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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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lou: if they will deliver the legislation on healthcare, avert a shutdown, that crow will be absolutely delicious. rachel, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: it looks like republicans have finally reached an agreement on healthcare. but how will their proposal affect you. free speech is snuffed out at u.c. berkeley. why does the left hate freedom. another passenger yanked off a flight, this time it's delta. moody moderates are ready to tank the latest version of healthcare. it's a government are hundred
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socialized healthcare plan that supposedly lets states waive out of certain conditions. who knows what state might exercise this mysterious waiver, but tom macarthur made a deal with the devilish freedom caucus that gets the conservatives on board. all sides campaigned on repealing obamacare because the law is cruel, complex and antithetical to freedom. but something happens to politicos on the road to boldness and they are incapable of making big, necessary moves. if these were principled public servants they would have streamlined a free market solution. but republicans who used to be the limited government party, they got cold neat when it came
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to limiting medicaid expansion. now they are splitting hairs on which shade of socialism to dye the new bill. house speaker paul ryan's phoney transparent $i forced his party to keep most of a bad thing. if it passes the house in type for the president's 100-day mark, it will only go to an annoyed senate that will reyouthnize the act for sports. no one wants to own this healthcare bill. and that means no one's life, health or insurance will meaning any benefit from a new version of watered down commie talk. i'm kennedy.
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what on earth happened to repeal and replace. davidavid shah schweiker joins . i spoke with one of our counterpart, tom mcclintock. he said he had problems with it, but he was ready to support that first draft. why are you in fave something that's so the eerily similar to obamacare? >> as soon as we as a society said hey, guaranteed issue. people with preexisting conditions have guaranteed issue. you already created the box. we already created a limitation. we are a country that has guaranteed issue. we have it for medicaid and
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medicare and tribal mc. now they have guaranteed issue so now it's all about how do you pay for it. kennedy: you just accept the status quo unprincipled without questioning why we might have something guaranteed like that in the first place? >> here is your problem. if you already decided somebody who walks into the emergency room is going to get healthcare, the kois already in the society unless we as a country are willing to say, you show up with cancer, you are not getting services, you show up with a bullet wound you are not getting services. the cost was already being paid for. it was being hidden in other people's insurance. and other types of taxes. kennedy: i agree with you
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completely that the system is so deeply flawed. and i agree costs have been offset into various program and taxes and hidden and they have been coded within the medical system. and that's egregious. so you can actually use some sunlight to who how ineffective that system is and then you as a lawmaker have the power to change that system. but instead the argument you are giving me is this is already happening. so we'll let it happen. that's like seeing an alcoholic at the bar and giving him your car keys assuming at some point he's going to drive anyway. >> absolutely backwards. the costs are already in the system. there are only three things that drive down the actual cost of healthcare. one is transparency, knowing what things really cost. competition and technology.
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and i believe we are weaving those things and trying to create that sunlight and competition into this legislation. kennedy: obamacare is a lead blanket. no sunlight is going to get through that. this version of the ahca, you only removed about a millimeter of lead. it's still self inches thick. there is no transparency. this is still a government-run system. you shifted the subsidies so people are no longer paying the government, they are now paying insurance companies. that's another form of konyism. competition has been stifled. there is no real solution for competition and it won't be technology and innovation which is so necessary. >> you are absutely wrong i lieve. back to the first part of the conversation. do you at least agree the cost box is the cost box whether it's
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being paid for by insurance or losses that hospitals and doctors not getting compensated. do you agree that people were getting healthcare. kennedy: yes, when systems are compromised. i agree there was fraud within the system. i do not accept the mechanism that delivers fraud. >> the next phase we have to even gang in is the transparent -- -- engage in is transparency. kennedy: i share your optimism. i agree that that is how we'll move the economy forward as we get the government out of healthcare. that can flourish and hope any the next step lawmakers take will be with our best interest and the economy's best interests. thank you for taking the time we appreciate it. kennedy: the new tax plan by one
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account could add $7 trillion to the deficit. the government need money to operate. if you slash income, presto, you have a recipe for deficit spending. we would need economic growth of 4.5% to fill the gap. that's pretty much double what it's at now. what are the budget hawks to do. let's talk about it with kat timpf joined by pete hegseth, and fox news anchor julie banderas who is the secret to my thanksgiving weight loss and i'll always love her for it. julie: you kept it off, too,
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which i'm proud. kennedy: let's talk about this. the thing that concerns me here, i don't like the idea of revenue neutrality. it's a disingenuous term. but if you are spending a lot of money and cutting income, if you are getting massive tax cuts which i love, it's a recipe for disaster. julie: nobody would say i wish i had paid more in taxes. if i was a billionaire i would say sure take more my salary. but the bottom line is in the past tax cuts under reagan and president trump, that was 981, 2001. a much different economy. in order to say to the american people we'll boost our economy to 4.5%. a lot of people had trust he was
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such a successful businessman that he if anybody can do that. but that's where the tax returns come into play. we know about that one year where he did pay enormous taxes. but still comparatively speak for the amount of money he made that year we don't know over the course of the last 20 years he paid. kennedy: there are some philosophical issues here. but one of the biggest is we have a massive, massive debt that doubled under president trump. and taxes actuly went up, and it didn't spur gdp growth. and that's what we have to see. i'm one of those people who thinks you have to cut taxes genuinely across the board in order to see some nice juicy growth. but we can't rely on growth to
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get rid of those deficits. pete: you have to have those cuts to open up the opportunity for the 3% to 4% growth we'll need. washington doesn't have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem. it has been spending too much forever. this administration is probably not going to take that on. but i would like to have tax cuts and open up the willingness for businesses to flourish. if we can't get this done, what can republicans get done. you have got to fight cbo scoring. suddenly the "new york times." kennedy: the change over time the economy would see. but as limited government people, kat, it's disconcerting, you say you want the economy to grow, when are they ever going to tackle spending?
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kat they won't. th they want defense meaning preemptive offense. but this also only temporary. so people and especially corporations might not have as much confidence to spend more. kennedy: that's what the tax overhaul that we need. tax cuts that will last longer than 40 years or a decade. you can't sunset growth. the left one a big victory against free speech. that means all sides lose. ann coulter was supposed to give a speech at u.c. berkeley tonight. but she has been forced to cancel after groups supporting her pulled out of the events citing safety reasons. ann coulter said it's a sads day
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for free speech. berkeley exploded in violence february when another conservative speaker made his way to campus. his name was my low yanukovych and he never got a chance to speak either. you see berkeley * they said we did not disinvite her. we merely asked her to change the date. they are going to be there one way or the other. inviting her then saying they didn't disinvite her but they want to change the date seems like a copout. and the aclu is defending ann coulter. if the aclu is defending ann coulter. kennedy: you can't spell ann
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coulter without aclu. pete: tell your police force to even 40s laws on the books. kennedy: fascists win if they know throwing bricks fan setting fires and punching people within pushing people, it's appeasing fascists. pete: they are winning, they push her aside. demand these police forces, it doesn't matter if you love speak or don't like the speech. the skies chickening out. they say go move to another date when no one is here. kennedy: i had a piece today on opinion talking about the nyu professor who was sayingth are speeches especially fit hurts a group of people.
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kat: i don't understand if kids are freak out living in a building where people in another building are saying stuff they don't like. they should be very grateful. that's the biggest problem they have to deal with. kennedy: elizabeth warren was right. if you don't like the speaker, don't go to the speech. the party panel is returning later. president trump is a big critic of nafta. he now wants to renegotiate with our neighbor to the north and south. brian brenberg here to explain next. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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kennedy: president trump may want to build the wall, but he seems key to tearing down nafta. >> we are going to stop the tpp, totally renegotiate nafta, one of the worst trade deals ever made by man kind. kennedy: it appears the president is going to follow through on that pledge, taking
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to twitter, tweeting, i received a call from the president of mexico and the prime minister of canada asking to regore yaipt nafta rather than terminate. i he greed. subject to the fact, if we do not reap a fair deal f all, then i will terminate. deal very possible. i turn to associate professor economics at the quick's college. brian brenberg. we were going to tear up nafta. now the president has agreed to regorate entire thing because it's somehow going to protect american jobs. what is the truth here? brian: i don't know what they are going to negotiate. it seems like wee have to get this in the first 100 days. in terms of what they are going to renegotiate i don't know.
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i hope what he doesn't do is continue to make it promise that renegotiating nafta is going to create a new renaissance in manufacturing jobs in the united states. we are asking too much. it cannot .that. jobs from 50 years ago, 40 years ago aren't coming back. nafta can't do that. kennedy: can we use free trade to bring back tore create a new series of jobs? brian: flips room to improve -- there is room toll improve nafta -- to improve nafta. mexico makes a stink about products coming into the country. if we are looking at nafta reform the same way we are looking pat thank -- looking atm or healthcare reform. aught makes has transformed
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manufacturing. even if you scrap nafta it won't bring the jobs back. u.s. cpanies have to compete internationally. kennedy: american companies have to compete with foreign countries for customers. brian: growth in the world is happening overseas in terms of consume per base where you are going to sell your products. it's not just u.s. come any competing to sell those products. if our companies can't compete on costs with those companies they aren't going to grow. technological innovation helps us to do that. we are talking so as much about trade, we should be talking about labor rules that make it difficult to start and grow a business.
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we should be talking about the educational system to make sure our workers are able to come pete. kennedy: adaptization takes. you don't -- adaptation. you should want americans to compete. and you want us to have an administration and law make terse authorize forward looking. brian: people want to have a livelihood. they want to work and earn a wage. somebody has come along and said nafta is the reason you can't do that anymore. i understand that inclination. but we have to look at the data and reality and say what's driving job loss? what's driving opportunities? and the answer is, it's not these trade agreements it's other forces. if we can be clear eyed about the problem, then we can be clear about the solution. all that does is regress living standards.
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you don't have to look far for that. you look at venezuela, you see the government step in and say we are going to protect things. kennedy: that's a good point and i'm going to talk about venezuela in a little bit. on some level protectionism. brian brenberg, thank you very much. some think socialism is a good idea. but take a look at venezuela where all hell is breaking lewis. is there anything the u.s. can do to stop the chaos? so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy.
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kennedy: if you need any more proof that socialism doesn't work, look at what's happening in venezuela. protest groups battle each other and police on a daily basis. sceers of people have died, food is scarce. and the government has decided to quit the organization of american states which will increase the suffering of the people there. with the prospect of a famed state 1,200 miles away, what is the united states to do. buck sexton. here you go bernie sanders fans. i know people are saying that a
8:29 pm
lot. but this is what happens when the government starts with price controls. where does it end? >> this is important because it shows you have the textbook case of everything people opposed to a statist command control economy, everything they say will happen is napping venezuela. this has been going on for a period of years. this is coming forward with protests and the violence level wasp through the roof. inflation was 800%. kennedy: 2,000% last year. buck: this is full-blown crisis time. there is no way maduro can
8:30 pm
mollify people. it all started with such good intentions. with the social justice rhetoric people in this country are oftentimes very fond of, about how we need to make things cheaper so the poor can afford them. kennedy: maduro didn't create this. he inherited it and made it worst because of sean penn's best friends. buck: he doubled down on chavez's economy. it wasn't the glories of the revolution. the problem was in fact that the yankees, the north americans were causing problems with their imperialist meddling and the business owner class in venezuela were being leaches on the economy.
8:31 pm
i will say, i do not want to allow many people in this country, and they are on the left, this is not and bipartisan shame on both houses who were writing in support of chavez and maduro. they were complicit. they were saying this would not happen. that people who were saying it would were lying. you can go online and look for these articles. kennedy: take responsibility for what your philosophy gets you. don't put it off and say it's because of a campaign contriti from an oil company. all after sudden venezuela is magically bad. it's completely dishonest. so take responsibility of what happens when the state runs everything. when the state controls everything. when they fear they are losing power they try to control more and more and more.
8:32 pm
that's what's happening in venezuela. buck: did you see the msnbc banner? in a year where there is a lot of stuff you can points at. this is very simple and it's become complex in terms of how to fix it. this was inevitable. there are some ironclad laws of economics that people of the bernie sanders crowd in this country refuse to accept and believe. just because of you say something is the price, it's not the price. we can pretend all day and say it will even out in the end. but turning a blinds eye to the corruption of chavez and maduro. there are motorcycle gangs rolling around beating up protesters and people in this country are all about occupy wall street. they are working things out their way. kennedy: that's not working things out, and that's not social justice.
8:33 pm
and you are right, the solution is so much more difficult when the patterns have been committed over and over again. when you try to oversimplify socialism and make it rosy and wonderful, it's not. coming up. delta airlines decided to join united treating people badly. kicking a passenger off a flight and delaying everybody else. and the reason completely stinks. the party panel is next. what is the average delay of a flight in the u.s. in the answer after the break. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you
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kennedy: i asked what is the average lengths of a flight delay in the u.s. it's a whoppin58 minutes. speak of delays. delta the latest entry into the bad p.r. sweepstakes. we have all been there.
8:38 pm
according to witnesses the plane had been waiting on the tarmac for 30 minutes and was third in line for takeoff when a man informed the crew he needed to tinkle. a crew member ordered him to sit down, but he refused. the pilot took the plane back to the gate, reportedly forced all the passengers off the plane. so i have to ask, have airlines lost their minds? the party panel is back. kat timpf, pete hegseth, and julie banderas. kat: air leans are like tiny police states. if they disobey the crews they could be considered a security threat. if some guy uses the bathroom. what are you supposed to do?
8:39 pm
kennedy: they said ma'am, you have to sit down. i said i'm going to sit down on the toilet, and i accept all responsibility for injury should any occur. kat: i don't think that's the thing. kennedy: today we heard united airlines reached an amicable settlement with the man who was bloodied. >> i fly dealta every week. they went out to the tarmac first. we are told they are third in line, then they waited for 30 minutes. he said i just dwt to go, guys. in other examples pilots have said we'll wait. it's actually not that hard. kennedy: it's nu merks ro uno.
8:40 pm
>> he had to wait an extra 30 minutes before they took off. when you get on a plane you are not supposed to move. here is the thing. did he press button beforehand. did he tell the stewardess, i have got to go to the bathroom. but if you stand up when you know you are not suppose to and walk you are breaking the rules. pete: i have gone the up when i'm not suppose to because i have got to go. kennedy: julie, pete and kat. thank you. bundle you all together and sell you in sort of security backed insurance mort gaining.
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coming up. this weekend marks 25 years since the los angeles riots. a that gerks o documentary uses raw footage.
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>> we have no police support whatsoever. >> i will use whatever force is necessary to restore order. kennedy: that's a clip from the brand-new documentary "la 92." it's the civil unrest that walked los angeles in the wake of the rodney king beating video it relies solely on raw and never-before seen video shot by people who experienced the mayhem firsthand. it airs sunday, april 30. i asked the oscar winning directors what they found in the raw footage that surprised them? >> i think the most surprising
8:46 pm
thing is maybe also potentially not surprising, that the specificity of the cycles of the same type of behavior you can find in 65 watts. 92 l.a. and the things happening now. it's why we wanted to take a unique approach to only using raw footage and archival material to remind audiences that people in community went through this, not filtered through a lens of an academic deconstructing the scenario. kennedy: with your own narrative. it's a lot more work for you guys. but the thing you must have found is that you touched on the similarities between some of the riots that have happened recently weren't last 18 months in this country, and certainly what happened in los angeles in 1992.
8:47 pm
you described it as a merry-go-round as opposed to internalizing the lessons from history. the fact that these things continued to happen. >> that was something i said to t.j. while we were in the middle of making it. it was more watching 9tv news anchors and elected officials saying the exact same things i was hearing on the nightly news while we were editing the filming. kennedy: did we learn anything from the l.a. riots? >> i think -- the thing with america, we make flog some ways, but then we tend to take a step back in other ways. and that happened simultaneously, and it creates a cognitive distance about what our country is. that's something we were interested in exploring within this film. it's specific to los angeles in 1992.
8:48 pm
but it's also specific to our country. kennedy: you could feel the tensions boiling and the way it explode, it almost gave people an opportunity to talk about things in an honest way that they weren't able to before. it seems like we have gotten away from that a little bit. >> that's the primary intention with the film is to create a piece of work that inspires a greater dialogue and hopefully gives people some tools to even gang in terms of empathy. kennedy: people think, it takes you into the moments. not everyone was rioting. there were people losing their businesses and homes screaming. the shot we showed with a police officer crying. saying this is a city people love and they are seeing it being destroyed. the number of actions you guys show is so poignant.
8:49 pm
>> the fill is structured in a way of where we wanted to look at different points of view. you yourself are challenged. it's challenges within two or three minutes because you get a different perspective within the film. not coming from someone sitting down and telling you, rather immersing you into the film. one of the big takeaways, if we collectively don't take the opportunity to talk about -- have an informed dialogue. the ripple effect is we all suffer. and that's kinds of exemplified what happened in l.a. >> there is no more honest view of something of one that is truly unmediates. thank you for going through that footage and creating a documentary that's thought provoking. thank you so much. you can check out "la 92" this
8:50 pm
sunday. a 7-year-old inventor has found the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of all time. the "topical storm" is next. microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin.
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established in 1992 so little boys and girls can see why daddy comes home smelling like hurricane and has glitter on his face. have you ever wondered who would win between a race with the scooby doo machine and the knight rider? check out this amazing hot wheels track. a 37-year-old inventor pits the iconic cars that has them driving through swimming pools. over 2 million people have watched the video. but scientists have a word for 37-year-old men who play with hot wheels.
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they are called virgins. topic number two. another day, another participation trophy for chelsea clinton. less than a week after ask variety" gave her an award. chelsea found herself back at the podium giving another acceptance speech. there she is. city harvest honored chelsea for her work to fight hunger in new york city. she gives hobos luna bars. chelsea won it fair and square because she spent one entire day packing grapefruits with other members of her family foundation. and by one day she posted three instagram photos of herself packing boxes.
8:56 pm
then she stormed out of the warehouse because another person made eye contact with her. a lot of people are mocking chelsea saying packing a bunch of grapefruit doesn't help a lot. but she also donated food for hillary's victory party. go steam! topic number 3. if you are ordering lunch at a food truck at sydney, australia this week, don't be surprised to see jeff gold blum making you're sandwich. he's researching a role about a man in his 50s who ends up running a food truck. gentlemen, start your twitter!
8:57 pm
>> i'm doing research. doing a little research. that's the last thing on earth you want to hear from somebody make your sandwich right up there with you got a tissue? and do you know chicken is suppose to be pink in the middle? regard lefs how this prong goes, he will be happy to know giving away food for three hours, he's qualified to win an award from city harvest. topic number four. chipotle announced that starting in may they will be serving deep fried tortillas tossed with
8:58 pm
cinnamon and sugar and topped with honey. according to a spokesman, they also came up with a caramel apple dipping sauce and a free mirror. there we are. topic number five. they smell like salsa. the government may be preparing for a shutdown. but the internet is up and running and the filibusters are aimed at my mail bag. it's time for viewer mail. i'm already exhausted. mary begins with i like her less and less. she is not funny and certainly not even witty. >> george writes your show is a
8:59 pm
deplorable exercise in jiewr nile . -- in juvenile. kim says you are annoying but you are cute. last night i wore this dress. and everybody loved it. except for a few thousand people. like kenneth who said get rid of tonight's dress. burn it. gift to your church bizarre. but loose that rag. richard thinks whoever stole that drape for kennedy should be shot. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email
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next week, we have got third grade news featuring 9-year-olds who are smarter than congress. >> a notorious criminal. >> jesse james was never anything but an outlaw. >> an outlaw with a cult-like following. >> today, we'd call him a terrorist. >> that's a northern term. >> caught on a haunting image... >> this is a controversial photo. >> to his killer? >> it's either jesse james and bob ford or it isn't. >> it's her strange inheritance, and it could bring in a bounty. >> people questioned it. they wanted to see proof. >> we've heard everything from $50,000 to a half-million dollars. $15,000. now $20,000. $20,000. thinking about $20,000. ♪


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