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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> richard branson is hoping to launch performers into heaven by next year. customers have spent $250,000 to reverse their spot. >> risk and reward starts now. liz: breaking news on trump surveillance. reports reveal a top obama adviser thought to expose the name of trump, his associates, and their conversations to the intelligence community. we're going to break that story down for you. welcome to risk and reward. a senior obama official well-known in the intelligence world requested the exposure of information about trump, his names of his associates, and their conversations. sources tell fox it is done in order to embarrass the new president for political purposes. again, the names and conversations have nothing to do with national security, including russia's meddling and these trump officials,
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private citizens were caught up in the surveillance. here to discuss, fox news senior correspondent adam. >> yeah. liz, before last week, actually, and over the weekend it really started to play out in much more depth. multiple sources telling fox news that the adviser requested to unmask the names of trump officials. those unmasked names people associated with donald trump were then sent to the all of the ns he, some at dod, people at the top, including national security adviser ben rhodes. now, these names are part of surveillance of candidate president-elect donald trump and close to his family for up to a year before he took office. when names of americans are incidentally collected normally, they're supposed to be redacted from reports, whether it's international or domestic collection, unless it's an issue of national security or crime or if the security of the person who is mentioned in those reports is threatened in any way. now, there are loopholes and
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ways to unmask through back channels but americans are supposed to be protected from incidental collection. our sources say in this case they were not. and it's all comes in the wake of evelyn interview last no month, the former secretary of defense under president obama said this in part. take a listen. >> i was urging my former colleagues and frankly speaking to people on the hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people get as much information as you can. get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration. >> in the meantime we're also told devon nunez knew about the unmasking and leaking back in january well before president trump's tweet in march alleged wiretapping, which, again, this report does not necessarily cover that. but that tweet of course set us all off in some cases was in march. our sources say quote the intelligence agency slow rolled nunez could have seen other laws besides the white house -- sorry could have seen the laws other places but the
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white house schiff, which is a protected home in the old iphone how ar eisenhower office building had already been secure, obviously, and that's where he went becauseeens information for a few weeks. he went there, he could protect the source, get the logs. so it was two fold, liz. also keep in mind, as the obama administration left office, it approved new rules, which gave the nsa much broader power by relaxing rules of shared communications and the ability to share this with 16 other u.s. intelligence agencies, liz. liz: quick question. why ben rhodes? he's a campaign official for obama. what was the point of revealing names of people having conversations nothing to do with national security, including russia? and, again, why to somebody like ben rhodes? >> well, people have opinions on that. we're still investigating it. there's a lot here, liz, as you might imagine we're getting a lot of information. you really have to make you get two or three or four
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sources on this stuff. you know, there's a lot of people say that it was done for political purposes. and the reason that these guys and gals speak to us is they say they weren't used to seeing these names under these circumstances. and that nunez when he came out and claimed some of the things he's claimed, basically had his thumb on it. and at that point they believe they should, you know, come out and make sure that it's told correctly. liz: adam, great reporting. thanks so much, sir. >> all right. liz: more reports obama national security adviser susan rice who demanded that those names be revealed. again, according to multiple sources talking to fox news. now, susan, rice allegedly requested on dozens of occasions the exposure of the identities of these trump transition team members in intelligence reports. reminder, this is the same obama adviser susan rice who went on sunday morning talk shows, at least five of them to mislead the entire country wrongfully saying it was a video that was the cause of the benghazi attack to the intelligence world.
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that's according to congressional hearings. who briefed her to do that? obama campaign adviser david before she appeared. watch. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video that has offended many people around the world. liz: okay. there's that misleading. and susan rice misleading again, allegedly, even just saying in march she knows quote nothing about the exposure. president trump and their conversations. joining me now, scott brown. senator, do you think it could have been susan rice who called for the reveal. what do you think? >> well, if true, liz, it's deeply disturbing. and this is why libertarians and others who care so deeply about our personal privacy rights are up in arms, and i think other americans should be. when you have, it appears if true, for political purposes
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unmasking has nothing to do with national security. and then the fact that the president expanded the amount of entities and people that could get this information, it just doesn't pass the smell test, liz, and i think we're going to learn more and more as days go by. liz: susan rice is the national security adviser, it's in her job to do this, but we have people on the other side and in the intelligence community, they're apolitical. they're saying they've never seen anything like this. what do you think? >> yeah. i would go with the ladder. i think it's highly unusual that you would unmask somebody, especially when it really has nothing to do with national security. up to a year prior picking up these -- i just want to get to the point, like, why? why was there an authorization? why did pfizer allow this to, in fact, happen? what was the reasoning? was it because the ambassador was there? was it banking? look, the ambassador has been to the white house more than probably any other ambassador
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that i'm aware of. it would be nice to check that out. how many other ambassadors have had access to the white house? how about all this sweetheart deals for russia? we can go on and on and on to see who's playing favorites here. liz: yeah. >> and i think it's really dangerous, a dangerous road that we're going through. >> and the democrats have not closed the sale that it was russia and trump colluding to basically cause hillary clinton to lose. i mean, the voters out there some say, yeah, continue investigating russia meddling. other say done with it. you haven't closed a sale. there's no proof. even the top democrat ranking member on the house intelligence committee adam schiff of california admits that its investigation has turned up quote no definitive proof of president trump colluding with russia in the last year's election. listen. >> i don't think we can say anything definitively at this point. we are still at the very early stage of investigation. the only thing i can say is that it would be irresponsible for us not to get to the bottom of this.
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liz: all right. early stages. but some say this has been going on since last july of 2016. the media, senator, still trying to draw this connection. even though authorities note the vote was not hacked. it was russia, not the trump team that hacked into the dnc. >> can you say definitively that there was collusion? there were people affiliated with the trump campaign who were working with russians to time the release of damaging information about hillary clinton? >> in an escalating russia crisis is threatening to undermine the president's ability to persuade even republicans that he can bounce back. >> donald trump desperate needed a rebound but instead of bouncing back, trump is still stuck in the russian mud. liz: he's stuck in the russian mud because everyone is talking about it, senator. this is what we know so far. massive russia propaganda machine on social media. we've known since, you know, the early days of the last century russia does propaganda. it does do i say information.
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the testimony here is that bernie sanders either wittingly or unwittingly spread misinformation. >> what's disturbing is that we know that china, north korea, russia, and other criminal and political elements trying to give misinformation and hacked. it happens. and when john podesta's password is actually password, and it's that way for years and the dnc doesn't have a firewall to protect themselves, well, with all due respect, shame on them. and the fact that they released information about bernie sanders and how they really i think through him under the bus, that is completely, you know, it's sad that it got out there. but in retrospect, i'm glad that it got out, at least we know where their heads were at, so they should have been more protective -- liz: russia has been hacking into yahoo accounts since 2014. news flash, dnc. you didn't have a firewall.
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instead of using yahoo accounts, 1.5 billion accounts hacked. we have to move on. sorry, sir. they've been hacking. senate democrats say they have the votes to filibuster and block the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch after clearing senate judiciary today. you know, here's the thing, senator. senate majority leader chuck schumer predicted yesterday that gorsuch would not reach the 60 votes needed to overcome a democrat filibuster. listen. >> it looks like gorsuch will not reach the 60 vote margin. so instead of changing the rules, which is up to mitch mcconnell and the republican majority, why doesn't president trump, democrats, and republicans in the senate sit down and try to come up with a mainstream nominee? liz: okay. so mainstream nominee. this is what the democrats have done in the past. you know it, senator. let's walk through for our viewer. there are 52 senate republicans. mitch mcconnell could change
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the precedent back to a 51-vote count, simple vote count to get neil gorsuch confirmed, avoid the filibuster. big mistake by the democrats? going to b trump could have an easier go in the future to get confirmed conservative at the 51 level; right? >> absolutely right. and harry reid as you know changed for federal judges and ambassadors cabinet positions, secretaries, and the like. i wouldn't blame mitch mcconnell. listen, i wish every judge was like judge gorsuch. the most -- just watching those hearings, it was fascinating, and i was so thankful that he was going to be a judge because it just put me at ease that he knows the law so well and has such an even temperament and especially with the attacks that came this way. and what i said, e macis that the outside groups are obviously really influencing and putting pressure on the democrats sadly because there's no reason not to vote for him. he -- look, judge ginsberg had what? 96 back in the day. obviously things have changed, it has gotten very, very political. it's disturbing and sad, quite frankly. liz: good point.
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let's get to this story. after a round of golf with president trump, senator rand paul says he's now very optimistic that obamacare will get repealed. let's listen. >> we had a great day with the president today. we did talk about some health care reform. i think the sides are getting closer and closer together, and i remain very optimistic that we will get obamacare repeal. liz: it takes a round of golf? i thought senator rand paul was adamantly against it, senator. >> well, he's a great guy, first of all. i have a lot of respect for him and the fact that he sticks to his guns, and i'm hopeful, though, that he will move forward and actually find that compromise because we need him as a leader. somebody who ran for president who's got some great libertarian views, conservative views. we need him. the president needs him. the country needs him. so i'm glad it takes a round of golf. they should go out again and again and again and bring everybody together because i think it's a no-brainer. the people of america put donald trump in the
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republicans in charge to repeal and replace obamacare. so news flash. let's get it done. liz: thank you, senator brown. come back soon. love having you go on. >> thank you. liz: coming up, now, listen, if you've got children out there, cover their ears. here's what's going on. the democrat national committee's new chairman was caught on tape gogga going on an antitrump tirade. [shouting] liz: coming up, we're going to play the entire rant from dnc chairman. but first, we have a judge who gives the green light to happen being sued for saying this. >> because paris came in. we have another wise guy. go ahead. get him the hell out. get him out. liz: my next guest says, well, if the president can be sued for that, then should presidenobama? he's asking this question. should president obama be sued for saying things and using
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trump: look who we have here. some wonderful people. awe. get out of here. get out. get out. get out of here. because paris came in -- a we have another wise guy. go ahead. get him the hell out. get him out. oh, get out of here. get out of here. lo at these people. get out of here. get out. out. out. out. get out. liz: three people were against trump pushed and shoved by trump supporters at a pro trump rally back in march.
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and now three people, two women and a teenage boy suing the president. they say it was mr. trump who incited violence. as you saw there quote get them out of here. now, kentucky judge gave the lawsuit the green light, them the go-ahead agreeing with plaintiffs the president intended his supporters to use harmful, physical force. my next guest makes this case. if we can sue the president for that, should we be able to sue president obama for saying inflammatory things that could be behind half a dozen race riots that occurred under president obama's term? also radio host kevin jackson with me now. hi, kevin it's -- you know, it's unclear how a jury will rule on whether the president, mr. trump was the proximate cause of that, but it's how words matter. and you say a lot of people have problems with obama who frequently accuse police
5:19 pm
officers of implicit bias. before we get to you, let's take a listen to what president obama was saying. >> there's a long history in this country of african-americans and latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. that's just a fact. >> there is a history. we have seen too many instances of police officers acting with primarily african-american often poor in ways that raise troubling questions. liz: okay. so he apparently has been accused, kevin, president obama of basically insight anger and anxiety over saying cops are essentially radiation. that's what he's accused of. words matter.
5:20 pm
what do you think, kevin? >> well, there's a lot of things at play here. first of all, when you listen to obama give his speeches, he's chastised republicans, told democrats that essentially we're not worthy of spending time with us and hearing our views. and if you want to transfer what trump said and that the damages that these people suffered over a few maybe overzealous supporters, gosh, you've just got so much ammunition. i don't know what the fee ended up being for the state of missouri, but it's millions of dollars in damage that was caused over ferguson and barack obama essentially fomented that hatred of cops here in the city and then of course the police officer involved was exonerated, the city for all intents and purposes was exonerated. he hasn't said a word about what's going on in chicago in terms of what they do with the police officers. but even go beyond barack obama and start looking at the mayor of baltimore, for example, shelby blake when she
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actually said to people, you know, just go ahead and do what you need to do and burn down the city and get it out of your system. and then of course the state's attorney who essentially said she was going to get justice for them and effectively condone the actions, i mean, that's a very slippery slope for the left to want to play. and then compound all of that, liz, with wikileaks where it was pretty much determined that the dnc are the ones who are creating a lot of these -- the protests against donald trump, if you recall what happened in chicago when trump was still a candidate. so they've got a really -- i would just tell them to be careful throwing rocks inside of the glass house. liz: yeah, look, it's about bad actors. it's about individual behavior. not taking a broad brush and painting groups all the same. let's take a moment, though, and just take a look at how the protesters at that trump rally, the ones who are now suing. let's look at how they were
5:22 pm
ejected. let's take a look. >> get them out of here. [cheers and applause] by the way, do we love our police? we have to give a hand to our police. [cheers and applause] we love our police. we love our police. liz: okay. kevin, the aintiffs are saying they were shoved and pushed. and here's the judge's reasoning, saying that to get them out of here it was an instruction, a command. basically the president's team saying it was first amendment free speech rights. what do you say? >> well, i don't think they should have put their hands on these folks. but there's plenty of video around of trump supporters being chased and beaten and there was one video i recall a woman was essentially trapped trying to get into a building. i would just say, again, if the judge's going to rule on this, i think quite frankly it's nonsense. i think if they wanted to sue
5:23 pm
anybody, the people involved, they could try to sue the individuals, but i don't believe they could go after donald trump. the democrat party has a lot of blood on its hands when it comes to trump supporters. recall the video where the guy got dragged out of his car and beaten on camera? and many others. so, look, if you want to do a tit for tat on this, they're going to find out there's a lot more people that have been beat up and harassed in many cases much worse than those people were who were trump supporters than any democrat. if that's the best that they have, then expect a lot of other lawsuits from the other side. liz: thank you, kevin jackson. good to see you, sir. >> you too, liz. liz: next up, we have this story for you. facebook live. that's the live streaming app plagued with violence since it launched last year. it debuted last year. we now have at least 50 incidents of violent attacks live streamed on the facebook application. including an antitrump hate attack, that's the social
5:24 pm
media company unwittingly streamed for nearly a half hour back in january. and now this story. chicago police charging a 14-year-old for leading the sexual assault rape of a teenager that was broadcast. my next guest says billionaire o mark zuckerbg facebook as well not doing arly enough. next. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. [student] i can just quit school and get a job. [ex student] daddy's here. [wife] hi [dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [chancellor] adam baily. [chancellor] adam baily.
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liz: facebook live broad streaming app called facebook live. it's been pluewith violence incidents, shootings, assaults, rapes, attacks, over 50 such incidents since it debuted last year. this, including a brutal nearly half hour antitrump
5:28 pm
ahate attack that was streamed uninterrupted back in january. and now this. chicago police making an arrest and another case. a 14-year-old boy charged with a sexual assault of a teenage 15-year-old girl broadcast on facebook live back in march. >> they humiliated themselves, humiliated their families, and now they're going to be held accountable for what they did. liz: i just want to clarify. that attack that happened that antitrump attack, it was a attack on a mentally handicapped teenager. those individuals are now in custody. now to this case that just happened. now this teenage boy in custody, he faces felony accounts for aggravated criminal sexual assault, also manufacturing child pornography and dissemination of child pornography. another has been issued for a second teen. some of them have been bullying this victim on social media. listen. >> there's a bunch of social media -- i'm going to call it bullying that occurs where
5:29 pm
people are really making fun of the victim. liz: police since moved the victim to a safe space after she was taunted and received threats. let's bring in greg, fox news correspondent joins me now. so we got a statement, greg, from facebook about what is going on here with this live streaming of all of this violence and this rape in particular. here's what they said, gregg. this is a hideous crime. we do not allow this kind of content on facebook. we work rd to create a safe environment. we're going to remove videos that depict sexual assaults and share to glorify violence. why aren't mark zuckerberg and facebook taking responsibility for this? >> well, i think they are to some extent. they have automated content monitors, and they especially with respect to videos that are posted very, very good at removing them immediately. so are other service providers, not just facebook. here's the problem --
5:30 pm
liz: but it was 20 minutes. some of them are 20 minutes. some of them are half hour. >> when you're live streaming as this one was, it's hard to get something that's happening contemporaneously. liz: you know what i say? shut it down. after one violent act, shut down facebook live because at this point, and we just saw now, that was the rape of a teenager. that's sexual violence. >> except that facebook had no knowledge or notice of it. once they did, of course, they took down anything related to it, including repeats. so they took aaffirmative action. and, look, under the communications decency act, service providers are not liable for third party content. that's a congressional law. liz: facebook makes a lot in advertising revenue. a ton of money. so when you have, for example, a food manufacturer has e. coli spread through the food system, the company food system, they shut that plant down. why doesn't facebook shut this down? i say one act of violence is enough because people mimic.
5:31 pm
>> shut down all live facebook? >> shut it down. people do copycatting. >> 98% of what facebook and other service providers offer to the public is very good. >> this is 50 acts of violence. but here's what mark zuckerberg sd. he said quote in the last year -- talking about the violence that's being streamed on facebook live. the complexity of the issues outstripping our existing process for governing the community, he says we have to amplify the good and mitigate the bad. well, you know what? 40 people were watching that rape without doing anything about it. >> that's the problem. that is the problem because in most states across america, it is not a crime to fail to report a crime. it should be. that needs to change. texas, for example, has a law that says it is a crime if you witness a act of violence or homicide, and you fail to report it. but guess what? the penalty is just a misdemeanor. it's a slap on the wrist. we need to seriously criminalize in every state
5:32 pm
anybody who doesn't report an act of violence, especially an act of violence on a child. liz: it's disgusting and a disgrace. let me take the flip side because you made this point. some have argued that it's good to have a live stream, we have ten seconds because you can identify the criminals doing it; right? >> exactly. criminals are dumb, thank goodness, and thank goodness for modern technology recording devices because they put the criminals behind bars. liz: gregg, you're great. and you're great when i push back. >> thank you. liz: thank you so much. good to see you, greg. next up, the fight against sanctuary cities continues. we have this. the democrat newark mayor now accusing president trump trying to force mayors into becoming quote fugitive slave catchers. we've got lawrence jones saying this is nothing even close to slavery. he takes on the mayor next. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally
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>> targeting sanctuary cities is a way for them to tell mayors and other folks around the country for one they're sticking to what i think is a very unconstitutional and un-american policy and trying to intimidate us into being what i call fugitive slave catchers. the runaround and do their bidding in our cities. liz: newark, new jersey mayor saying president trump trying to force sanctuary cities into becoming fugitive slave catchers.
5:37 pm
let's take that to lawrence jones saying nothing like slavery; right? >> liz, i think this is just nonsense. the suggestion that somehow these people are slaves when they come to america illegally unlike the african slaves who came here unwillingly and went through hah treatment. these ople get free health care. they get treated like any other citizen without having a constitutional amendment which black folks had to have to get the same rights even after coming here unwillingly. liz: i hear you. we also have this for you. mayors in los angeles, new york, chicago, saying they will continue to provide sanctuary to illegal criminals. what are they getting out of defying the president? >> they're getting votes. that's what they want. votes. this is another tactic to rowel people's emotions up. to make this a race thing. to make this something against immigrants. when this is just about following the law.
5:38 pm
i don't think that's anything hard to do at this point. i think that these mayors should be held accountable. this is obstruction. i think we should use the legal system to target these mayors as well as take away their funding. that's what needs to happen. this is a time for president trump to put his foot down and make an example out of these mayors. breaking the law, this tactic won't work. liz: yeah, we also asked on this show why isn't put to the voter on whether to vote on this? also weigh in here, here's the story we've been talking about. we've got some police officers now standing up to democrat mayors who are defying the president. look at this story. the new york city police department reportedly defying mayor de blasio. they will not go along with mayor de blasio's pledge to protect, rather, criminal illegal iignt basically saying they are -- the police here in new york city, they will alert
5:39 pm
immigration officials of illegal immigrants court dates so that they can be arrested. what do you make of that? >> because they didn't take an oath to the mayor. they took an oath to hold up the state and federal law. they're doing what they swore an oath to do. and i think that we're reaching a point in america that it's about emotions and not the law. this is the law of the land and as enforcers of the law, they have the duty to do just that. that's not the mayor's job but definitely law enforcement's job. liz: well, what do you think? can with police? go right to the police? >> well, he can. but you get into all of the politics of it because the mayor appoints the police chief and then the chief handles the law enforcement officers that are doing the day-to-day work. so i think it makes the problem complicated, but it really shouldn't be. all of these people have to do is follow the law, and i think that the president as the commander-in-chief has a duty
5:40 pm
to keep us safe. and when you see illegal immigrants raping children in bathrooms or committing crimes, i think the president now has to use his presidential authority. his first duty is to protect us, and i think he's doing the right thing. liz: what will happen to any police department if they decide their city's there? >> they'e red. and i think we have to answer for that. why are we firing officers for doing their job? which is to enforce the law of the state and federal government. why are we going to fire them? and i think these officers are taking a bold stand because we know the end result of this. they will be fired, and it's not right. liz: lawrence jones, good to see you. come back soon. okay? >> liz, thanks, my friend. liz: sure. next up, we have actress and comedian tina faye making fun of white female conservatives saying you know what? they should stop watching hgtv and pay attention to what's going on. not sure how they're not paying attention.
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