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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 28, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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panel for you tomorrow. we'll help break it down for you. of it a great show tonight, with a great panel, it all because of you, keep tweeting me, i love what you have to say, you and love hearing what lou dobbs has to say, he is next. lou: battle over obamacare has only just begun. trump administration still believes they can skie score a major legislative victory, house g.o.p. whip steve scalise had this. >> we're closer today to repealing obamacare than before. lou: david brat said that everyone wants to get to yes, and everyone wants to support president trump. he is joining me next. also, leftist mayors of sanctuary cities denying the
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law and president trump, officials in new york, chicago, and washington, say they will fight attorney general sessions move to cut off billions in federal funding to sanctuary cities. the president promised to restore law and order, he is about to deliver. >> and president trump signs a new executive order ending obama administration's war on korcoal. >> we'll put our miners back to work. >> president's executive order gutting obama's clean powerplant, eliminating job killing regulations and lifting a man on coal mining on public lands, i am joined next by one of country leading conservatives, president of heritage foundation, jim demint. lou: repealing obamacare is back on the agenda. house republican leader in white house have begun talks
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on healthcare legislation this time president's steve -- strategist steve bannon, and tuesday group have been talking about how to move legislation forward, speaker paul ryan met with house republicans but would not layout any schedule for any ledgledge latest -- legislative action. >> i would describe the meeting, we are going to work together and listening it until we get this right. lou: at white house, press secretary spicer confirms that president is open to different strategies and ideas. >> if we can find a way forward we'll do it. but, look, i don't think that just so we're clear, john to the question, i'm not saying we're have picked a strategy and we're going with this group or that group. i think that the president was
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several people reached out, and expressed an interest, and president's view is he is willing to listen to them. hear what their ideas are. lou: trump administration looking and driving tax reform, and infrastructure simultaneously according to a report, dangling infrastructure spending as perhaps a way to gain support of some democrats, a senior administration official telling fox news there is nothing definitive at-this-point. and that is not only important issue too tackle. house and senate negotiators of both parties are racing to reach agreement on a spending package to prevent a government shut town april 28, members of house and senate appropriation committee intend to have a bill ready week of april 24, just days before the current stop gap funding measure for federal agencies
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is tote -- set to expire. joining us now congressman dave brad, a member of freedom caucus and serves on house budget committee, we're talking about the repeal of obamacare, it has been 4 days now. why not? lou: >> you got it right, there has been a lot of disinformation out there, with people throwing darts. the issue is the polling on the bill of the not that great. we have to do better than 17 favorable for our president. we have to give him a winner bill. there is room to compromise, when do you policy aim the target, you have preexisting conditions, house freedom caucus in favor of that. we need to solve that problem here. and then, we insist on is the insurance regulations, we have
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to take care of that. right now obamacare is in a death spiral over that issue, we cannot replicate, that we have to let insurance companies go back to private sector, and have free market principles working. lou: you know what is funny, talking about free market principles, we talk about government setting the boundaries for a corporate enterprise like an insurance company. we have to be honest about what we're doing here, setting forward incentives and boundaries for free market enterprise. but it is not going to be a free market it has not been. the issues of tax credits and whether or not we'll permit a subsidy by whatever name, or whether we'll have a metric to judge the premiums are actually going down, that costs of health care is measured it will appreciate. and whether or not healthcare will actually be better as a
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result. because that question has never been asked within the certainly within the architecture of obamacare itself. has it? >> right, no, you are right so that is right. they are saying we're not compromising, free market economists with a federal structure, and all the problem you just enumerated. and this group cannot get to yes, we got to yes for last 6 years, and we voted 50 times now you see there is a bait-and-switch, now senate is coming true tod today -- today there is reporting out this some republican senators saying they don't want to get rid of obamacare ing o obama obamacare on the record. lou: you know that bs is piling up. >> piling up, and so, in the end, i think we'll end upcoming back to saying, hey,
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what is it we ran on and voted on 50 times? if senate says we can't get rid ofo obamacare, leadership has to a what is senate realistically be able to deliver. lou: nobody should have to walk plank, that bill should have been -- i love the language that some used, perfect is the enemy of the good. as if perfect were the goal and that bill itself was good. it was awful. it was a disaster. would have remained so, or gotten worse had it been passed and then moved over to senate, lord knows what would have happened. >> right. lou: i give you credit, you are defending to me, a process that requires in my instance, i believe in minds of most of the audience of the broadcast, you are bringing reason, and
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analysis and principle to a debate on public policy. lord help us if that suddenly is not the case in this country. because we really have to do much better than that, this president i believe without question, will never sign a bill that does not measure up to his values, his goals, and his promises. that said, he has to got to have help and support as he drives the agenda forward. now circumstance this better -- is this better? i am so disgusted listening to speaker ryan and the other day for a moment or two, mitch mcconnell talking about the better way agenda. can you agree to put down that nonsense, this is pure nonsense, no one was elected on that, agenda. only the president of the united states, and vice president were elected by the nation. i mean where -- how does that kind of nonsense get started and what sustains it?
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>> what sustained it was fifth sentence, a better way saying we'll repeal obamacare. and -- lou: that was not so shiny. >> when trump was campaigning, candidate trump was campaigning he never -- he did not know this bill, it did not exist. he was not campaigning for replacing own be care with a new federal structure, he just said repeal, and the crud crowd went nuts. >> i am asking is, one of lessons certainly should be, that president's agenda, it should be his values, his promises to the voters, that are supported by the conference. if people get very far astray from that, there is no way. i know your speaker and much of your leadership thinks that a better way is a grand idea, until everyone understands, that has been supplanted by president of united states, i don't believe there is a chance of rehaving tax reform
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or -- removing tax reform or repeal and replacement of obamacare, have you got to come together behind this president. >> he had two major principles, right, number one, forgotten man. and back home we cannot have a bill where prices rise for that forgotten man by 15 to 20% to 2020. lou: the president made it clear, he wants premiums to go down. >> and we're trying to help him on that, we're all pro-trump guys us back home. lou: without you there is no president trump. >> then second mayor principle, trai -- drain the swamp, hard to to that when you manage 1/6 of the economy again, health care from washington d.c., going forward, it looks like his wall funding may be in jeopardy also, hearing from democrats today -- lou: you have to be tougher, smarter and more committed than that, he needs a billion
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and a half to get it going, cough it up, move on. you know. come on! congressman brat, you are a genius, an economist, it is time to get that behind the president's agenda. >> yep. we're with him 100%, and gets a successful product, i think in a few weeks a compromise then phase one then tax reform and we're all happy. lou: yeehaw. >> thank you. lou: on wall street today, stocks snap their losing streak, boosted by trump agenda, dow jones industrial surges 151. s&p you o is up 17, and nasdaq up 35. volume on big board, 3. 3 billion shares. wall street recovers from 11 straight losses not seen in a while. stock prices rallies after consumer confidence hit are you ready? 16 year high. home prices rising at fastest
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rate in almost 3 years, up 6% in january, ford shares dreaminclimbs after announcing they are investing in three michigan plants, adding 130 jobs, wells fargo reaching a settlement with some customers after the fraudulent account scandal. we're coming right back with much more, it is quite a night. stay with us. >> president trump signing an executive order that eliminates obama's job killing environmental regulations. >> it's good to see the president come into the epa to set a new course about pro growth, pro job and pro environment. lou: president of heritage foundation jim demint will join me next. >> and mayer across the nation, continues to break
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blasio said he will take administration to court, los angeles mayor garcetti claiming taking federal funding from city would be unconstitutional. sounds like he wants to fight too. president trump signing an executive order today to roll back most of president obama's job killing climate regulations. rescinds moratorium on coal mines in federal lands, the war on coal mining is over, thank you president trump. urging federal agency to identify all regulations that serve as obstacles to u.s. energy independents, how about that. joining me now ta to talk about the president's act reversing president obama's war on coal miner and coal, leading conservative president of heritage foundation, former senator jim demint. great to have you with us,
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let's start with the executive actions, president on a role. he is organizing american economic life in a hurry back to principles of free enterprise -- free markets and energy independents. >> mm-hmm. i'm glad you bring that up. lou, because a lot of folks are just focusing on healthcare, behind the scenes, president has done a lot his first couple of months in office, opening back up energy markets, taking out a lot of regulations across the business sector. jeff sessions notifies cities, and we need to make a point here this is not just all federal funds in it federal money designed to help city enforce immigration policy, if they are not enforcing immigration policy, then they should not get the funds
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designated to do that. charlesthat. lou: congress, leadership, and speaker ryan not helping him much on appeal and replace of obamacare and new legislation the speaker's bill. speaker ryan talked for weeks about he had the votes, right up until last few days, i understand within one of those days he was telling the president he had the vote, when he did not. tuesday group was not with him, people focused on freedom caucus, but even moderates, they were not with the legislation or the speaker either. >> lou, it disappointing because republicans passed a repeal bellwether -- bill, when obama was president. and this was advertised as a trial run for when we had a republican president. that should have gone through
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the first week that president was inaugurated. but we are where we are, members of the republican caucus are talking to each other. lou: good. >> we're still very involved, and hopeful they can move this legislation in a way that will stop this regulatory stay over our insurance industry, what the house bill does now it concedes we'll have federal control of our health insurance, we don't want that. lou: and not only that it concedes, that money whether there will penalty are for not insurance our insurance lapses, penalty paid to insurance company not into a pool or -- i mean this is strong stuff. and then the tax credits my gosh, they go to the insurance company, not the individual, i mean there is some wrong-headed upside down thinking that went into this deal.
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pushed in private and constrained and constricted and tortures by the speaker, you know speaker ryan, you served with him, in congress, you know the man. do you think he has learned a damn thing as a result? or is he going to continue on a self destructive path again -- if it was just him that is one thing -- but the path to bringing back repeal and replacement of obamacare, is he learning anything? >> he had a good press conference today, he indicated high wanted t hemented to work with all sides of this as well with president, a good signal when you stop bashing freedom caucus, they are in the center of republican platform. so i think that speaker is going to take a more aggressive approach working
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with conservatives that is my hope. we need to take a part, repeal, obamacare, keep our promises to the american people. lou: jim demint, great to you have with us. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, should sanctuary city mayors face criminal charges for harboring criminal illegal immigrants? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and follow me
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minority leader the job is much more important. the minority leader going so poor as to predict victory for the resurgent mood and high-flying esteem. he sees only good. not to equitable with the head clown but there is a matter of reality to contend with here. schumer has achieved nothing of note. he has delayed but not stopped the president's cabinet nominees, and schumer knows many of his fellow dems will be looking for lifelines when healthcare, obamacare begins its meltdown. and as for judge gorsuch, schumer's record on supreme court nominees not so great. he predicted republicans would
7:29 pm
break with mcconnell and break on nominee judge garland. schumer is not the person of personal confidence. schumer even lashing out at a trump supporter in a new york restaurant yelling at the wife of a carter administration official. schumer might want to reexamine his strategy when he's losing to a leader like president trump. whose initiative and drive are unlimited. no matter schumer's pretense, this isn't a fair fight. now our quotation of the evening from rue for the murdoch on the issue of detractors. he said i'm not looking for a legacy and you will never shut up the critics. when you are a catalyst for
7:30 pm
change you make enemies, and i'm proud of the ones i have got. the trump administration blasting the left-wing national media's obsession with fake news and the russians. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a russian connection. lou: there is no turning back, not for this base jumper who scales a wind turbine for an extraordinary stuff you do not want to miss. stay with us, we are coming right back with the video and much more.
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e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at lou: house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes rejecting calls from dems that he recuse himself from the russian investigation. president trump says the committee is investigating the wrong candidate. stating quote why isn't the committee investigating bill and hillary deal that allowed big uranium to go to russia, russian speech. trump russia story is a hoax. the dnc reportedly asking all
7:35 pm
staffers for their rest is nations. they are asked to submit their resignation letters by the 15th of the month. the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp, charlie hurt. good to have you here. charlie, tom perez looks like he's going to be running a tight ship at the dnc. charlie: it's a very small one, maybe a rowboat or canoe. but you would never know it reading the mainstream media. all you have read about is the alleged problems republicans are having in the house because of the failure of the repeal and replace bill. which by the way, what the media insists uponover looking, you know who else thwarted the repeal and replace bill? democrats.
7:36 pm
democrats got nearly as much coverage for their failure to get that passed. but i can guarantee you one thing. once 2018 rolls around. that's all donald trump will be talking about. the obamacare they built, and then their refusal to do anything to fix it. and he will beat them again on that with that message. lou: let me share with you this note that just came in. the director national intelligence is block nsa sharing documents with intelligence committees on alleged trump intercepts. there is a lot of back and forth on whether or not the intelligence -- the house intelligence committee will get information that house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes is discussing regarding president trump's intercepts. fox learned the nsa is prepared
7:37 pm
to share those documents with the intelligence committees, but they are block the transfer for now. the chairman of the committee said he hopes to share that with the committee members over the course of the week it's unclear what the holdup is and the concerns of the dni. right now there is no movement. matt: it's bad news for democrats who said there is no there there. what we do know about devin nunes and his trip to the white house to get more information and talk to some sources. they have evidence that more of donald trump's conversations were intercepted to use your words and it was not with russian officials. so we have the obama administration look at more team trump conversations than ever before. the director of the dni saying
7:38 pm
we want to to look at this more careful live, the information could be sensitive. republicans have as many questions that they want answered as the democrats who won't be quite. lou: russia no parts of this investigation nor the transscripts tore whatever documents may be that were the result of the surveillance of trump transition members including perhaps the president himself. charlie, your thoughts? >> from the beginning the media focused on the suppose connections between trump and the trump campaign and russia. but all along the far, far, far graver story here, the one with far graver constitutional crisis level scandal is the notion that you have an outgoing president who spied or whose administration may have spied on a political enemy, his arch political enemy in the middle of
7:39 pm
a presidential campaign. if that is what happened, it's 10 times worse than watergate it's a scandal that is a constitutional crisis if that happened. and all of this worrying about ties between russia, that's fine. but this other story is far, far bigger. lou: i think everyone should keep in mind, the f.b.i., the lead investigative agency on the so-called russian story and the relationship that's so far hasn't been established between any member of the trump administration and russia, that's the f.b.i. they have been at it for what, almost 8 months. and still not a scintilla of evidence. james clapper the head of the dni previous to dan coats taking over, the obama dni, not a scintilla of evidence, yet we do have evidence here and
7:40 pm
allegations that are profound, as you say, that there is a relationship between the surveillance of the obama administration and the transition team of the president-elect. matt, you will get the last word. matt: what the press is covering is everything that's not important. we should start covering the actual substance. if tough one administration spying on the incoming administration, that's something we have never seen. those of us who supported the idea of prosecuting the war on terror aggressively never imagined these powers would be used to pick up conversations potentially of an incoming president. this is a place we do not want to be as a country. lou: matt schlapp, charlie hurt, thank you. a thrill seeker taking base
7:41 pm
jumping to new extremes. the man walking 150 feet to the end of a wind turbine blade in california before leaping off and parachuting to the ground. the so-called bladerunner calling the jump surreal. certainly beautiful. and extraordinary. up next, healthcare back on the agenda. republicans looking to get to yes. >> we are not going to retrench into our corners or put up dividing lines. today we broke down many of those dividing lines within our conference. real move forward on the things the american people sent us here to do.
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lou: congressman brooks introduced a one-sentence bill. quote effective as of december 31, 2017, the patient protect and affordable care act is repealed and the provisions of law amended or repealed by sufficient act are restored or revised as if such act had not been enacted. joining me is senior fellow at the london center for research, betsy mccoy.
7:47 pm
mccoy. much to the pain and embarrassment and us from millions of americans, if indeed there is to be a public policy decision in the house, the senate and the president signs it. what should this thing look like? what should it look like in terms of tax credits? what should it look like in terms of loesch premiums? >> you just put your finger on it. lou: i was just getting warmed up. >> that's what the president promised and what the polls suggest all americans want. that's what the freedom caucus, the more conservative members of the house were holding out for. practical changes that will lower premiums.
7:48 pm
lou: the two most important they were holding out for? >> number one, removing the one size fit all government-designed package. number two, the most important of all, allowing health insurance companies to sell understand at a lower rate, lower premium for healthy people. give them a break. lou: this is one of the most difficult parts in which to create incentives and boundaries. >> but those two thing would bring premiums way down. the one price for everyone requirement in obamacare is what accounts for more than 50% of all the premium hikes. that one rule. lou: with this new effort under way in which steve bannon will be working with the various parties here for the president, what are we going to see?
7:49 pm
i mean, still you have speaker ryan who is -- he is a bit of a ludite, i may say, he doesn't like sunshine and transparency. he also has had a committee process and should be regular in committee hearings. >> you will see the repeal of the individual mandate. howie: what we are going to see isn't decided. ryan will still have a role. >> that was in the old bill, too. lou:hanging his ways, do you see him changing his ways? >> i hope we see a change in his ways. lou: do you see a change? >> i believe he is humbled enough and he has gotten his marching orders from the white house to get a deal done and i believe we'll have a deal done.
7:50 pm
we have five weeks left before the individual market collapses. howie: we have tax reform, the treasury secretary has orders to get that ready. >> we have to make sure donald trump is in the driver's seat on tax reform, not the house republicans. they have some idea that are very controversial like the border adjustment tax. lou: god save us. i don't even want to get started on that nonsense. betsy mccoy, like you say, we still have some issues. breaking news, north korea just tested a rocket engine for the third type this month. officials say none of the three tests ended in an explosion showing that the rogue nation has made significant process. such engine could be used on an icbm that could threaten the
7:51 pm
continental united states, a distance of 5,500 mile s from the north korea. theresa may signing the letter that will formally begin the united kingdom's detarture from the eu tomorrow. what's that deal with all the bad boys of brexit in california? we are coming back with that and much more. stay with us.
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lou: we asked should the trump administration put any trust whatsoever in moderate dimms on healthcare? 8% said no. president trump talking about the prospects of a new healthcare deal tie know we'll all make a deal on healthcare. it's such an easy one. i think it's going to happen. because we have all been promising, democrat, republican, we have all been promising that to the american people. so i think a lot of good things will happen there. lou: the president saying he thinks something will happen and soon. joining me to discuss the trump agenda and the start of brexit. steve hilton, great to see you. the president with unexpected optimism in that statement after
7:56 pm
last week in which he was a bit tired of the nonsense. >> lou, i think we discussed this before. that's fine. it's okay. what really matters is getting this economy moving. focus on that. that's the number one reason he was elected. those people desperate for jobs and a rise in income. tax reform, infrastructure, deregulation. get things moving. lou: i'm going to say something radical and something i think you will disagree with. he has brought so much energy to the oval office and is such a strong, energetic national leader, i think he alone is worth 1% on gdp growth. i think that. and i think we are seeing signs of it. whether it's the equity markets or consumer or investor
7:57 pm
confidence, it's extraordinary. >> we shouldn't forget he's already doing a lot of things through executive action helpful to specific second towards. but there are big things that transcend individual pieces of action to help the energy industry for a general economic boost, the tax reform, the corporate tax cut and infrastructure program. those are the big items i want him to get on with above all else. lou: healthcare reform does loom as critically important as well. >> i run a business. i know what a big deal it is and what a big cost it is. it feels like putting together a big deal around tax and infrastructure. it's more conceivable. certainly this year. >> the idea of combining tax and infrastructure is an extraordinary idea.
7:58 pm
you talk about courage. that is to bring them both at the same time, tax reform as we all know, particularly corporate tax. that's extraordinarily difficult and complex issue. it will reach to the repatriation of capital and international transfer. it's going -- plenty of heavy lifting for everyone. let's turn to brexit itself. and tomorrow -- >> it's official. lou: prime minister may has a lot on her hands. you are talking about the fifth largest economy in the world saying adios. and it looks like the european union are going to let the u.k. leave under. >> cobbleleave -- under amicable circumstances. >> we'll see about that.
7:59 pm
they don't twient look too easy because they want to keep everyone in. the conversation focuses too much around the next two years and the admittedly complex negotiations not just because of the trading relationships but the heart of the debate which is national sovereignty. so much of the regulations are connected to eu membership. the real story is not whether the deal goes well it's about what the british government does with its policy freedom after brexit. cut taxes, deregulate, be a haven for entrepreneurs and growth and dine' mitchell and use the freedom of being outside the e.u. to boost the economy. that's a choice the government will make afterwards. >> as we said, complicated and filled with exciting opportunity
8:00 pm
and promise after all, that was the point of brexit. steve hilton, thanks for being with us. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. interior secretary ryan zinke join us. kennedy: another government shutdown on the horizon. can lawmakers reach a deal in all eyes have been on president trump when it comes to allegations about russia. but ford has a big plan to create jobs. what's the best way to resurrect the manufacturing industry? dirty jobs host mike rowe is here. grab a shovel be time to dig in. after paul ryan hit too many whammies in the healthcare version, it's time for the shutdown showdown.


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