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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the president is trying to get certain information out of the fbi, he has been unable to. congressman nunes is trying, there is that whole thing. we'll have to deal with that another day. >> we heard the president say tax reform next. keep that in mind over the weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: you are watching history in the making. the republicans' obamacare reform bill pulled at the last-minute. president trump just speaking out, staying on a positive note. he is saying to democrats, you should join republicans to pursue a new health care reform insurance plan, saying a lot of people don't realize how good this bill was. just minutes after the vote was scheduled to start, president trump asked speaker of the house paul ryan to yank the bill due to lack of votes. the markets closing mixed not to the downside. the s&p stung, health care stocks soaring. moments ago speaker of the house paul ryan holding a news conference with house minority
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leader nancy pelosi as well. welcome to "risk & reward". i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. we'll bring you the latest. the gop pulling the obamacare replacement bill after a show down on the house floor as they did not have the votes to pass it. would have been historic moment, the biggest entitlement reform to medicaid since lbj introduced it in the 60s. after a week of wall to wall, 11th hour negotiations, meetings at the white house and capitol hill and arm-twisting and horse trading as well. did not happen today. trump said obamacare will likely explode. he says republicans will probably work instead on tax reform next. lots going on right now. bring in blake burman with the very latest. >> reporter: hi there, liz, the president speaking from the oval office moments ago saying that they believe they were about 10 to 15 votes short of eventually getting this done. a lot of the focus has been on
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the house freedom caucus. the conservative wing of the republican party. the president saying he doesn't feel as if he was betrayed by them, instead, he feels as if he was disappointed and a little surprised were his words as to how all of this went down, as he feels what they were able to put forth, the white house republican leadership, he feels, was a good bill. now he is facing much of the attention and all of the blame on the democrats, saying this no democrats were supporting this bill, and because of that, he feels it is their turn to do something next. the president suggesting that maybe there needs to be a bipartisan compromise down the line, until then, president trump says obamacare is set to implode or explode, however way you want to look at it, and that, he says, puts the onus now on the democrats. here was president trump a little while ago. >> what would be really good with no democrat support if the democrats, when it explodes,
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which will soon, if they got together with us and got a real health care bill. i'd be totally open to it and i think that's going to happen. i think the losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, now they own obamacare, they own it. >> reporter: of course the critics will point out there's a republican in the white house, a republican-led senate and the republican-led house of representatives that it was the republicans driving this throughout and could not come to a compromise. either way looking forward, the president said it is tax reform that he wants to tackle next. the white house has been consistent on that, saying it would be obamacare first, pass or no pass, and then, tax reform after that. at his news conference, the house speaker paul ryan addressed that issue as well. saying that tax reform indeed is something that they want to get to as the next priority, but he also addressed the political realities of the situation. >> we want to secure the border. we want to rebuild our military?
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we want to get the deficit under control, we want infrastructure and tax reform. the last question you asked about tax reform, chad, yes, this does make tax reform more difficult but did not make it in any way impossible. >> reporter: the president remains at the white house, he'll stay at the white house in washington, d.c. throughout the weekend and the next question is a big one and an obvious one, what happens here next? where does this president and the white house go after campaigning for more than 18 months on repealing and replacing obamacare? now they've got to figure out their next step, liz? liz: good stuff. thanks. you heard the president according to blake burman saying now democrats, you own it. you own obamacare. when you go into your midterm elections, it's on you that basically high insurance costs, part-time jobs all on the rise. obamacare reform bill has been pulled at the 11th hour. minutes after the vote was scheduled to start, president trump asked the speaker paul
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ryan to pull the bill. sent health care stocks soaring. let's bring in gerri willis with the latest. we're seeing health care stocks moving, but the dow really didn't take a hit. do you think that's maybe because now the president is saying i'm going to focus on tax reform? >> reporter: a very good point, it was a complete yo-yo day in the markets, let me tell you. dow down as much as 120 point, rallied in the end as the news came out that the bill was pulled, health care bill was being pulled. there's a lot going on and i want to break it down for you. the stocks have popped here. a lot of hospital stocks did well. tenet was up 8%. hca popped 8%, as we were getting news about the bill being pulled. health insurers up, 5%. if you say the president, paul ryan, mike pence can't get obamacare reform through, what about other initiatives in the agenda? what about an infrastructure bill? you saw stocks in that category
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fall. down and down dramatically. and i've got to tell you, too what is the mood ring are in market, that would be goldman sachs. it was down more than 3%. especially as financial stocks faltered. why? because there's concerns, yeah maybe, maybe this tax reform comes up next, but do they have the capability, the ability to pull that off? it's a big open question. ultimately it looks like it was a nothing day in the markets, but the action midday, it was like being whipped around by a yo-yo. so lots of interesting stuff going on here, of course, we'll continue to follow this, liz. liz: gerri, the last time the s&p hit a high was march 1st, the day after the president had that -- addressed the joint session of congress and then the attacks on jeff sessions, came pouring, in you see the stock chart showing the story you just told, gerri. >> reporter: you bet, take a look at the chart.
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just amazing, the falloff in a terrific market, right? largely because i think there were lots of stinging criticism of the players certainly, but also the health care bill, and when i talk to people about what they liked, what they didn't like about the health care bill, they citeabout the b actually in the bill. people were confused. there wasn't a lot of great information out about it. i think there was a lot of misconceptions and it's just a really complicated message to get across. i've heard people saying, look, the republicans didn't tell stories very well. they're good at telling you how obamacare failed. they were not as good at saying, here's what needs to replace it. here's why our plan was so good. liz: good point, thank you so much for weighing in. president trump warning that if the bill does not pass, republicans can now be stuck telling voters, yes, that they kept in place high insurance costs. you conservatives, kept in high
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taxes, job growth due to obamacare. >> affordable, affordable, there's a reason, affordable, affordable, affordable. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. liz: breaking news, the president threw down the gauntlet to the democrats saying you own it, obamacare will implode. republican congressmen did campaign on and won numerous elections to repeal and replace the legislation. they voted 8 dozen times to do that. let's bring in kurt schlichter, washington times contributor eric schiffer. cnn is saying this is legislative vietnam. the liberal left media is
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having a field day with this. the dow ended not too badly. didn't agree on plain now, maybe tax reform is next, eric? >> i think tax reform is definitely next. this was a tough one for donald trump. i think he did a lot of things, certainly people weren't expecting. he certainly was reaching out, i think more than you would normally expect. the republican caucus, the freedom caucus, they killed this, and they killed this, i think for individual reasons on an individual level because they were concerned. they were concerned with their constituents. it didn't go far enough. it didn't hold down health care costs, which are the biggest concerns and what happened in the bill is that when you allow for all of these different types of insurance services. different types of emergency room care, it raise the cost of insurance, and that was the concern. that killed it. liz: curt, eric makes important point. the koch brothers financing the
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republican conservatives in the midterms coming up. they paid a quarter billion last election. they're saying you have a prepackaged mandate of government-sanctioned benefits of ten or so, that drives insurance costs up. point here is, kurt, there's a battle royale what it means to be a free market in terms of insurance, even under obamacare, you know this, there was no cross state lines of getting insurance sold across state lines. obamacare allows for that. >> this is a terrible, terrible bill. terribly presented, ineptly managed. i can't believe this was dropped on us out of the blue with no real warning. no gathering of consensus. we should have seen paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, president trump, the freedom caucus, the tuesday club, everybody saying this is the plan we put together. this is what it's going to do for you. we didn't see anything like that. i'm not surprised what happened today.
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liz: kurt makes a great point, eric. the republicans have been at it seven, eight years, they knew this was coming. nancy pelosi's approval rating is at 19 for seven years, that's according to "wall street journal," nbc. they had it, they could have run with it. why didn't they get their act together and say let's pass it, tweek it after the fact like the democrats did with obamacare, let's get a movon. >> i think it's because you have certain congressmen that have unique needs in their districts. and at the end of the day, the congressmen and congresswomen were voting for their own reality. their own concerns, and it's like paul ryan said, you had to get all 216 aboard. and if you have few, even three, four, five, ten, ultimately, forget it. it's done. you had a situation where personal interests, constituency based interests killed it, and it's killed -- it killed trump and certainly killed ryan in the first go-around. it's not the endgame.
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we're still in the early stages of the administration. liz: right, good point eric and kurt, good to be with you, back with us later. next up, waiting for new intelligence documents to be released by the nsa. it could either prove or disprove the president's accusations that the obama administration spied on donald trump and his team before they left office. my next guest says this highly classified raw intelligence exposed names that should never have landed in the names of politicians at the white house. he should know. he was the chair of the intelligence committee. he's former republican congressman pete hoekstra. he joins me next, don't go away. show me academy of country music awards.
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thank you so much for that down home welcome. show me female vocalist of the year. thank you so much. thank you so much acm's, i appreciate it. show me acm best moments. i could never have wished for, asked for and dreamt of anything more than this. catch your favorite moments from the acm awards and an exclusive encore performance by kelsea ballerini following the show on xfinity x1. the acm awards. live on sunday, april 2nd 8/7 central on cbs. . >> it's clear they would be concerned if i was the president. that's why i wanted him to
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know, and i felt like i had a duty and obligation to tell him. as you know, he's been taking a lot of heat in the news media and to some degree, there are things he should look at to see whether or not he thinks the collection was proper or not. liz: house committee chair devin nunes defending his position he and his transition team maybe were spied on. names, communications, conversations, looked at, intercepted, disseminated, took place from november to january, they were dispersed to the entire intelligence community by the obama administration. that's the allegation. nothing to do with russia. today fbi director james comey was seen walking into the white house. officials said it was for a routine interagency meeting. some speculate it was about surveillance of the president and his transition team with. me now, former house intelligence committee chair pete hoekstra. pete, who do you think could have ordered the surveillance and who ordered the names of donald trump and his team be
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revealed and not redacted? . congressman hoekstra: well, the unmasking probably would have happened through the nsa. that's where most likely this information was collected and mike rogers would have been the one, or his chain of command would be the one that would have gotten the request and complied or determined whether the information should be unmasked. liz: who would have sent the request to mike rogers? could president obama or loretta lynch have done that? congressman hoekstra: loretta lynch, the president, susan rice. those are the kinds of people that could have requested it. because remember the thing here is, the information made it to the white house. that's the important thing, so most likely, that's where the request came from to unmask it, or someone else who had unmasked it said, this is really interesting stuff. you guys at the white house ought to take a look at it. liz: you see the implication here, and i read your op-ed in the "wall street journal" that
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they did it undercover of looking into russia but doing a fishing expedition to find anything to damage the president and his team. the question is how rare is it to see actual names showing up in raw intelligence. you've seen that, they usually redact it, and this, what politicians at the white house may have seen it? >> well, number one, in my ten years in congress and seven years in the gang of 8, so seeing the most classified information possible, and i checked with my old staff today and said did i ever see raw intelligence? i remember asking for it, and i remember every time i asked for raw intelligence, the answer was no, you cannot have it, you can only see it after it's gone through the process, and it's been analyzed. i never saw raw intelligence. and if raw intelligence made its way into the white house in which devin nunes seemed to allude to when he said there were documents at the white house they was surprised i
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would find in the white house, and so, it's almost unheard of that this kind of information, because the white house, they are consumers of intelligence analysis. they don't do the analysis there. you know, that stuff comes from nsa, cia, all these other places. the analysis is what makes it to the policymakers. the policymakers don't see raw intelligence and do their own analysis. that's why i think it's -- liz: sir, you said in your editorial that you are afraid of the awesome powers of the intelligence community or surveillance capabilities being corrupted for political purposes. you can explain that? >> sure. i mean, they've got tremendous power. 9/11, there was a wall between foreign intelligence and between domestic law enforcement, and we started tearing that wall down after 2011 to keep america safe. but if you turn the intelligence, foreign intelligence community, the
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cia, and they start focusing on domestic. that's the worst nightmare americans can have, the awesome power designed to steal secrets from our enemies and determine their plans and intentions, if that's turned against the american people and is put into the political process, that is frightening for americans, and that's been a debate that's been ongoing in terms of where we draw the line in terms of security versus privacy, and if in this case, the intelligence community has crossed that line, it has broken its trust with the american people. liz: they break any laws? any felonies possibly here? congressman hoekstra: well, a lot of these will be viewed as judgment calls and they've made poor judgment. maybe they didn't break the law. liz: congressman pete hoekstra, thank you so much. please come back on the show. love having you on. congressman hoekstra: very kind, thank you. liz: sources telling fox news congressional investigators do
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expect a potential smoking gun. showing that the obama administration did use the story about russia to spy on president trump and his transition team. my next guest says the only way to find out is subpoena president obama himself. he's american center for law and justice, he's jordan. he makes the case next. rado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome. let's see how the aluminum bed of this truck held up. wooooow!! -holy moly. that's a good size puncture. you hear 'aluminum' now you're gonna go 'ew'. let's check out the silverado steel bed. wow. you have a couple of dents. i'd expect more dents. make a strong decision. find your tag and get 15% below msrp on select 2017 silverado 1500 crew cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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that lets you focus on your life. . liz: sources telling fox news congressional investigators expect to receive a potential smoking gun. it is this: show the obama administration did spy on president trump's transition team between november and january and possibly the president himself. my next guest says at this point we need to subpoena president obama to find out the truth. let's bring in from the american center for law and justice jordan sekulow. jordan. is that possible to subpoena the former president? jordan sekulow: you can subpoena the former president. the house intelligence committee can absolutely do
5:25 pm
that and offer to do it in a closed session, doesn't have to be he would testify in open session, could he refuse to do it and assert fifth amendment rights? absolutely he could do that. he could offer something unique, not necessarily a normal committee hearing. he is the one through associates to say i have nothing to do with this. why don't we make that clear? and bring in top officials like john brennan, clapper, loretta lynch. let's ask them. ben rhodes. people that had the power to, quote, unmask americans, that's the issue the chairman of the house intelligence committee nunes has talked about, the idea of this unmasking potentially being inappropriate or illegal. why don't we ask -- those are the people that had the authority to do it that would be political officials appointed by the president in office during this time period. liz: the liberal media saying that donald trump and his agenda that it's basically swirling the drain, his
5:26 pm
credibility is swirling the drain because of that tweet alleging wiretapping by president obama where he said it was sick and mccarthyism. do you think that, you know, what's going on now, that the media is missing the broader story about surveillance by president obama again? there is no proof that president obama did wiretap, but the idea of wiretapping in close surveillance where you can actually look into phone conversations and e-mails and computer exchanges and the like. >> and you take this broader idea of surveillance, and as the chairman of the house intelligence committee said thinks that the surveillance itself may have been legal, liz, but that the unmasking and was it continued surveillance? did they stop the surveillance? or once they unmasked these people, did they continue to get information and say now we've got donald trump's info. let's continue. or mike flynn's info or other trump officials or trump family members. we don't know. this is why it's so important.
5:27 pm
we have the hearing next week. it's closed. with jim comby. he was at the white house today, we know jim comey and admiral rogers are coming back to testify to house intel committee. i believe it's time to put obama officials on the spot, and if they refuse to cooperate including the president itself that's telling. if it's just so easy, absolutely not, no way, we didn't have anything to do with it, tell the committee that and make president trump and the republicans who believe this theory, you know, put your money where your mouth is, if you will. liz: house intelligence chair devin nunes is really getting pounded by the media for giving a heads-up to the white house before he told his own committee. they're really drilling him right now. he's saying he is expected to get in the upcoming days the evidence that, yes, president trump and his team was surveilled. what do you think those documents show? >> i think what it's going to show is similar to what the chairman has said, liz, there
5:28 pm
was surveillance being done, it could have been appropriate. he's not 100% sure about that. looks appropriate to him and show there was surveillance but then there was the unmasking and that was inappropriate. and there's the amount of people and we heard from the nsa director last week that 20 people at the nsa have that power. jim comey would not give an exact number to the intelligence community when asked about that. he said it's a lot more than the nsa that have the power to unmask. but also political appointees have the ability to unmask. the attorney general, for instance, the cia director, national security director. these people have the ability to unmask americans, and i think that is what the chairman saw. liz: jordan, we were reporting jim comey was seen heading to the white house earlier. he was asked at the hearing, was there wiretapping by obama at the trump tower. he said no.
5:29 pm
it was striking he was not asked, was there surveillance. that is something different, right? >> that is something different. that was an opportunity missed by some republicans, they focused on the wiretap issue only, liz, and didn't say surveillance like you said. a much broader term. he can only answer the question offered. liz: switch gears, the other big story of the day, republicans pulling the health reform bill after failing to get the required votes. as an attorney what do you think the trump administration's next options are here? jordan sekulow: i think the next options are pretty bleak. this is a bad day for republicans, and for many of us who are conservatives who were okay with this reconciliation. we understood the limits of reconciliation but wanted to see planned parenthood defunded. we wanted to get the individual mandate removed and move onto phase two and we understand what reconciliation was. now what i'm hearing from speaker ryan and president trump. president trump said he'll be open to looking at this again
5:30 pm
in the future if obamacare immroesd, but as paul ryan said, this is what we're going to live under. and i don't like that they're kind of trying to move on. instead of going right into the weekend and working on this. liz: good point. jordan sekulow: that's going to send, i think, upset a lot of conservatives who thought they were hearing from conservatives and members of congress, we can beat this and put something forth better. that's not what we're hearing from the president or the speaker. >> i want to get to hillary clinton tweeting about it moments ago. we'll have that in the next block. jordan, good to see you. hillary clinton today a victory for all americans. jordan, thank you very much for coming on the show. breaking news, republicans' obamacare reform bill yanked at the last-minute. more details and doc siegel reacts after this. she needs m. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance . liz: with the obamacare reform bill getting pulled before a vote, many wondering what's to come? let's bring in our own peter barnes, what's next? what's going to happen next on capitol hill? that's like a merry-go-round down there. >> reporter: tell me about it, it's crazy, but clear that obamacare repeal and replace is going to get put to the side according to the president and the speaker, now try to tackle tax reform, and that would likely take, who knows? six months, maybe go into the fall. and then after that, they might
5:35 pm
get back to health care reform. the president saying that he would like to try to work with some democrats on this, basically blaming them in part for the failure of the legislation, the pulling of the bill today, but speaker ryan, he was a little bit less -- he didn't talk much about working with the democrats. he said this was really a setback for the republicans. listen to what he said about an hour ago. >> the president gave his all in this effort. he did everything he possibly could to help people see the opportunity that we have with this bill. he's really been fantastic. still, we got to do better, and we will. i absolutely believe that. this is a setback. no two ways about it. but it is not the end of a story. i know every man and woman in this conference is motivated more now than ever to step up our game. >> reporter: the president talked specifically about the
5:36 pm
fact that premiums had been going up so sharply in a number of states that obamacare was going to explode, and that might get some democrats to work with him and house republicans, and i would point out, liz, that remember this fall, around october, november is when health insurance companies announced their next round of premium increases. liz: important point. i didn't think of that. >> reporter: and as those headlines are starting to hit coming up this fall, we might see some action on a bipartisan basis. liz: interesting, peter, thank you, peter, really interesting, thanks again. the republicans' obamacare bill yanked again. how people will have to live with obamacare now. we hear deductibles, 15,000 for a family before they get health care. the unaffordable health care bill, what are your thoughts about what happened today?
5:37 pm
>> you talked about the roadblock. you pay high premiums, the government subsidizes you, you are hit with a deductible, you make the deductible and use it unnecessarily. that's what we're stuck with, premiums are still rising. i think my opinion is this fell apart today because they went about it in the wrong direction, i'll explain that and put too many things together. i heard the last guest talk. he's not the first to say this. one of the keys is defunding planned parenthood. i never would have put that in the bill. it's a separate issue. it doesn't have to do directly with obamacare. this is what always happens in congress. they put everything together and that was a mistake in this case. where should we have started? we started in the right place with the mandates because it was never right that you could mandate buying insurance that doesn't guarantee you health care. that makes sense. what would the next step be after that? look at what it is the mandates are making you buy. this bloated policy, liz, that's got all the bells and
5:38 pm
whistles, essential benefits. some of which are essential like covering emergency services like covering epidemics, providing vaccines, those are essential. how much co pays are essential? before taking away all the taxes which everybody liked, all the republicans liked, i would have tried to get rid of some of the scaffolding that the taxes were holding up. liz: that's what the freedom caucus and the koch brothers are saying, driving premiums up. you do not hear the media say this. we have single payer here, it's here, medicaid and medicare, half of it is in the market, right? dr. siegel: i disagree with the freedom caucus, i wouldn't have taken on medicaid. same as taking on planned parenthood. it's controversial. if this bill passed today, it never would have made it through the senate. in the senate have you 20 republican senators in 31 states that medicaid expanded, i would have worked at making medicaid more efficient. create bridge to jobs like
5:39 pm
indiana. create a premium buy-in. you should see what medicaid is like in the doctor's office, it's ridiculous. people buy a wheelchair every two years or pair of new glasses. liz: we hear time and again from the trump voter, they wanted it, needed it. we're talking about people in rural counties, the blue collar worker. they want to feel heeded and safe and empowered and hopeful. now this happened. president said, you know what, democrats? you own it now when obamacare implodes, right? dr. siegel: that's partly true. i think republicans getting rid of the mandates was terrific and get rid of the things mandates are forcing you to buy. prefixed meal. the insurers wrote this bichl
5:40 pm
the swamp wrote the bill. the little insurers can't compete with a product that's loaded up with essential benefits. liz: viewer, listen up, doc is onto something here. obamacare said you insurers, yes, go meet across state lines. some went across state lines, you could do that. only five states did it. rhode island and wisconsin are among them. so the insurers have a lock on state capitols, that's an issue, that's a problem, not addressed in the reform bill yet. you made a good point. dr. siegel: you started to allude to the last point, didn't take those with preexisting conditions and separate those out. of course the premiums stay up. 5% of americans use 50% of our health care. that's a lot. you need to separate out the sickest people and not have everybody pay the same premiums. liz: we love having you on. you straightened that out. dr. siegel: thank you. liz: president trump moving on, he's saying tax reform, that's going to be my next big priority.
5:41 pm
the markets ended mixed today. maybe that's why. bring in our next guest. he says get ready for another rally. also wasn't just the freedom caucus trying to block today's bill. democrats hard at it as well. brunelle is here and going to react to the best sound bites, don't go away.
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. >> probably be going right now for tax reform, which we could have done earlier, but this really would have worked out better if we could have had some democrat support. remember, this we had no democrat support, so now we're going to go for tax reform, which i've always liked. liz: with the obamacare reform bi getting yanked, president trump gearing up to tackle tax reform next. let's bring back the political power panel. kurt schlichter and eric schiffer. could tax reform be coming up and will it be easier to do that?
5:45 pm
>> i think it will be easier, liz, i think they have a chance of getting democrats on board with that, particularly about lowering the corporate tax rate and bringing it into the realm of reality instead of having it so high that, you know, every other country on earth looks at us, points and laughs. you know, coming forward with obamacare would have been better if paul ryan had prepared himself and done what he needed to do to get it through, but you know, paul ryan had one job and he didn't do it. liz: you know, eric, tax reform, let's talk about that for a second. republican chris collins out of new york is saying there is such divide in the republican party, he's saying people storming past each other, slamming doors, not talking to each other. do you think this is a way to get republicans together and do tax reform? >> it is, no question, liz, this is one area every republican is going to be behind. it was -- in many ways a tactical and strategic mistake not to do it first.
5:46 pm
i think it would have certainly rallied the market that much more. it sends a message to everyone that the economy is going to be in some better shape. i think trump learned from that. there's no question, if he could do it over, he would have done it that way. but this will bring him therand i think it has absolutely a good chance of passing. i think if it didn't, you'd see the market take a big shot today. liz: that's a good point. >> and the market didn't. liz: great point. kurt, you brought up speaker ryan. let's listen to speaker ryan on the conservative freedom caucus role. they're backed by the koch brothers, let's listen to speaker ryan on what happened today. >> there is a bloc of no votes that is why this didn't pass. there were a sufficient number of votes that prevented it from passing and they didn't change their votes. we were close. some of the members of the caucus were voting with us but not enough were and i met with
5:47 pm
the chairman earlier today, and he made it clear that the votes weren't going to be there from their team and that was sufficient to provide the balance to not have the bill pass. liz: mark meadows releasing the statement -- . liz: kurt, why didn't they just pass it and tweek it, the senate was going to do a do-over anyway. democrats were good about reworking, tweeking obamacare after they passed that. >> you know, liz, in a lot of ways we're the prisoners of the past. paul ryan is the prisoners of the legacy of john boehner and the other guys who wanted to do legislation back in the dark, smoky rooms away from everybody else instead of getting through the and doing the hard work of winning a consensus. the freedom caucus frankly didn't trust the leadership to go and do these post passage tweeks.
5:48 pm
who can say -- who can blame them really, liz? after years and years of being lied to, who can blame them? we need to get past the past, we have taken a punch to the gut. stand up, get together, work it out. there's a solution there. let's find it. liz: eric, you know it's been called the beltway hen house echo chamber. this weekend, they're going full bore on television about what happened. who do you think takes the fall here? who do you think is going to take the heat? >> freedom caucus, number one. and they deserve to. and many of the members, that was the cause of it. it actually comes down to a couple things, the two c's, the skit -- the constituencies and cash who didn't want to see it happen, unless it was done the way they wanted. and it didn't happen and so they pulled out. kurt is right, they didn't trust the leadership. if it passed on the
5:49 pm
congressional side and goes to the senate and then it doesn't pass the senate, then they're on record of having voted and they didn't want that. so i think that's what you're seeing. liz: kurt schlichter, eric schiffer, you have a good weekend. thanks for your work today. >> you, too. >> not just the conservatives in the freedom bloc of obamacare reform, the democrats are weighing in as well. look who's here! brunell donald-kyei is here. god bless her! dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free.
5:50 pm
see you around, giulia ♪
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5:52 pm
. >> i want to ask why the democratic microphone is turned off? this happened to me the other day when the republican microphone was on over there, the last two speakers we've not been able to hear as well as we
5:53 pm
heard ms. cheney, and i want to know why that is. i hope somebody hears my plea and the parliamentarian will take care of this problem. it is too important to have our microphones at a lower scale. >> what does the gop stand for? get old people. that's what this bill does. that's what people are going to vote yes, for today. and let me say, this we have an obligation. liz: democrats up in arms about the gop revised health care plan, could it be they're protesting just to object republicans on everything. let's bring brunell donald-kyei, god bless you, brunell. brunell: god bless you, and god bless america, hi, miss liz. liz: what do you think? are democrats resisting everything and everything at this point? brunell: they are, it's absolutely embarrassing, disgusting, it's sad because as a democrat, the party can do so
5:54 pm
much better, there's so much picking on the president, jumping on the president instead of going back to the drawing board themselves and finding out where they lost america on november 8, 2016. liz: so the president is saying, you know what, democrats? this is on you. you're going to go into the midterms with people mad, deductibles, insurance premiums skyrocketing and they can't afford it. brunell: it's true, people will be angry. what i will say to my awesome president donald j. trump is this, the people voted interview office because they wanted to repeal and replace obamacare, and the very people that are going to be crying and screaming about these premiums, about not having choices are people that went, poor people who took their million dollar vote and gave it to our president, donald j. trump. what i would say is even though they took this bill off the table today, i would not keep it off the table too long.
5:55 pm
go back to it, fix it, tweek it, get those 14 or 15 people that weren't on board and get it passed because the people need you. people chose you. liz: it's a good point you make. as peter barnes was reporting out of washington, the next time premiums get to go up in obamacare is on the fall and step in there, right? brunell: but you know what, miss liz? people are going to lose food on their tables, can't pay their rent, can't pay gas, can't take care of their families if premiums on obamacare are that high. some families won't make it to the fall. i implore my president even though i believe the presidency is humbling him and making him wiser. he's a people-tican, go back to the people who may not voted in favor. think about the people, the people will suffer if this replace and repeal does not happen sooner than the fall. think about those people.
5:56 pm
liz: you make an important point because republicans, 80 times at least over the last eight years said to the democrats, we got to fix, it reform it, and the democrats blocked it and president obama rejected that each and every time. go ahead. brunell: yes, you know what? our president wasn't there. he wasn't there during that time. he's been here about 60 days or so, and so what i would say to him is that even though it was their fight before you got here, you're in office now. we put you here. we believe in you, we trust in you and we know you're the best deal maker, best negotiator on the behalf of the people because you're the people-tican, see if we can get the votes to pass this thing. we don't want the people suffering. liz: brunell, god bless you again, got you again. brunell: god bless america. liz: we'll be back with moe more after the break. under the . ...including millions of our most vulnerable
5:57 pm
citizens - children, the disabled and the elderly. now, under some plans in congress, millions of these americans could lose that health coverage. the women and men of america's hospitals urge congress to protect affordable coverage for as many americans as possible. ..
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liz: the gop's obamacare repeal bill yanked. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. drama on capitol hill. republicans unable to find enough support for the obamacare repeal bill. president trump and speaker ryan just moments ago commenting. >> i'll tell you what's going to come out of it is a better bill. there were things in this bill i didn't particularly like. both parties can get together and do real healthcare. that's the best thing. obamacare was rammed down everyone's throat, 100% democrat.


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