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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> one person arrested after a flight broke out on a southwest flight. >> no word on what started the scuffle, but a statement saying that the employees are trained to deescalate conflict. >> i'm not sure about that. here's risk and reward. >> it is nixonian in this since. >> the president of the united states just as occurred as 1973 precipitating nixon and a similar firing of a special prosecutor. >> the guy was stunned, and i think we're living through the stress test of this 230-year-old democracy. >> what we have now is a looming crisis that is deadly serious. >> are people going to suspect cover-up? absolutely. liz: the washington, dc scandal factory now cranking up. democrats now going full throttle, criticizing the
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president's firing of fbi director james comey, putting big trump initiatives like tax and health reform and infrastructure bill, jobs, economic growth, all now on hold as washington and the nation is now gripped. and what the media is calling a constitutional crisis. tonight, we dig beneath the headline to give you the real story. plus, we've got the names of who could replace james comey, and we're going to talk to you about the media bias as well. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. democrats changing their opinions on james comey faster than a weather vein in a hurricane. calling it quote the tuesday night massacre, giving it nixonian overtones. but they were for comey before they were against him. listen. >> we're all disturbed, first of all, by the letter, which really broke precedent, was over the advice of the leaders in the justice department.
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you know, i'm not challenging mr. comey's motivation, but i think it was unwandered. it was a mistake. >> got a big burden of proof, so to speak, on what seems to be such an appalling act that goes against the tradition of prosecutors at every level of government. it was -- when i heard about it, i found it hard to believe that comey, who i thought had some degree of integrity would do this. >> i think he made a mistake on this, and he clearly has a double standard. and this job, if you're not in it for a while, you can't take the heat. and i think he just couldn't take the heat from a republican. >> i am so disappointed in comey. he has let the country down for partisan purposes, and that's why calling it. . >> do you believe that comey should resign, senator reid? >> of course. yes. liz: tonight we have weighing in former fbi assistant director and what he is now
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hearing from his fbi colleagues. we have retired colonel on why comey was fired and the big debate now about the timing of it. we also have judge napolitano on the legality of it all. but first, our parent company 21st century fox out with earnings after the bell, revenues are rising. also parent company of the social media company snapchat now called snap with its first ever quarterly report, they reported a more than $2 billion loss, the shares are tanking down 20%. let's get to fox business lori rothman now on the floor of the big board. lori, what are you hearing? >> hi, there, liz, well, we were just listening to the conference call of 21st century fox. but first, let me give you background and tell you what the quarter looked like for our parent company 21st century fox. you mentioned rising revenue. yes, 4.6% gain in revenue to $7.56 billion. the problem there, it was weaker than the 56.3 billion
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analysts were looking for. what happened was it saw a decline in the film revenue. 3% decline in films because there was no comparable to the huge box office success of "deadpool." earnings were better than expected. fifty-four cents versus 48 cents per share in terms of expectation. the broadcasting unit was also mixed. we had the super bowl; right? on fox tv station. $500million in ad revenue. that somewhat offset weaker local advertising sales, some of the local tv stations. so on the conference call we were just listening to executive chairman murdock said frustrating for us all, in terms of the sky deal, they actually gave a time frame, which was unexpected, actually. the sky deal will close by the end of 2017 and really, again, in terms of the after share performance down about 1.8% in terms of fox. and snap down 25%, huge miss
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reporting $2 billion plus ss. $2billion loss for snap in its first quarter reporting. huge competition in the likes of the course of facebook and twitter and obviously the big problem with snap. back to you. liz: hey, it's good to see you, lori. back to james comey firing, democrats criticizing the move a former u.s. attorney now saying that the former fbi director was quote acting out of control. >> he was the fbi director, and he acted like he was the attorney general, even the president of the united states. he violated every known rule of the department of justice about how an investigator is supposed to conduct themself. and for that, the powers of the attorney general on july 5th, 2016 and from there on in, he was no longer able to lead the fbi. and his testimony last week before the senate was viewed by many as is to bizarre, so self indid you go to, so self righteous that many people believe he had really lost it and could no longer effectively function as the
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leader of the fbi, and they were absolutely correct. >> he interjected himself because he wanted to be a hero. he wanted this to be james comey. he wanted to save hillary clinton's candidacy, and . he did it for political reasons. liz: tony says comey acted beyond his authority. how so? >> several times. look, if you were being investigated, how would you feel to have every allegation read out as being validated? that's just not done. secondly, and i think more importantly, when you get into some of the legal issues going on behind the scenes, the masking and unmasking of people like mike flynn and as i said in other interviews, i don't think sallyiates this week talk about some of the things going on behind the scenes regarding unmasking sat well with people. that was done under jim comey, and jim comey was forced to admit that they would unmask
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individuals as part of trump's caaign. liz: you're right. the issue with comey, he's supposed to be the nation's top investigator, instead he acted like judge and jury prosecutor, confirm and deny. he held press conferences like they were closing arguments. but even senator dianne feinstein questioned comey. what do you think? >> well, look, i think -- the sanctity went both ways but i think the prosecution made it very difficult to ever do. he talked about the ag lynch not being credible after the meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac and the two airplanes. completely true. but his job has not been to come out and say, well, we completed the investigation. nothing to see here. so that is a huge, and i believe critical failure on his part from there on, everything i think is a matter of time. and, again, let's be clear on this. the democrats were out for his
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hide long before yesterday. liz: right. let's get to that because the president is now saying democrats have been complaining for months and months about director comey, now that he's fired. hypocrites. what do you think there? >> john podesta earlier in the day tweeted out about how he felt comey hillary clinton lose the election and now he's their best friend. come on. that's how stupid this is. and i think we have to look at some of the other unforced rors by james comey over the past few days. liz: here's the thing. comey was fired after reports indicating he wanted more resources. that's being denied. there are ten investigations out of there, three now being run by the fbi. also reports that president trump is angry over what comey said last week in the russia probe. what do you think? >> i think i'm -- you know, katherine reported yesterday that one of the -- the straws that broke the camel's back was a meeting where president
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trump asked directly for information relating to who exactly was engaged in the unmasking. and on top of that, a very overlooked segment of the hearings last week with james comey was asked i believe by tray gowdy, are you going to investigate who leaked? and he said "no." not interested. so i think those two things, the fact that the senior law enforcement officer in a country was not willing to essentially enforce the law and speak clearly about who may have broke the law, i think that speaks volumes. liz: and if there was russia collusion, the word is if it's out there, it would have been leaked by the obama administration officials by now. but we have to switch topics. how do you think the media covered this story? some are going as far to call it fascist. here's msnbc chris matthews saying just that. >> this is an extraordinary moment in american history. >> you bet it is, wolf. and it is a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the united states. >> a little whiff of fascism
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tonight i think is fair tonigh of i don't care about the law. i'm e bo. >> the timing now is it's connected to russia, no matter what the president says, and this is where it's going to become a political hot potato. >> involves the current fbi investigation into russia medaling and any collusion between trump's campaign and russia. this is truly extraordinary, who now runs this investigation? liz: the who reasonable doubt is that rod rosenstein was not in office yet, and i think he got in, sworn in april 26th, and he's the one who comey reports to. was trump waiting for that? or should he have fired him at the beginning of the year? >> look, i'm one of those who thought he should have cleaned everybody out when he came in. that's my personal opinion. that being said, i think the president did what he should have done and done a separate independent assessment, as you pointed out. assistant attorney general was only brought in in april. he did a factual assessment of what the issues were and, again, politically both sides
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of the aisle were fed up of comey. so this new ag simply put into action what the president needed to do. the president pulled the trigger, so to speak -- let me remind people what fascism is. that's lining up all of comey's staff, putting them in a patty wagon, sending them off to prison with no due process. that's fascism. this is not fascism. this is done by the book with people trying to think things through and lay out a case as why comey had to go. liz: colonel, tony shafer, come back soon. love having u go on. >> thanks for having me. liz: russia's foreign minister and russia's ambassador to slew tensions after u.s. launched a missile strike in syria, that's an ally of russia. that happened last month. and oil futures rallying today posted their largest one-day gain since december. let's get to the national average for gas prices. the average there down slightly to $2.34 a gallon. just in time for your spring driving.
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>> if it is nixonian, ultimately there may be subpoenas to the president of the united states just as occurred in 1973 precipitating united states versus nixon and a similar firing of a special prosecutor. so what's needed now is, in fact, an independent counsel. liz: again, the dc scandal
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factory, again, cranking up. caing of trump's firing of fbi director james comey. they're now demanding a special prosecutor. republicans firing back attacking trump is the only play that democrats have left. in mexico, democrat senator martin said that quote president trump's dismissal of fbi director comey smacks of president nixon saturday night massacre. democrat senator calling it quote shocking. labeling nothing less than nixonian. joining me now, presidential historian and author of game of thorns, he is doug. good to see you, sir. is it right to compare it to nixon? nixon did not fire fbi director. bill clinton did. >> this is pretty pathetic. it's like comparing apples with oranges. you look at archibald cox who was fired by nixon. he was supported by both democrats and republicans.
5:17 pm
you look at jim comey, who was fired by donald trump. he was criticized by both republicans and democrats. and when you look at archibald cox, he found evidence connecting nixon to the cover up of watergate when you look at jim comey, he openly publicly says he found no evidence connecting donald trump to russian collusion and finally, there's the succession after archibald cox was fired, then the attorney general didn't support it, he resigned and so the deputy attorney general, he resigned in this case, the attorney general and the deputy stand by the decision the president has made. so it is not only not the same thing, it's exactly the opposite. a backward mirror. liz: archibald cox was a special prosecutor at that time; right? >> yeah. big, big, big difference. i think what's going on is the democrats are focusing on a special prosecutor because they don't want anybody
5:18 pm
looking at andrew mcabe who was hillary clinton's choice to become director of the fbi because his wife received $700,000 in campaignunds when she ran for state office. it's a very dicey story and a dicey situation. liz: yeah, doug, and, by the way, there are ten investigations. three of them at the fbi. ten of them into this alleged russian trump collusion. let's get to msnbc chris matthews. he basically called president trump's firing of comey, he equated it to quote fascism. watch. >> a little whiff of fascism tonight i think is fair to say. a little wish -- a little whiff of i don't care about the law. i'm the boss. liz: what are your thoughts? >> well, you know at game of thorns, we lay out that moment where hillary clinton in a little radio interview the mic is off, and they asked her in the room what are you going to do with jim comey, and she didn't say she was going to fire him. she kind of rolled her eyes
5:19 pm
and said that jim comey is going to find out. everybody knew she was going to fire him and promote the man who exonerated her in the fbi, which was andrew mcabe, that that is what was going to happen. i think the democrats and the national media, the allies in the national media have to keep hammering away at the talking point of the special prosecutor so that the discussion doesn't move next down the line, and that's andrew mcabe and his wife. liz: we've got breaking news. there are now antitrump protests breaking out here in new york city outside trum tower. again, raising the - you can see on the sign there we just showed seconds ago calling it fascist america. chris matthews also has these questions about what a president can be impeached for. impeached. listen to what chris matthews is asking. watch. >> can you impeach somebody
5:20 pm
for just being who they are? liz: what do you think of that? >> well, we knew all along that impeachment is their game and it's where they're headed. they still can't let go of the fact that they didn't win the election. they being the national media. we disobeyed. we misbehaved. we voted for the wrong person, and they're going to get it back by hook or crook, they're going to take this election back any way they can. and that appears to be the spirit and the attitude and so far, it isn't working. liz: doug, historian, author of game of thorns. good to see you, sir. thanks for having on. >> thanks for having me. liz: a violent brawl on a southwest airlines flight at the airport in burbank, california. one man injured, one man arrested. wow. what a fight that was. it is getting crazy with the airlines. seems like there's a problem every other day. southwest stock basically closing -- let's look at it.
5:21 pm
it's closing pretty decent. it's hanging in there. not really affected by that fight. next up, we have a story for you. the white house saying the fbi director lost the confidce of its own agents. next up, we do have former fbi assistant director. he says it's worse than lost confidence. says that comey actually through fbi agents under the bus. that's what he's hearing from people at the fbi. jim joins us next with that story. don't go away but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today. brtry new flonase sensimists. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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>> director comey had lost the confidence of the reagan file within the fbi. he certainly lost the confidence from members of both sides. republicans and democrats in the house and the senate and frankly, most importantly, tucker, he lost the confidence of the american people. the president was presented with a pretty clear and direct and very strong recommendation by the deputy attorney general
5:25 pm
who a lot of people probably don't know but the fbi director actually reports to the deputy attorney general. that attorney -- deputy made the recommendation. the president made a swift and decisive action and let director comey go. liz: that was deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders saying james comey lost the confidence of his fbi agents. now, earlier today when the press asked president trump why he fired james comey, the president gave this answer. >> why did you fire director comey? >> because he wasn't doing a good job, very simple. he was not doing a good job. liz: with us now former fbi assistant director jim. now, you say jamesomey through his fbi agents under the bus. can you explain that? >> well, liz, you know, way back now getting on almost a year ago, there was a criminal referral that was sent through justice to the fbi. you know, i think it had a note on from
5:26 pm
the attorney general, i don't know exactly how the communication went but not to refer to this as a criminal investigation, which is kind of crazy, because that's what the fbi does. but nevertheless, and this is all history after the fact. i mean, we didn't know when this was happening. and jim comey, you know, went along with that, i guess. and also, she would not approve a grand jury. and you can't really have a serious investigation in the fbi without a grand jury because you don't have any subpoenas. you can't subpoena wreckage. you can't get people to testify before the grand jury. you can't have search warrants. so he conducted this sort of, you know, semi stake investigation all those months, and then he had this press conference where he talked about this investigation that was really a hollow investigation. but nevertheless, he came up with a prosecution memo that would knock your socks off with all the felonies that she committed. and then had the absolute --
5:27 pm
which first off, should never have done. unless you're going to indict someone, you never talk about the crimes, you shut up about it. you don't ever put that out in the press. but then he had the unbelievable twist that hillary clinton wasn't capable of having intent because she didn't basically know what was going on. and she didn't know about protecting government documents and classified documents. and here this woman in the white house for eight years flying around in air force one and seeing all the encrypted communications is the most preposterous thing in the world. liz: saying to james comey and the fbi downplay it. call it a matter, not a criminal investigation and sounds like mey went along with it. so do you think the president was correct in firing james comey? what did you think of that? >> yes. but let me get back to that. you know, what jim comey should have done in my view that day when he knew there was no grand jury, and
5:28 pm
he had to know that there was no way president obama or the attorney general was ever going to allow any kind of indictment of hillary clinton. he should have stood up at a press conference and resigned as the director of the fbi. that's what he should have done. but instead, he danced with the devil for months, and that really got him into all of this trouble. and his ego got bigger and bigger, you know? he did some strange things. smart guy lacking in common sense. and did it happen correctly? absolutely it happened correctly. you know, the president was waiting for someone to look into this thing, someone that could look into it. the democrats dragged and dragged, they even have the attorney general, you know -- and then the deputy attorney general was in what? two weeks ago. and his first task was to look into this whole investigation and write a concise memo on what should happen, which he did, and the president made a decision. and it was the right decision. liz: well, the democrats are saying this is fascism, you
5:29 pm
know, the media is saying that. that this is a constitutional crisis. >> get a grip. liz: calling for more investigations. they're saying trump was wrong to do this. what do you think? >> that's crazy. get a grip. they wanted this guy fired, you know, three weeks ago. now they call it fascism. i mean, they are just so out of control. you know, it would take 1,000 psychiatrists to try to figure out how they think. it's just crazy. it's crazy talk. liz: so you support what the president did. >> yeah. it was his only choice. the morale at the fbi is real low. the american public is totally confused about do we have a rule of law in this country or don't we? and do we have process and all the different -- all the different things that jim did. i mean, i think basically he's a good guy that just lack the tools he needed to be the fbi director. and he made a lot of stupid decisions. i mean, he was releasing information on friday afternoon like, you know, not rupertable people certainly how the fbi does and just the
5:30 pm
things that he said and didn't say in his testimony before congress was very strange at times. and it was -- the bureau -- the agents had no more faith in him of providing the type of leadership. you can't have an fbi that does not have, you know, good leadership. you just can't. can't do that. liz: all right. former fbi assistant director jim. we love having you go on. come back soon okay? >> i certainly will. thank you. liz: good to have you on. thank you so much. now snap disappointing wall street. its first earnings report since going public. they lost a big $2.2 billion. that's a loss there and shares of their stock getting hammered. they're down nearly 24%. next up, democrats still calling the firing of fbi director james comey a quote constitutional crisis. we're going to bring in judge andrew napolitano. he says that's not even close. he's here to weigh in next. don't go away [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that
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. >> i was stunned and i'll say i think we're living through the stress test of this 230-year-old democracy. >> what we have now is really a looming constitutional crisis that is deadly serious. liz: all right, democrats calling president trump's decision to fire james comey a, quote, constitutional crisis. these e e same democrats furious with comey over hillary's e-mail scandal demanding he be fired. former bush 43 secretary of state condoleezza rice today defending the president's moves saying the system is working just as it should.
5:35 pm
>> this investigation is going to go on, and because we have so many centers of power, including in the congress, on both sides of the aisle, because we have an independent press, because we have an independent judiciary, investigation is going to go on. whatever happened in the president's decision to remove his fbi director. and by the way, of course, he has the right toemove anbi director because the fbi director, like any member of the executive branch serving at the pleasure of the president. but what i would like to say as an american and to americans is i'm actually very confident that whatever happened here, we have institutions that are going to make sure that we get to the bottom of what happened. liz: joining us now, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. >> thank you, likewise. liz: why is this not a constitutional crisis? >> essentially for the reasons articulated by secretary rice. if the president fired jim
5:36 pm
comey because he believed he wasn't doing a good job or because he didn't like the way he ties his tie, it would be absurd but he could do that because he serves at the pleasure of the president. if on the other hand, the deepest, darkest, articulated fears of the democrats are true and fired jim comey to impede investigation of himself, then we would have a constitutional crisis. there doesn't appear to be any evidence of that because he didn't fire the whole fbi, he fired the director of the fbi and the investigation continues. when the director of the fbi is in charge of the investigation, he doesn't have hands on control of it. he receives reports about it. but the gathering of documents, the interviewing of witnesses. the attesting of stories and versions of stories. that's all done on the field, and that goes on every day. liz: that's a great point, the fbi probe is ongoing, there are three of them, ten overall.
5:37 pm
we have senate intelligence requesting from the financial network bank records for possibly trump casinos or -- let me back up, requests bank documents that's all we know now, basically maybe money laundering they're looking into with russians going into trump casinos, we don't know. your point is well taken, the firing of james comey didn't stop the investigation. we want to get to senator blumenthal questioned by cnn this morning over the need for yet another congressional investigation. watch. >> there are five congressional investigations into this, whether or not the trump team had ties to russia. you sit on one of those committees. so what's the point? i mean what's the point of having all the congressional committees if you're basically saying they're toothless and the only way to proceed here is by changing the law somehow, and you'd have to have the president sign off on that, and createingly a new special
5:38 pm
prosecutor or having rob rosenstein, you don't have faith in, you didn't vote for, appoint somebody? >> first, and your question is well taken, the congressional committee can hold hearings, produce reports and possibly write new legislation, but they cannot bring criminal charges. liz: so there are ten investigations, right, into trump-russia collusion. >> right. liz: what did you make of what blumenthal said. >> i disagree with senator blumenthal on a lot of philosophical issues, i have great respect for his legal skills. he was a serious lawyer when he was attorney general for the state of connecticut. not all attorneys general are serious lawyers, he was and is. i do not believe this is a constitutional crisis nor do i believe congress can get to the bottom of this. justice scalia was saying whenever congress gives you a
5:39 pm
reason for what they're doing, don't believe them. everything they're doing is for one reason, to get re-elected. that's the same reason the republicans would try to big foot the democrats in any kind of investigation. only the fbi, with a grand jury, subpoena power with search warrants as jim llstrom told unlike what they had in the hillary clinton investigation or the special prosecutor, with a grand jury with subpoena and search warrants can get to the truth. liz: this feels like the d.c. scandal factory going full throttle. they're not getting to the issues that the american people wanted the d.c. politicians to fix, health reform, tax reform, infrastructure, it's basically a way not to do that it seems, they're avoiding what jobs are and now we have another pundit judge calling it treason what the president did. >> that is preposterous, treason is the only word defined in the constitution providing aid and comfort to enemies or waging war on the united states of america.
5:40 pm
that's hyperbole that doesn't warrant a response. time will tell what the motivation for donald trump's decision was. he gets the benefit of the doubt at this point. little bit of wearing away at benefit of the doubt this afternoon that the "new york times" report is true, that jim comey asked for substantially increased resources, meaning more money, to continue the investigation of the so-called russian-trump connection late last week, i don't know if that's true, or if the justice department denies it. that may be the tip of iceberg. liz: great to see you, love your perspective. stuart varney keep coming back. they were for jim comey before they were against him. now they're for him again. you can track all these flip-flops from the democrats who got hillary clinton's campaign manager flip flopping all over the place on fbi director james comby. hear what he is saying now after this. >> we didn't cause this problem. james comey opened this door.
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. >> the fbi has been frustratingly noncommittal, and they don't say a thing when it comes to donald trump and investigations against him. yet when it comes to hillary clinton, for some reason, they're more than happy to talk. every time people ask questions about investigations pertaining to donald trump, they are tight-lipped and silent. quote, unquote sticking with protocol. when it comes to hillary clinton, they don't. we didn't cause this problem, james comey opened this door. liz: all right, so you saw that from robby mook, not liking james comey last year, now he's basically bark then he was going after james comey, saying why aren't you talking more or why isn't there more leaks about donald trump probes. robby mook is criticizing president trump's decision to fire comey now. >> no one disapproved of comey's handling of the investigation more than me.
5:45 pm
but the way this was done, the timing of this, the fact he fired him the day that it was announced that these experience were going out in the russia probe. we know that the president has an erratic temperament. it's been reported he was losing his temper over this russia investigation. we cannot let ourselves get lulled into accepting this kind of erratic and completely inappropriate behavior. liz: political panel joins me now, conservative commentator kurt schlichter and democratic strategist jessica tarlov. kurt, robby mook seems to be wanting to have it both ways. should he be taken seriously here? >> oh, boy! i'm getting whiplash trying to keep track of everywhere this guy is going. he likes comey, hates comey, likes comey again. it's crazy talk and nonsense. this russian thing is a joke, how can i tell? it's been going on ten months and not one item of actual
5:46 pm
evidence of wrongdoing has leaked out. it's baloney, everyone knows it is, and donald trump was well within his rights to fire a guy who worked at his pleasure and stopped pleasing him. liz: you know, jessica, before hillary's campaign manager criticized comey's firing he criticized comey's last second investigation into hillary clinton, and then he praised comey for letting hillary off the hook. i can't keep track of the flip-flopping. jessica, get your reaction to this sound bite. >> the fbi did a comprehensive and deep investigation into this, and at the conclusion of that, fbi director comey came out and said to the world that there was no case here, that they did not have evidence of wrongdoing on hillary's part. liz: i can't keep track of it, can you. >> yeah, i can keep track of it and curious whether kurt has whiplash from the amount of times donald trump has hated -- listen, robby mook, john podesta, they both said comey
5:47 pm
should be fired and what's going on? i think the point he made this morning is incredibly sound, if you put aside the hypocrisy and that people changed their minds which has happened on both sides of the aisle, the sequence of events is very, very strange, donald trump with our own maria bartiromo said he had confidence in fbi director comey. liz: it's a wait-and-see. >> no, he said i have confidence. he didn't say i'm not taking it off the table and might fire him. liz: sorry, he had caveats there. i hear what you're saying as far as what robby mook is saying. the campaign manager asked if hillary would have fired comey as well and dodged that question. sarah huckabee sanders is saying yes hillary clinton would have fired james comey. what do you think? >> comey would have been hauling his stuff out of the fbi's office in a banker's box about noon on january 20th if hillary had been inaugurated. the simple fact is he was going
5:48 pm
under hillary. it was just a given. that's why robby mook won't answer the question, he knows it's true. >> we don't know it's a given. kurt, i'm curious, what do you make of the times of this, the fact that senators burr and warren may have asked to speed up the investigation. liz: all right, all right, all right, all right, kurt, answer, that go ahead. >> i understand that the fbi director doesn't do investigations himself. he has entire teams doing it. he's the head of an agency, there's a team doing the investigation, nothing will change. the investigation will go on. liz: and jessica, final point, i hear what you're saying donald trump supported james comey and so did jeff sessions and i know what you mean about positions change, but clearly robby mook wanted to have it both ways when you see the sound bis. >> i'm perfectly willing to accept that. this is frustrating throughout this. we can't have a conversation about unmasking and leaks, and what's happening with the donald trump potential collusion story.
5:49 pm
we can have multiple conversations at once about what's going on and for kurt to say there is no evidence of anything when michael flynn was fired -- a lot of republicans -- we can, i don't know if kurt and i can. liz: okay. >> when you listen to sally yates -- >> of course we can, jessica. >> we'll do it later. liz: we ran out of time. sorry, kurt and jessica. next time you can talk about that, you guys are great. thank you so much, kurt and jessica. come back soon. next up the grocery chain whole foods reporting second-quarter earnings, shares up 3.5% in late trading. the specialty grocer posted adjusted earnings of 37 cents a share on $3.74 billion in revenue. president trump has a new nickname for the democratic leader, his name is cryin chuck schumer, we're bringing in pulitzer prize winner judith miller to react after this. don't go away. >> mean spirited and un-american.
5:50 pm
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. >> mean-spirited and un-american. liz: all right, president trump firing back at new york democrat senator chuck schumer for bashing the firing of james comey saying -- here's some of what schumer and pelosi said about director comey in the past. >> when i heard about it, i found it hard to believe that mey who i thought had some degree of integrity would do this. >> i think he made a mistake on this, and he clearly has a double standard. in his job if you're not in it for a while, you can't take the heat. i think he couldn't take the heat from a republican.
5:54 pm
liz: look who's here, pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller. what did you think of the firing? >> look, i think that comey should well have been fired but not in the way in which it was done. this was a terrible, terrible blow both to the morale of the fbi and also to the credibility of the white house. mr. trump, like it or not, is involved, is the subject of, he's involved in the russian investigation; that is he's not personally being investigated at the moment, his aides are being investigated for whatever role they may have played in russia's interference in our election. that is about the most serious charge i can imagine. for mr. trump to fire jim comey at this moment, right after subpoenas had gone out, and to do it in a way that he did so humiliating a man who has
5:55 pm
served well or badly or what we can argue about is unbecoming, and raises all kinds of questions about what mr. trump was trying to do? was he trying to stop the investigation? which, by the way won't work, because that investigation will continue. it is continuing, there are about ten of them and three of them run by the fbi. >> the most important one is the fbi. liz: that will continue. do you think the president should have fired james comey at beginning of the year? january 20 as he sat down? >> if he was going to, that's when he should have done it. mr. comey clearly overreached. democrats as you heard from chuck schumer were appalled by what mr. comey did to hillary clinton by saying on the one hand he didn't have enough evidence to indict her and raising questions about carelessness or recklessness with classified information and reopening the investigation, all of that was highly unusual, inappropriate and not in keeping with the fbi. liz: there's an argument that
5:56 pm
rod rosenstein is not in place, deputy ag, and he was sworn in april 26th, they needed him there in order to do the firing. what do you think about that argument? >> i think that is an argument, i don't happen to believe it. because the fbi and the justice department have an inspector general's investigation going into mr. comey's handling of the e-mail scandal involving hillary clinton, i don't think that they should have acted now. they should have waited to get the inspector general's report. liz: and then done the firing. >> and then, if there was culpability or inappropriateness say yeah, you should be fired. now? right in the middle of this? no. liz: judy, so good to see you, love having you on. more after this, don't go away.
5:57 pm
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. liz: full lineup on "making money" with charles payne, nfl super bowl champion burgess owens, we had jim kallstrom,
6:00 pm
tony shaffer, wow, a lot of news thick and fast. charles payne is picking it up with "making money." charles: hand me the baton, emac, good evening, i'm charles payne, breaking news -- the continuing fallout over the firing of fbi director james comey, spreading like wildfire throughout washington. the political jockeying on capitol hill in full force that the moment. senate minority leader chuck schumer taking to the senate floor to denounce president trump and administration's decision, roll tape. >> the dismissal of director comey establishes a very troubling pattern. this administration has now removed several law enforcement officials in a position to conduct independent investigations of the president and his administration. charles: before that, you had senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who called the democrats' bluff, fired back at party and schumer. roll tha.


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