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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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culture and that without question, assimilation is much preferable to multi-culturalism. with that i have to say good to see you. "there goes the neighborhood" and we recommend it to you highly. thanks for joining us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: a showdown for the ages as president trump gets set to square off with the president of china. gordon chang is here with the tale of the tape. the battle over supreme court nominee neil gorsuch hits a fever pitch. every single american is affected by the healthcare battle. gerri willis tells about her year-long fight against cancer. and she is going to take off her wig for the first time on air.
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grab a chair it's time to share. the last two super powers are about to collide. chinese president gin opinion joins donald trump. , president gin opinio xi jinpi. he will meet his matchn and the blustery billionaire would rather set it on fire and use the fire to light china's opium pipe. remember when. >> we can't allow china to rape our country. that's what they are doing it's the greatest theft in the mist of the world.
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kennedy: there is enough wealth between us to make even more money with mutually beneficial truly free trade. xi jinping threatens to spark. >> the space race and their per capita gdp lags behind ours three fold. my prediction, they will sniff each other out like territorial terriers in the dog park. then xi will get sucked into president trump's charm. i'm kennedy. tomorrow's meeting will involve
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a lot. but will the first topic of the historic meeting be trade or the crisis with the nuclear north korea? gordon chang joins me now. welcome back to the show, gordon. what is the first thing on the docket for these two super powers? >> for trump it will be north korea. they said the clock has run out. they fired a ballistic missile a few hours ago. they are on a pace to launch more than the 24 ballistic missiles last year. it looks like they are going to set off their 6th nuke. this is important. kennedy: it's always tied to something going on with the youth and china. now that the two are meeting and they are worried they are talking behind pyongyang's back. >> either that or the chinese
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will secretly smile. he time the north koreans do something provocative, we are distracted from other issues that are important to us. kennedy: china's economy is in the middle of a downturn. and they need continuing robust trade with us. who hold the upper hand in the trade department? >> we certainly do. they have an economy geared to selling things to us. we don't have an economy geared to selling things to them. our economy is almost 19 trillion. their is almost 11 if you believe their fake numbers. they are accumulating debt at an historic pace. they are accumulating date five times faster than they are producing gdp. kennedy: we have been
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accumulating their debt for a long time. what do we do in terms of trade talk and all these terrorist threats? the united states obviously the president has been very forceful in some of his rhetoric about china. but china is saying if you want to go that route we'll make it difficult for to you manufacture and we'll stop buying your grain all together. >> in a trade war, it's the trade surplus country that has the problem. during the great depression we were the trade surplus country. we were the ones hurt the most. trump has to look across the table and say you need access to our markets. you need our money more than you have in the last 20 years. if you want a country going forward, you better stop doing all the things you just talked about. kennedy: don't we need each other? posturing only goes so far.
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when do we get down to the real negotiating? >> i think right now. the reason is because of north korea. their four years putting a nuke on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile and aim it at the u.s. the north koreans can do that because the chinese have been giving them assistance. i think trump says you are engaged in a whole range of bad behavior, you stop all of it because we have the high card. i think trump understands we got more leverage over them. for the first time in decade you have got an american leader willing to use american power and understands it's for the good of the world. kennedy: the final showdown over
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supreme court nominee neil gorsuch after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he will need the so-called nuclear option to get gorsuch confirmed. democrats claim they have the votes needed to block the 60-vote nominee. jeff merks rkleyddddddd -- jeff merkley. >> this seat is a stolen seat. kennedy: in the end it's drawnout mitt cal fight worth it for either party? let me bring in my battle-hardened party panel. chris barron is here, founder of
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lgbt for trump. welcome to the show. charlie, i'll start with you. this gorsuch fight, we heard chuck grassley say don't worry about it. we'll get the votes we need. but everyone has run out of gas. what are the long-term implications if they do? >> i think they are considerable. which is why i don't understand why chuck schumer and democrats want to make this fight over neil gorsuch. problem is nothing * is a very, very good nominee. and if they are going to make the fight over this, they are going to spend a lot -- they are going to waste a lot of their powder they ought to be saving for i think the next nominee who will do more to change the balance of the court and be a far greater threat to democrats. kennedy: now that republicans
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are going to call the democrats' bluff, i think this is a losing game of chicken long term and short term. there is nothing stopping president trump from nominating the most ideologically conservative person he can find. >> for conservatives, that's the holy grail. the scalia opening was a shock, stunning thing for conservatives. but swapping out a less conservative nominee, justice, with a nominee in the form of neil gorsuch, somebody like that, that's a total game changer on the supreme court for decades. >> i think president trump ought to thank chuck schumer and the democrats. they are giving him the opportunity to remake the supreme court for a generation to come. neil gorsuch is eminently qualified. i think we are going to have
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another opening within this term, and i think president trump will be re-elected anyways. neil gorsuch is eminently qualified. he's not the social cultural warrior antonin scalia was. it seems insane they would below it all up on this nomination. kennedy: i think republicans could live to regret this. >> senator john mccain has been one of the most vocal about this. they understand the senate is a deliberative body that has bent tradition. it's good they are showing reticence in having to do this. the reason why, senator chuck schumer is a smart guy. he's been around the block. it's hard for us to understand how intense the pressure is from liberal and special fun it groups on the hard left, how hard they are pushing these guys
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to be ideologically pure and block donald trump on every single move. kennedy: you can see some of the talking points coming up on social media, and there is no free thought. there is no contemplation about this. it's very dangerous environment. >> senators elizabet warn and se pushing farther to the left. kennedy: lawmakers take a two-week break at the end of this week. that leaves a handful of days to beat the april 28 deadline. the democrats happy some to sit this one out. playing chicken for political points rather than for the good
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of the country. this doesn't make any sense to knee like the gorsuch thing because democrats like big government. if you shut down the government, you are proving how worthless it is. >> the hangover is paying the government salaries. republicans get blamed whenever this a government shutdown no matter whose fault it is. the last time we had a government shutdown, the republicans got blamed. but they went in the next election to win seats in the house and senate. >> i think they will avoid a shutdown. six months ago the idea of playing politics of a government shutdown was bordering on treason for the left.
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now it's politics as usual, it's all part of the game of. kennedy: i think the democrats are enjoying being the opposition party. >> politically this not as much to play ball with. republicans have taken plan the parenthood out. the defense spending is part of this. and a few other things that aren't as contentious as what past budget battles have been. kennedy: are republicans going to take all poison pills out of the budget? >> on the congressional side of things they will do everything they can to get us through. governing is hard. kennedy: they all love to spends money. we'll see the panel later in the show. but first how president trump is
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lou: a potentially big shakeup in the white house national security team. president trump removes steve bannon from the security council. but began noon's critics are applauding the move, saying he never should have been on the committee in the first place. is this significant or just a normal day for the white house. joining me is buck se sexton. it has been decried as scandalous. what happened? >> we keep seeing the trump administration responding to setbacks or continued criticism in different areas with the change that the critics are asking for. and we say we told you so.
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isn't this good? isn't this a process we want? the obama administration, there was a resignation by van jones because of criticism from the outside because of things he said before. there is a continuous process of figuring out who your advisors are going to be and where they are going to work. and the nsc is there at the beck and call of the best. kennedy: bannon was placed on the committee to keep michael flynn in check. >> you have a couple senior national security officials that even the most ardent trump critics admit aren't mcmaster and general mattis at the pentagon.
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i think mcmaster played a role here. kennedy: he got the larger share of the power scoop. >> if you bring in somebody of that stature and say i'm not going to listen to him. then it actually just looks bad for the administration. it's early in the process. ban noon role is secure, i don't think that's change. but when you are talking about the nsc, these are career experts in their field. to bring in somebody from the outside who doesn't have a particular expertise in national security at all is going to be an awkward situation. this is nothing but good. everyone should be happy about this. kennedy: is it a failure on began noon's part? >> i don't think he belonged on the principal's committee at the nsc. kennedy: do you think bannon
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lobbied for it because he knows that's the concentrated power nexus. if that were the most important decisions are made? >> on national security matters smith's advisory. the most important decisions tend to be made in the oval office by a small group of advisers. the nsc is much bigger than a lot of people realize. you have a lot of jockeying for tour within the nsc itself. the struck tiewfer it and who has the president's ear changes with every administration. this should be for all trump critics and all americans, this is a good thing that mcmaster is running the show over there. you have real professionals in charge and bannon will keep advising on politics.
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kennedy: with mcmaster now the macer and no longer the -- with mcmaster the master and not servant, what does it say to you. >> it's a recognition there are people who really know this stuff and you want them advising you and to be in charge. it's one thing to have your pulse on the american people. it's another thing to know the ins and outs of regime change. those are the people you want to be advising you on those maneuvers and those moves. we have a foreign policy have much being formulated. there are baseline principles that trump articulated. i think they have some good pi kennedy: we'll take it to the baseball diamond next time. thank you. coming up.
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fbn's gerri willis has been battling cancer for nearly a year. she has been reporting on air with a glorious wig. she is about to show you have the greatest hair cut of all time and it's hers.
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kennedy: welcome back. our dear friend and colleague gerri willis has been battling breast cancer for nearly a week.
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she has been back on the air for a while breaking business news on fbn and doing her amazing regular job. but you may have noticed she has been sporting a different hairstyle. she has been wearing a wig as she recovers from the treatment, including chemotherapy. but she is ready to reveal that glorious natural springtime cut. gerri willis in all of her beautiful glory, you look incredible. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: you are such an amazing person, and all you have been through with so much grace and strength. there is something true lire amazing of cower body going through the profound effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. then the miraculous thing happens when your cells
8:28 pm
regenerate and you grow your own hair. very few people have your bone structure and the ability to carry off his incredible haircut. >> it's been a real journey. i had a mastectomy of my right breast. they cut the breast off. and thin went into chemotherapy. 8 treatments over four months. red devil which is the caustic chemotherapy, thin had breast reconstruction and five weeks of daily treatments that just about sent me over the edge. i have made it through and let me tell you what i have learned. f. if you are out there and you think you should get tested but you are scared. get tested. this experience for me was a blessing. i was able to grow through this.
8:29 pm
i learned things or relearned some of them about my priority. about friends and family around me. about really enjoying the world around me. i want to share with you some pictures while i was in chemo. my brother came up to see me. he's a presbyterian minister in virginia. he stay hung out for four days and we reconnected in a way we hadn't since we were kids. it was wonderful. same thing happened with my husband and all of my friends. it's not just friend and family. you are also able to spiritually regenerate. you reconnect with what really matters. kennedy: cancer sucks. it's hard on your emotions, it's hard on your body it's difficult for your family it's hard for loved ones to see someone go through something and try and
8:30 pm
preserve your strength and their strength without breaking down. but you have to make a choice at some point. you have chosen to see all the benefits and the positive that can come from something like this. when was that for you? >> it took a long time for me to get there. when i got diagnosed, i went to see my primary physician. i had felt something. but my brain couldn't take in that i could be sick. it wasn't until i was deep into chemo. the nurse were trying to get an i.v. in my arm. my veins kept collapse. finally it occurred to me, this could be my best day of chemo or my worst day of chemo. i'm going to make it my best. i relaxed, i helped them, that's
8:31 pm
when they got the needle in. red devil over. twhament i carried with me through radiation treatments. i was going to be part of this and help this and be the master of getting better. that's the attitude you have to have if you want to succeed. we want to be healthy, right? kennedy: there is some point where your mind is strong. and your body has caught up with your mind. look at you. you have got an inner strength, but now you have got your energy back. you have got your hair back. how long did that take? >> that was second chemotherapy, it fell out after that. a note to self if this happens to you. just shave your head to begin with. pulling your hair out in lumps is a real drag. there is a new product that freeze your scalp and allows you to save your hair it's super expensive. super time consuming, and i
8:32 pm
considered it for a nano second. then i thought what's my priority here? my priority is getting better. who cares about my hair. kennedy: your hair looks amazing. i hope you keep this cut. i don't know if you are going to grow it. >> i kind of like it. it's fun and it's different, and i feel like a new person coming out of this. i feel better, i feel stronger. if you are worried about this, going through this experience, and i know a lot of people stay away from the mammograms for that reason alone. the mammogram i had 6 months before diagnosis was the first one i ever had, and it didn't even see it. it was me. you have to be the one who examines yourself, who gets yourself to get the mammogram to see a doctor. i was stage 3. the news doesn't get much worse than that.
8:33 pm
but the reality is there are so many people in your life and the healthcare establishment that you can tap that you can talk to to help you. there is help for people in this situation. you can make it through. kennedy: you are a professional and personal information. i love working with you side by side. i love that you have come out the other side of this and you are a stronger person than ever. it's no secret our nation is divide. but is it so divide pepsi had to pull an ad showing kendell jenner. all she need was a can of pepsi. no matter how dusty the room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear.
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kennedy: when donald trump hand over the reins of the trump organization to his sons he caught flack from folk calling that nepotism. but in a new interview eric defended his brother as being head of the company saying nepotism is kind of a fact over life. we might be here because of nepotism, but we are not still here because of nepotism. if we weren't competent, believe me, we wouldn't be in the spot.
8:38 pm
is nepotism really that bad? i think in some ways nepotism is horrible, chris, like in north korea. but in other ways when you have a family business you pass down from one generation to the next, there is something that warms one's heart. >> eric trump is right. this is reality. if you are a kid growing up and your dad has an insurance agency an passes it on to you, is that nepotism? they can't help the fact that donald trump is their father who is a successful businessman who gave them the opportunity to work in the trump organization. they have been very good at what they did. this is life. this is the way it works. we don't live in a communist by door utopia. kennedy: the name of the organization is trump. >> it's a big part of it. kennedy: there is a difference
8:39 pm
between running a private company and being president. >> absolutely. >> if eric were secretary of state i would have an issue. >> that's why he has been careful. kennedy: jared kushner is doing everything now. he's doing like 15 things. he's taking a light-handed approach. >> that we are hearing right now. but as far as what his day to day actual duties are is probably two different things. but as far as the in tim is concerned. you are right about the family businesses. we know liberals hate the idea of inherited wealth. they want to tax that away. the family -- i was talking with eric in the green room. they are good, kind people.
8:40 pm
and we should be thankful that family did turn out that way. >> the big difference between north korea, here we had an election and trump was round by his -- was surrounded by his family throughout the election and that question was asked and answered. kennedy: who has more intriguing haircuts? >> i better not say. >> it's great. kennedy: a new ad shows kendall jenner ending a standoff between police and protesters by giving them a can of pepsi. there it is. all they wanted was a pepsi.
8:41 pm
the country was divide over the ad with some saying it's completely out of touch. a millionaire supermodel representing working class protesters. i think it' a great ad. and they use a kardashian to make people mad? >> why does everything have to be political now? it's a can of soda. kennedy: it' a kardashian. >> i didn't understand what people were fired up about. i expected it to be overtly political. kennedy: like a privilege shot can out of her hand with an ar-15. >> the whole world loves pepsi. i don't understand what the big deal is. everybody is looking for some reason to be fired up. this is the most productive use
8:42 pm
of protests ever, selling pepsi. kennedy: i understand what they are saying. a lot of people say within hey, man, it's like president johnson. hey, bro, just relax and have a can of pepsi. >> i preferred beyonce's pepsi commercials. kendall jenner has 77 million instagram followers. they know her audience. they are getting more eyeballs because we are all talking about this ad. all press is good press and everyone is talking about pepsi and not coke. kennedy: the good news is now she can put herself through college. i was worried about her financial future.
8:43 pm
>> don't you have to work to be working class? kennedy: thank you guys so much. charlie, chris and kirsten. elon musk and jeff bezos are always competing with each other.
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kennedy: it's science time. which billionaire businessman will get to the moon or mars first? is it elon musk or jeff bezos? musk plans to use his company spacex to send human beings to the moon by 2018. bezos and his company blue origin they are planning to launch a delivery service between earth and the moon with a permanent lunar base. will these two rich guys ends up like matt day non -- damon in "e
8:48 pm
martian"? you have the first reusable rock it launch. what does it mean for space exploration. >> not since the days of the cold war have we seen this. mosque launched the first used rocket into space. now we are getting this used rocket industry. this is incredible. it will change the dynamics of the space race. kennedy: if there is a craft already in orbit, it can reuse that rocket to keep going.
8:49 pm
>> we can recycle it for the second and third launch by dropping the cost of space travel by a factor of 10. it cost $10,000 to put anything in orbit around the plan the. that's your weight in gold on average. if you can reduce that by a factor of 10, it will open up the heavens for you and me. kennedy: bezos wants to launch the amazon delivery service to the moon. what does that mean? >> elon musk has a head start. but the moon is up for grabs. so why not have a delivery system to the moon. he wants a permanent moon base, a city on the moon. rather than just putting a flag on the moon, he wants to create a permanent moon base. >> kennedy: i think that you
8:50 pm
have -- and there are people who have criticism for each these people reaching into the government cookie jar. but the fact that you have two billionaires thinking more about looking into the heavens and less about building super yachts, i think it's a boon for humanity. >> they have checkbooks that could. he subsidize some of these expensive rockets that are going into outer space. nasa has its own beast rocket ready they want to test fire perhaps next year, and president trump has asked nasa to accelerate that timetable so by the end of this first term we'll go back to the moon, orbit around the moon. kennedy: three billionaires ready to sling shot human beings into outer space.
8:51 pm
dr. kaku thank you so much. kentucky fried chicken goes postal in new zealand. that's coming up on the "topical storm" next. ♪ ♪ thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! ♪ ♪ making every stay a special stay. holiday inn, smiles ahead. whether for big meetings or little getaways, member always save more at but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq.
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everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. kennedy: are you looking for a good time in your hotel room tonight? oh, yeah, ladies and gentlemen,
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this is the "topical storm." topic number one. a little girl has conquered. dear daddy, you can use dumbo, i love. i love to the moon and back. also, get me a souvenir. reddit users felt a warmth in their heart. the today the wrote a note back to his little girl after finishing up at the hotel bar. hey, t airks ater tot, you spelled souvenir wrong. and stop referring to yourself as tatertot.
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topic number two. susan rice isn't the only person who fell on her face this week. check this out. the cyclist was trying to take a shortcut across the beach. but the sand didn't operate optimally. he graduated from the prestigious john kerry school of cycling. i feel bad for the poor beachgoer who will step on that steroid needle that fell out. topic number 3. the new zealand post office is giving customers the bird. not this bird.
8:57 pm
no. they were faced with a shortage of letters. so the post is experimenting with delivering kentucky fried chic on boost revenue. because why get a letter in the mail when you can get a clogged artery instead. here is footage from their first delivery. you can't spell colonel sanders without sand. that's how they make it extra crunchy. if you are going to get a mail-order mashed potato bowl, make sure you tip your delivery guy. we all know what happens when you upset the mailman. topic number 4. a new virtual reality experience traps the viewer in a cage and forces them to watch nicholas
8:58 pm
cage movies. it's like being lisa marie presley for a day. it features classic clips from atoday takes, the wickerman and nancy pelosi's favorite movie, "faceoff." i can't tell you what else it shows because you have to pass the bill to see what's in it. there is nancy on the right. topic number 5. the country may be divide among party lines, but the political scholars at marie clare magazine are doing their best to bring the company together. they have long been known for their hard-hitting journalism that has yielded 10 secrets to getting the bikini body you want before may.
8:59 pm
but they shared childhood photos of former president barack obama and vice president joe biden. we weren't able to show you the actual photos. but we were able to get our hands on some photos from the family photo album. they are so cute. look how young uncle joe looks. he hadn't been plagiarized his first essay yet. marie clare also released a photo of obama and biden that was taken today. they have head phones on because they are tapping some wires. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on fab * and instagram. for more on the show, it's a good one.
9:00 pm
join me tomorrow. thanks to gerri willis. i love her so much. so glad to see her in such great form. thank you for being part of the show. good night. >> there's a saying, "the cowards didn't come." so you had to be brave. >> he truly was the john wayne of the 19th century. >> he leaves behind a trunk of relics... and a classic, woven into the fabric of america itself. >> there was a pair of old blue jeans in here. >> what'd they look like? >> they said that they were the oldest unworn pair they had ever seen. >> that's unbelievable. >> so are the lengths to which folks go for vintage old denim. >> finding any levi's pre-1900 is a massive rarity. that's the holy grail. >> what do you think they're worth? ♪ [ door creaks ]


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