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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  April 23, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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casualties insurers tend to be less volatile during the markets. >> i like mike's advice, buy what you like. david: that's it for forbes on fox. have a fantastic weekend. thanks for watching, keep is right here. the number one business block continues now with eric bolling and cashin' in. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin, sr. and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. eric: that's facebook ceo mark zuckerberg after a posting of a video showing a man murdering a 74-year-old man. >> do you think that social media companies like facebook, they should be doing more to prevent videos like this from coming up on their sites? >> they should definitely be doing more to prevent it.
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>> of course. >> no. >> no? >> no. >> why is that? >> it's freedom. >> i don't think that it should necessarily fall on facebook. >> they should be, you know, policing what goes on facebook because this is very frightening. >> they left it up for almost three hours, do you think that was too long. should they have taken it down. >> it was way too long. absolutely. >> i think it should have been quicker, but i do blame, you know, citizens who don't take more action. >> if it were a few minutes, that's one thing, but hours, unacceptable. eric: so, should social media companies do more? i'm eric bolling, welcome to cashin' in, lisa booth, and welcome everybody. lisa, what do you think about sites that show the violent crimes. facebook says it wasn't three hours. originally they thought it was three hours, it was up only around two hours, but again, two hours of the violent crime, what should they do and could they do?
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>> it's heartbreaking, he's leaving behind 10 children and 14 grandchildren. it's not facebook's fault. they have 85 million videos and photos uploaded per day, almost two billion users each month. there are multiple live streaming piece-- or tools, like facebook, whether it's instagram, youtube, meerkat, things like that people use. and a killer like the one in virginia who shot someone on live tv. so i don't think that you can blame facebook and the tools, or democrats looking to blame the gun. and i think it's disheartening and reflects something negative on society the fact that this video went viral in the first place. who in their right mind what want to watch someone, an innocent man get murdered. eric: you're right. >> it speaks to society. eric: that's the train wreck mentality, you don't want to watch it, but forced to for some reason, drawn like a magnet to it. rachel,two hours though.
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look, they have a lot, as lisa points out, hundreds of millions of videos that go up on these sites. is there a way when you see-- is there some sort of algorithm they should be developing where they see a spike in viewership like this, what's causing the spike and if it's illegal or violent or bad they can pull it down? >> yeah, i mean, maybe they need to update their technology, make these algorithms more effective to take it down more rapidly. maybe they need to hire more humans that can do things the algorithms can't. listen, lisa is absolutely right. this says a lot about us. plenty of people. almost two million watched it before it was take be down. the family of this grandfather, of this father, went online begging people to please stop sharing it, plenty of people shared it, and didn't report it. and there is no algorithm, there is no technology to instill common human decency and morality in people.
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this says a lot about us, about the coarsenning of our society and i've seen where they beat up an innocent kid at school and passed around and finding out two days later it's been passed around by a lot of children. the point is, we have a moral problem here and i don't know if you can regulate that. eric: rich, what are your thoughts on this? is there a way to regulate it or we're in a world-- the freedom people, first amendment people say there's no way to regulate it, if you do punish facebook for it, there will be facebook 2, 3 and 4 doing the same thing. >> i agree with lisa, i don't think you can regulate it, it's freedom of speech, it makes america great whether we like it or not. people don't want to look, but you sort of have to look. i think what we find over and over again, this is a disheartening story, but other stories where we've seen facebook live and other live tools go to shed lights on it, like the alton sterling case in wisconsin it was on facebook live as it was happening and
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brought attention to a larger problem that we have. once again, these tools are sort of instant journalism or people sort of being citizen journalists or people posting gruesome things has become part of our society and it's just what freedom looks like. eric: we'll bring it around, lisa, go ahead, go ahead rachel. >> i was going to say, but while we know these kind of videos inspire other killers to do the same thing. facebook does have a responsibility to not wait two hours to take it down. and we know that their whole business model benefits from more views. so they really have to find the balance for themselves as well. eric: lisa. >> sure, i think the broader point, the broader problem, a lot of these individuals who do this sort of great harm, they are seeking sort of that attention, but there's been multiple tools over the course of, you know, even the past decade, whether it's getting tv attention, whether as i mentioned earlier in virginia, shooting someone on live television when you have sick and twisted individuals,
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they're going to exploit whatever tools they can to try to propagate this type of hate and violence. one way to counter act that, the family of the victim is the family of the victim. they believe in god and forgive the killer, if they could, they would wrap their arms around him and forgive him. one way to counter act this sort of hatred, and this, you know, evil and horrible part of society is also highlighting the good and the fact that there's people out there that can have that sort of forgiveness in their heart, let me bring this around. the first amendment issue that was brought up. do i have a first amendment right-- the issue, there have been suicides put on facebook live. i'm hurting myself, do i have a first amendment right to put that on facebook? >> it's a hard balance to have. you could say that those people don't have first amendment rights and when you take their right away, you crouch on the citizen journalists covering atrocity in their communities
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and using facebook live or periscope to do that. when you infringe on first amendment, it starts to hurt other first amendment users, that's what's problematic about the balancing act, which is why the best thing to do is let it be and sort of-- >> even if it's as horrible as-- as a suicide? >> i'm not saying-- this is disgusting, but the moment you start to regulate it. >> you're not saying they should have left the murder up on facebook, i hope. >> no, no, not saying that at all. but when it's posted. the moment that facebook says we'll create an algorithm to go on videos like this, they'll catch up others in the net on the first amendment-- >> that's always the case and absolutely right. who determines what is violent and what is not? for example, facebook had a case where they allowed for a pro-choice group to put up a
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doctor, to put up a do it yourself, how to give yourself a chemical abortion and yet, they took down footage of an abortion of the aftermath of abortion because they said that was too graphic. who is making these decisions. eric: it's a slippery slope. the thing is-- >> it is. >> this is a world where it's all new, and uncharted territory and whatever we do here will set precedence. >> facebook said they'll take proactive steps for users to be able to report things more quickly and have that get the attention of whoever takes it down, but i think it says more about the user of facebook and the fact that people viewed this so much for it to go viral, more than it does about the tool itself. as i mentioned before, there are plenty of tools for horrible people to use and exploit. >> thanks, guys, a big thank you to kyle nolan on our protection team getting the great sound bites from the street. jihad in jail and terror attack
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in france could have been started in our prison. should we spend more in america to make sure it doesn't happen.
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>> new information on the latest terror attack in paris. the reports say the suspect was radicalized in prison and this isn't the first time we're hearing about extremism in jail. so, we'll start with you, rachel. should we be doing more and spending more to prevent this from happening here, specifically radicalization at home and in prisons? >> well, we should be paying attention to it. i'm not sure if it's going to cost us money to do it. look, 80% of all prison conversions in the united states are to islam. islam is 1% of the u.s. population, it's 18% of the prison population. so, here is the deal, if you're
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a radical, if you're a terror suspect, if you have any terror ties, you should absolutely be separated from the rest of the prison population. if you're coming into the prison to do religious work, if you're, you know, christians and muslims come in to do that, you better make sure as a prison system that you're not letting in anyone who has any kind of terror ties or even sympathies, into the prison population. this is a very vulnerable group. so i don't know if that costs us any money, eric, i think we can just do this by common sense, something that i think that donald trump has been trying to bring to the table. eric: richard, is there any way to limit this, limit radicalization going on in the prison system? >> i don't think you can stop anyone to radicalizing on the internet. two different things, i think to sort of, look, we've got to pars this a little bit. becoming a muslim is perfectly okay. our constitution protects that right. radicalizing on the internet and becoming a member of isis is problematic.
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how we fix this problem, we wrap our arms around our muslim brothers and sisters who have absolutely positively no ties to terrorism and demagoguery. we have to shut down the dark web and shut down people's ability to get information to radicalize and become radical islam over the internet and we have to do those at the same time. the more you talk about radical islam over and over again, the more you begin to sort of demagogue the entire muslim faith. >> oh, come on, richard. eric: when you say radical islam, you're not demagoguing the entire muslim race, you're specifically calling out the portion of the muslim population that is radicalized, that's willing to perform jihad against the west, richard. it's not a broad cloth, it's a specific point. but again, we've had so many islamophobic problems saying radical islam it does isolate the rest of the population.
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>> i don't want to interrupt here. i was in dearborn monday and tuesday working with some folks from a muslim-- arab-american advocacy group. and dearborn is one of the highest muslim populations in the country and they're saying they're seeing-- when you talk about radical islam people are socialing it with peaceful muslims and that's the problem. it's not-- there's not a problem with saying radical islam, the problem is how the public is intermenting that to all muslims are terrorists and that's just not true. >> and i think it's actually to the contrary because i think when you're saying radical islamic extremism, you're actually very clearly separating it off from the many muslims that are living in this country and around the world that are peaceful and don't want anything to do with this, you know, terrible behavior because they believe it's not-- because it's not reflective of their religion as a whole. when you use that term you're separating the horrible individuals into a completely different category than the
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religion as a whole. i think we need to be very honest at a time when secretary kelly said there are fbi investigations in all 50 states, in regard to isis and to terror-related activities. i think we need to be very honest about the discussions we have and you can very clearly point to places in europe barry there's muslim ghettos where there has not been assimilation taking place, where you have second, third, you know, fourth generation muslims who have not adhered to the country that they're living in and that's where you have a lot of these isis fighters that are stemming from so we need to be very-- have very honest conversations. eric: we need to point out there should be more integration by the community, law enforcement and the muslim community as well. every time i say this i get a call from care and i will say it again, rachel, if more peace-loving muslims, and there are billion and a half of them, if more of them would come forward and maybe tell us about planned jihads or cells they know about or people they think
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may be suspect, if more of that would go on, maybe then it wouldn't be such a broad cloth used by certain percentage of the population, certainly not this one, but certain percentages. rachel. >> you're absolutely right. ap also, if muslims would speak more openly and more frequently about the reform that's needed within their own religion. there are factions, small groups within the united states trying to get that message out. eric: i only have a minute. richard, should peace-loving muslims be more forth coming with information to help out the rest of the community. >> the best we can do that is end the demagoguery, embrace musli muslims like huma abedin. >> as a liberated woman i'm not going to embrace anyone who enforces sharia law and--
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in fact, during the buildup and the actual missile launch there was no u.s.s. carl vincent. >> take us to the people within the administration when the vessel was thousands of miles away from the location. >> and the president believed he might have spoken too quickly on this location of the vessel? >> the media obviously obsessed over the location of that u.s. warship, the u.s.s. vincent carrier group. are they missing the bigger picture. richard, explain why the media is so obsessed where the vincent is or was rather than it was on the way to protect us in the korean peninsula. >> the president shouldn't have lied about it, right? he should have said it's on its way and this wouldn't be a story. what we're seeing from the trump administration, they like to play around with half truths or partial truths. if they just told the truth it wouldn't be a story we'd be
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talking about north korea, the great work i think that the president's strategist are employing with north korea, but sadly we're talking about the fact he created a falsehood. if he stops saying falsehoods then-- >> general mattis, says, look, we don't make a policy of telling where our destroyers and aircraft carriers are at the moment. i kind of like that idea. >> i don't think they should. there were two lines of attack with the media on donald trump, or president trump, rather, during the election. one, he couldn't be trusted with the nuclear code and wouldn't rely on military advisors, what we've seen is quite the cop contrary to that, a decisive commander-in-chief with his military advisors and we've seen him send 59 tomahawk missiles into syria, and a bomb
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that's never been dropped before in afghanistan. eric: and the point to donald trump, president trump, and listening to them, and bringing the carrier to the peninsula. >> absolutely. this is a classic case of the press rushing to bash trump and missing the big story. this is the greatest nuclear threat of our generation, we think that over the last ten years north korea probably amassed as many as tens-- several dozens of bombs and donald trump, unlike previous presidents is engaging, and he's not passing it onto the next president. that's the story and they're missing it. this is why the american people don't trust the media because they have an agenda. if they were focused on the news, i just told you the headline, we're dealing with north korea, that's a huge story. eric: it's amazing, they will pick apart every little thing, including which direction the vincent is travel, north, south, east, west.
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>> tell him not to make up facts, if they don't make up facts then
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>> i want a to say thank to our cashin' in crew for joining us. wake up america, as most of you know i've been fortunate to occupy the seat on the popular "the five" show on fox news and being part of the show from the developmental stage to the move to their new prime time 9 p.m. eastern spot has been the most rewarding professional experience i've ever had. and i say had because he'll be staying live at 5 p.m. eastern as we're developing a brand new show for you, there are some amazing things planned and i am he absolutely positive you'll love the new show. in the next few days i'll offer more details, but look forward to the brand new show, a fresh show like none you've ever seen before. i promise you that.
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we launch may 1st on fox news, again at 5 p.m. eastern, very exciting. vick happy birthday to one of my producer, happy birthday amanda king, and the rest of us, let's have a great weekend, ♪ >> lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration stepping up the war on violent gang and drug cartel and attorney general jeff session dhs secretary set to visit the border tomorrow. sessions, in an interview ahead of the visit said viulent street gang ms 13 could be labelled a terrorist organization. >> i don't think it is any doubt that the open border and lawlessness we had is the factor in the rise of ms 13. this is o


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