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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 28, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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please be with us follow for our special coverage of the president's address of the joint session address to congress. thanks for joining us tonight from washington,. good night. kennedy: president trump gearing up for his first address to congress. what's he going to propose? the white house attempting to crack down on threengts media. the problem is, even the secret details of the crackdown were leaked to the media. did you watch the end of the oscars in the best picture screwup and hollywood hating on trump. grab a tuxedo. holy wrap, tomorrow night it will be a study in washington contrasts.
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if ever there were a moment for the president to whip out a big boy speech, tomorrow will be the day. he will have to address march madness. it's days away from re-defining the republican party as go getters or hopeless losers. president trump is going to be at at helm and they will be recide citing, captain, my captain or there will and mass mutiny. how can i succeed tomorrow night? he could fire jeff sessions and control mass' of much. his new plans will be special and great. some policy precision will go a
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long way. tomorrow night will be the specialist ever because it's probably ruth bader ginsburg's last time getting bmed on wine spritzers before her year long nap. >> i think we'll have another stream wort vacancy before this summer. if that happens. as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full armageddon meltdown. kennedy: it' not unlike testive ted to troll. did he melt rbg's cpac mask? a heart-handed supreme court bench and the world. he will say don't fight me on gorsuch.
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the veal cleaj be when justice ginsburg trades in her black robe. if his tone is lower than 11 and he stays on message. it seems as though he has a rosier outlook these days. >> it's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. kennedy: was he describing my honeymoon video. he will be taking credit for a booming stock market and executive orders squashing regulations. he could give the cast of "la la land" an honorary oscar. can we expect heckling, standing
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ovations, red caps, or a little bit of all of that tomorrow night in president trump's address. let's ask tim carney. tim, welcome back. >> i'm that guest who visits and never leaves. kennedy: tim, was does the president have to do tomorrow night to heal a wounded nation? >> the president cannot wound -- cannot heal a wounded nation. they are very incapable of that. the big part of the question is can he bring sort of his party together. right now there is no republican unity on a obamacare replacement plan. republicans are all over the place on spending. mick mulvaney is saying we are going to increase defense spending. trump is obviously for driving
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you have the spending while's got paul ryan, the speaker of the house calling for cutting it back. i wonder if he's going to say we are taking the republican party in a new direction or if he's going to find middle ground between his own big government leang and t smaovernment talk. >> i think the small government wing sadly has been sidelined. it's interesting base wonder how some of mick mulvaney's former freedom caucus peers will view of his stance on military spending. >> certainly mulvaney won a surprising victory in 2013. he said defense spending needs to get cut. he passed an amendment to the house trimming it by a few billion dollars and that's not where trump is coming from, or the omb director mulvaney is coming from.
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if you look at the way you slice up the budget pie. steve mnuchin said we won't worry about entitlements. what you have in the debt, you take out the defense. you are looking at 15% slice. if that's all mulvaney and trump are going to talk about. but there will be applauding, finding a couple 10.10 coupons off a $3 trillion budget. kennedy: you know, it's something that the president doesn't necessarily like to address. that goes back to his populism. so doesness this infrastructure plan he's got upward of a trillion dollars. that's on top of the border wall that mexico is not going to pay for right now. and at some point you are not going to have enough coming in
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for all that's going out with this giant new wish list. >> as we look at this a quasi state of the union address, what i used to love to do is looking at who didn't stand whenner else in his party stood. justin amash might be standing there all day. how many conservative lawmakers have done the full mi mulney and gone from budget hawk to big enr? kennedy: if you are looking at some of the younger libertarian leaning guy, they have been standing up to power for quite some time. and these are principled lawmakers, a rare breed in washington. but those will be some people that will be very interesting to watch tomorrow night. we are running out of time. what do you think is a bigger problem for this president, a lower than normal approval
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numbers or leaks coming out of the white house. >> i think it leak coming out of the white house reflect the bigger problem. a lot of these guys are just new and they underestimate how much harder it is to run the federal branch of the federal government. kennedy: let me go to my power panel. julie roginsky, a fox news contributor. anthonan. anthony cumio. i can't wait for the gloves to come off. president trump held his first meeting with a few dozen of the nation's governors. he said his administration will
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do all it can to restore authority to the state. a lot of gofds are anxious about white house plans to repeal and replace obamacare. they are afraid of the potential for an explosion in costs in the respective state and a repeal could likely hurt evident to expand medicaid. being a governor, very different than being in congress. you are not necessarily protected by an aisle that separates both side. how much more worried are these group of lawmakers? >> they have to balance the budget unlike the house and senate. and they have to make sure their medicaid expansions goes up not as much as it did before obamacare, but til continues to rise. they will have to pay for it. i will sit back with a cigarette. and i don't even smoke. i was promised cheaper
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healthcare, keep my preexisting conditions, keep my kid on my healthcare until name 26 and you are going to get rid of obamacare anyway. i'm going to sit back and see how they are going to do it. kennedy: john boehner, between john boehner and john brennan, i'm kind of sick from hearing from the johns who are no longer in power. it's like the mother-in-law in the back seat telling you how to drive he where. >> it's looking grim for that. the governor, that's funny, they don't have much juice over trump as much as trump does to pull fund away from them. when you get a regular guy like trump in there that had campaign
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promises, obamacare is so intricately tied into so many other thing. the irs, medicaid, that you can't just yank this thing out and put something else in. he's finding out this is a lot more difficult. kennedy: oftentimes at the end of a presidency we see this kind of energy to cement a legacy. he's just trying to cement the promises he made to people as quickly as possible as though he knows the quick sand he's running on will give way and he's going to sink. >> trump said earlier today about healthcare, he said it's an unbelievably complex statement. nobody knew how complicated it was except anyone who gave it 10 seconds of thought. i almost cursed and i can't do that. for all the talk about how much
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americans hate obamacare, the polls are showing when they are looking what might be down the road they don't hate it so much. they want the government involved in healthcare. there is not a single one of those governors is giving a free market line on this. they are wonderi whether medicaid should be expended. so the democrats won. kennedy: not you assumption is everyone deserves healthcare, that's a universal right and the government should pay for it. >> they sounds like centrist democrats. the trump administration really on the offensive against press leaks. according to politico, sean
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spicer reamed his own staff about the leak and reportedly had everybody put their phones on the stable for inspection, both government devices and their personal phones. spicer warned his staff that details of the phone checks bert not get leaked, which of course got leaked. what does this tell you about the motivation for people inside the white house and their loyalties to the president. >> who is trying to make him look bad. kennedy: do you think it's factions within the white house? >> i worked in politic for 20 years. this is exactly what you do. you make it other guy look stupid and bad so you have get his job. if i were spicer i would be
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worried about who is gunning for him. kennedy: how do you stop it? >> i don't think you can. no leak. it's information is power. and to leak something to somebody in exchange for what? somebody is getting something back for that. so if there is value fit, with it's always going to happen. >> leak for me is not the problem in the administration. leak is the symptom. they came in looking to ruffle feathers. that's both good and bad. by the many going to lead to leaks from people who don't want their feathers ruffled. it's their basic lack of honesty with the american people.
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major garrett reports the navy pick will withdraw. sean spicer says it's fake news. >> maybe he wasn't going to. but then he withdraws. the truth is you can't handle the truth, jack nicholson told me that. he just won an oscar last night for best picture. have republicans bit off more than they can chew? this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5.
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kennedy: if you think you have a tough month coming up, try being a republican lawmaker. march could be the most important month for republican lawmakers in a decade. republicans control the white house and the house and senate for the first time since 2006. and some big ticket items. they have to pass a budget. they plan to overhaul the entire
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tax code and repeal and replace obamacare. each those would be very difficult alone. but can republicans tackle all three at once? let me ask tom cone. why is march the most important month in 10 years? >> congress is back in session. they have a six-week period where they will try to get all this stuff done. it's not just little stuff, it's big stuff. think about it as a tube. only so much can fit through the tube after the one time. when you have giant things that are being forced through the tube, oftentimes they get rejected because they are too buying. thanks reform and obamacare are huge items. and they are not all on board.
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kennedy: they are not greasing the tube. so let's break it down. what do you have think has to be tackled first in order to insure job security for particularly senate republicans. the president knead obamacare repeal one of his priorities. every republican in congress has run on obamacare repeal the last 2-6 years. but when it gets down to brass tacks there will be is a question whether there is a plan they can fewify behind. that has to be priority number one. tax reform is one thing. businesses in particular. trump says he's going to growth economy for the rust belt, and that's one of the things they have to get done if they are going to jump-start the economy. kennedy: obamacare emotional,
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and taxes a harder sell. paul ryan and other republicans are fetishizing the border tax. i don't necessarily like that at all. i think it is a hard sell. why not just alter the corporate tax structure instead of throwing the whole thing out for this border tax? >> that's a good question. trade is another one. republicans and infrastructure. we just heard sean spice were mention. trump received he will do this trillion dollar infrastructure plan. it makes republicans nervous. when trump says he's not going to make changes to social security and medicare. we have republicans concerned about the debt. and it doesn't look like trump is necessarily on the same page.
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tax reform is an issue where they have to find common grounds. they don't have a big enough majority in the senate as obama did when he first took office. so they are going to have to have unification in the republican caucus and peel off red state democrats running for election in 2017. kennedy: they don't have it on taxes and repeeling and replacinged the aca. they have to get on the same page. if for no other reason than to allay the fears of those showing up at town halls demanding questions if be answered that they haven't answered so far. >> the president has only been in office for 3 some days. and again big issues -- for 30 days.
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and big issues need buy-in from the vast majority of republican caucus. kennedy: are you a gambling man? >> at times. >> so what kinds of odds do you get republicans for passion all three these or getting the ball rolling in march? >> they will get the ball rolling. passing all three, i would say less than 10%. 5%. they won't get it done in march. thank you so much. >> you have bet, thank you. kennedy: the white house is calling for a massive increase in defense spending. i'll talk to brian continues about it next. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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kennedy: the white house is calling for an increase in $54 billion in spending for defense. one of the greatest military buildups in american history. hawkish republicans say the military was in steep decline under president trump. they aloud the president's move to expand the armed forces. critics say it's already over $600 billion which they say is
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more than enough to protect the nation from external threats, and where is that money going to come from? let me ask the host of "the dark secret place" in los angeles. welcome back. ooh la la land. thank you very much. i know you have a nice meaty libertarian streak running through your loins. and you know as well as i do some of that $600 biis not necessarily well spent. why not figure out the places where the military is not spending money effectively and move that to where it's necessary like fighting isis. >> that's what the budget increase probably hope to the recover from. the -- basically the willful ignoring of conventional land
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warfare that we have don't past 16 years. we have been fighting global counter ininsurgency. he's going to basically say we can defend the country or fund able wary cities. this will set up the budget he needs. and the dollar is different than it was in 2001. he will tout the fact that lockheed said his personal intervention is responsible for the $790 million decrease in the
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cost of the f-35. kennedy: the military budget falls under discretionary spending and there is not enough to cut from the discretionary budget that will make any long-term different to the amount of debt we owe to other countries, and then you have the problem of sequestration. that automatic 10% hit the department of defense a lot harder than it does i the commerce department. how does the president shield the defense department from sequestration? >> the unique thing about the pentagon is the national park service doesn't have groundbreaking technology in the pipeline they are researching. it does affect the pentagon differently. he will do it because this is how you use an all republican congress. you bring a bat, and you say team work, baseball.
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and these guys have to go home to their home districts in flyover country. trump is saying if you are with me i need $53 billion more, and if you are not, i need a list of names and you wouldn't get re-elected. kennedy: it's not necessarily the case if you don't want to increase military spending you are unpatriotic. >> he will release a cage of rabbits. one will be marked transgender bathrooms. he will talk to his constituency and say as promised i'm here for better national defense and it's not a choice between sanctuary cities and a below thed state department. the state department has a lot of fat to trim. kennedy: thanks so much.
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[♪] kennedy: silence is golden. but talk is titanium. you don't have to choose between avoiding human contact and ordering fast food. wendy's restaurants will be installing self-serving kiosks at 1,000 of their location. a food service research firm
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beliefs mobile ordering will overtake all means of service. can we just cut out a trip and have robots deliver the food to our houses and throw it into our faces? let me ask the party panel. julie, you killed off great jobs with your fight for $15. >> you know what's even better? it's the robots coming for our jobs. so when donald trump is talk about building a wall, he ought to build it where robots are take tour jobs. kennedy: it's the fight for $15. the technology has been there for a long time. big companies don't want to be forced to pay people $15 an hour. >> they don't want to pay
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anybody anything. kennedy: they felt bad when they were paying $750. >> do you think the guys at carl's jr. felt bad about that? >> i think the 15 or 10 incentivizes the businesses to implement this stuff faster. but this was coming no matter what. i'm in favor of anything that lets me interact less with people. and business owners are in fave of anything that allows them to hire fewer people. kennedy: it' very expensive here. but what do we do about the robots? it's a huge debate.
12:40 am
bill gates is coming up with taxing the robots. kennedy: the rove bats will give you have a nice flirty massage at the end of the day. they have so much automated food service. >> i think it's part of the evolution it always comes down to cost. if it's cheaper for them they will install some type of automation. some people had to make the old conestoga wagon. then when automobiles came around, where did they go? we have automakers. kennedy: they said the same thing about food trucks. no, people like having choice it's more an incentive to make money. >> anything with less people, i love this. i have been late for the train because somebody is trying to
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buy a ticket on one of the machines. kennedy: the government designed machines are not straightforward. this spring san francisco will be the home of the first weed-friendly gym. not only will they be encouraged to smoke weed while training. but there will be trainers on site and the buzzed members can bring their own weed or pick some up right there at the gym. you note yoga classes are going to be amazing. hey, man, if you want to stretch, stretch. >> i am not a cannabis connoisseur, but i'm not motivated to take a run. so many athletes already smoke weed and they perform at optimum
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levels. >> when i first thought this, i thought this is the dumbest thing i ever heard. the number of nfl players who work out while hoched you have on pain pills and anti-inflap tories. why is this different? ricky williams who was suspends three times for smoking weed. he's the heisman trophy winner. they want to reveerls lazy stereotypes. >> i think you can hurt yourself if you are not feeling pain. >> wt if if you are expanding your consciousness and your bench. >> you are giving out meth. kennedy: i would rather live in ignorance. thank you guys have much. coming up, hollywood fired off a
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>> my accent is out of respect for those of my country and the other six nations who have been band african-american gracious stop the u.s. >> this broad case being watched live bif millions. americans and around the world in 225 countries that now hate us. i want to say thank you to president trump. remember last year when it seemed like the some cars were racist? kennedy: the highlight of the evening came when fay dunn away and waen beattgave 9 best picture to the wrong film. >> the academy award for the best picture. ooh la la land. >> this is not a joke.
12:48 am
they read the wrong thing. here to discuss the dazzling flub it's the new york post film critic kyle smith. i didn't watch the oscars. i woke up and the first thing i dover morning is read the new york post pitch read the headline to your col you have and i could not believe the first line. my brain was trying to make sense of what happened. what happened? >> warren beatty was given the wrong envelope. kennedy: i don't believe that. >> there are conspiracy theories that warn beatty was playing an elaborate prank. i don't bite.
12:49 am
i think warn beatty is a brilliant guy. but when he got that envelope it didn't make sense to him so he turned to fay dunnaway. kennedy: i figured they couldn't read. >> the thing about warren beatty, he always looks confused. it's the most charming thing about him. at that point, when he said best actress emma stone "la la land." he should have looked at the outside and said to the stage hand, u have got wrong nstled envelope. kennedy: why didn't fay dunnaway
12:50 am
take a moment and not embarrass that important moment for the producer and cast of moonlight *? >> jimmy kimmel came on stage. there were 40 people on the stage. they spent the entire evening trying to beat up on trump and they wound up punching themselves in the face. kennedy: hillary clinton had flashbacks. a little ptsd. coming up. scientists in until taught this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite?
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kennedy: let's dust off our vc rs and find videos to nurse you back to health after a wild weekend. this is the "topical storm topic number one. dogs are superior to cats in countless ways. but sledding dogs are pretty, hard work and are used to wasting time in the tundra. watch this family dog compete with a baby to see who can make the most annoying sound of all
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time. [baby crying] [dog howling] kennedy: that's my fast it part when the dog turns to the baby. topic number 2. it is said if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you feed an alligator lurking nearby. >> the alligator caught me, connor. oh, he got it. oh, my god. kennedy: connor, the circle of life. you will have to watch "lion king" now. nothing comes easy in life.
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if you want something, you have to work for it. if you were really tough you have would have reeled in the alligator, too. you can't give that easy. you need to really want it. >> let's get it. that's a tuna, bro. topic number three. you know what cuter than a seal? seals are so cute. a baby seal cuddling a baby seal doll. this particular seal is in japan. and the pictures of it have gone viral for obvious reasons. i would like to cuddle that
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seals. they are believed to have evolved from a land-based ancestor. let's watch the touching footage of when zoo keep kearse released snuffy back into the wild. >> we are moments away from releasing snuffy, the rescued seal back into the owing. now, you sight, snuffy's triumphant return. well at least the plush doll is okay. there in heaven with st. peter. one of the harsh things about winter for golfers is having to practice inside because nothing can go wrong when you are whack a little ball around your friend's kitchen. all i can say is hey, buddy,
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mind the backswing. watch what they do with the gloves. isn't that fantastic? hope you have homeowners insurance. that pause where he's thinking of someone to blames priceless. here is another man talk of indoor golf fails. topic number 5. hello, cat owners. if you haven't debased yourself enough by owning a barn animal that. > animal -- that poops in a box,
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get yourself a bell. he type they ring a bell, they are human butlers. it's like a sick screwed up version of pavlov's dog. except the dogs are cats. watching cats ring a bell does make me think about that funny keyboard cat video from a few years ago. remember? [♪] peterman. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram and email me at use #topicalstorm. tomorrow judge andrew
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napolitano, harris faulkner and bret baier. stay tuned for "strange stay tuned for "strange inheritance" with jamie colby. (soft music) what's important about beauty is that idea of confidence and how you communicate yourself and who you are in the world. and when you do feel like your skin looks beautiful, there is something that makes you stand a little taller and walk through your day with more confidence, and that influences everything you do. (lori) i am 52 years old. can't even believe that, i am 52 years old, and i am feeling really good about my skin right now. it's--it's just so nice to have that confidence and to walk out of the house feeling that way is everything.


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