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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. continue to monitor it for you. lou dobbs is next. tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the islamic state claiming responsibility for an attack that killed a paris police officer. a gunman with an automatic weapons opened fire on police, killing one officer, seriously wounding two others before police shot and killed him. sources say the gunman had been previously flagged as an extremist. fox news chief white house corresponds yernts has our
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report from the white house. reporter: the u.s.-italian summit was meant to reconfirm the close relation between the two countries, the need for it was underscored even as the two leaders were meeting. terrorism and global hotpots were high on the agenda as the president met with the italian present gentiloni. >> it's a terrible thing going on in the world. it looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say? it just never ends. we have to be strong and vigilant. reporter: north korea issuing a new threat warning of a quote super mighty preemptive strike that will completely wipe out u.s. imperialist invasion forces
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in south korea, and the u.s. mainland, and reduce them to ashes. kim jong-un is a wildcard. reporter: do you believe the leader of north korea kim jong-un is mentally unstable? is he a man who can be reasoned with? >> we are building our military rapidly. i have been here for approximately 91 days. we are doing a lot of work. we are in a good position. i can't answer your question on stability. i hope the answer is a positive one, not a negative one. but hopefully that will be something that gets taken care of. reporter: after a week's delay the aircraft carrier carl vinson
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and it strike group is steaming toward the sea of japan. he says his talks two weeks ago from xi jinping seem to be bearing fruit. >> i like him have much and respect him have much and i think he's working very hard. some unusual moves have been made the last two hours and i have confidence the president will try very hard. we don't know if they will be able to do that, but i have confidence he will be trying very, very hard. reporter: the president made it clear he remains highly sceptical of the iran nuclear deal, despite the fact rex tillerson certified iran is living up to the terms of the agreement. >> they are not living up to the spirit 69 agreement, i can tell you that. we are analyzing it very carefully and we'll have something to say about it in the
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not too distant future. but iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. they have to do that. they have to do that. reporter: the president and the prime minister reaffirmed their commitment to work through nato. when asked if he saw a role for the u.s., president trump said he sees a limit in global conflict. >> i think the youth has enough roles, a role he where. i do not see that. i do see a role in getting rid of isis. we are being very effective in that regard. reporter: in paris the french president said he believes that was an act of terror. one of the leading candidates in the upcoming election says he
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thinks the campaign should be suspended. tom: republicans reportedly closing in on a new plan to repeal and replace obamacare. leaders of the conservative freedom caucus and the moderate tuesday group reportedly hammered out a proposal that would allow state to opt out of some of obamacare's key requirements, including allowing insurers to charge people with prior existing conditions as long as they make a high-risk pool available. mental health, maternity care. but president obama sounding optimistic congress will move to repeal and replace obamacare and prevent a government shutdown as early as next week. two votes coming
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>> i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? we are doing very well on healthcare. this is a great bill, it's a great plan. it took obamacare 17 months, i have been negotiating this for two months. this is a continuation. the plan get better and better and better, and it's gotten really good. i would like to say next week, but i believe we'll get it. and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter. tom: joining me now to discuss the potential break through and the latest developments inside the trump white house. republican that just ed rollins. my observation is he's talking about healthcare, continuing resolutions to keep the
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government over. legislation to reduce tookses that secretary mnuchin said will come sometime this year. all of that is in the hands of congress. everything he's doing with world leaders is him and his personality and it seems to be work. but all those other thing are in congress' hands. ed: as he said a few weeks ago, healthcare is more complicated than i thought. democrat had 60 senators and 20 or 30 more house members than we have today. i hope he succeed. i support him. but it's very complicated. the oldest rule i learned is you don't fight two battles at once. you fight the budget battle and healthcare battle. you don't try to do them both in
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the same week of the same month. the debt ceiling to keep the government open. they come back after two weeks of vacation. and i imagine most of the week we voted to keep them open. then basically to sit down and say these are the guys we met during the break. at the end of the day you would be better off to say keep the government open, move forward. keep trying -- there is no rush. what you can't do is have a bad deal. the 100 days comes next week. nobody cares about the 100 days. that was fdr. there is not a lot to show other than the supreme court judge and he repealed a lot of obama executive orders. the legislative front is a difficult challenge ahead and to a certain extent tax reform and
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all the rest of it. do it well. tom: his job now for infrastructure spending and tax reform, obamacare repeal, reform, whatever they are going to do. he's kind of had his hands tied other than a bully pulpit. >> it's got to be a small bullyl bully pulpit. he doesn't know all the details. what he can do is say to religion, mr. speaker, you show me a list of 216 members, put their names on a sheet of paper and then we can bring it up again. two weeks, three weeks before the last fiasco, you came over here, priebus said to me, we had the votes, we didn't have the votes. if you don't have 216, i'll say gentleman, ladies, tell me why
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you are against it or for it. tom: the idea of him going around and getting china's president to be friendly, to working with the u.s. on north korea for the first time, for all these world leaders that seem to be paying attention to u.s. policy, foreign policy for the first time, this is a guy have much like your boss, ronald reagan that people discounted when it came to foreign policy. but he has a personality to get through to these people. >> he's a strong leader and we have not had a strong leader in the oval office for a long time. he probably knows less than most coming into that office. a fabulous one-on-one.
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are they willing to step in and fake their ally to task, north korea. if he does, it's a major accomplishment. in 100 days he's met with more world leaders than any modern president. three last week, those are big events. usually there are one or two of those a month. he's nonstop on the state department foreign policy stuff and the state depth is not fully staffed yet. tom: on the chinese are you ready to trust but verify? ed: i'm willing to continue to talk. they are an important long-term ally. but they have been a longer-term ally of the north koreans. i would have felt a lot better last week if they said to north korea, don't fire a rocket.
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tom: ed rollins, always good to get your perspective. the trump administration intensifying its efforts to secure our border and defeat the drug cartels. >> we'll maintain our borders, we'll enforce congress's duly enacted law, and protect our community from the scourge of cartels and gangs. tom: republican moderate and tom: republican moderate and conservatives may have struck a
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sent a clear message those trying to cross our border illegally are not welcome. >> people who try to cross our borders illegally and note respect the laws of our nation. we want to get the law breakers off the streets and out of our community. >> these are bedrock principles of sovereignty.
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tom: here to discuss the trump administration's progress in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. we are looking at the lowest number of border crossing in 17 years. joining me, governor mike huckabee. governor, always good to see you. let's start with before we get to immigration. let me start with ann coulter was invited by a young republican group at berkeley and they said you can't come because under the cloak of we can't protect you, we don't have security. late this afternoon the university said we figured out a time and place where you can come. very narrow window. lots of restrictions. what's your reaction? >> what berkeley is saying is they don't control their own campus. radical outsiders and agitators
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who need to be home, not at a university. they can't control their own university. if i was a parent writing a big dloak berkeley to send my little darlin', i would yank their rear end home and say i'm going to put you in a real school. a professor at berkeley said this is ridiculous. we are a university, not a playpen. bravo, robert wright for recognizing a university campus is where you have free speech. what happened to the hippies and yippees from the 60s and 70s that you and i grew up with who were fighting on campuses on berkeley so there would be free speech. now the little snowflakes want to make sure nobody gets to say anything. >> i was one of those hippies.
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>> weren't we all? tom: but i'm go back to the 1950s to little rock, arkansas. little rock nine. president eisenhower sent federal troops to let the children into school at little rock. in in mississippi, the continue administration sent federal troops to protect them. they were there to enforce the constitutional rights of these kids. why can't we protect the constitutional rights of speakers, the first amendment of the constitution. if you have to, do the same thing. >> because the left is in such solid control of university campuses across this country, and it's tragic. the greatest value of a university education is education, not indoctrination. if these kids come and they are prevented from hearing a view
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point other than one that makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, they are not getting an education, they are getting an indoctrination. tom: that's the diversity speech you and i get lectured all the time, that we need more diversity. but there is no diversity in college faculty. i talked to the father of a young girl at one of the u.c. campuses. she is afraid, girls that are her friends are coming up to her and saying who did you vote for? and you better have the right answer. afraid. >> this is mccarthyism, 2017 version. it's just that the roles have been reversed. in the name of diversity what they are pushing for is uniformity. in the name of tolerance what
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they are pushing for is not just a resistance but a violent overthrow of any ideas they don't approve in their politically correct playpen. this is a danger to the future of our great public. it defies everything we are as a country. tom: there is a case in california where a young man who is a dreamer. they dispute the facts whether he left the country and came back or was deported and came back. but it's a political case. it's not about the law, because george soros and are funding this case to try to disrupt all of the immigration policies the attorney general is trying to implement through the law. >> the real tragedy is we can change the law if enough people in america believe we shouldn't deal harshly with the children who had nothing to do about coming here, they were brought
10:22 pm
here as children, lived here their whole lives, culturally they are more american than anything else, then change the law. that what's we should do. that's how a country like ours works. i always believe there was really a justifiable case to say we are going to treat people in the sense for which they grew up here with some level of appreciation and respect. but what i do appreciate is that you do have an administration doing exactly what it said, and it will go after particularly not dreamers, but drug cartels, criminals, people who come and murder people like what happened to kate steinle. i can't manage many americans find fault with that. >> i hope you are right. governor mike huckabee, thanks for coming on. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. should the trump administration
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reverse obama's disaster nuclear deal with iran? follow lou on twitter and instagram @loudobbs tonight. there is the information right there. on wall street, nice day. stocks closing higher. the dow up 174 after two days of triple digit losses. s & p getting a nice boost. the nasdaq up 54. an all-time record high for the nasdaq. volume, 3 billion shares. president trump signed a directive orders an investigation into whether inports of steel are hurting the u.s. economy. up next, the federal judge who
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. tom: the trump administration set to confront a familiar figure in the lawsuit brought by a dreamer who was deported by federal immigration agents. gonza gonzalo curiel, remember that name? he oversaw the lawsuit against trump university and president trump accused of being biased. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse has our report. >> we are going to have an
10:29 pm
immigration system that works -- >> reporter: as a candidate, donald trump promised to deport so-called dreamers, but as president that's yet to happen. >> we're going to deal with daca with heart. >> reporter: 23-year-old juan manuel montes said he was having lunch near the border when he was accosted by a border patrol agent. montes says he was deported. that's a claim the administration denies. instead, officials saymontes was already in mexicwhen they caught h day later, ying to sneak into the u.s. climbing over a fence. >> daca enrollees are not being targeted. i don't know why this individual was picked up. >> reporter: the administration says montes did have legitimate daca status. however, by returning to mexico he lost his legal protection to stay in the u.s. >> when our agents and officers
10:30 pm
on the front line encounter people, they're going to enforce the laws on the books. >> reporter: critics jumped on the montes story to consider trump's inhumane immigration policy. illinois democratic senator dick durbin called it disturbing, alarming said minority leader nancy pelosi. his lawyers hope to prove he did not leave the u.s. voluntarily. >> there is plenty of surveillance we're going to see if he crossed or didn't cross. >> reporter: the judge handling the lawsuit is judge gonzalo curiel who handled the trump university case. they claimed he couldn't be fair because of mexican heritage. montes is living in mexico awaiting the outcome of his trial as are 750,000 other daca recipients looking for protection. tom? tom: big number, william la jeunesse, thank you very much. we're coming right back with much more, so stay with us. president trump condemning iran's failure to uphold the
10:31 pm
disastrous nuclear deal. >> as far as iran is concerned, i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed. it was a terrible agreement, it shouldn't have been signed, shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated. the way it was negotiated. tom: fred fleitz joins us next. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision,
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. tom: authorities in venezuela
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have now seized a general motors assembly plant. yep. it comes amid anti-government protests against socialist president nicolas maduro. at least three people were killed in shootings during demonstrations yesterday. general motors calls the move by the venezuelan government an illegal judicial seizure of assets and said it would cease operations in the country. north korean state media threatening to launch, and i'm quoting, a super mighty preemptive strike that would reduce south korea and the united states to ashes. and in the midst of the rising tensions surprising new activities at north korea's main nuclear test site. satellite images show multiple volleyball games, yes, being played in at least three parts of the facility. maybe they thought it would throw us off. joining me to continue about talking about north korean provocations, the terrorist attacks in paris today, senior
10:36 pm
vice president for policy and programs at the center for security policy, fred fleitz. and fred, good to see you. >> good to be here. tom: start with paris. just a couple of days away from national elections. what will this do regarding that election? >> i think the french have resolve. they're prepared for this type of tragedy. what really concerns me here is that isis almost immediately claimed responsibility for this attack, and i believe they actually gave the name of the assailant. i'm very concerned about that. tom: yeah, they are claiming for it, that they are taking credit for it, so isis, this would be the sixth time that there's been a terrorist attack on paris in three years. so i don't know if they're able to stop it. >> in a democratic society, we can't guard every landmark, can't guard every inch of a city, and i understand that this assailant was on the radar
10:37 pm
screen to french police. so many individuals like this. they can't follow all of them. there's going to have to be assessment of where there is tell tale signs that were missed that may have allowed them to arrest this individual before he attacked. tom: fred, that goes back to the argument in europe can you drive from turkey to paris in your car. so open borders, is this going to be another referendum against the eu and brexit or frexit or whatever you want to call it so they have border control? >> they are going to talk about that especially since the individual was a belgian. tom: oh, he came from next door? >> that's right, across the border. tom: if they had border control, they could have stopped. that venezuela, what do we do? we talk about syria, russia, north korea has been a problem in the huggo chavez days up to maduro. nothing is getting better down there.
10:38 pm
do we intervene in any way. we have a lot. we import a lot of our oil from venezuela? >> we can't intervene into something that's becoming a civil war. this is what happens when you have extremely corrupt society that was practicing this backward form of socialism. this should be a rich country, but maduro and chavez squandered riches and this is resulting. we should stay in touch with the organization of american states, keep close watch of the situation but the u.s. should not be intervening. tom: and to your point, this isn't the first country rich in oil that has had socialist or dictator and the country suffers because of the fact that they squander all the assets. do you see anything changing? how are they going to break out of that? >> well, i think that we have to offer assistance when things settle down. hopefully democratic government will come to power after this happens. it's very volatile right now.
10:39 pm
we don't know whether this dictator will be replaced by another one. tom: all right, north korea. they're still threatening. they're still doing super mighty attack is what they're talking about. do you believe anything that they say? >> you know, i have something different to tell you about this. first of all, when a nation like north korea threatens to attack your nation with nuclear weapons. you need to take them seriously. keep in mind, the north koreans are not going to be able to hit the united states with an icbm for a long time. it's going to take a lot of testing. they have to get involved in pretty advanced missile and nuclear testing. that means the possibility of catastrophic accidents with missiles hitting local nations or radiation seeking into the atmosphere as they test greater and greater -- bombs with greater and greater yield. we need to say to china this means north korea's nuclear program is a greater risk to you in the medium and short risk than it is us to.
10:40 pm
we need to say to china, you have a neighbor with a megalomaniac running it testing nuclear weapons that could irradiate your people. let's stop playing games and stop the nuclear and ballistic threat for north korea. tom: very quickly, the missile they tried to test or launch last weekend, it came out of the ground four or five feet and fizzled. do you suspect that somebody close to us hacked into that? >> look, i used to be with the cia. i don't think it was hacked. i think it is a result of north korea's abysmally poor signing and engineering. that's why i'm so worried about advanced missile and nuclear tests that could result in catastrophic accident with a missile landing on neighboring state or radiation leaked into the atmosphere. tom: you don't want them getting it right. fred fleitz, thank you. >> good to be here. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll --
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. tom: disturbing details concerning president obama's administration. links to george soros' open society foundation. judicial watch suing the state department and usaid for records that show that five million in american taxpayer dollars went to soros' group, the money allegedly spent to destabilize macedonia's democratically right of center government. joining me to discuss the latest in the judicial watch lawsuit.
10:46 pm
the obama spy scandal, the deep state to divert this president. there's a lot to look at. chris ferrell director of investigations at judicial watch. what is the macedonia, $5 million soros training youth in the country. how did you get involved in this? what did you find? >> it's as crazy as it sounds. what in the world are we doing giving our tax dollars to george soros and his leftist operatives? you know they took some of the money to translate saul lewinsky's book, so the youth groups they're organizing can essentially destabilize and attack the democratically elected government, there and the u.s. ambassador, a guy by the name of bailey who is an obama guy, still in office, representing the united states
10:47 pm
in macedonia. he's all cozy with the soros people. we asked for all the records of communications, the funding, the programs, how the money was spent because we cannot believe or can't begin to believe why we would send three cents to the soros foundation in macedonia. tom: no, no, no, i get it. if you're president obama, i get it, why he would want to send money, but here's the problem, so you have this guy from the obama administration that is still in office. >> still the ambassador. tom: and i don't know how, when the trump administration is going to get some of this cleared out because they need to, but in the meantime, going back to the obama years, are you going to be able to get any sort of remedy from what happened? >> definitely. it's what we do best, frankly, that is getting government
10:48 pm
records, in this case by court order, the state department or the usaid or the agency for development will have to produce all of the documentations, all the e-mails, justifications, the explanation how the money was spent because it's your money and you're owed an explanation as to what happened to it. tom: yes, chris, one of my pet peeves is there's no accountability in government. so you find all of this and everything -- you guys do an amazing job. >> thank you. tom: you are able to get records that nobody else is able to get, but is anybody held accountable? >> well, we're going to do everything we can to make sure that we are, we're not going to let it pass and we're going to call as much attention as we can, as we are this evening, talking with you about it. i can tell you the response we've gotten going after the soros open society foundation racket and that's what it is, you know, their foundation is worth something like $950
10:49 pm
million, you know, it's roughly speaking it's a billion-dollar operation. what are they doing taking $5 million of our taxpayer money. it's outrageous on its face, so we've had a very strong response from people who want us to go after the soros deal and rest assured, we will. tom: let me put up this quote. this is from judicial watch president tom fenton where he talked about the obama administration seemed to bust taxpayers' efforts in an effort to fund the administration. they should disclose the details of the obama-soros spigot. do you have anybody in the trump administration that you've been able to get to about any of this? >> our remedy is through the courts and that lawsuit will be in front of a federal judge, the judge will draft usaid and state department in front of them, and have to explain why
10:50 pm
they refused to produce any of the records to us. we know they exist. and a federal judge will order them to produce them and make them public right away. tom: well, i support you completely, you guys, like i said, i can't speak highly enough about judicial watch. >> thank you. tom: you have done wonderful things. christopher farrell, thank you for being on the job for all of us. >> you bet. tom: up next, leftist senator elizabeth warren, on the attack again, suggesting this time president trump's voters, they were motivated by racism. >> part of it is an ugly stew of racism. part of it is donald trump tapped into anger. tom: they're coming up with more excuses, but did those comments -- did they cross the line? nick
10:51 pm
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the southern rock cruise 2018 will take you to: on: ♪ just hold on loosely so kick it up on the high seas on the southern rock cruise reserve your cabin now at ♪ lord, i can't change tom: in our online poll last night we asked you if you give president trump credit for being the only american president for having the guts to go after the mexican drug cartels. senator elizabeth warren ramping up her attacks against president trump claiming racism played a big part in his election victory.
10:55 pm
>> part of it is donald trump tapped into anger. but donald trump said it's their fault. those other people who don't worship like you or look like you, they aren't the same color. what the was a big part. he told a story. it's just the wrong story. tom: joining me now, bre peyton and, bre, tell me about elizabeth warren's motives. do you think she believes what she just said? >> i think she is right when she says voters who supported donald trump were motivated by anger. they are angry at the failure of obama and other democrats who
10:56 pm
told their voters to sit down and shut up while i ram these liberal policies down your throats. i think she didn't learn the lessons in 2016. the kind of behavior that she is doing this blame casting is the same mistake hillary and chelsea clinton are doing. they are saying sexism is the reason hillary lost. they all seem to be very deluded. tom: i interviewed the authors of a book called "shattered." they have been following hillary clinton since the 2008 and 2016 campaign. i don't know if they are left or right. but they are good reporters who were there in the quam pain and
10:57 pm
said there was a lot of infighting and problems in the campaign. they didn't execute and they had a bad candidate. that seems to be the answer. but all these other things they are throwing at us i guess are distractions. >> this election that just passed had nothing to do with racism, it had everything to do with everyday ordinary americans who had enough of political correctness who wanted to get their country back, wanted to see america put first again, and that's what they are now receiving. the last thing a liberal want, the last thing senator warren wants is a color blind society. because democrats much like senator warren are invested in racial separatism because it makes for good vote getting. but they couldn't do it last time, and now they are very, very upset that we have a
10:58 pm
president that's actually concentrating on what unites us rather than on what divides us. tom: switching topics, let's go to silicon valley. facebook and other companies, they are big into giving their employees paid time off to go protest president trump. these are not just tech companies, facebook is a media company. i can't imagine that fox news or the "new york times" would give people time off to go do political protesting. bre, does this taint facebook? >> sure. they are a private company and what they decide to do with their time off paid policies is their business. but this signaling or decision signals they are biased against
10:59 pm
the president. but i think that's very clear and something we have known for years now. facebook former employees admitted to regularly suppressing topics on the trending topics news bar and go as far as to black ball conservative website and items of interest to conservative voters. it's clear they are biased against a republican president and they have an agenda. their latest change last week in deciding to crowd source what they call fake news shows that, this is who they are, this is what they want to do, they want to suppress ideas they don't agree with and they don't like. tom: what's your take on facebook? >> it's another blow to common sense and good hard work. i wish these guys would speak to what they are good at and stay out of politics.
11:00 pm
tom: presen bre peyton and nick, thank you very much. continue to monitor it for you. lou dobbs is next. tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the islamic state claiming responsibility for an attack that killed a paris police officer. a gunman with an automatic weapons opened fire on police, killing one officer, seriously wounding two others before police shot and killed him. sources say the gunman had been previously flagged as an extremist. fox news chief white house corresponds yernts


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