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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  April 1, 2017 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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guest jack keene. >> ask not what your country can do for you but now politicians tell us we should demand our country should do more for us. >> so many women are still earning less than men on the job. >> apparently america is filled with victims. >> i would not say i was not a victim. >> a country of victims? that is our show tonight.
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♪ john: are you a victim? i am. i stutter my brother is smarter than i am. and i and deficient and social skills asked my coworkers. don imus said that was socially awkward and i am right. he was right diet deficient if only i was more like a bill reilly. he doesn't care. i want tobe like barack obama he is talented and charming and taller than me but he is black. he is a victim. you get where i am going. everybody can be a victim there are real victims the mentally ill, and children neglected or abused, the people who must try to live on $1 a day.
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but something odd is going on the most successful country in the history of the world we spend $22 trillion on programs that promise to help those who need help pay yet more people than ever say i am a victim and lots of politicians say that is why i ran for office. and hillary clinton announced her campaign she said. >> i am running for everyone who has ever been knocked down. >> people working to with three jobs. >> watching politics you would think america is filled with victims. kathleen mangu ward writes for recent magazine and david webb talks about that on his radio show. you are a victim you are black. >> i am confused. but at some time so the aid discriminated against me but
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unless they did it to my face worse they have not had the guts to do. >> for any government official that makes sense to have people to help satisfy you expand your domain so by redefining themselves as a victim you become more powerful is a simple equation there went to expand their bureaucratic turf i found another 10 million who need food stamps that is more authority. >> they do that because they need to stay in business had never met a bureaucracy that puts itself out of business? >> we have a list of just some of the assistance programs medicare and medicaid the children health insurance program housing assistance earned income tax
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credit. it goes on and on. >> the idea we are spending a huge amount on welfare within the country richer than ever it is true some goes to help people who are indeed. >> we have spent trillions on poverty since the great society. that is relative that is still the same with those that depend on government it will perpetuate itself to participate in these programs. >> on the phone you said the welfare state is insidious. i've looked that up i know what it means
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>> >> you don't even have to ruth say it. to said there is one way to fix this. that puts me into power. >> it is fear mongering they will not get ahead without them and the studies have been debunked but they need to sell you veer because it makes you dependent. >> you read i have less of a chance? >> you are my champion. >> hillary is constantly talking about this and it
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confuses me because we don't like unemployment but not working hurts people but thenhen theygetjobs she says the jobs are abusive and and your campaign says she is running for president. >> for the factory workers and food servers who stand on their feet all day. >> it gets more troubling when americans are fretting about the of victims because it is bad it doesn't mean there is of victim or government should try to fix it. >> they chose that job because the prior auction was working. >> -- r wasn't working. >> here is a sample from twitter.
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>> victimhood is sought out in america because. >> gives you a special status. >> you used to play at recess who is the fastest runner as kids become pete with each other but when we went to college i was offered the chance to live in the black called that was for me to commune with people of the same pigment. i felt uncomfortable being told that i needed to be with a certain group for people because of skin color to be comfortable. >> to claim victim status or to cry wolf.
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they don't want to be a victim. >> you play monopoly tuesday you are a victim that is the advantage. > i did not accept instead victim ology at the school because i knew was a false narrative so this is the generational theft of our future that we talk about it people are raised with a dependency culture and raise others that way you begin to use the where we are with tens of millions of people in this culture. john: why i am a victim. that was not fun.
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john: cop cop. [applause] >> caddies to that guy go commercial with a camel? >> guess what today is? >> but holiday is wednesday because you are over the hump of the workweek last year during finals week at the university of st. thomas students propose to bring a camel chews celebrate to make it over the hump final it was controversy and it was canceled but greg lukianoff knows why for individual rights and education specializing in tracking the endless claims of victimhood. what was wrong? >> a started to argue was animal cruelty but he was a local camel and had nothing
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else to do and then they made the argument was offensive to the middle eastern people although there were never mentioned and it was a reference to the funny guy go commercial so they canceled the event random claims that people were offended. john: to find this a lot. >> i have done this 50 years and a bar to be offended is very low. >> and i have been passing out these cards you are a victim but what is in it for the schools or the students? >> you can silence people that you disagree with people don't get invited or professors get punished it is the all-purpose weapo. john: lately it is the micro aggression because you don't
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realize that your comments are aggressive acts of micro aggression. steven colbert asked a guest. >> it is like being shocked a black person is articular. >> that is not the same as racism. >> it is covert hidden under the surface. john: i am understand say you are articulate is obnoxious but i don't understand the other's. >> america is a melting pot. i guess the implication that people should become part of day melting pot? i don't understand that that the person who has the most merit got the job they're all listed by the way as my progressions. john: you should not say the
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person with the best skills to got the job? >> that is insulting to those who don't have the skills. >> you should not criticize race-based political action? >> -- affirmative action? but by the way it is the type a form of violence. >> some are so sensitive but others embrace very honest talk about racial differences. >> please stop touching my hair. does this look like a petting zoo? >> you don't understand. >> when i was in college that would be taboo. >> mike progressions are interesting things to study
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and now they're starting to be policed as a mechanism to say there was a micro aggression committed against me and posted on the internet. they seem to think this will increase dialogue? if you have to walk on eggshells and anything is a tiny form of violence people will stop talking to each other. john: recently an epidemic of sexual assaults on campus can be debated but many colleges pass rules or laws to protect women by defining consent is needed for a couple to have sexual relations. >> em lusby ongoing drought in activity. i guess they must say yes repeated the? [laughter]
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but it is a lot and it makes you wonder how crazy this could get. as a test we have a printed consent form that they are required to sign before initiating sexual activity this has to be signed by the initiating and anon initiating sexual partner the government handholding we went to columbia where we assumed students would laugh as it was a joke but most took it seriously. >> does college involve itself too much? >> they don't involve themselves enough. >> i am not sure this is the wrong way but we need more protection. >> at this rate renault's. john: some women would say
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women are raped on campus was the harm? >> by adam of the radical opinion i want to rapist to be put in jail not kicked out of school but the affirmative consent approach is the worst of all. it means you are guilty until proven innocent by the way you cannot prov yourself innocent you literally have to tape record the entire thing from the beginning to the and otherwise it is not ongoing consent it is a foolish idea to pass something so broad it turns everybody into rapist only to punish those that our guilty is crazy. john: 1400 schools have these requirements? >> i think every state school in new york and
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california. john: don't they laugh? i can believe anybody having sex has repeated consent? >> that is what i find so strange. it is an incredible trust of power. you can find me guilty anytime but i trust you is a bad predicament. john: i am skeptical of victimhood but this girl has a right. you will have heard some surprising things from her. [applause]
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john:. >> political operatives are trying every trick in the bloc to prevent african-americans from voting.
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john: and they are? blacks are being stopped? bernie sanders says african-american youth is especially back to my stand america ushered spend another trillion dollars to get them jobs and education. the there is any group that has a right to claim victimhood it is blacks after slavery the government forced segregation but kira davis says blackstone need special help. they don't? [laughter] >> shockingly we can take care of ourselves. black culture is probably one of the struggles cultures in america and there is a good case to re-read one of the purest forms of real american culture. black culture is pop culture john: you have everything. >> we have everything. [applause] john: the music and the
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movies. >> two words. kanye west. [laughter] black people in this country have literally built america on our backs coming from nothing we had nothing demanded the right to have but was constitutionally guaranteed, i got that, marched got the right to voteand to work and to ea and mary who we want. we did tattersalls. somewhere along the way we became the people who said we want to stop doing things for ourselves other people need to do things for us. look at all the numbers the black communities have dropped it education, marriage. john: they were going up. >> absolutely we don't need government. government has taken more from us they and it has ever given to us and i used to be a raving socialist tv veteran not. but that is why was i saw
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the policies. i got the opportunity to serve my community and after-school program and i got the opportunity to see all the politics supported actually worked when applied and i found out they did not work we are victims to the government when the government was supposed to be helping us be self-sufficient. john: look at this graph. how many women have babies out of wedlock? since the welfare state began fewer than 8% had babies when welfare began with johnson declaring the war on poverty 10 years later it was 25% at that point that category changes to ruth black teenage birth
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has declined but it is still twice as high before welfare. >> it is not politically correct thing to say but the truth is that the biggest problem in the black community right now has spread to every other community in this country is we don't have our fathers any more cop cop. [applause] and it is growing in the white community and it is related to that statistic when kids were born into e two-parent homes the rate of success skyrocketed no doubt in my mind that the connection to the government coming into say take money you can have your money but you cannot have the guy in the house or the man in the house are we don't give you money that government, as
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the father. john: what about hillary clinton that political operatives are preventing blacks from voting? >> you know, that barack obama was born without of births to get? but she likes to live in america should like to get her check to cash it at the bank and get her prescription she figured out a way to get her identification in california illegal immigrants are getting identification if you cannot figure out how to get the edification in this country that is your problem. not mine. [applause] john: kira davis. what me getting beat up by a professional wrestler taught me. a real victim who will not call herself a victim. [applause]
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john: there are real victims in the world. 25 million live in a place called the worst place on earth. korea. no one but said dictator has said the freedom. bautzen's are tortured. people each rodents to survive and still starve and freeze to death in the winter and if nobody is allowed to leave the contrast between victimhood and america is mind-boggling one person who understands that is yeonmi park she admit when dash she managed to escape the ashes 21 but for 60 years she had to do amazing things in order to live and that is the title of her new book in order to
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live. what did you have to do? >> it is indescribable to survive we did not have enough food so i had to see the bodies in the streets. the government stopped providing food when the economy collapsed so we had to go to the black-market. john: but yet people would worship your leader. why? >>. john: you really believed he could read your mind? >> yes. once i escaped to chide i started to learn from the thai ladies people. john: here is some
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television programming from north korea. you with the that people really do love though peter as the announcer's voice is so exuberant is suggest that they were shipped him. >> may ha to. >> bay would decide what you wear? to back yes. how your hair looks like. john: officials would come to your home to say you must wear this? >> yes. you cannot wear jeans. >> if there was a black market some information would come from china and you got to see some western movies that opened your brain? >> yes. i was shocked i only thought
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he would die for the regime and for the party. not for love. i saw a titanic. john: you and your mother eventually walked to. >> i was 13 years old. john: than they sold to into slavery? >> if they catch us they will send us back to north korea and they know that some days that we will send you to chinese farmers of human trafficking and that happened to both of us. john: you didn't know what sex was? >> i had no idea. not even kissing. john: you could not leave because he would be sent back. that was our only option for
1:40 am
two years. john: then you escaped again there was an underground railroad. >> yes to go to south korea which was across the desert. john: you got to south korea and that was a shock? >> all lots. i hought freedom meant to wear jens without getting arrested but it meant you could think for yourself and what do you think about this? what is your favorite color or your favorite food? tell me what to wear. john: you started to read books. >> everybody told me i was a
1:41 am
loser because i had no knowledge and said you can do it so i read animal farm and that changed my life. i saw a mother and grandmother. john: once you were in america the movie came out called the interview is a stupid movie. >> is that real? >> it is a gift from my grandfather from stolen. >> you went to see this movie? >> the very first day i think it was christmas day i was amazed the freedom back and watch a movie making fun of the leader.
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[laughter] [applause] think about it. if i was in north korea would be executed. john: you will watch the rest of the show you see people talking about to be a victim they are not paid enough for you a victim? >> no. john: but you went through horrible things. [applause] >> thank you. to the things i am grateful for the first is that i was born n no korea that i could be free today. john: to be starving and sold into sex slavery would do that again. >> yes. john: stay with us.
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i am sure the audience has questions for you and i will explain why i of the victim. >> i think it is baked. >> is that fake? [music]
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[applause] john: it is your turn to ask question. let me start with facebook. real victims don't proclaim themselves victims they consider themselves survivors. >> people who have really been through a significant trauma i'd like yeonmi park the biggest victims never describe themselves as victims you never hear the most terrific experience to talk about themselves as victims. [applause] john: if i like your question you can have a get out of responsibility free card. >> yeonmi park did you the
1:48 am
family members behind and have you had contact with any family members since leaving? >> yes. my father and i brought him to china months later. john: how? >> that the farmer who bought the city but bring my parents back but the guard did not like me. [laughter] so they would denounce me. i am hoping for the best that they are safe. >> do you consider yourself a hero?
1:49 am
and rebecca i get discouraged a lot. people inspired me a free day -- every day. >> is there any point african americans will stop playing the slavery card? >> not to speak for the whole community but that victim card will never go away there is political value in it. with harriet tubman and could get in a time machine to come here and in 2015. >> harriet tubman time machine. >> great movie. [laughter] if she could read any tsa
1:50 am
one dash essay about my progression, she would laugh her head scarf off. >> if you are in the black market how you get out? >> if they're caught they to get out or sometimes they are executed. they hate the americans. so my last problem to have the ambassadors but they don't like the ambassadors.
1:51 am
[laughter] that our suffering is because people are starving. john: one final comment. talking about most of the victims earlier in the show they're not victims they just want a handout rand paul said he will limit the size of government to return the country to a the free markets in property rights and laissez-faire capitalism. >> that sounds optimistic. i am not sure that is true anymore than the leader of north korea could solve those but politicians gain by convincing people that others are taking from them and they're the victims. it is nearly always it hurts the real citizen. john: all female and a terrific panel.
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john: are you a victim? a lot of people say are. marion barry said i am a victim of racist plot
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hillary clinton is of victim of our right wing conspiracy and lindsay lohan drive strong again breaks parole claims cruelly and unusual punishmenthe said his rand gone better if he didn't say he was gay every but the complaints but i am a victim i stutter. sometimes when i speak i get stuck on a word i am worried if i say is this better if i fake it and it becomes real and i will humiliate myself. would i have fought to overcome it? maybe not i would have sued fox that they have to accommodate my disability to give me the off-camera job or maybe i would have stopped working to get a disability check.
1:57 am
i am glad today's losses did not exist then because i would push through. now things are good but not all is good one day i was doing a report out professional wrestling was fate and this has been. >> is this fake? he was 6.6 inches to a moderate 60 pounds that hurt and he hit me again after words aloud bruises hurt my years and i felt like a victim somebody said this mcmahon told him to hit me so i sued him and they demand that they see a doctor that they chose but their doctor told me your patent -- your pain is psychosomatic you hold onto
1:58 am
your paid because you are involved in a lawsuit. i was furious and i screamed at him you have not even examined me? but guess what? after mcmahon settled of lawsuit a gradually went away. was set? was i holding on to read because litigation reminded me i was a victim? may be. the patent did go away after the suiwas setled that makes me wonder about those programs. social security disability payments went to people in a wheelchair or blinder were clearly disabled banal billions of dollars go to people who say they are disabled for headaches and stress and back pain. $46 billion on disability payments last year it was more than triple from 1990 soon it will go broke but the increase of payments
1:59 am
makes no sense. medicine has improved and people to less hard manual labor there should be fewer disabled why are there more? some probably are but is it psychosomatic or a government handout? i don't know the right word but when you order something you get more of it. most of us feel sorry for ourselves to feel like a victim to encourage people to be victims 200 years ago our forbearers crossed oceans knowing they might suffer or die they are proud to strive the suffering with the failings that is the
2:00 am
stuff of life. that is our show. see you next week. [applause] goodnight from new york. >> i am here at freedom fest the world's biggest gathering of people and tonight's topic is the american dream still achievable? the founder of wholeoods the head of the restaurant chain carl's, jr.. and the man who helped to build modern lowe's vegas and made a couple billion dollars to read it. our topic, what happened to the american dream? that is our show.


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