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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we did it month after month but not in a few weeks. ashley: interesting to see what paul ryan says a few seconds from here. dow seven days in a row is down. [closing bell rings] cheering for the end of the trading week. coming up to closing bell. david asman, transfrance. what a day. david: what an understatement. melissa: wall street isn't loving uncertainty on capitol hill. the dow ending the day and the week in the red, posting the longest losing streak in four months. i'm melissa francis. david: it was fun hearing them cheer on wall street. anything but cheering on wall street. there is a lot of unhappy faces. this is the the closing bell. first here what else we have for you at this hour. "the art of the deal" not playing out as planned in our nation's capitol. the battle lines have been drawn and redrawn so many times today
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hard to keep count in the republicans bill to repeal and replace obamacare which has been pulled, at least for the moment. we'll figure out what is going on because house speaker paul ryan is just about to speak at a conference any moment now. of course we will take you live there as soon as it happens. melissa: back to the markets, the dow selling off into the close. concerns that the republicans, plan. let's go, all right. go to peter barnes in d.c. adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. no, wait, sorry, we're going to start with adam. what is the feeling like on the floor today. >> there is a bit of recovery. the look the dow will close down 5points. at one point we were off triple digits. not as bad as it might seem. the vix by the way hit a point, highest level since january 3rd. it is up 20% just this week. after the news the bill was pulled, look what happened to some of the health care providers?
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tenet healthcare corporation was almost 8% on news. hca up 3%. universal health was up almost 3%. daveed he today, up almost 1%. humana, anthem, all down. back to you. melissa: adam, thank you. david: republicans fighting for last minute votes but it wasn't enough in the end. peter barnes standing by with the latest. in the end, peter, we're far from the end. i wonder where it goes now? reporter: that's right, david. some republicans said that yesterday's deadline for a vote was artificial because it was a seven-year anniversary of the implementation of obamacare. that there was still plenty of time to try to work out a deal. that is what the freedom caucus was favoring. and you could get right to the heart of the problem between the freedom caucus and moderates in so-called tuesday group with changes in the legislation as well.
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"the new york times" had 33 no votes publicly declared when the republican leadership and administration, the president could only lose about 20. it had another 45 as undecided and nine who were concerned about the bill and leaning no. so rather than have this thing go down in he defeat and prove to be even more potentially embarrassing for the president and speaker ryan they pulled the bill. the president called "the washington post" within the last hour, he said, quote, we just pulled it and quote, i don't blame paul. david, melissa. david: interesting, we'll see if that holds out. we'll see what happens to paul ryan who we are about to hear from. paul ryan. steve forbes, veronica daguerre, of "the wall street journal," gary kaltbaum capital management and fox news contributor.
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steve, why didn't they do taxes first? imagine what they would have avoided? >> david, that is a huge question. also shows the republican leadership in congress, in the house in particular is too obedient to the congressional budget office and this crazy way they have of scoring. they thought if they did health care first they would have more points so to speak to do tax cuts instead of doing tax cuts, saying the heck with the cbo, the congressional budget, do what is right for the economy. david: you have read all the rules, they claim, the establishment republicans claim they could not go to tax cuts first. do they have a leg to stand on there? >> they can find a lot of fall der raul to say yes they do but bottom line, david, they appoint the parliamentarians, they write the rules, interpret rules, if they want to go seriously with tax cuts they should have done it. too caught up on scoring thing, instead of move ahead we'll leave numbers later for the wonks.
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david: gary, looking at the market right now. very interesting market reaction, when all this was going on the market started to freak out, it was down over 100 points. but as soon as republicans announced they were pulling the plan the market went up. it ended down 59, 60 point, that is not a good day admittedly but it looked much worse. maybe the market really believes it can be done? now they can move on to tax cuts? >> i am in hopes they jump all over the taxes and regulatory mishmash we've had for years. if they start slipping on that, then there will be big trouble. there is a word in the markets, big intangible called confidence. the markets put a lot of confidence in trump and things getting done. this is an unforced error. it is amazing when this happened when they had so much time to prepare for this. i hope they hit the ground running on taxes, if they do not, markets with a big move up based on what was to come, we'll
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start heading back towards november lows very quickly if they don't. david: veronica, it does look as though the markets at the end of the day believe this is possible you cut bait on health care, move directly on to taxes. corporate and individual tax cuts retroactive to january 1, 2017 is it possible? >> they believe it is possible indeed. there was volatility at the end of the session, that reflects uncertainty out there. but as you say, taxes and regulatory reform is really helping drive this market largely. obamacare was part of it. taxes and regulatory reform is the focus. we need to see that but need to see what happens with that. what remains, despite what happened with health care, we still have a pro-growth president. pro-business president. david: good point. >> overall economy in the united states that consumers are feeling good. david: regs are being cut. today we had the xl pipeline
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signed. it is not sealed and delivered but we're almost there. so there is progress on the business front. melissa? melissa: steve, i heard chris wallace say earlier today, failure begets failure in politics and win begets more wins. how does president trump come out of this, spin it in a way he keeps on moving and doesn't lose momentum? >> two key things. one to make it clear tax cuts will happen and happen soon. then there will be made retroactive to january 1st. none of this boarder 20% sales tax. it will be a pure tax cut. no more complications like they did in health care. in health care i still think they can put something together. i don't think too many republicans can go out and i say i helped preserve planned parenthood, i helped preserve obamacare voting down a bill, not perfect but would have at least started the process. melissa: gary, what do you think about that? i think for every republican involved this is bad.
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there is no way to go out and spin, i didn't vote for it because it's a bad bill. no constituency will like that. you had all the time to get it right. you had all the momentum. you were elected to to do something about it. what do you think? >> i think best thing republicans can say health care is a complex blob and very tough to unwind. once you start giving things out, usually it is never changed. what they have to do put your heads down. i have been saying a long time, taxes and regulatory moves economy. health care, much, much less so. if they get going on tax, people understand what they hear 35% corporate tax, oh, now it is 20. we have all the tax rates? we'll go down to three. we'll give middle class tax relief. peel understand dollars and cents. it makes them act better. david: they're not just talking
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about cutting taxes some republicans talking about adding taxes, particular a border tax that can get them bogged down from the tax issue. >> that is what i hoped they learn from the health care debacle. drop the border tax, 20% sales tax on imports, raise price of a typical car $2500. 30 cents at pump. go to target, get hit hard. it hits the trump constituency, pure across the board big tax cut. don't worry about scoring. worry about getting economy moving. if this economy is not moving people don't feel it is moving, watch out for next year they will lose the house of representatives. melissa: veronica, we're getting warning we're a little over a minute away seeing speaker ryan come out. what do you think he is going to say?
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>> the party they're all called republicans doesn't mean they have all the same opinion. so he is going to really explain how he is going to bring folks together and time frame. when it is going to happen, and what it is going to look like. melissa: what do you think the time frame is, gary? do they pick it right up, or they say we can't risk another loss on this? let's table it for a second and move on to taxes straight away? >> time frame should be yesterday at this point in time. what you saw was political nightmare going forward as far as momentum is concerned if they don't get going from the next second on. they must. why? because you have the democrats on the other side, i can problem mess you they are sharks looking at a boat where people are throwing blood into the water and they're ready to attack what happened. they need to go ahead and start ramming away at tax cuts, things people do understand. the average middle class person understands.
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the corporations and small businesses understand. that is lower tax, rest regulation. you saw it with keystone. if you do something with dodd-frank quickly, that will help too. david: by the way, steve, all of this stuff affects certain stocks and certain sections of stock. infrastructure down very big. people thinking that the president can't work something out on health care he will not be able to work out stuff involving the infrastructure. there is a talk about his momentum being stuck here. is there anything to that? >> there is, david, they have to move on taxes or move quickly or find a way to resurrect this health care. david: how can he move on taxes if he, what benefit would taxes that wasn't with regard to health care? >> you don't have the complications. you don't have throwing 30 or 40 million people on the street. that is what democrats said. something as complicated as health care, very hard to undo. something growing for 50 years.
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tax cuts, we did it before. look what ronald reagan did. david: that took year-and-a-half. >> no, it didn't. it came in january of eight at this one. they proposed tax bill. got it through in august. david: but didn't kick in for year-and-a-half and economy went south as a result of that? >> that was federal reserve. key thing reagan's tax cuts were phased in. that was the proposal to phase it in oaf three years. the republican don't have to do this time. that's what they got to do now. i think what maybe make them move on taxes and do a pure tax cut what samuel johnson, the man who invented english once said. the prospect of a hanging focuses mind wonderfully. the republicans face a political hanging and move or they were on the political gallows. melissa: what sure reaction. that is smart. >> makes sense when you think there are some big elections in 2008. we're practically in april now. time is ticking.
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melissa: here comes the man of the hour, speaker ryan taking to podium for. >> moving from an opposition party to a governing party with growing pains. well we're feeling those growing pains today. we came really close today but we came up short. i spoke to the president just a little while ago. i told him the best thing i think to do is pull this bill and he agreed with that decision. i will not sugar coat this. this is disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. all of us, all of us, myself included we will need time to he reflect how we got to this moment, what woe could have done to do it better. but ultimately this comes down to a choice. are all of us willing to give a little to get something done? are we willing to say yes to the good, to the very good even if it is not perfect? because if we're willing to do that, we still have such an incredible opportunity in front of us.
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there remains so much that we can do to help improve people's lives and we will. because that, i got to tell you that's why i'm here. i know why every member of this conference is here to make this a better country. we want american families to feel more confident their lot in life. we want the next generation to know, yes, the best days of this country are still ahead of us. i'm really proud of the bill we produced. it would make a dramatic improvement in our health care system and provide relief by people hurting under obamacare. what is probably most troubling is the worst is yet to come with obamacare. i'm also proud of the long, inclusive member-driven process we had. any member who wanted to engage constructively, to offer ideas to improve this bill they could. i want to thank so many members who helped make this bill better. a lot of our members put a lot of hard work into this. i want to thank the president, the vice president, tom price, mick mulvaney and the entire
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white house team. the president gave his all in this effort. he did everything he possibly could to help people see the opportunity we have with this bill. he has really been fantastic. still, we got to do better and we will. i absolutely he believe we will. this is a set back, no two-ways about it. this is not the end of the story. every member r per in the conference is committed to step up on our game and deliver our promises. reporter: mr. speaker, two questions on health care. talk about real people. you have a -- you guys don't like, the white house doesn't like but it will be the law for the foreseeable future. do you plan to help it along or prop it up or -- >> that is a problem, the question we've kind of prop it along and try to prop it up? it is so fundamentally flawed i don't know that is possible. what we're really worried about,
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you heard me say this all along, the coming premium increases coming with a death spiraling health care system. that is my big concern. we just didn't quite get consensus today. what we have is a member-driven process to get consensus. we came very close but we did not get the consensus. that is why i thought the wise thing to do was not proceed with the vote but to pull the bill and see what we can do but i don't think the law as it is fashioned or anything close to it is really going to be able to survive. reporter: will you work on legislation to fill the gaps? >> we'll see. we'll figure out what the next step is. reporter: mr. speaker, is it conservatives of freedom caucus effectively drove out your predecessor john boehner, are they responsible for the defeat here today. >> i don't want to cast blame. there is a block of no votes we had that is why this didn't pass. they were sufficient number of votes that prevented it from passing. they didn't change their votes. we were close. some of the members of that caucus were voting with us but
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not enough were. therefore, i met with their chairman earlier today, he made it very clear the votes would not be there from their team. that was sufficient to find the votes balance not to have the bill passport port mr. speaker, you all swept the house, won the majority with the promise to repeal obamacare. ma report e majority in the senate with the promise to repeal obamacare. the white house promise to repeal obamacare. how do you go home to constituents send all the members home to the constituents, you know what, not one hundred days in the administration. sorry folks we can't figure it out? >> that is really good question. i wish i had better answer for you. i believe obamacare is law collapsing hurting families. it was designed in fundamentally flawed way. we believe this bill is best way to go. we didn't quite get the consensus to get there. reporter: two questions if you don't mind. obamacare is the law of the land.
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is that going to change in 2017? >> i don't know what to say. obamacare is the law of the land. it will be law of land until it is replaced. we didn't have quite the votes to replace this law. we'll be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future. i don't know how long it will take to us replace the law. my worry is, obamacare is going to be getting even worse. actually i think we were probably doing the democrats a favor. i think we were doing the architects of obama a favor passing this law before it gets even worse. i guess that favor will not be given to them. it will get worse. i don't think the architects of obamacare, they may be pleased right now but when they see how bad this thing gets, based on all projections we're being told by the plans participating in obamacare, i don't think they're going to like that either. five states, you got one plan left. one choice. over a third of the counties in america, one plan left. and the kinds of projections we're being told from the people providing health insurance to these people in plans, it will get even worse.
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so i don't think the architects of obamacare envisioned this future. certainly not one we want for the american people. i wish we had the kind of consensus we needed to bring a bill to the fleer to pass and replace it. we don't have that right now. reporter: chad. >> thank you about the political capitol burned here? you have to keep the government open in five weeks. tax reform this, part was integral to getting to that part. how much capital did you burn and how much does it injure those other bills? >> our members know we did everything we did to get consensus. this is how government works in the majority. we need 216 people to agree with each other to write legislation. not 210, not 2 fifthteen. we didn't have 216 people. we were close but we didn't have
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216 people. we were close. we'll move on with rest of the agenda, because we have ambitious plans to improve people's lives in country. we want to secure the border. we want to rebuild our military. we want the deficit uncontrol. we want infrastructure and we want tax reform. the last question you asked me about tax reform, chad, this does make tax reform more difficult but does not in any way make it impossible. we'll proceed with tax reform. we'll continue with tax reform. i used to run the committee. i spoke with the president and economic advisors earlier today about tax reform. we will proceed with tax reform. this makes it clearly more difficult. this is how the numbers work. it's a trillion dollars. that means the obamacare taxes stay with obamacare. we'll fix the rest of the tax code. reporter: what is past is prologue here? this portend -- >> this is not prologue for other future things. members realize other parts of the agenda people have even more agreement on what to achieve. we have even more agreement on
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the need and nature of tax reform on funding the government, on rebuilding the military, securing the border. this issue had a big difference opinion, not whether we should repeal and replace obamacare, but just how we should replace it. that is the growing pains of governing. we were a 10-year opposition party. we're being against things was easy to do. you just had to be against it. and now in three months time we try to go to a governing party where we have to get 216 people to agree with each other how to do things. we weren't just quite there today. we will get there but we weren't there today. reporter: bloomberg. are you going to move ahead with phase two and three, hhs phase two and phase three legislation and also, if you can talk about how the conference is doing right now? >> the conference is let down. the conference is disappointed. the conference, we were on the cusp of fulfilling a promise we made.
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we were on the cusp achieving a an ambition we had for seven years. we came up short. we were close but not quite there. on other issues this bill what we call phase two much, much better. nevertheless i think there are things that the secretary of hhs can do to stablize things. we needed this bill to make it better. for instance, risk pools. we believe the smarter way to help people with preexisting conditions to get affordable coverage, bringing down health care costs for everybody else, reinsurance risks or risk sharing pools this applied for the states. that is not now going to happen. therefore he won't be able to deploy the policy tool better than obamacare. we do lose a lot of tools we wanted to help improve people's lives and bring down health care costs for people in country. thank you very much. reporter: do you have confidence in the whip steve scalise? david: making best of bad situation. that was paul ryan's plan.
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it was called trumpcare. it was about paul ryan, working on this plan for years. in the end they just didn't have enough votes. they needed 216 votes, all republican. there was enough after split from the freedom caucus to pull away from that number. they had below 216. he didn't say how many. but in the end it was enough to kill the bill at least for now. bring in our own blake burman. he is at the white house following all of this. break, one point i want to contest, no way knowing for sure, but paul ryan met with the president earlier today. paul ryan said he decided, he meaning paul ryan decided to pull the bill. do you he think the president talked him into that? reporter: oh gosh. that is a great question. what we know paul ryan as you said came here. paul ryan said the president gave him the go ahead to pull it. whether this was paul ryan's foot on the gas pedal to pull it, we don't know. david: right.
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reporter: what we do know, we believe paul ryan came here, laid out scenario, look we're just not there. as you heard paul ryan say, just a second ago. they were close to 216 votes but they didn't get to 216 votes. how far away, david does it seem now from november 8th, 2016, and january 20th, 2017, when republicans were looking forward to repealing and replacing obamacare. what you just heard from paul ryan was, obamacare is the law of the land. obamacare will continue to be the law of the land until we fix it. and as it appears from paul ryan there, it does not appear if they have a plan, in the near term to change any of that. paul ryan was asked, what do you say to your constituents who you campaigned on or for saying that you're going to repeal and replace obamacare, what would you tell them? paul ryan's answer was, that is a great question.
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i really don't have an answer. as it moves going forward, what does this have to do with tax reform? does any of this have an impact on tax reform? paul ryan said, and i am quoting here, yes this does make tax reform more difficult but does not make it anyaway impossible. obamacare taxes will end up staying. now they're going to have to work around that. growing forward, here at the white house, david, they were making the argument loud and clear, this is the chance for republicans. this is your one shot to get it done. what we know the bill has been pulled. and what paul ryan made it seem moments ago, this isn't going anywhere fast anytime soon. david? david: huge day in the political history of the united states. blake burman, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: steve for example is back with us along with bob cusack, editor-in-chief of "the hill." bob, let me start with you, you heard what paul ryan had to say. they were a party in opposition for 10 years. that it is very easy to be against things.
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it is hard to get 216 people together to then decide they're going to do some things different but together. they have to agree on things. is that a tough sell? >> well it, was a tough sell. he said they were close. we were counting the votes. i don't think it was handful of votes. i think it was more like 10 or more. they had said we'll bring this to the bill no matter what even if it fails. that was not case. that was a bluff. so the freedom caucus never got on board. this is a stinging defeat. paul ryan faced the music. acknowledge this is a big set back or a set back as he said. we'll keep trying. but now, i think what happens? i think conservatives on capitol hill who helped defeat this bill, very unpopular bill, by way, let's vote on 2015 bill president obama vetoed? i don't think there are enough republican vote now for that. but there was back then. so, this is an interparty fight that is not going to go away anytime soon.
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melissa: steve, do you think that is the move, to bring back that 2015 bill? or do they need a win and what is, you know, sort of easiest points to put on the board? what would be the next thing? i know you're in favor of the tax cuts but if they need a quick win, just sort of change the headline and change momentum, what would that be? >> well i think what ryan is hoping even though he indicated this will be a long time to bring it back up again health care bill, the sobering effect of massive defeat will wake up republicans and recognize as reagan said, get 80% take it, even 60% on something complicated as health care, take it and move on, come back to it again and again. this was massive tax cut, trillion dollars over 10 years. got rid of employer mandate, and individual mandate. if they, right now, if they knit and reform the, what you might
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call the subsidies for people who can't afford health care, the safety net, go ahead and do that. if they do that, especially for people from age 50 to 64, i think they have a shot to bring this bill back and get it passed before summer. david: bob, i see steve's point but i got to say a lot of people were wondering whether the president's heart was ever really in this bill. we know he came on board, lobbying for it this week, but there were questions at the beginning when it first came out he had with it, reservations other members of the trump team had about it. then there is the question how much the public, after all this is democracy. people are entitled to their opinion and their opinions about this, we have a producer who called around to various legislative offices, they said nobody was calling in, no con sit went were calling in mass numbers in favor of this bill. mess of them were against it. there is nancy pelosi. we're going to be listening -- kind of have a feeling we know what we have to say.
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melissa: look at the smile. david: hold that question, though, bob. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm very proud to be here with the house democratic leadership, the unity of our house democratic members was very important message to the country, that we are very proud of the affordable care act. yesterday, as you know was seven-yearen -- anniversary of the president signing the bill and the american people expressed their support for it. that message became very clear to our colleagues on the republican side of the aisle. today is a great day for our country. it's a victory, what happened on the floor is victory for american people. for our seniors, americans with disabilities, for our children, for our veterans. also it is not just about the
4:30 pm
24 million people who now won't be off of health insurance. it is about 155 million people who receive benefits in the work place who will not be assaulted by some of the provisions republicans put in the bill, especially last night when they removed essential benefits package. so again this is pretty, it is pretty exciting for us. yesterday our anniversary. today a victory for the affordable care act, more importantly, for the american people, tomorrow is the 51st anniversary of reverend martin luther king, jr. saying, in a speech that mr. clyburn quotes often to us. of all the forms of inequality, inequality and health care is probably the most inhumane and can sometimes lead to death. th which we came came into this debate, honoring vows of our founders,
4:31 pm
life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, healthy life of liberty to pursue our happiness. it is about our country and vision of our founders. it is about our faith and about the unity of the democrats united by our values. with that i'm pleased to to our distinguished majority whip. i'm sorry. democratic whip. >> not yet. >> this is a good day for the american people -- melissa: let's bring in our own peter barnes in d.c. right now. peter, we just heard nancy pelosi talking about unity of democrats held this at bay. i'm not sure if that it was. still was a victory for the other side for sure. reporter: that's right. as well as those republicans who are, for whatever reason holding out for a different bill, some changes.
4:32 pm
house speaker ryan saying before nancy pelosi that they were very close. i do want to report to you what the president has told "the washington post" in an interview in the last hour on this. he said that the republicans were within five to 12 votes passing this legislation. if he is correct, we were looking at a list of 33 nos, they would, they could afford to lose 20. if could get a dozen of these people to change their mind they could conceivably put something together. the president though saying he he is willing to cut a bipartisan deal in the future, he quote, when it ex-explodes, they, democrats come to us and we make one beautiful deal. so we might he see nancy pelosi and donald trump in the same room hamminger out something at some point?
4:33 pm
melissa: that would be quite a. david: bob cusack from "the hill" is here to finish up on this one point. constituents nancy pelosi said basically correct, there wasn't overwhelming support from any particular party outside the beltway for the ryan plan, correct? reporter: absolutely. members were getting a lot of calls. that moves them. they're paid to represent their districts. when the president said listen it will be a bloodbath if this bill doesn't pass you could lose your jobs, some members, okay, well, i think i know my district better than you, mr. president, even though careful not to criticize them publicly. that didn't move a lot of votes. the president didn't embrace the bill but not initially. that hurt. david: bob cusack, thanks to have you here. steve forbes, veronica dagher, gary kaltbaum, have a great weekend. melissa: future of health care up in the air. what happens now. what does it mean for you and your family. we're following all the latest developments from our nation's
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capitol. the bottom line is, for your goals, this is a strategy i'd recommend. this actually makes sense. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. yeah, that's great. being clear and upfront. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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melissa: breaking news right now. the republicans pull the health care bill. president trump is expected to make comments shortly. we'll take you there the moment that happens. meantime here freedom caucus member trent franks. republican congressman from arizona who met with president trump about the bill. i want to ask you, sir, right out of the gate, how did you intend to vote today, if the vote had happened, what were you going to do? >> yeah.
4:38 pm
i will just tell you some of us were holding back making any public pronouncements to that effect make the bill as best we could. i would have been a yes vote. that was known to leadership. but i don't think a person like me could have vetted against a bill that would have he defunded planned parenthood. that said, a lot of us had great reservations about the bill we were passing. i'm convinced as abraham lincoln said, best way to repeal very bad bill, let me ad-lib a little bit, the best way to repeal a bad bill, enforce it strictly. this is going to at least let the american people, as sorry as i am we were not able to come together at this time, the american people will have a more clear vision what obamacare
4:39 pm
extrapolates out to, i think in the months ahead. i hope that we can come back together and do what is necessary. i have every conviction, every intention doing just that. there are no permanent losses. giving up is a permanent solution to temporary problem. melissa: you say you would have voted for it but not willing to publicly lend your voice to the chorus of people -- >> because i was publicly lending my voice to, making the bill a better bill that could have passed with a greater number of people. melissa: what do you think the odds doing that now? under what timeline? respectfully it seems like much harder to go back to your district to say we couldn't get our act together to get something done? instead we'll let obamacare collapse of its own weight and strand people. >> that is not the plan. the plan is to make sure have a
4:40 pm
more clear foundation why this is so important. some of us said that for a long time. let me suggest to this. it wouldn't have been hard to put together a bill in the house of representatives that would have been a consensus bill among republicans passed with republican votes but there was one major impediment. that was the senate rules made us put this through the bird rule. it was like pushing a can't medical through a keyhole. maybe reality american people understand the arcane senate rules won't let us get a bill to the floor of the senate without 60 votes. we have to repeal the law and or bring -- melissa: pointing your fink der bring senators to the into that are democrats to support us. that is harder than repealing laws of mathematics. melissa: the last election really taught us the american people are not willing to set back, watch gridlock hatch in washington and hear normal problems. to be a congressman and blame it
4:41 pm
on a senator, that -- >> i'm not blaming on a senator. to be a congressman is speak the truth what is happening. we'll see this scenario play over and over again until we deal with the real issue with god lock. the real issue with gridlock we can't get anything to the senate floor without 60 votes. it never really protected republicans. it never stopped us from being able to interdict 20 trillion-dollar debt or being able to put iran on the path to nuclear weapon but it does -- melissa: sir -- >> the american public are willing to hear the truth and you media need to make sure understand what the cause of this gridlock really is. >> the american public are hearing rule makers, we make the rule but we can't work with the rules. you guys are the ones that draw up the battle lines and how things are done. >> truth is, the american people do need to put their focus on where the real problem is. when they do, those rules will change. melissa: all right, sir. thank you for coming on. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: thank you. david: here now is hadley heath
4:42 pm
manning, independent women's forum director of health policy and senior policy analyst, scott bolden d.c. democratic party chairman. hadley -- >> thanks for having me. david: turns out that the freedom caucus was right about one point, this thing wasn't going to pass as it was. if they had loaded it as the freedom caucus wanted to do with all three faces, and force the democrats to vote against it, which of course in the senate would have killed the bill, at least then, there would have been a fair point republicans pointing fingers at democrats. you sunk this, they would be stuck with it. now looks like republicans are left holding an empty bag. >> well, that's right. and there is a recipe for change here earlier this month. "nbc/wall street journal" poll suggested that 4% of americans believe that the affordable care act is working well as it is. many americans are frustrated with at least certain aspects with the way health care system
4:43 pm
is malfunctioning right now. >> i'm unhappy with it. i hate baying detuckables of -- i hate paying deductibles. and scott, aetna chairman says it is in a death spiral. what do democrats do now, nancy pelosi saying this is great thing for americans? >> well, let me just say this. some of that anecdotal information. david: not anecdotal from aetna. they provides stats. >> anecdotal, five states and some counties only have one insurance carrier. there is nothing perfect. everything is not per speck about obamacare. but the real issue here is. david: okay, donald trump is speaking right now. our president. let's take a listen. >> thank you very much. we were very close it was a very, very tight margin. we had no democrat support.
4:44 pm
we had no votes from democrats. they were not going to give us a single vote. that is different cut thing to do. i've been saying last year-and-a-half the best thing we can do politically speak something let obamacare explode. it is exploding right now. it's, many states have big problems. almost all states have big problems. i was in tennessee the other day. they lost half of their state had no insurance. that is happening to many other places. i was in kentucky the other day. similar things are happening. so obamacare is exploding. with no democrat support we couldn't quite get there. a very small number of votes short in terms of getting our bill passed. a lot of people don't realize how good our bill was. they are viewing phase one. when you add phase two. mostly signings of secretary price who is behind me and add phase three, which we would have
4:45 pm
got en, it became a great bill. premiums would have done down, it would have been stable and very strong but that's okay. but we were very, very close. and, again, i think what will happen is obamacare unfortunately will explode. it will have a very bad year. last year you had over 100% increases in various places. in arizona, i understand it is going up rapped i hadly like it did last year, 160%. many places 60, 70%. it averaged whatever the average was very, very high. this year should be much worse for obamacare. so what would be really good, with no democrat support, if the democrats, when it explodes which it will soon, if they got together with us and got a real health care bill. i would be totally open to it. that will happen. i think losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, because now
4:46 pm
they own obamacare. they own it, 100% own it. and this is not a republican health care. this is not anything but a democrat health care. they have obama care for a little while longer until it ceases to exist, which it will. at some point in the near future. this is not our bill. this is their bill. when they all become civilized and get together and try to work out a great health care bill for the peel of this country, we're open to it. we're totally open to it. i want to thank the republican party. i want to thank paul ryan. he worked very, very hard. i will tell you that. he worked very, very hard. tom price, mike pence, who is right here, our vice president, our great vice president. everybody worked hard. i worked as a team player. i would have love to see it
4:47 pm
pass. there was a speech i made or very few, where i didn't mention perhaps the best thing that could happen with what happened today, because we'll end up with a truly health care bill in the future after this mess known as obama obama care explodes. i want to thank everybody for being here. it will go very smoothly i really believe. this is something, an interesting period of time. we all learned a lot. we learned a lot about loyalty. we learned a lot about the vote-getting process. we learned a the lot about some very arcane rules in, obviously both the senate and in the house. so it has been certainly for me been a very interesting experience. but in the end i think it will be an experience to an even better health care plan. thank you all very much. i will see you soon. thank you. reporter: your intention to go for tax reform or what is next? >> we'll probably going right now for tax reform. which we could have done earlier but this really would have
4:48 pm
worked out better, if we could have had some democrat support. remember this, we had no democrat support. now we'll go towards tax reform which i always liked. reporter: are you confident in speaker ryan's leadership and ability to get things done? >> yes i am. i like speaker ryan. he worked very, very hard. a lot of different groups. he has a lost factions. there has been a long history of liking and disliking even within the republican party, long before i got here. but i have had a great relationship with the republican party. it seems that both sides like trump. that is good. you see that more clearly than anybody. we have had, i will not speak badly about anybody within the party. but certainly there is a big history. i think paul really worked hard. i at this we'll start going very, very strongly for big tax cuts and tax reform. that will be next. reporter: mr. president --
4:49 pm
reporter: -- let obamacare explode? >> it will happen. there is not much you can do about it. it is, bad things will happen to obamacare. there is not much you can do to help it. i've been saying that for a year-and-a-half. look, eventually, it is not sustainable. the insurance companies are leaving. you know that. they're leaving one by one as quicking a you can leave. some states soon will not be covered. there is no way out of that. but one thing that was happening, as we got closer and closer. everybody talked about how wonderful it was. it will go back to real life. people see how bad it is. it is getting much worse. i said the other day, when president obama left, '17, he knew he wasn't going to be here. '17 would be a very, very bad year for obamacare. explosive premium increases. deductibles are so high people
4:50 pm
don't get to use it. so they will go with that for a little while. i honestly believe, i know some democrats, and they are good people. democrats will come to us, look, let's get together to get a great health care bill or plan that's really great for the people of our country. i think that is going to happen. >> can you pass the bill in the house without any democratic support. why do you think you were not able to craft a deal among the republican party? >> well we were very close, we were anywhere 10 to 15 votes short. could have even been closer than that you never know you never know how they vote. in the end we would have been 10 votes, very closer. it is hard almost to get 100%. you're talking about a very, very large number of votes, among any group. we were very close to doing it. but when you get no votes from the other side, meaning the democrats, it is really a difficult situation. reporter: will you reach out to democrats now? no, i think we have to let obamacare go its way for a
4:51 pm
little while. we'll sue how things go. i would love to see it do well but it can't. it is not a question, gee i hope it does well. i would love it to do well. i want great health care for the people of this nation. but it can't do well. it's imploding. and soon will explode. it will not be pretty. so, the democrats don't want to see that. so they are going to reach out when they're ready. whenever they're red he did i, we're ready. reporter: do you feel betrayed by the house freed tom caucus at all? >> i'm not he betrayed. they're friends of mine. i'm disappointed we could have had it. i'm a little surprised to be honest with you. we really had it. it was pretty much there, within grasp. but, what will come out i believe a better bill. there were things in this bill i didn't particularly like. and i think it's a better bill. both parties can get together an
4:52 pm
do real health care. that is the best thing. obamacare was ramped down everyone's throat 100% democrat. and i think having bipartisan would be a big, big improvement. so, no, i think that this is going to end up being a very good thing. i'm disappointed but they're friends of mine. this is very hard time for them. very hard vote. but they're very good people. >> thank you. thank you. reporter: [inaudible] what specifically are you -- >> we could have things i specifically liked more. if we were bipartisan we could have a health care bill that could be ultimate. the democrats know that also. some day in the not-too-distant future. i never said, i'm here 64 days, i never said repeal or replace obamacare. you heard my speeches and repeal it and replace it within 64 days. i have a long time. but, i want to have a great
4:53 pm
health care bill and plan and we will. it will happen. an it won't be in the very distant future. it will be some democrat support. that will happen and it will be an even better bill. think was a very good bill. i think it will be even be better next time around. i don't think that will be too long a period of time. reporter: specifically going from this bill to the next? >> i don't want to speak about specifics but there were things i would have liked even more. overall this was a very good bill. i thought tom price, dr. tom price who really is amazing on health care and his knowledge, i thought he did a fantastic job. same with mike pence. i think these two guys worked so hard. really did a fantastic job. thank you very much. thank you very much. appreciate it. david: president donald trump flanked by list vice president and the secretary of hls, okay, democrats you own it. it is your bill now. obamacare is going to be with us
4:54 pm
even if it is in death spiral. melissa. melissa: war amongst the factions of republican party causing president trump and speaker ryan to pull the gop bill for obamacare. club for growth president david macintosh responding with a statement, quote, president trump was elected because millions of americans wanted a full repeal of obamacare followed by free market health care reform that would give them competition, choice and lower prices. this bill became a frankenstein meant to appease the insurance industry and republicans who really want to keep parts of obamacare. now it is time to do the right thing. joining me david macintosh, club for growth president. there is not a lot of momentum for republicans. you heard the president. he will move on to tax reform. did you move your opportunity by pushing folks to say no to this one? >> you know, melissa i think there is a way forward with this bill. i think the president has led in
4:55 pm
a very good and strong way. unfortunately speaker ryan started out with a bill that was the wrong one. he tried to leave major parts of obamacare in place. the way forward i think is to take the president's three stages, the three-stage plan he talked about just now, put it all into that one bill. melissa: but they have explained repete he hadly why they can't do that because of rules in the senate? >> right. but the house could do it. that would get you the votes in the house. and then what i'm hearing from the republicans in the conservatives is, they think they can negotiate with the parliamentarian and actually get a lot of that through. so i think there is a path forward. it means taking the president's plan putting into one bill, coming back voting on that and letting the senate work what it can. then i think, conservatives, melissa, say we did the best we could. we showed what we were for which was total repeal of obamacare, and a system that would actually lower the premiums for americans.
4:56 pm
and i think the senate actually in the end would come around to doing most of that. we would be in a much better place. melissa: we'll see, right now a lot of people are watching hey, republicans you had, years and years to get ready for this and just fumbled ball there. hopefully they can pick it back up for their own futures. thank you for come on. appreciate your time. i'm sorry we didn't have more. >> thank you. david: what happens now? latest on fight to repeal and replace obamacare. next. stay with us. ♪
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>> we have breaking news for you, the key house committee chairs are going to be meeting with speaker ryan in his office in about 45 minutes. about 5:45 eastern time. >> i wonder what that's going to be like? >> everybody. we didn't have a chance to talk about the fact that the fbi director in the midst of all this, went into the white house for a meeting. we don't know why. we don't know what was discussed between the president and fbi director. of course, they have been at loggerheads.
5:00 pm
the president is trying to get certain information out of the fbi, he has been unable to. congressman nunes is trying, there is that whole thing. we'll have to deal with that another day. >> we heard the president say tax reform next. keep that in mind over the weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: you are watching history in the making. the republicans' obamacare reform bill pulled at the last-minute. president trump just speaking out, staying on a positive note. he is saying to democrats, you should join republicans to pursue a new health care reform insurance plan, saying a lot of people don't realize how good this bill was. just minutes after the vote was scheduled to start, president trump asked speaker of the house paul ryan to yank the bill due to lack of votes. the markets closing mixed not to the downside. the s&p stung, health care stocks soaring. moments ago speaker of the house paul ryan holding a news conference with


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