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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. you are great, we enjoy your expertise,. >> thank you. charles: here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, russians and iranians today threaten will united states warning against any further strikes gain syria. joint, russian and iranian forces issue their own version of red line ultimatum. unleashing a quote lethal response trump administration offer no reply, but administration officials did give slightly differing views as to purpose of last week's syrian strike and strategy in
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carrying it out, in is president's national security adviser mcmaster, secretary of state rex tillerson, and united nations ambassador nikki haley. >> to defeat isis, to destroy isis, and reestablish control of that territory. >> this strike, i think that president was clear, in his message to the american team, this strike was related to the most recent horrific use of chemical weapons. >> the regime change is something that we think it going happen. >> obviously differing views of our head diplomats, ambassador to united nations, and president's national security adviser, we have with us, former ambassador to united nations, joh john john bolton.
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let's begin with three different answers of top officials of trump administration, which is it? >> well, this is not a pretty picture, to be honest. it is not just a question of messaging, it goes to question of strategy. if you look at what president himself said, i think that strike against syrian base from which the chemical weapons attack was launched was precise, limited and had a clear rationale, that is to say we do not accept the use of weapon -- went weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological or nuclear. lou: wait, are you telling me if russia dropped sarin gas on that village, and those people that we would have done the same thing that we did in the case of syria?
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launched 59 or more tomahawk missiles or more at russia or did we do this because we could. >> there may be an element of that, can't deny it. lou: assume it was china. >> or china, but i think that point is the same, this was -- lou: the point may be but the country is different, and issue is different we're talking about a nation that we -- i cannot imagine us doing the same thing to any other sovereign nation, and expeditiously as united states moved last week to strike syria, an undefended airbase, spending a million and a half dollars a missile to do so, we have a secretary of state, u.n. ambassador and national security advisory who den don't agree what it was. >> i acknowledge that problem, i can imagine strikes again
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north korea nuclear weapon program. fact is -- lou: that is not -- that is not what this administration said, they were talking about they would not tolerate, being the world's policemen, doing what president campaigned against. >> that is why -- lou: a police. >> maybe i am wrong, i would defer to your knowledge of the president's mood, my sense is that he reacted to a very specific threat, let's be clear there are american servicemen and women on the ground in syria, we think hundreds are known publicly it may be more who are in danger. lou: now it is for security add that to the list. >> nope, i think that -- for 100 years, we have had a position that stands against first u.s. of chemical, then biological, now nuclear weapons because that is the threat that the united states worldwide.
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lou: we've been down this road, ambassador, as you recall, so long, and so -- it has been such a sorry history in it country overall glorious history, in which we take the assessment of various officials, including another secretary of state in 2003, not a happy history. assess if you will. turn to aircraft carrier carl vinson, the strike group now in the sea of japan, off of the korean peninsula. is that likely to have kim jong-un quaking in his high heel boots or scoffing at president. >> let's go to intelligence for a minute, this is important point, if that turns out to be wrong, in case of syria. i think that there will be serious consequences from this president evis-a-vis american intelligence community, now in the case of carrier, strike
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group, sent to south korea, i have a filing it because they -- feeling it is because they think that kim jong-un having seen what what the president was prepared to do while xi jinping was in florida is thinking of doing something foolish. he is not, despite what learned commentators and mass media said, he is na not rational in our terms. lou: i missed that part of even the national left wing media suggesting she i he is rational. >> i have seen articles. i think that risk of him doing something, that threatens south korea, is unfortunately very real, this is the correct move to send them back there. lou: where is this adnistra headed? we have gone through this, is he going to react to the next provocation from syria? are we have lindsey graham
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senator, calling for 6,000 american boots on the ground. where does the absurdity of this end? >> because i don't think that is where president is, regardless of where some of his advisers may be. lou: it is where our missiles went. >> i think they within this response to a precise limited act of aggression by syrians using chemical weapons, we have reports that planes from that same airbase, bombed same city in syria in fast few days, using conventtiontional weapons, this was strike against the use of chemical weapons, i would say the same if they use the biological or nuclear that is it. lou: i don't know if you saw general mcmaster, on with chris wallace yesterday. he was pounding his chest,
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about the strike of 59 tomahawk missiles on an undefended airbase. what we to make of this? >> i think -- i am taking refuge in what the president said, not what his advisers say, he said, statement he made, and other comments we have are this is a. lou: a one off. >> for a good sufficient the reason, the category of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, biological and chemical is different from all other categories, that was great lesson of world war i. lou: that was lesson of 2 these 2000ly2003 and the iraq war, and 1991 and weapons of mass destruction? >> in 19. lou: they are not so -- as that.. >> in 1991 we found saddam hussein was much closer to having a nuclear weapon capability than our
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inteigence services estimated. these estimates can be right and wrong, i grant you, if this is wrong there will be hell to pay between the the positive and intelligence community. lou: there ought to be headline to pay between the american people and their government. because, if again, what is evidence now, of a intelligence community, at war with our president, is not sufficient to create outrage, that should. >> well -- one more point. both the people who -- lou: conclusive. >> it's coming give me a second, those who think we should get involved, more in syrian war are appalled at strike. lou: are idiots. >> should not be involved. lou: we got to it. >> they are both wrong, a one time strike aimed at use of chemical weapons. lou: from your lips to god's ears. >> that is my story and i'm
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sticking to it. lou: we're out of time, thank you amazo am -- ambassadorn. lou: supreme court has a 9th justice for the first time if over 400 days, judge gorsuch sworn in as 113th justice of the supreme court. >> i have no doubt you will rise to the occasion. and that the decisions you will make, will not only protect our constitution today, but for many generations of americans to come. >> what cases is he g about to hear and potentially decide? what will be his impact? wel examine the possibilities, white house said that bannon-cuche kushner-reince priebus is overblown, we'll take that up withthththth
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lou: a extraordinary moment for trump administration, first major victory, judge gorsuch today sworn in as america's 1 13th justice. gorsuch will begin hearing
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cases o 17th of this moanmonth, among kikeses. trinity wel lutheran church -- also challenges to president's revise the extreme vetting executive order. hearing arguments in may. whoever loses likely to appeal as breakly as possible to the supreme court. and an purpose case on gun rights. gun rights activist asking m high court to rule that constitution second amendment extend to freely carrying firearms outside of the home. >> and budget director mulvaney, reportedly sending a let either week to order federal agency to prepare for massive budget cuts.
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laying off employees and canceling programs, deemed by the administration to be unnecessary. joining me now to discuss justice gorsuch's impact on the supreme court. and how rumored white house infighting that is going on could affect the trump agenda. ed rollins. >> nice to be with you. lou: start with, mul mulvaney report that fascinates me, sending out an advisory to all department and agents prepare for massive budget cuts. >> first, he does not get to make the budget cuts, congress does, he should be talking to congress, and finding out how deep is the water.
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you don't want to do is shake them up, and say you are making think about cuts and congress -- you need to work hand in hand particularly on the thin budget. we need strategies, we need clear kit, what is the trump plan. lou: what is going on with this administration? we have all sort of the reports, i'm aware of none of the facts. but that bannon, who i think is terrific leader. he is a fix to thi president. for his campaign. >> he was there day in day out when the president was making his promises on the campaign. probably wrote a lot of the promises. he has to be truth teller inside, president trump needs to have a core of beliefs, i
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worked with ronald reagan, reagan had a track. he stuck within that and made sure everyone that inside of of the house stuck within that. there are fighting on things that were not in there. lou: what is going on with his son-in-law, flying with joint chiefs of staff in iraq with a blazer and a flack jacket, with his daughter ivanka counseling him on syria. missile strikes, and use of chemical weapons, he has push back as far as we can see bannon, and miller, we're not hearing words, that are music to my ears, america first. buy and hire american, make america great again, this message has been subordinated. >> first of all, he began with a low number, to expand it, he has to make sure that base is solidified.
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my sense today is that bannon is the one guy that understands where and how he got elected. he needs to listen to him. should voices be -- problem -- lou: how about -- >> let me finish. the problem with the son-in-law, he has less experience than anyone. for the u.n. ambassador to secretary of state to have two points of view on television on the day after show there is snow poll -- there is no poll vipolicy you need a clear policy. lou: where in the hell is secretary of state in this. and. this to me is outrageous. it suggestions a lack of
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modesty they all behave this way. >> policy has not been and will not be to change the administration in syria. we should have done that 8 years ago,. lou: is it too late for bannon. >> i'm afraid bannon, when i am a fan of got pretty beat up, i don't see a lot of people surrounding and helping him. he needs to survive. lou: he needs to survive. and i certainly would hope he would do better than survive. i think that president should give him a portfolio, he should be in charge of domestic policy. >> a very good point karl rove made a point yesterday in a show. >> i'm running behind karl rove. >> karl rove said he had no portfolio in there, and andy rdnd chief of staff said, you have to have a portfolio, you can't just run and say things. lou: you know who else i heard say that, i heard you say this 3 months -- >> right. lou: you advised once youo the air.
10:21 pm
>> i would give bannon domestic policy, operation and all communication we're failing. lou: i would tell everyone who does not have a lot of wisdom or real world experience. >> to listen. lou: maybe would be a good time to be learning rather than advising. >> i agree. lou: thank you. >> thank you. lou: ed rollins. >> united airlines under fire after pulling's passenger from his seat, and dragging him off the aircraft. because the airline over booked the flight. one of 4 people, chosen ad at random they say too give up his seat, he was ordered to get out of his seat, for stand by united employee, the door refused to go. -- the doctor refused to go he said he needs to see patients in the morning, united ceo said that airline is conducting a detailed review watch happened, you are conducting a detailed review of what happened right now, before your very eyes. the ceo of united, if you are
10:22 pm
watching this, i think you need to come up with something a well the better than you need to conduct -- this is happening in the united states, of america. folks, the united states of america. unbelievable. for shame. >> vote in our poll, we are asking a question about it did do you believe that passenger dragged out from seat is a sign our airlines and or airports have gone slightly mad, and need to be brought under control? cast your vote on twitter, we would like to hear from you. this aggravates me. follow me on twitter. like me on facebook. follow me on u instagram. >> on wall street today stock prices close a little change. volume on big board, lightest of year 2.7 billion shares traded. tesla has top general motors
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as country's most valuable carmaker with market cap $51 billion. >> wells fargo clawing back 75 million dollars. and reminder to listen to my report 3 time a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, president trump promised to make our military great gain. but we have a long way to go. that is the subject of my commentary tonight. and susan rice, caught lying to the american people, yes, yet again. but now even national left wing media is beginning to acknowledge here problems with the truth. stay with us. a lot more is ahead, don't mess a moment, we'll be right back. my business was built withassion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i havthe spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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lou: nobody want victory over the enemies of our great nation than me. our mitt is shrinking down to 1.3 million active duty personnel. tomorrow three combat bring grades ready to -- brigades ready to fight. some $4 trillion spent on wars since september 11. a period of almost 16 years. 16 years without a lasting victory, without a successful general to lead another parade of our troops through the canyon of heroes in new york city. there is in my mind something not quite right about generals and presidential advisors acting as if airstrike where they rain down half million dollar
10:29 pm
missiles on an unarmed air base as a great military ctand go on sunday talk shows and pound their chest. have x forgotten the sacrifice of so many thousands of our troops, the expenditure of so many tries of dollars? have our generals have so little modesty and so little humility in all that they haven't been able to achieve in leading the world's greatest super power. our commander-in-chief orders our military into action. we are a bigger, far better nation than this, i believe, and so should be our generals and leaders. we should have learned at least that lesson after all the years since september 11.
10:30 pm
let's repeat no more the mistakes. of that sorry history. a quotation on generals. from the duke of wellington who said, as lord chesterfield said of the generals of his day, i only hope when the enemy reads the list of their names, he trembles as i do. the syria airstrike delivering a clear, decisive message to the assad regime. >> the objective was to send a clear message to al-assad. this is the first time the united states 245s has acted against the assad regime. ann coulter joins me next. no dog left behind. we'll show you this remarkable heroic resesesesesngie's list, e
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lou: the maximum number of pinnochios for susan rice. she claims president trump got assad regime to verifiably give up its chemical weapons. >> we were able to find a solution that actually removed
10:35 pm
the chemical what he phones from syria in a way that use of force would never have accomplished. politifact also forced to retract their mostly true rating for secretary kerry's claim that almost 100% of chemical what he once had been removed. joining me on the latest. justice gorsuch, best selling author, ann coulter, great to e you again. welcome to the broadcast. let's start with syria. your thoughts on the strike yesterday. h.r. mcmaster making it clear that he thought it was a special moment in american military history. >> i think we have to get rid of all the generals. i feel like i'm watching dr. strange love with these guys. to a man with a nail all the
10:36 pm
world is a hammer. were any of them paying attention to the trump campaign? i like what trump said during the campaign. it would be insane to go in and come out against assad. he's the one fighting isis and al-qaeda. most of the rest of the world are savages and we are always coming in at one point in the bar fight and propping up the losers at that one particular moment. the whole point of the trump campaign is make america great again. america first. the fact that anchor babies aren't citizens and they should be deported, too. isn't that great that trump isn't printing permits for the dreamers anymore except he is. we don't want to hear about the
10:37 pm
payloads and topography of syria. get the generals out of the picture. john kelly testifying the wall is a figure of speech. he created great ambiguity about whether the wall was going to be built and its purpose honored by the man whwachoseny the president to lead homeland security. >> i did not know he elected jeb bush president. i am sympathetic to president trump's idea that he wants to have general george patton working for him. but someone needs to tell him patton could not be made a general today. generals are confirmed by the senate. that means democrats get to vote, too. republicans just ask is this guy a good hilt leader?
10:38 pm
democrats ask, what has he done to promote transgender bathrooms. that's why all of these guys are it i arely captive to p.c. and completely useless. after the fort hood shooting that general said as much as a tragedy as forwardhood was, what would be a greater general is if it hurt or diversity. kelly told a group of democrats that he was the best friend the unconstitutional dreamers program ever had. even under the trump administratihey are still prinng work permits for illegal aliens. lou: these generals apparently oh succumbed to the obama era doctrine much political correctness and trembling
10:39 pm
political and wavering political am baitions, they haven't been deprogrammed, most of them. let's turn to judge gorsuch. he has -- talk about promise on the supreme court. he seems to be brimming with it. your thoughts? >> i hope so. we'll see. the history of supreme court justices is ours go bad, their never do. let's keep our fingers crossed. it would have been a disaster fit had been hillary. but we are really just treading water. we are replacing scalia here. we replaced ruth bader ginsburg with the same judge. no we are replacing one amazing great judge with one we hope
10:40 pm
will be half as good a judge. lou: i think gorsuch does seem to have promise to rise to a scalia-like stature on the court. i go into it optimistic. >> i hope you are right. i will join your optimism. lou: the idea this administration has done so much so quickly. i think given too little notice at large into some degree because of their own messaging. but i have to say trump has done a marvelous job at this point unlike any president i have seen in your thoughts, ann. >> when i wrote adios immigration i thoughted the country had a 10% chance. with the election of donald
10:41 pm
trump it went unto 90%. there is a lot to get done. i was particularly disturbed by the syrian bombing. it's the same thing over and over again. the politicians give us the rhetoric. they know what the people want. we want to put america first. we want a wall on the border. we want politicians weeping about kate steinle than someone in the country 6,000 miles away and certainly is not a vital national security interest. but there is a lot to get done. lou: great to see you, thanks for being with us. do you mind if i call you sunshine from now on? thanks so much. ann coulter. please roll the video. a daring rescue caught on camera. this canadian man jumping into
10:42 pm
an icy ponds to rescue his dog. the french bulldog fell through the ice. pausing on a strip of concrete only to punch through the ice again before reaching dry lands. national security advisor insisting the administration is unified. >> both secretary tillerson and ambassador haley are right about this. it's difficult to understand how a political solution could result from a continuation of the assad regime. we are not saying we are the ones who are going to affect that change. lou: just about everything else was said. we'll take that up next. stay with us.
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stay with us. we'll be right b b b b b
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lou: joining me, byron york and matt schlapp.
10:47 pm
let's start if we may with the trump agenda. we hear this thing is months, perhaps months delayed that we are starting at square one. i hadn't seen square one. what's going on? >> i keep hearing these worrywarts worried about the judgment of the first 100 days. they have gone the more done by the president's authority than we have seen by any president recently. i think a lot of people across the country, they are not used to this kind of pace. lou: and success. byron, let me ask you this. kevin hassett, the competing economic council head by gary cohn? you have outsourcers, the establishment and elites in
10:48 pm
these two men alone. byron: very pro immigration as well. he didn't have enough loyalists to staff the core of the white house much let the whole of the white house much let the whole executive branch. there are people coming on board who have fundamental disagreements with some of the things the president campaigned on. will they operate to enact the president's vision or will sit just result in confusion? we have yet to see that. lou: i'm sure there is sufficient integrity amongst the staff of the white house. i'm sure they would end outsourcing and offshoring and let's raise growth to 4%. i'm sure with immediate dispatch they would carry out his orders, right?
10:49 pm
byron: if they can raise growth to 4% by just saying so, i would like them to do it now. lou: they could end it by ending the offshoring of investment, plants and equipment and stop the importation of cheap wages and raise wages in this country and start restoring the middle class. fair trade would eliminate annual cut in economic growth in this country that we sustained for 40 consecutive years and economists won't even talk about it. matt: let's have our eyes on the trade council under fighter -- under peter navarre owe. there are a lot of basic steps they can take. the other thing is president obama is a smart guy and he knows why he became the president. and he's not going to let some senior advisors bamboozle him
10:50 pm
over the process going forward. he knows who got him there and he will be loyal to them. but some of these staff decisions do make you scratch yourhead. lou: the president apparently telling steve bannon and his son-in-law jared kushner to work it out. this is a man with very little experience and significantly wealthy friends who have been assisting him with the family money that he's had in business. we are not talking about the arch angel of einstein here, if i can collide with a religious metaphor. what in the world is this going on in this white house? byron: i'm baffled as well by is increase in the size of the jared kushner portfolio.
10:51 pm
one of the things people didn't know enough about president obama is for all his business success, an has gotten lot of money, he's operated on a small fashion with a pretty small inner circle. his brother, a few trusted aides. lou: that's great. i have got no problem with that. byron: it's hard to transfer that to the white house. at that level of staff it's hard to transfer that to the white house. lou: trump was brought in to be disruptive. people from all sides, gary cohn, priebus, they are trying to smooth things out. it's a dynamic and conflict that should be created and it would be horrible if it's allowed to be something other than great and productive.
10:52 pm
matt: presidents in their first term mean so much it's where the currency is. we have had a good productive 100 days. the president has the time to demonstrate he will keep them safe and get this economy moving. that's how he will be judged. lou: very quickly, we gotta go. byron, matt, we'll continue the conversation i'm sure through the remainder of the 200 days. he has almost a month left in that 100 days. l those people in the national left-wing media driving to give him an artificial deadline. shame on them. christians under attack in egypt. isis claiming responsibility. i have asthma...
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♪ ♪ welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, have somhing for you! ♪ ♪ making every stay a special stay. holiday inn, smiles ahead. whether for big meetings or little getaways, member always save more at lou: in our online poll last week we candidate if you think the president's airstrikes are important in altering the course events in syria and the middle east. 83% said yes, they are. suicide bombers attacked two
10:57 pm
christian churches on palm sunday. 44 people were killed and more than 100 injured. joining me to talk about what he says is an attack on christianity at home and abroad. pastor robert jeffress. let's turn first to the attacks in egypt, he will is are you declaring a state of emergency. the attack on christianity, it seems there is no question that is a war on christianity. >> absolutely. this is horrific. we ought to be praying for the victims. but this is nothing new. since harrod tried to slaughter the baby jesus. i do think we have a responsibility to push back against this attack, whether it's pushing back against isis that want to eradicate
10:58 pm
chstians or ose who want t eradicate the message of christianity progressive secularists from society. lou: the cad burkes ry's annual easter egg hunt. they tried to take the branding of easter from the churches. >> john cadbury was a strong dough vowt christian. secularists want to hijack the holiday. all of these protesters wanted a palm sunday protest against trump's immigration policy. so we had thousands of our members flood the streets of dallas. we carried a giant illuminated
10:59 pm
cross through the streets of dallas. palm sunday is not about immigration, it's about salvation. we need to stand up, reclaim our faith against attempts of removing christianity from the marketplace. lou: all of your colleagues yesterday and members of the church are to be congratulated. it's just the idea that trying to deprive the fundamental culture of this country is abhorrent to all of us. i want to ask you. judge gorsuch said he will be a servant of the constitution. x have 10 seconds for you. he's on hobby lobby. little sisters of the poor demonstrate he's going to
11:00 pm
protect what the first amendment is all about. lou: tomorrow night newt gingrich and jim dement among our guests. good night from new york. you are great, we enjoy your expertise,. >> thank you. charles: here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, russians and iranians today threaten will united states warning against any further strikes gain syria. joint, russian and iranian forces issue their own version of red line ultimatum. unleashing a quote lethal response trump administration offer no reply, but administration officials did give slightly differing views as to purpose of last week's syrian strike and strategy in


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