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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. watching, every night 6 p.m., if you can't see it, dvr the show. here is lou. lou: good evening, trump administration confronting geopolitical threats in asia and the middle east. responding to the threats with a show of force and military acttion. united states issued warning to syria, more strikes would be launched in syria were to again use crema chemical weapons. vinson is prepared to act if the president orders. president's response has been decisive and quick. response from north korea has been more belligerent, kim
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jong-un's government threatening a nuclear strike if the united states were to pursue aggression toward north korea. and iran and russia for their parts, drawing a red line in syria. they would respond militarily. tonight, secretary of state rex tillerson is in moscow, ahead of his meeting tomorrow with his russian counterpart foreign minister sergei lavrov. saying it should be clear to us that the rein of the assad family is coming to an end. tillerson issued annal mat -- a ultimatum to russia. >> we want to create a future for syria h that is stable
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and secure. russia can be a part of that future. play an important roller president bush can maintain its alliance with this group which we believe is not going to serve russia's interest longer term. lou: white house press secretary sean spiker echoing that warping at the white house. >> no question that russia is isolated. they have aligned themselves with north korea, syria and iran. not exactly a group of country you want to hang out with. with the exception of russia, they are all failed states. lou: is the united states, appropriately acting alone, or will other nations join the united states? where is nato? president trump issues threats to north korea after putting out a statement after they put
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out a statement threatening quote, co -- catastrophic consequences if u.s. deploys a navy strike group that attacks north korea. president trump tweeted this, north korea is looking for trouble if china trying to help that would be great, if not, we'll solve the problem without them. usa. secretary-general at white house tomorrow. my first guest said that airstrikes are against syria, give teller son political -- tillerson political leverage in his meeting tomorrow. joining us tonight, retired 4-star general, general jack keane. leverage with lavrov to what degree, and how much do you think? >> well, we're not sure. we know if the meeting was
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held two weeks ago before the strike, probably not much leverage to get them to change anything in syria. buffets it, russia has been humiliated by assad in doing this, putin is getting backlash at home because of this suffering that took place as a result of the chemical attacks. i'm not convinced that we'll make a deal with russia. tillerson has cards to put on the table, first, you are the gar anture of chemical weapons, let's police them up, put them someplace, and safeguard them, keep them from assad. that can be done. and two, we've had ceasefire after another that you violated, can we get some independent monitors in here and stop the suffering. then talk about moving assad out, reality is that what putin has done is assured --
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regime is staying in power, and no one will force them out, if putin believes that assad is a liability, then he will remain leader. lou: stepping back, 59 missiles striking an undefended airfield from which by the way attacks were mounted against the very same town hit with the chemical weapons. this is not a game changer, not a moment of inflection in the relationship either between syria and russia or of united states and western nations and russia. why are we expecting so much to come of this? >> i think what the backdrop is obama administration had such reticence to use even
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limited military act. secretary kerry, i know for a fact recommended on multiple occasions limited military acted to force a political solution, always rejected. i think what happened here is that sin signal has been sent by trump admistration, at times we're ready to use military force, and help get political solutions. that is a loud message. not a geopolitical see change as a result of 59 cruise missiles, but remember this 1995. war and in milosevic pounding people, limited military acted has a place. and we'll see if something comes of this, we want something to come of it. but, you have to maintain healthy skepticism about that.
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lou: bosnia-herzegovina would have been a different result had russia been involved in those hostilities as they are in syria. >> they were indirectly in kosovo, and they stood by and let us take charge, and we did. lou: looking at what is happening here to north korea. carl vinson strike force in the sea of japan. where are we headed? there does not seem to be any clear outline of either an agreement or even ain suggestion of one of what to to with north korea between the trump administration and xi jinping. are there red lines in north korea? >> i think what the carrier strike group is largely about is anniversary of kim -- kim
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sunil. they believe that kim jong-un will fire his 6 nuclear test, and i think that carrier strike groups going up to reassure our japanese and particularly south korean allies that the united states is here, this is not the obama administration with strategic patience, this is not by accident that mattis made his first visit days after taking office to south korea and japan, tillerson followed that up a few weeks later, and also visited with china. i think that president trump made a decision to do what three other presidents have done and failed, try to leverage china to coerce north korea to denuclearize. that is what florida was about. he had a stronger hand in florida because of syrian cruise missile attack, that is not go unnotice by president xi . he knows he is dealing with a different president than president obama, how much
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impact that will have? i have no idea. we would like it to have some impact. this is about reassurance of our allies, and, to send a message to north korea about the kind of capability we do have. lou: all right general jac jack keane thank you. >> good talking to you lou. lou: attorney general jeff sessions ordering a crackdown against illegal immigration. visiting a boare border port of entry in knol nogales, arizona, directing federal prosecutor to pursue felony changes against those who enter united states a number ort married to gain legal spat status, we'll have a full report on the changes takes place in department of justice, much more ahead, stay with us. >> president trump is not giving up on repealing and replacing obamacare.
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>> we're going to have a phenomenal tax reform. but i have to do healthcare first. i want to do it first to really do it right. lou: we take up the trump agenda with the 5 a, kimberly guilfoyle next. and united airline stream of a paying passenger, sparking outrage. first, annuitie united ceo apologized, defending his staff's actions and now he is really, really sorry. we take up that and much more ahead. ahead. your insurance company
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lou: president trump is not giving up on the health care package. repeal and replacement of obamacare. thiss what he told or colleague, maria bartiromo. >> we're saving money on healthcare when we get this done, number one. and most personally, actually we'll have great health care, and all of that saving goes to the tax. if you don't do that, you can't put any of the savings into the tax cuts and reform. lou: the rest of the interview tomorrow morning, on "mornings with maria" here, 6 a.m. joining me now.
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co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle. >> good evening. lou: let's start with the crackdown at the border. attorney general jeff sessions, he is back. >> i love it, this is consistent with messaging and promises of candidate trump, now president trump, put someone in, in jeff sessions, highly capable. as a former prosecutor and seeing struggle in los angeles, at district attorney office with illegal immigration and san francisco, i think this is great, you have to have borders. lou: i think most people will be stunned they had to wait until today to hear an attorney general of united states say, it is a felony to commit document fraud, who
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knew. >> and he said, you will not commit crimes against our border patrol agents, they are enforcing the laws on the books, that have always been on the books, no more beanbag time, they will be met with equal force, there you go. lou: and attorney general sessions not disappointing in anyway. >> no. lou: he brings great intellect and character to the post. >> you see the impact already in the numbers, 72% now, you know, ter was not coming over and crossing,hey are thinking twice, right, tru is the wall. i don't want no part of that. lou: is will be interesting to see how long is terrorists, you are -- persists, you are right. there is a peculiar in the white house that is infighting among bannon, an kushner and
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reince priebus. en fighting, left and globalists and nationalist, and populist. where are we with this. >> where are we? this has been a theme during the campaign in terms of putting america first, and putting forth that agenda and a unification of message. lou: 180 degrees from direction he campaigned on. >> spin it around, lou, that is a problem. you know, nevertheless, we see, i am encouraged when i look at things like push back and forceful way they are going again illegal immigration. we still need this tough economic policies.
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lou: but i don't understand gary cohen. >> what is keeping you up at night lou. lou: not much to be honest, i sleep well, he in in the white house after all. >> true. lou: the games played around the man are striking. we've seen paul ryan subvert the agenda purposefuly because otherwise he is justin competent. the direction of house of representatives, direction of his agenda, the president's. has been dismissed. and the establishment seems to be winning almost every battle, including likely appointment of kevin hassett to chairman of council ofi economic advisers, he is more outsourcing, offshoring corporate america, whatever you want. come on. >> he does seem to be a power shift taking place. perhaps, because the president
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also he has was very good and capable of resetting each time he came up against something during the campaign process, perhaps this a reset, there was a disappointment for promises made to him with respect to health care, and ryan being able to get it lou, and reince priebus, now what is happening. lou: and what keeps you up at night. >> i watch repeats. lou: kimberly guilfoyle. >> thank you. >> vote in our poll, should united airline ceo be fired, for treatment of the passenger who was dragged off of the united aircraft? cast your vote on twitter. we would like to hear from you, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook. follow he on instagram. on wall street stocks finished day little changed. volume on the big board 3.1
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billion shares, crude oil up for a 6th state session, above $53 a barrel, financial sector closing lower, despite president suggests he may eliminate or rewrite dodd-frank all together. and shares of united down 1%. and reminder to listen to my report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next. united scandal so troubling even the white house is commenting. >> i think from a human-to-human stand point to watch a human being get dragged down an aisle with their head banging on arm rests, not thinking it could have been handled better? i can assume we canal ark agreall agree on that. >> and attorney general jeff sessions announcing a new plan to crackdown on illegal immigration, we'll have a full report for you next, m m m m mae
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lou: attorney general jeff sessions today made his first trip to southern border at nation's top law enforcement officer, sessions sent a warning to those who break immigration laws, if you cross the border illegally, you risk proprosecution under the full force of the law. catherine herridge with our report. >> attorney general sessions, who was touring arizona-mexico borders ordered nation's no u.s. attorneys to bring more cases against chosen terrin those -- entering u.s. illegally. >> at the border, they will not be released. reporter: plan laid out in the memo, each u.s. attorney to designate a border security
10:26 pm
coordinator to oversee the cases, and prosecutors are considerwhether felony charges can be brought against those who have crossed illegally multiple times. new data shows that trump administration's multilayered approach is paying dividend, illegal crossing dropped by 40%, and last month down by 72% versus december. on sunday secretary of state tillerson was asked about his meeting with mexico's foreign minister, tillerson seemed to suggestion there are bigger issues than the wall. >> did you make it clear that usthat -- expects mexico to pay for the border wall. >> we had no cop verying a about that issue. >> the wall is a enable us, they don't get to come back as
10:27 pm
we are seeing today. reporter: bids have closed with reports 800 firms submitting ideas from solar panels to zig-zagging barriers made from wire mesh and specially treated foam, testing on the prototypes will begin almost immediately, homeland security secretary has said that wall goes beyond bricks and mortar, and the trump administration's timeline is ambitious. >> how quickly will construct begin. >> i don't think it will be more than a few months. sensors things like that. reporter: critics say that trump administration's new initiatives are antiimmigrant and they accuse attorney general of wrongly links immigration to increase criminal activity. lou. lou: katherine thank you. , a few thoughts now onlity, united airline, dealing with new fallout after one of its
10:28 pm
passengers was forcibly removed from his seat and dragged off of the flight. that passenger, david d dow, a physician from kentucky. ceo oscar munowes was almost dismissive of united strea treatment of the doctor yesterday, that poll jie apologizing for having to reactor combat the customers. munoz refended airline in an e-mail to employees, saying our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this, today munoz, who seems to be probably last person you would imagine to be in customer relations business, seemed to realize that depth of the united affront to public to his customers.
10:29 pm
he offered hi his deep est apologies, two days after. saying, no one should ever be mistreated this way, i want you to know we take full responsibility and we will work to make it right. it is never too late, he said, to do the right thing. >> he hopes so. munoz may hope, that it is not too late, it is up to the flying public, his customers who he has insulted, and munoz apology coming today after the company's stock lost nearly a billion dollars in market cap at session lows before recovering to a loss of a quarter of a billion. well, it took days to get to an apology for an outrageous act that should never have occurred on the aircraft or. munoz, he need apologize no more, passenger to whom he
10:30 pm
found it so difficult to apologize, will very likely see him in court. where he will be more interested in justice, and significant compensation for his pain and public embarras ament than any half heart apology from a stamerring ceo of united airline. quote of the evening, from wood house. it is a good rule in life never to apologize, the right sort of people do not want apologies, and wrong sort take a mean advantage of them, we're coming right back. stay with us. >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich calling for removal of syria and north korea's de dictator,. >> i think that best result in north korea and syria to get military to replace the dictator in both cases, you would have a more rational government.
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lou: voters in canada going to the polls to fill the seat vacated by mike pompeo when he took over as head of the cia. and the house seat by hhs secretary tom price. my next guest held that seat for two decades. joining us, former speaker of the house and former presidential candidate newt gingrich. it appears we have two competitive races where everybody thought it might be an automatic yawner. not so much. >> i think that's right.
10:36 pm
when you get a new administration in. all the focus of the administration team is on governing on how to run the place. so there is not as much emphasis on politics. but if you are the opposition party you can pour all your energy into trying to win seats. my guess is we'll win kansas by a reasonable margin. my guess is in the end the democrat will lose in georgia. he is by the way the great liberal hulk. he raised over $10 million. every democrat and every liberal in the country sees this at a great moment. my guess is he will be at 42% in the first round and will lose in the second round. the more people get to know him
10:37 pm
the more people realize how liberal he is. 95% of his money comes from outside the state. i think he shrinks into being the obama-clinton candidate. and in that particular district that's probably not a winning ticket. lou: to see the polling this tight shows a lot of things are going on that the republicans would just as soon were not. $10 million in a congressional race is a big deal. let's turn to north korea. turn to syria. you had said you would like to see the united states remove both dictators in those two countries. the question looms large, how? >> i don't want us to remove them. i would like us to support activities which would lead the military to remove them from their own country. there are two different
10:38 pm
circumstances. i really worry about north korea. i think kim jong-un has no relationship to reality. i don't think he ever left the country. i think he has no idea what he's dealing with. and seoul, korea, 25 million people is so close north korean boundary that it's in danger if he decides to go crazy. in his case trying to find way to get the military who are very threatened. he recently killed his uncle. last week he killed his half brother. he recently killed five officers supposedly with an anti-aircraft gun. he's pretty whacked. a long history of murders. those are the most recent. there may well be a fairly large number of people who would like to figure out how to replace him if they could.
10:39 pm
in the caves assad, you have this challenge that assad actually represents all of the non-sunni elements in syria. so if you are christian, alawite, you rally around assad. the key there is to -- one of the lessons we learned from libya and yemen and somalia. just blowing it apart doesn't do much good. but if we can find a way to communicate with the syrian military if they would replace him life would get better, that would be the best outcome that we could get in the short-run. i think we should not go in there directly at all unless he does more gas attacks in which case my guess is the president will hit him harder with more military power. but i think the president will
10:40 pm
not be inclined to put american ground forces anywhere near syria. lou: it's unsettling for people to hear the number of folks in the senate, a number of people talking about boots on the ground. there is a strong neocon impulse on capitol hill. there is insinuated within a lot of the institutions in washington, d.c. that strong neocon reflex that wants to go to war at the drop of a hat. how persuasive and powerful do you think neat so cons are in this current -- the neocons are in this climate. >> i don't think they were two persuasive. i think general mattis understands wars are easier to get in of than out of. we do not have a record of learning how to impose our will very effectively. afghanistan is very fragile,
10:41 pm
iraq is fragile, western iraq is chaos. yemen is a disaster, somalia is a disaster, libya is a disaster. we ought to be careful before putting ground troops in syria. lou: you would think with that record, our military would be led by modest men no matter how many stars are on their shoulders. newt gingrich. please roll the video. this adrenaline junky. that's what we call him. look at that. his name is olig cricket. performing death-defying stunts. even leaping down a story while teetering on the building's edge. adrenaline junky or just plain
10:42 pm
mad. >> what i did should have been done by the obama administration a long time before i did it. and you would have had a much better -- syria would be and lot bert off than it has been. lou: pete break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills.
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lou: president trump speaking absolutely plainly when talk about bashar al-assad's atrocities. >> frankly, putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person. i think it's very bad for russia it's very bad for mankind. it's very bad for this world. when you drop gas or bombs or barrel bombs, they have massive barrels of dynamite and drop them in the middle of a group of people. you see the i am kids, no arms, no legs, no face. this an animal. lou: talking about bashar al-assad. joining us to talk about the president's policy in syria,
10:47 pm
growing north korean threats and more, chief house intelligence committee pete hoekstra. this is the red line. bashar al-assad crossea red line drawn by obama. it took all these years for president trump to respond. do you think it will have a significant effect? pete: the rest of the world is watching. in one form mayor case back. we are willing to lead. we'll have to see where this takes us. but the old phrase under the obama administration, leading from behind -- lou: i shudder when i even hear the expression. it's so mind letters. and that was their doctrine.
10:48 pm
pete: that was their doctrine it was ill-fated. america now under president trump under his leadership, we have to dig out out of this mess, america wasn't respected. we weren't feared, nobody knew what our strategy was. he embraced the musli muslim brotherhood, the people who want to december detroit west and our way of life and our civilization and president obama embraced them. it will be a long road for president trump to get back on the right side of where we need to be going. lou: when you have talk about a long road, i think about a long in war. it's ever so much more relevant now that we are 16 years in the battle against radical islamist terrorism. we have generals who never won significant lasting victories whether it be? afghanistan or iraq. we have been rolled back, but not rolled up, and t result is
10:49 pm
precisely the same. $4 trillion spent over 16 years. losses approaching 6,000 of our troops. more than 50,000 wounds. and we don't have still a defined policy objective that the nation can rally ton say this when it ends. this when it's going to make sense. we still get rationalizations instead real answers. is that going to change, pete? >> i sure hope so and hope we learn from the mistakes we made. president obama didn't learn from the mistakes we made in iraq. he then got into regime change in egypt. lou: the administration is talking about regime change. it's extraordinary. pete: i don't think so. i don't think president trump
10:50 pm
and his advisory team, i don't think they are going to get into regime change. at least i hope not. lou: secretary of tillerson and the ambassador to the united nations are lining up in that direction. pete: newt gingrich was saying we want new leadership in sir jar and north korea. but it has to come from the inside. it won't be nato and the west trying to impose our will in iraq and what we tried to do in egypt and libya. it has to come from the inside. if you change from the inside, then you develop the core leadership that will take place and ha responsility. once assad and kim jong-un are both gone. lou: thanks for being with us. we appreciate. the united airlines mess wiping out an estimated quarter billion
10:51 pm
of the airline's market value. has united and its leadership gone mad? we'll take that with gayle trotter and charlie hurt. we'll talk about the public relations night their you've
10:52 pm
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lou: in our online poll last
10:55 pm
night we asked do you believe the passenger dragged out of his seat of the united aircraft is a sign our airlines and airports have gone slightly mad. 86% of you say yes, they have. joining me, gayle trotter and charlie hurt. good to have you both with us. let me show you what jimmy kimmel did last night. let's roll that video. >> we are united airlines. you do what we say when we say, and there won't be a problem. if we say you fly, you fly. if not, tough [bleep]. >> oh, my god, look what you did. >> if there is a problem and we'll drag your [bleep] off the plane. and if you don't you will use your own face as a flotation
10:56 pm
device. lou: is that the sort of thing you would like to see on late-night tv if you were running a business of any kind? gayle: . i flew united yesterday. it comes to what we say about ceo compensation. lou: why would you pay him at all for that kind of a decision making process. what do you think, charlie? charlie: i remember when flying was enjoyable and stress-free. it's a rat race anymore. and that's a funny spoof jimmy kimmel does, but that's what tsa
10:57 pm
does to everybody every single day when they walk through the line. i related to the poor passenger going through all the lines and on and off the airplane. lou: i think maybe billions of people agree. i certainly agree we can all relate. but the idea frankly that we have gone 1 years in this war on terror and we are still taking our shoes off at airports instead of going out and defeating the enemy. americans have become something unrecognizable to americans 16 years ago who would put up with a military that doesn't win conflicts, who would put up with the imposition of the tsa on our lives. and it goes -- you are talking about compensation of ceos, gayle. this is about life in america because we didn't have the guts
10:58 pm
to name the enemy until donald trump was elected president. gayle: it's not the military. they put their lives on the line and sacrificed for their families. lou: it's the leaders of the military because those generals know what they have done. it's the presidents that we have had -- come on, let's be honest, these generals haven't won anything. they haven't, charlie. charlie: that's true. the thing that disturbs knee about the removing of the shoes and the belts. if they think that will make us safer. then we are in real trouble. the people who are suppose to be protecting us have no idea what they are looking for. they shouldn't be looking for some school kid with a belt on or some grandma with shoes on. they ought to be looking for the peop that want to destroy america.
10:59 pm
lou: what about people in america who put up with the nonsense? gayle: i agree. we are allowing this to be done to us. i have to plead guilty on that as well. if i fly for work and i allow to be part of that process. until american people stand up and say enough is enough, we won't see the end of this. charlie: if i can get in the car and drive, i'll drive 500 miles before i would get a plane if i can do it. lou: gayle trotter, we thank you for being with us. charlie hurt, thanks so much. we appreciate it. we thank you for being with us. on the issue of radical islamist terrorism and a 1-year evident in the fight, we'll be joined by conservative commentator and best-selling author, pat buchanan. and ed rollins.
11:00 pm
they will be among our guests tomorrow. hope you will join us. good night from new york. [♪] watching, every night 6 p.m., if you can't see it, dvr the show. here is lou. lou: good evening, trump administration confronting geopolitical threats in asia and the middle east. responding to the threats with a show of force and military acttion. united states issued warning to syria, more strikes would be launched in syria were to again use crema chemical weapons. vinson is prepared to act if the president orders. president's response has been decisive and quick. response from north korea has


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