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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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he's more of an establishment republican, he gave addresses here for several years, and so this is his crowd, but it's kind of turned more towards trump supporters, and we're seeing more -- charles: well, guess what? >> -- new faces at cpac. charles: it's going to be -- [inaudible] in about an hour. see you soon. lou: secretary of state tillerson and secretary of homeland security kelly both today pledging to work with mexico to improve border security. >> there's no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both sides of our border. lou: general kelly leading the tough talk to president trump to who vowed to increase deportations of criminal illegal immigrants. >> we're getting really bad dudes out of this country, and at a rate that nobody's ever seen before. lou: tonight i'll be talking with one of the country's leaders on border security, texas governor greg ab without. he's pushing -- babb ott to. he's pushing for penalties,
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including arrests for officials who enact sanctuary city policies. >> they could themselves wind up in jail, the place where they are releasing dangerous criminals from. lou: governor abbott joins us tonight. white house chief of staff reince priebus, chief strategist steve bannon put the corporate masters of the national left-wing media on notice. they also slammed the media over false reports that there is any discord in the white house. bannon reminding all that the white house expects a tough battle with the national left-wing media that he calls the opposing party. >> it's not only not going to get better, it's going to get worse every day. [laughter] and here's why. by the way, the internal logic makes sense. they're corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly to opposed -- [cheers and applause] adamantly opposeed to an economic nationalist agenda like donald trump has.
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here's what's going to get worse, because he's going to continue to press his agenda. every day it is going to be a fight. lou: we take that up and more with the dean, republican strategist ed rollins. and the trump rally rolls on. the dow jones industrials climbing for a tenth straight session. the longest winning streak since march 2013, almost $3 trillion in paper gains since the election. and investors show no signs of getting tired of winning. good evening, everybody. president trump sending secretaries tillerson and kelly to meet with the president and foreign minister of mexico. secretary of state tillerson today acknowledged large differences between the two countries but emphasized a shared commitment to law and order on the part of both countries. >> in a relationship filled with vibrant colors, two strong
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sovereign countries from time to time will have differences. there's no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both sides of our border. lou: interestingly, there was no mention by the mexicanment offie two secretaries that, of the word cartels. cartels that president trump has promised to target. and that trip isn't without precedent, you should know, but we do have to go back a ways. secretary of state colin powell and homeland security secretary tom ridge were dispatched by president george w. bush to meet with their mexican counterparts back in 2004. we're awaiting vice president mike pence's speech to cpac tonight. it's scheduled to begin at 7:30. earlier this afternoon white house chief of staff reince priebus and chief strategist steve bannon were at the conservative gathering. they addressed cpac, and they criticized false reports that that they have a contentious relationship.
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>> we share an office suite together, we're basically together from 6:30 in the morning until about 11:00 at night -- >> i have a little thing called the war room, he has a fireplace with nice sofas. [laughter] lou: bannon also hitting the national left-wing media saying they are essentially working as a opposition party to the trump white house. >> if you look at, you know, the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and now they're portraying the administration, it's always wrong. lou: president trump will be speaking to cpac tomorrow morning. this morning the president met with two dozen manufacturing ceos at the white house where he spoke of bringing back jobs. >> my administration's policies and regulatory reform, tax reform, trade policies will return significant manufacturing jobs to our country.
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everything's going to be based on bringing our jobs back. the good jobs, the real jobs. they've left. and they're coming back. they have to come back. lou: my first guest tonight says president trump continue to live up to his campaign promises, especially when it comes to putting our country back to work. joining us now, veteran of ten presidential campaigns, leading republican strategist ed rollins. ed, the president again meeting with ceos, i have to tell you, i find that so reassuring that he is talking with other leaders in the private sector. >> every day, every day since he's been in office, he basically has had some significant meeting either with another head of state or business all the way through. number one priority is not to basically be a great foreign policy president, but to be a great domestic president and get people back to work. the most important part of the bannon/priebus story today, and i served in two terms of the reagan white house in which
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there were lots of in-fights. no one cares, they care about substance and things get done. and bannon saying the president laid out what he was going to do, and that's what he's going to do. and you need someone like him in there every day to push and headache sure that occurs. make sure the promises are kept, and my sense is that this president will do that. lou: it was clear, a picture being worth at least a thousand words, that bannon and rebus are working well together -- priebus are working well together and cooperative with one another, sharing, as they said, an office suite. this is also an opposition party that is the national liberal media, and bannon making the point that you're talking about globalists, you're talking about corporatists when you're talking about those -- by the way, the national liberal media that's going after them every day. >> well, the most important thing i think he said today and the fact he understands this is this is a long-term battle. this isn't, doesn't get over on
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election day, doesn't get over the first year or the first hundred days. this is a long-term battle with, and if you want to change the direction of this country after eight years of obama, you basically have got to do trench warfare every single day. and his own party has to get into this mix here. the agenda is trump's agenda, not theirs, and they have to repeal obamacare, they have to fix the taxes, do the things they promised. lou: when you say they, you're referring to the house and the senate. >> we all pat ourselves on the back, now we have to prove we can do it. that's the key thing. lou: speaker ryan seemed to be, you you know, getting on his high horse, if i may use the expression, down on the border when he should have been moving legislation through. i don't understand what's going on there. what is he possibly thinking in defying the president and mitch mcconnell, acting as though this president did not promise to cut taxes, to restore prosperity and to get rid, get rid of obamacare?
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>> well, ryan for a number of years has had the premise that we basically have to cut entitlements, cut social security, cut whatever to balance the budget. we're not going to balance the -- lou: the prime president has sad clearly there will not be a cut to entitlements. >> absolutely. and there's no -- lou: so what's he grieving on? >> he keeps doing this. my sense again was the president's agenda was very, very clear, a clear differential between him and mrs. clinton, and it's now up to the fellow members of this party to move this agenda forward, because if they don't and become the obstructionists and you don't get the repeal of obamacare, you don't get these things fixed, the republicans will pay a very heavy price. lou: and let's be clear, they should. the house should. >> and they will. lou: the senate should. and this president is being as straight as he could possibly be in terms of his agenda. john boehner, for crying out loud, at a pharmaceutical
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meeting declaring that there will be no repeal of obamacare. >> unfortunately, the former speaker became more of an opposition leader, and not a very good one. so is my sense today is now we have a chance to move the ball forward. i would let the majority of -- bet the majority of the republicans in the house and the senate want to move the president's agenda forward. lou: john mccain, again, trying to undercut -- it seems clearly -- the president. mccain making a trip to northern syria. i mean, at this point, you know, it's not unprecedented, certainly, that the head of armed services would be there. but it is a peculiar position for him to put himself in. >> john likes to be the opposition leader, and i think to a certain extent he's going to pay a very heavy price, because if this president's going to rebuild the defenses of the country, which he promised to do, john mccain could play a very, very critical role if he doesn't become a loyal supporter, he's not going to be
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very effective x the other members of that committee will have to move the ball forward. he's been to syria a number of times, he doesn't need to -- lou: well, he's the one, you know, who also went to cairo for president obama trying to install the muslim brotherhood in the al-sisi government shortly after the general took control. >> didn't work out too well, did it? lou: it did not. [laughter] the likelihood he keeps his chairmanship under these circumstances? >> well, i think he keeps it, but is it going to be effect be i? the -- effective? the chairman is one vote, an important vote, but if this is the president's priorities, he said it again today that you have to fix the nuclear stuff, my sense is he's going to play a critical role or not. lou: ed, thanks again. ed rollins. there will be another great lineup at cpac tomorrow. president trump, carly fiorina, nigel farage, and guess what? i'll also be there addressing the gathering, talking about the nation and its prospects as one
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foot soldier in the media wars. stay with us, a lot more straight ahead. the state of texas vowing to abolish sanctuary cities. >> texas is going to come down hard on any the city, any county, any public official that adopts a sanctuary city policy. lou: we'll talk about that battle to end sanctuary cities with the governor of the great state of texas, greg abbott. he joins me next. and top trump administration officials addressing cpac, kellyanne conway, reince priebus and steve bannon and vice president mike pence, and when he begins his remarks, we'll bring them to you. stay with us, much more straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: the sanctuarity of denver under fire for releasing an illegal immigrant from jail weeks before he allegedly killed a man. 19-year-old e very era valdez was wanted for possible deportation when he posted bond on car theft charges back in december. he now faces a first-degree murder charge. the sheriff's department said it had no authority to hold him. and outrage over new york's
7:16 pm
sanctuary city policies after officials allowed an illegal immigrant gang member to walk free from rikers island jail without alerting immigration and custom enforcement officials. mayor demass owe says the city was right because he was serving five months for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. i.c.e. was able to track down velazquez that very same day, fortunately, he's now scheduled to be deported. my next guest is at the forefront of the fight against sanctuary cities in this country, cutting funding to cities in his own state. the governor of the great state of texas, greg abbott. golf, good to have to you -- governor, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start with the secretary of state, the secretary of homeland security meeting with the foreign minister and the president of mexico today, and it didn't appear to go particularly well. >> well, listen, lou, this is
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early on in the process. obviously, the president and his team are working on forging an effective working relationship with mexico. texas in particular has a long stretch of border with mexico, but it's been porous where thousands of people have been coming across our border, and it's he's that we be able to secure it -- it's necessary that we be able to secure it. texas ask the united states must forge a working relationship, and that's precisely why the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security are this mexico city right now speaking with those mexican officials to begin to forge that relationship. lou: you know, it's interesting, too, because it's pretty clear that president trump is looking for a productive and responsible partner in president peña nieto. but to this point, he has been -- he's received nothing but his cold shoulder and occasionally a very hot tongue lashing out at the united states
7:18 pm
this -- in particular. how is that going to go? >> i think it will take some time for this will be reason, and that is president trump has inherited a situation after eight years of barack obama having an open border policy, so naturally, leaders in mexico grew awe customed to the obama way of operating which was a way of really not enforcing the rule of law along our border. so there's this adjustment period that will be required for officials in mexico to get accustomed to exactly what it is the trump administration is seeking today. and i think this is something that we will be able to work out. and i tell you why, and that is it is in the best interests of, of course, the united states as well as the people many mexico, first, to have a good working relationship and a good economic relationship. if we can a achieve both of those things, it'll be great for the united states and also great for mexico. lou: as you move toward getting passed the sanctuary law and implementing that, have you received a lot of pushback from
7:19 pm
mexico and from the government there? >> here's the deal, we've not received any pushback from mexico, and there's a reason why. because what the state of texas is doing is we are banning sanctuary city laws or programs in the state of texas. so all we are really doing is enforcing the rule of law in our own state, and there's nothing that mexico can say about that because it's nothing that infringes upon their sovereignty whatsoever. we believe that those stories that you were talking about earlier such as in denver and elsewhere are reprehensible, and we are not going to tolerate any official action in the state of texas where officials are not enforcing the law. if you don't want to enforce the law, you should not be in law enforcement. lou: this is quite an experiment in reasoning, to watch the country. this country, as well as mexico, adjust to a new order of things. that is, suddenly there will be law and order in the united states as our president has made clear. you are making that clear in the
7:20 pm
state of texas. mexico, which has become -- i think it is fair to say -- relatively dependent on a $60 billion trade surplus with this country, relatively dependent on somewhere between 25 and $50 billion in the illicit drug trade that crosses that border and $25-$30 or $40 billion in rehit dances from -- remittances from mexican nationallings. this is a large number for a relatively, well, a difficult period in the mexican economy makes it all the more difficult. >> it does. and i would say the key phrase in what you just said, lou, was the repetition of the words have gotten gotten used to. they've also gotten used to a united states of america that was not enforcing the rule of law. lou: right. >> and so this is somewhat jarring to them, to suddenly see a president come in and say, listen, we're going to start enforcing the rule of law in the united states.
7:21 pm
that will take a period of time to get adjusted to, and i think it's something that can be accomplished. lou: and as we wrap up here, "the wall street journal" today saying that texas looks like it might be somewhat resistant to that wall because of the number of pieces of real estate, quite large, obviously, in texas that are privately owned. do you concur with their reporting? >> well, first, importantly there are large stretches in the state of texas where there is already a wall. lou: right. >> and i was down there with the new secretary of homeland security, john kelly. we flew around the area, and he was very impressed with the wall that was already up and in existence. lou: right. >> but what we need, as the secretary pointed out, is hullty layer security in the air, on the ground. we will never be able to have a secure border without more boots on the ground. the trump administration has promised to achieve that. lou: and, governor, i think you just avoided my question about
7:22 pm
that wall, and my hat's off to you. [laughter] >> no, we have one, and -- lou: you've also got the biggest border with mexico, and it is also the least fenced as a percentage of border. >> no -- lou, i was trying to shoot straight with you. here's the deal, so you'll know, and that is what the trump administration has said and what john kelly has said is they're going to begin the wall building in three stretches, one of which is in texas. and so they're going to continue to build out the wall in the state of texas. lou: all right. governor, it is always great to talk with you. appreciate you being with us tonight. >> thank you, lou. lou: governor greg abbott. governor ab ott, texas is luckily to have him, one of the great americans. breaking news now. president trump just moments ago tweeted this out about chicago, saying, quote: seven people shot and killed yesterdayed in chicago. what is going on there? totally out of control. chicago needs help.
7:23 pm
at least 92 people have been shot in chicago so far this year, nearly 400 wounded in shootings. be sure or to vote in our poll tonight, do you agree with steve bannon that the left-wing media is ferociously attacking president trump because they're controlled by corporatists and globalists? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram be@lou dobbs tonight. and i do want to correct something i mistakenly said 92 people shot, shot and killed. on wall street stocks today closed mixed, the dow gains 35 points -- gaining 35 points, closing at a new record high ten straight sessions in which the dow has hit a record. the s&p up a fraction, the nasdaq down 25 points. volume on the big board just under four billion shares. since the election markets have posted $2.9 trillion in increased market cap.
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and a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next here, we're awaiting vice president mike pence. he's speaking to cpac tonight. we'll be bringing that to you when he takes the stage. and president trump today summoning manufacturing ceos to the white house to talk taxes and trade. we'll have the full report for you straight ahead. and did i mention the president is speaking to cpac tomorrow morning? yes, i did, but i just wanted to repeat it. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited.
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lou: we're waiting vice president pence's speech at cpac. president trump to address the conservative gathers tomorrow morning. today he met with two dozen corporate executives, john roberts with our report. reporter: democrats and many
7:29 pm
others are telling just about anyone who will listen that the president's plan for the tax reform will blow a huge hole in the deficit. it was a who's who today, ceos from ge, ford, look lockheed, caterpillar and more. >> my administration's policies and regulatory reform attacks reform, trade -- tax reform, trade reforms will return significant manufacturing jobs to our country. they are in almost lockstep in tax reform, differs on size of corporate tax cut. and border transfer tax, president today told reuters he is warming to the idea of a border tax.
7:30 pm
>> one of the very few countries that does has no border tax. reporter: tax reform is till months away the ceos here today like what they see on the horizon. >> some of us have said this is probably most pro-business administration since the founding fathers. reporter: others are less pleaded. a small group, gather down pennsylvania avenue last night to protest the administration rescinding obama era guidance that public schools must allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. in a statement. human right campaign insisted this is note a state right issue, it is a civil right issue, the white house had a different take. >> does the white house disagree with position this a civil right. >> it is where it is appropriately addressed. at the state level. reporter: the press secretary, yesterday seemed ton -- to
7:31 pm
indicate a softening in white house war with media. senior strag attacked loaded with both barrels. >> because he is going to continue to press his agenda. and as economic conditions get better, and more jobs get better, they will continue to fight, if they think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day it will be a fight. reporter: tuesday night, president will layout in detail what he is fighting for in his first address in a joint session of congress, and themed renewal of the american spirit, with a focus on public safety and economic opportunity. lou. lou: john thank you. >> john roberts from the white house. >> president trump has mentioned, will be addressing cpac tomorrow. also on the list, i will talk
7:32 pm
about the nation and its prospects as i see them tomorrow morning 9:55:05. >> you don't want to miss it. >> secretary of say the, rex tillerson said that united states and mexico are unified in their desire for prosperity. >> purposeful and productive exchange that is setting our two countries down a pathway to greater security. and long-term prosperity. >> we take up the strained relations between mexico city and washington here next, joining us, car -- care en -- karen skinner. they with us we're coming right back.
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lou: iraqi forces today, makes gains against the islamic state in mosul, captures mosul airport, stormed a military base outside of the city, president trump last monitoredderred -- month, orders a review of off strategy. his results at pentagon expected next week. >> joining me now senior vice president for policy and programs for center for security policy, fred flight.
7:37 pm
and dr. kyron skinner. at carnegie mellon university, let's start if i may with you doctor, first with mexico. people don't think sometimes that national security terms when talking about our neighbor. but this is a very big deal, i did not hear either rex tillerson or john kelly, head of secretary of state and head of homeland security, neither one mentioned the cartels, why would that be? >> there is so much to mention between u.s. and mexico, they did cover them in a sense of broad discussion, some are private, that we don't know about yet. but when you think about u.s. and mexico relations, that is border security, it is drugs it is human traffics, it is trade, nafta, there are so many en tangle amendments, i
7:38 pm
weather their strategy was too put flesh behind the ideas of executive orders and statement that donald trump made, they were very diplomatic. lou: some might say cautious. >> maybe if critics thought there would be no u.s.-mexico relationship, they have shown, despite what has been going on in streets of mexico, protests, it possible to have a serious, and civil dialogue with the mexican leadership, and the mexicans took them seriously. lou: i hope so, there is 25 billion in remi remittances for them. fred, i am sort of taken aback by the president himself, has made it clear, he is looking for a responsible partner in
7:39 pm
terms of president nieto. and what he is getting is a very resistant government, almost insulting in their dismissal of the two cabinet members today. >> well, two things, i am impressed by tillerson, his debut in europe was good. he was praised for his gravitas for explaining trump policy, and listen, i think the same thing is going on in mexico. he will have one-on-one meetings with mexican officials, they will do venting. at the end of the the day, mexico needs united states for political and economic reasons, and nieto knows these protest, antitrump protest continue, a far left chavez wanna-be will probably win the mexican presidency next year.
7:40 pm
>> doctor, this is an opportunity, that president is trying to seize, it is clear to me. i don't have this from the administration, but i infer. this is an opportunity they want to seize in which two country come together to control that border. can work toward a mutual reciprocal trade relationship. it may not be everything that mexico wants, to begin to comes to terms that fact that someone is going to have to -- as president of u.s. said, i want to give president trump credit -- he is only national lead tear have guts to say he is going to stop the cartels and they will not run freely in this country. and devastating the leaving of too many people on both sides of the border.
7:41 pm
>> the mexicans are taking him seriously, and i agree with your guest. they have shown strang statements about united states for example, secretary tillerson said, we're two sovereign nations, we will have some differences, but we have a language shared history -- long shared history, we're committed to human rights and international law. it is very difficult for the mexican leader to out maneuver this duo of strong cabinet members visiting them. and president trump made this trip with his strong rhetoric possible for them to come in and try to refine the set of ideas he has presented. lou: if i may in part offer a different perspective. this is a president talking about the interest of the united states america first. we'll pursue our interests, not using flowery word, not talking about trust, or respect, but talking about
7:42 pm
mexico and the united states, coming together with mature leadership, responsible leadership, to act in the interest of both nations, which is the essence, is it not, fred, of foreign policy, or should be. >> i think that is right, a main goal of tillerson's visit is to say trump is serious about the policies, you can complaining and listen to western media. but i am here to tell you mr. trump believes he says he will do what he says he will do, we'll have to find a way to work this out. lou: doctor, as we if forward, right now we have cartels that are kills tens of thousands of mec heb me mexican citizens, phoenix is kidnap capital of this country. we're seeing corruption on both sides of the border, not much talked about or addressed in public policy on the states
7:43 pm
on the border, this is a time for significant change in that relationship, one that could mean much to the mexican people, certainly as much to half of whom live below the property line in mexico, as well as the american people who seek security. and as president put it, america first. >> to your point, i think the fact that secretary of state is traveling with and having meetings with the homeland security adviser, really, that underscores the importance that we're addressing the cartel. and tha that is on tuesday this week, the policy was rolled out that refined the executive order on removing as many criminals who are illegal in the united states moving them back to mexico. perhaps if they are not from mexico. lou: which is upset the mexican government.
7:44 pm
so be it. fred flight and kyron skinner thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: up next, many republicans facing a nasty people. are they constituents? or is that all manufactured nonsense by leftist activists? we'll have the story for you, you decide. we're awaiting vice president's speech at cpac, there is more ahead, you don't want to miss a moment, we'll be right back. stay with us. did you know 90% of couples disagree on
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lou: joining me, attorney political analyst, gail trotter, and charlie hurt, let's start with town hall protests, almost like republicans are hes hesitant to say, they are pays activists and they are being cautious, when the ocean needing for action, the obama 30 thousand folks, i mean they have got all of the materials on-line, we know what in a are doing. it is clear. why the hesitation. and why are people pretending this is grassroots protest
7:49 pm
against the repeal of obamacare, for crying out loud? >> they are too cautious, the true funktion of a town hall to meet with their representatives. and hol hold them account able -- >> or just talk and be informed and an evening where people learn something about what is going on and whether the representative or senator is talking to the people listening and represents their will. >> right, they are out in their districts, they are not in an ivory you toke tower in washington d.c. having people come from outside of district. especially if they are paid protester that is not the purpose of a town hall, they should be called out. lou: and turning to cpac, bannon and reince priebus show
7:50 pm
up, they look like long buddies over the course of years, they said all of the right things about each other. that was not an accident. what are your impressions? >> that was most interesting segment of cpac. i thought that -- and as we have seen, particular bannon described what the media has been doing. really had a lot of fun at their expense. talking about how the two of them have been working together and all of reports that we've been reading would suggest far otherwise. he had a lot of fun reminding everyone what the media said about trump campaign during the campaign, and all these people had to sit back to november 8, and eat crow. >> well, with that, i have to say thank you very much charlie. as you see there, and thank you gail.
7:51 pm
vice president pence, and his wife, just walked on to stage, you saw walking off the man chris cox. of the nra . conservative gathering at gaylord national resort and convention center, here is the vice president. >> hello cpac. it is great to be back at the premiere gathering of conservatives in the united states of america. you know this is the 9th time i have had the privilege to address cpac. thanks to all of you, and the confidence of our new president, this is the first time i am here as vice president of the united states of america.
7:52 pm
because of all of you, because of your hard work and your support and your prayers, my family and i have the privilege to serve. more personally -- personally because of all of you my friend donald trump is the 45th president the united states of america. you know the president and i have become good friends. the greatest privilege of my life to be vice president to a leader of such conviction, vision and courage. some people have remarked we're a little bit different, i am a small town guy, he is big city. i am midwest he is manhattan island. he is known for his bigger than life personality, his
7:53 pm
charm and charisma, and i'm like -- not. you know, as i said at republican convention, i guess he was just looking to balance the ticket. but all kidding aside, when president trump asked me to join him on the ticket, i said yes in a heart beat, you have elected a man for president who never quits, he never backs down. he a fighter, he is a winner. i promise you, he will never stop fighting until we make america great again. [cheers and applause] you know from the outset our
7:54 pm
president reminded me of somebody else. a man who inspired me to join the cause of conservatism 40 years ago, president ranald reagan -- ronald reagan. i believe president trump has given voice to thes i aspiration and american people like no leader since reagan. i know our president would reignite our cause and renew it in our own day, he did just, that president trump won a historic victory all across the united states of america. think about it. 30 out of 50 states, including states that no republican had carried in a generation. president trump turned blue wall red.
7:55 pm
you know, what the establishment never saw it coming. i mean the media, the elites, the insiders, everyone else who profits off preserving the status quo, they dismissed our president every step of the way. in dismissing him, they also dismissed millions of the hard working men and women who make this currently great, and worse yet they are still trying too dismiss all of us. what they should have learned on election day is this is not a government of the elites, by the media or for the establishment. what ove november 8 showed, even if they did not listen, this is still government of the people, by the people, and for the people. [cheers and applause] last november, the american
7:56 pm
people rose up. demanding a safer america. more prosperous america and a great america again. this is why the american people elect the donald trump as president of the united states of america, and president donald trump, is already delivering for the american people. i am here today because of all of you, and because of this conservative movement. on behalf of the president, from the bottom of my heart, let me say thank you. thank you for your hard work and your commitment to our cause. our fight did not en on november 8. we won the day. make no mistake about it. the harder work most important work, now is ahead. fight goes on. let me make you a -- promise, president trump will fight for you every single day
7:57 pm
. president trump is a man of his word. we're keeping the promises he made to the american people. over the white house i like to say we're in the promise of keeping business these -- we're in the promise keeping be these days. you know what trump asked me to chair transition, he said, mike, just get me the best. how about that, attorney general jeff sessions. [cheers and applause] how about jim mad dog mattis at defense. how about dr. ben carson in housing and urban development, just to name a i could go on and name every single one of them, i am proud to stand with each one of you
7:58 pm
folks, this is the a-team. i say we with great confidence that president trump is assembled strongest, conservative, cabinet in my lifetime. bar none. with this team, we as conservatives have an opportunity that only comes around every few generations, or maybe just once in a lifetime. my friends, this is our time. this will is the chance we worked so hard for so long to see. this is a time to prove against that our answers are the right answers for america. a strong military. more jobs.
7:59 pm
less taxes. respect for the constitution. and the values that have made america great, in a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the american people. [cheers and applause] you know history will attest, every time america produces a leader who building on this firm foundation, our nation reaches heights that once seemed unreach able. let me assure you, president trump is such a leader. and under his leadership, we are making america great again . he is putting america first,
8:00 pm
and putting americans back to work already. he is rebuilding the military, and putting our enemies on notice. he is supporting law enforcement, and ending illegal immigration, once and for all. he is rolling back big government. and slashing through rid tape, he is upholding the constitution, restoring culture of life, and president donald trump is leading the fight too repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers and applause] and let me assure you, america's obamacare nightmare is about to end.


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