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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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bartiromo's exclusive interview with president trump. no boots on the ground in syria, and tax reform by august. but he wants to get obamacare repealed and replaced first. up next, charles payne. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. breaking tonight, president declaring the u.s. will not be going into syria. here is a preview of his interview with our very own maria bartiromo. >> we are not going into syria. when i see people using horrible, horrible chemical weapons which they agreed not to use under the obama administration, but they violated it. maria: they said they got rid of them. >> what i did should have been done by the obama administration a long time ago before i did the and i think syria would be a lot better off.
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charles: you can catch the full interview following morning on ""mornings with maria"." no boots on the ground, we got that part. but there has been a major shift with response to president trump's approach. rex tillerson saying we don't care about regime change, but today he said assad must go. tammy: this is as sign of leadership. you can have a principle base of what's important to you, and when things change on the ground, you will adapt to that. if you bought a house and you said you weren't going to do renovations, but the kitchen caught on fire, of course you would do renovations. this is certainly a measured dynamic and calm dynamic. so he's showing the range of
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what's required that's dynamic and fluid. charles: the analogy i would use is buying bag of cookies and staying i'm only going have one. i don't think any president thinks things will blow up the way they are. how does president trump make sure this does not become a quagmi. >> "national review" had a great piece by conrad black. he said this signals the ends of deliberate weakness. president trump is walk into an enormous pinep minefield that has been left to him by president obama. the obama administration did not
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eliminate the connect cal weapons or enforce the red line. a lot more trouble is going to unfold. that's why it's important for him to proceed with this adomestic agenda. charles: no one thought foreign policy would be this prominent. but here we are north korea on the brink, tillerson in moscow making demands of russia to stop the back of assad. rich: with very tough words and true words. i think it's extraordinary that the administration that supposedly collude with russia is more hard headed and realistic about russia than the obama administration was in 8 years. obviously we don't want to get into a shooting war. but we want to establish
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leverage and our deterrent and work on a long-term plan to pressure assad so we can get a settlement worthy of that country. assad, arab spring came and went. the last guy standing. whatever deal we cut with russia will have to include them keeping naval bases with mediterranean access. i do wonder again understanding that what motivated president trump were those scenes. we are still going to have women and children being slaughtered in that country by assad nell temperatures forced to stop. tammy: while president obama is looking at a scene that's change frantically each day, so are the russians. you had iran, you figured america was out of the middle east. this was a door open for them to sweep of into the middle east, russia.
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it's their only warm water port. then suddenly everything is different. so the problem with russia which is a weaker state. they really can't confront us. they thought it was an easy push. but it comes down to what does donald trump want, what does general mattis wants. nikki haley, is she going to start moving into some kinds of policy dynamic about what is appropriate. this is where the conventional wisdom of the west comes through. aing are center stream that is weaponized. all of these things have to be dealt with. the good news is donald trump surround himself with generals who know what they are doing. charles: nikki haley is the first person in this administration who was taking a hard line against vladimir putin almost out the gate. she was never part of that whole agenda.
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but we are looking at a situation where you have to figure the next perhaps 30 days or so, something will come to a head there. is it possible that russia says we can have everything we want there because i don't buy into reports they knew about the chemical weapons part of this. i think they were shocked. to tammy's point. no one was paying attention. it could have been business at usual. all of a sudden you saw these chemical weapons. either assad is drunk and crazy on power or they thought there were no limits that west would pay attention, and perhaps russia can have everything it wants by simply helping us get rid of assad. >> i think the key is going to be for the trump administration, when they say something is going to happen, it will happen, which is the key distinction between it antecedent and this administration.
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i'm glad we have rex tillerson as secretary of ate as counterpart to nikki ley in the u.n. both of them are people of resolute distinction. rex tillerson dealt with putin. he knows how to manage the nuances of his personality so we can get the kind of result with a minimum of force as one of the russian jents i think it was says, with a minimum of kinetic encounter risk. they don't want that because they know with this administration there will be repercussions. >> unfortunately before he left for moscow, the g7 did not give him additional ammunition. they did not go through, i think it was the u.k. put forth sort
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of a condemnation of russia and syria. and to me that's another major problem here. the west in general, you talk about feckless and -- i hesitate to use -- we use the word cowardly. why couldn't they find at least be able to condemn russia and syria and let tillerson go into moscow with the full backing of the g7 to further press his case? >> we need to contain and squeeze out russia and iran to the extent we can in syria. it's hard to do. but further economic sangs are a key part of the puzzle with both those countries. ultimately it doesn't make sense to say assad has to go unless you know what you want to take his place. unless you have a moderate sunni force on the ground. march into damascus or hold a swath of the country. the first step is routing isis.
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routing al qaeda and trying to work on it from the ground up. this will be a year's longest. charles: the religious sect that assad comes from is only 20% of the population. how do you get a group of people who have been battered so greatly. saddam hussein did the same thing. you leave a void of willingness and the ability to fight back. how do we insure hoff take over for him isn't overrun overnight because they are not accustomed to fighting back? tammy: that was the problem with the rule of qaddafi as well. i think george bush did the best you can do with the reformation of iraq. anything we do would have to be generational in that regard.
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the goal to some degree has to be the motion every human being want democracy and freedom. including arabs. but we have of course generational genocide, war. the terrorist groups that are filtering through the country. it's going to take somebody who can weave and deal with the thing that's outstanding. and it has to be local. and i think yes we can do this without having to hand over power like russia and certainly iran is obviously a big part of problem as well. it's about trusting our own judgment, look at the george bush template and realizing this will have to be about american national security. charles: today in 1945 the u.s. third army liberated buchenwald which is second only to us with respect to the horrors imposed.
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can trump's base at home buy into the new trump agenda? that's next.
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so you'rhow nice.a party? i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber? [ horn honks ] hold on. don't wait for watchathon week to return. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. >> core issues that he so successfully campaigned on that motivated voters it was all focused on america first. and jobs, the economy, wages going up. that's it. he spent the whole campaign talking about how syria was not
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in the national security interest. charles: long-time trump supporter laura ingraham reminiscing about president obama during the campaign when he said put america first and essentially warning him not to escalate involvement in syria. adriana, a major uproar despite the fact late today president trump said there won't be any boots on the ground. a lot of people believe enough damage has already been done with that strike in syria saying they pose no imminent threat to america and this is taking us off course. how do you feel? >> i have mixed feeling about the strike in syria. i never want to see harm to civilians especially by the way of sceptical attacks.
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i think president trump should have gotten together with the u.n. first and made it a coalition strike. i think he should have gone to congress and got members of congress on board as well. laura ingraham made a good point. he campaigned on how disastrous the iraq war was and we wasted trillions of dollars that could have gone to infrastructure in our country. now with this strike, i don't believe it's going to be a one-off. if bashar al-assad continues to use chemical weapons, we'll look ish anweak. it's going to be mission creep. that's my biggest concern. i'm not saying we shouldn't do anything. but why couldn't he get u.k., the european union involved and our nato allies and collectively do something. i think this is escalating tensions when we have serious tensions with north korea.
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charles: i don't know anyone is going to step into that void. ryan, adriana talked about the needs here. we spent $100 million on those tomahawk weapons and have to replace them. when the images of those kids and the results of a chemical attack, where do you stand in. >> i think this was a mistake. if you want to show pictures of dead children. let's show pictures of raymond wood who was gutted by ms13 in virginia. with the exception of jeff sessions and wilbur ross, i don't know why his administration doesn't believe what we believe in. nikki haley says she believes she's serving at times. we can't get a wall built. republicans are trying to kill the wall.
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we can't get that built. we can't get healthcare passed. we are going to spend what little political capital trump has on a war that has nothing to do with us. if we get rid of assad, who are we going to replace him with? al-nusra, al qaeda? we are going into a genocide of syrian christians if we replace assad. assad was starting to do some democratic changes. had we stayed out of it i think the civil war would have been over by now. getting involved in this will entirely wreck his america first agenda. charles: it registered 57% approval rating in a cbs poll.
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maybe president trump coupled that with gorsuch and he's got some political wins from last week. to the point both of you guys made, it's walking a hard line with people who put their heart and souls into this campaign. tensions are spilling over. both sides are threatening action. we'll be right back. the bottom line is, for your goals, this is a strategy i'd recommend. this actually makes sense. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. yeah, that's great. being clear and upfront. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal.
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charles: north korea threatening to strike the united states with nuclear weapons at any sign of aggression.
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the president tweeted back. if china helps that's great. if they don't, we'll solve the problem without them. u.s.a. jesse, one of the hardest parts of this dilemma is the uncertainty of kim jong-un. he's on the verge of having nuclear weapons and being able to launch them anywhere he wants. >> when i was at the cia, north korea was considered the hardest of the hard targets. they are on the cusp of having an icbm that could target the united states. and we are perhaps even more uncertain how far president trump will go in trying to prevent them from getting that capability. charles: president trump saying
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he will go as far as necessary, even if china doesn't help. there are reports of 150,000 chinese troops amassing on the north korean bored as well as turning back coal the shipments from north korea. how do you have see this falling out militarily? >> rex tiller stop clearly stated -- rex tillerson clearly stated to them if you become a threat others there will be a response. they have been a threat for many years. reality is we have been in a war state with them for some time. the fact is we just haven't seen the reaction. if they have nuclear capability. seoul is only 26 miles away. 800 miles away is tokyo. in tokyo you have 36 million people in the metropolitan area. that is a disaster of any means.
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if they are hit by a nuclear weapon. the reality is at some point they will be able to hit maybe the western coast of the united states. charles: we all know the clock is ticking in terms of weaponry and projectile. so a preempty strike seems like it must hatch. i would suspect there would be public support for it. but from a political points of view, how does that work? >> i think the american people are tired of war. i think the american people are distraught to send troops in harm's way. having been in south korea and the dmz, this is a very dangerous spot in the world. president bush called it an axis of evil. being part of the axis of iesm.
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-- of evil. ' i do not believe at this juncture, charles, there is an appetite with the american people to have a preemptive strike by this administrion without going through congress to strike on the north korean peninsula. charles: i'm not so sure. the world knows this guy is on the verge of a nuclear bomb test. he shot projectiles despite being told not to by world governance. he's on a mission and it seems to be counter intuitive to all humanity. this is a fight we are all in and at some point he must be stopped. >> north korea is not syria. they already have a nuclear capability to target seoul and
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tokyo. they have got perhaps 5,000 tons of chemical, biological weapons. they have missiles that soon will be able to hit guam. and submarine launched ballistic missiles and the icbm. if we do a preemptive attack all the estimates are that would lead to an all-out war on the peninsula with hundreds of thousands of casualties. charles: it looks like we are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. the airline that promises you will fly the friendly skies drags a passenger off the plane kick and screaming. will an apology be enough to safe united? we'll be right back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain.
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charles: united airline in damage control today after that mobile phone video, showing security dragging a passenger off of the phone yesterday. even the white house weighing in. >> watching their human being dragged down an aisle, blood from his face after hitting an arm rest, i don't think there is a, is that you could say this could have been handled
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boater. charles: united apologized. but only after criticizing the customer himself, ceo of the parent company saying that passenger was belligerent. erica, you run several businesses. you understand public relations. this is disaster of all disaster. no disrespect to the bronx but this is what you get when you bump into someone. what is up with you? >> it was clueless. in many ways it is stupidity. they have systemically crushed the trust of this brand overnight. you know you get some of these ceos that are out of touch. this is a policy that made no
6:33 pm
shensnoah hanifin sense, this -- no sense, this a $100 million comped ticket. this is brand equity lost. they business wit went to an extreme level. the ceo gives a half bake apology, there is little man compassion. in the message, they hide behind -- he doesn't even get in front of the camera, that is not leadership, they still need someone to lead,ed boar ed -- the board should ses suspend the guy. someone so say they messed up they care about people. charles: you know, munoz had a heart transplant, the guy went back to work, and wall street was wowed. and a touching thing.
6:34 pm
and it seems that would bring you closer to humanity. the joy of having a second chance at life thing, he is hard as nails by the book. i don't know what ever happened to the idea that the customer is always right. in this case the customer is never right. >> for most of u we're capitalists, but this gives a gives ammunition who wants to tar the entire dynamic of wall street, corporations and wealth. mr. opportunity owes i munoz is not running united by himself. they did not say anything that made you feel like they got what was happening. this icorrect, thetock is affected are, this is a time
6:35 pm
when you have a board directors, stock holders, people employees, people this man is answerable to, have to say enough is enough. in today's world things happen so quickly. charles: we saw that with wells fargo. who took 75 million back from a couple of top executives. it was just two weeks ago they had that leggings crisis. they could not get on the blainplane because they were wearing leggings. and they kicked them off, and people in social media went nuts, maybe they would say, let's look at our policies before we step in this again. >> you think they would have learned a lesson from blocking someone from boarding a flight over leggings, with all serious problems in the world, you really care about leggings?
6:36 pm
i agree with eric, i think that the ceo of united needs to step down. no passenger should be violently removed and assaulted on a plane for any reason. it was dead wrong what they did. united ceo should step down, there no doubt. this massive you know millions of dollar lost in market value should be a strong lesson for them, you need to put customer first, what happened to those days when the customer is always right. congress is looking into this, they should say, a could either address issue was not allowing airlines to over book. the other route, they could pass a law saying once a passenger boards a plane and sits in their seat, they cannot be physically removed from that seat, unless you are a danger to others. it wrong to make somebody leave after they sat down and paid for that seat.
6:37 pm
charles: let me say quick to tammy's point. i do worry about legislation, i worry about government getting involved or using this as an excuse to get inside and make rules, when the public with our dollars should be able to make the rules. tougher when there are a handful of airlines to begin with american public will make united do the right thing with their dollars thank you very much. >> dow jones average ended day in red. this was a great day for the market. i'll explain it to you. my commentary is next.
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. plan so. charles: voters at poll in kansas, to replace pompeo.
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charles: was another wild and crazy session, but for casual observer it may have looked like a non-event. dow jones av strong down as much as 146 points. it finished off 6. there are still strong buyers on dips. bad news 20660 is a point on the upside. index remains near record levels, 6 of 10 components slightly lower, highlight of the report was the uncertainty index. double berg said this uncertainty index is 93 in march, more small business
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owners are having a difficult time anticipating the factors that affect their businesses, especially different policy. there is anxiety in apple universe. speculation of working on their ownership set sent suppliers names for the company lower. some of these names you should know or own, sky works, lamb research, and klattend core, and apple, i am holding this stock in my retirement accounts. stand out sector today was housing led higher by upscale builder toll brothers, i think we're seeing good signs of household formation and folks moving back into the suburbs.
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many of them on cusp of major break out, you should consider one or two of these stocks for your approximately, i like toll, and i like polte. >> and eia report is tomorrow, if it matches watch for west texas to pop over 55 a barrel. >> president trump hosting ceos today to sharpen infrastructure plan. all of the attendees came away with a sobering e.piphany, next. break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one.
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>> we're going to have a phenomenal tax reform, but i have to do healthcare first, i don't want to put deadlines, health care will happen at some point. if it does not happen fast enough, i'll start the taxes, but tax reform and tax cuts are better if i can do healthcare first. charle well, there he you it. president trump sitting down with marti maria bartiromo tomorrow morning. obamacare replacement is still the key to the economic dream plan. christine, we can't get away from it, you saw the ceos come out of the meeting, more or less say the same thing. we have to get obamacare replacement back on, that is where you get baseline tax savings where you can do more
6:48 pm
with more -- morell bo room. they had a tough go, i'm not sure they can get all parties on same page. >> there is wide agreement among conservatives on capitol hill, in the administration, at the grassroots level that obamacare has to go. there is fierce agreement for repealing opponent care. when you dive into details it gets dicier. charles: it does. boyd, spending a million dollars going after republican going for ryan bill. this is a major issue. a fault line within a g.o.p., if they don't cure this president trump will have to make an alliance with democrats or the economic
6:49 pm
agenda is changed. >> problem last time the bill was done in a back room with very few people in the room, usual process of we can't amend it or debate it, it is too fragile. i think if they get people involved on the front end of things, i think you could get conservatives and moderates together and get it done. charles: chrissy, infrastructure. the idea was to go today and start really put now sharpen the pencil get an idea how they get it through, in a perfect world, they are talking about a public/private relationship, or partnership, for a lot of people that sounds weird we heard president obama talk about stuff like that, could you raise a trillion dollars with a so-calledded public/private partnership stuff. >> i think it would be difficult. it is important that the administration is having that
6:50 pm
conversation now, so they den repeat some mistakes that conservatives made in washington on health care with important issues, i think that major question facing administration and conservatives on hill, how can they balance their camign promise of fiscal responsibility with the needs of the nation's infrastructure, there can be a way for conservatives to work constructively toward the shared priority. charles: is that the crux of supply-side economics, boyd. the idea of making a quote, unquote investment that pays of off. this is an investment, they are not talking about patching holes, they are talking about dynamic things with electric grid or elon musk's thing. they are talking about major
6:51 pm
things that would change the dynamics of america, making it more competitive, can it be sold that way? >> i think it has to be sold that way, and executed that way. interesting the ceo set in the room. also who was not in the room was interesting, i think they have to have the governors on board with this. they should let governors deal with the pot holes, with that infrastructure piece in terms of repair. that is where most of the needs are, let ceos and private sector deal with big ideas, interstate issues, things grander in scale, and better done by that group. charles: privatization of air traffic control and thing like that. thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: coming up.
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general sessions throwing down gauntlet on illegal immigration. saying that catch and release? those days are over. we'll be right back. ked to my dr and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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>> for those that continue to seek improper and illegal country into this country, be forewarned, this is a new era. this is the trump era, the lawlessness. the catch and release policies of the past are over. charles: attorney general jeff sessions sending a warning earlier. being backed by the president of united states, saying gangs and cartels that flood our country will no longer be able to profit from their lawlessness, turn cities into
6:56 pm
war zones and harm our people. this is what people want stopped. this is a main issue in the campaign. >> you know so far, just trump's executive orders, events like one sessions held had an effect. illegal border crossings have fallen, because there is a message as sessions put it, we're taking our immigration laws seriously. to tighten up, i believe you need an e-verify system at the point of. am. charles: -- of employment. charles: that is what we call jawboning, it works until it does not work. that is when you need an attorney general like jeff sessions following up on all of the promises made in the campaign with the hard-line on
6:57 pm
illegal immigration, and the drug problem that comes with it. >> no question, i applaud the president and this attorney general for finally taking a stand to say, that the rule of law means something in united states if you enter mexico illegally, you get put in jail. if you help someone who is an illegal immigrant in mexico, you will be put in jail. why not enforce the laws in our own country. it has mystified me for so many years, as a native californian has cost my home state billions of dollars on an annual basis, a good move by this dang t administration to say enough is enough, and we're going to deport you. charles: president trump in that meeting with ceo today, promised a special surprise on nafta. one of mutual idea, this is a problem for both countries.
6:58 pm
the americans are buying these drugs, but drug cartels have killed thousands in mexico, judges, and civilians, and police chiefs. perhaps that is something that could get tossed in the mix. >> we have a lot of common interests with mexico. i think that is why it has been a mistake to pound on them, saying they will build a wall could they will never do. maybe. mexico is doing tougher on its border. they have been victimized by the cartels more than we could imagine. they literally have blood running in the streets, anything to cooperate with them on this is important. charles: no one is safe there. where do you see this going from here? talk of how we pay for border wall comes up. parts of virtual. we always kind of knew, but that seems to be a big deal in mainstream media.
6:59 pm
the core president trump voter wants that wall up and justice and the tide turn with the new call it revival of the war on drugs. by the way there is scuttlebutt that perhaps a new defacto drug czar will be named soon, a certain congressman out of pennsylvania. >> you have to recognize that the congress passed -- and president bush signed into law a second our border law a decade ago, this americans, and republicans and democrats who and independents who say we need sovereignty at our border. it is working in a collaborative manner, as rich noted, with the mexican government, they don't want the cartel, drug dealers in their streets any more than we do. anyway to find a way to work
7:00 pm
our neighbor to find a way to win is good for us. charles: thank you both very much. at home, thank you for watching, every night 6 p.m., if you can't see it, dvr the show. here is lou. lou: good evening, trump administration confronting geopolitical threats in asia and the middle east. responding to the threats with a show of force and military acttion. united states issued warning to syria, more strikes would be launched in syria were to again use crema chemical weapons. vinson is prepared to act if the president orders. president's response has been decisive and quick. response from north korea has


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