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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  February 26, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> did you hear him? who you calling stupid? cost of freedom continues with david atman on the place for business. u have other venues, but you're wasting your time. f fox. >> protests are continuing over the president's policies on illegal immigration. an illegal immigrant caught in the u.s. was smuggled methamphetamine every month while receiving $900 a month for food stamps. that's why some say cracking down on illegal immigration will crack down on our tax dollars. are they right or wrong? let's find out. steve forbes, rich, mike, elizabeth macdonald, bill baldwin. even felons are getting
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billions in welfare and the woman we showed a picture of getting $900 a month while dealing meth, her boyfriend was a cocaine dealer. had such an arsenal of weapons, it was enough to outfit a platoon. these people are getting food stamps. >> this shows exactly why this country, to protect its sovereignty, must be a nation of laws, must be a nation that follows the constitution. under fortunately, under the past president, barack obama, the immigration and customs enforcement regulation, he really watered them down and ransacked that department. as a result those caught entering the country illegally, those caught and deported went way down. david: protesters don't deal with the fact that the deporter in chief was president obama. he deported 3 million people and that averages to about 1,000 a week during his term as president. that's actually much less than what president trump is doing.
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>> well, look, i don't want to destroy the narrative here, but the idea that people who are in the country illegally are all dealing drugs or committing violent crimes simply is not a factual basis for that or that they're all on food stamps. the people committing crimes or serious drug offenses are three different figures, we don't have accurate numbers and this is hysteria, it's hyperbole. david: that was not hyperbole. that was fact. elizabeth, the deportations under president trump, 75% of those deported were actual felons and look at this, this is how much the heritage foundation says average welfare payments per household for the illegal immigrants, $24,000 in welfare, medicaid and so forth, they do pay some taxes, 10,000,
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but that leaves you with a net to the taxpayer of $14,000 per year per immigrant. >> you're right, david. i hear that i don't think that majority of illegals are criminals. treating like rounding errors. the woman cited arrested, she was in a violent drug gang. >> she was. >> where 11 of 25 members. 11 got welfare, 11 of them. so, by the way, two-thirds of illegal households are on some form of welfare and those are estimates coming in. david: that's a lot of money, but, steve, to the other-- to the protesters' point, there is a cost to deportation, i think it's over $3 billion a year. >> well, that's simply security, david, and that should be irrelevant. the key thing is, does it save lives. this gets to the thing of
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sanctuary cities where they refuse to allow local law enforcement to work with the federal government, violent criminals in new york. a guy of ms-13 gang, one of the most violent around wouldn't let immigration officials interview this guy, the guy could be released to rikers island and the feds could pick them up. that's outrageous. david: for all the talk of the innocent people being deported, again, under donald trump, under the deportation being criticized by protesters, 75% of those being deported are criminals, unrelated to their illegal activity. these are hardened criminals, those are the people being deported. >> yeah, and that's as it should be. that's a good start and i applaud the trump administration for doing that. there are 11 million illegals in the united states and what you have to do, because they're-- there's not an unlimited amount of money, nor cops out there to do all the enforcement to send
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every one of those 11 million back, you have to prioritize with the violent criminals and felony criminals, and work your way back. at some point there's going to be a cost benefit that no longer works, but let's start with the violent and felonious criminals. >> and there's also money. the public safety side of this issue and the money side and sometimes they come together. perhaps these deportations will save taxpayers money. >> yeah, i understand that, but and i know this show is about money, there are two bigger issues here, i think. number one, why do we get to pick and choose what laws we follow, does this mean that every city and state says i don't want to follow this law, i'll follow that law. the law is the law and it must be followed. if you want to change the law, congress needs to pass a different law. i realize that rich is saying 11 million illegal number, but that number has been out there for years, that would imply
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over the last several years there hasn't been an increase of people coming into the country illegally and i don't buy that. david: bill baldwin, go ahead. >> i'm all in favor of deporting violent criminals here illegally. aren't we all? is there some way we can make this country more welcoming to people who want to come here legally and a lot less pourous for people who don't want to come here legally. i don't think that the president has the answer to that tough question. david: rich, go on. >> here, here. >> and you go back through republican and democratic administrations over the last several, and they've not solved this problem. but you've got to prioritize. that's all i'm saying. you've got to prioritize, i think we all agree with that. you start with the violent and felonious criminals. david: i've got to say, mark, that so far, that 75% figure of those being deported being felons, is better than what president obama had. and president obama's best average during his term was
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58%, so trump is doing better in terms of focusing on the felons than president obama did. go ahead. >> but 75% of what figure, david. david: 75% of the folks who have been deported under president trump have been felons. >> we don't know what that number is. david: president obama had 58% so president obama didn't deport as many felons as trump has. go ahead. >> so, a couple figures. if there's 11.9 million illegals in the country, the number of people who have committed crimes is more like 2 million. and of those who have committed serious crimes is 800,000, probably or even less. so, i mean, 75% of what figure, 500,000, 600,000? this is a small, small problem in our country and we're-- >> no, it's not, people are getting killed. >> throwing the entire weight of the government behind it. they're going to spend enormous sums. david: e-mack, when people are
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getting killed, it's a big problem. >> we've had on camera a woman whose son was tortured and set on fire by an illegal criminal. i'm for passing citizenship for legal and abiding, so is president trump, you can't deport 11 million people, that's ridiculous, and the size of the force you need to do that, no way. so, i think that there's common sense. >> what trump would like to do. >> no, he's not going to do 11 million. david: wrap it up, steve. >> mark did it on the bottom line, 800,000 serious criminals here he will legally and trying to send back 600,000, that's the no-brainer, what's the problem here? >> and the president says he'll lash our spending, some say go big or go home. it's time to scrap entire agencies. they name which ones next. (announcer) at boll and branch,
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violence. that's a look at news. now, back to forbes. david: unfortunately, the budget that we're inheriting, essentially inheriting is a mess. our moral duty to the taxpayer requires us to make our government leaner and more accountable. david: leaner and more accountable. president trump vowing against this week to cut government waste, reduce the national debt. he says his budget is going to focus on slashing spending, but steve says, the president has to do more than scrap spending piecemeal. he needs to scrap whole departments. we put up three, by the way, steve, as an example you can your expendable, commerce, energy and education, because between the three of them that's over $100 billion there. >> that's right. he's throwing housing and urban development you'll get more.
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some of the things the agencies do need to be done, but you're talking 5 or 10 billion out of 120 billion. that's the only way you reduce spending is reducing the scope of what the government does. david: mark, i grew up in washington d.c. and i used to walk through some of the big departments and see people pushing paper from here to there. so much of the money goes to the bureaucracy. that doesn't help taxpayers, does it? >> it certainly doesn't, david. but i think that trump should, i realize congress passes the budget, not the president, but trump should look to congress. we pay the average congress person $174,000 per year. they worked 101 days last year. they get generous pensions and generous health insurance benefits. this comes at a time where we're asking the average american to tighten their budget. why don't we-- why doesn't trump say, hey, why
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should lawmakers get a salary and eliminate that. david: i'm in 100% agreement with mark for the first time! let me go to rich. we're talking here hundreds of billions of dollars. what mark suggests is perfectly reasonable, but wouldn't scratch the surface of what needs to be done, right? >> well, you know, john dillinger the bank robber said, why do you rob banks? because that's where the money is. you know where 80%, four out of five federal dollars, you know where they are, in defense, social security, medicare and medicaid. i don't hear trump talking about cutting those back. i hear about him expanding them. that said, i think his advisor steve bannon talked about deconstructing the administrative state at c-pac, the sludge in businesses.
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david: he's hired people who know how to remove the sludge or put together a blueprint. the guy in charge of budget department, knitty gritty work, paul winfrey, worked for the heritage foundation. he put together a terrific blueprint to save $100 billion every year. he picks out little things in each department that are expendable and comes up with $100 billion. >> that's a good place to start. i have a little list, commerce, labor, housing, energy, education, yes, we'd have to transfer some functions like oversight to the defense department, but there are some departments, like betsy devos's department that could be wiped out entirely. david: e-mack, we've had a little more than a month in the trump administration, but at the same time this bureaucracy is not going quietly into the night. they'll put up a hell of a
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fight and i don't know if the trump people are ready for th that. >> i love the idea of drain the sludge. you have government workers and unions fighting tooth and nail. the government worker unions are ruining it for the private sector unions, right, in places, sectors like manufacturing. david: mike, this guy paul winfrey does impress me a lot. i'm glad he's in charge of putting together a list, again, will they have the follow through? they have a list, will they be able to carry it out? >> i believe that trump will. i don't think we've seen a guy like this in a long, long time, david. as for what could be cut? i'd love to see 8 billion slated for the 2020 census get slashed. i think the census is unamerican. the last census the woman came to my house and asked me where my grandparents came from and where i came from. david: i know. >> what race i was. why does that matter.
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david: we don't need it, we can save money and our own privacy by getting rid of it. steve, again, the follow through of the trump administration, they're up against, you know, a bureaucracy that's been there for decades. do they have the wherewithal to get rid of it? >> that's a long haul thing, david, and the answer is, i think they will. and by not eliminating at the beginning whole departments, but giving department things in the department is good. what the real problem is, david, it's not just the bureaucracy, it's the congress. each congress person has a subcommittee that has an agency. they have championships and you're taking their toys. david: i'd like to say a prayer for paul winfrey, the guy in charge of the budget cuts. one heck of a job in front of him. the cashin' in gang ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. eric, what do you have? >> a congress woman using offensive language to blast
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president trump's cabinet. imagine if they'd used this language for president obama's staff. and kids at school. david: we're not done. up next here, hollywood celebrities and companies may want to tune into this one. lots of americans saying they may tune out if oscar speeches go off on politics. with x1 you get the best of the oscars.
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the red carpet for the oscars on sunday. before the winners accept their awards they might want to listen to this. the new survey, seven in ten trump voters. they turn out when awards speeches get political. a lot of people who could hurt ratings in future box office sales. we've been lectured to under the obama administration and i'm glad we're out of the teachers faculty lounge. make the oscars great again, no politics at the oscars. david: what do you think? >> i don't see any problem, hollywood an entertaining. and meryl streep claiming to be a member of the victimized oppressed class. david: talk about meryl streep, i don't know if it's all about box office sales because she got very political and she was nominated for a movie that hollywood reporter says is atrocious and nominated, they say, because of the fact that she had these anti-trump tirades. >> i haven't seen the movie, david and meryl streep is one
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of my favorite actresses of all time. i think they're hurting themselves. back to 1998, upwards of 50 million people were tuning into the oscars. the number is down to 35 million today. only hurting themselves. people don't watch entertainment to be preached to. david: that's right. and steve, the fact is that sometimes the politics of these people does affect their judgment, right? >> it does, indeed. what they should do is take a cue from lady gaga far to the left, but what she did at the super bowl, fantastic entertainment. david: avoided politics entirely. >> and respected her audience, which hollywood has got to learn to do. david: some people say there's irony because trump himself an entertainer and george clooney mentioned that. >> he's an entertainer and he is i think he's trying to entertain us in the hollywood. hollywood has been political. jane fonda and hanoi jane.
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and trump voters half the population and half is hollywood. david: and rich, you're closer to hollywood than any one of us. >> i think there's false outrage here and i think it's poisoning the culture. i don't agree with tom hank's politics or lebron james or steph curry's in basketball. am i supposed to boycott basketball and movies because of this, absurd. david: and marlon brando got an academy award he didn't accept he sent an indian activist for, i believe for the godfather. the godfather became a popular movie at the box office, one of the best of all time. >> maybe, but i don't want to be lectured to and why do we
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>> and we will see you there on monday. meanwhile, we're back with our economy award winning picks. t rowe price dividend growth fund. a sensible stock. >> more common sense, it's got microsoft, jp morgan chase, pfizer, solid blue chips in there. >> a solid fund, but everybody is crowding after the same dividend star. >> you've got a sensible stock. hartford financial services, why do you like it? >> a good stock and won a j.d. power award for its insurance.
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>> slow and steady like crabgrass grow, but i kind of like it. david: that sounds sensible. that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. have a wonderful academy award weekend. keep is right here. the number one business spot continues with our buddy eric bolling and cashin' in. >> the american people had better understand what's going on. this is a bunch of scumbags, that's what they are. >> those are strong words. >> organized around making money. >> who are you talking about. >> the people organized with these oil and gas interests in the administration and-- >> you're calling-- of the united states, this back channelling that you see. these are a bunch of scumbags. >> wow, over the top and out of line. california democratic congresswoman maxine waters trashing the trump team with gutter talk


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