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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. and you don't want to miss lou dobbs so keep it here on fox business. [♪] howie: former obama national security advisor susan rice facing growing calls to testify it under oath after she allegedly ordered the unmasking of officials under surveillance. rice today responded to those allegations. >> the allegation that somehow the obama administration officials utilizing intelligence for political purposes. that's absolutely false. lou: laura ingraham upset the national left-wing media has
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ignored the rice scandal. republicans working to revive the stalled effort to repeal and replace obamacare. one of ryancare's harshest critic is now talking compromise. >> sometimes we get so caught up in our arguments we think we disagree on everything, when in reality we probably agree on 80-90% of the stuff. lou: congressman mo brooks introduced a one-sentence long bill to repeal obamacare. president trump rallying support for his plan to replace the country's aging infrastructure. if you want to build a highway.
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this is a process that takes 10 years. lou: we now have as he put it, a builder in the white house whose motto happens to be america first. lou: susan rice defending the propriety of surveilling and unmasking as routine and lawful conduct. two weeks ago she denied that she knew anything about such matters. here she is when she denied any knowledge whatsoever of what the intel committee was investigating. >> i know knowing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nun tess on that count today. i don't know to what chairman nunes was referring. lou: today she is denying
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allegations she improperly requested the unmasking in the intelligence report. she was caught in a misrepresentation of what happened and why in the benghazi terror attack. >> in order to understand the report and assess its significance, it was necessary to request who that u.s. official was. >> did you seek the names of people involved to us mask the names of people involved in the trump transition, the trump campaign and surrounding the president-elect. did you spy on them? >> absolutely not for any political purposes to spy, expose or anything. >> did you leak the name of mike flynn? >> i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would. lou: her denials expected and insufficient for most republicans including senator rand paul.
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he's calling for rice to be subpoenaed to testify. joining me now to talk about the latest on the scandal is lieutenant col neglect tony shaffer. let's start with this national -- this former national security advisor who now is caught right in the middle of another misrepresentation at least sow it seems to me. >> you are being polite it's a lie. come on, lou. she said something a few weeks ago on pbs saying i had no idea there is gambling going on, and here she is talk about her winnings. let's be clear on this. the last time we talked last week i talked about the fact the trump administration should have treated the entire obama administration as a crime scene. here is an example of that.
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she admitted she had don't unmasking. you have to have for her to unmask someone, you or me, there has to be some level of what we would call in law enforcement probable cause or in intelligence a reasonable expectation of links to an intelligence operation. i can tell you based on what i have been told about the information destrip nune de -- n devin nunes has, the high water mark was not met. that was the original issue. second which is more severe is the quote-unquote i accept nation and the leaking. she did not leak maybe. but i'm sure she knows who did. lou: to change the requirements. there could be broader dissemination of law
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intelligence to more agencies with greater number of individuals involved. >> correct. lou: with just days to go in the administration, that's highly suspect. >> the idea here -- the excuse they are probably going to use is this is due diligence. we had concerns. that's not justification for using a nation state capability to target u.s. citizens without clear and precise justification. they will try to say the bar was lowered for purposes of what we were doing. this opens the door and i agree with senator rand paul on this issue. this is a slippery slope. we now lowered the bar to check on due diligence. it doesn't neat requirements to restrict the access and use. it's not something that could be taken lightly.
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i can't believe cnn and the other mainstream media are not outraged at what this means regarding the breach of u.s. citizen privacy. lou: outraged? they are asleep. they don't want to report northbound will they to their audience what is happening here with a sitting president who said straightforwardly that the obama administration spied on him and his associates and his officials. and the national media -- the left-wing media spent how many weeks scoffing at very thought, let alone the claim itself. and it turns out he is exactly right that that is what happened. and there is very little concern and outrage it seems on the part of certain groups, including the aclu about the fact that the obama administration not only surveilled the senate intelligence committee, not
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tomorrow have rigged the democratic national committee against the nomination, but the likely nomination in points of fact of senator bernie sanders, but at the same time were spying on the very man who was to become the candidate who was the nominee of the party, and i mean, at some point there has to be within the national left-wing media some conscience and concern for what is right and what is lawful. >> nobody brought up the fact that jim clapper again has been proven to be lying. he said several weeks ago none of this was going on. he out and out lied. so everybody the left has come out with from the former obama administration has lied. and no one except the conservative media seem to be concerned about what this really means. it's unthinkable.
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lou: president obama's former national security advisor, susan rice defended her controversial request to unmask trump campaign officials this way. >> the notion which some people are trying to suggest that by asking for the i'd tough an american person, that is the same as leaking it. it's completely false. lou: complete pli false, she says. we'll take that up. we are after he waiting what is a major pleeght on capitol hill that could have significant implications for the trump agenda. they are trying to move ahead with a new form of the healthcare repeal and replace effort. we'll find out how they are doing. we'll be talking with leading conservative l l l l l
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby!
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rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] lou: tonight a rare meeting is being held in the payments on capitol hill. the trump administration and republicans are gathering to discuss repealing and replace obamacare just about an hour from now. vice president mike pence, reince priebus and mick mulvaney
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apparently meting with members of the tuesday group, a moderate group, the house freedom group of, and the republican study committee, along with a number of the chairmen of various committees. notably house republican leaders such as speaker paul ryan are not involved in tonight's meeting. and according to fox news capitol hill producer it maybe to give some appearance this is a quote unquote member-driven process. the speaker used that language to describe the obamacare repeal and replace efforts and the speaker's bill earlier wheit s withdrawn. here to discuss all of these developments, a potentl deal on healthcare, the laura ingraham. editor-in-chief of one of the
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country's most popular radio program, "the laura ingraham show." let's start with the hill. this is high drama. we are not entirely sure where we are head. what do you think? >> i talked to a member of the freedom caucus a couple hours ago. he says it looks like there is some flexibility on the regulatory aspect. a lot of folks are sceptical that the phase two and phase three would happen. but a lot of them need more assurance that the deregulatory moves on the part of the secretary of hhs and others will happen like now. like you can do a lot even before they do the move on healthcare. i think there is some meeting of the minds on that. and also there is a sense that any thought there is going to be
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just a blanket repeal and then the type of like replacement bill a lot of the strict libertarians want, i don't think that's going to happen. but they are feeling a lot of heat from big donors, business owners, in their community and their districts. and i heard this from two different members, that they are getting hammered. even though the legislation -- lou: you are talking about the freedom caucus getting hammered? >> yes, there is pressure being brought to bear on them. the tally as it was previously included more non-freedom caucus members in opposition than freedom caucus members. but you have had the setup right. there is a sense of urgency if this is not done in the next month or so, that it's going to be difficult for them to move on other key pieces of legislation. not impossible.
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but it makes the tax reform much easier. it gives them more flexibility on infrastructure because of the proposed what they think there will be tax savings because of this. they need to get this done, they believe. i think they need to do it right and have a mechanism in place for driving the cost of healthcare down. that's the real ticking time bomb. if healthcare costs keep going up, it means a smaller and smaller portion of american consumers will be pay paying for the healthcare of a larger and larger pool of people as the whole system begins to fall apart. lou: there is posturing that goes into this that seems to be a hallmark of speaker ryan's method operating. not show up to the meeting so he becomes -- he's leading if not from behind, but from over there
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behind bush or something. and we still have all the promises the president made. lower premiums, better healthcare, lower cost of healthcare. for the first time in six years, we've have the right to watch a public hearing take place and see amendments brought forward. this is the democratic process and they are acting like -- nancy pelosi and harry reid went to their school of governance. this is a terrible tone for the leadership to set from the house. they are trying to make amends. the white house is trying to take the lead. but no one can explain what the hell they are doing. >> i think all these years later there is a sense of, you know, frustration on the part of regular folks who call my radio
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show, this is to some sentence the goong that can't shoot straight. i think you can look at the ryan absence at the meeting tonight if that's the case. maybe that's a good thing because the members feel less pressure him or they are resentful towards him. his own popularity has gone down significantly over this process. he had a vision about how this should be done. but his better way agenda -- it was not exactly the winning trump agenda. i think it' good that mulvaney is there. this has to be driven by donald trump. donald trump won in a shocking victory in november. lou: can anybody in the republican conference comprehend that? >> his agenda has to drive this. a lot of members will have to make their own decisions and maybe some of them will go their own way.
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i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. lou: what i'm not delighted about is this posturing on the part of ryan even if it's over yonder rather than in the room with the people who got to make up their minds. they not only have to vote here. i know this is radical. i would like to see the members of congress come through with their ideas, thoughts and values to whatever this legislation is. this president ran on a very specific set of promises. he has some terrific people working for him. including as you said, the omb director, mick mulvaney. they are there. dr. tom price, though i don't know author of how many bills, but it's time to get behind the president and follow his leadership and do so straightforwardly. >> on the first healthcare
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legislation through reconciliation, it wasn't being driven by the white house for the most part. that was a strategic mistake. it was mostly given to paul ryan. lou: that's what half of the conference is doing instead of saying paul ryan, grow up, be a leader or get the hell out of the way. >> the trump populist conservative agenda is what's popular in the country. it's not libertarian. libertarianism did not win the election on november 8. that's not what won. that's not to cast aspersions on libertarians. but they had their people and they didn't win. repeal and replace, the border wall. you have got to stay true to what your principles are and i
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hope there are some real progress tonight. but i have concerns on what i'm hearing so far. lou: thehave a man in the white house who showed them how to win. now they have to listen to him. be sure to vote in our follow tonight. should the f.b.i. open a criminal investigation against the former nsa you and rice? like me on lou dobbs, follow me on instagram@"lou dobbs tonight." volume on the big bored 3.2 billion shares and the trade deficit dropping 10% in the month of february. guess what, fewer imports from china. that's a development. and remind tore listen to my reports coast to to coast on the
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salem national network. a major move on capitol hill to reach a deal on healthcare before the easter recess. this time speaker ryan doesn't have a better way and he's not in the way. at least not temporarily. we'll find out next. stay with us.
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[chittering] [gasps] get a better mortgage on your schedule. not the bank's. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. just think of him as a big cat. [chittering] with rabies. . lou: trump administration officials are set to meet in just about a half hour with a number of house republicans to discuss the latest push to repeal and replace obamacare, noticeably absent from that meeting tonight will be any members of the republican house leadership. fox news chief republican correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: there's been a renewed push to get a republican health care package
10:28 pm
passed in the house by the end of the week with easter recess on the horizon. vice president mike pence, white house chief of staff reince priebus and budget director mick mulvaney reaching out to both moderates and conservatives. >> the president and i remain confident that working with the congress we will repeal and replace obamacare with health care reform that will work for the american people and work for the american economy. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan tried to lower expectations. >> i won't get into the details of these things other than to say this is about getting to the conceptual stage. >> reporter: one offer to conservatives would give states an opportunity to seek a waiver of obamacare regulations including rules for guaranteed issue regardless of health status or age, essential health benefits and offering plans at the same price to all. one freedom caucus member did not sound impressed. >> saying they can ask us for permission doesn't seem to be the best way to go about that. >> reporter: the club for
10:29 pm
growth opposed the original plan but announced it intends to back the proposal. speaker ryan hasn't agreed to the deal that vice president pence put together with moderates and conservatives. we're ready to support it. >> reporter: a lot of tension after the members of the freedom caucus wouldn't get behind last month's package. adam kinsinger a moderate accused of gop of undermining the agenda writing it's what they do, they move the goalpost and once that happens, they refuse to play. another republican moderate said perhaps the conservatives learned a lesson. >> we're happy the discussions are open again. i think it was a wake-up call for some who voted no, and went home and maybe did not get a ticker-tape parade. >> reporter: for ryan, it remains a delicate balance. >> it's important we don't win the votes of one caucus or
10:30 pm
group, but get the consensus of 216 members and that's where we are right now. >> reporter: serious concern among gop leadership types that the conservative plan hasn't gained any new votes and could risk losing a lot of votes from lawmakers who liked the original proposal. vice president pence, priebus are getting committee members around a table to see if a deal can be worked out. lou? lou: mike, thank you very much, mike emanuel reporting. a few thoughts on the left-wing national media, many members of which have spent much of the last 24 hours try their level best to create as much comfort as possible for susan rice. here's a stunner. the evening news broadcast on abc and nbc didn't cover the unmasking story at all last night. that story, which looks like it's entered the cue to join washington's next big scandal
10:31 pm
did get on the cbs "evening news". cbs spent a whole 45 seconds explaining to viewers why it really isn't a story and certainly not a scandal. white house correspondent margaret brennan wrapped up her report citing a former official saying nothing improper or political took place in the unmasking of trump associates who happened to be american citizens who have the right to not be identified in the surveillance of foreign officials. that defensive rice by the media extending to the morning shows. cnn's don lemmon providing the best cover for rice. >> there is no evidence that backs up the president's original claim, and on this program tonight, we will not insult your intelligence by pretending otherwise, nor will we aid and abet people trying to misinform you, the american people, creating a diversion. lou: there you have it, though some might see it as insult to
10:32 pm
the intelligence of the audience to not report on the story and perhaps let them decide themselves. i believe the left-wing national media is doing its level best to protect rice and the obama administration, but reality, i also believe, is about to arrive like a ton of bricks in the nation's capitol. our quotation of the evening now, this one from winston churchill who said this -- we have faith it will be soon. we're coming right back. the president says his upcoming meeting thursday with chinese president xi jinping will focus on the worsening north korean threat. >> i'm sure we're going to have a fantastic meeting and talk about a lot of things, including north korea, that's a humanity problem. >> reporter: house foreign
10:33 pm
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10:37 pm
it was a medium range ballistic missile, it flew only 37 miles before landing in the sea of japan. the ballistic missile firing made as south korean u.s. troops are conducting annual military drills, this is by our count, the sixth ballistic missile to be fired this year. joining me now to discuss north korea, its provocations and resurrected, it appears to be resurrected health care legislation, congressman mo brooks of alabama. a member of the house freedom caucus, and a number of key committees, including the house armed services and foreign affairs committees. great to have you with us, congressman. >> my pleasure. lou: this is highly unusual meeting. the leadership of the house is not there, speaker ryan, why not? >> i can't explain why paul ryan is not a part of these meetings it. might be that he's got other commitments. it might be there's some resistance with some group.
10:38 pm
i don't know who it resists, paul ryan participating in the meetings. in the meetings i participated in with the vice president, paul ryan has not been present. lou: are you hopeful something will come of this meeting? is there a foundation for it? you guys have been laboring, when i say you guys, my inartful way saying the republican conference have been laboring under this better way mantra that somehow the speaker defines, describes his agenda when it's the president's agenda, most americans want to see implemented. is that an essential conflict in what's going on here in the house? >> i don't know if it's a conflict or not, but i will say this. we have an excellent relationship with mike pence, i served with mike pence when i was elected, tried to convince him to run for presidency in 2012, and the house freedom caucus members, by and large, love working with mike pence
10:39 pm
and we're on the same wavelength. there's a couple major issues with the health care bill, the congressional budget office report that if we leave it as it is that it's going to increase health insurance premiums for american citizens in the neighborhood of 15-20% over two to three years over and above obamacare. so what vice president pence and i and other house freedom caucus members are working on is what can we do to force the health care costs to go down, and with that, the premium cost to go down so that struggling american families can better make ends meet. vice president and i had a candid discussion about it last night. lou: that's terrific, and that's hopeful but the president's made it clear, get insurance companies involved, engaged, let them do business in any state in the country and sell insurance, that could be a foregone thing, wouldn't it. >> absolutely force health care into the industry.
10:40 pm
lou: why not hall maker speaker ryan's bill? >> that's a good question. i believe it should be in the legislation. any trust exemptions so there is competition rather than monopolies or oligopolys. but with respect to the premiums, vice president pence offered an arrangement where by states that want to opt out of the more costly insurance mandates can make a request to the executive branch and the executive branch we've been told will view it favorly. the states don't have to come with hat in hand, on bended knee and declare they're opting out as a matter of state's rights. if he'll make it a matter of state's rights where they don't have to come to the administration but later administrations might not be so well received. if we have it as a matter of statute, it is a states right issue, then i'm in.
10:41 pm
lou: block grants to the states. there sounds like there's been enough talk that you all, we're talking about a handful of items. it does not make any sense that the handful of items should have been discussed with the president and his administration before there was a vote taking. i know you don't want to talk about the speaker and frankly i don't either, because i think he's done a horrible job leading the house on legislation and absence is one of the hopeful aspects what you've got going tonight. congressman, there is so much we could talk about, i appreciate you sharing your thoughts and hope we can get this country moving with appropriate legislation in the repeal and replace of obamacare, certainly. >> my pleasure, and there is an air of optimism on capitol hill about this. progress is being made. lou: all right, good to know and we appreciate it. congressman mel brooks, thanks so much. >> thank you.
10:42 pm
lou: roll the video now, a terrifying plunge from one of the tallest residential buildings. this is a voluntary plunge. a group of b.a.s.e. jumpers jumping off of princess tower. speeding towards ground, that's the way gravity works. the daredevils were able to safely pull the parachutes after the 1300 foot jump. wow. gopro. we appreciate the cameras being here. thank you for the inventions. up next, president trump living up to his promise to be the law and order president. law enforcement with, support in the nation's capitol. how about that? >> we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country, 100%. lou: and 100% he's the law and
10:43 pm
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. lou: attorney general sessions
10:47 pm
ordering a review of the obama-era consent decrees that place federal oversight over a number of police departments. the department of justice announcing sessions will support the thousands of law enforcement agencies and officers all across the country. our next guest says the justice department should have limited authority over local law enforcement, and joining us tonight, senior legal fellow for legal and judicial studies at the heritage foundation, hans von spakovsky. great to have you with us, hans. >> thanks. >> it is so nice to see attorney general jeff sessions say, you know, we're going to conduct a review here and lift some of the crazy decrees and what amount to effective takeovers by the federal government of local law enforcement. hans von spakovsky: i have to agree, this is long overdue. what everyone has to understand is the obama administration, particularly the people inside the justice department were
10:48 pm
actively hostile to long-term all over the country. i can tell you because i know the lawyers who worked inside the office in charge of these kind of investigations. they hate law enforcement. not only that, but not a single one of the lawyers had any experience in law enforcement. lou: you're talking to somebody in our audience, they've heard these stories and these reports and the values that the obama administration brought to the highly politicized justice department, they have heard them for eight years, what can we see happen? i look at judges that aren't in place. i look at all of the top jobs in the justice department that haven't been filled. confirmations that haven't come, and i ask, we're just burning daylight here, partner, what are we going to do? hans von spakovsky: well, the white house frankly needs to flood the zone. they need to sendas many people over to the senate.
10:49 pm
they need to make appointments throughout the executive branch of the appointments that don't need senate confirmation and need to get as many people as they can. jeff sessions is handicapped because he's only got a small number of people with which to run one of the largest agenci. lou: yells, noing but an echo. the empty spaces arod him as he sits at the pinnacle of one of the most powerful departments of government. hans von spakovsky: it's true, and unfortunately, a large majority of the career civil service lawyers inside the department, particularly inside the civil rights division, the division that does the law enforcement investigations, they are actively going to try to thwart whatever general sessions wants done and what the president wants done and what his priorities are. that's a tough job, and that's a tough fight for the attorney general to wage. lou: one of the fights is sanctuary cities.
10:50 pm
>> yes. lou: attorney general saying he's looking at a number of ways, beside simply pulling back funding for law enforcement activities in cities if they're sanctuary cities. are there more effective things he could do that would be appropriate and proportionate and effective against sanctuary cities? hans von spakovsky: there is one other thing he could do that is reminiscent of the civil righta era. certainly civil rights policies violate federal immigration law. the way small southern towns during the segregationist period would refuse to comply with federal anti-discrimination laws, it is possible the justice department to file civil lawsuits against cities with sanctuary policies and violate immigration law and get orders from federal judges to the policys. >> here's what i'm worried about, hans, i think the republicans have smart people. trump administration putting
10:51 pm
smart people in every one of the departments, but i'm worrying about how tough and how street smart the folks are that are put in there to contend with these left-wing activists that have made government employment a lifelong career. we've got to do a lot more with greater energy and sure a hell of a lot more street smarts. this is a brawl and a battle in the streets, and the republicans are acting like they might have another hit of snuff and talk it over for another week. i'm just kidding about the latter part of it. i know they don't do snuff. hans von spakovsky, great to have you with us. wish you all the best and thank you for all you and the heritage foundation are doing. up next, republicans likely to trigger the nuclear option this very week. >> if democrats follow through on the threat to subject this widely respected judge to the first member of the senate,
10:52 pm
then i doubt there is a single nominee from this president they could ever support, ever. lou: there it is. gayle trotter, charlie hurt join me next to take all of that up. what about the nuclear option and mess around with 60 votes to begin with? get rid of that. simple majority, the american simple majority, the american way.
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. lou: in our online poll, we
10:56 pm
asked you -- 96% of you say yes, he did. joining me now, "washington times" opinion editor charlie hurt, attorney, political analyst, gayle trotter. great to have you both here. charlie: great to be with you, lou. gayle: great to be here. lou: neil gorsuch, the nuclear option, what is wrong with 51 votes due to confirm a judge or anything. why should there be 60? this sounds like nonsense, get to the simple majority be done and get the president's agenda under way. gayle: it is nonsense, if the democrats are unwilling to do their constitutional responsibility. they should have the vote, and you've seen this hypocrisy on display by the democrats. lou: i don't need the vote. if i got 52 votes, i want to win, all right?
10:57 pm
i don't care about the silly senate rules, am i wrong, charlie? charlie: you're not, the rules are the rules, the senate chamber every session sets them. this is not a sacred thing, this does not define the senate. what defines the senate is the fact they're elected every six years as opposed to every two years or every four years like the house and the president. that's what defines them, that's what sort of the founders intended to give them the long view. it has nothing to do with the filibuster, nothing to do with the supermajority of 60 votes to get things through. and the absurdity, as gayle noted, the absurdity after making the opposite arguments to get through president obama's nominees, it's absolutely laughable, and you know, we see this forever with politicians, but this has to be the one that takes the cake. i've never seen anything, principles of convenience.
10:58 pm
lou: think about what the swamp means, you can say the swamp can be defined as 60 votes instead of a simple environment. they're so tony and all about the votes and the same time they let k-street and the lobbyists write the bills to become laws. it's awfully tough. gorsuch, nuclear option? gayle: absolutely, have to go with the nuclear option. when you look how the democrats handled the hearings, they went after gorsuch for not standing up for the little guy instead of what he actually did which was applying the law, which is exactly the kind of supreme court justice that we want. lou: once, once charlie, one time. charlie: it's absolutely astonishing to me. i don't know what the strategy is. lou: it's to show us how stupid a u.s. senator can be. charlie: apparently. lou: they've got a bunch of them. charlie: this is what they're doing. when you only have a limited
10:59 pm
amount of gunpowder, you want to save it until you really need it, and the idea that they're going to spend half of it right now and try to filibuster this nominee when the next one is going to be so much more important to what they want to preserve in the court, it's just foolishness. lou: susan rice, gayle, is it the next big scandal? gayle: judging from how cnn and the leftist mainstream media trying to smother this story, since it's broke. lou: did you see don lemon last night? gayle: oh! unbelievable! maybe not unbelievable. [ laughter ] >> not anymore. charlie: sadly all too believable. i don't know, you're talking about serious, some serious issues touching on espionage, serious legal issues, serious privacy issues that affect all americans, and so as much as the media will try to protect the obama administration and
11:00 pm
try to destroy trump, i just don't see how they keep this in the bottle. lou: charlie hurt, gayle trotter, there goes the bottle. thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. and you don't want to miss lou dobbs so keep it here on fox business. [♪] howie: former obama national security advisor susan rice facing growing calls to testify it under oath after she allegedly ordered the unmasking of officials under surveillance. rice today responded to those allegations. >> the allegation that somehow the obama administration officials utilizing intelligence for political purposes. that's absolutely false. lou: laura ingraham upset the national lt-ng


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