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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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they can take his salary and give it to the passenger. molly, thanks so much for being with us. tomorrow john charles: we love nikki haley, you are the best took now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, secretary of state, rex tillerson following president's lead of honest explai -- plain spoken directness, talking with vladimir putin for two hours at the kremlin. at a news conference afterward with lavrov, tillerson said, he and putin do not agree on much. >> there is a low level of trust 29 th between our two countries, cannot have this kind of relationship.
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>> putin agrees to telling russian television, one could say that level of trust in a working level, on a military level, has not improved but it deteriorated. and relations with russia, one of the issues today, discuss president met with nato general jens stoltenberg, said that the relationship is at an all-time low with russia. >> right now we're not getting along with russia. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is built for a long period of time. but we'll see what happens, i'll also see about putin over a period of time, be a fantastic thing if we got along with computer and inwith russia. and that could happen. and it may not happen or maybe just the opposite. >> i would love to be able to get along with everybody, right now the world is a mess. but i think by the time we finish, i think it will be a
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lot better place to live. lou: president also reversing himself on nato, saying that global alliance is quote, no longer obsolete. and joining me now to talk about rising tensions with russia, role nato is playing and expected to play, and obvious improvement in relations with cna. republican straggest veteran of -- strategist, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns re edrollins. let's start with china. it seems that much of media ignoring a strong, positive opening with president and xi jinping. saying we'll work together. >> i tha find that positive. you have to always wait and see what happens. they have a tendency to tell you what they think you want to hear, but i believe they are off to a good start, the goal of curtailing north korea
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activity is positive, i would rather see attention paid there on trade front and military front. they are significant. lou: live that idea of president talking about, you know could be worth -- it could be worth deficits to have, china interside, and cooperate with the united states and shutting down north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> i want to see that happen first before we give up on the trade front. that is important thing, i have had a lot of experience in china over the years, and so have you, key is a good positive first step, i think that critical thing is to make sure they live up to it and they force the north koreans to behave, they have not up to this point. lou: opposite view can be taken with russia. at an all-time low, relationship. since the days certainly of s i amld war. listening to tillerson there
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was no movement of any kind. and there was a -- will some expectation there would be movement on part of putin the united states seemingly unable to come to grips with the idea that putin could support a blood-thirsty dictator. >> putin has not played by any rules except for his own for a very long time. so my sense is, i was pleased that tillerson went in passed message forcefully, as a former friend, i am sure he never had that kind of dialogue with hewitt ini putin in the past, but i am impressed with his in passing the message, that message, you better behave. lou: president against saying he would like to see positive relationship with russia. saying, and at same time acknowledging, just may not be
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possible, is is one thing to represent exxonmobil as rex tillerson has for years, another to be representing the president of the united states donald trump, in those meetings. >> i think that tillerson, i have seen no weakness there, he performs well, we'll see. he could be a real star of this administration before long. lou: to white house, where you spent a lot of time, the president coming up strongly, saying, bannon you know, just is not -- i guess word is, not indispensable. >> no one is but the president, bannon represents the people who elected this president, whatever the president says, but bannon was a critical player, bannon was out there every day. helping craft a lot of the message, and basically crafting the message of the state of the union speech or inainag rally -- inaugural
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speech, the other side, son-in-law and daughter are softer. always part of an administration, a bunch of people who want to do 80% of what democrats did at 80% of cost, reagan and his peopl wanted to change the government, bannon, i think wants to live up to promise that trump made and you know -- lou: i think that president wants to do that too. >> i think key thing is that it would be important to keep him, reince priebus stacked white house with people from rnc who were never really for the president. lou: it is very frustrating to watch the president, i know that in these instances, he does -- my assumption is, he thinks that you know, it does not have acummulative affect that weight of all of the establishment figures and left wingers, gary cohen for
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example is left wing. >> whole premise not filling the place with goldman sachs, you fill it with goldman sachs. former partners a all that know each other, economy plan will be different from what president talked about in course of the campaign. lou: it will be interesting to watch, as this unfolds, and we'll be delighted to have your insight. ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> secretary of state rex tillerson said that bashar al-assad must go. >> final outcome in our view is that not provide for a role for the assad or his assad family in the future governance of syria. lou: russia disagrees, we take up the deteriorates relations wean united states and russia. >> and a bombshell report reveals that fbi obtained a fisa wa warrant to spiez spy
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on a former trump campaign
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been and will be felt for generations to come, hugh montgomery served in cia for over 6 decades he died last week in maclean, virginia. he fought and was wounded in battle. that was key to liberation of paris, he on a mission discovered a concentration camp, montgomery, earned a bachelors in 1947. a masters next year, a doctorate in 1952, he wasfluent in 8 languages, and knew every important cia station in the world. his honors include, career intelligence medal. for service to the profession.
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and william j donovan award, montgomery lost his wife of 66 years, two years ago. they are survived by their two children. hugh, jr. and maria machin montgomery of maryland, hugh montgomery, cia's longest serving operative, he was the 94. >> my next guest calls montgomery a hero of american intelligence, we're joined by senior vice president for policy and programs for center and, fred, great to have you with us. a moment, to reflect on hugh and his service to the nation. >> he was a hero of american intelligence, a founding father of cia. he was a gooden from the o friend of mine, a mentor, let me tell you something, lou.
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he was a big fan of your show. and you know he was not doing well in the last few years, but he took special pleasure in seeing one of his mentories, yours truly, appearing on your show, he was a big fan. lou: wonderful, and an inspiration to us, thank you, fred. turn ing to analysis now, if you will of what happening first, in russia. a low point for relations between the two countries, some they lower than any point, i can't believe, that a lower point than cold war? >> well, it is not lower than any point during the cold war. i think. cuban missile crisis, come on. this is not about the missile strike in syria, this is about the russian government try ing to assess the trudge trump administration, they realize
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all in a gain from obama administration and kerry and clinton, and president obama, they realize that is gone. they now have a president who is decisive and stands behind his words and assert of stat a secretary of state who is serious who means what he says, the russians may have to get used to this. lou: they may be sending out invitations asking for john kerry to return the post. is there an opening here to out the put distance between assad regime and russia and for u.s. and the west to move closer to russia? >> it will be difficult, to negotiate an agreement, but to negotiate with the russians, russians have to take it seriously, they have to see us as credible that is what tillerson is trying to come --
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communicate. i have other problem with syria, i see syria as a quagmire, i do not see american interest in getting rid of assad, i worry, if we get rid of assad we'll make the situation worse. lou: there and you know always, that possibility, the law of unintended consequences and without due thought to what will follow, we know in case of iraq, and other instances, unfortunately of late, what followed success, was failure. so, your concerns, i would have to say, i share as well. let's turn to nato, it as role, president making much of a discussion with the secretary-general today, reversing himself, saying that now, that nato is no longer, obsolete, it is critical. and important.
11:17 pm
your thoughts on that turn around? >> i was glad to hear, that and i was glad to hear that very strong statement that other nato members have to pull their wait, we're not going to lecture or shame the russians and changing their policies, but i think we can lecture and shame the europeans to contribute to say what they would contribute to fund nato, i think that president is right to push this. >> i do too , the question, do they have enough pride to stand up for their own defense . let's turn to obama spying scandal this getting larger and larger. your view, today we learned that shadow government of the trump administration is still at work.
11:18 pm
and that had sought a fisa warrant. this is against a trump adviser. what do you make of this? where is it headed? >> carter pain wa page was a low level, unpaid trump advise oaer. the thing is that this is say felony, a lea felon to leak. why did they break the law? the investigation of russia, in congress is not going away, the democrats want, focus on susan rice they want to try to turn it back to trump administration. lou: susan rice, but at say the time, it is also, director james comey's fbi, who thought that warrant -- sought that warrant and he remains head of the fbi, why? >> i don't know, we have been hearing you can't just get a
11:19 pm
fees fisa warrant like this. because of strict procedures. remember, loretta lynch was heading the justice department, it might be possible that the process was abused to get this warrants, congress has to look into this. lou: absolutely, and they are, fred great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question, do you believe that united nations has now out lived its usulness? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, follow me on twitter. on wall street, stocks closed lower today, dow down 59, s&p lost 9, nasdaq down 31, volume on big tujung big board 3.2 billion shares, dollar falling to session lows. after president trump said the
11:20 pm
dollar is getting too strong. the same candidate who promised to remind the world that china is a currency manipulator. circumstances and exchange markets do change. united scandal continues to hurt airline stock, shares today down 1%. listen to my report 3 times a die day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, president trump offers china better trade terms in exchange for their cooperation, and assistant in ending north korea's nuclear weapon program. >> president xi wants to do the right thing. i think he wants to help us with north korea. i said the way you are going to make a good trade deal is to help us with north korea. lou: a little horse trading going on. that is the subject of my commentary here next. and a former trump adviser targeted for surveillance. how deep does the obama sk
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lou: more questions about surveillance of president trump transition team, washington post reports that fbi obtained a fisa warrant to watch over communication from carter paige. >> i have nothing that i want to hide, and the more that the truth comes out, the better. reporter: former trump campaign adviser responding toal gayses tha allegations he was. >> to get a surveillance warrant, fbi has to have solid evidence.
11:26 pm
so how do you, plan explain it. >> we'll see, there was a tremendous amount of false evidence. reporter: compiled by christopher steel, a former british intelligence officer. >> there is various reporting about where it may have come from. reporter: in a speech, fbi director james comey said it is a high legal bar to monitor an american citizen. >> those applications are off often as thick as my wrist or bigger, it is a huge pain in the neck to get permission to bug someone in the u.s. u.s., thaunited states, that is the way it should be. >> if a warrant has been issued it isaryius. seer seriou. reporter: page's name surfaced
11:27 pm
in the probe. >> according court documents allegation is that you passed energy documents to a russian intelligence operative. >> it was the same energy quote, unquote merge document that i sent, gave to my student at nyu . >> it the russians try to recruit you. >> i was never asked by anyone to do anything untoward or otherwise. reporter: pain said he had virtually no contact with manafort, whose spokesman said a press report alleging that manafort received 1.2 million in off the book payments is misleading and incorrect. to register th justice department as agent of a foreign government, described as routine, following discussions with lengthy authorities. lou: thank you very much. interesting to see number of people decides to register or
11:28 pm
report on various aspects of their professional lives. reporter: a lot of dots connecting. >> thank you. lou: a few thoughts on our relationship with china in face of north korean provocation, president trump reversed himself on issue of labeling china, for a number of reasons two of them one, the rising against the dollar. but in the midst of this, president trump offering china better terms on trade, saying he told xi jinping solve the problem in north korea. china right now, third largest export market. china number one source of
11:29 pm
imports to america. all of that, results in a trade deficit last year, of almost 350 billion dollars. >> president trump is saying we'll buy a solution with north korea, whether expending on missiles or -- munition. president is not the first to make such a bargain, but first president to be clear and unvarnished in his acknowledgment of what he is doing. xi jinping signed up with the president to find a peaceful solution. now quote of the evening this from pastor robert jeffers. when i am looking for a leader who will sit across a negotiating table from a nuclear iran or intent on destroying isis, i could not
11:30 pm
careless about that leader's temperament or tone or v vocabulary, i want the meanest, toughest, son of a gun i can find. >> president trump calling for end of syrian civil war. >> it's time to end the brut brutal civil war. >> my next guest warns president trump's intervention in syria could consume his presidency. pat buchanan joining us next. >> these skydivers don't need a plane for a high-flying adventure, we show you their adventure, we show you their stunt ahead, we'll be right
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lou: republicans scoring a victory in kansas. president trump tweeted his congratulations to republican ron estes. next week in georgia 32,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting that started monday. he tweeted this about the economy. one by one we are keeping our promises on the border, on
11:35 pm
energy, jobs, regulations, big changes are happening. tweeting this as well. economic confidence is soaring as we unleash the power of private second store job creation and stand up for american workers. workers. a senior advisor to three presidents, twice a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, syndicated columnist and great american. patti annamerican.pat. >> a lou dobbs colleagues from younger days. lou: the president says we are
11:36 pm
not going in to syria. you have written you were concerned it has the potential to consume the trump white house. your thoughts tonight. >> we have put one foot into syria with this attack. what i'm afraid of, lou, if he puts a second foot in, we'll be in the middle of a major civil war that will consume his presidency, i war i don't see the end in sight of. i would hope what the president said, that we are not going into syria and what general mattis said, this is a one-off attack, i hope this is a reality. he will get half your pressure from the neocons and the war hawks in washington. the people who are against him most are happiest about this strike.
11:37 pm
lou: i share your concerns. but not as i'm reminded in the trump white house, not yet. the trump white house is becoming a distraction at least for the national left-wing media. but the bannon, jared, ivanka, reince priebus going on. what do you make of it and how concerned if at all are you? >> i'm a bit concerned for this reason. i read the new york post where the president said i love steve but, and i like steve but, but he's got to top taking credit for my strategy and taking credit for my victory. he has to stop these internal wars or he's gone. i think that was brutally frank
11:38 pm
and blunt. it would be a mistake to follow through and what appeared to be a threat. bannon is his anchor to windward. he's a populist nationalist america first wing of the coalition. if he goes, i think the base will be looking hard at who's left behind. lou: these are tricky times here. he could get broadsided. the folks he has relied upon here, they include obviously most importantly speaker paul ryan. what he did in congress and simply misjudging the voter, misrepresenting the vote any way you look at it. that's malfeasance of a high order and needs to be corrected. i don't know what's going to
11:39 pm
happen with any one of these programs give what we have seen from the leadership of the house. and as you say, bannon may be a tough go for the president, but he is along with a number of other people including steven miller, another senior advisor to the president, these are the people who are the heart and soul of the president's spirit he brings to these issues of economic nationalism, populism and not very tone and the lin lineup" of wall street savants that have been brought in. >> i think that's right. if you take a look at the victoria states that brought him victory. that's where economic patriotism and nationalism. america first. that rallied niece folks. then it provided the president with the margin of victory that
11:40 pm
he has. if some how bannon left, you are heavy on goldman sachs in the white house. goldman sachs was not the reason donald trump won. with regard to the speaker of the house ryan. my view has sales been you have got the bannon, the conservatives, the economic nationalists and the conservative base of the republican party, they are both wings that you need. if you lose either one, you will be in real trouble. take the president. he has got a problem. i don't know that that healthcare thing is going to go through. apparently that's first in line. and after that you get tax reform. >> he's talking optimistically about both. there are reports that there have been significant progress between the freedom caucus, mark meadows, congressman meadows, and talking about that with the white house. whether that's true, we are not
11:41 pm
going to find out until somebody is ready to take a vote, right? >> let's suppose they get through the house. you have got a 3-vote margin there. then it comes back to the house on both sides and vote on the compromise that comes out of conference. it's hanging by a hair. maybe it does get through. lou: it might. >> that's a three-bank shot. lou: but better to have been made, especially after rand paul played a rounds of golf with the president. he has gone from being a doubtful fellow to i think a kindred spirit. >> i think he is. good to talk to you, lou. appreciate. please roll the video. a basketful of skydivers taking
11:42 pm
to the skies in this hot air balloon then doing this. fleepght basket for a beautiful descent over perris, california. i have been there, skydiving over perris. that perris. not the one in france. it is beautiful. president trump hitting susan rice as the house and intel committees expands their surveillance into surveillance of the trump team. >> it many such a big story and i'm sure it will continue forward. what they did is horrible. lou: chris farrell of judicial watch is here. stay with us. hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
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lou: the susan rice unmasking
11:47 pm
scandal. this remarkable. catherine herridge reporting earlier in the broadcast on carter -- carter page, the former unpaid part-time advisor to part of the trump campaign. he calls everything that's said about him proper began today. what are we dealing with here? >> it's a train wreck. the most important takeaway is you have double confirmation that the obama administration was conducting political espionage using signals intelligence platforms against trump and trump associates. so with general mike flynn, now carter page, and you have the washington post writing up an article that to me was a big nothing. there is no great stunning revelation in the article at all
11:48 pm
other than the fact that they sure as hell were going after carter page and generating fisa warrants and doing counter in tell jones against him and general flynn. there is double confirmation there was surveillance of trump and his associates. lou: double, triple, i don't know what the number of is now. we have every news organization reporting on this. and the senate intelligence committee, the house intelligence committees are expanding their versus gaightss a -- theirinvestigation. it looks like they are committed to getting bottom of this. i just wish we knew of what this was. >> in my opinion from what i have been able to discern. this is a domestic political intelligence operation run out
11:49 pm
of the susan rice circle around president obama. there are multiple cases of americans being targeted and unmasked unlawfully. this is very, very damaging. it will be an excruciatingly slow process to get to the bottom of this because all the wagons will be circled. no one in the intelligence community will step up and tell the truth on this unless they are compelled by a grand jury or threat of prosecution. lou: if these two committees go after them and the f.b.i., they wouldn't be likely to be talking about threats, they would mean it, would they not? >> i have far greater confidence in the grand jury than congressional committees. i want to see criminal prosecution on this.
11:50 pm
i don't want to see senators and congressmen doing season-second sounds bites. i want prosecutions. >> in alphabetical order so they can get their video back to their constituents. we have so much to go back to. we are going to pick it up and continue the conversation through the week. come back as soon as we can get time on your chen and we'll continue the conversation. chris, great to see you. chris farrell, judicial watch. up next, the national left-wing media outraged with white house press secretary sean spicer comparing assad to hitler. where was the outrage when the media compared trump to hitler? we'll take up the hypocrisy wite
11:51 pm
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whher it's eedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: in our online poll we asked you should the sue nighted air lines ceo be fired for the treatment of the passenger dragged off his airplane. 54% of you said yes he should be. the left-wing national media attacking sean spicer after the white house press secretary compared syria's assad and adolph hitler. no doubt a mistake and he expressed a sincere apology.
11:55 pm
but it wasn't too long ago the national left-wing media was comparing trump to hitler. a "washington post" opinion piece. that same no "newsweek" asked, just how similar is donald trump to adolph hitler. the washington post ran an article "truck and the slow crawl of hitler's fascism." "donald trump not exactly hitler! but his nazi germany comments conceal a dark parallel pattern." mike gal letter and molly hemingway. where was the backlash around those beauties? mollie: yesterday cnn had a orsaying you should never compare yoner anything to hitler.
11:56 pm
then i saw three other articles cnn has run about how people were making hitler comparisons. after 2016 when so many people in the media openly stated donald trump was a bigger threat than hitler, that they would be upset sean spicer inartfully made the point that chemical weapons weren't used on the battlefield by hitler. lou: there is nobody, his fiercest critics, nobody thinks he's anti-semitic. we are getting so fed up with this pretend judge rage. lou: and then it becomes a defensiveness on the part of the conservatives when it occurs to them in which they fall in line and simply roll over and say, sorry. but no one says a word about the left.
11:57 pm
mike: nobody pushes back. lou: i would just say until people can kind some equity and fairness here and expect the same conduct of everyone, what's the point. >> we are count rabbit hole. conservative speakers being blocked. i interviewed people who are just this week from the city journal, the lady wrote, the war on cops. heather macdonald. could not finish her speech because she is pro police and they blocked the entrances and no one on the right or left should accept this. we have to stand up. lou: the institutions certainly shouldn't. let's turn to united's ceo, carlos munoz. on "good morning america."
11:58 pm
he's getting his apologies a little more sincere. by next tuesday he will have that down. what a mess he made of this. mollie: it couldn't happen to a nicer airline. it resonated with many people the indignity of airline travel. they should have hand this very easily by upping how much they were willing to compensate people for getting additional seats on the plane. they could have offered them more money. instead it will cost them so much more in how it hit their stock price and how much will have to pay out to this man and other people on the plane. mike: the federal government regulates how much they can pay out. mollie: they regulate the floor if you are involuntarily bumped.
11:59 pm
i think it's a poorly written regulation. if you want to voluntarily get people out, they can offer more. lou: i love the floor, each time you are ready to take off on a flight, somebody with an auctioneers voice, someone comes on the p.a. it beats the dickens out of this inhuman concept of we are pleads to tell you, four you have been selected at random by random computers to leave the aircraft. mollie: this guy won't fly coach anymore. he will in the front of the plane from now on. when you have the ceo apologizing. he's got the lawyers salivating. lou: there is a way to make it smoother, i guess.
12:00 am
they can take his salary and give it to the passeng. molly, thanks so much for being with us. tomorrow john >> beauty's in the eye of the beholder. so meet the beholders. >> these paintings just did not appeal to me. and i don't think they appealed to my wife, either. >> i said, well, i guess the salvation army is as good as anyplace. we don't want them. >> but one man's trash... >> it just knocked my socks off. >> we have $50,000. >> within a few weeks, everybody knew about it. >> another's treasure. >> did you ever consider stopping? >> there is a point we all have to stop. but no.


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