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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 24, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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and putting americans back to work already. he is rebuilding the military, and putting our enemies on >> more anger and fury at town halls across the u.s. as lawmakers square off with with rudy constituents. the party panel is here. should political protester move all their assets. solid strategy or police state nonsense? judge alex ferrer is here to explain. >> who is more trustworthy? president trump or media. and investigate or journalist glen will join me. time to crush it. kennedy: when in doubt, shout, that is mathat -- mantra for tol
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protest ors. republicans senator and congressmens and womenses have been shouted at and poked in tennessee. >> senator. yes, no? i don't know. not what i signed up for. obamacare still the hot button issue. no live option in sight to save people's insurance. republican lawmakers ar schwab eling in private over important details. keep the existing clause or stuff the whole thing.
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>> take a couple more comments. >> for whatever you are going to do. is fully transparent and fully congressional reviewed with sphiconstituent effort. >> my question is about healthcare and why there is a need to make this a partisan issue. >> is there a life raft? >> kids in town hall are also concerned about the administration's relationship with russia, and whether we're bound and dominated by our nuke-heavy, cold war foe. i have a bit of advice, none one i, stop acting like politicians. instead of spewing out slick vaseline answers, say what you really think, even if you think
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it may hurt you politically, be honest, stop being a self preserving bs artists, and when it falls apart, channel your inner preschoolteacher, treat like children, and use phrases like crisscross apple sauce, and one, two, eyes onu. >> number three, don't be afraid to push back, if someone appears to be from a coordinated group who is more interested in their agenda than answers. we're in a bold political season, if you have ideas fight for them, stand up for yourself, instead of appeasing's crowd. instead of searching for applause lines. what she really means, i'll pack your bags out of dc if you are not looking out for me. and town halls can be a hoot.
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think of it as a fun mixer and serve booze and light appetizers, when things get boring, add alcohol, what is the worse that could happen? >> woo! kennedy: or just hide under your desk in your cozy safe space until your term is up or the world ends, let's get this baby started, i'm kennedy. kennedy: town halls are heating up, are voters looks to spout off in answer, are politicians failing them or both? with me, warp speed party panel, former miss america, kirsten and juan williams, and jamie
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weinstein. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: great to have you call, with kirsten i start with you, s tricky, a lot of voters lack passion for president trump and voted against hillary clinton. how do you appease them and make them feel better about a chaotic situation in particular with their he'l health care they are worried they are going too lose. >> this is a fine line they have to walk. a lot of voters are not enthusiastic and apathetic about trump, they did not want hillary anywhere near the white house, they have to do what tom cotton did.
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i want to listen to what you have to say. that is what you have to do, these guys, have to show their are committed until 2018. kennedy: yesl grassley did a god job. they have to do a better job of just being honest about what they can do and what they think that solutions are. but for the left, the town halls are a win, it makes it seem like political climate is so charged. and so chaotic that republicans have lost control, is that the point? >> i'm not sure, you know, a lot of these town hall meetings, where they are powerful against republicans in the house, and senate, with yo but in particule are districts that trump won easily, i don't see democrats coming in there is some suburban districts that i think you are right, they could become swing district, right now polls show people who were persuade able,
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independents white women who voted for trump are hey, what is going on, slowdown. i think that is part of problem. in those district you have to talk to people in a way that makes sent to them. kennedy: that is right. >> you have good advice, what do you say cross your knees? kennedy: crisscross apple sauce. >> that is cute. kennedy: you have to talk to them like a are kids, and be careful to not dismiss these people as mad paid protestors. >> there is no question that some are a part of the organization. their was a 7-year-old kid that asked about pbs funding. you can't dismiss it as all organization. you can't always get a lot of people in every election cycle, you have to take it seriously, avoid say something stupid that can be used in campaign ad, the
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structure rally in 2018 are in their favor. kennedy: should republicans continue to hold town halls? i think they should. but some are not as adept at handling crowds. >> it depends on who, you don't want a congressman who call a an idiot, then keep holding them. >> mitch mcconnell said the other day, said we have a change election in 2016 as far as white house but not the congress, republicans held majority against odds and senate. they favor democrats in 16. kennedy: they did. >> and republicans held on.
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>> right now. you see people like mcconnell, in to some extent paul ryan, although i believe he is a bandwagon guy. >> that is a fine line, you know people who jumped off the bandwagon too early found themselves in trouble. >> at the end of the day they want to be heard the constituents, so. so much of the tony haltown hall is cathartic,g this is our voice, you need to know our problem, it will help republicans not just rush through a replace and repeal, it was slow them down enough to pass something that works. not shoving the same fate as shoving a piece of legislation down the throat, as what happened in the first place. kennedy: all right. >> president trump's battle with media is far from over, are american people on his sydor the
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side of media he loves to torch. ayarding to a new "quinnipiac poll," last week, a "fox news poll" came to opposite conclusion, on fox poll prive 4% trust administration to tell the truth and 42% hole more value in media. >> in recent weeks a lot had to do with president's alleged relationship with russia, are we missing the bigger picture? joining me, glen greenwald. >> great to be with you. kennedy: glad to have you, i want to talk about proper role of media, you described it on twitter, adversarial and conflictual, is the media doing their job as you describe it as they should. >> they are now, now they have a very unpopular president who has
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been critical of them, and wants to center them as one of his premier adversaries he is convinced that is a winning strategy with his base. i just think that it is strange to watch media suddenly decide they should not do thi things le about to white house correspondents dinner and act like the royal court. they have done that through all of the presidents until this one, but that is their job and posture with all presidents, not just the ones they dislike. kennedy: obviously, they were not that way with president obama, we're seeing a marked shift in the way he was covered. do you think feel that this relationship will continue to future administrations or is this personal with president
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trump? >> well, remember they actually were not very add very -- adverse aerial with president bush, until after katrina. if you go back to post 9/11 media coverage, they were giggling with him at white house parties about where weapons of mass destruction were, you know, i think that media in general is close to whoever wields power, it is a cultural attribute, i would like to think they have awoken and they realize, it this be their role with all people who wield political power, not just donald trump. i want skeptical it will extent beyond donald trump, it seems to be very personal with them. >> it is, i want to shift talk about russia, you write in an article, that mccartyism has of us, us firstnpopular with
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generation descendent of people who came from country from former soviet republic, we have a disdain of communism, but now it seems, you know it was left that was mindful and vigilant of anticomescommunist wave that swt the country, but now it seems they have given into this sort of hysteria. where is the line? where should we be disdain actual and kept call of russia and that there is just propaganda. >> there are legitimate concerns involving russia. and we had no real accounting of the investigation of podesta. we had leaks that are worthy of high degrees of skepticism.
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i think that broader issue comes to questions, do we want to be confrontational with and belligerent today russia. as a lot of democrats seem to, confront them in syria and ukraine and wherever our interests are don't coincide. as well as whether we should regard critics of democratic party or people who question these narratives of being of suspect loyalty, and kremlin loyalist or on payroll of putin. as democrats love to accuse their critics of being. they are replayed in sense there seem to be a reckless pursuit of belligerents toward a country with thousands of nuclear weapons and a very capable military. kennedy: an interesting shift, thanthank you, glen. >> great to be here thank you. kennedy: coming up, secretary of state rex chiller son gets --
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rex tillerson gets a chile chily reception in mexico. republicans in texas have a bone to pick as well. >> and later in the show, according to a new poll most morning change the channel when celebrities get political during award shows. how far to sunday's oscars will people start changing the channel? the party panel returns to discuss. coming up. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5.
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kennedy: oh, rex, sexy rexy, secretary of state rex tillerson down in mexico, trying to smooth things over with the mexican government. which is apparently a little angry. he also vowed never to pay for border wall. but now it appears that mexican government has gained an unlikely ally in opposition to the wall, some texas republicans, right. texas republicans, because more than half of the border is in texas, that is privately owned by upset constituents. it could turn into mother of all
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emmentemamem-- imminent domain , alex is joining me. we talk about eminent domain, i think that is the biggest sticking point in building that wall? >> i think it is a good sign, we have a lot of people who are concerned about border security, actually paying attention to the property rights of people who live on the border, if you talk to the folks they want, more border security and agents, and they want fancy high-tech gizmos to help enforce the border, but they don't want is a wall cutting their property in half, half inside of mexico and the other half on american side. and i think that is under
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appreciated, they do these cost estimates, saying how much border wall would cost, they ignore the cost of taking and paying contributions or compensation to border land owners. kennedy: right, it is a public taking, as we learned yesterday. often times it can be 20 times of the value of the actual property that government pays out. because a lot of these land owners, in a tate like texas -- a state like texas, a very unique place, they don't take keeply to government reaching in and grabbing their stuff, it will not take many of these cases to go to court and hold up construct for years. >> right, we saw this when the first portion of border wall were constructed in 2000s. parts of it in texas, we saw these cases delay the constructed for 3 years. those were like small segments
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of wilof the the wall, but if ye a guy who lives on border with a piece of property they have been ranchers on for 6 generations, maybe before texas was a part of the united states in some cases, it would raise a bit of a stink, that would cost government more money. kennedy: one texas representative, saying, that that border wall is most expensive and least effective. and i think when people start poking around and figuring out the cost of such things they realize, that it is really not worth it, people can get over, around and through the wall, and over staying the visas, alex thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up 88% of americans think that retiring comfortably defines the american dream, but only one-third of us are saving enough to retirement will you be working for the rest of your life?
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brian brenberg with a strategy to help you avoid just, that so you and your pruney skin can sid on a beautiful beach, that ison next. i like it start your used car search at
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kennedy: woo, look at them neon glasses, is your retirement plan to hope for social security or stash money in a 401(k) or drop dead 3 weeks after you leave your job for good?
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that is up lifting, according to new research, fewer than one-third of americans are saving money for retirement accounts, high income earners are more likely to save than low income earners, that is so weird. and many people don't realize they can invest in a 401(k), california, oregon, illinois, maryland and connecticut are experimenting with strategies to require companies to offer retirement plan or automatically enroll workers in state-sponsored accounted. good plan? or wasteful government. we ask brian brenberg, welcome back. >> good to be here. kennedy: we feel like we're in the great recession, a lot of people have no have recovered.
12:28 am
-- not recovered. not surprising that younger generation are stocking their pond with cash. >> younger generations are buried in student debt, they are paying that off, and when you are young, you don't think about things like retirement, you don't understand compound interest. you have those problem, but you have an economy that is not growing, people save money for retirement with a growing economy they feel like they have money to spare. people are not thinking 50 years down the road when the economy is not growing. kennedy: they did not have as cool stuff 20 years ago. now there is so much cool stuff you have to buy it. you realize it. >> you have it right there. kennedy: i have two phones woo. >> do you think that because this is from census bureau is this just the government trying to scare us to more government programs? what is really going on. >> what they are saying is they are talking about.
12:29 am
-- employer provided retirement account the. most people will rely on social security. most will rely to some degree, it is not true that one in three americans are saving if retirement, they have retirement assets, they might not be boeing idoing it through their employe, 12 cent of every dollar you make comes off the top to pay for social security. people have a notion that sectional security is out there for me. so why would i pit other money away, can you blame people for thinking that way, social security has been billed as a great program. kennedy: a forced savings plan, we don't need another forced savings plan, but social security will not remain solvent. >> within 20 years, it is not going to be able to pay its
12:30 am
promised benefits, most people do not know, that they are expecting more from it than they will get. the problem with census bureau data, they talk about massive retirement crisis, then states like california, oregon, maryland, and connecticut, say, hey, employers, you have to provide a retirement account or enforce them to enroll in a tate state plan, or good let's have another state plan to take care of state plan that not working that is my problem with calling this a crisis, you end up with bad solutions. kennedy: a quarter of your salary, that you may not draw from when it is time to retire, they will raise retirement age so high, we're going to be picky berries when we're in to our 150s. >> picking berries and pushing pencils do what you can. >> you eat the berries and stab your coworker with the berries. >> take their money, that is your retirement plan.
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kennedy: thank you, problem solved. >> coming up, who do you think is more likely to buy drugs and alcohol. teenagers who do well in school or dirty teens who class? a new study with red-eye-opening results you big stoners, the panel returns to discuss, next.
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kennedy: oscars are sunday, that means liberal elites railing against the president they hate. instead of enjoying our temporary escape from reality, we get to see meryl streep yelling about the election. yea. there a good chance you will end up changing channel, a survey shows 66% of trump supporters turn off the tv when actors give political speeches during an award show. and 60% of americans cannot name a single best picture nominee for this year's awards. participant else is back. -- party panel is back. it used to be everyone would throw their own oscar party, and wear gowns, and delight and cry at speeches, and gwyneth paltrow and her pink dress, and blah,
12:36 am
blah, blah. >> i know, it is true people feel like hollywood is in their open bubble, and they don't make movies that people want to see or pay for. that is good money, you can sit and watch netflix. that statistic, about people turning off television, it has to affect their movie making, that is majority of people -- >> a good point, best picture winner, director and screen play, see a nice oscar bump after the awards seen, but, people tune out you are not going to see that bottom line. do you think there are film company heads who are telling some of the actors and screen writers and other winners, you know, layoff political speech, we still have half of the country to appeal to. >> their asthetic is so different, than people going to movies, people go for escape
12:37 am
implement lasism,last year -- ae back and you look at what is going on this year, and moon light, you know, i don't know if i am running over to see that. they have to persuade people, that is first rate cinema, and have say. a class assign. , kennedy told me to did my homework. kennedy: people were railing against fact that acted movies and marvel moves and big blockbusters, i said, that is what people want to see, if you pay so much if t -- to go to the movies, you have to be big and massive. but this year there is great writing. >> i wonder if hollywood lost that center of cultural it once was, i think it is starting to lose steam, i learned through newspapers of, cutey pie -- a
12:38 am
number of follower, with social media there are new stars that rise outside of hollywood, i wonder if that lessens central focus of oscars. kennedy: there are few big box office stars any more who can open a movie, it depends on so many more variables, people are is not that simplistic, they get a lot of what they need from netflix. they also get to smoke reefer and eat popcorn and swedish fish while they are doing it. >> well, ask your, is my child smart or a big dumb-dumb? if they are on the honor role, there is a good chance, they have rolled something else. a study from university college of london and shows students with higher iqs, who are considered brainy, far more likely to smoke weed and take illegal drugs than
12:39 am
fellow classmate, this could be because they are open to new experiences, or higher achieving students are found in areas where it is easier to afford drugs, what do you think? i think the latter, i think when kids go private school, their parents are not around as much, they get into the stash and give it to friends. >> i don't know if true, my experience from i went to high school it was a mixed bag with smart kids that smoked marijuana many more who were not that smart that did it i am see a perverse psa, smart kids smoke weed, and geniuses smoke crack. >> juan. >> i think, from my personal experience, i grew up in a poor neighborhood in brooklyn, i was told keep away from those
12:40 am
people. but i went to a prep school in up state, new york. oh, my god, these were very rich upper income, children of intelligencia there was a lot of drugs around. kennedy: that has been my anecdotal per yens. >> i was a idiot in high school. i did not smoke pot, i was a bun head, i was in ballet seven days a week. kennedy: i bun head? i never heard. >> oyeah. the or affluent kids learn they can get away with that. and it follows them. kennedy: they have that legacy in harvard then investment bankers and president and ted cruz. thank you. >> always appreciate it coming
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up, lawmakers are floating an idea to crackdown on protesters who turn violent. it may come with a -- on your freedom of speech and assembly, judge alex joining me next, right here. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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kennedy: welcome back, political protest have been a bedrock of this nation's democracy since the very founding. it was a political revolution that started it all in the first place, but now lawmakers in one state made a chilling move that could curtail one of our basic freedoms to gripe at the government. yesterday, they approved a bill to allow prosecuter to seize asset of anyone that plans or participate in a protest that turns violent. before you say good, consider. what if the planners are peace e full but some anarchists hijack the proceedings? it happens all of the time. what is lives are intentionally ruined too fit an agenda.
12:46 am
kennedy: joining me now, judge alex ferrer. good to see you again. >> a full day. kennedy: this is troubling. it seems that there are free speech implications, and lead to seizure of property. redefining rioting in arizona, what does that mean? >> we're not looking at the full bill yet. use of reco, is not uncommon for thin like this. if they are planning to going av people who just peacefully plan a protest, and that does not -- that then turns violence that will never hold up it violates first amendment, you have to have a criminal intent. they want to stop rioting before it happened. that is at core of laws like
12:47 am
conspiracy. you don't wait for someone to murder someone to arrest for there are conspiracy to commit murder. you get them to the point where they are on verge of committing the crime. it depends on how the law is written, if what they are going after, we're behind closed-doors planning a riot and we'll throw the chairs and then we're commit a crime, inciting a riot. kennedy: are there laws already on the book, the state has to prove there was that conspiracy and contend between people. >> that is argument from the democrats who oppose this saying there are already laws for sightingry rots -- inciting riots, and. as long as they can do it constitution alley it gives them a stronger case against the
12:48 am
perpetrate or. >> the mentality circumstance among the republican lawmakers in arizona, people who are planning the protests are bad, because they not politically aligned with us, have you anarchists who glom on to these, they are the ones who turn them into violence echarges with police, therefore we need to stop it before it starts, but if you intim mate enough people, they are not going to go out and protest. >> that would not be constitutional. argument of i read comments about the law saying it will allow them to arrest everyone at a protest, even if they were not involved in violent, only way you could do that is if you have evidence that people at protest were planning violent, even if they never threw a rock or whatever. somebody from out of town comes
12:49 am
in and turns it violent. >> that is it anarchists are agitators, they are in small groups be they don't care about the message, they just like to throw stuff and destroy property. >> that law would not be upheld or the application of that law, this law has to be narrowly tailored to not interfere with free speech rights. suggest the conservatives in arizona go back to the constitution, and worry about protecting our freedom, not punishing people before they do anything in the first place, judge alex -- i almost call you doctor. judge thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: the truth may shock and kennedy: the truth may shock and surprise you, tol topical storm. next. legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here,
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kennedy: time for the part of the show that clings to your leg, never lets go. this is the topical storm. number one -- >> speaking of clinging, a baby panda in china, is having a naughty fling with its keeper's leg. no matter how much bamboo the human moves, no matter where he moves the living stuffed animal,
12:54 am
little buddy keeps coming back, hanging on. i have my own baby panda at home, but instead of a leg lock, my guy, lemmy, steals cheerios. >cheerios. kennedy: i want it so bad. he got it, that is his food for the week. >> at least when lemme is fully grown, he will not snap off my leg, like a bamboo chute and beat n me to death with it. animal are fun, and dogs, again, superior. topic two. >> have you heard of finland. a scandinavian country in pre-russia part of europe, one thing they do to have fun is
12:55 am
make ice carousel in the winter. woo finland! that seems like a good wholesome activity, more pleasant than jumping into a frozen pool. >> it's cold. >> i love it. where is my head? he fractured his -- thank you mom. >> topic three. bring it in for a talk, well drunk driving. first, it is never okay, all right? don't drink and drive, ever. but if you do, and the cops
12:56 am
catch you, don't make it harder on yourself, be helpful, be polite, ask to speak to an attorney, then when the cop eases up, just speal th steal t, but do not try to beat your sobriety test by doing a cartwheel. >> face that direction for me, with your whole body, we're not going yoga, i don't know what you are doing, put your hands down. i didn't ask you to somersault. >> you told her to put her hands down, she is a trained gymnast, she put her hands down, and did a fine cartwheel. a regular mary lou rhetton. >> if the arresting officer,
12:57 am
studied at juilliard and asked you to perform an entire choreographed dance number, go ahead. >> do you know what would be good, if you get kicked, then you kind of did that, in a barrel turn. then ha! you know. >> that was good. >> that would be. >> you are a danner. dancer? >> no, no, i'm just drunk. >> oh, he got you, topic 4. >> if you are whic competitive d suffer from male pattern baldness, you should plan your next vacation in japan. not only home of a bald men's club, which is nice and kinky, but competitive baldness game
12:58 am
like this suction cup tug-of-war, there are other tug-of-war evens in japan like a pantyhose tug-of-war. they are so emphatic. the winner becomes prime minister, then you can go golfing with our president. >> topic 5, 4. can we get a melugin on the president. i'm with her. like a telemarketer who can text, tweet, mail to watch you sleep, i cannot escape annoyance, the great pleasure of viewer mail about about chris. go back to cnn. or wherever you came from.
12:59 am
go back togo to mom but she jusm the port. you don't want to go near her. with your sarcasm, quit screeching. ucla ucla, fight, fight, fight. >> i did not waste my education at all. rick. hit play button. i tape your show to fast forward and watch the topical storm. kind of a compliment but not really. lastly, marty wants to know, do you still sing? like an angel ♪ you're a grand old flag, you're a high-flying flag. >> thank you for watching, you can follow he on twitter and instagram. this is a business network. e-mail kennedy.
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have a beautiful thursday. until we meet again, good-bye. (country music) (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. ♪ he's got the whole world in his hands ♪ ♪ he's got the whole wide world in his hands ♪ (bill cody) country music is about life. ♪ one day at a time, sweet jesus ♪ ♪ that's all i'm asking from you ♪ (bill cody) it's songs about faith and hope. ♪ i hope you dance ♪ i hope you dance (bill cody) songs that uplift and inspire. ♪ then sings my soul


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