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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 14, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> thank you. charles: lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, president trump promising things would be different under his leadership. the differences we see are significant, stark and piling up. let's start with a 21,000 pound bomb dropped out of a c130 over system of a islamic state tunnel in eastern afghanistan. yes that is what happened today. this is the first time that so-called moab has been used in combat, it is a day isis will note likely forget. fox news national security correspondent jef jennifer griffin with our report.
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reporter: at 7:32 p.m. local time in afghanistan, drop gbu43, a 21,000 pound bomb known as the mother of all bombs, or massive ordinance air blast. >> we targeted a system of tunnels and caves that isis fighters used to move around freely, united states takes the fight against isis very seriously. we must deny them operational space, when key about. reporter: president said that top general in afghanistan did not need to ask permission to conduct the strike. >> we have given them total authorization, that is why they have been so successful, you look at what happened over last 8 weeks compare to what happened over the last 8 years, you will see there is a tremendous difference. reporter: former green beret
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say this is a dramatic shift in how the military being used. >> our diplomats are now emboldened, when they come to table they can speak with authorities of u.s. military behind them, and our opponent and allies know that we have political will to use it. reporter: target of the explosion of a series of tunnels 35 miles south of jalalabad, where the u.s. has a base. saturday a green beret was killed by small arms fire in that part of th the -- province, u.s. military said that strike today was not in retalling a for the green beret's death, the president announced yesterday after meeting with nato secretary jeanasecretary-general at white house that mcmaster is leavg soon for afghanistan. >> nicolson testified he needs several thousand more u.s.
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troops for afghanistan, there are -- u.s. ornateo or nato troops for afghanistan. lou: joining me now to discussion president trump's war on terror, and mess think tha message that bomb sent to rogue nations, john bolton with us tonight. republican strategist, and veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, the dean, edrollins. ambassador, let me start with you, this bomb, dropped on a system of tunnels in eastern afghanistan, near the pakistan border, the impact we're told was significant. it will be a while before the full impact can be judged. your thoughts on the symbolism and actual affect. >> i'm delighted that they decided to use it, i don't really understand why they
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used this one. other than massive ordinance penetrate or. maybe they thought it was better choice. i leave it to them. also interesting that the pentagon, itself, ma has been leaking that bomb was sent to the region at the end of obama administration, he was getting ready to use it. the better point is that for 8 years he, probe just could not seem to find a reason to do it but two months after trump is inaugurated, the reason appears. when you combine this with the strike against syrian airbase, last thursday, and friday, after the chemical weapon attack. use of this bomb in afghanistan, i think that they are awake in pyongyang and tehran wondering what is coming. >> president said, give me a 30 day plan on how to nice is
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expiisis and when, obviously it is part of the plan, nobody in the world is not paying attention. i think that idea of sending bomb, next to a nuclear weapon will shake a lot of people up, and we have a uncertain world today. and i think at the end of the day we have a comin a come understander in chief -- commander in chief who will let military do what i have to do to keep it under control. lou: the question raised, using this bomb. jennifer griffin has been reporting that this moab bomb, has greater impact on tunnels, that kind of system than even the penetrator.
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either way it is quite a pair to draw to when you have that kind of choice as the military does. it is remarkable to think that this bomb has been around for almost 14 years. ready to be used and has not done. you know, alsoin suggest going to point that owed made -- that ed made, about president seeking a plan to win victory over isis, this means that using the 59 tomahawk missilessa is on a syrian airbase, and moab to attack a system of isis tunnels, this is the early part of whatever that plan was that military turned over to commander in chief, that in and of itself is encouraging. >> right, i coul i think in terms of accelerating the campaign against isis, particularly in syria and iraq it may be hard to use this
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kind of weapon because of consent for civilian casualty the. but there are a lot of. ty spaces in afghanistan where oka open staces spaces in afghan. i just think that this is reason you have the weapons is to destroy the enemy, minimizing american casualties. we should not be embarrassed about its use, this is what commander in chief should do, instead of hobbles will american military with cumbersome and dangerous rules of engagement, let them go at it. lou: importance to make it clear on all populations, that are supporting isis. in anyway, forced to support them, that the risk here is without question, that you will be killed because the islamic state is in your area.
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they are going to kill you, the united states the coalition is going too kill you. there has to be -- there have to be consequences here. and the united states, cannot put american lives at risk, cannot put other populations at risk, because we have some sort of nicety on rules of engagement, john. do you not agree? >> i don't think that we want to be in a position where we're being accused about being careless of. lou: you will be accused. -- wait, we're going to be accused of everything anyway. this is a -- this is realpolitik. we have to fight a war, we have to win. the days of the long war the restrictive rules of engagement and not taking responsibility in the field for victory are over, are they not? >> well, i think as i said, i do think that rules of
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engagement can and should be lifted. but i think you have to be careful about using this kind of weapon in a way that just makes it easier for the critics. i agree they will criticize us anyway. lou: i want it easier for the american fighting man and woman in the field, i want force security. i want our guys to take fewest possible wounds and i want the enemy killed, do you not? >> well of course. we don't want to kill civilians unnecessarily. lou: no question about that, we're americans, but john you are raising a question about one of the most remote areas. >> that is what i said, use it in places like afghanistan not on cities in iraq and syria. >> i think that john in fairness to all this discussion, message is sent is that i'm going to fight -- i'm the president of the united
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states, i am commander in chief, i have great confidence in my military, they have made recommendation, i am sure they made recommendations to obama and others, we have been fighting this war for 15 years. the message is sent this bomb out today, last week with the tomahawks we fired, we have 4,000 more of those. if you top continue this kind of battle that we've been in, we're taking it seriously, we want to get it over with, and i believe that american publicking support this -- american public will support this. lou: john, a quick word, if you think i misconstructed your view. >> no, i just think that this weapon has a place, we used it in the right place today, hard to explainer why we didn't use it in the last 8 years. >> yeah? we're in agreement, we conclude in agreement.
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>> always, lou. lou: always, john thank you. >> and ed thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more straight ahead. president trump is confident that china will help end the north korean nuclear threat. >> we have a very wig problem in north korea -- a very big problem in north korea, as i said i think that china will try very hard and has already started. lou: we take it up on lieutenant colonel tony shafer. and attorney for man dragged off united airline flight says his client needs reconstructive facial surgery. oh, taking some time off. no, i'm scheduling time to go to the bank to get a mortgage. ugh, you're using a vacation day to go to the bank? i know, right? just go to get up to five loan offers to compare side by side for free. wow, that's great. wait, how did you get in my kitchen? oh, i followed a raccoon in through your doggie door. [chittering] [gasps] get a better mortgage
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than sw inrnet from the phone company. say heo to internet speeds up 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. lou: north korea said to be primed and ready to carry out its 6th nuclear test, analyzing the nuclear site, north korea is the only country, ownly nation to carry out nuclear tests since 19 neat1998. with 5 tests between october 2006 and september of last year, nbc news tonight with a
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controversial reports, reports as united states is prepared to launch a preemptive strike against north korea should intel they will strike. one just 300 miles from the north korean nuclear toas test site, fo fox news has talked with two well placed senior defense officials say thatting nbc report is in their words, wildly wrong. and quote, unquote, crazy. the united states routinely has warships in the sea of japan capable of fires cruise missiles, and carvi carl vinson strike force group does not arrive in that area until the 24th of april.
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joining to us talk about this and syria's denial of its chemical weapon attack, lieutenant colonel tony shafer, senior fellow with the london center, policy research, author of ""operation dark heart." great to have you with us. let's start with just the choice to drop the massive ordna nce air blast, moab. >> you were correct in what you talked about, this is a device when creates a massive amount of over prec pressure, with you drop that the concuesive effect in the tunnel kills anyone in there, a penetrator would not do that. secondly to prove the point we're back on the offensive,
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this follows the attack in syria, with tomahawk missiles. this needs to be followed by an effective strategy to defeat taliban to force them into a negotiated peace with the african government, and we have go to pakistan to deal with safe havens, every general that i have talked to, recognizes the folly unless we defeat the safe havens in pakistan, we'll continue to see taliban come back and not willing to rejoin the government and work with the government of afghanistan. lou: and to be clear, for all of us, the taliban have done more than come back, they are in charge of most of afghanistan. >> that is part of problem, yes. lou: and pakistan is still one of those whisper states, no one wants to deal with a complexity of the all of the cross hailty -- loyalties within pakistan. >> right. lou: so the result has been an
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a ambiguity that created cover for taliban, al qaeda and the islamic state. >> right, it has to end, we can't leave it to th to figure things out, we have to figure out what we want, what president said we need to figure out how to achieve things based on our interest and our abilities, this is something that we've failed to do, over the past two administrations, we can win this, this is a chess game not a checkers game, this is a good start with the moab, but we can do a lot more. lou: follow on here is critically important. amongst those important element is competence among our enemies, or north korea, that this president means what he says, when you work against the interest of this country or seek to injury us, or destroy us. >> right. lou: north korea, is there a
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-- we just recounted the nbc report, which basically has been dismissed as preposterous by two defense sources to fox news, is there a. >> right. lou: is there a red line for north korea and kim jong-un here? >> i just missed the nbc report too, i would side with other -- i dismissed that nbc report took i would side with the other official the. this goes back to time, i was working this issue in the 90s, primary interest of those ships to stop a ballistic missile attack from north korea to any part of south korea, to japan or other locations, that is why the ships there are. should we or could we do something again against the nuclear program, absolutely. i have been part of the planning be let me be clear, while we've not done anything, the pentagon and u.s. forces korea had a lot of time to plan. there are a lot of things on the shelf. i would not put it past mr. trump to ask his pentagon leaders, those familiar with
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north korea, to have a range of options available to him just like with afghanistan, and with syria. north korean need to take mr. trump's words seriously. lou: the president making it clear, he sat at that table with whe some of his military leaders, he has given military orders to move straight ahead without secondary approval from the commander in chief. >> right. lou: colonel tony shafer great to see you. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll, the question, should house g.o.p. leadership stop sides with the dems and fu the president's border wall, which speaker paul ryan said now he'll not do. cast your vote on twitter, we would like to hear from you, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram, on woot stocks sold -- wall street stocks sold off after united states dropped
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that mother of all bombs in eastern afghanistan. volume, 3.1 billion shares. a day of light trading, markets are closed tomorrow, for good friday holiday, dow, s&p and nasdaq rounding out this shortened trading week, a loss of all 3 indexes of about 1%. banks kicking off earnings season, citigroup, jpmorgan chase beating managery on the -- targe targets. a reminder to listen to my report 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, family of man dragged off a united airline flight, to today taking the airline to task. >> what happened to my dad, should not never happened to any human being, regardless of the circumstance. lou: we know that the full
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extent of his injuries, we will have those for you here next. and justice for slain borter patrol agent brian terry, the cartel member suspected of killing him, arrested in mexico. why now? why has it taken so long? a fascinating story. we'll have the full report. stay with us, we'll be right back. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficie officiant. way to grow, jeanette. new. get paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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lou: the 69-year-old kentucky doctor who was dragged off unite airline flight sunday night, suffered serious injuries. he has a concussion. they broke his nose. and knocked out two of his teeth. david dao's attorney and his daughter today held a news conference, where they slammed united airline. >> are we going to continue to
4:28 am
be treated like cattle? bullied? rude treatment? >> we were horrified, and shocked. at what happened to my father when we learned of the incident. lou: as most of the world, who watched that video, that went viral, dao's attorney saying, as well, he will probably be filing a lawsuit over the airline's well brutal tie. authorities in mexico arresting a suspect in murder of border patrol agent brian terry, terry who was killed in 2010, a victim of obama administration's "fast and furious" scandal, that resulted in a sitting cabinet member, attorney general, eric holder, held in contempt of congress, cabinet member held in contempt for the first time in this country history, because he lead. fox news official
4:29 am
correspondent william with our report. reporter: the story is still developing, there a reason we lack somdetail, police wanted to get suspect to a secure location in mexico before word leaked to media. they also hoped they could get him to rollover and provide location of last remaining outstanding accomplice. the join u.s. and mexico task force arrested suspect at a ranch in northern mexico along chai wh chihuahua, sinaloa border. u.s. is seeking extradition. he will be prosecuted in tucson in federal court for murder. by u.s. attorneys office in san diego, and faces 30 years to life, arellanes is a me mexican national.
4:30 am
recruited. terry of part of a border patrol special ops team that was september in t sent in to arrest. agents found two assault sphiestyle crime scene. two,000 weapons were hold to cartel with knowledge and approval of the justice department. "fast and furious" prompted congress to hold u.s. attorney general in contempt. >> i hope it opens the door for the new administration to look into this. and find out who is accountable. and hold them to justice. and response for brian's death. this should never have happened. reporter: i am old that arellanes is tied to the scene with dna, leaving backpacks
4:31 am
and water bottles there and according to 5 otherin prison, he is the one that fired the shot that killed agt rry. >> thank you, william. i want to say, i do not believe for one moment, that it is a coincidence that the mexican government has turned over this suspect, and that one remains at large. it is not a coincidence again in my opinion, not, that under the obama presidency, for 5 and a half years, mexican eovernment did not find it suspected murderer of agency terry. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> obama sk spy scandal worsens every week. >> it's such a big story, i'm sure it will continue forward, what they defense horrible. lou: john salomon of circa news first broke the story, he
4:32 am
will join me next. >> a picture perfect moment, >> a picture perfect moment, the i'm one unlucky guy. the chance of being involved in a robbery is 1 in 757. the chances of being struck by lightning... [thunder] [coughs] 1 in 750,000. [ding]
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lou: james comey looks to boost the fbi image after his handling of the clinton probe. and testimony of suri have leantsurveillance trump
4:36 am
transition team. granting permission to a television series -- >> we have to care what people think of us, because the faith and confidence of the american people is the bedrock that allows to us be believed. lou: got it? sure? i am not sure i do. comey add that fbi quote, did a lot last year, that confused people. i did get that. well joining me now to discuss latest in obama spy scandal, susan rice unmasking investigation, and what we can expect in days ahead, john solomon, chief operating officer of circa news, circa has done a terrific job on this story. i want to start with, your sources have been out in front of this unmasking probe, we find out that intelligence committees are now expanding
4:37 am
their probe. >> they are. lou: why? >> your good colleague catherine herridge reported that, they are now looking at conduct that we stumeled into, it has become very easy, for someone to get a intercept from nsa, they can now read those transcripts that is what is called unmasking, we learned that susan rice was looking at the transcript of people about to take her job. trump administration was concerned. lou: that unmasking request, went to fisa back in july. this has been a peculiar sharing if you will on part of sources of sensitive information. i think that most of us are absolutely grateful to them. but they are committing potentially felonies here. >> yes, i think that people in
4:38 am
intelligence community are concerned, they want to keep powers they need to fight terrorism, they don't like seeing that these power being abused for political espionage, they are coming out and talking about ways. i think what happened in last 6 months of obama presidency, concerns real intelligence professionals. >> and at the same time, we have politicized intelligence agencies, their management dominating those agencies and hovering over them. seemingly having their way with every issue political issue, and exploiting intelligence powers for their partisan purposes. >> that is the real concern, if you can't get intelligence, you might not be able to sell
4:39 am
nation's security woes, this investigation oversight committees of intelligence, house and senate side will dig into the issue more than we know, i think that right now everyone is focused on moscow and trump, i belve it will evolve into a different story before we're done. lou: moscow and trump, we know that story started with then president obama himself. we have not -- we heard from james clapper, the head of national intelligence, we heard from john brennan. jim comey, not one tinsella of evidence -- tinsella of evidence to support that allegation. >> what is it. >> a ruse to confound? >> i think there is a concern that russia tried to meddle in our elect, probably not first or last, he should be prepared it will happen, the evolution of story that somehow trump
4:40 am
was in bed with moscow and rigging the election today, that is where no er evidence has emerged, kind of unfortunate so much of focus on, that i think that people look at civil liberty questions, it something that affects a much broader part of the population. lou: sues susan rice it appears almost certainly did unmask american citizens and with impunity more than once. where are civil liberty advocates here, why are they not speaking out? and why not more people in particular, people who are elected to presuffe preserve our rights and liberty, why not expect bigger concern and anger toward those. >> funny 2011-2016 before a trump presidency envisioned,
4:41 am
libertarians raised several concerns about what barack obama was doing, eliminating your privacy protect, if you talked to someone overseas you had a low -- privacy, if ever. then trump scandal emerges, have y not heard a thing from civil libertarians since. lou: perhaps not a wo coincidence. >> i bet that is right. lou: thank you, john, from circa. >> roll video, we'll show you kayakers, about to get the shock of -- woe, that is a sea lion placing off the coast of new zealand, playfully splashing between the pair before leaping over the front of one. even smiling for the camera, get ready, did you see it, quiiacker said he will remember encounter for his life. and that is the way you do with sea lions, you remember
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them, the rest of our life. up next, north korea primed and ready for a 23450ub nuclear test, president trump confident that china will combat the threat. >> there is a problem. the problem will be taken of. i will say this, i think china has really been working very hard. >> how hard? china expert gordon chang will be here to tell us, to talk about how president trump and president xi jinping should stop, stop all together the possibility of a nuclear north korea. we'll be right back. ♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪all i know is what i've been sold♪ ♪you can read my life like a fortune told♪
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lou: japan's prime minister today warning north korea may becam capable of firing a missile filled with sarin gas. they may be preparing for a 60th nuclear test. -- 6th nuclear test before saturday, the anniversary of kim il-sung.
4:47 am
joining me now, forbein forbes contributing editor, goard an, -- gordon chang. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: idea of dealing with banks. the president having that option, with president xi jinping, what would have you them do? >> i would have president trump impose sanctions on chinese banks,hey have been involved in money launder for north korea ballistic missile program, nuclear weapon program, and what every thinks about our north korea policy, what it should, no one should abuse u.s. financial system like that, there should be sanctions, we catch the attention of xi jinping and trump would not have to bargain, he would tell them, this is the way it going to be. lou: president has backed off so not to offend president
4:48 am
xi . to sanction chinese banks worldwide, that would have quite an impact on that potential partnership. >> it would tell chinese for first time since 1994 we're serious about protecting american homeland, other thing would be cripple pyongyang's proliferation network. i understand why a new administration will try to build cooperation with china, everyone does, but after a while, i think that trump will pivot when chinese don't prove to be cooperative. lou: you don't believe that president xi will follow through on his all but assurance they will be able to work together against north korea. >> i don't think so, xi jinping views united states as his you a his country's strategic ad adversary, they
4:49 am
are going to okay. lou: no other president has dealt with it sieve us -- committee foreign investment in u.s., has rubber-stamped almost every deal. >> but administration is thinking about toughening those procedures, they have discussed it in the made community, it probably going to happen, china is buying up sincsensitive u.s. technology. >> we should take note, a footnote that chinese are still stealing that technology and knowledge sefrom the united states and doing soy without were in the way of resistance by u.s. authorities. >> yeah, to the opportunity of tune of 300 to 500 billion dollars a year, some people say more, only way t stop it is to impose costs on china that are greater than benefits they receive. lou: north korea, south korea, japan, taiwan. all with interest in how this
4:50 am
rolls out. we hear almost nothing about taiwan. japan is now participating in military exercises with the united states what is the role for each of countries? >> for japan it to work with u.s. much more closely, taiwan is a free society it supported us, we should not attack it or undermine its values, one thing about that big bomb strike that say message to north korea, no country put more of its military facility underground than north korea, north korea has to watch this. lou: north korea had a role in iran's us underground nuclear weapon. >> absolutely, that is why it so deep, north korea had been tunneling for them. lou: to keep the dots identified, gordon chang i thank you. >> thank you. lou: please roll video a group of hikers in florida witnessed this. see that? that is an alligator, that is
4:51 am
a stud horse. i am telling you, the wild horse attacking that gator, stomping on it. to protect the herd of horses grazing nearby. gator fought back, did fight the horse both they both retreated from their deadly encounter, people who think that stallion, cannot defend itself, or take on a mortal enemy, as you see there, i would say that hours go the the best of that deal, we know he did. up next, michigan capital reversing its decision to label itself a sanctuary city. r illegal immigrants why? we take it up with mercedes and charlie next, a quick programming note i'll be on hannity tonight, talking about need to secure our border, you can catch that conversation with kimberly guilfoyle
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lou: where is the united nations in all these potential conflicts? in our online poll last night we asked you, do you believe the united nations has outlived its usefness. 73% of you say yes, the united nations has. joining me now, charlie hurt and
4:56 am
mercedes schlapp. mercedes, let's start with the sanctuary city. the lansing city council voting 5-2 to rescind its sanctuary city status it gave itself only a week ago. >> i think it's the power of the business community. it was the michigan and lansing chamber of commerce. they said we'll lose millions of dollars in federal funding. does it make sense to have that loss? i think the city council -- lou: attorney general sessions says what about the safety of their citizens, my god! >> that's right. you are starting to see so many of these states.
4:57 am
33 state legislatures moving in this directs putting obstacles to make sure they don't become sanctuary states or cities. lou: the attorney general and the president committing to straighten it out. charlie: wait reveals is the low-hanging fruit after 8-15 years of ignoring his problem and allowing it to get so far out of hands. donald trump hasn't had to do anything. he just had to threat on crack down on these cities. look at the southern border. he hasn't done anything there. he hasn't built his wall yet. we have a president who says do not come here illegally. and after a president who for 8
4:58 am
years should have neon welcome signs saying please come across the border and come illegally. lou: paul ryan saying he's not going to be able to fund that border wall. this is paul ryan once again doing exactly what i said he would do all along. he betrayed the president. it's not funny anymore. he has betrayed the president time and time again. none of this is accidental for without design. this is the establishment in the person of paul ryan blocking donald trump and his agenda. >> i have to say that the democrats are threatening a government shutdown. with the democrats, they are not there in terms of -- moderate republicans also say -- lou: look how well that worked
4:59 am
for republicans in 2013. charlie: i suspect we'll need more than one election to train the politicians on both sides of the aisle exactly wait is the american people want. lou: it's interesting they need training on that. because the establishment has been running this country so long. without president trump the republicans wouldn't be in power. to watch the affrontry of paul ryan. can he survive as speaker? >> we need a rolled. you news tape and the ability to grind their noses into the carpet every time they do something wrong. lou: the leaders live with their noses in that stuff that you would swat them for. >> governing and get stuff done. they have a short window. they have to have accomplishments under their belt or they will be in trouble in 2018.
5:00 am
lou: thanks for joining us. general jack keane and fred barnes among our guests tomorrow. thank you for being with us. lauren: breaking news this morning, the u.s. drops the mother of all bombs. why now and what message does this send? good morning, everybody, i'm lauren simonetti. >> good morning to you, i'm lea gabrielle. vice president pence to the region. lauren: yesterday stocks took a dive. dow following 131 points on the week, down over 200. >> stocks in asia also with concerns about global tensions, nikkei sliding half of a percent and the kospi


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