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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  April 23, 2017 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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>> when the world is uncertain, 6.4%, it is up 20% and i own it. >> starbucks unicorn cappuccino turningeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo addict. dagen: i can't believe you got through that. neil now. neil: can you believe we are one week away from donald trump's 100th day in office is key conservatives are saying cut those taxes today. happy to have you. charles payne in my absence, that is what i am going to say. enough. some of donald trump's campaign advisers telling the white house to quit squabbling over how to pay for, it doesn't matter, boost the economy now and the federal reserve is out of the city this business, start
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cutting because they will pay themselves. we have kennedy here, adam leschinsky, to you on. conservative natives are getting restless. >> the white house talking about the mother of all tax reform packages but republicans have been around the well to listen. the domino effect of a lot of other things. remember the second coming of ronald reagan, supply-side economics, velocity of money. neil: the congressional budget office has been lousy at forecasting things. don't listen to them. charles: don't listen to the neutral cries. the stupid thing that will boost the economy. they are making an assumption these cuts will boost the
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economy by that much. neil: what do you think? >> i don't think it is true. >> revenue after reagan became president coming out of a recession, no doubt whatsoever they favor themselves. continue for a year and a half coming out quite rapidly. >> we had a recession where president reagan was in office in his early years and cut taxes, high interest rates. if you look at the data, working around the obstacles, the data is overwhelming. when you give people more money
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guess what they do? they spend it in congress or invest it. when they spend, it leads to higher economic growth. that happened under reagan and george w. bush. it did not happen -- and unprecedented bailout. >> that is a debate, can't be too big -- >> you have to cut taxes and spending with those novelty scissors without abandoned i agree with you, those are not tethered together. i don't believe in revenue neutrality. that is a false demigod. you have to cut back my fantastic --
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>> it certainly is. neil: libertarians are of that you, don't get so caught up >> don't get caught up in the mechanics of revenue neutrality. those things can be done separately, stop tying them together, cut taxes now. neil: you is a lot of liberal friends are concerned. please tell me why you have your worries. >> we shouldn't fall under this. liberals don't want the economy to do better. jump over me on, there is a sense of fairness to lowering taxes rich people pay so they can benefit but moving on, where i would love your political thoughts charles talks about
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revenue neutral, you used to be in the revenue neutral crowd, this is an important part of the republican party, many members of congress say you can't cut taxes. >> might be harder. >> most conservatives believe, benefit, give a tax break to the rich it benefits them, they spend the money and it benefits others and the empirical evidence shows that is the integral evidence shows that. neil: the rich man a fishing pole, teach them how to fish. >> it doesn't -- what it shows, an enormous surplus of capital in this country, we don't need more capital and if we do cut taxes and do not been doing --
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neil: you threw up the white flag. >> i did not. the deficit -- neil: on spending. and given up >> what about recent history. >> we add to the deficit. that is keynesianism, supply-side. >> donald trump the campaign said he would go after entitlements. been is right in that regard. neil: i am looking -- dagen: we don't have the stones. that the problem. they have to sprout them and tackle that nondiscretionary -- >> reality seeps in if you cut taxes. neil: that is a valid point.
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let me ask you this. if the federal reserve is added to meal us, it is going to wind down and this week at least three more rate hikes are coming. they are not stimulating this economy, the first quarter could see 1% growth. fiscal policy came into town. andrea: revenues went up under ronald reagan. if you want to argue cause and effect, we know they did go up. kennedy makes the point about cutting spending, the stones won't appear for a long time if so. for the sake of america let's unleash all the surplus capital ben is talking about with lower taxes. >> why isn't it released now?
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charles: if you look at corporate earnings i think amazing, business going back to business as usual, growing their business, people want to do things. >> i don't doubt it. charles: the key to what they -- they will put it out there. or efficiency -- >> people working for less. the reality -- people working -- be more productive and produce more. the reality is you are condemning america to 1.5% growth. you are calling for the same old same old. >> greatest respect we had higher taxes in the 50s and 40s during the war, way higher taxes. >> we destroyed half the world we could send to anybody. why do you want the american
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people, average americans in the economy with 1.5% growth -- >> i don't. i think you are making a mistake with all due respect. we had high taxes and i growth. i don't see any reason. >> the obama administration. the bush administration. you saw it is problematic to have high spending and tax cuts with the obama administration with high spending. >> the rich should pay more. going back -- >> to charles after increase the deficit and do anything for economic growth. neil: should we revoke ben stein's citizenship? >> he should be sent back.
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>> i don't want to pay the deficit to my granddaughter. dagen: you can keep her. >> there we go, that is what it is. it is all about canada. if you like your kids or grandkids, if you don't we have already debate. when we come back united airlines executives about to be dragged in front of congress, they did it the same way this guy did. >> today the white house says reviewing iran's nuclear deal after taking a tough stance with north korea and syria. will getting tough now make the security and economy safer in the long run? donald trump citing by america and hire america executive order and hire america executive order he says people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10x softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply.
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the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. back to cavuto on business.
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neil: they tore this guy out of his seat and united airlines officials torn apart in front of congress, on both sides, calling to ban overbooking. kennedy says that will be a drag on everyone. >> absolutely. why does congress have to solve every problem when a video goes viral? not as if it exposed the chasm in the airline industry. anyone who has florida booked flights frequently, you know these are giant cattle pens but if they don't overbook these flights, only book 80%, 50%, how much revenue are they losing and they will pass the savings on to you, airline tickets will be twice as much money as people won't be able to fly and imagine what they will charge for checked baggage. neil: what do you think? >> i agree with kennedy was
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combination of the free market and viral videos are going to solve this problem pretty well. united could have saved itself money by offering people more money to get off the plane. charles: didn't they that? >> i don't remember the number. >> $800 and no one on the plane could take the offer and delta said we offer $10,000, and fly on their airline. offering more money. charles: they didn't have food or anything. >> there are two issues, overbooking, not necessarily evil for the airline history. neil: if taxes weren't so high. >> of taxes were low, a better job, could fly -- he is a
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doctor, a doctor. my brother is a doctor and they don't do half as well as they used to. because of obama and obamacare, the other point is okay, overbooking is bad dragging a guy out by his feet, the most insane thing in the world. they look at this video. >> it is outrageous. and an airline business, all surging in the airlines. totally independent of this, and -- >> normally you don't direct people on the plane.
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normally they are okay. what would you do. >> it is belligerent because there is no competition. and got to charge us money if we change our reservation for these airlines. changing reservations, those are free. the government if they do get involved. they make it easier for competition. opening couple spots. and see the free market work. >> congress will double on all of this. terribly -- get rid of this guy. >> he could be but he should be because of social media and the lawsuit will come from the kentucky doctor and that will
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happen and those premarket whippings are punishment enough in themselves. >> they were not red dog, why was he? >> of the customers so insistent on day on the flight then just back off there is no reason this law-enforcement agency which was not the chicago pd should have allowed this to go to the point where he is bleeding from his face and the fact that we are still talking about it is a huge loss for united. they have done an awful job getting in front of the story. >> i wonder if the guy started the fight. charles: he doesn't look like a fighter to me. >> we don't know a great point. >> condemned -- >> a lot of report that he was resisting arrest why didn't he go quietly and say i will deal
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neil: the most polluted cities in the county, california sweepings we had of the top ten spots come all the the golden state has been pouring into
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climate change, another $3.3 million this year alone on protecting the environment. charles says it is a waste and taxpayers should be aware of that. charles: it is a scam. i can save money. >> start talking about $3 billion, next time you get together bring me in and i will show you the keys, clean air, clean water and i will give you a discount but everything else has been a scam. neil: more good money after that, not blaming you but i am blaming you. >> imagine what the problem would have been like in this populous state if we haven't spent the money, it would be even worse. >> an interesting friend. >> how can it be less pollution if you have less regulation, i
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don't agree with the idea of man-made climate change, if they have more pollution, less pollution doesn't make much sense. neil: i didn't understand that. >> has their ever been a laboratory of democracy that has proven more bureaucracy creates more problems, it is the state of california and we are talking about climate cronyism of incredible proportions, there is no comparison how estate must sacrifice its own economy for such a low yield was having lived there the better part of 25 years it is a lot cleaner now than it was in 1991 in california and see the mountains. you don't need to spend more money on it. >> had they not spent that money -- >> a whole crony capitalism
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aspect that needs to be examined but i will say this, last year, the first time in many years, i will tell you something in the hudson river. >> you get a hot dog? >> got a soft ice cream, the hudson river, environmental laws, is a beautiful clean river now. >> stop spending money. neil: make all the boats. a new survey two or three americans whoa, this thing is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality.
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