if with something smart that saves people money they still have sweet taste, is tax reform, and if people save money on their tax bill is that enough to sweeten the deal. >> yes, but hard to explain.
12:33 am
it will be demagogued to death, that is why i think president trump has tried position nal t -- signal to republicans on the hill. you have to make it simple. all interconnected. kennedy: they are. that is one of best points i heard on the two of them, and how they are. we'll see if they make it home in time for supper. >> march will be busy, shore up your supplies, have enough, you could be here. >> dana thank you very much. >> thank you. kennedy: love it. party panel returns next, president of iceland says pineapple does not belong on
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, a video, at web site, podesta said there are forces within the fbi that wanted her to lose, i am not sure they really understood the alternative, but they wanted her to lose. there is good news for more podesta and all there are hillary clinton supporters, they can see their dilution dill ago you -- dillusion by visiting the fake web site. it is funny. party panel is back. stom with you, it is really funny, and instead of demo demonizing fake news, there are ways to embrace. >> they don't think it is fake, that is frightening, they think hillary won, they say, let's just proceed as if she did.
12:39 am
kennedy: headlines like approval ratings for president clinton hit 89%. >> that is how you know it is fake. >> one article dropped it on 79%. kennedy: that is 10 point -- steep drop. >> there are a few funny ones. aanthony weiner switches to rotary phone, i thought that was good. is it sad, john podesta, they tried blaming the russians and james comey, now it is forces, the dark and evil forces within the fbi. >> i wonder if there are any washington post or new york time articles that are real and fail to get the story straight. there are stories with made up things. but this is just so pathetic, when you are going to get over it, i don't understand how they can't come to tomorrows with the fact. kennedy: the fifth of never. >> some of us watch "game of
12:40 am
thrones" and down in fantasy that way, other read hil hillary clinton won web site. okay everyone needs to get over the election. it is over, get over it, stop relilitigating the election. kennedy: do you really sleep next to a gary johnson cardboard cut out. >> i mean, i couldn't tell -- wouldn't tell you if i did. kennedy: well, peter, don't ask don't tell. we need a peas piece of pizza. it has been hard to focus on iceland president and what me is accomplishing. president has taken a firm stance against pineapples on pizza. he reportedly said last week, he finds the pairing dig gusting, he is glad that presidts do not have unlimited power, he would ban
12:41 am
the topping naonde if he could. i am wondering how long until icelandic liberals protest the ban. pineapple on pizza for or against? >> you are for it in the tropics, you go to the tropics you have pineapple on the pizza, you go to iceland have you fish. >> i am for personal freedom, except pizza, you -- kennedy: no, canadian bak bacon, pizza and pineapple, come on, you are with me. >> i hate pineapple on pizza.
12:42 am
>> did they recognize your voice. >> no, there is probably when you know you have too much pizza. kennedy: it is about fact that he is stalking you. >> he is bringing pizza, whatever. >> right, not a stalker that is a boyfriend. peter, tom, lisa thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up president trump wants to defended national endow am for public arts and broadcasting. should he cut out department
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kennedy: love that music, it's time to shine, progressive, clutching their teeth over donald trump's plan to cut funding to national endo endowment for the arts, we're going to be so dumb, and cut the cord on public broadcasting. paid for b everyone's taxes. only 11% of it comes from
12:47 am
corporation for public broadcasting, that not that much. now as trump a fil a -- filla stein or just trimming the fat. john stossel, have you been fighting against institutions for years, not because you don't love "sesame street," but this is not the pervue of different. >> right, it not much money, tiny compared to the military expand hundred, it is important to cut it, it poison, new york times, has a big op-ed why art matters to america, as if government funding is what creates art, it is a finder portion of it.
12:48 am
this is a brilliant free market doing that. and audience gets to vote. pbs getting less of its money from the government. but sesam "sesame street" may pay a writer producers $8 fo $874 thousand a year. kennedy: that is a great job. >> and manager average of half million, they don't get government money any more. now they are so rich, and hbo has stepped in, they don't need government funds,. kennedy: when they have the scares about government cutting funding to things -- >> they bring out big bird, you are going to kill big bi. kennedy: they slaughter him, anke off his feathers. >> big bird is loaded. kennedy: i did not realize, is
12:49 am
that royalties from elmo alone iraq in million -- they rake in millions of dollars. >> national endow am for arts, what do they fund in a statue honoring second amendment. republican and democrats last month say, a play about activist lesbians opposed to gun ownership, climbal chang climate change theme art, liberal drif el. drivel. >> these of things i may not agree work maybe a do, but i don't need my tax dollar going to political projects and sculptures that i find amusing. >> argument about not that, money, misses the point, it is poison. kennedy: right. really interesting because, david koch he funds the ballet
12:50 am
here in new york city, he has a threater named after him, supporting vast areas of arts in this country, there are plenty of billionaires as we know from this that should reach in their purse strings, are they really going to pull the plug on the -- >> there is good stuff. overseas private inves investment corporation. they should. >> funny, the export import bank is not get anything play in headlines that would be fantastic. if they really shut it down. >> liberal media is all upset about arts but do they want donald trump deciding what art gets funded. kennedy: thank you, john. >> coming up. this is thsilverado special editio is is o. oh, did i say there's only one specl edition? because, actually there's 5.
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kennedy: as good a combination as peanut butter and lox, that is samson b salmon by the way, this is topical storm. jennifer party has long struggled with the family business, they have sat proud rely shoulders of pirates.
12:55 am
but jen, has bigger dreams, she wants to be a singer, like rihanna. >> ♪ kennedy: that is song monster with eminem features rihanna. hhere is jen, the same song. see if you can spot the slight difference. ♪ famous producer caught wind of demo, jennifer signed a lucrative record deal. a world tour and millions in merchandise, but she damaged out, due to - she bottomed
12:56 am
out, fell back to old family career of pirating. >> topic two. i heard of free range parenting. but this is ridiculous. a georgia father bribe his, 5-year-old son, said he will give him 20 bucks to jump on the back of a steer, a big mancomancow sitting in the backyard. >> i told him i would give him 20 dollars. >> topic three. man, you guys. someone invented a hover bike. check it out. watch. keep watching, oh, look at that, airborne. this is hover surf scorpion 3,
12:57 am
it is basically an upside down drone. it is going to make my 5:00 a.m. newspaper route a lot more interesting. it reminds me of speeders on en -- endor, in star wars return of the jedi. >> damn ewoks. we should deport them. >> topic 4, i am a big fan of music cross over, look at rob scallion. taking on an indian se sitar, turning it to a instrument to commit heavy metal murder with. ♪
12:58 am
kennedy: oamerica, my garden it pretty good, but not as cool as those guys who convert elton john music to blue grass. >> ♪ rocket man ♪ kennedy: woo. i didn know stl had a music quartette, he looks great. >> topic 5. you saw picks of our 45 president shrunk down. they fell he was far less intimidating, he gave moving talking pictures shrink
12:59 am
treatment as well. behold. >> we're not going to be taking any questions. thank you. >> last thing canadians expect is for me to come down, and lecture another country on how they choose too geffen themselves. >> i will faithfuly execute the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states. kennedy: what? my face is frozen from too many injects, he is so cute that way. i want to put the president on my shoulder, take him to the zoo. and feed the giraffe, then, deport them too, thank you for watching tonight. tomorrow the big thursday show, we safe the best for the
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