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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am EDT

1:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] retaliation in kinds. charles: here is lou dobbs. tom: good evening, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. president trump repairing to turn his folk to us domestic policy next week after dealing with foreign policy challenges from syria to north korea. a government shutdown fight and tax reform package that the president says will include a massive tax cut for businesses and individuals. john roberts has our report. >> with the president's first 100 days rapidly coming to a close. president trump indicated he's
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putting on a full court press for his legislative agenda. initiating reviews of financial regulations, president trump said hold on to your hats, tax reform is coming. >> we'll have a big announcement wednesday having to do with tax reform. the process has begun long ago. but it formally begins wednesday. reporter: it will drop right in the middle of a legislative battle to keep the government running and the possibility the president's healthcare plan may rise from the ashes like the phoenix. >> the press reported there was a give-up. there is no give-up. it took obamacare 17 months. i have been negotiating this for two months. reporter: congressman tom
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macarthur chairman of the tuesday group and mark meadows reached an agreement in principle on language that would preserve guaranteed coverage for existing conditions, allow dependent to stay on their parents' plan until age 26. but it would also allow states to seek limited waivers to opt out of those provisions in the interest of lowering premium costs. the white house is clearly happy at the progress with one caveat. >> i will tell you one thing that hasn't happened on healthcare. it seems there are no democrats who want to support healthcare reform. and i think that's unfortunate. reporter: white house officials say a vote on the new healthcare measure could come by pass soon as next wednesday. raising the possibility the president would rack up no
1:03 am
legislative achievements in his first 100 days. the president railed against the 100-day benchmark. he says no matter how much i accomplish, media will kill. as the president tried to thread the needle between moderate and conservatives, he also tipped his hand on what he may be thinking about immigration reform. he's telling the so-called dreamers they can rest easy and not worry about being deported. he says his administration is not after the dreamers, they are after the criminals. tom: joining me now to discuss the latest on healthcare, the showdown, president trump's tax reform plan and everything from a to z hat will come out next week. fred barnes, everybody in washington says this is too much.
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you can't do all these things at the same time. it's never been done before. but this is not your normal guy. fred: that's for sure. it sounds like he's going -- it will be a new healthcare bill to repeal and replace obamacare. there is a huge effort to pass a spending bill that will keep the government open. that's a lot on the table. >> is he. >> i evely optimistic or is washington not prepared for a guy who works as hard and fast as he does? >> i don't think anybody is ever going to call donald trump naive. but all these things don't have to pass next week. and they aren't going to. tax reform could take a long time. it took a couple years back in the 1980s. and healthcare may be easier with the changes because they
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have gone through it before. but the president says that this 100 days thing is ridiculous and he's trying to get these things out on the table. tom: john roberts shot down that 100-day deal. wasn't that 100 days something that was an f.d.r. deal in his first term when the country was crumbling? so the media is on his 100-day deal. on the one hand he doesn't seem to care too much about it. > it was an f -- r deal. this was 1933 during the depression. the democrats had large majorities so he could get things through almost immediately. sometimes the same day he proposed them.
1:06 am
enron ald reagan, he didn't get much done in his first 100 days. his tax bill was not passed until july. most presidents have achieved very little in the first 100 days. but this 100 days thing made sense for fdr, hasn't made sense since then. tom: let's talk about the government shutdown that's looming. there is the risk of the shutdown appears low. budget officials are calling around to the agencies, come on. and the administration does not believe there will be funding lapse that will occur. do you concur, disagree? what do you think? >> republicans are going to have to make some concessions. one of the things democrats want is to spend billions of dollars
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to make sure that the subjects does for people on obamacare are there and then what they have to pay doesn't go up. so that's a lot of money. but republicans will have to give them something to get this passed. >> the other thing republicans want. mike mulvaney came out and said -- it sounded like he was saying the typical washington deal, we'll kick the can down the road. how about that wall? we need the funding for that wall. so this wall, i thought they would kick the can down the road until i heard mulvaney. he said no, this is a big deal to us. fred: i thought they kicked the can down the road, too. it's definitely a big thing to donald trump. democrats will raise a lot of stink about it. i think they can be beaten back eventually.
1:08 am
what they ought to realize is the path to comprehensive immigration reform which democrats want is paved with the wall. the on thing that will convince a majority of americans and most republicans that the border is secure is if the wall is being built. you get that, and it opens the door for serious immigration reform. and democrats want that. but they will fight the wall. tom: if there is a shutdown, who gets hurt? >> well, you know the history here. you ought to hear majority leader mitch mcconnell. he said no matter who provokes it, republicans get blamed. it will be democrats who will be the ones forcing the shutdown. it might be hard to blame republicans this time, but no doubt the media will try.
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tom: i don't know if you are a betting man, if you are handicapping this thing. is there going to be a government shutdown? >> i think not. i'm not a betting man. but i think there will not be a shutdown. and there shouldn't be. tom: i think they are looking for ways to scoot past this. you will be watching so we'll have all that for you. fred barnes, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we are coming right back with much more. so please stay with us. defense secretary james mattis warning syria still has chemical weapons. >> there can be no doubt in the international community's mind that syria retained chemical weapons in violation of it agreement. tom: ambassador john bolton joins us next. president trump says the deadly
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paris attack will have a big
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tom: president trump today saying yesterday's deadly terror attack in paris likely to help far-right candidate marine le pen in sunday's first rounds of presidential elections.
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he says while's not endorsing le pen. he believes she is the strongest and borders and what's been going on in france. defense secretary jas mattis saying tre is no doubt syria still has chemical weapons. he was speak at a news conference in israel. mattis warned bashar al-assad's regime not to use them. >> they retained some. it's a violation of the united nations security council resolutions. they would be ill advised to try to use any again. we made that clear with our strike. tom: joining me now to discuss the various hot spots. former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. there is breaking news out after dissident group in iran saying the iranians are violating their
1:15 am
agreement by secretly working on a nuclear bomb, nuclear missile, something to that effect. have you herd about that? john: it's information that's never been revealed before about secret military sites where work that iran has been conducting long before the agreement on the limit application of the nuclear technology has now been made public. this is part of the problem with saying that iran is complying with the nuclear agreement because they manifestly are not. sohis is a big development. tom: take a deep breath, i'll keep talking while you clear your voice. let's talk about the european vote. because this election, most people usually don't pay all
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that much attention to what's going on with french presidential elections. but with this one you have all kinds of characters here. if marine le pen winds this round and wins the presidency, now we are talking about a frexit, getting out of the european union, breaking up the european union. they want strong borders. isn't that what vladimir putin would like to see, the european union broken up? john: i think in france as in britain before the brexit vote as in the united states before the november election, the polls are not capturing french sentiment exactly. there are right answers and wrong answers to give to pollsters. and the wrong answer in france is to say you are going to vote for marine le pen.
1:17 am
i think her support is understated. i think president trump is probably right this tragic attack on the champs-elysees yesterday will help her. there are four candidates who might make the runoff. it will be between the t t and it could be any one of the four. tom: marine le pen and her father going back to the 60s, they have always benefit but they never won. is it their time? john: i think it's possible. again the polls say that even if she gets into the second round which is the first sunday in may, that she can't get a majority. a candidate who has come out of nowhere in the past couple weeks. jean-luc melenchon is backed by the communist party. if he survives and gets into the second rounds. then the vast center of the
1:18 am
french voters have a choice. do they want a former communist or do they want marine le pen. tom: the fascinating if part for the audience is a lot of people are describing marine le pen as a nationalist as a donald trump and the far left guy is a bernie sanders character. and it will be a trump versus and materials in france. john: marine le pen is a strong believer in government regulation and interference in the economy. the tomorrow free market is francois fillon bogged down by first mall scandal. he's siphoni votes away from le pen. if his vote plummets, the bulk of that could go to marine le pen. she could go in as the leading candidate with possibly real momentum.
1:19 am
tom: both the left candidate and the right candidate seem to be very anti-immigrant, specifically calling out muslims and arabs. that's the language they are using. it's very brash. the left is saying all the working people, your jobs are being taken by these immigrants. the right is saying we need to make france france again. nobody seems to like the immigration issue. john: it produced tragic results in paris with terrorist attacks at bataclan theater against the various other sites in paris and most recently just yesterday. so the terrorist threat i think there is a bigger issue than it was in our november election. a least people are reluctant to say it to pollsters or say sit publicly. but that hidden vote could be
1:20 am
ththe depositive factor. tom: a lot of people say they are torn and don't know who to vote for. it seems like there is a lot of similaritieso last november. john: i think it's entirely possible. but under this strange french system, a near plurality won't be enough. i don't think anyone will come away with 50% plus 1. once we get down to 2, you will have a 50% chance of being right. tom: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. are you confident that congress can come together to avoid a government shutdown on april 28? what do you think? cast your vote on twitter
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@loudobbs. like him on facebook and follow him on instagram. both of those are "lou dobbs tonight." stocks closing lower. the dow down 31 points. the s & p down 7. for the week the dow and s & p less than 1%, the nasdaq up 2%. united airlines announced their ceo some car munoz will not be the chairman. this disclosure coming two weeks after police officers dragged that screaming passenger off the flight. a remindero listen to lou dobbs three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the federal government
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preparing for a possible shutdown next week. russian spy planes spotted off the coast of alaska. four times in four days. we'll tell you what they may be up to. that's coming up straight ahead. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements.
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. tom: the trump white house is asking federal agencies to prepare for a possible government shutdown next week, if, and it's a big if, budget
1:27 am
negotiations fail in congress. both president trump and his aides are confident that congress will ultimately work out a spending agreement, but they want to make sure that they're prepared for all contingencies. doug mckelway has our report. >> going to do health care and tax reform. >> see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. >> reporter: president trump's upbeat remarks this afternoon about a revamped health care plan, just a week before the federal government runs out of money, stands in stark contrast to growing fierce of another potential government shutdown. negotiations on a new spending bill are, quote, ongoing and progressing and a government shutdown is not on the table. budget director mick mulvaney is confident they'll get a deal, he threw a wrench into the works when he said decratic negotiators need to agree to fund some of president trump's top priorities, including a down payment on border wall and hiring of
1:28 am
additional immigration agents. senate majority leader check schumer's office said -- asked after mulvaney's remarks whether the wall funding is a budget deal breaker, counselor to the president kellyanne conway played it safe. >> i'm going to let omb director mick mulvaney and the president and others address that, but we're confident that the government will not be shut down next week. >> reporter: conway's circumspection may stem from the democrats making budget demands for risking a government shutdown. >> the democrats want obamacare payments into this funding bill. so republicans are not going to like that. so there is certainly some brinkmannship going on, and i think this is going to take some twists and turns, but at the end of the day, i think they'll get a deal done. >> reporter: indeed, late today mulvaney announced such an offer.
1:29 am
cost sharing reductions for a border wall. >> we finally boiled this negotiation down to something we want badly, that the democrats don't like. we'd offer $1 for csr payments for $1 of wall payments. that's the offer to the democrat colleagues. >> reporter: democrats don't like it. nancy pelosi called the architect of one government shutdown and accused him of engineering another, and senate minority leader chuck schumer called it a non-starter. tom? tom: doug mckelway in washington. thank you very much. we're coming right back. much more, stay with us. >> the search is on for the culprit who leaked top secret cia documents to wikileaks. former military intelligence officer lieutenant colonel tony shaffer says the cia should be looking at a narrow list of suspects. >> i believe by now, they have a reference category group of 15 people they're looking at. and this is done because i
1:30 am
think there's going to be a distinct electronic trail. tom: tony shaffer joins me next. and this skier taking us on is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? only at a sleep number store, find clearance prices on the cse bed, save $500.
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. tom: u.s. stealth fighter jets scrambled to intercept russian nuclear capable long range bombers that were near the alaska coast. russia now has flown bombers on
1:34 am
or spy planes on or near alaska coasts for four consecutive nights this week. pentagon officials believe the russians were simply testing u.s. air force's response to their bomber flights. and the trump administration now taking a more aggressive approach towards leaking. attorney general jeff sessions today responding to questions about prosecuting wikileaks and founder julian assange. >> department of justice does not comment on investigations. but i've said publicly and believe strongly we've had far too many leaks. we've had some very damaging leaks. it's our responsibility, a part of the responsibility to try to identify and prosecute any who violate our laws, and can you be sure we'll do that. it's going to be a top priority, and we'll fulfill our responsibility. tom: here to discuss the cia and fbi probe to determine how wikileaks got ahold of thousands of those top secret files allegedly by way of
1:35 am
insider at the cia. joining me lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, senior fellow with the london center for policy research. >> hey, good evening. tom: colonel, look, we just played a clip of you from an interview where you said it's about 15 people. if so, this isn't a matter of if it's a matter it's when they finally catch the guy or gal? >> only a matter of time for two different reasons, as you said. i think they're beating the bushes looking through stuff and there's going to be some level of betrayal either by the fact that some of the information contained in the leaks actually was what we call compartmented. it relates to highly secure programs which relate to capabilities. what we call techniques and technology. only a handful of people have that level of information. you naturally look that the group, and you start looking at patterns, you start looking at what the information was, who actually had access to it, and most importantly how someone
1:36 am
could have walked out with it, because that's, my money right now is on a direct insider who actually was disgruntled in some form and decided to walk out and leak it to wikileaks. tom: this brings, obviously, memories of ed snowden and the fact he was a contractor. >> right. tom: he wasn't supposed to be able to, but he did get that information. >> correct, and i think that's the key here. we saw with snowden, he calls himself a whistle-blower which i don't believe he is, i'm sorry. because he did have one point he did the bulk collection, the 219 issue was legitimately not being used properly but everything he leaked was legitimate foreign intelligence collection against foreign targets. now we have a situation where someone has done the same thing, and based on the conversations i've had with folks involved in the investigation and others advising the investigation, that is one of the groups you have to look at immediately is the contractors. the contractors are the ones
1:37 am
who actually have a lot of this because in my judgment they've outsourced far too many things that the cia is doing on this. let me be clear on this. i've run these types of operations and knock on wood, not a single one of the operations i ran have been compromised, we did not have contractors involved and limited access to the information. >> i was going to say, if you didn't before, you certainly would after snowden. >> one would think. tom: there would be a bunch of tightening up the noose on that one. if a cia insider got the material and gave it to wikileaks, does that mean that the russians weren't involved? >> you know, we don't know exactly who was involved. there is evidence there may have been a second guy behind snowden help directing his information on the insight. he got the best of the information, he didn't get everything, he got the best of what was in there. the question becomes what exactly was behind the information being leaked? and i never put it past the
1:38 am
russians to actually have encouraged someone to do. this remember, aldridge ames earned $2.7 million back in the 70s and 80s spying for the russians, you could have aldrich ames directed by the foreign intelligence service. they have to look very quickly at issue. tom: everybody is looking for the right answer. let's talk about the russian bomber. >> sure. tom: speculation is they want to light us up to see what we will do. why do we light up if we think that's what they're doing? why don't we just be quiet? >> it's a matter of protocol. we intercept any aircraft coming into certain parts of our airspace, especially if you identify them as bombers, that's the way it is. the point is well taken, there is reflective control. we did it effectively against the russians, you basically poke a known response, you basically poke it and poke it
1:39 am
and poke it until they become completely numb to it and don't think about it. this may be what the russians are doing, we did it to them, may be trying to do it to us. we don't pay attention when they know how to do something very provocative. tom: kind of the oldest military trick in the books isn't it? >> right, but it still works! some old tricks come back and actually work, you have to watch that. tom: let's make sure everything staying cool up there. >> that's right. tom: colonel tony shaffer, thank you, good to see you. >> thanks, good seeing you. >> you bet. be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- cast your vote on twitter. and roll the video, this skier creating his own trail through the forest in sweden. watch as he skillfully speeds down the trail, narrowly avoiding trees and other
1:40 am
obstacles with relative style and ease. there's no slowing down this skiing sensation, but boy is that dangerous. up next, president trump today promising a massive tax cut is on the way. >> we'll be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform, the process has begun long ago, but it will formally begin on wednesday. tom: we'll discuss what kind of real growth we can expect with steve forbes right after the break.
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tom: president trump taking aim at tax regulations imposed by former president obama. mr. trump today signing executive orders directing treasury officials to take another look at tax rules and oversight of two big to fail financial institutions. >> i'm also issuing two directives that instruct secretary mnuchin to review the damaging dodd-frank regulations that failed to hold wall street firms accountable. i mean, they've done really, in many cases, the opposite of what they were supposed to. these regulations enshrine too big to fail and encourage risky behavior. tom: joining me now to discuss
1:45 am
president trump's executive orders today, his upcoming tax reform plan, and much more is steve forbes, forbes media chairman and editor in chief. steve, let's start with the announcement about there's going to be massive tax cuts that he popped up with today. what's your reaction to him saying something like that in the middle of all this other legislative effort? . >> it's made my weekend. i almost enjoyed that more than the baseball game. massive tax cut. and i'm glad they're putting it back on the agenda. the big mistake the republicans made in the house and the congress was leading with health care instead of a good tax cut to get this economy really moving. confidence is high, people after a while are going to want to say okay, i'm confident, where is the deliverables. i want to feel this real prosperity. the quicker they get a big tax cut done, i hope they make it retroactive, the budget people say you shouldn't do, that go
1:46 am
do it, get a stimulus to the economy. immediate bigger paycheck, bigger paycheck and more investing in the future. it's win-win. tom: i can't give you the years off the top of my head, there were a handful of tax reform legislation that was retro, back to the -- maybe the date which they had conference committee or something along those lines. they would go back a few months, maybe not the whole year, it has been done where they are retroactive. we talked the last time you and i were together. you're not for the border adjustment tax at all. >> it's utterly counterproductive. the point of tax cuts is to cut taxes, not put a new tax on, it's hidden and 20% national sales tax and going to hit the very people who elected donald trump. typical car, up $2500. gasoline, up 30 cents a gallon. everything you buy at walmart, k-mart and other stores, going
1:47 am
up. you're going to slam the very people who elected you? not good for the economy and not good politics. tom: steve, you've always been for much bigger reform than what i -- i don't hear anything really, really big. he's talking about massive cuts. probably talking about the number of brackets, maybe the rates of the brackets, but as far as moving the pieces of the puzzle around, are you expect a lot? >> i think if they get a decent tax cut now, especially if they get rid of things like the alternative minimum tax which is a huge waste of effort. slash the corporate tax, cut those rates. increase deductibles for people. good. step in the right direction. what i tnknd hope wi happen after next year if we do things right and get control of the senate with 60 seats instead of 52, a massive tax reform. remember reagan had two big tax changes, 1981 and again in 1986. this doesn't preclude a bigger
1:48 am
one down the road. tom: 1986, i was doing taxes in those days, i used to refer to donald trump, because he was the real estate developer in new york who screamed like a banshee because of the fact he says give me back my higher tax rates but give me back my deductions. they took a lot of deductions away in the '86 tax reform act. i suspect they're going to do that again. >> ultimately, they will. by the way the 1986 tax act, cut the top tax rate from 50% to 28%, passed the senate 97-3. if you set the parameters, get the mandate from the people, a big, big, good tax reform can happen. maybe even a flat tax. tom: ever hopeful. i'm with you on that one, by the way, i'll be right there with you.
1:49 am
the executive orders reducing taking a look at dodd-frank, what's your reaction to that? >> absolutely needed. one of the things that's held back the economy, banks spend more money now on getting compliance and all the bureaucrats infest their buildings than making loans. that's one of the reasons, including things done by the fed, why small and new businesses have unreliable lines of credit, households do, we have very few small businesses opening the way we should who are the job creators. >> especially because dodd-frank hurt the small community banks more than the jpmorgans of the world. >> they don't have the departments to have 5,000 lawyers for this stuff. tom: government shutdown a possibility? >> congress shutting down a republican president government, not going to happen. tom: not going to happen. well said. steve forbes, always good to see you. shoot for the flat tax. >> yes. tom: up next, attorney general
1:50 am
jeff sessions says the trump administration has made great progress restoring law and order. >> president trump was elected promising that we're going to end this lawlessness and create a system we can be proud of, and i got to tell you, i knew a good, strong president with a good, strong secretary of homeland security like general kelly, we would make real progress, but i didn't expect it to be as great as it has been. tom: seems pretty happy. now there's a timeline for the highly anticipated border wall. we'll take that up with rachel campos duffy and lee carter. that's next. and a quick programming note, starting monday night, fox news channel lineup is changing. tune in at 8:00 for tucker carlson tonight, and watch "the five" it's at 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. and a lot of people on twitter wondering where lou dobbs is? he's spending some time with the fine folks at the heritage foundation.
1:51 am
he'll be back in the chair monday. stay with us. we're coming right back. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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1:55 am
john kelly had a stop in san diego expressing the need for a border wall. saying construction will begin by the end of this summer. >> we hope to begin construction by the end of the summer. is a said yesterday. we are not going to build a wall in and afternoon. >> i think congress will provide the necessary fund and there will be ways to fund this wall. it's the final stop. we are moving to a permanent system where we can be proud of in ending the lawlessness. tom: joining me now rachel campos-duffy and lee carter. let me start with you, rachel. the business about the wall. they are doing basically what they promised they would do in the campaign.
1:56 am
what's the problem? >> i couldn't hear you very well, could you repeat the question? tom: they are doing what president obama said he would do. what is everybody all upset about? >> democrats are upset about this, but not for the reasons you think. they are upset because if you want to win an hispanic vote, this is the way to do it. build the wall, bring down illegal border cross." kick out the felons and you have the makings of the immigration reform. all the things that need to happen before you can get a bipartisan immigration reform. donald trump its poised to bring about immigration reform. he won the reagan democrats in the last election. if he wins the hispanic vote he's up for another elect.
1:57 am
i can guarantee you that. tom: when it comes to the wall, this does seem to be a campaign promise. is he manage this whole process right? >> this is a campaign promise and i think even is expecting this to happen. the question most folks have is where is he going to get money to pay for it. the traditional trump supporters out there from the beginning saying this is what we want, this is what we need. i think people will be happy to see the action happening. the other thing people are look at are the expectations the administration is setting out. healthcare will get done by this time. there is a lot of expectations
1:58 am
set out there. the markets are waiting to see it happen. >> without even having built the wall we are seeing border crossing down by 70%. this is incredible news for everybody who wanted the border secured for terrorist reasons or labor, employment, and also for -- i think this is interesting, a way to win the hispanic vote. you can pass immigration reform if you secure the border. tom: a lot of people who are moderate on that issue. you have to stop the leak before you can begin to address what to do with the people who are here. i think the money is coming this way, and it's not going to be what people thought. it won't be a check from mexico. but we have a $500 billion trade deal with members deevery year. $ -- every year.
1:59 am
we are upside down $100 billion every year with mexico. i think he will get a trade deal done and say now we don't lose $100 billion to mexico. in fact they pay for the wall. >> i think that could very well happen. legislation waynes row diewlsd to confiscate the drug money and use that towards paying for the wall. that's another thing that could be used towards that. they want it built for all kinds of reasons. i'll tell you who doesn't want it built is democrats. they are afraid of what will happen after you secure the border. they will look like the people who never made good on their promises. >> i think people will be excited to get things done. we want the wall get built. tax-free form and healthcare. let's get it done.
2:00 am
tom: thank you very much. meantime, that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. louis coming back. he will be back here monday. among his guests. >> ♪ john brown's body lies a-moldering in the grave ♪ >> to some, he's an insane killer who sparked civil war. >> if the revolt at harpers ferry had not occurred, the south probably wouldn't have seceded from the union. >> ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ glory, glory... >> to others, he's a saint, a martyr, a prophet. >> john brown believed that god had brought him to this earth for the purpose of delivering nearly four million enslaved people into freedom. >> what he touches become relics. >> the local people were producing fake pieces of the rope, fake pieces of the scaffold. >> what about his strange inheritance?


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