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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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a basket of currencies. the nasdaq is just short of an all-time record. [closing bell rings] liz: only by four points here as the dow, nasdaq and s&p spike in the wake of what was widely expected to be a quarter of a point rate hike. that is what they got. here we go. closing bell with david and melissa. great action. david: it is great action if you have got stocks. stocks are soaring getting a big jolt at 2:00 p.m. when the fed announced it would raise key interest rates. when janet yellen said probably only three this year. that is when we went into triple digits. nasdaq closing shy of a brand new record high. hey, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." we have you covered on all the first market movers. first here is what else we have coming up for you at this hour. president trump hitting the road, rolling out a big announcement. rolling back obama-era regulations. we have live reaction from
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michigan. the president on his way to a rally in nashville, making a pitch to theation on t merits of the republican health care plan but can he win over the conservatives ahead of a critical house vote tomorrow? polls are closing right now in the netherlands. dutch voters deciding between a current prime minister and a candidate whose being compared to president trump. the outcome could spark a new movement across europe. we'll bring you the results. among our guests this hour, art laffer, karl rove, minnesota congressman jason lewis and howard kurtz. all-star lineup. david: wow, that is the a-team. let's go straight to lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, investors really liking what janet yellen said. reporter: they did. in fact it was a bit of a relief on the floor that we'll get three rate hikes including today's, not four. that is why you saw the stock market shoot up.
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dollar got crushed. typical seeing markets moving in that direction when you have a growing economy, with a fed still despite a rate hike today, pretty dovish how the move was interpreted. look how sectors performed. infrastructure stocks had a great day today. infrastructure spending part of the president's economic growth policy. look at united states steel, up better than 5%. and homebuilders, we had a report this morning industry survey showing that homebuilder confidence, best in 12 years. no surprise those names caught a bid today. all-time highs today, because of the fed and expectations much economic growth. apple, facebook joining likes of google. back to you. david: lori, thank you veryuch melissa? >> oil ended up 2% at 48.86 a barrel. crude getting a boost from a
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weak dollar and first boost in u.s. supplies in three weeks. david: federal reserve raising rates one quarter after basis point. what popped the market was forecast for two more rate hikes. joining me former economic reagan policy advisor, laugher associates founder and chairman, art laffer. >> thank you, david. lovely to be with you and melissa. david: who would have guessed janet yellen given president donald trump who did a lot of bad talking about janet yellen on the campaign trail a big gift announcing there would only be two more rate hikes this year? >> it is amazing and to think of it, david, he is just coming here to nashville right now. david: that's right. >> so it is sort of the grand entree, band is playing. david: i hope you're on the front row, if not on the dais? >> i'm 76. i go home and have soup and watch tv. [laughter] but in all honesty about time
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rates were raised. it is about time they got out of the market and let markets determine those rates. you will see this economy just go crazy. and it is already going crazy. it is just wonderful. david: here is what donald trump, i don't know if we have the sound bite or if i have to read? we have a sound bite what donald trump said as recently as september 2016. take a listen. believe me we're in a bubble, only thing that looks good, but if you raise interest rates a little bit, that will come crashing down. david: is he going to eat his words? obviously he doesn't want the market to come down now? what do you think? >> there's a fundamental change in what he said and now. he was elected president. he is the biggest, most bullish thing this market has ever seen and can well offset any rate increase that could be imagined by janet yellen. david: isn't it wonderful, art, we're finally getting to the point where the thing that really matters, incentives in the economy as opposed to what
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monetary policy was doin matters more than anything else? exactly. i agree with you totally. i think janet yellen and ben bernanke before her did awful job running the fed. quantitative easing was wrong. they're eliminating that process. that will be wonderful. i think tax cuts trump is proposing deregulation, all of that, i think you're in for a very, very large rise in asset values. and a huge economy go to. sorry, melissa. melissa: speaking of all that, house speaker paul ryan standing firm on the original timeline on tax reform in 2017 and citing art laffer as his reason. >> we all know we have to get tax reform if we want economic growth. if we want to be out of the shrug we're in with the lowest smallest peacetime expansion since world war ii. we must do tax reform. you read books about reagan, art laffer told me the story a million times, when you delay tax reduction, you're delaying
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economic growth and decision making. melissa: everyone knows you're right. will they be able to do it, do you think? >> i don't know, they never have before. i think there is a really good chance this time they will. they didn't do it with harding, coolidge and didn't do it with kennedy. they delayed it. they delayed it with reagan. with trump and paul ryan, they might do it. if they do it in 2017 dan can you imagine the republican landslide in the senate? we would pick up 10, 12 seats in the senate. it's a huge, huge opportunity going forward. prosperity is so wonderful. melissa: they said that they want to get the health care bill done first. i want to get this right, because it would take around trillion dollars from the obamacare tax. do you buy the reasoning? does that make sense to you? >> i think obamacare repeal and replace was a fairly easy thing to do. i think it really will be. melissa: doesn't feel like it now. >> no, it doesn't because everyone is negotiating for
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their special little ad-on, whatever it is. once it is comes time i'm very confident republicans will get rid of the bill, pass the ryan's bill, ryan-trump bill. melissa: you think they move on to tax reform. will that be less of a fight or look like this? >> i think it will be less of a fight. the obamacare stuff has been going on for so long and so contentious and everyone having all sorts of policies, et cetera, i don't know of one congressman or senator who is against cutting corporate tax from 35% to 15%. or 20%. melissa: democrats. >> i don't know one congressman that doesn't want to cut personal income tax rates either. they have a wide open bath to get a quite a bit of conformity and uniformity in the vote. melissa: art laffer -- >> if they do it in 2017, melissa, that will really accelerate the boom. it will do a great job. melissa: amen. you're preaching to the choir. i'm right there. i gotcha. i gotcha. i'm right there. art, thank you. david: by the way if art laffer
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stays home tonight when the president is speaking they should change the venue to art laffer's front yard. melissa: yes. david: nobody owns the issue of tax reduction like art laffer, the guy who invented the laffer curve. moving on the president is hitting the road today. president trump just wrapping up a meeting with auto executives and workers in michigan. fox business's jeff flock is on the scene with the very latest from motor city. high, jeff. reporter: it doesn't got much more of a warm welcome than the president got here in yip sill lant at this michigan. look at the hangar. coming into a crowd of hundreds of auto workers. they were bused in by ford, gm, fiat chrysler. i want to thank him for what he was doing today. this is widely reported in advance, which is to say look at fuel economy standards. they are a little too tough on you guys. the president making no bones
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about how fond he is is of the auto industry provided they create jobs here in the u.s. here is how he put it. >> i'm proud to say i followed through on my promise and immediately with drew the united states from the tpp. i kept my word. the assault on the american auto industry, believe me, is over. reporter: now, how did the auto industry executives react to all this? we had all this talk about jobs in mexico and all that business? he made his point very clear. each of the ought to industry executives say they're on board with him. mary barra, for example, this midterm review of the fuel economy standards which they didn't get, they don't feel from the obama administration, really could be a boon to the industry. mary barra, to us. >> i'm very excited we're able to have that review because i think there is more effective ways we can achieve what is right for the environment without creating such an expensive vehicle that people
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won't be able to buy it. reporter: and she, along with sergio marchionne who we also talked to at fiat chrysler, who said, listen, i can deal with the standards but don't tell me how to do it. that is not competitiveness. here is what he told us. >> i think we're smart enough and technologically astute enough to find the right portfolio of technology choices to make the numbers. i just don't want to be told in order to do that i have to wear a headband and three stripes on the side. that doesn't make me competitive. reporter: marquee own knee will continue to wear the moth eaten sweater. don't tell me what to do. david: i would like to see him with a tie on meeting with the president. that is just me. >> i don't think owns one. you could send him one. david: i think i will. give him a good idea. melissa. melissa: the president headed to
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a rally in nashville, tennessee where he is expected to make a big push for the republican health care plan. his idea of a critical house vote tomorrow, his ideas ahead of that. will he be able to win over conservatives? david: across the atlantic polls are closing right now in the netherlands. dutch voters could elect a populist challenger to the prime minister who is being compared to president donald trump. that may have huge implications not only in holland but all over europe. we'll bring you the results. melissa: and a big reveal gone bust. backlash is growing against the leaking of president trump's taxes and how it was all handled last night on msnbc. we have karl rove and howard kurtz sounding off on that one. >> i believe this is the only set of the president's federal taxes that reporters have ever gotten ahold of. for the record the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not he illegally publishe. nor are we fake.
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melissa: busy day for the trump administration as the president's 2005 tax returns are revealed. blake burman standing by at white house with the latest on that one. wow, blake, give us more. reporter: this tax return from 2005, partial portion of it, couple pages shows few different things. first in that year president trump made a lot of money, $153 million, give or take. secondly that he also paid a lot in federal taxes, some 38 million bucks. third, the overwhelming majority through the amt, alternative minimum tax, about $31 million. the president was questioned how this document was leaked or revealed. he posted this tweet in the early morning hours, does
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anybody really believe that a reporter who nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns? nbc news, fake news. that reporter, david johnston, appeared on msnbc after he says those tax returns were mailed to him. here at the white house though, or, excuse me, over at the dnc, they are suggesting that the folks over here at the white house know exactly where the tax returns came from. here is what they said in statement, quoting from senior advisor, quote, the white house's willingness to release some tax information when it suits them proves donald trump's audit excuse is a sham. they go on to say the only reason not to release his returns is to hide what is in them, such as financial connects with russian oligarchs and the kremlin. melissa, back to you. melissa: make, thank you for that. we have breaking news we want to bring you very quick. the polls officially have closed as the world awaits to see who becomes the next prime minister in the in the they are lands. our own ashley webster is live in the newsroom with the latest, ashley.
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reporter: you have to be an mit grad or perhaps a dutch expert in parliamentary procedure to figure out indeed what the dutch political civil is all about but we do know this. they went to the polls, not to figure out who will be the next prime minister or the president. to figure out who runs the dutch parliament. it is very complicated process but we can tell you the current prime minister, mark ruta, of people as party for freedom, is according to exit polls in the lead with 31 seats out of 150 seats available in the parliament. now the big question is where is gather wilders? owe is running on anti-muslim, anti-eu platform. a populist. the dutch donald trump people are calling him. he is in second place with 19 seats. maybe not as strong as some opinion polls suggested earlier. he is tied with two other parties. he is up four seats from four years ago whereas the current leading party is actually down 10 seats there. is no doubt that gert wilders,
4:18 pm
somewhat of a lightning rod of opinion in europe, with the donald trump and "brexit" vote are certainly changing the way politicians run in europe. he he is not getting the kind of support that could really change things. he is certainly forcing other politicians in holland as we've seen to perhaps take a more less, more righter approach to politics if you like. this sets up the french elections coming up, melissa, in april and may. then we have german and italian elections possibly later on. the whole issue will the eu take another beating. appears based on exit polls, we know how accurate they are, just remember "brexit" and u.s. david: melissa: right. >> according to the exit polls current leader of dutch politics, the prime minister is in the lead. the complicated process begins in holland or the in the they are lands i should say putting together a coalition government. that can take months and months.
4:19 pm
such is politics in the netherlands. melissa: ashley, thank you. david? david: back to the u.s. president trump talking to fox news's tucker carlson with his on-air reaction to the release of his 2005 tax records. >> i have no idea where they got it but it is illegal. and you're not supposed to have it. and it is not supposed to be leaked. and it is certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all but it is an illegal thing. they have been doing it. they have done it before. and i think it is a disgrace. david: so have democrats, just seeing one of their key talking point against president trump turned into a talking point in favor of president trump? karl rove, former senior advisor to president gw bush. fox news contributor. first question off the top. it is kind of a parlor game now, do you think somebody broke the law and released these things or president trump himself? >> oh, i don't think it is president trump. perhaps someone, this appears to
4:20 pm
come from his side of the collection of these documents. that is to say the client side of it. david: right. >> that could be somebody, accountant or somebody. i don't think it was him. i don't think he did this deliberately but it sure made him look good. higher tax rate than presint obama. david: it is extraordinary, on one hand he is victim of somebody who broke the law to try to get them. >> sure. david: on the other hand, turns university he paid more percentage wise of his taxes than barack obama, nbc, even bernie sanders the socialist paid a lot less percentagewise. >> warren buffett paid less. so did mitt romney. somebody did him a disfavor by releasing it, stealing it, taking, something that wasn't theirs. the press can repeat it. they can unveil it. but, rachel maddow unveiled it to, and made him look like a sympathetic figure. she provided boring television and made him a sympathetic figure. those are really two tough things to do.
4:21 pm
david: quickly switching to health care if i can, karl, there is this growing movement among some conservatives to say rather than passing the ryan bill in three phases, you put it all together in one package. hand it to the democrats. if they fail to vote in favor of it and obamacare continues to fail, you pin it all on the democrats. what do you think of that strategy? >> that is a losing strategy. because the republicans have the white house, senate and house of representatives and the republican cost say all along it is democrat's fault but people say you're in charge. you control the levers of power, why didn't you get it done? the idea that the republicans could somehow another or do nothing and let obamacare collapse and then blame it on the democrats, or pass the bill that they passed last year, repealed that obamacare but didn't replace it with anything and blame the democrats and get away with it is a fool's errand. david: karl, finally back to president trump and the wiretapping issue the president
4:22 pm
also spoke to tucker carlson about that. let's play that sound bite and get your take. >> but the wiretap cover as lost different things. i think you will find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. david: karl, when president says something like that he usually knows something. what do you think is going to come up in the next couple weeks to support his position? >> well, first of all nothing can support his original position that barack obama wiretapped his phones in trump tower. that didn't happen. david: remember, wiretapping was in quotation marks to be fair to the president. >> it was in quotation marks in one place and not in quotation marks with others. he made the statement. everybody knew what he was talking about. he didn't have the proof to back it up. now what may turn out to be is that the fbi was using a fisa court order, a national security wiretap in essence to listen to russians calling america and
4:23 pm
talking to americans and that people associated with his campaign, not at the top, not at his direction were talking to the russians. that may be what he is talking about but look, the president made a charge he can't back up. both the republican chairman of the senate and house select intelligence committee and ranking democrat today say they have no evidence that barack obama wiretapped trump tower. david: could have been a third party? could have been the brits doing it on behalf of president obama. but i'm just putting that out there. some people suggested that. >> no. if they did that, if they did that the u.s. intelligence community would be up in arms, foreign intelligence service of an ally was wiretapping americans. david: karl, you've been generous with your time. we're up against a hard break. >> you bet. david: thank you, sir. melissa. melissa: not even 100 days into office already clear that president trump is good for business. plus the house health care bill is facing a crucial test tomorrow. will the bill move forward or face a major roadblock? congressman lewis has to make a big decision on this bill.
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>> this bill ask riddled from top to bottom with problems. >> the time for talk is over. now is the time for action. >> we didn't say we were going to keep part of it. we said we would repeal it all. don't you think now is the time to do that? melissa: wow. so opposition in washington, a crucial vote is happening soon, to move the health care bill forward. the house budget committee is voting tomorrow morning in, if just four gop committee members oppose the bill, they can stall its progress. joining me is congressman jason lewis from minnesota. he is on the house budget committee. how do you feel about tomorrow's vote, sir? >> well i'm excited about it. look this isn't either/or proposition. there is lots of good bills out there. dr. tom price had a bill.
4:28 pm
i looked at rand paul's bill. i looked at american health care act bill. they're all good bills. they undo the affordable care act and move toward a market system. the question can you get 60 votes all at once. there are a whole lot of people say you can't get close to that in all at once vote. the best way to do it, start the process through reconciliation and taxes and fees, and a few of mandates you undo. do follow-up legislation after dr. price at hhs does more legislation that puts pressure on democrats to move. that would only thing between american freedom of choice of health care and obamacare. melissa: congressman lewis, we heard the sell it has to be done ke that. i mean you heard your fello lawmakers there ahead of you making the argument why that is not the case. so are you going to be able to get enough people to come in and vote, have the faith that the rest of it will move forward? >> well i think there will be in the final analysis some amendments to make the bill
4:29 pm
better but if you were to ask me, melissa, should we undo mandates and undo price controls on premiums so people can buy the kind of plan bets fit their circumstances? should you have taxpayerty in the code to just corporations don't get tax breaks but individuals get the tax breaks, and should you per capita block grant medicaid, is that the question, most conservatives oaf the last few decades said of course you should. that is what we'll be voting on. melissa: one of the things you mentioned was getting prices back under control and although this seems to do that, maybe a little bit in the long run it doesn't address some of the major things that people have called for. simple things like being able to buy insurance across state lines. so i know we're supposed to wait for the next phases for that. but this doesn't address that. this is what everyone is voting on. >> well look, you do what you can through reconciliation and get the ball rolling. but you can't get 60 votes later for across state lines. there will be other things that are in reconciliation that will lower premiums.
4:30 pm
we know that the cbo scored it that way. if it you can't get 60 votes a month from now, who believes you can get it right now? i'm a little perplexed by that one. we'll throw the bill and have repeal and replace all in one. all the democrats will come on board and 60 votes is not a problem. boy a month from now when half the thing is undone you can't get 60 votes then, that doesn't add up to me. melissa: speaking of math, what do you think the vote will be tomorrow? what is your bet? >> the bill, it will have motions to instruct, there is a work in process but i think eventually it will survive to the committee and get the to floor. melissa: congressman lewis, appreciate your time. >> you bet. my pleasure. >> stick with fox business tonight for president trump's rally in nashville. lou dobbs brings it to you live 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight. david: art laffer will watch "lou dobbs tonight." melissa: there you go. david: top lawmakers meeting with the hispanic chamber about commerce as the group's annual legislative summit regarding its
4:31 pm
community small business interest. the hispanic small business community is sharing advice how its entrepreneurs an workers can benefit from president trump's policy reforms. adam shapiro is standing by inside of the beltway with the very latest on this. hi, adam. reporter: good afternoon, david. a lot of the discussion is about the trump administration agenda regarding tax reform and of course health care because reforming both they believe will help the interests of small business owners and large corporations. senator ted cruz was actually here. he addressed those issues. he believes the country is poised to be the most productive congress in decades. then he added of course, we could screw it up. then he went into a discussion about health care reform. here's what he said about the bill introduced in the house. >> the house has a current bill that personally i don't think gets the job done. i think we need more work on the house bill. so i'm working very, very hard with my colleagues in both houses and with the
4:32 pm
administration to improve that bill. reporter: and the senator actually has been part of a group of conservatives senators who met with president trump just yesterday. he is kind of a liaison you might say between the administration and congress in reforming the legislation the way the president might think more appropriate. so we tried to ask the senator, what us did the president want? watch what happened. what does he want as far as reform of the american health care act. >> excuse me. reporter: what kind of changes did he ask you to bring to congress. >> we're visiting with the press on this topic so. reporter: what kind of changes does the president want. you're clearly the lee i ason. >> i will let the president speak for himself. reporter: but you have had a lot of discussions. i think in english the comment is, no comment. david: look at you like jesse watters, adam shapiro reporting from washington. thank you very much. melissa: so don't throw out the
4:33 pm
snack you just dropped on the floor. what scientists are now saying about the five second rule. david: i swear by that rule. mean while msnbc host rachel maddow unveiling a portion of the president's tax returns. she was so anxious bit. but it is not the numbers that have everyone talking. howie kurtz will weigh in. >> they will do anything, spin any conspiracy to destroy the commander-in-chief, including working with people, clearly that have broken the law.
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melissa: breaking snooze. msnbc's rachel maddow releasing a portion of president trump's 2005 tax returns. it took the liberal host a 20-minute windup and a commercial break by the way to reveal the news. take a listen. >> we have significant breaking news tonight. donald trump's tax returns have surfaced, at least a portion. is he not as rich as he says he is? is he not as charitable as he says he is? that this president may be financially beholden to an individual, to an institution, to a country? and that is why somebody has decided to leak a portion of his 2005 tax return. and i am sure it is only the start. but it's a start. and our little piece of it. melissa: it revealed absolutely none of the things she just
4:38 pm
said! here is howard kurtz. i can't even get it out, host of media buss, fox news media analyst. i mean that was, it was really special. she went into the whole thing. it showed he made a lot of money. he paid a lot of tax. breaking news. >> ironically the disclosure helped president trump showing that he did indeed pay about 25% tax rate. but with her touting and tweeting before the show and rambling monologue, rachel maddow turned what could have been a straight news story to a partisan spectacle. she fumbled away the scoop, by delaying so long, she gave the white house time to put out statement and with the statement and taking a swipe at a dishonest media. melissa: by the time she got to the break, she was only one who hadn't revealed information. every other news outlet put it out. "like mike" was holding back his tax returns. they came out and made a
4:39 pm
fortune. msnbc looked incredibly foolish which led joe scarborough to say, this one tax return is not bad for him and cherry-picked one tax return over a decade and had it leaked to the press t was so good for trump, so bad for maddow, her own network colleague is tweeting trump was behind it? >> well on that point, one of the things that i disliked about the presentation, in addition to the fact that rachel maddow seemed giddy at times so reveling in this revelation, was the fact that david k. johnston, former "new york times" reporter who says two pages showed up in his mailbox and brought them to the maddow show, maybe went on to speculate, maybe donald trump or one of those people sent it to me. he has no idea who it was that mailed it to him. that kind of speculation, you know i think david johnson, who wrote anti-trump book last year compared the president to p.t.
4:40 pm
barnum would be last guy trump would leak it to if indeed the president was behind it, i have no reason to believe. melissa: except it was good for him. that is the only thing. it showed, that it was always he didn't make any money. and he didn't pay any federal tax this proved that he made a ton of money. he paid a painful amount of tax, in my estimation, just absolutely kills me slim on treadmill and everything else washington wastes it on and dagger to the heart to see that. none of the allegations from hillary clinton. it does kind of seem like there was nothing bad in it for trump, for the president, pardon me, for the president. >> i totally agree with that. well it kind of helped him he had the motivation. i'm very careful about making these wild speculationwiout proof. melissa: of course. >> i don't think people on the right saying probably came from deep within the bowels of the irs should say that either. it said client copy.
4:41 pm
it is outrageous invasion of privacy. that is illegal leak. mad dow didn't participate in illegality because it was dropped in other lap. somehow that she was so excited, the consensus in the media, she bungled it. melissa: i was so embarrassed at home. >> you ate all the popcorn? melissa: i laughed the whole time and then felt bad for her. tune into howard kurtz for "mediabuzz" 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. david: never feel bad for a competitor. never feel bad for a competitor. melissa: feels like she as agitated and in pain. david: republican health care bill is it in critical condition? we're awaiting the president's arrival in nashville where he makes the case to at a rally tonight. the trump effect in europe. how the populist movement is spreading across the globe.
4:42 pm
we have breaking news next from holland's election. >> whatever the outcome of the election today, the genie will not go back into the bottle and this patriotic revolution, whether today or tomorrow will take place anyway.
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melissa: breaking news right now. the dutch vote is in. early exit polls saying incumbent prime minister will continue his reign in the netherlands. ashley webster back with the details. ashley? ashley: as we speak, melissa, there are more than a few smug smiles with these results. it is an exit poll. we haven't gotten results. prime minister mark rutter, came in 31 sights out of parliament with 150. the bilge story, geert wilders coming in with 19 points. anti-islam, all for getting out of the eu he was for so-called
4:46 pm
nexit. that will not be happening. a bad night it apa pierce for mr. wilders. now the job for the deutch is to try to get a parliament together but that is the headline really, that the populist, anti-islam candidate that was ahead in some opinion polls prior to today's election did not get close to winning. now it is not over yet for the european union. we have the french elections in april and runoff for marine le pen, getting a lot of support and germany later on in the year but as it stands right now holland votes for their current prime minister and saying no so the populist candidate geert wilders. melissa. melissa: ashley, thank you. david: joining me is a eu politics reporter at "the wall street journal" she is on the ground in the netherlands. valentine that, i imagine you've seen some of the headlines. some of the headlines they're writing political demise of
4:47 pm
geert wilders but he just sent out a tweet saying you haven't seen the last of me. so even if he's not winning in this election, he claims he is going to still be around for the next. >> yes. for re he ll try but i think this was his big moment that he was trying to capitalize on the election of president trump. he was trying to capitalize on the uk referendum to leave the european union. and it seems that dutch voters did prefer to stick to the same pair of hands as prime minister rutte tries to call himself and his latest push over the past week or so was precisely targeted as, at what he calls stopping the domino of the bad kind of populism that wilders is projecting. david: we should mention for those who don't can know, both
4:48 pm
gentlemen are pro-free market, right? prime minister rutte is not a socialist or liberal. in fact i believe the labour party, more socialist side did very poorly in this election? >> that is true. they got quite hammered. the success of mr. rutte, he is projected to win more seat than any pollster had anticipated, as these exit polls turn out to be correct, i think that his success is precisely because he did embrace some of anti-immigrant rhetoric and tougher stance on the sizable muslim population that lives in the country, one million that live here in the netherlands, and for instance, he had this whole diplomatic ruo earlier in the week with turkey. david: that's right. >> voters liked that -- david: even though mr. wilders
4:49 pm
may have lost this election he succeeded pulling the prime minister more to his side on the issue of immigration? >> yes. not as far as far as banning the koran in the netherlands but still a tough stance for mr. rutte saying act normal or leave. that is his slogan. david: should mention what we're seeing on left side of the screen if you can put that up, is the euro, the euro got a pop as a result of this information. we'll coop you informed but appears mr. wilders lost. >> the people always win. david: thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> president trump preparing to pitch the gop replacement plan just a few short hours from now. what we can expect from nashville next. ♪ dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony.
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melissa: breaking news. president trump is currently in route to nashville and will be landing any moment now. this is ahead of his big rally in an effort to push the house health care bill forward. the bill will be put to a vote by the house budget committee tomorrow morning. here now is erin elmore, a former trump campaign surrogate and leslie marshall, a radio talk show host and fox news contributor. erin, what do you think will happen tomorrow? >> well, first of all tonight, in nashville, the most important thing that i've been hearing from inside of the administration health care will be topic de jure and also i think a really big issue they will be focusing also is school choice. nashville is sort of ground zero of this topic. the last three school board elections focused on school choice. there is bill in the legislature talking about vouchers. this is pet project of betsy devos as well.
4:54 pm
this will be a trump-like rally environment. melissa: that is interesting. leslie we're watching the president. his plane landing there and taxiing in right now. erin makes an important point, even though we're talking about a headlight care bill that comes up tomorrow, earlier today he was in the detroit talking with the auto industry and getting people back to work and lowering c.a.f.e. standards so cars are cheaper he in thu.s. now he is going to insert the idea of school choice as well. he is talking about other topics staying on health care. what do you think about that, good strategy. >> no. everybody in the united states is really focused on three things i would say today. one is health care, two is russia and three are tax returns. and that doesn't mat are if you have an r or d next to your name. nashville is no exception. the reason he is talking about headlight care it is problematic. there aren't just republicans who are unhappy. there are people who actually voted for and supported the president who are now becoming
4:55 pm
happy with their obamacare and health plan. or those that want it replaced very concerned what they see the replacement being especially more vulnerable part of the poorer population or elderly, presenior to senior population. melissa: erin isn't that interesting, with respect shows the difference between the right and the left because i'm not sure that the half of the country that voted for donald trump, that number two on their list today is russia. i mean i think about paying their mortgage and thinking about their jobs and think about interest rates and they're thinking about stuff that is really relevant to their family. >> i couldn't agree with you more. moreover we just found out with the two pages of tax returns released our president paid about a 25% tax rate. so i think that is pretty admirable. to say anyone is happy with obamacare is just not accurate. those premiums for an average american are $6,000 a year. for a family, almost 13,000.
4:56 pm
if you tell me that is working i can't get behind that whatsoever. that is just an astronomical amount for any individual or family. so really i don't think people today are worried about russia or tax returns. i think they're living as day-to-day american, making ends meet for family. melissa: leslie, the vote, tomorrow does it vote, does it pass or not pass? >> it is not pass. senior making $26,000 is not yet retired is paying less than 2,000 with obamacare. out-of-pocket with the new plan it would be closer to 15,000. nobody will live with that. melissa: guys, thanks to both of you appreciate it. david: coming up. go ahead and eat it. the scientific breakthrough that is validating the five-second rule. [laughter]. ♪ eat it, eat it open up your mouth and feed it ♪ and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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. >> finally, we can rest easy. germ expert anthony hilton proving the five-second rule
5:00 pm
for dropped food is real! >> the university professor says while retrieving little morsels on the floor can never be completely without risk, the sideshow that food is unlikely to pick up harmful bacteria after spending a few seconds on indoor floor. >> indoor floor, that's important, here's "risk & reward." >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax return. for the record the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published, nor are we fake. pinch me, i'm real. liz: president trump firing back at msnbc and rachel maddow after it ramped up the hype it had his tax returns when it only had two pages of a return more than a decade old. president trump calling the network fake news. rachel maddow's dud of a story may be good news for the president. we have that coming up. plus the president in nashville, tennessee preparing for a big speech at a rally.


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