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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 14, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning to you, dagen mcdowell. mornings with maria starts now. dagen: i'm going to see you in a little while and lea gabrielle should be with us. good morning to everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, it is friday 14th, it's god friday. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. president trump's policy shift, he's changing tone on very key issues from the campaign trail, his meetings with ceo's influencing that change, the president recently weighed in on those very meetings. >> i brought a lot of great people, my friend steve is helping us out. we have a super star committee. i have 22 people. the head of biggest companies and they all want to be in our committee, steven, but steve likes to keep it very small and they'll go off and disappear and we will put others. we've had great meetings and we've learned a lot. dagen: we will take a closer look at that ahead.
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plus the north korea nuclear threat. it could fire off the latest round of missiles as early as tomorrow. the u.s. dropping in the meantime the largest nonnuclear bomb on afghanistan yesterday. the mother of all bombs targeting the islamic state. the latest on the united states message of force to the rest of the world. amid rising geo political tensions investors have pulled back. a rocky week for stars, all three major market gains down three days in the row. markets are closed for the holiday today. bellagio hotel up in flames, las vegas strip shutting down after rooftop caught on fire. we have the latest there. the united airlines' problem, a man stung by a scorp own after it fell from an overhead ben. that claim says he will take legal action against the airline after detailing the extent of
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his injuries. plus the drug crisis in america, las vegas becoming the first city in the country to have a vending machine filled with needles for addicts. and holiday could mean a big weekend at the box office, the latest installment of the fast and the furious out this weekend. i do love a car or two or eight. we have a preview later this hour. all that and so much more coming up this morning, fox news correspondent lea gabrielle is here, recon capital chief investment officer kevin kelly and lee carter, welcome to everybody. >> you dashed over here. lea: i sure did. there's a new sheriff in town. lots of news coming in right now. dagen: do you think president trump called call up the military commanders and said, what you've got? lea: it's really interesting because he's not saying the -- the white house isn't saying
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whether or not they ordered the strike saying the military commanders on the ground had been given the authority but i think it says a lot that the military on the ground had been given the authority to use this type of weapon and whether it was intended or not, dagen, it certainly sends a message around the world. dagen: it does. there's some tweets from a former soldier who lost his legs in fighting for our country and there's series of tweets he put out yesterday that were very powerful. he was speaking to the show force from president trump. coming up former reagan director is here, former trump campaign foreign policy adviser whalid phares. president trump's policy changing thanks to growing
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influence from leaders in the white house. during the campaign the commander in chief was critical of the u.s. export-import bank and russia, but recently the president's hardline positions are shifting. let's listen to the difference in tone just on nato. >> we have a thing called nato, they asked me recently on television about nato, i said it's obsolete, they're not equipped for terrorism. they don't even have the right countries for terrorism. >> the secretary general and i had the productive discussion about what more nato can do in the fight against terrorism, i complained about that a long time ago and they made a change and now they do fight terrorism, i said it was obsolete, it's no longer obsolete. dagen: do you see the influence from business aders in terms of how he's talking about trade, nato and even the export-import?
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kevin: absolutely, you're seeing that come across the board and one of the reasons why is for main concern of market participants, they were very worried about that. that's why you also saw concern on border adjustment tax. now that you're seeing he's not labeling china a currency ma manipulator and the last administration started coming off of that. the treasury said china is no longer currency manipulating. it is worrisome -- dagen: the dollar had been strengthening against yuan. kevin: correct. in august of 201 when they devalued the currency, the yuan against our dollar it sent ripples throughout the entire marketplace. remember, august of 2015 was very volatile for the markets. we were trading 50 but what is worrisome to me is the president is now talking about how he does like lower rates and we know
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that lower rates has lost efficacy. we have to start looking at policies to push this market further. 2016 small services survey 61% of small businesses face financial troubles and they they used personal funds to actually meet those. we need financial regulations to be lessen and we also need fiscal policies. dagen: i have never liked any president talking about the stock market, the dollar or interest rates because it can send shock waves through any and all markets, lea, i wanted to point out this issue on the export-import bank. he was skeptical. president trump had originally called it unnecessary, it appears after talking to boeing ceo who explain today him the
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role that the bank plays that he changed his position on it. is this healthy that he's actually listening to advisers and listening to people who make hiring and firing decisions? lea: i think it's very healthy now that he's in the room, now that he has access to advisers and information on the defense side, access to classified information that he is adapting to the information that he's getting. that says a lot about it and that should make us all hopeful. now, of course, on the politics side, the other side will be going after him, he's flip-flopping but i think it's an important leadership trait to be be able to change your opinion and change the decisions you make based on having more information to really listen that those people. dagen: i want to get to the blackstone chairman and ceo steven, we heard president trump mentioning him at the top of the show. here is how he characterized president trump's business influence before a meeting with other executives. >> the president likes talking to business people, he's
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comfortable with them. people on the forum are very busy, very competent people so to the extent we can engage them which we are doing and this is different from the other groups that had met with the president, there's a lot of work that gets done between meetings and with individual members and individual people in federal government to help them accomplish their objective. dagen: this seems to fly in the face of somewhat what he promised, the most loyal supporters? >> it seems to. in many ways a lot of the coverage is saying he's flip-flopping and he will lose the base, but i don't think that's necessarily true. one of the things that donald trump promised to be was pragmatist, i'm going the make deals and change things up. people see that he's dng tse things.
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he's meeting with leaders and he's announcing that jobs are coming and staying and announcing all of the things so his base is satisfied with some of these things. he promised he was going to make deals. i think unless we see some real wins on the board, i think people want to see tax reform tom through and health care reform. that's where he's going to have issues. i don't think the meeting with the business leaders, i don't think the things where he's shifting opinions is where he's going the move the base. dagen: labeling china a currency manipulator was one thing he did promise and the administration has not done that and at least at this point will not do that. but i want to read a quote from laura engram who was the wall street journal talk today her in this article, few are freaking talking about his most loyal supporters, it's early on and
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he's done and will do many of the important things his voters want on the economy, trade and border enforcement. they're willing to give him some time and if jobs come, they'll be happy. kevin: why is boeing getting subsidies from the government to finance projects? one to have biggest issues with freedom caucus are going to have issue with this because they shouldn't get subsidies to get lower rates, why? boeing is a giant company. small businesses need it. they need taxes to come down, that's what small businesses need. we don't need to be word about the export-import bank. lea: on day one of presidency he's labeled china a currency manipulator. some people in business would say that that was the opening shot of negotiation, that was sort of making a statement to china and then he can walk back from that as we have seen he has and develop a good relationship with china hopefully he will.
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dagen: the art of the deal. breaking news overnight. a rooftop fire at the bellagio closes the strip. the passenger suffering extended injuries after being dragged off the flight, might require reconstructive surgery. we have the details. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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dagen: las vegas strip temporarily close due to fire at the bellagio. lauren: the roof catching fire closing the entire vegas strip. first responder units arrived at scene just before 11:00 p.m. eastern time. it was difficult to assess and no injuries have been reported. so that's the god news here. and the manhunt for joseph jakubowski continues, he's responsible for written letter of violence on easter sunday. governor scott walker canceled annual easter egg hunt due to safety concerns. police have been searching for
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jakubowsky since april 4th after he robbed gun store and sent a manifesto to president trump. scorpion allegedly fell from overhead ben from a plane and stung a passenger on a flight heading to houston, the united says the passenger's injuries were not life-threatening, this comes after sparked outrage after dr. david dao was dragged off the plane. doctor suffered significant injuries including concussion, broken nose and the lost of his two front teeth. dao will also undergo reconstructive surgery. this incident sets a new precedent, watch. >> for a long time airlines, united in particular, have bullied us, here is what we want as a society, we want fairness
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in how people treat us. we want respect and we want dignity. that's it. lauren: the airline will provide compensation for every passenger on that flight, dagen. dagen: i am -- [laughter] dagen: self-editing, lauren. everybody wants to make it out like this is a widespread problem. it's how badly passengers behave. it's not the fault of the airlines. lauren: did you see the other video with the law enforcement asking him to leave and dr. dao was very calm. dagen: i'm not using this as an example. he was clearly roughed up and this is horrible but to make this blanket statement of how all the airlines bully passengers, you know what -- lauren: they squeeze us in those seats and nickel and dime us. dagen: the tickets are dog-on cheap.
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you can fly across the country for a few bucks. kevin: i don't know where you're getting those ticket prices but it's a lot more expensive than that. dagen: i see people stepping on dogs, stepping on children trying to get on the plane first. i've seen that happen actually, lauren. by the way, it's your birthday. lawyer, thank you, everybody. i turn 21 today. dagen: you look every day of 21. lauren: thank you very much. dagen: thanks, lauren. coming up another rough week for wall street. investors pulling back amid growing geo political threats, what it means for markets going forward? ub ner the hot seat, mass i have fine over drunk drivers, this comes as reports show it used a secret program to track the competition, the growing trouble ahead when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. dagen: it's been a wild week for stocks and we have been getting wild in the studio. do not change the channel because you never know what might happen. we are always fired up about investing. u.s. markets are closed today by the major market gains were all down for the second week in a row amid rising geopolitical threats, something that we talked about on the show over a week ago. syria, the strikes there, north korea, the looming french election even, the nasdaq getting hit the hardest, down 2% this week, investors keeping a close eye on earnings which got underway this week led by the banks. joining us now is cfra research
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and investment strategists lindsey bell. always pleasure having you. >> thanks for having me. dagen: you saw yesterday when the news broke of that bomb, that moap bomb being dropped in eastern afghanistan the markets reversed, stocks went down and money rushed toward treasuries, do you think that's going to be something that weighs on the markets in the weeks ahead? >> well, look, there's always an overreaction specially when bad news like that comes out and the market is usually pretty quick to snap back after three days off, you know what i'm saying, i think there's going to be volatility in the market for the foreseeable futures. some of the things you mentioned are going to be top for investors for the current period. right now we are focusing on earning season, those banks came up with actually petty good earnings which surprised me because the bar was high for these guys going into the resolve and that was after all the concerns about slowing loan growth and weak trading volumes, well, these guys are able to
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beat those very high bars and citigroup and jpmorgan specially with investment banking revenues and fixed income commodities and trading bids offset weaker areas which is impressive. dagen: the wall street journal article say that is they lead with the idea that the banks also warn that they don't expect quick benefits and also trump administration policies. do investors take that to heart in. >> no, i don't think so. dagen: broadly speaking. >> i don't think so, because if you look at the valuation of the stocks, they are so extended even after yesterday's loss. jpmorgan and citi were up in the day and ended up down on the day and wells fargo obviously was hit the worst given the sales scandal that they're going through. you still look at valuations on price to book basis. they are above the average for the banking group in general and they are only 14% for group, it's only 14% above the -- the
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highest point reached after the recession, so it's frustrating for fundamental analysts and i'm looking at the numbers, yes, they were good but they were off of a really low base last year. it's hard for me to see, the stocks are up 20% since trump's -- since trump's election. dagen: let's not talk about tesla. [laughter] >> premium valuations that we are trading at. kevin: one of the biggest things i saw in the banks and read-through, we can't shake more from each other. listen, we did well on the trading specially when it came to equities and fixed income. guess what, don't expect that going forward. they were really holding back and that's what led to the market trading down after we dropped the mother of all bombs because if financials aren't leading this market, what else is? earnings are supposed to be up 15% in the cycle. tech has done well that's why it
6:25 am
was open 12% last quarter. the regional banks are in deep trouble because they're relying on debt interest market and deregulation. that's why you have seen regional banks, all of them down about 10% so far. dagen: just a side note, bb&t and goldman sachs. >> it's definitely going to be interesting to watch the regional banks. pnc was an outstanding number yesterday and didn't get enough air time. they said loan growth is going to be up in the higher end of mid-single digits but i think this quarter is going to be good and i think that investors are going to ignore the future and that is frustrating because i agree with you, i think that the cost of capital is going to raise -- be raised in the coming quarter because they are seeing net
6:26 am
interest markets expand. next quarter it'll be a lot closer when they're not putting loans at higher rates. dagen: real quick, if you look at the broad sectors in the market s there any area that doesn't look overvalued? [laughter] >> well, yeah, i mean, no. i think that -- i did like technology earlier in the year but that's run up. we are getting a pullback now going into earning season but expectations are very high for that group and it's a tough market right now to get -- i look at it with my own personal money and i'm like, where do i want to put it right now, it's a really tough decision given how far we've run. dagen: i look at the ten-year treasury, yields 2.3%. >> right. another reason why to stay away from the banks. dagen: good to see you as always. coming up the threat of north korea, president trump saying he's ready to strike if the
6:27 am
hermit kingdom follows with nuclear threat tomorrow. rising tensions there. not your typical vending machines. how las vegas is combating the drug prices in america with vending machines for syringes
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dagen: welcome back, i am dagan mcdowell in for maria bartiroma. your top stories at 6:30 eastern time. north korea on the brink. satellite imagery suggests the country is preparing for another nuclear test possibly tomorrow. the u.s. air force on high alert putting on a show of force and response. turmoil on the korean peninsula not the only concern, the us military dropping the mother of all bombs, delivering a big blow to the islamic state. >> everybody knows exactly what happened and what i do is authorize my military. we have the greatest military in the world and they have done the job as usual so i have given them total authorization and that is what they are doing and why they have been so successful lately. if you look at what has happened over the last eight weeks and
6:31 am
compare them to what happened over the last eight years there's a tremendous difference. dagen: amid rising political tensions investors pulling back, another rocky week for stocks. other market gauges are down for the second week in a row, markets are closed for the good friday holiday. chaos in venezuela, five people killed as protests intensify. new developments in america's drug prices, las vegas becoming the first city in the nation with vending machines filled with needles, the detail coming up. more problems for huber facing questions over drunk driving and accusations of spying on the competition. and the latest installment of the fast and furious franchise.
6:32 am
united states air force putting on a show of force amid rising tensions with north korea. a fully armed aircraft in japan, the move comes as the new satellite imagery suggests they are preparing for a nuclear test this weekend. the response to action by north korea's leader, kim jong un. >> we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. we have the best military people on earth. it is a big mistake. he is doing the wrong thing.
6:33 am
dagen: joining us is cia analyst and senior fellow at the security policy center, fred white. great to see you. so much has changed in the last week with the strikes on the syrian airbase, the shift toward china in terms of policy in terms of working wh china on north korea, not enabling it a currency manipulator and yesterday dropping the mother of all bombs on the islamic state in eastern afghanistan. what message does this send to north korea. >> the dropping of this bomb said the powerful message to america's enemies around the world, the trump administration is trying to undo the dangerous perception of american weakness that emboldened our enemies and what happened in syria,
6:34 am
afghanistan, the north koreans and syrians have taken notice. >> north korea is planning to celebrate the birth of its founder this weekend, 38 n. which analyzes imagery of north korean nuclear sites has seen indications in the past week that they may be gearing up for six nuclear tests. what is the proper response from the us if that happens and how should we be handling north korea? >> i filed this for a long time, 38 n. is a good organization. no one knows north korea is going to conduct a nuclear test. and what does occur -- that is the question. there is a danger of a deadly retaliation by north korea if we were to attack. soul is a 30 minute drive from the border. there has to be a proportional military response. i have been shooting down north
6:35 am
korean missiles, we have to be leery about kicking off a military confrontation that could have a dangerous escalation for south korea. dagen:he uss carlincent and the battle group there near the korean peninsula, japan said to be joining in. some very significant action from china, sending coal shipments from north korea to north korea turning around and ordering cold from the united states. is this just for show. >> there have been game changers, china said in a global times, the communist party controlled newspaper warned north korea not to set off more missiles and nuclear tests because they risk a military confrontation with donald trump. this is extraordinary, they
6:36 am
don't want it to spin out of control. they see trump as a man who backs his words with action and they are warning north koreans to stop the provocations. >> two reactions, on the one hand people love the strength and we are taking control and on the other side, i don't know what is going to happen. what do you say to them? >> i don't think it is likely. ramping in the region to show support for our allies and stand up to north koreans and test missiles that fall into the sea of japan. they will test a longer-range missile, they have to worry could fall on a friendly state. the us military base.
6:37 am
dagen: i will quote from the wall street journal, they suggest the us drop one on the north korean nuclear factor but in the space of a week kim jong un, bashar al-assad, xi jinping, and the isis leader have learned that the us considers it to be in its interests to push back hard against adversaries aggression. how do you respond to that? >> north korea's missile and nuclear programs, the purpose is extortion. by testing and developing these weapons they can be paid off by the united states, japan, south korea, time to recalculate this approach with pressure from china. dagen: great to see you as always. coming up not your typical vending machine. las vegas is combating the drug crisis with vending machines for syringes.
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dagen: five people dead, antigovernment protests continue to grow. lauren simonetti has the latest. >> a fifth person died after he was shot during one of those protests which are now in their third week in the two college students at a 30-year-old among
6:42 am
those killed. protests were played in 300 cities and towns around the city, the rally was peaceful until an end 100 the riot police trying to break up the crowd clashed with young men. a major protest, the biggest yet, scheduled for next week. las vegas the first city in the nation to dispense clean syringes for free in vending machines. it can be spread by shared needles. hiv and hepatitis c commonly transmitted that way. vending machines will dispense 10 syringes, attorney kits and disposal container and also information sheet about where to get treatment for drug addiction. three vending machines in central las vegas by the end of may. uber used a secret program to track lift drivers to see if they were driving to both companies. in this report lift issued a statement saying in part, quote, if through the allegations are
6:43 am
very concerning. meanwhile uber facing a $1.1 million fine in california after a state review found the company failed to investigate many cases involving alleged drug drivers. between august 2014 and august 2015 there were 2000 complaints about drunk drivers but huber only suspended 600 of them. jcpenney says it is delaying plans, the liquidation sales saw a recent surge in sales. those liquidations due to close starting on a 22nd. jcpenney and other the department store chains trying to compete with online retailers, jcpenney shares, and sliding 3%. dagen: happy birthday.
6:44 am
here are some of this week's top moments from "mornings with maria". >> we are going to have phenomenal tax reform but i have to do healthcare first. >> what has changed in the last two weeks, gop bill sales. >> once that bill was able to go, can't just walk away from because we have been promising for 70 years. >> we believe he can but we don't rush things based on artificial timelines. >> we sat down and worked with democrats. >> when we see people using
6:45 am
horrible horrible chemical weapons, and -- what i did should have been done by the obama administration. a person that is truly an evil person, it is very bad for russia, very bad for mankind, very bad for this world, if russia didn't go in and back this animal, you wouldn't have a problem right now. >> what should the us be doing? >> china has to be made to understand there are consequences for what the regime does because they are the nation today that the best -- donald trump is doing the right thing practicing very effective diplomacy over the last week with xi jinping but there may be a limit on what is possible. >> john kerry always wanted to do the limited military operation so if he can go to the negotiating table with some leverage.
6:46 am
>> get help with north korea because we can't allow -- it is still good for you and you have tremendous power, he then explains thousands of years of history, not that easy, not as simple as people would think. you have tremendous power. they don't get food, can't sell call. two massive coal ships from north korea were sent back, a very good sign. >> the video taking the world by storm. >> i don't blame the security guards, the way he was resisting, all they could do to get him off the plane, united backed them into a corner. >> continuation to commitment that toyota pours $10 billion investment over the last five years fueling the complement in
6:47 am
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>> we have only got one chance to make the family whole again. >> ready? >> one thing i can guarantee, no one ready for this. >> the very definition of high-tech terrorism. >> thousands of cars in the city and now they are all mine. dagen: that is from the new film the fate of the furious beating into theaters this weekend, the last installment of the fast and furious franchise following vin diesel's character as he is manipulated into betraying his crew. joining me, the host of in the fox light, at fox news, michael, this movie will dominate. look at that cast. >> it is baked in the cake, vin diesel, the rock, kurt russell,
6:52 am
people of these movies, it is a global hit, massive global franchise, baked in the cake that will do $1 billion overall. dagen: incredible to me how this franchise has survived and maybe it is even better after the death of paul walker. >> this is the first movie without paul walker. it started in 2002 or 2003 as just a b-movie about la street racing and turned into a global phenomenon. each movie gets better and better and the box office for each movie have gotten better and better. this was expected to do better than the last one but it had something going in that there was so much going, this could be interesting to see how it does. dagen: street racing gets a plus. >> you like your cars fast. dagen: i want to talk about the destruction in it raking in
6:53 am
massive bucks, there's massive destruction. the total amount of damage, and $514 billion. an estimated $68 million in damage. we are talking about money. >> typical day of a taxicab driver. >> the key to these is special effect of the challenges to up it time and again with these new installments. dagen: it speaks to the fact that you have so much choice, going beauty and the beast to this. >> the main movie opening at the box office, nothing says easter like fast and the furious at the box office but there's a lot for people to choose from, beauty and the beast out there, the boss baby is expected to come in a number 2, no one saw that hit
6:54 am
coming. dagen: if people listen to you i always turn back to hidden figures, which you can watch hidden figures streaming online. you were so on that early on, let's talk about yes, another five franchises, extension of a popular series, season finale of 24 legacy airs monday, follows an army ranger and intelligence officer as they fight against the clock to stop terrorism on us soil. >> i sat down with dan from scandal, so incredible, place and intelligence officer, and told me you were pushing on rope for the latest of these.
6:55 am
thanks for stepping into the fox light. 24. my husband and i. >> it is getting very exciting, very tense, stakes are ramped up every single episode. the whole season tas place one day, minutes sticking by in real time. >> you are not asking me to repair the drive. i'm asking you to help me destroy it. >> it openly gay character in this franchise breaking down boundaries once again. >> when i spoke to the creators of 24 that was never part of it, which to me is a testament to where we are, not just defining a character based on any one thing, mac characters are multifaceted, lots of ways to describe who somebody is.
6:56 am
it is very diverse. a great new hero on a show. tough as nails, everyone has more than one think about their character, everyone has courage and heroism you don't expect. >> i won't help you recover your file. >> etiquette just right. thank you. watch 24 on fox every monday. >> thanks for having me. >> fascinated. >> you don't need caffeine for that. the level of acting talent in this show was phenomenal. and there was some content.
6:57 am
if you haven't seen it it is really good. he is so good at pushing the envelope without being abrasive and obnoxious. dagen: blazing the trail, great to see you. i am going to be watching. >> racing around the city. dagen: grocery trends this holiday weekend, what to expect when filling up your easter basket, the ceo stew leonard is here next on "mornings with maria". things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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dagen: it is friday, april 14th, good friday, top story at 7:00 eastern. the trump administration take measures to stabilize obamacare is the president looks to reform healthcare so he can move on to tax reform. >> it is misreported that we failed. we are negotiating, we will save $900 billion, when you look at the numbers we are talking about, that is all the way back into the taxes and we have to do healthcare to talk about additional money to get great tax reform. dagen: the latest on that straightahead. e north korean nuclear threat, could fire the latest round of
7:01 am
missiles as early as tomorrow, a new show of force. investors pulling back, another rocky week for stocks. major market gauges, the mother of all bombs being dropped yesterday, markets took a dive. hotel up in flames, las vegas strip shutdown after the hotel's roof caught fire. we have the latest and stranded in the skies, 2 dozen rescued from the roller coaster at 6 flags in maryland, stuck for more than three hours, 100 feet in the air. tesla ceo elon musk teasing the next vehicles, might be big, talking about pickup trucks and a semi-blooge the latest details there and new images released from nasa, the first global map
7:02 am
unveiled since 2012, that is more this hour, stew leonard junior with us, former trump campaign foreign policy advisor, and reagan campaign manager ed rollins. you don't want to miss any of those fine gentlemen. let's talk about donald trump making his first big change to obamacare aimed at shaky healthcare exchanges before the next enrollment period. for now the president remains focused on getting healthcare and taken care of before tax reform a common timeline emphasize with maria at the white house. >> we have to get great tax reform so we are going to have a phenomenal tax reform but i have to do healthcare first to do it right. dagen: former reagan budget
7:03 am
director david stockman, saying in that interview the savings from the healthcare reform, $900 billion essential to moving on taxes. what is a mistake? >> to go back at obamacare, save money, by the time they find anything that could get a majority in the house coccus through the senate, the president's desk, there will be 0 savings, the last bill started with $500 billion savings. by the time they withdrew it friday afternoon there was almost nothing left. that was a complete distraction. obamacare is a disaster, the democrats own it, they pass it, they should leave it on their watch, secondly the reason they are doing it is the reason there will be no tax-cut of the kind wall street expects. we are so deep in the soup debtwise, it is heading back to
7:04 am
1 trillion a year, you have to have revenue neutral tax cuts but have to figure out how to do it, the lawyer adjustment tax is dead and without that you are not going to reduce the corporate rate to 25, 20 or the other things people need to do. the temp -- trump fantasy is over, won't going to happen, it is all downhill from here. the market is heading 20%, 30% down to 1600 on the s&p, we will have negative shock after negative shot, it is time to sew it up. april 28th the government is going to shut down, april 28th the government is going to shut down and that will be ring-training on the continuing resolution with all these riders until we get to mow add in the summer, the mother of all debt crises. we are out of cash soon. the debt ceiling is frozen.
7:05 am
there is no possible majority in congress to raise by trillions of dollars the debt ceiling, shutdown after shutdown, crisis after crisis. dagen: thank you for bringing so much good news this morning. >> i am serious because i was taking notes, first and foremost i understand the difficulty passing anything that has any revenue savings in it. however, to say let the democrats own it, democrats at some point deck -- trump administration doesn't act on it premium increases and insurers dropping out of obamacare because republicans haven't done anything with it, republicans could wind up owning that as the summer begins and especially in
7:06 am
october when the american people get hit with this. >> i don't agree with that. republicans ought to hold hearings all around the country, not try to pass something they don't have a majority for, not even close and layout chapter and verse how it geordie of exclusive democratic majority past it in 2010. it was poorly defined, inflating the healthcare system, we can't afford it, taking the country to the brink of bankruptcy, lay it out chapter and verse. finally when the thing explodes you can repeal it and replace it with sometng reasonable orieed towards getting the healthcare stem competitn back in and give people the money for their own health care, not huge bureaucratic systems we have today. dagen: on tax reform you talk about how to offset any tax cuts, do we need to do that?
7:07 am
the border adjustment tax is not going to fly with so many conservative representatives whose constituencies see their prices go up at walmart or target or their gasoline prices would go up. >> the border adjustment tax will come out of retailers margin and it should and we do need revenue, we need a consumption tax or value added tax or border adjustment tax, wages and income. we need jobs desperately and if you keep taxing the payroll at 15% which we are doing today you are not going to encourage creation of jobs and you are going to take what jobs there are, the take-home pay of their jobs. dagen: this is what donald trump said when he talked to maria.
7:08 am
listen. >> don't like the word adjustment because our country gets taken advantage of to use a nice term by every other country in the world. when i hear border adjustment, adjustment means we lose. i don't like the term border adjustment. let's call it a reciprocal tax. we have countries that charge us, companies, 100% tax if they sell a motorcycle, make itn the united states, sell it to various countries. they sell very little because it taxes 100% in some countries, the taxes 50%, 40%, if they make a motorcycle and sell it to the united states, they have no tax. is that smart? >> he has no idea what he is talking about. he is making it up as he goes along. donald trump is a tourist in the
7:09 am
imperial city. he is sloppy and pivoting and making it up as he goes. he does not know anything about tax policy. the border adjustment tax or a value-added tax is the way to get at the problem is talking about. every other country has a value-added tax, put it on the imports, there is a proper way to do it. he ought to allow the republicans on the hill to understand that to move forward but the idea that we can have a multibillion dollar tax cut. and it is dangerous because $20 trillion debt heading to $30 trillion. dagen: in terms of what he is talking about. if you are a pragmatist you look at the border adjustment tax, this is some idea, no disrespect, a bunch of economists cooked up who had never run a business and i worry
7:10 am
about the impact, dozens play out the way people in ivory towers are telling me. >> if you want to cut the corporate tax to 20% which would be wonderful or 15 or get rid of the thing, you shouldn't have it, got to raise $10 trillion to pay for it. where are you going to get the $2 trillion? i doubt it because the k street lobbies will kill any effort to do that. you need a new revenue source, got to stand up for it. if you don't do that you are stuck with the current tax system in the current tax system is destructive. if you don't do that you are stuck with massive deficits that are going to kill this country. we are borrowing our way to disaster. dagen: between now and thanksgiving what gets done? nothing. >> i'm not trying to be a cynic.
7:11 am
dagen: they are not going to let the sky fall and raise the debt limit. >> they have battle after battle, it will get raised but there will be short-term increases, shutdowns, midnight confrontations and show downs. it is going to happen over and over not just once but multiple times. the order of battle in the next two years is government shutdown, government shutdown, government shutdown. it is going to be exactly what wall street does not see on the screen at all. the fundamental point is get out of the casino. it is dangerous. dagen: hope you have a great weekend, take care of your self. the las vegas strip temporarily closing after a fire, we bring you the latest. elon musk, the ceo, planning for
7:12 am
pickup trucks. that is ahead. ♪
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> diblasio hotel and casino hit by an intense fire, huge flames shooting out of the hotel and casino. it caused the las vegas strip to close, firefighters working to put out that blaise. it wasn't enough to stop the famous water show from happening. the cause of the fire under investigation. anxious moments at an amusement park outside washington dc after a roller coaster stalled leaving 2 dozen riders stuck 100 feet in the air. it happened at 6 flags america on the jokers jinx. firefighters had to use a rescue bucket to bring the stranded people down. 6 flags says the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before it reopens, the same ride with the same number of people got stuck back in 2014.
7:16 am
tesla ceo elon musk said the comedy plans to reveal plans for an electric freight truck in september. he broke the news on twitter saying tesla is planning for september, tesla have done an amazing job, seriously next level. he did not say of the truck would be equped with a partially self driving autopilot system, and tesla plans to show ofthe pickup truck, tesla shares up to present yesterday in a down market rallying 42%. the last time you saw pictures from earth from outer space at night, how about right now? nasa releasing a new image of our planet it is calling black marble. it is a play off of the blue marble, taken by apollo astronauts in 1972, the latest images show the huge growth of indian cities which were relatively dark five years ago
7:17 am
but you can see them lit up. nasa says faster updates to the nighttime images could improve short-term weather forecasts and response to disasters was coming up tensions rising out of the east, the nuclear concerns after a string of north korean missile tests sends mike pence on his tour of asia in south korea was a fresh take on the state of the economy. what your grocery cart could say about the health of the consumer. all that coming up. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. dagen: a view of the economy through the lens of the consumer. grocery shopping trends indicate the health of the nation was a grocery chain in the northeast
7:21 am
that five locations set to open later this year. student leonard, president and ceo, you have something called a mashed potato index was what is it telling you right now? as i pony up. >> all the food here this morning, trimmeding for easter right now but what we feel pretty good in the stores, most consumers feel customers feel good, the economy is doing well. dagen: i have to ask, lack of action on repealing and replacing obamacare. waiting for tax reform. does that hurt your business? lack of action so far?
7:22 am
>> with any type of taxation, the family business across country and any form usually you think back a little bit to rebuild a store, should we invest more. dagen: you talk -- did you see sales rise when it came to gas prices going down? talking taxes. a lot of market precision talking about oil came down the tax-cut for consumers. >> there is more money in your wallet or your pocketbook. people to splurge. look at the tomahawk steak in front of you. father's day will sell 1000 of those. dagen: talk about big and
7:23 am
friendly options. and all this delicious fruit, how are easter sales trending? >> as you go through january, february, march, we don't have much excitement, nothing happening, easter comes at the first big kick, your sales go up 25% over a normal week so we are geared up today. tomorrow it will be really busy. >> what is the main thing people are buying? >> it is a ham lamb and filet mignon. that is what we are trying to see moving. everyone is exploring more with different jellys, bacon pecan. you put it on top and what
7:24 am
customers want is make it easy for me. for 20 minutes, just warm it up. already sliced, put it in the oven. dagen: people who don't know, has a cult following. dagen: my house in connecticut, the original location, used to pet the animals, the story of a cow, and this is an event, you maintain quality, people are wanting lower prices. how do you match that? maintain quality and grow when people want low prices and novelty? >> we are a family business with great team members, 2500 team members, 80% of them have been promoted from within so we grow
7:25 am
our own management team, we talk big about customer service, one of the best companies to work for for ten years, take care of our people, the people as we are sitting here it is busy. and good suppliers, having lived local suppliers as a key to get great letters through. dagen: i talk about it a lot. it shows you different things for whatever people decide to eat. i want to ask about the growing trend of grocery stores, catering, interest in novelty food. whatever trends you are seeing? i am holding one. >> it is all of the greens, high
7:26 am
antioxidants. these are flying off the shelf. dagen: awesome news. >> what else is flying off the shelf, apple cider donuts in the bakeries. can't keep our hands off of it. the small bakery in new york city, we always say find the line and the edible cookie dough. and -- dagen: speak with a mouthful of fruit. we have that company on the show. >> where's the mashed potato index at an all-time high, consumer confidence numbers, business confidence at an all-time high. >> mashed potato, potatoes if you buy them and have to match them, the rest of the bucket pounds, done by our chefs, the
7:27 am
higher the $3 ones go the higher the dow should be going and it is tracking. a crazy wacky little measure. we do the same thing with one, do you expect wine over $50 as the market goes up. it does track the dow, we see an improvement in both wine and mashed potatoes. dagen: you brought a lot to celebrate with. and price people to go quickly, where is the sixth store going to be? >> in long island, the family will have stores in connecticut's, and in new york, providing opportunities for
7:28 am
people. dagen: a trip to stew leonard is a party. where you get home, a party when you are there. great to see you. >> we will see you in the store. dagen: harrison ford getting honest about his landing trouble and a surprise appearance, han solo moving ahead. the new star wars trailer. getting creative with an easter classic, the contest straight ahead. in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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7:31 am
dagan: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell. vice president mike pence leaving this weekend for south korea. as tensions flare with north korea. they could launch the sixth missile test as early as tomorrow. he's working with closely with china. the problem will be taking care. i think the time has really been working hard i really got to like and respect as you know president xi jinping is a terrific person.
7:32 am
he is a very special man. we will see how it goes. we have new video of the u.s. bombing in afghanistan. the new pictures involving the mother of all bombs. it has been another rocky week for stocks. markets are closed today. the good friday holiday. we have a look later this hour. and speaking of flying. harrison ford at making a surprise appearance at the star wars celebration. what he said coming up. and the fans, the wait is almost over. it is expected to be released today. plus taking an easter treat to
7:33 am
a whole new level. one person that creative showing the people versus o.j. simpson illustrated with marshmallow peeps. that is epic. the latest blizzard. in delivering a very special portrait of our own maria bartiromo made out of candy and sweet treats. it went into this portrait. i've seen it. it is epic. you will just had to wait. the vice president will start off in south korea before heading to japan indonesia, australia and hawaii. the trip is a chance for vice president mike pence to develop relationships with
7:34 am
other officials. the former foreign policy advisor for the trump campaign. wally ferris. great to see. how do you think we will go. the trip is a manifestation of the engagement with our allies and partners the traditional once ones and of course we begin with south korea which is facing the threats coming from the north. this is to make sure that our fans --dash make friends understand in that part of the world that the united states is not abandoning them. i remember vividly last year many journalists have been asking some questions about what the future trump administration when it abandon their allies. how do you based on the actions that the administration and president trump have taken just in the
7:35 am
last week with the syria and the stance on north korea how you relate that back into his inaugural address which many people and what he said on the campaign trail as well. that it is the opposite of what he said that we werto be in going to be in the world's top cop. it was almost an isolationist stance. this is a traditional u.s. role where accepting world leadership were not going to behave the way the obama administration did. the last statement is the most important. the trumpet ministration is basically acting and seated in a way that shows it will go in a very different direction in the past eight years. i remember for a whole year there was criticism coming because of some of the statements made such as america first. they continue to be for the
7:36 am
trumpet ministration. what is happening right now as a reversal is a reversal of a policy which means we want to contain those so that because it's in our national security interest even in syria the years of chemical weapons there is an involvement of national security. this is what they're trying to clarify. >> i want to bring up that show of force. we know that submarines in the area we also sought military aircraft in south korea. what are your thoughts on using the actual term do we really need to even call it that or is a message kind of already clear.
7:37 am
the actual move of force moving to the area is by itself what would be understood in north korea. they understand that the aircraft carrier and whatever comes with the aircraft carrier the arrival of the vice president and at the same time keep in mind the president met with the chinese leader and that is what really counts in the north. you have a deployment coming from the south and east and then china has deployed played it for other reasons. in the first 100 days in office. the mother of all bombs. they weighed in at that operation.
7:38 am
everybody knows exactly what happened. what i do as is i authorize my military. that's what they're doing. and frankly that's why they been so successful lately. if you look over the last eight weeks to what has happened over the last eight years there is a tremendous difference. we're just talking about that. in response to the chemical weapons attack what you expect in terms of the next four years versus the last eight and to use an often used phrase have they given them and then rex tillerson as secretary of state is a personal policy. if you will. at the level of the two
7:39 am
strikes the use of the super bomb in afghanistan in the strike in syria at that specific base have two minutes. but beyond that it's the messaging that we are sending. what was that messaging. it's about something different. we have a different plan and syria to take down isis and then we go to negotiations. it's basically to shore up the government because the past few years were about withdraw and abandonment. this act basically is to send a message that we will do more on the military level. we also need to engage local communities in afghanistan. it was great to see you as always.
7:40 am
thank you so much for being here. we appreciate your time. the countdown to the release of the star wars last jedi trailer. and a sweet portrait of maria barber -- maria aroma. we are celebrating the new extreme blizzard. we take a look at the candy. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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7:43 am
anyone harrison ford has had his share of negative publicity after his flying lately. but lauren has the latest on this.
7:44 am
as you know harrison ford recently investigated and cleared after flying over a passenger plane to california airport. ford made a surprise appearance at the star wars celebration in orlando florida when george lucas recalled testing ford. do you know how to fly. ford responded flying yeah, landing no. the wait is almost over. it is expected to be shown still exactly one minute past noon eastern time on a live lifestream around the world. easter time means peeps candy time. they host the annual diorama contest in carroll county maryland the winner of the
7:45 am
arts council is a creation called beauty a life-size bill from the classic movie made a peeps. i must 200 works of art. and dairy queen is introducing reese's extreme blizzard. i'm hungry at this point. they are putting reese's pieces candy and pita buttercups together for the first time in one of blizzard. blizzard. in celebration they've created a portrait of our own marino -- maria bartiromo i think she looks gorgeous even made of candy. it's lauren's birthday please come over and help yourself. i want the earrings. there's only one. i am can eat some of it.
7:46 am
i'm serious. it's the eggs oh my goodness. there is the white chocolate peanut butter cups there. kevin is hiding what you want. what he want off the front. the purple one. the eyes look like it's made of a scene icing or something. it's hard to tell. there you go kevin. as much as i like you. dig into this in the commercial break. hot new technology can make a
7:47 am
difference when the difference when you're selling your home. it can feel like playing a videogame. bob is a property man. and he is here to tell us all about it. drones selling your house. it's all next. [music] that is what you are. you're my golden star. yes? please repeat the objective. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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liberty mutual insurance.
7:50 am
technology has weaved its way into every aspect of our lives.
7:51 am
in the first episode he explores many of the new hot new technical advances starting with drones. you can do 360 video. and then there is a real game changer. what a drunk drone enables you to do is show a property in context in the neighborhood. we can go from side to side. we can show you inside outside. we can fly over the top of the dock. let's bring in bob massey. bob, great to see you as always. how prevalent is the use of drones by realtors nowadays.
7:52 am
did the third seat of the show. they're using it they are using it more and more because like this gentleman we interviewed he gives up in her anna make view of the neighborhood. a gets a little complicated but as it relates to selling homes absolutely it state of the art now. >> what you see seem in regards to those issues. is the neighbors protesting. however he using that play out. first of order they get involved. the naples art -- neighbors are concerned and they are sitting in the backyard and relaxing in the here this drones they don't really know what it is and one of the things i tell people all the time if they're gonna do this type of thing he better get
7:53 am
clearance you better go to the homeowners association. let them know this is where you cannot market your home. a lot of people don't realize that is in fact state of the art now. disclosure becomes very important. what are some of the exciting new themes you had coming up in the show. what we did that we found exciting a lot of people they love history. so we did it like the wrigley's mansion. we went to this old gold mine up in scottsdale but we've also found that people love personal stories. they want to understand that there's other people who have gone through hard times. there are still a lot of problems for people where they the try to get out of their homes. there is still some problems going on in my concern to be
7:54 am
honest with you is the low modifications this year are maturing. i just had a person come in yesterday. their payment now doubles. you're going to see some of these. if they're not can it take care of them. and give them a better love. you can see another wave of some foreclosure issues. >> is there any particular markets that we should be watching with that regard. i think we have to go to where we are in a las vegas obviously down in florida arizona the southwest and southeast got hit very hard. they don't understand some of the things that we go through. right now in vegas there's not a lot of inventory for example. you have the supply and demand.
7:55 am
it's like 2005 and six all over again which is a little scary because i don't want to see another problem. the same places that have the problem before they're having it now the homeowners down there spent an average of $700,000 to re- model their home according to bill fax. what do you think homeowners are spending so much to update their homes. river oaks which is a beautiful area and just like anyplace there is great areas of luxury homes they look at this and it's in the by. they evaluate first of all the luxury homes that are custom homes it's what they want. they don't want to move. what what's it can once again it cusses to remodel.
7:56 am
it becomes a business decision. i love the area. i know my neighbors i love everything about it. they are remodeling and they evaluate it and it's happening in other very luxury areas. it's absolutely something that everybody is looking at right now. i always caution people. it's one thing to remodel your home if you plan to live in it but you have to be careful when you make upgrades to sell your home your taste might not be the taste of your buyer to make it's very difficult to sell a luxury home let's it's good to suit the next buyer. things change a luxury home is usually accustomed to your eye fit. the changes that you are making can be so dramatic that
7:57 am
you may not be able to sell it as quickly as the neighbor down the street. do not miss bob massey. on the foxbusiness network. always great to see you. thank you for being here. a new season and a new stadium for the atlanta braves. that is in the next hour of mornings with maria.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
president trumps policy shift. he changed his tone. his meetings with ceos and influence that change. the president recently president recently weighed in on this great meetings. >> met a lot of great people. the superstar committee they all want to be on our committee. they will put others on.
8:01 am
and we have new video of the u.s. bombing in afghanistan. the pentagon is releasing these new pictures of the strike involving the "mother of all bombs". it has been another rocky week for stocks. down for the second week in a row. when news broke of that bomb the market took a dive. treasuri moved up. markets closed today for the holiday. the beagio hotel uin flames. the las vegas strip shut down shutdown after the roof caught fire. united airlines problems getting worst. after it fell out of an overhead bin. and it comes as a family of the man dragged off the plane in chicago said they will take legal action against the airline after detailing the extent of that man's injuries.
8:02 am
eli manning under fire for off the field issues. they allege that he took part in selling fake memorabilia. a potato chip crisis. bags are flying off the shelves. following a shortage. the panicked potato chip buying a straight ahead. >> where did you come from. i was eating donuts in the coffee room. that's why he comes to the food. they don't pay me they just give me donuts.
8:03 am
the policies are teaching. this is the top story above the fold. number one in the wall street journal today. the commander-in-chief was critical of the export import bank. recently the hard-line position are shifting. we've a thing called nato they asked me recently on television about it. they're not equipped for terrorism. the secretary general and i have a productive discuson about what more nato can do in the fight against terrorism. i complained about that a long time ago they made a change. i said was obsolete.
8:04 am
let's bring in the cochair. what do you think of that shift. we can go down a whole list of things that he just shifted on. as the learning curve is one thing about being a campaign you promise a lot of things that all the sudden you understand there's a lot of complexities you didn't know before. the same way on the international front. on the side you discover north korea as threatening a variety of things that happen. advocates encouraging that he brings in other people to give them counsel. he can't do it can do it all along. not as a detriment to get the learning curve. the president has three sport
8:05 am
big decision to make everyday. it does in terms of the sense in the last week. with the airstrike in syria and then dropping this bomb in eastern afghanistan on islamic state. and then just a talk on us getting closer china on north korea is very different from that. there's no question about it. the reality is that we will fight aces. we've lost 2000 plus people in that war. i think to a certain extent he didn't need that big bomb but that big bomb send a big message.
8:06 am
not houses down 5 miles away. and i promise you everyone in that range knows holy goodness this guy will use the big stuff. i think the frustration many in the military had as they had plans. this president has said i very top-notch people. a lot of people felt as though their hands are tied. they were trying diplomacy. to deliver in the forms of bombs we just saw.
8:07 am
now embracing nato. he doesn't like nato been strong. he is not behaved on the world's dates. he is not been afraid of the obama administration. he has total control of the country. with the same strength. nato has been a very important ally to us. i always felt like that what
8:08 am
they contributed was not the best information. he has now gained more information. i the most important thing is your conversation with dave. dave and i served side-by-side. he obviously had some arguments in the course of those days. i think the one thing that dave made very clear and that's what we have to deal with is there is not enough money. that shortfall we lived with it. we've moved on. now dave has been a deficit. the republicans have that.
8:09 am
it is a minority of the senate and they basically get to govern 52 seats and intend to lose two seats. everybody is in the same page of the president. what we've done with syria. in terms of taking the bigger role. with getting wages boosted. if they can get something done on repealing obama care and tax cuts that's can be a problem the economy is not better in 2018 and they don't feel like they've lived up with his promises.
8:10 am
the midterm elections are always a disaster. we always hope it's different. there's 25 democrats in. that they promised promise tax reform by august. they made that promise. the critical thing is your neck and get tax reform. tax reform will take a long time. the first speech since taking over the agency. it has encouraged it.
8:11 am
the non- hostile intelligence service. again this goes right to trump as is a puppet of. >> that is a left narrative. roosevelt did a lot in a hundred days and a few others had. the real measurement here my sense is there to provide the leadership. they voted for him really thinking. they are seen that dc is not changing.
8:12 am
but someone you can but someone new in the oval office and obviy they can lead in a different direction. it's basically trench warfare. your neck you get things like healthcare's or other thing. i kept walking by the capital building. i always think about those lawmakers who fill those halls and say. we are not getting things done. even if you did that.
8:13 am
they took a pay increase to go there. all of the big agenda. they will come back and not get the happy campers. it's by the american people that are mis- satisfied. we are following the updates at the roof fire at the bellagio. a man was stunned by a scorpion. with a clear advantage.
8:14 am
fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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8:16 am
the bellagio hotel and casino in las vegas hit by a major fire. lauren simonetti has that. flames heading out of the roof of that building. on the roof of the hotel. luckily no one here was hurt. the cause of the fire under investigation. they received a threat.
8:17 am
the letters written to violence on easter sunday. then sent an antigovernment manifesto. meanwhile wisconsin governor scott walker scheduled for tomorrow because of safety concerns. a passenger on a recent united airlines flight after it dropped out of an overhead bin. realize what it was. he said that's a scorpion that's dangerous.
8:18 am
another passenger apparently killed the scorpion with their foot before a united employee stuffed into one of the planes toilets. meanwhile the united airlines passenger dragged from the flight is preparing a major lawsuit. the client suffered a concussion. also speaking about the incident and a news conference. regardless of the circumstance. we were shocked and sickened to learn what happened to him to see what have happened to him. the father is a vietnamese immigrant who came in 1975 telling allowi a news conference. the ceo in the airline called
8:19 am
numerous times to apologize to him. if you look at the market reaction to all of this. the shares of the united continental dropped another 1.2% yesterday. a tough week for them. coming up from the football field to the courtroom. the e-mail troubled that is hunting eli manning. a potato chip shortage. it's all coming up on morning smith well -- with maria.
8:20 am
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>> new york giants quarterback eli maing in some hot water over sports memorabilia. jared max has the story and i love it because i hate the giants. >> dagen, it's the $64,000 question. did he lie? the new york jets quarterback accused of defrauding by claiming it was game worn. and that he conspired with the equipment manager and that he failed to hand over key e-mails. he did earlier this month. eli sent a message from the giants equipment manager and asked for two helmets that can pass as game used. giants fan spent $4300 for one of the helmets game used 2008 super bowl season, but jacob got suspicious when it was
8:24 am
missing velcro straps and the giants claim innocence. the e-mail was shared with a i unscrupulous dealer. and this is to defame his character. dan rooney died, and he began as age 12 as the steelers team "water boy." he assumed day-to-day operations oversaw six super bowl titles and rooney rule that team interview at least one minority candidate for jobs. before the rooney rule there were seven minority in season next will be eight. and former president obama released a statement.
8:25 am
he was a model citizen, with dignity and grace on the wld stage. yes, an ambassador to ireland. michelle and i offer our condolences to the rooney family, some of the most gracious people we know even as we celebrate the life of dan rooney, a championship caliber good man. detroit looiions revealed the n uniform. missing was the color black, part of the early 2000's, synonymous with the losingest era, lots of blue, silver and white. one lions players say not only get to wear something new, we get to walk in every sunday and not expect the same traditional blue or white. the back page of the new york post reads, you da man. and six innings of baseball, another five and a half hours of baseball until there's a home run leading off the top of the 16th innings and new york mets tied for second best in the national league.
8:26 am
beat the marlins 9-8. two more home runs for cespedes, too. matt, are you going to give us this. excellent. >> mets are looking good. >> yes, for now. >> especially in their minor league system with tim tebow. >> can we talk about eli manning for a minute? >> yes. >> what's this mean? if this is true, is he gone? >> it doesn't look good. he's not gone, but it's a huge stain on what has been almost a model career. i mean, to this point. and this story first came out about three years ago. dagen: it's been around for a while. >> a lot of folks say, na, eli wouldn't do this. but in order to satisfy his deal with steiner sports, he's passing this off and there are several plaintiffs and a lot of defendants here. dagen: i want to get to the ceremony mariners, unveiling a
8:27 am
statue of ken griffey, jr., he was selected first by the mariners in the 187-- 1987 mlb draft. >> looking to the guy, over 600 home runs. first mariner to have his jersey outside, first with a statue outside and first mariners in the hall of fame. before he was a rookie, this is cool i got to see ken griffey, jr. play against the pittsfield cubs, 1986 and signed the back of my ticket stub. i can authenticate it. dagen: i'd choose this every day over the christian renaldo. that doesn't look like anybody. we find any reason to run this.
8:28 am
>> snl spoofed that. >> ken griffey, jr. was a great baseball player that didn't get embroiled in the performance enhanced situation. had s rookie card,pper deck, everybody had to have it, it was valuable and rare and he was one of those guys that was a good role model for baseball, i have the utmost respect and he's deserving this statue. >> ambassador all the way through. dagen: good to see you>> have a. dagen: you, too, my dear. jared max, big heart. >> happy easter. >> happy easter. dagen: big heart, mr. jared max. and in the middle east, what it means for the his foreign policy agenda next. ng in our . we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance
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>> welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's friday, april 14th, good friday. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. north korea on the brink. satellite imagery suggests the country is preparing for yet another nuclear test, possibly tomorrow. >> the time for action is now and by that, we need to look at ways to put increased pressure on north korea in order for it to recognize the reality that it needs to pursue denuclearization and needs to answer to the international
8:32 am
community, really concerns about its ongoing efforts to pursue nuclear weaponry and deliver those in the region. dagen: the u.s. air force on high alert, a show of force as a result of higher tensions. we'll talk to leah gabriel coming up. the korean peninsula not only the only concern. delivering a mother of all bombs and a big blow, and what it means tisis ahe. as a result of geopolitical, the market it down for the second week in a row. a flight to safety as soon as the news broke about that bomb being dropped in eastern afghanistan. the markets close today for the holiday, but we did just get some economic news. that's why we're on the air live, not running taped programming like somebody else is right now. okay? that's why we're live 'cause we
8:33 am
just found out that consumer prices fell last month, falling 3/10 of 1%. the expectations there was for consumer prices to be unchange. so, inflation at least in that number not a worry, but maybe you ought to worry about retail sales. march retail sales falling 2/10 of a percent. that's bigger than expected. kim kelly will weigh in shortly. and what can brown do for you? how about save your life? the details of the heroics of one ups driver, caught on tape. the pictures are gone in a flash, but the success stays. according to mark zuckerberg instagram stories are seeing success against snap chat. and how about paying $12 for a bag of chips? the shortage that's causing potato chip panic. plus, suntrust park open, how the braves are stepping up to the plate for fans and the city
8:34 am
of atlanta. kevin kelly, your reaction to those numbers, the cpi down, way down compared to unchanged and retail sales were down more than expected. >> yeah, retail sales i'm not too worried about given march and the weather happening so people shouldn't read too far into that. the cpi is a big impact considering it was supposed to be flat. shows inflation is ticking up a little bit. that has ramifications for what the fed does in the future. they're suggesting three hikes this year alone, we've had one. they may not do that. maybe they only do one more hike and that's why the cpi number matters. dagen: well said. let's turn to rising tensions with north korea. satellite images suggest the country is preparing for yet another nuclear test. blake burman is live. >> there are growing concerns that north korea could potentially try another underground nuclear test. you just mentioned the satellite images, they are open source public images, but show
8:35 am
a buildup at a test site and that's a part of the concern, as for the potential test tomorrow. tomorrow also happens to be the largest national holiday in north korea. here is what i can tell you, just spoke to an official here at the white house moments ago, they tell me, they are continuing to keep a close eye on north korea and this white house official tells me, so, too, is the president. yelled in afghanistan, the u.s. military dropped what is known as the mother of all bombs and president trump was asked whether or not that sends a message to pyong yang. >> i don't know if this sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. i will say this, i think china has really been working very hard. >> you heard him there, dagen, mention china. president trump once again heaping praise on the chinese president xi jinping.
8:36 am
what the president is trying to do potentially level trade deals with cooperation with the chinese as relates to north korea. by the way, dagen, there is a report out there that suggests that the u.s. could potentially launch a preemptive strike on north korea because of this potential nuclear test. both at the pentagon and here at the white house, they are pushing back on this hard. that white house official telling me that that report is quote, overblown. dagen. dagen: overblown. thank you so much for that, blake burman reporting from the white house. let's turn to leah gabriel who is sitting here, former naval aviator and served in jalalabad, afghanistan. the area where the strike occurred. leah we're so lucky to have you not just today, but every day. >> thank you. dagen: give us insight into what the area is like, the environment and why the u.s. would do it. >> ias worki witthe seal team, doing clandestine
8:37 am
operations, i was in the environment in jalalabad, afghanistan, the province where the moad was. dagen: it's been around since 2003 and never used. >> then secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, the idea is that would be a deterrent. it's been developed as a deterrent for other countries ap i have to wonder and kind of making a joke here, sometimes, you know, before the military drops bombs they put a message on it and i wonder if maybe the message on this moab was happy birthday, north korea even though it was dropped in afghanistan because i don't think there's any question this was sort of a message, you know, this hit the tunnels where isis was located sort of in the eastern areas of afghanistan near the border of pack san where the taliban has been em about he hadded in the past and al qaeda, and blew it
8:38 am
up taking out isis forces and the implication that we can hit tunnels with this and north korea does its nuclear tests in tunnels, so, whether or not the message was intended, i think the message was certainly received around the world. dagen: being a former navy fighter pilot, what is it-- give us a sense what it's like? you've never dropped an moab. >> no, indeed i haven't. these come out of major-- large carrier aircraft. dagen: you were f-18. >> i flew the f-18 we would do practice bombs we would call the little tiny bombs. if actual combat and practice we would drop something like a 500 pound bomb. moab was 20 tons. when they're dropped, there's a clunk and see the crater in the earth. you can only imagine what it
8:39 am
must have been like to see from the air or satellite, the vision of this moab hitting its target. >> what message does this sends to our military personnel? it seems they were frustrated given the way they voted for donald trump that we were leading from behind, especially in the region. does this reinvigorate our military that we're there to support them in their initiatives or how are people going to take this. >> the administration has not in any way indicated this was retaliation for the death of our u.s. soldier in afghanistan, a few days ago, however, i think at the same time, for those who are serving there, we have more than 8,000 people who are, troops still in afghanistan. our military commanders are asking for several thousand more. i think it tells people serving on the ground that the military is going to be able to do what the people in the military have spent their entire professional lives training to do and that is do the best job of defending the country based on our knowledge and expertise and experience. so, i think that that is the message that we're getting from the trump administration and it's a good message for the
8:40 am
administration. dagen: i want to ask you about the story, another one affecting america's bravest. you were the first to report on this very show there were some 45 pilots refusing to fly because of health concerns in the cockpit. >> that was april 4th, the objection j ensystem. we were at that you canning about f-18. dagen: not the t-45. >> i did talk about it that morning, i had heard from some in the t-45 community and refusing to fly and jennifer griffith and luke thomas dug into it. basically t-45 pilots said we are not safe to fly this airplane. there are problems with the oxygen system, people are becoming high poxic and nobody can predict when it's going to happen and when, they didn't feel the leadership did what it needed to do to help them feel safe. they decided to strike. the navy got out ahead of this
8:41 am
in their defense, the navy has gotten ahead at this point and has downed the t-45 and looking at the oxygen system, in the t-45. ripping it out of the airplanes at maryland, to try to assess and figure out what to do and grounded the planes until they can figure that out. see we're continuing to report on this. it's good to hear i've lost two friebecause of oxygen problems in airplane. frank hooks and david casher and i don't want to see another aircraft, another pilot, another one of our precious aviato aviators lost. dagen: well said. facebook racing ahead of snap chat. the popularity of instagram's copy cat feature that's putting facebook in first place. i told you. i'm saying it right now. i told you, i told you, i told you. instagram is stepping up and winning. snacks meantime in trouble, the potato chip shortage that's sending prices sky rocking, leaving store shelves empty.
8:42 am
we'll tell you where straight ahead. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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>> an ups driver rescues a family from a burning home in massachusetts. lauren simonetti has the details. >> the driver who says he's a hero, he was making the last delivery of the day he saw the porch on fire. he jumped out of the truck and banged on the door. a woman and her daughter were in the home at the time and safety came out and the ups driver put down the flames with a garden hose. >> and these toys if expanding inside. the easter grow toys and hch your own dino. there have been no reports of injuries, but warning parents the toys may not show up on x-rays if they are swallowed. instagram announcing its stories feature now has
8:46 am
200,000,000 daily users. instagram introduced stories to compete with snapchat. they're able to leverage 600 million users and support parent company facebook. recent typhoons in japan resulted in a shortage of potatoes and potato chips and resulted in potato chip gouging, some selling for six time the original price and one brand of pizza flavored chips going for $12 on-line, yeah. dagen: thank you, lauren and happy birthday. >> thank you, and happy easter everybody. dagen: coming up, a ne for the braves just in time for a new season. we'll take a look at suntrust park. and in case you missed it, highlights from the show this week. >> we're going to have a phenomenal tax reform, but i have to do health care first, i want to do it first to really do it right. what's going to hurt working
8:47 am
class and lower middle class people, it's a prolonged collapse of obamacare. >> what has changed in the last two weeks since that g.o.p. bill failed? >> people understood once that bill it wasn't able to go, that we can't just walk away from it because we have been promising so many years. >> will he be able to get tax reform done this year, kelly ann? >> yes, we believe he can. remember, we don't rush things here based on artificial time license. >> we've got the bush tax cuts done by june with a democrat senate because we sat down and worked with democrats to get it done. these democrats won't sit down and work. >> the syrian strike, has it damaged our relationship with russia? >> that i don't know, but i can tell you i think aligning yourself with assad is a mistake because he's a butcher. >> we're not going into syria, but when i see people using horrible, horrible chemical weapons, which they agreed not to use under the obama administration, but th violated it. >> they said they got rid of them.
8:48 am
>> what i did should have been done by the obama administrati administration. putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person and i think it's very bad for russia, i think it's very bad for mankind. it's very bad for this world. frankly, if russia didn't go in and back this animal, you wouldn't have a problem right now. maria: what should the u.s. be doing? >> china has to be made to understand that there are consequences for what that regime does because they are the nation that aids and abets them. >> president trump's doing the right thing here. he's practicing very effective diplomacy over the last week with xi jinping, but i think there may be a limit what's possible. >> secretary kerry i know for a fact wanted to do limited military operations in syria so he could go to the negotiating table with leverage. maria: you redirected navy ships to go toward the korean peninsula. what are we doing in terms of north korea?
8:49 am
>> we're sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines, very powerful. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that i can tell you, and we have the best military people on earth and i will say this, he is doing the wrong thing. he's making a big mistake. maria: do you think he's mentally fit? >> i don'ten, i don'ten him, but he's doing the wrong thing. maria: wow, it's the video taking the world by storm this morning. >> i don't blame the security guards at all. the way he was resisting that's all they could do to get him off the plane, but united backed them into the corner and management into a corner. >> the commitment that toyota made for $10 million investment over the next five years. it's a compliment, to us here i think in kentucky.
8:50 am
maria: sitting with he in the plaza from maserati. speed is one. highlights. how fast does it go? >> three liter twin turbo v-6, 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds and 176 miles per hour. maria: i'm putting my seat belt on, because we're out of here. jesse james firearms and craftsman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: you previously starred in the hit show monster garage. why the change? what inspired you to start this artisan firearm company? >> i moved to texas, out of california. maria: that's all it took, huh? move to big texas. yes? please repeat the objective.
8:51 am
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>> welcome to the braves new world. see what we did there? [laughter] >> atlanta's team will finally step up to the pla at their brand new stadium and me opener against the padres. joining us is the chairman of the atlanta division for suntrust bank, and president for business for the atlanta braves. good to see both of you. derrick, to you first, what's in store for fans at suntrust park? >> so, today's opening day, obviously, we're very excited. we've been working on this project for three years now. it's a culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of people. today we open it up for the first time. about 41,000 people here, the game time is around 7:30 p.m. so we couldn't be more excited. >> you brought up 41,000 people and that's the interesting aspect about this because it seems like you guys went for the smaller stadium size and when you look at the seats,
8:55 am
too, 19,000 of them are 20 and below. can you talk about the economics and mindset behind building a smaller stadium as well as the pricing and tickets? >> sure, so, for people that are not familiar with our situation, we used to be in burner field, which was the ballpark that could seat approximately 50,000. and if you look back at most of the ball parks that have been built in the recent era, the last eight or ten, for the most part they've all been built around that 40,000 mark and that really helps kind of drive that supply-demand equation, if you will. just that right intimacy of the ballpark, enough to feel intimate and enough to make the economics of the whole project work. we think it's the exact right size and there's something here for everybody. lots of different what we call almost neighborhoods. different ways to experience the game. so, you know, this is a really good ballpark, that was designed by an architectural company out of kansas city and today we're ready to show it off. dagen: i want to point out, guys, the park flows into the
8:56 am
battery of anti-it's a mixed use development property, expected to add adon $2 billion in real estate value according to one eimate by 2024. in terms of suntrust relationships, and the sponsorship of this park, what does it do for the bank? >> it's an amazing opportunity for us to partner with the atlanta braves. suntrust and the atlanta braves are two icon ic brands. it's for financial well-being. we happen to think that financial wellness is something that everybody deserves. we want today use this as an opportunity to deliver on our purpose and bring that message into everyone's homes. dagen: derrick, really quickly, what is the best food at the ballpark that you've had so far? [laughter] >> geez, that's a tough one.
8:57 am
everyone wants a hot dog when they come to the park. we'll sell plenty of those, but we have great relationship with local authentic types of food options. fox brothers barbecue, can't go to the south and to the ball game without great barbecue. the waffle house is here, and there are hash browns. dagen: derrick-- >> chick-fil-a. dagen: i promise to come and i'll eat the hash browns. good luck to you, the new suntrust stadium. we'll be right back, everybody. >> thank you very much. dagen: take care.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> thanks to leah, kevin, have a great easter weekend. "varney & company" begins right now. mr. charles payne, take it away. >> thankou very much. i am charles payne. stuart is going to be back on monday. for now, a lot of big officials, including this. check it out. new video of the mother of all bombs dropped on a terror nest in afghanistan. 36 isis fighters are killed. another strong message to the world especially as north korea celebrates the date of its founding. the president, some are saying he's further to the left, will his base that elected him be happy. and elon musk, tesla stock has been


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