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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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part of his predecessor who did nothing over 8 long, long years. thank you very much. join us tomorrow >> here is lou. lou: president trump and president xi jinping are having dinner at president trump's mar-a-lago resort, their first face-to-face meeting, president trump is expecting a difficult discussion, even more difficult negotiations on the issues of north korea and trade. >> it is going to be very interesting, nobody real knows, we have not been treated fairly on trade for many years, no president has taken care of that, the way they should have. we have a big problem with north korea, we'll see what happens. lou: president xi and the world are now aware that first american agenda is in effect. >> house intelligence
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committee chairmen devin nunes stepping down from his role in the investigation of alleged russian interference in 2016 president at election. blaming left wing activists and partisans who accuse him of revealing classified in. nunes said that the charge are false, and politically motivated in its entirety. >> tonight, republicans have been evoked a "nuclear option," majority leader mcconnell said he had no choice after democrats, used a filibuster to block a supreme court nominee. >> our democratic colleagues have done something today that is unprecedented in the history of the senate, unfortunate he it has brought us to this point. lou: the result, tonight, judge neil gorsuch is only a day away from filling the
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seats of late justice scalia. house intel committee chairman, devin nunes took a step of recusing himself from his committee's investigation of alleged russian interference in the presidential election and partisan mose vague speculation of klug between russia -- collusion between russia and trump campaign. nunes said that allegations against him are false. at least lee of those groups are involved, and connected to left wing billionaire activist george soros. thee republican congressmen are now in charge of the hush husrussia investigation. congressman conaway is confident this nunes will be
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cleared and return to lead the investigation. >> it's his call, i agree with it. he is our chairman, he is doing a great job of chairman. these charges are believe are unfounded and inappropriate. i have great confidence in his role as chair. look forward to continue to serve with him. lou: first guest said house republicans should never have allowed nunes recusal. joining us, christopher ferrell, good to have you with us. why, in your mind would nunes step down if he didn't have to. >> there is no good eplan nation, i guess she is trying to appear above it all or shut down any question of impro priority. he should have looked everyone in the eye, said, i've done
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nothing wrong. i have done nothing illegal, or unethical. and until you show up with some evidence, i have read all of the statements and the complain, it is garbage, you look them in the eye, and tell them to drop dead, and no, you are not going to play their game. lou: speaking of move on, we looked at confidential material, the house ethics committee is i supposed to be confidential. we found 3 groups that are against nunes, backed by george soros. how does the ethics process go
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from here? >> the house ethics committee put out an announcement saying they will conduct an investigation. the guy who is founder of crew, norm isen was ethics czar are in obam -- for obama administration, he invited judicial watch early to a meeting, he said, if you don't file a lawsuit against us looking for white house visitor logs we'll give you a press conference at white house saying how great you are. we looked him dead in the eye at the time and said forget about it we're going to follow the law, and not taking your offer of press conference. he is the ethics czar of the white house, you know, now running crew, and filing this phony complaint against nunes. these are the people you are dealing with. lou: this is remarkable, i know it is frustrating for you.
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you have to root them out. in this, devin nunes has been vindicated, he said initially there was nothing russian involved. now members of the committee have looked at material, transcripts that by the way, to some appear to be reverse targeting, that is they went after people so could incident allealy pick up a person on trump's transition team. >> this makes no sense, this is illogical, this is a sign of weakness, a sign of you know, unilateral surrender before the first shot is fired, that sends a very bad message. this is in line with attorney general sessions who never
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should have recused himself. in both case they should say, your idea maybe if you make up enough letters and complaint we'll all roll over and play dead. lou: we're told that the white house was not given any kind of notice or heads up alert that nunes was about to do this. he had talked to speaker ryan, who said he does not believe that nunes has done anything wrong. this is from the intrepid speaker of the house. he does not believe that nunes did anything is wrong, but fully supports his decision. what do you make of that? >> this is the case of more failed leadership, within the house. with the speaker. failed leadership on the committee. with the guy who you know, walks away. when he has done nothing wrong, no one can point to anything really, you know
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anything has been done. yet because three left wing front groups, make a complaints, everyone is supposed to drop dead this just does not make sense. there is no good reason. lou: you put it i in context of courageous leadership and integrity of that, i think you are right as well. >> it is never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. lou: yes, sir, thank you, chris. >> it is very sad. lou: trump is reversing course on syria, it seems. since 2013, president has been clearly opposed to u.s. intervention in syria. donald trump, in june of 2013, tweeted this -- we should stay the hell out of syria. the rebels are just as bad as current regime, what will we get for our lives, and billions of dollars? zero, in sept september of
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same year he tweeted if united states attacks syria and hits the wrong targets killing civilian there will be worldwide hell to pay, stay away, fix broken u.s. in 2016. in cleveland mr. trump said we must abandon failed policy of nation building and regime change that clinton pushed in iraq, libya, egypt and syria. and february this year, president trump wanted to to build safe zones in syria. today, tillerson declared that bashar al-assad has no future leading syria. >> it is very important that russian government consider the continued support for the assad regime, his role in the future is unclear. we're considering that appropriate response for this
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chemical weapons attack, this is aeriu serious matter that requires a serious response. lou: senior defense department officials reportedly now developing options for a potential military strike in response to the syrian government chemical weapons attack, dozens killed. there are two u.s. navy warships in eastern mediterranean. that could be called upon to strike targets in syria if ordered. the aircraft carrier uss george h.w. bush is in the persian gulf, we're come back with much more of a busy "newsday." stay with us. >> republicans trigger "nuclear option," setting up tomorrow's confirmation vote of judge neil gorsuch. >> we need to get past this unprecedented partisan filibuster. lou: michelle malkin among our guests here tonight.
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lou: breaking news we just learned that senate vote to confirm judge gorsuch will happen a at 11:30 tomorrow morning, well in advance of scheduled 30 hous hours of debate on his nomination, the senators want to get out of town. history be made. trump administration is public lay shaming sanctuary cities nationwide now, this week, we find sanctuary cities released 65 criminal illegal immigrants, new york city, new mexico, california the worst offenders, releasing illegal immigrant with charges or convict for sexual assault, robberies, felonies, battery. joining us is michelle malkin.
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great to have you with us. let's start with sanctuary cities, i want to give trump administration credit, they have -- this shaming with weekly reports, i think is a brilliant idea. >> it is. we should have sort of an array of worst offenders, you know. the outlaw cities and outlaw sheriffs most wanted. and l.a. would be at the top of that list, the liberal open border city leadership there as well as the police brass at lapd. and of course, honest ordinary law abiding citizens of all races, all backgrounds all colors, they have been so negatively affected over decades because of it. but until these jurisdictions and police deputy are held
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criminally and civilly liable, in addition to starving them of funds, i really think we'll see unfortunately, a lot of business as as youua usual with ignoring of the i.c.e. detainers. lou: clear this president and attorney general are committed to moving in that direction. i want to talk about as well option going nuclear, an 11:30 a.m. eastern time vote, in the senate, and judge give gorsuch will fill see the of justice scalia on supreme court. they really are so transparent. the senators want to get out of town, forget history, forget all, that let us out of town. >> yeah that is right. the cut and run senate, they move like lightning when everything else is like mo mola.
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>> what a consequencal moment for trump presidency, fulfilling a promise he made to so many conservatives who supported him, and senate, is finally doing its job here. it is delicious or as i say -- to see democrats have to eat their own words, and see the republicans using the button in the nuclear po power land that harry reid built. lou: yes, just like harry reid built it, what is wrong with 51 votes, majority is essence of democracy, i think reason is perhaps the person of donald trump, reason has begun to take hold in nation's capital, syria. -- syria, the president sounded very much like he was contemplating military intervention in syria as a
11:19 pm
result of the chemical weapon attacks by bashar al-assad on his people. your reaction? >> i hope he is listening there has been a wide backlash pro-- a broad coalition of people who did support trump who don't like this dipping of the toe in interventionist waters, this is not sabre rattling that many trump supporters signed up for, i hope this is just diplomatic rhetoric, and not much more than that behind it. that where i am on it. lou: and i am in the same place as i recall all of his statements from the campaign going back to 2013. he makes all of the since in the world, a great advocate of a modest foreign policy but robust military, essence of american values in my judgment. i just hope that the newo cons
11:20 pm
that -- neocons that have afixed themselves to the institution in dc, their influence is profound we hope not determined thank you michelle. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question tonight, is, do you think that united states should intervene in syria militarily? or insist the united nations do so? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and follow lely me on twitter. >> stocks moving high or wall street's little bit, ahead of tomorrow's jobs report, dow up 15, s&p up 5, nasdaq gained 15, volume on big board 3.2 billion shares. weekly jobless claims boasting biggest drop in two years, falling to 234,000. amazon announcing it will hire 30,000 part-time workers over
11:21 pm
the next year, in addition to 100,000 full-time jobs they announced early her this year, a reminder listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, house speaker paul ryan, flailing, the desperate need for true leadership in the house is my com commentary tonight. >> and the vote going nuclear. >> decision of the chair does not stand. lou: we go live to washington. next on what the change of precedent and proving to a simple majority means for the future. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right baliberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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confirmation of supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch, as republicans invoke the "nuclear option," clearing the way for this change and the way the senate confirms supreme court nominees from 60 votes to a simple majority. we are joined by our fox news capitol hill producer. chad, good to see you. this is a terrific irony to see the institution that talks so much about history, all the trappings, and now they are throwing it all to the wind and leaving at 11:30 tomorrow morning from the nation's capitol. >> we thought the vote would be at 7:00 p.m. but if you whiff, there is a set of jet fumes.
11:27 pm
somewhere in the senate is an air duct. right before the two big recesses, the senators get this whiff of the jet fumes and they want to run out to the airport, and that's what happened. lou: to me it's great, delicious irony as they say. is there any prospect in any of this between now and 11:30 a.m. for a surprise? >> no, this is fate fate a fat. fait a compli. mitch mcconnell says they won't lower the votes to 51 for filibuster. but once they open man dora's
11:28 pm
box who knows. lou: tomorrow i think we ought to look for christmas lights and fireworks at the strum white house. seldom do you see a u.s. president meeting with one of the world leaders at mar-a-lago in west palm beach have such a successful weekend while at the same time fulfilling his promise to put a conservative on the supreme court to take the seat of antonin scalia. it's a remarkable moment. >> this might be his first major legislative achievement. they stumbled on healthcare. there is an effort to resuscitate it. lou: did you have say stumbled
11:29 pm
on it? how did he say yesterday it would be months, but say today we are making great progress. >> this was a fire drill to give the impression -- one committee chair said this is all about trying to save the job of reince priebus, the white house chief of staff. lou: paul ryan, too. >> they are both from wisconsin. if they don't get there and do tax reform down the road. if you are into job security, america is a wonderful place, that part you are standing on. chad pergram, thanks so much. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes caving to pressure dems and temporarily stepping down from chairing the
11:30 pm
investigation into the russia investigation. but knighter gave the white house a call. they are seemingly hell bent on demonstrating they can't find a way to be street smart, clever, or even courteous. speaker ryan's tenure began with an air of hesitancy as the new speaker caved to ther president obama on a spending bill. he failed to garner enough gop votes to pass a judge the in 2016. and despite the speakers repeat assurances for weeks that he has the streets, he repeated his pattern of failure and collapse last week on healthcare.
11:31 pm
when their leader contradicts himself without so much as a blush, this represents the state of legislation and prospects for its passage, the conference itself bears great responsibility for tolerating such leadership, if you can call it that. given president trump's ambitious goals for the country, tax reform and healthcare, republicans have a moral responsibility to turn to new, smarter, stronger leaders with far more integrity, courage and capability. this president and the country deserve far better. the quotation of the evening, "integrity is the essence of everything successful." we are coming right back with much more. president trump campaigned against china's longstanding trade surplus with america.
11:32 pm
>> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country -- and that's what they are doing -- it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. lou: face to face, with president trump and chinese president xi find a way to fair trade? ed wol rinse joins me here next. coming up next, no obstacle, no terrain that slows this in the biker. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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lou: breaking news now. a u.s. think tank reporting a chinese fighter aircraft has been spotted on a chinese-held island in the south china sea. the washington center for strategic and international studies saying the j-11 fighter is visible on a satellite image on the island. this comes as president trump is meeting with chinese president xi jinping. the timing seems convenient, doesn't it. here to discuss the american-chinese summit, chairman nunes stepping down from the russian probe, we are joined by ed rollins. great to have you here.
11:37 pm
let's start with this aircraft. they had been spot a year ago. but the first time they have been introduced under president trump. >> they confiscated these islands and no one is going to push them away from them. this is not just dropping off the mail, this is a deliberate ploy before this important meeting. lou: north korea high on the list as is trade. the montana campaigning talking about the youth has been basically led by fools who tolerated the nonsense from north korea and china in the trillions of dollars in trade deficit that have been run up over the years. ed: china is a serious military power. and obviously long-term relationship is important for us. at the same time, they are the only ones that can have a real
11:38 pm
impact on china unless we want to blow it up ourselves which i don't think we do. south korea is an important part. you create chaos and trade, and war breaks out. of course we are not the instigators of it. it's this crazy guy running north korea. lou: the chinese have played the americans for fools for many years. ed: i think president xi will come here, he gets the photo op and goes back home. lou: what if president trump doesn't give him that option. if he's going to move against him with the world trade organization and recognizes that china has been conducting mercantilist trade policies against the united states since
11:39 pm
the inception of the trade relationship. why put up with it? >> if the president does this it will show the american public and the world he's a tough guy, that his word matters. i'm all for tough guys. we have had weakness at the helm for too long and president trump has to do something very serious. he has a very serious team around him. they will make the right decision. lou: intervention in syria? ed: syria is a tough question. to me i think you have got the russians in there so you have to be careful. but i wouldn't be afraid if they did this again. i would not be afraid if making a loud threat and if they ever do it again from afar blow the heck out of them. lou: all right, ed rollins. roll the video.
11:40 pm
we are going to show you a biker taking his skills from the mountains to the streets. racing down stairs, speeding around tight corners and walkways in salzburg, austria. completing the amazing stunts with style. parkour on a bike, i think you could call that. >> the american people on november 8 selected president trump. president trump nominated judge neil gorsuch, and tomorrow we'll confirm that nominee. lou: former deputy assistant attorney general done duprie joins us next.
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lou: joining me a former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. let's start with devin nunes recusing himself from the russian investigation, the russian trump campaign investigation. a lot of people are upset that he did that. and that it was utterly unnecessary. and they see it as caving to george soros and his open society funding groups like your reaction. >> i haven't seen any evidence that congressman nunes did anything wrong. so the question is, did he violate the law? lou: the evidence is he has been corroborated in his statements. >> what was in all likelihood playing in his mind when he made the decision he did.
11:46 pm
he had become the story. the story was about the man leading the investigation rather than the investigation himself. in that sense i think he made a reasonable decision. saying i'll eliminate this potential line of attack from the democrats and exit from the investigation and let it move forward. lou: at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow there will be a vote with a simple majority determining that neil gorsuch will be the next associate justice of the supreme court filling antonin scalia's seat. >> it's regrettable that we came to this point. i don't think the fact that the republicans eliminated the filibuster is cause for celebration. what it shows is this whole nomination process has become so politicized. i don't think the republicans had a choice.
11:47 pm
i think they were forced into it. but it's regrettable at the opponents of judge gorsuch made such a political spectacle that we don't like him, we want revenge for merrick gorsuch. by any measure he's qualified to serve on the supreme court. lou: my hurt feelings go back to judge bourke. by the way, a simple majority, i can't express any great affection for 60 votes when 51-do. >> you would hope that in the context of a supreme court nomination you would have someone who would command bipartisan support. lou: that would have been true circumstanca 1950. -- circa1950. but today we are a polarized
11:48 pm
society on the basis of ideology. the democrats are waging war against them while the republicans are wishing it were on therswise. it isn't. >> i agree with that assessment. but today when the democrats play political hardball saying we'll stop gorsuch by any means possible, the rep kawns played hardball. lou: a salute to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell because he did exactly the right thing. i think it's great for people to recognize where we are and react accordingly. i want to get a sense of this unmasking susan rice. what does its potential look like to you? >> the first thing we want to know is why she did what she did.
11:49 pm
her story hasn't been consistent over time. lou: you know she'll lie about the question because as others have called her she was the typhoid mary of the obama administration. she is going to lie because that seems to be a professional proclivity. >> that was senator cotton's memorable phrase. the fact that the national security visor unmasked -- advisor unmasked people could be clear on its face. but using the instruments of government for political ends, we saw it in the i.r.s. what was her motive? why did she do it? lou: my question of the obama administration would be what agency did you not politicize? i don't think anyone has an answer to that one. always great to have you with us.
11:50 pm
tom dupre. the u.s. centers for disease control and detection reported the zika virus is now in every single state. florida with the most cases, 1,100 infected there. new york follows, just over 1,000 cases. california third. 500 cases. the united states is spending $2 billion to respond to the zika virus. the federal government spending $2 billion on viruses that have never before been seen in the american population. the president meeting with chinese president xi jinping. the president saying moments ago he believe he will have a great relationship with xi in the long
11:51 pm
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tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. lou: in our online poll we asked should president trump and
11:55 pm
president xi and putin meet to stabilize the world order. 90% of you said yes. mike gallagher, and mercedes schlapp, how are you doing? >> tomorrow's vote on gorsuch is historic. it's an important move for the senate as well as victory for president trump. mike: i kept asking what's the down side to going "nuclear." the down side is some day the shoe could be on the other foot. now it's about 2 to 3 supreme court justices that will reflect the will of millions much
11:56 pm
americans. lou: the country's prospects are bright for the reasons you just said. also president meeting with president xi. it's a profound opportunity for him. we are looking at the white house saying i think we did pretty good here. then comes the question of syria. the president visibly was moved by the atrocity carried out by al-asaad. and talking about how many lines were crossed for him. mercedes, are you reticent about military intervention? >> one of the things i noticed with the trump supports. they don't like the idea of going into war or military action.
11:57 pm
because we have seen the changes happening in syria, this attack, using chemical weapons, you are seeing a shift happening in the trump administration. tillerson is coming out and saying they don't believe assad should be there to govern. >> it's astounding. president trump campaigned against nation building and regime change. >> we you talk about that shift, it's as if trump supporters are expected to have that shift along with the administration. the talk radio world that i spend my day job in was full of trump supporters. i was astound by the pushback from 100% of the audience saying no, this is not something that we voted for, that we expected. the united states to come first. reticent is the right word about military action.
11:58 pm
lou: president trump is going to be, i think, is an extraordinary historical figure. he is going to deliver. but the great danger of that city in which you are right now, mercedes, is the neocons invest institutions throughout that city. invest organizations. because they are dangerous. and we have a military. one of the things -- and i applaud each one of these generals in the trump administration. but one thing about that's generals is, is there enough modesty among them for them to recognize we have been engaged in a war against radical islamist terrorism without victory for 16 years? this is a time for modesty and leadership. and this president, i'm confident will do the right thing.
11:59 pm
i truly am. but it does concern me that there are so many people so like minded in the military industrial complex and political world, particularly the neocons who would go to war tomorrow at the drop of a hat. >> for president trump it's time for him to pause, reflect on what are the next steps in terms of how you will deal with syria. an airstrike is not going to be enough to basically weaken assad. mike: notice how the president was humbled, the images of these children. he doesn't get any credit for that in the mainstream media. lou: of course not. you know he was obviously moved by it. but the record is that this is, if you will, the atrocity on the
12:00 am
part of his predecessor who did nothing over 8 long, long years. thank you very much. join us tomorrow. john bolton, steve forbes and leonard leo among our guests. kennedy: president trump reportedly military action in syria. do we want to go down that rabbit hole? the fight over just judge neil gorsuch has gone "nuclear." grab a hammer, i'm going to nail this thing. the president is fed up with syria and now the russia-backed dictatorship has been put on notice after killing babies and children. when he


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