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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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when she says on president trump's stance on fairer trade and "brexit," "frexit." why "frexit" could be much worse than "brexit" ever was. i would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday, for our jewish friends, happy passover, happy easter. david and gerri willis back in new york. connell: liz thank you. good tee sue gerri. >> all major averages look to hope in the read with dow futures down a hundred points. i'm gerri willis in for melissa francis. >> a lot depends what happens over the weekend. very important weekend. goods to have you with us. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." here is what we have for you at this hour. u.s. military on very high alert waiting for the world to see if north korea test as nuclear weapon tomorrow. and how the white house then responds of the latest from our reporters at the white house and
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on the ground in pyongyang. >> moment of impact. the defense department releasing a video of the moment the largest non-nuclear weapon in the world was unleashed on isis. guess what there is a bigger one. among our guests to talk about this retired three-star general lt. general commas mcinerney. gordon chang and for example media chairman steve forbes. >> poised for another nuclear test. new threats from north korea on the eve of rogue nation's most national holiday that is. our own blake burman is live at the white house with the latest. blake? reporter: gerri, just to give you an idea how much foreign policy headed by the white house this weekend, president being in florida with mar-a-lago. no senior staff is with him at this point. member of the national security council staff members are down there in florida. of course one of the big
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concerns at this hour over the next day or so remains north korea. and whether or not they might conduct a nuclear test underground inside of that country. of concern, satellite images. public sourced satellite images show at a nuclear site, north korea has a lot of activity surrounding that site the last few days. tomorrow is the big national holiday there. the vice minister said north korea will do as it wishes for any nuclear test now or in the future. he said that is something our headquarters decides at a time and place where head quarts deems necessary. it will take place. part of the strategy for the white house dealing with north korea has been trying to get china into the process and have china exert their influence over north korea. however china itself, sent a bit
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of a warning today to both the united states, north korea and south korea. its foreign minister said the following in an interview, quoting here, the united states and south korea and north korea engaging in a tit-for-tat with swords drawn, bows bent and there have been storm clouds gathering. we urge all sides no longer engage in mutual provocation and threats. here at white house they tell me, administration officials do, they are monitoring the north korea situation intensely. and so too is the president of the united states. by the way the vice president will be in that region. mike pence will be in south korea starting on sunday. gerri, david, back to you. >> blake burman. thanks for that. david: here is lt. general thomas mcinerney retired air force three-star general and fox news military analyst. general, if they do explode a nuke undergroundwhat is our response? >> well its going toe very measured, david, and ihink i'm expecting they will.
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i thin through a decision process. that we're going to have to do something because he is well on the way to developing nuclear weapons that will reach the united states in addition to arming iranian weapons. david: we'll talk about that in a moment. you say do something. what does that mean on our side? >> i would do covert things, david, i would rather not say what they are. we have a lot of options, economic, a whole host of things. they can have accidents over there. there are a whole host of things i believe we need to start doing to turn up pressure on them. i'm not as optimistic about president xi as president trump is. three presidents have not been able to make him do anything. david: the carrier group off the coast of korea. are there weapons aboard could
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possibly be used in response to a nuclear underground explosion? >> there are. they're not optimum. the most important things are bombers we have on guam. i don't think it will be response. david: not like syria. >> not like syria. david: the bomb we have there may be a bigger one, right? >> yes there is the moap. massive order nance penetrator. that is 30,000. it is hardened go deep into very hardened locations. it has accelerator on it drives it even deeper that is very effective and we drop b-2s, they can carry two of them. the important thing on on mosa .
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that is c-130. that can not penetrate iran and north korea. david: you say it wouldn't happen on saturday or sunday? >> nope. i do not see us doing that. i think it start as "countdown" for us. we start doing things. we need more one one carrier battle force. we need a lot more. we'll be very prudent bit. people have to know this is serious business. david: finally iran. i know it is a threat not only in of itself but the north koreans are supplying iran with some of their nuclear hardware, right? >> absolutely. they're developing the nuclear warheads and our intelligence people think no, iranians are developing their own. the testing is done in north korea. iranians, if the weapons goes off, sixth one, tomorrow you see that they're hopefully, that
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iranians there are getting data from it. david: lt. general thomas mcinerney. it will be a very interesting weekend, general. thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> that it is. gerri: moving from divisiveness to decisiveness. sebastian gorka believes the president is turning this country around. >> what we have seen is eight years of divisiveness, the obama white house. president trump has replaced divisiveness with decisiveness. whether to do with the border. whether it is to do with manufacturing. whether it is to do with nato or whether to do with our enemies in isis. gerri: here to react, jamie weinstein, the jamie weinstein show podcast and host. guardian contributor and chris at this setzer new heights communication president. i want your reaction to that comment. what do you make of it? >> it is hard to know what to make of it, one thing only thing
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president trump has been decisive about his golf weekends in mar-a-lago. he has flipped flop on basically every major foreign policy decision, every sort of economic decision that one could make, talking about china, who during the campaign he said was, quote raping our economy. they are currency manipulator. now that doesn't seem to bother him so much. nato was obsolete. now they're not obsolete. i don't know if you call that decisive. i would say it is flip-flopping. gerri: jamie, flip-flopper in chief. what do you say? >> well, i think sebastian gorka is at least part right. i'm not sure there is no disviiv sieveness anymore in the white house. all reports say there are infighting. certainly on foreign policy in last week or two you've seen decisive white house what they will do and how they're going to act this is different than what president trump or candidate trump said on the campaign trail.
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there are a lot of countries waiting for america to lead from the front, rather than from behind. depending how president trump continues on with the decisive action this could be very welcome. gerri: i have to tell you we have a long way to go on that. take you to other sound that was really fascinating. senator elizabeth warren. i come to you from questions. >> as is the case with every part of trump foreign policy we're trying to understand. what is the strategy? what is our overall purpose here? so far we're not hearing it. gerri: christie, come on, there is a clear strategy, right? is there a clear strategy? >> can you tell me what the clear strategy is? no, i can't, i certainly can't tell you what the clear strategy is. what seems to be happening maybe one of two things. either he was just spouting off during the campaign saying things that he either knew were false or whatever and now he is actually being guided by a policy expert, that is why we've seen some of these changes when
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it comes to our foreign policy. or he's going on some sort of a weird, terrifying level of gut instinct i really don't want my president to conduct delicate foreign policy decisions. that you can't tell from day-to-day basis. gerri: jamie, some people say using his gut, sometimes using other people in his ear in the white house. there have been some changes in policy, jamie. what do you make of them? what do you ascribe them to? >> i think that despite some of the, besides some of the people he brought in that were close allies on the campaign, he put around him some of the top experts, military experts that you could possibly want, general mattis at the defense department, general mcmaster in the national security advisor. so i think these people are probably shifting his view from the campaign. while i agree we don't yet have a clear strategy from president trump, i think it is very useful that he has those people in his ear. gerri: fascinating conversation.
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jamie, christie, thanks so much for your help tonight. david: he was always extremely clear about the idea of peace through strength. that is exactly what ronald reagan's message was. he proved it when he got in office. doesn't seem inconsistent at all he is practicing what he preached as far as peace through strength goes. gerri: you make a good point. i think that is something people are debating right this very minute. david: north korea has been warning the world, be prepared for a quote, big and important event. what should we expect from the rogue nation? gordon chang, he is author of, nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. he is here to join us. gerri: president trump modifying many campaign positions. he details who may be influencing him and how this could alienate his base. david: health care before taxes. president reversing course from weeks ago, but with key players out of the country and the government shutdown looming when will any of it get done? there is an easier way when it comes to handling taxes, a much
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. gerri: president trump reversing course in his agenda to make america great again. >> probably going right now for tax reform which we could have done earlier but this really would have worked out better. now we'll go for tax reform which i have always liked. we're going to have a phenomenal tax reform but i have to do health care first. i want to do it first to really do it right. >> but do you have to do health care before tax reform? >> yes. gerri: fox business's adam shapiro is live in d.c. with the latest. adam? reporter: well, gerri, president trump is approaching what a lot
4:16 pm
of people call a milestone, the first 100 days in office and domestic agenda is back, front and center. a recent "wall street journal" article highlighted growing influence of business community on president trump. steve mnuchin a goldman sachs alumni. billionaire investor, wilbur ross, now commerce secretary. gary cohn, another goldman sachs al lump, secretary of state rex tillerson and exxonmobil ceo. for instance this week the president acknowledged nato which he once called obsolete, this is a quote, no longer obsolete. but it was actually during that interview, you i hadma a clip with the interview with fox business anchor maria bartiromo, the president outlined his efforts for the domestic agenda going forward. >> what about infrastructure? how do you see it? >> 100%. very soon. i see it part of perhaps the
4:17 pm
health care plan. phase two of the health care plan in order to get the vote i need 60% for that, and if i put that in, the democrats are actually going to love the infrastructure plan. so we're going to actually, i believe, despite their tremendous hostility for years, this isn't just for trump, this is for years. it has been so hostile. reporter: so the most immediate domestic issue facing president trump and congress after the easter recess is funding the u.s. government. now congress will have to pass a resolution to increase the debt limit by april 28. the nation's debt? almost 20 trillion, that is trillion with a t, $20 trillion. the congress has raised debt ceiling 76 times since the 1960. 20 trillion. gerri: you and i my friend are going to pay for it. thanks for that. david: last-minute tax-filers are rushing to get through all the forms before tuesday's deadline, but imagine filling
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out your taxes on just one postcard? republicans already released this simpler tax postcard last year. everything is laid out there on page one. joining me is forbes media chairman steve forbes. senior "barron's" editor jack how much and editor carol roth. don't americans want something like this. >> saks litly. cutting out so many hours, six billion hours. that is way to get to flat tax. simplicity is good. washington hates simplicity. that means they lose a huge source of power. david: it does, jack. americans pays the bills. who cares what happens inside of the beltway. americans want simple like this. don't they deserve it? >> they definitely deserve it. this might sound david, i don't mind the tax system we have. a couple of pages of code deal with collection of revenue. a few brackets, a little more from high income people, a little less from low income people. the problem is, the code is so
4:19 pm
big because it deals with spending programs, hidden spending programs. by the way i like your program. it is a good start. six of those lines are spending programs. i would reduce it by six lines. david: you would reduce it. carol, the name of this program laid out a year ago by gop, was a better way. and in that, among other things, they cut our seven tax brackets down to three. the whole thing is about simplifying our 70,000 or whatever page tax code. aren't we ready for isn't why don't they implement this? >> i have absolutely no idea. i think it is time for the republicans who are in congress to their big boy pants on and go do this. not only individuals want this, but think of all the small businesses out there who are spending their time doing administrative tasks instead of growing their businesses. we have 28 million small business owners who should be focused on revenue-producing activity.
4:20 pm
if they grow we get more tax revenue. it's a win-win for everybody. david: steve, instead they're focused on tax bills, particularly small business guy, cat afford a million t accountants like tig companies do, it takes 6 billion man-hours a year for americans to do their taxes. it only took 22 million hours to build the tallest building in the world. imagine how much we could get done productively if we just diminished that 6 billion hour figure where we should be? >> we spend 2 to $400 billion a year complying with tax code. go back 20 years. 10 of billion of hours, trillions of dollars for the stupid tax code. imagine 2 goes to new products services, new curse for diseases, what economists call, david, opportunity cost is enormous. that is a scandal. it is a moral scandal. david: by the way, jack, we talk
4:21 pm
about lowering individual taxes. there is talk of lowering corporate taxes. this idea was on the mind of imf managing director christine lagarde today. here is what she told liz claman a few moments ago about cutting corporate taxes. this is a fox business exclusive. take a listen. >> but simplification, certainly, lower corporate rate, relative to other countries, provided that it is accompanied with simplification by elimination of some of the loopholes, some of the exemptions, that is how making it far more complicated and difficult to manage. which is desirable. david: jack, lowering tax rates for corporations, getting rid of deductions would make corporations a lot of them pay more into the tax system because some of them are getting away with not paying anything. >> we at "barron's" magazine think you can lower the corporate tax rate at 22%, with a program that pays for itself. extra profits for companies, they flow through to people in
4:22 pm
form of wages and profit. if you want to go down to 20%, fine, close enough. but corporate taxes are one of the easiest things. so much easier to pay for itself. when it comes to individual x cuts depends where the money ultimately flows to but corporate tax cuts are much easier. david: dare i say, carol, even some democrats could come on board for, they have spoken about lowering the corporate rate. >> absolutely. i mean for america who is supposed to be the home of free markets and capitalism, to have these second highest corporate tax rate in the entire world and to not be competitive, absolutely makes no sense. this is exactly why congress should be priority tieing tax reform alongside health care reform. the other thing though, i will say, david, back to small businesses you know that is my passion, we have to think about individual rates for them as well. david: right. >> most small businesses in this country are tacked as personal rate. david: they are subchapter s corporations, it is individual for them.
4:23 pm
i wonder if the imf getting education after all these years, all these years they mentioned tax simplification, lowering tax rates. >> imf went into the country made the countries worse, devaluation of taxes, higher taxes. like doctors of old where they bled the patient. looks like they are only 100 years behind in the modern medicine. david: if the folks imf get it maybe folks inside of beltway get it. catch steve forbes and my every weekend on "forbes on fox" saturday, 11:00 a.m. on fox news and sunday evenings, 7:00 p.m. on fox business. gerri: it is a fine show. david: thank you very much. >> how do americans feel about the markets since president trump took office. we're asking the man, the property man, bob massi.
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[shouting] >> how can you allow 24 million americans to go through life without affordable health care? >> current system is not sustainable. we said that again and again. it is not sustainable when you only have one insurer in 14 of 15 counties. it can't be sustained. gerri: wow. you heard that, right? that was arizona senator jeff flake, facing very tough questions on health care, at a town hall, as many americans are still waiting for a new health care system.
4:28 pm
joining me now, paul howard, manhattan institute senior fellow and policy director. great to see you. look, you can't blame americans for being upset that republicans have not made good on their promise to do something. they promised for seven years, it hasn't happened. freedom caucus members say we have plan coming in the works. do you believe that? >> i hope this is true. this could be messaging on their part. they caught a awful lot for the collapse of the ahca, american health care act. this could get them back to the table and moderates to the table and idea of state innovation waivers that allow states to decide what part of aca -- gerri: what would that cover. what would be state by state decisions? >> things like essential health benefits. charge everyone the same price. community rating. more variation there to get healthy people back in the market. charge them less. gerri: what about preexisting conditions.
4:29 pm
a lot of viewers like the idea, you can get insurance if you wanted to? >> most popular provisions of aca president wants to keep that. find a way to make that work. it is not working under aca. republicans need to find a way to keep that and get young, healthy people in the market. gerri: i reported that the exchange most likely to go under first is in knoxville, tennessee, where as of 2018, most likely zero insurers. zero insurers. seems to me washington is fiddling while the rest of the country burns. >> i don't know how the politics of this cuts, you're absolutely right, one or more several exchanges collapse, several in red states. at that point white house gets involved. if i'm house freedom caucus i would think very hard about kind of deal trump has to cut democrats to save the exchanges. that is better than the status quo. gerri: president trump saying i will yank all the funding.
4:30 pm
i don't know if he can get away with that pub about republican conservatives and freedom caucus. talk about moderates, what do they need to come to the table? >> for millions that depend on aca, medicaid coverage, exchange coverage, there has to be stable ansition. insurerseed to know this is stable market that this will work. that reassures the market and the moderate republicans that this will be stable. gerri: this sounds so great, something maybe could happen, but look, paul ryan is not even in the country at the beginning of the week. i believe vice president pence is out as well. when does this get underway? we're hitting our heads on the debt ceiling coming up very, very soon. when will this get done. >> it's a good question. we're talking about may at early at this point. they will be on recess until the 23rd. some things they have to fix. if you look at exchanges, put back money into them for tax credits, whatever. you have something called reinsurance that gives confidence to the insurers. gerri: wow. >> really sick, really sick,
4:31 pm
we'll balance off cost of those people. get insurers cover those people. we're good. we can be in that market. gerri: hope springs eternal on set of "after the bell." paul, good to see you. thank you for coming in. david: we are preparing now for a nuclear showdown. north korea fanning the flames with another possible nuclear test. we're on it. gerri: a live report from north korea on the rogue nation's latest threat against the u.s. next. >> welcome to the pongyang metro, or subway. like most things in this country it is dual-use. not only transporttation for the masses but so deeply, so strongly, officials say it could act as bomb shelter in event of a nuclear war. nuclear war with guess who? the united states. anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan.
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gerri: threatening a show of force, north korea sending a clear warning to the united states with one senior official saying the country is ready to quote, go to war if provoked. fox news greg palkot is in pongyang north korea with the details. reporter: more talk coming from north korea on eve of maybe the most dangerous day of the year here. north korean leader kim jong-un's deputy foreign minister talking to associated press today and telling them, basically what we've been hearing from other north korean officials. that they will confront what they call reckless u.s. military
4:36 pm
manuevers with a preemptive strike using a powerful nuclear deterrent. >> we will -- >> translator: we're taking into the account most aggressive and dangerous option that the u.s. might come up with. we he so got our oions, our countermeasures ready in our hands, which means we'll go to war if they choose. reporter: people of pongyang get ready to mark anniversary tomorrow of the birthdate of their founder, that is kim il sung, that north korea could detonate yet another nuclear device. word that the government will do that at the time and place of their choosing. finally, as we watched north korean military officers pay their respects after the birthplace of the founder of north korea just outside of pongyang, we heard at that officials say president trump is the one causing all the trouble. he says that the vicious and aggressive provocations are coming from the white house. >> translator: even though that
4:37 pm
the u.s. is trying to invade our country and to attack, they won't do it because we have a such a mighty strength and if they do, then we would smash the head and blow them up. reporter: by the way at one point president trump suggested he could have a hamburger with kim jong un to work it out. the official rejected that, calling those words lip service, fighting words. pongyang, north korea, greg palkot, fox news. gerri: greg palkot, thanks for that. david: gordon change, "forbes" columnist and author of "nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world." extraordinary reporting, self-serving to mention, greg palkot is in north korea as this is about to happen. over the weekend our own vice president will be arriving in seoul. for those who have forgotten, seoul is basically right across the border from the north. >> 30 miles from the did he
4:38 pm
militarized zone which separates the two koreas. david: what do you think about sending our vice president what could be the heart of a active war zone. >> a little dangerous. i think there is a sense there won't be a war at this momt and that is probably right. david: do you think there will or will not be a nuclear explosion by the north koreans? >> my sense would be there won't. david: you disagree with what we herd from lt. general mcnerney? >> who knows but if you ask me before thursday i would say definitely. thursday night when president trump announced missile strikes on syria with xi xinping next to him, i think he unnerved beijing. the chinese don't really know what trump can do. david: so the chinese now are genuinely leaning on the koreans? we have, by the way a statement from the north koreans about the chinese. it is kind of an obscure reference to them. currently with the cooperation of somebody in quote marks, the u.s. is planning to collapse our
4:39 pm
system. the action such a naive and foolish delusion. clearly somebody is referring to the chinese. so the north koreans are upset at the chinese right now. >> well they are, and they have a good reason to be. global times which is controlled by peoples daily, the most authoritative publication in china, global times ran a commentary if how the north koreans tested a nuke, china might strike north korean facilities from the air. global times is not official but they wouldn't have run something like that if the beijing leadership didn't want them to. we had air china, which is the flag carrier just a few hours ago, announced it was suspending flights to and from pongyang. david: let's not forget, the chinese returned an entire fleet of cargo ships that had north korean coal on them, that is extraordinary. that is really their only means of getting income, right? >> well the north koreans, 90% of their external trade is with china. china supplies about 100% of its
4:40 pm
crude oil. exactly 100% of the its aviation fuel. so the chinese have a lot of influence over -- david: their fuel would dry up? eir nuclear hardware would dry up, all of those things that caused them to be a threat to us an the world would not exist if it weren't for china? >> yeah, i believe so and essentially what happens is, china probably couldn't convince kim jong-un to give up his weapons program but china could he northl convince the 300 or so korean regime to desert kim jong-un. they are there on transactional basis on many occasions. david: talking about the all the generals we see surrounding kim in all those times? >> in greg palkot's report. the generals, admirals, senior officials. david: they're not willing to commit suicide by standing by this crazy madman, kim? >> so china has the ability to pull them away. so i think that beijing in the last few days has tried to rein in kim jong-un. we will see.
4:41 pm
david, if north korea in fact goes forward with debttation, or missile launch or something else provocative, it will mean beijing lost control of pongyang. david: they don't want that to happen, do they? wouldn't that put them directly on our side against the north koreans, and that would completely lead to their collapse? any think so. essentially six months, eight months down the road the north koreans would not be able to sustain their economy. in the past china has shown grit displays of cooperation with the united states and international community. then when we became distracted on something else, beijing went back to its default position which is supporting the north korean regime. the question whether president trump can maintain pressure on china to not change this initial phase of cooperation. david: this is all happening extremely fast. according to you it started with that thursday night dinner that the president of china had on the very night that the syrian attack took place. >> it continued through yesterday with the dropping of the "mother of all bombs" in afghanistan. so all this is bringing -- i
4:42 pm
don't mean to simplify things but all of our foreign policy now is working towards the same goal, a strong united states that gets what it needs to get done? >> yes. and clearly, the north koreans took that meage from yesterday becausweent after underground tunnels and networks. north korea has put more of its government facilities and its military operations under ground, more than any other country. kim jong-un must have known what was happening. david: as we heard from general mcinerney we have a bomb more powerful than the one we saw in afghanistan which has possibility of penetrating those tunnels. nothing off limits if it needs to be done. gordon chang, fascinating discussion. gerri? gerri: fascinating interview. coming up the zombie mall apocalypse. a disturbing trend in the retail industry. why malls across the country are on life-support. ♪
4:43 pm
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david: illinois judge ordering shuttering of the empty lincoln mall outside of chicago. zombie malls continue to be shut down. jeff flock is standing by at the lincoln mall in mason, illinois with the latest. it is kind of a sad thing, is it not, jeff? reporter: driving by, david, as you look at the window of the car we're giving you a drive on mall drive. this was what was the lincoln mall. some of it has gone away to some degree. this was built in the 70s. a classic mall. a lot of them were built like this. that analysts say we were so
4:47 pm
heavily over-stored, payless, 400 closings, limited, 250 closings, they were the stores in the maul. we have pictures, exclusive pictures inside of this mall. i'll tell you, i'm fascinated by these urban spaces, suburban spaces abandoned and left to, well, left to rot to some degree. the mall ain't what it used to be. competition from, from the internet. too many store issue. then we're told by analysts that a lot of these malls took out loans just before the financial crisis in 2008. they were 10-year balloon loans. now coming due and you know, the thing is, there is no way for you to recoup that i want to take you right to the what was the entrance to this mall, maybe leave you with this picture, david. this is a great big there says it is "happening now." david: oh, no. >> happening now, is pretty much
4:48 pm
the end of the mall as we know it. david: it is pathetic. absolutely pathetic. duplicated, if not hundreds of malls in the country, but again replaced by something new, which is the intergnat mall. that is what happens with progress. jeff, we have to leave it there. reporter: internet was the sears catalog of the day. david: i was going to make a reference to easter and resurrection i don't think i will. they are, look likes the malls are gone for good. but they are resurrected virtually in the internet. there is that. i don't know if there is many jobs there. jeff, thank you very much. appreciate it. have a wonderful easter. gerri: resurrected virtually with fewer employees. david: that is the problem. you can't duplicate the number of employees. but if we release the engines of growth in this country anything can happen. gerri: that's right. speaking of that, optimism in the trump economy. how americans are feeling across the country as president trump nears the 100-day mark in office.
4:49 pm
coming up you will want to see this. bob massi. david: love bob. gerri: the property man. there he is right there. david: love bob. ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes.
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gerri: our next guest spends a lot of his time, maybe all of his time traveling the country, trying to help americans deal with homeownership issues. here is look at one case from the new season of his show right here on fox business. >> lots of people like to show their homes, but sometimes the best part of a property is what you don't see. ♪ at creative home engineering the workshop is always busy. what they make is truly unique. >> we build doors that don't look like doors.
4:53 pm
so people can have spaces people don't have to know about. gerri: i love that. bob massi joining us now to join us what sentiment he is hearing from people across the country. "the property man" host. bob massi, so good to see you. that looks awesome. you worked very hard on this show. >> thank you, gerri. gerri: what i love about you, you really have your fingers right on the pulse of the american people. >> i do. gerri: i want to ask you what are they telling you how the economy is treating there will be tax changes coming down the road. more influx of money. construction is going on. vegas, florida, new mexico, arizona, southern california got hit bad. we feel new sort of resurgence now. i think overall attitude of the direction we're going is giving people confidence as what is going to be in the future and
4:54 pm
they can own again because a lot of people obviously went through tough times, gerri. they couldn't own again. i think we're in a good spot. gerri: that brings me to the next question, we have a long period of time, housing is bad, don't own your own house. which i completely disagree with. how are americans feeling about this issue right now? >> there was a period of time where people weren't able to own again. so they had to rent. now there is a different feeling. now they want to own the american dream. they want to be able to do it. they want it fit within their budget. so yes, i think the american dream is alive and well. is there anxiety? there is a lot of scars, gerri, what happened years ago. people were treated badly by many havers of loans and lenders and they're a little gun shy -- listen what you are selling and buying are memories. think when we grew up, the room with our brother and sister. gerri: yes.
4:55 pm
>> birthday parties, anniversaries that is wh gerri: family is the home but you know, i'm just hoping that americans are believing in homeownership and owning their own place. look that is really how you build wealth over the long term for some americans, frankly every so many generations. that is how they put together a stash for retirement. business side of it. but the fact that they're able to get into a home, i think once they know they can own again and feels like, oh, i'm back, my credit's back, the ability to have money again and to build, yes, i think that's, it is tort
4:56 pm
gerri: right on. love that restate. bob ssi, thas for joing us. be sure to catch season three of bob massi is "the property man." it is:30 p.m. eastern own fox business network. -- 8:30. david: i never miss it. wait until you hear easter from the mouths of babes. ♪ ts have been talking about you for years. sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. have a seat. knowing that the most important goals are yours. makes sense of investing.
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5:00 pm
then he came down to eat a bunny. >> when jesus came back, etching people easter eggs. he said bunny, please don't hide the easter he goes. >> that one kid didn't say drugs, did he? >> he did. what are you going to say? >> risk and reward starts right now. trump: i would bomb the. [bleep] out of them. [applause] liz: well, we've got new video from the defense department showing the exact moment the mother of all bombs plummeted from the sky and destroyed its isis target in afghanistan. but now liberals are demanding answers. second-guessing the military and the president. asking the pentagon to explain its actions. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. u.s. defense officials say this wiped out a cave and tunnel sanctuary controlled by isis. killed three dozen of its


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