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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 26, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> lou: republican house and senate leadership walking on the tax and obamacare. patience wearing thin. the congress went on recess while the president is working hard. >> president trump: we are doing health care and march, mid to early march, we'll be submitting something that people will be impressed biechlt lou piniella voters may send republican ares packing next year if house
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leadership doesn't follow-through on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. and leaving mark meadows as our guest tonight. and also president trump dispatching the secretary of state and homeland security to mexico to mote with the mexican president. the president looking for a responsible partner in the leader of mexico on issues of board security and fair trade between the two countries. and republican law makers facing angry protest in their home districtses. president trump suggested that demonstrations are the work of left wing activist trying to get the crowds. we have a former senate jim
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demint. good evening, everybody. president trump hard at work while congressional leaders remained on recess. the president meeting with budget official and working on tax reform and reare peel and replacement of obamacare. >> president trump: i want the american people to know that the budget will reflect our priorities. the budget is put in the final forms. before we do the tax which is well finalized but we will not submit it until the health care. >> lou: there is revised vetting order. an official telling fox news that will implement a temporary vis ban as the original order and the new order will drop the
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indefinite suspension of sir yen instead of all refugees from any countries until those nations put in back ground security tests that meet u.s. standards. my next guest said americans demanded a full repeal and replace and it should be faster. talking about the congressional slow walk of the trump agenda is congressman mark meadows. this is stunning to watch the pace in which president trump is working and moving on executive orders and moving on the dakota access pipeline, keystone pipeline and putting forward his nomination for the supreme court. and then to see what mcconnell and ryan are doing.
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it is a breathtaking gap, isn't it? >> it is, low, the president is working 24- 7. congress needs to get up to spode. we promised a full repeal of the man date and obamacare. and we put it on president obama's desk. why don't we put that on president trump's desk. we need to catch up on his work ethuc. not only put a plan out there and be specific on what it means to the american people. >> lou: speaker ryan might say he put forth a plan. but putting forward is senator rand paul. it makes more sense than anything i have taken a look at. what is your reaction? >> we support senator rand
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paul's plan because it gives the focus back to the patient. they are the ultimate arbitrator of how they do it. the ryan care plan, we have yet to see legislative text, we can't just replace the affordable care act with something that is just a different name, and so it is important to push back on anything that doesn't reduce the cost and i for one and freedom caucus stands with me endorsing senator rand paul's plan and we believe a repeal needs to be voted right away. >> lou: mitt movane is a director with the management and budget. we are looking and watching as the president in the first month is discussing budgets and his
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priorities and talk whether it is health care and importance of competition among the states to provide health care plans: director mul vane has a lot to deal with here particularly if the plans are not marked and scored as well absolutely sustainable and practical. >> well, i can tell you, mitt mul vane the new oand b director understands the numbers. it was interesting, president trump said something in the lead up to this interview, if we don't get the obamacare repeal and replacement done it is holding up tax reform and infrastructure and they are all bunching together. it is incumbent on us not to delay longer and give spectaculars of the replacement
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plan and i have good faith in the president and his budget onb director and hopefully we'll see responsible policy coming from that. >> lou: the president saying he will have a health care plan by the middle of next month. with ryan we heard all sorts of varying and different targets over the course of the year. there is time for action and the president is a man of action and the leadership in the house and senate appear to be not acting as one would expect given the leadership provided from 1600 pennsylvania. >> we have to follow his lead and put in something to debate. we are not debating the specifics, lou. we look at a new entitlement program and sending it to the
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president's desk and the first major action for him to sign on a new entitlement program, i don't think so. that's not what my constituents want and what the american people want either. >> lou: signing on to an entitlement program would do the president no favors and it would be a betrayal by the house and senate to do so. will the house of representative understand that this president was eelected to pursue his agenda to repeal and replacement of obamacare and tax cuts, not 20 percent border tax increases as proposed by riap and brady, but to it follow the lead of this president. >> i will say they are reaching out in a real way to members of congress not only on the house
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side but senate side. we are seeing the interaction from the administration that i haven't seen in the last four years. it is about critical component and what matterses to the people you represent at home. they want to get it right are. this is the land of promise. there is a lot of promise in washington d.c. with little action and it is time to make sure we follow-up on the action and follow the president. >> lou: it is little swamp draining. >> it is. sometimes when you are in the swamp it is hard to know where you are. my friends in north carolina remind me it is critical to do that. >> lou: there is alligators and other that i will not bring up tonight. we'll be right back as you can tell. we have a lot to cover here
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tonight. stay with us, we'll be right back. homeland security john kelli said our president is working on a more stream lined version of his extreme vetting executive order. >> the president is contemn plated releasing a stream lined version of the first do. >> lou: president obama's refugee reefforts about to cost taxpayers 4 billion a year. these costs will only rise. we'll talk about the shocking want when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums i just want to find a used car start at the new
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what's the difference? show me best actor. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. get all the greatest scripted and unscripted oscar moments on xfinity x1. the oscars, live sunday, february 26th 7eâ4p on abc. >> lou: a new briet bart study shows refugee settled by the obama administration, the american taxpayer spending more than 4 billion in the first current year budget to support half million resettled refugee. briet bart point out that can provide more than 2000 new
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homes. it could also buy more than 170 new cars at $24,000 and the average price of a new home at 384. we asked our producers to check that. that seemed high for the average price but please check that. michelle machin. i have been looking forward to talking with you, michelle. >> always a lot to it talk about,>> lou: lou immigration and executive orders and general kelly director of homeland security stream lining is that necessary or smart political thing to do? >> clearly politically it seems
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necessary to tweak the language. they will mirror it so that green cards holders are excluded from the orr. but my colleague cam out with a relevant called stolen sovereignty and about the courts run amok. it is not one presidential statute that gives president trump to exclude a immigrant. but points out he found seven statutes that back president trump's authority under the original wording of the initial executive order. and so, i have complete trust that if some point, god forbid if there is an acute national emergency requiring president
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trump to invoke the original powers laid out in the executive order he will n hesitate to do so. in fact some of the statutes that daniel unearthed point to under congressional law and statute it forbids the courts for having any jurisdiction of the people that applied to come in the country and that was cited in the brief that texas filed last week in support of trump's executive order. >> lou: you and i know that there are of sufficient laws on the books that permit this president or any president to enforce immigration laws and secure our border without hesitation what so ever. the authority is given the president are clear. where the issue becomes specific as the president is trying to
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deal with seven majority muslim states that produced so many jihaddist and experienced so much terrorism, that requires a executive order in some fashion. but there is no way any president trump could fail to enforce those laws and be unaware and particularly as a constitutional scholar has mr. obama was as he ignored those laws and securing the border. >> no question about it. there is a phenomenon that i diaginginosed when there are terror attacks or acute national emergencies as i mentioned. it comes from the left and open border ares type. it is convenient to be open borders when you are not dealing with a immediate national
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emergency. it is hindsight. only in hindsight do these people accept the invocation of the executive order that trump is trying to exercise to preempt and prevent the kind of disasters that we have seen over the last quarter century. >> lou: the president is sending this out and your reaction to this. his tweet. the fake news media failing new york time and nbc and abc and cnn is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the american people. the reaction be of the sunday talk shows of journalist and columnist that he said we are going to shut down the first amendment, he couldn't have been more specific and many of them argued over language and symantices. your reaction?
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>> get out the smelling salts. because these delicate souls can't stand even the mildest criticism from folks who see right through them. and the fact that it is the commander and chief who has the guts and the spine to call them out, is making them more unhinged than i have seen in the last quarter century than i have been in this business. i say more power to president trump because he is voicing the majority opinion of so many americans who are sick and tired television. it is not only fake new and lies of omission and commission over the last eight years, this goes back decades and the reason why he pointed out new york times, the fish wrap of roertd. and has not apologized to this day for walter sho. and people are tuning out.
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>> lou: you took a broader canvass, michelle, but nevertheless, it is terrific. the fact of the matter is, they have got themselves in a mess taking on this president. they are going to have to figure their way out. they may have to try honesty and forth rightness and we'll see how that works for them. i hope we see how that works for them. they haven't made the commitment yet. up next, senator mccain working as a president's protagonist. senator paul said the grefances don't amount to what senator mccain says they do. >> it is colored by his only personal dispute p. and we are lucky john mccain is not in charge. we would be in perpetual war. >> lou: we'll have that and much
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>> lou: a few thoughts on the man dubbed critic and chief senator john mccain. mccain took his criticism of the president abroad where he charged that the administration is in disarray and saying quote i know there is profound criticism in europe and world that america is laying down the mantel of global leadership. these are dangerous times and you should not count america out. who the hell is counting america out? it is not the member states of nato or europe because they depend on us for their very existence. actually there is the senator himself and senator graham that
11:27 pm
may have counted america out. he cited the failing new york time and abc and cnn are the enemy of the american people. >> if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free in many times adversarial press. without it, i am afraid we would lose so much individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. >> lou: why didn't we get a dictatorship in 2009? that's when president obama took office and all five of thoses, well, free and independent new's organizations didn't ask a critical question of president obama for the next eight years, how is it that we didn't have a dictatorship.
11:28 pm
why did senator mccain's fear come to fruition. this is how careers come to the end. when you insult the words of a president on foreign soul. senator rand paul fired back at mccain's outrageous statements saying our country that mccain is not in charge. mccain's bitterness may motivate but p his conduct of a sitting president is particularly offensive and president trump who showed he can handle all of the sling and arrows doesn't have a problem with it. he was the only republican mccain to vote against the president's choice for omb and called for an administration in to whether the trump administration had ties to russia. ties to russia? he hasn't read a paper. and slammed the president's
11:29 pm
order on extreme vetting and nerve to call australia's ambassador to reconfirm our a liiance after fake news leaks. i am sure the prime minister was much relieved. it is a good time in my opinion for senator mccain to recall that he is not our president and donald trump is thankfully and due the respect of the senator. our quotation of the evening. this from marcus on bitterness. here is a rule to remember in the future. when anything tempts you to feel bitter and not this is misfortune, but to it bear this worthily is good fortune. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> throughout the activist
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targeting republican town hall. there is a manufactured base and also people that are upset. but when you look at some of the districts and things, it is not a representations of a member's district. >> lou: we'll discuss the left's efforts. and we'll talk with jim demint next. feel the chill. the journey over the coolest place on as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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>> lou: someanger on display at some congressional town hall meetings across the country are. >> i think it is going to be fine. [crowd noise] everybody has the right to free speech and i ask that you can holler all you want. i am the elected representative. >> [crowd noise] >> there's no question that some person had a good experience with obamacare, most people had a bad experience.
11:35 pm
>> lou: that didn't look like a republican crowd, did it? president trump is skeptical who is behind the protest. so- calledangry crowds are in numerous cases but not all lib val activist. sad. joining me is leading conservative, jim demint. great to have you on the show. >> thank you, lou, that obama orgnoising and george soros and they are fanning the flames and taking people on buses. we saw the manuals and tells them what to say. it is hardly a spontaneous local
11:36 pm
demonstration. >> lou: not many people are misled by that, but to me, it is an open question and an important one as to why the tea party and other conservative and republican groups are not organizing and bringing their activist to bear to be a counter vealing with all of the soros and and activist that are disrupting town halls. >> the tea party, lou protested policy and bail outs, and spending debt and dodd- frank and obamacare. the left are protesting the election. and the man that the american people elected last november. they are having a temper tantrum because they lost. it is not policy ps that are
11:37 pm
implemented unfortunately congress did very little. people at the town hall saying shame on you, don't know what they are talking about. >> lou: that you have done nothing and correct maybe shame on them for not doing everything. reti sense on the part of the house speaker to move forward the president's agenda whether it is repeal and replacement of obamacare, this is it becoming a very troubling, troubling delay. the president is moving ahead and working hard and he set a standard for work ethic be that we have not seen in the modern presidency. your judgment on what is happening on capitol hill or not happening. >> the talk of replacing obamacare before we repeal it is ludicrous. we had the best health care before obamacare and we don't
11:38 pm
need to replace our health care system but remove the cancer and improve it. congress passed a bill that repealed obamacare in 2015 and all republicans in the house and senate voted for it. and they need to send that bill to president trump and begin the process of unwinding obamacare and once that cancer is removed, we can begin to make our health care system work better for everyone. >> lou: i don't know if if the speaker appreciates how foolish he makes the republicans look on the repeal. they had 60 votes on obamacare's repeal over the last several years and then when it matters most, the speaker is frozen and clinging to his own.
11:39 pm
your thoughts? >> he's trying to make it work better along with the repeal. that is it a wonderful motive but in this political environment when they have no support from democrats, they need to start the process. all of these protests about not repealing obamacare would be null and void if the house and senate passed the first step and repeal. now it would be how to make the health care better. they made a mistake not moving quickly. >> lou: i think you and ed rollins believes it should be hr one without question. turning to the president, moving ahead in a furious pace. the pipelines. nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court and the man is moving at a lightning pace.
11:40 pm
is there a prospect that the house and senate will join in that ethic and effort? >> i think so, lou. i think the commitment is there. i am a little worried right now. they took a long break for this week when they needed to be confirming nominees. the president doesn't have all of his cabinet much less 400 other appointmentes that have to be confirmed. and so it is hard for trump to get things going when he doesn't have his own people there. i believe from talking to the speaker and the leader in the senate know the commitment is there, but i confess to being concerned that they are not working hard as president trump and his staff is working right now. >> lou: jim demint. thank you for your thought and insights. >> lafrng you, lou.
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>> lou: a lot of praise for hr mcmaster. >> he will argue for his views and execute the president's policy in the end of the day and execute it fully. >> lou: general jack keane here next. and uniting to save a snow boarder. we'll show you that andndndndnd dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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>> lou: joining me p now fox military analyst general jack keane, i almost know why i mention the russian spy ship 30 miles off of vurj virj beach. it has been around for a week now. any thoughts on what it is doing? >> yeah, pretty much. primarily use submarines to spy on our coast line and activities in the naval installation and communication's size. we have a surface ship does ha work. it is it all about the publicity and the attention it is receive aring particularly while the munich security conference with
11:46 pm
nato. they try to make united states look weaker in the eyes of our ally and it is a distraction from one, the fact that they are thickening their military in eastern ukraine and they certainly don't want a lot of the publicity to that. and secondly, they unveiled the cruise missiles that can be tactical nuclear weapons that you reported on last week and they didn't want publicity about that to be sure. i think those are the primary reasons of what is going on. >> lou: they deployed those new cruise missiles and amounts to nothing anyway in violation of two sites within russia. and the one i got a kick out of nbc reporting breathlessly that the russians, based on their source, and based on a foreign
11:47 pm
minister of the russian government, they are trying to find out what is happening inside of donald trump's mind and want a psychological profile. i laughed, as if donald trump was the first leader, military or civilian to ever be psychologically profiled with the russians. they do that with everyone. >> absolutely. i know convinced putin particular beingly with george bush. they may have roleplayed what the first meeting would be like when president bush reacted so strongly to finding putin's soul so to speak. >> lou: that is looking in his eyes. >> the u.s. profiles all of our adversaris and also the leaders that our president is going to deal with and we provide him
11:48 pm
with that psychological profile to make his interactions with him more effective. >> lou: and then the national left wing media goes about p the business that it is the first time it happened because it is it president trump. turning to hr mcmasters and his first meeting today with the security council and the president. your thoughts about his prospects and his qualifyifications and judgment of him? >> i am thrilled by this pick. my hat's off to the trump team for taking time to listen to the recommendation and nom pinations and come out with one of the best choices they possibly could have made in mcmasters. this guy is bright and articulate and a strong personality who fights for what he believes in and he has enormous amount of moral
11:49 pm
courage. and i wish other general officers had as much as he had to be frank about p it. he fights for his ideas. but once a decision is made, he will execute them. he is a bit of a change agent to be sure and icon class and he will fit in well with the big eagles that show up. he has one himself and works well with the the team. he will have that fsc humming. >> lou: with that, the president continues to make terrific choices for his key role ares in government and now has i believe nine more in the cabinet to it get confirmed. making progress and general, it looks like that russia is just going to have a different relationship than they expected
11:50 pm
with president trump. your thoughts on that. we are a little over. >> there is no doubt about that. all of president's trump key advisors have spoken publicly. they are clear- eyed about russia and know it is trampling on our allies. engage as long as we can. and same time deter and be willing to confront and that's where we are headed. >> lou: general, thank you very much. please roll the video. a dramatic video in california. the snow boarder was trapped beneath the moupds of snow. he was buried for ten minute and after the rescue. no injuries at all thanks to his
11:51 pm
choice in friends. >> president trump is ready to clean up the mess that president obama left him. >> president trump: the finances of our country are a mess. but we are going to clean them up. >> lou: that's the difference between a businessman and a community can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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>> lou: you know, in our on line poll we asked. does it seem odd to you that left wing news media doesn't understand a nation must control border and 89 percent of you said it seems odd or something. joining us tonight mike gallinger on the salem radio network and on wor. mark, great to have you both with us. mark, this is extraordinary. paul ryan just insists on slow walking the president's agenda, doesn't it? >> it is not easy to drain the swamp. alligators like the old system. they like the high corporate task and the corporations had to come to them for a carve out and break they needed. and ufrnd the new system, you
11:56 pm
can see him in the meetings, tell me what you need and i will give it to you. >> lou: to hear the president say the country's finances are in a mess. president obama left a budget disaster and he was very kind and he didn't say so did the republican house and senate that went along with president obama. president trump is the only one with clean hands in this thing. >> his campaign staff have a hard time keeping up with him. the house and senate is having a hard time keeping up with him now. that is no surprise. he goes at a frenetic pace and when you for the establishment and entrenched. it is business as usual and no one can upset the apple cart and he has and he is and he will continue to do it. and they will need to catch up. there is a lot of the work to be
11:57 pm
done and heavy lifting and so far he's doing it. >> write it up and make a donations. >> or vetting it. >> lou: let's take up michigan state and it's white boards. apparently michigan state banning white boards because they were afraid of the foul language that was squiblers was putting on the boofrd and they didn't want anybody to be upset. >> foul language was a wonderful part of my childhood and when i was a kid, i never saw a bike helmet and we didn't protect. and we drank water out of the garden hose and peanut butter and peanuts all over the place. we are raising a generation of weak people. >> lou: the indicating of utrage and now outrage is alive and
11:58 pm
well and people have a master's degree of being outraged. that's why terms like snow flake and you cupcake and butter cups and daffodils and petunnia, people are pushing back. takedown the comment section on every website. that's bullying. >> lou: my wife enjoys the comments more than the articles. >> if i want to cry myself to sleep is about something i did on radio and tv. >> lou: she's careful about the comments on our site. turning to keith ellison. and leading apparently in the race for the head of the dnc. i am not sure that is good to aspire to. but there it is it.
11:59 pm
one thing about keith ellison said the president. in the fight to lead the dnc, he predicted early that i would win. real donald trump. america is coming together like never before. we'll stop to divide us. liberty and justice for all. there is a gentleman. he took a compliment and ran with it. keith ellison is graceless? >> i think donald trump is praying that keith wins. but donna brazil? i will bor's a page from meupon lania trump in praying. from my perspective we pray that keith ellison becomes the face of the dnc, and as the party goes more to the left more and more americans are embracing the
12:00 am
republican party as a result. >> it seems that the democrats are trying to unite the republicans that are struggling of unity of late. a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. ♪ chances are 'cause i wear a silly grin ♪ there are artists we'll always remember... ♪ mona lisa, mona lisa ♪ men have named you there are beautiful songs, words and memories that will always touch our hearts... ♪ it's impossible ♪ to tell the sun to leave the sky ♪ ♪ it's just impossible this is the music of your life.


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