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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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turn into a tsunami in the great state of california. nick: it's what we are usually accustomed to. lou: we have to break, i'm sorry. thank you both. good night from new york. kennedy: breaking news. death and bloodshed in the shadow of on does parliament as innocent people in a major city are once again the victims of a terror attack. we are told a suspect ran over multiple people on westminster bridge and drove into parliament square. crashed into a barrier, got out and attacked a police officer with taken 8-inch knife and another officer shot the suspect. how will the intelligence community react? we have various security measures here at home.
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we have buck sex o sexton. obviously we know when you have a car, when you have a knife, you automatically think if? >> you assume it's terrorism. people are reporting on it as being a knife or a car attack. when you are talking about massey villain casualties which are the intent, we'll find out the full number of dead as this goes on. a lot of times the reports are coming in because people are going to the hospital and it's not clear what's happening. but it's terrorism. i think this time around the prs has be qck tore get to the very obvious conclusion. they lost a bit of credibility in previous incidents where they
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would say it's people who fell asleeve at the wheel. i think we reached a tipping point where this pretext that we can't come to an obvious conclusion about things -- this is right out of the isis playbook. this is what they have been specifically told to do online and it comes out? jihadist propaganda. low-tech attack. very hard to stop. you have to stop the terrorist. not the tool, not weapon. there is no way to get around this. foolish people would say ban cars or ban knife. but tough need to ban terrorists. kennedy: let's talk about our greatest ally, great britain. what does the u.s. do now in joining this terror investigation? and what does that put into play in various military and law enforcement allegations?
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>> there is the hide crow and the macro. there is the way they will foul on this specific incident. i was involved in the nypd investigation in the aftermath of the time severe square attack. you have to find the perpetrator. in that case he came close to getting away. then you look for elements of the cell who were part of the attack or a cluster, those who may have known or facilitated or been a spiritual sanctioner. here they will be looking for all of those aspects. they will try track down people who may have helped, or may have known. then the terrorism policy more broadly. kennedy: secretary of state rex tillerson s been meeting with the 68 members of the global coalition to counter isis. do they consider this to be an isis attack?
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does it change the strategy at all these various members of the council employ and the way they will use government resources and evolving philosophies? >> part of the follow-up investigation will to be figure out whether this was a sloan wonderful attack inspired by isis. in fact in the months after a lot of the attacks in europe, they foinltds wasn't just propaganda pushing people from inside islamic state territory that was bringing people in europe to conduct these attacks. there was an additional factor this was direction going on. they weren't saying go and attack in the west. they were saying here is how you should get the car. here is how you can get the weapon. there was operational control. imagine the control center is the islamic state and they are
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telling people in europe, this is how you should go about the attack. but more specifically in giving them additional information. kennedy: that's something i want to talk about. it's effective messaging fore haddists. you know, they are getting targeted emails, and message on social media. so why are we so bad at counter messaging when you have a group of people who are obviously so suggestable. >> there are hundreds of thousands of twitter accounts that were band because they were pro minnesotaing jihadist philosophy. banning prop began days terrible idea. there are people who suggest if you have "inspire" magazine, it
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should be illegal. you just hope that you maybe edge the numbers up. you stop and disrupt more these attacks. but there is no silver bullet, and there isn't much in the way of after satisfying answer other than there are crazy people that will radicalize in the name of jihadism. kennedy: now, let us move on to healthcare. with terror back on the front burner, the president might be sidetracked from convincing sceptical republicans to vote for paul ryan healthcare plan. republicans have continued opposition to what they call obamacare light. the desperate speaker swears
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this is a free market savior west many warmed over socialist healthcare with cool-sounding gimmicks. think the individual mandate is gone? instead of paying the government a penalty. the government forces you to pay for continuous coverage. now you will pay the penalty to your insurance company which is just another cronyist way for them to get a hand out. medicaid is expanding. and the subsidies are being replaced by tax credits. there is no malarkey moirn consulting than this bill. for many, remaining in congress is more important than holding
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actual ideals than protecting society from healthcare overreach. the diet version of obamacare continues to starve us of liberty. the republican leadership is putting a good public face. behind closed dierts's a different situation. according to reports today, at least 25 republicans will vote no. that's more than the 22 needed to sink the thing tomorrow. what is going on? let me ask tom mcclintock. he supports the gop plan. let's talk about this. i know you have some objections to the bill. >> oh, yeah. cern what are your biggest objections? >> i wish we had done one comprehensive measure to repeal
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obamacare in its entirety and replates with market reforms we talked about for 8 years. now we have this convoluted three-part process in front of us. the first part is reconciliation which cannot repeal or replace the entire thing. then they are relying on administrative actions by the hs secretary which is good if the courts allow him to do those things. then they are relying on follow-up legislation. the question comes down to if all we can get reconciliation bill, is that going to be an improvement over our current system and will it move us in the right direction? i think the answer is yes. but i think in balance it will improve the systemnd move us in the right dection and
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create momentum for the other tree forms that are necessary. kennedy: to have a healthy market you can't put a band-aid on a hemorrhage. we are not getting that so it seems anything short of that, and this is where i tend to agre freedom caucus, is this thing like you said at the top of the show. this thing needful repeal. i worry that we are never going to get to phase three. >> your concern is correct. but your prep is is this system is designed to create perfect legislation. it is not. only i can do that, and i have never been able to find anybody to agree with me on it. so it's a question of what is the most acceptable measure that can pass and improve the system. and that's what we are facing.
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benjamin franklin maded same point in the constitutional convention. he said you pull together a group of people to get their collective wisdom, you will also get their collective folly. this is pretty good and we better grab it while we can. kennedy: take the counsel of the wise and the many. i fear the wise have been left out of the process. the president campaigned on full repeal and replace. is that also how you campaigned in 2016? >> yes, and tax credit were a part of that. a system that would support folks so they would have a basic plan within their financial reach. so you are correct in a sense it's a subsidy. but if our other policies take hold, incomes rise, healthcare coxs decline, the importance of those tax credit will be seen. kennedy: what do you say to members ofhe freedom caucus
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who have been given permission to vote as they wish to vote their conscience. what have you said to members of the freedom caucus and others who have privately and publicly declared they will vote against the ahca? >> i would urge them just has been gentleman min franklin urged the constitutional convention to doubt a little of their own infallibility. kennedy: what happens if this thing doesn't get the required votes tomorrow? who is the scapegoat? who take the fall in the president or the speaker? >> i think the ultimate effect will be a major setback to the trump administration's other policy objectives. it has ramifications far beyond just healthcare reform. kennedy: it has been the going wisdom that the majority party cannot tackle tax reform and healthcare at the same time.
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so if this bill dies, a what happens next. >> the president made the point the other day, we campaigned on this for 8 years. we have been given all the means of achieving this. if we can't do that, why would people want re-elect us. that's a hard question to answer right now. kennedy: is that the biggest worry for members of your party that they won't be re-elected in 2018? is it only about self-preservation. >> of course not. my point is we made this promise, it's our responsibility to keep that promise. and imperfectly as we may be doing, that's the nature of our system of governance. churchill said democracy is the occasional necessity of deferring to the opinions of others. kennedy: i know you come from a state i lived in more decade and you should have been governor after the recall.
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i want to go othe record and say th. at least you are not hosting "celebrity apprentice." you haven't completely sold out. keep the good fight, congressman. kennedy: coming up, the party panel joins me on tomorrow's healthcare vote and what its success or failure could mean for us. james comey didn't make more friend after his testimony on capitol hill. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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and an exclusive encore performance by kelsea ballerini following the show on xfinity x1. the acm awards. live on sunday, april 2nd 8/7 central on cbs. kennedy: president trump has reportedly warned republicans against voting no on his healthcare plan. there is a reason most lawmakers view healthcare as one of the most toxic issues opening the planet -- on the planet. kennedy: dagen, i will start with you. this has exposed a rift in the republican party. so i just spoke with california
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congressman tom mcclintock and obviously he's a conservative. he has got some issues with the bill in it present form. but he's going to vote yes. what should republicans do if they have serious philosophical issues with it. dagen: chuck the philosophy into the garbage can. as a party if you can't come together on this you are standing with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. republicans want -- the republicans who are digging in their heels over ideology, they want to go back to what the country was like in terms of health insurance before president obama was elected. and you can't do that if you ever want anybody in the republican party elected again. we have socialism now in terms of healthcare and it's called
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immediate care, and the va. so shame on these republicans who don't want to touch medicare. it will reduce the side of medicaid by 25% in less than 10 years. that's rolling back entitlements. kennedy: they are really not touching medicare and social security. and there is some deexpansion of medicaid. tom: trump ran on that. he said i'm not touching any of that stuff. tell me why we can't repeal. repeal and do something. get rid of it. kennedy: that's a better idea than what they have going now. that bill is a tear-down.
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the law is a tear-down. it has such catastrophic consequences for the economy and medicine and insurance. those are all three different things that are inextricably linked. and that legislation -- get rid of it, i agree completely. >> republicans are not willing to own people losing their health insurance. if you repealed obamacare just started from scratch, that would happen. and there would be people who had cancer who wound up dying and they would wind up in democratic ads during the mid-term elections. >> the president just said if conservatives don't unite republicans could stand stand to lose their jobs in 2018. i take issue with that. that does not change what's inside this bill. if you look at polls that show
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only 30% of people are pleased with this plan, you have to wonder why they can't go back to the drawing board. and of course it will change once it gets there. but i'm all for doing things right the first time. kennedy: people have a ptsd from the first go-around with obamacare. that's what the democrats did. it feels like the republicans are getting desperate and they are fod noddifying a few elements. but it does have mandates subsidies. >> i totally agree. you pay a 30% penalty to the insurance company if you let your insurance lapse. i think they should cap the tax benefit that companies get for providing employees health insurance. if they want to dig in they can go after. and they are weak need on that.
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kennedy: the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch continued his testimony in the senate today. john stossel has a few questions to pose. he joins me next.
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kennedy: neil gorsuch bark on the hilda after yesterday's marathon testimony.
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chuck schumer leading the charge, and this morning tweeted gorsuch's testimony yesterday was full of mehta for and home-spun stories but pitifully short on substance. >> i mean no disrespect to any other person in saying they don't speak for me, and i don't speak for them. i have great admiration for justice scalia as we talked about. i have admiration for every member of this committee, and for the president of the united states and the vice president of the united states. but respectfully none of you speak for me. i speak for me. kennedy: the jirnlings unflappable if nothing else. what questions should libertarians be asking him instead of the usual political
8:28 pm
grandstanding? joining me is john stossel. he's the lion of liberty. i don't think the problem rests necessarily with judge gorsuch's judicial philosophy. i think it's the people on the senate jew dish airy committee aren't asking the white questions? john: i think they are pompous and self-important and seldom ask good questions. kennedy: there is a certain if he set you have to ask of somebody to the highest court. john: in california where the supreme court ruled in 2005 they couldn't prosecute marijuana growers. but the wheat weed was grown and consumed in california. why is that right? kennedy: what are the limits of federal tour when you have a
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number of states who are choosing to legalize their juana and potentially sell yitzhak state lines? john: where is the line between government power and privacy. gorsuch wrote a book on assisted suicide and south nays yeah. he said tall human beings are intrinsically valuable. don't i own my body and my life? why dose say a private person? does that mean he thinks government can take your life? kennedy: i think that's the distinction. i think probably finds some merit in the death penalty. but you could apply that's exact phrase to abortion. but what i'm most concerned about on this court is privacy and the first amendment. and i'm wondering, have we gleaned anything from his testimony that lets us know where he falls and either side
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of that in. john: there are so many privacy issues. writes the line between freedom of association and discripple nation the civil rights act? two of the clauses apply to private discrimination. banning government discrimination i understand. but just today p. diddy was used saying he discriminates against white workers. can't he discriminate in private life. can the barrack say don't want to bake a cake more your wedding it's a private business. gary johnson's position appalled me on that. we ought to have a near of privacy of where government doesn't get to push us around. kennedy: my biggest problem is the people on capitol hill were not competent enough to
8:31 pm
understand where the limits of the government extend and where they end with judge gorsuch. john require am not in their into the advance freedom, they are government people. kennedy: maybe that's the agreed upon back and forth. i won't ask you anything of subject starns and you pretend you can't answer anything and people will think you are a great guy. coming up. every one loves to rip on entitled millennials. but are they the real me generation? one writer says baby boomers are the ones screwing things up.
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kennedy: if the last few months have left you with a bad opinion of director james comey, you are not alone. his f.b.i. investigations are look into the trump administration's alleged ties with russia. a hard very poll shows the survey was conducted before comey testified monday.
8:36 pm
but he has six years left on his 10-year term. will he last until the end? it's bad news for comey. 41% of democrats hold an unfavorable view of him because of the hillary investigation. independents 36%. only 17% have a favorable view, and the republicans are pretty split. the math doesn't add up. that's not even 60%. what is everyone else doing? tom: andy levy became the one millionth pundit to say don't play that. dagen: i would like to say
8:37 pm
american legend of rock 'n roll -- kennedy: let's talk about james comey. he's having a heck of a time, director comey. he can't win with republicans, democrats, independents. did he do himself more of a device service monday in his testimony? dagen: this put you in the worst situation where nobody trusts you, then you can do of what the hell you like as director of the f.b.i. and he's not going anywhere. i think president trump likes having him as a punching bag. he could have gone the rid of him. kennedy: he could have called for his resignation. dagen: i think he kept him there so he could use him --
8:38 pm
kennedy: everybody hates i am. what does comey do at this point? >> also interest being this poll is a majority of people don't even know who he is. it's bad news bears when a lot of people who don't know who you are and the people who do don't like you. i don't know, i have got to say, this hillary clinton email scandal and the way he hand it is certainly his legacy and it will follow him the rest of his life. kennedy: he is talking about an investigation that's been open since july. he came out and made the case on july 5 against hillary clinton and on the 20th of october he said we are reopening that sucker. and was mum on the republican investigation. tom: people were chanting "lock her up." you hear them enough -- >> being an f.b.i. director is sort of a non-controversial position.
8:39 pm
people shouldn't have an opinion on you at all. so when so many people dislike you you know -- he has the overconfidence of a man with good hair. look at gorsuch, overconfident. kennedy: if you think the government doesn't work and the economy is destroyed. blame a baby boomer. according to a new book baby boomers are eeg fiscal sociopaths. they came at age of a time of effortless prosperity and they believe life is always going to work itself out. gen-xers are the great jest generation of all times. do you think if baby boomers are
8:40 pm
generationally sociopaths? >> no regrets. that's the rallying cry. i left my family, i wasn't a good dad. no regrets. i failed my business. they write a book. no regrets. but you don't hear the gen-xers say no regrets. we are full of regret. >> the baby boom generation was called the me generation. it gave rise to everything i hate. yoga and yogurt. kennedy: when i think of baby boomers i think of the clintons. everything tom was describing and probably dagen, too. we lost so many of those great
8:41 pm
yoga routines with hillary. >> the idea of blaming another generation, it falls on the younger folks today. but i do think -- i agree with his logic when you think of how parents forces their kids to go to college even when the family doesn't have the money for it causing catastrophic financial situations down the road. kennedy: thank you guys so much. thank you, chuck berry. coming up. your boss is looking to fill jobs. how do you weed out the wimps, whiners and weaklings. dear predictable,
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kennedy: one of the biggest questions, how are they going to fare when they enter the workforce? >> you young activists, you 8th place trophy holders. you realize this is earned by this.
8:46 pm
that you will never be able to actually survive in the working world. kennedy: that's the ceo of the silent partner marketing. he has gone viral for his video bashing of millennial snowflakes. he designed a snowflake test. here to talk about what's in the snowflake test and the process of weeding out the snowflakes needing a safe space. this is the best piece of marketing you ever could have done. it's more port while for you to talk about having a test than actually applying the test. >> never could have anticipated this. kennedy: you are asking millennials who want to work for you, a lot of them do because you pay a decent wage. you ask them, how do you feel
8:47 pm
about police. >> we are in the middle of a campaign to donate to first responders. so i need people to support that. kennedy: what's your fast it adult beverage. >> there is not a wrong answer to most of these. i care more about people's ability to take a stance and stand by and defend it and just fight and their ability to spell there, their and they:re properly. kennedy: i'm doing a teaming, training try on the land in a week and a half. >> i'm not ready for that. so you also.
8:48 pm
this is interesting. i get better getting pushback online because people think you are a hobo conservative. and you are trolling in the great train car of freedom. but you do insist people believe in the constitution. >> absolutely. kennedy: and they value the first amendment and the second amendment. do you find that hard? >> a lot of our staff carry, a lot of my clients carry. so i want people who feel comfortable. we are in connecticut. kennedy: connecticut is a conceal carry space. >> i can't have people running off for a safe space when we have to film with guns. we were overrun with applications when we launched that video. we were going through the interview process. and we had so many people who
8:49 pm
didn't even know what we did for work. people as soon as they saw the word test freaked out and dropped out of the process. kennedy: i know a lot of people contacted you. because this is one of t great could nudrums. they want out of the box thinking but they don't want the flip side of that and the flit political correctness. what do you say other employers. >> we want to figure out how to target reply menials but we don't get them, we are not that mindset. i was offered a decent amount of money for the test and we decided to release it to the public today. anybody can have it and use it and hopefully it releases the likelihood of the lawsuits. the ultimate outcome is we find high-quality employees that fit the culture and mind 70s my clients.
8:50 pm
kennedy: what is the greatest generation? >> the frank sinatra, dean martin generation because the music doesn't get any better than that. the attitude, work ethic. 100%. kennedy: man, you put out a snowflake test. your valuation tripled, i think. >> i will take it. kennedy: when gravity and booze duke it out, "topical storm" -- oh boy, it's next. every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight.
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kennedy: we reached that time of the evening when farmers from the internet field come in and dream their oddities. this is the tropical storm. grab a hoe. any gambler will tell you the best way to make money is to skip the favorite. betting the dog is the only option athe anal corgi races. 72 of these short-legged the beauties compete over the course of 7 races to crown one champion. the winner takes on a lifetime of fame and dog treats.
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the loser gets adopted by michael vick. the next corgi races will be july 29 and i plan on being there. hopefully i can make back that $500 i lost on the kitten bowl. i tried to give them all a bath. topic number two. leonard leonardo dicaprio may have founded blood diamond but a british woman found the egg diamond. sally thompson says she bit into a hard boiled egg and a diamond fell out it land on her plate. this left her in a con nu in a .
8:56 pm
the grocery store where she bout it claims they have no idea how it got there, by a theory. i think the male chicken gave it to the female chicken. and look at that confidence. there he is. strutting that stuff afterwards. what a casanova. he's going to poop this thing out. no, that's bad. she put it in an egg. topic number 3. march is upon us so it's spring break season. time for college students to take time out from their protests and safe spaces and head someplace tropical and learn how to walk. oh, no, he's clearly a freshman
8:57 pm
because a senior knows how to drink and walk at the same time. never mind by the time you get to your senior year you have too much student debt and can't afford a trip to mexico. i love this man boobies. >> to act drunk and side is no way to go through life, son. kennedy: topic number 4. passengers on a flight to alaska reportedly found a 5-foot snake on their plane. this just like that famous movie starring samuel l. jackson. makes your heart scary, aren't they?
8:58 pm
poor samuel. hashtag r.m.f., so sad. a spokesperson foreraven airlines said a passenger from a previous flight left behind the animal. normally it's an ipad or wallet. then it was discovered underneath his seat. kennedy: what does this wallet say again? topic number 5. police revealed the exact details of how tom brady's super bowl jersey was stole in the afte of super bowl li. it turns out after tom brady finished the greatest comeback in super bowl history. he called the devil and thanked
8:59 pm
him for buying his soul. he then hand the employee to a team employee to start it in the locker room, only to have it taken by this man seen taking it out a few days later. he's said to be a member of the mexican tabloid. now he's wearing the same jersey as patriots tight end aaron hernandez. it's a joyous night in the brady house. they are so happy they will pig out and split a half of a sweet potato. thank you so as much for watching the show. you can follow knee on twitter and instagram. use hashtag tropical storm. email tomorrow on the show, bret baier, pete hegseth, and
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comedian jim norton. it will be glorious. have a beautiful night. good night. >> a man who can have anything... >> he'd lay awake nights trying to think of a way to make a dollar. >> ...throws nothing away. >> you must have said to grandpa, "this can go, can't it?" >> yes. and we told him that a million times. >> one strange inheritance. >> wow, and it's packed! >> one heavy burden. >> how much do you have? >> oh, about 3 million pounds. >> one heck of a yard sale. >> this has got to be the largest i've ever seen in my life. i said, "if you can organize it, we can inventory it, and we can sell it." >> [ auctioneer calling ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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