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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 1, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hour away now from hearing president trump on this climate group and whether he's going to stay a part of that accord. patrick michael who was here a little while ago, might have tipped his hand saying he's been invited to that event, a big proponent of that event. he's one of the few selected to the rose garden today. relinquish regan, to you. trish: thank you so much, neil. we're one hour away from the president's big decision, big announcement on the paris climate accord. will we stay? will we leave? or will president trump try to work out a better agreement. we are going to find out from the white house, from the president in just 60 minutes from now. all of this as the stock market heads to record highs, perhaps investors might like the idea of getting out. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. here we are watching the market right now at record highs. the s&p and nasdaq hitting all-time highs today. you can see the market up 112 points right there on the dow jones industrial average.
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keep watching it. 169. 21,169 as that would be if we close above that, a very big deal. president trump is expected to pull the u.s. out of the climate deal, that's what we're hearing, anyway. but the reality is it's still up in the air, and he did tweet out he's not going to let anyone know until today at 3:00 some of his top advisers, lawmakers, and ceos have actually been encouraging him to stay in. so what does it mean either way? what does it mean to you? what does it mean to our economy? and what does it mean to the global environment we're in? we have all the intel for you coming up. plus, hillary clinton playing the blame again yet again for her 2016 loss. clinton blaming the russians, the dnc, the new york times, and it goes on and on and on. i mean, lots of people to blame; right? will mrs. clinton ever realize she was the problem?
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we're on that for you. and the left trying to find evidence of collusion between the trump administration and russia. the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. is he right? judge andrew napolitano is in the house with that. but first, i want to go to our own blake burman who is live from the white house right now. we're going to be hearing. i should also point out than the are we just watching this paris accord but of course we learned today a short time ago, blake, that james comey is going to be testifying on thursday 10:00 a.m. eastern. so that's also very much in the works right now in terms of how the white house is going to position itself. >> absolutely, trish. we will hear from the former fbi director himself on capitol hill 10:00 thursday morning next week. that will be public testimony in front of the country to see on the record and of course one of the big questions that
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we anticipate, the former fbi director will be asked was or is whether or not he was pressured by president trump to drop the probe into the former national security adviser michael flynn. we will hear from comey in one week's time. the president will announce a major decision as it relates to the paris climate agreement. and, trish, when you look at this, earlier has three choices. one, either stay in the deal that was negotiated by the obama administration and agreed to by more than 190 countries worldwide. two, pull out of the deal, or three, maybe pull out of some components of the deal while staying within the greater framework. as we know on the campaign trail, the president had complained on pulling out of the deal and sources tell fox that is what the president is expected to announce here in about an hour's time. the president deputy campaign manager down the stretch was david bossie. he appeared on fox news earlier this day. and he made the argument that pulling out of the deal would
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be good for american workers, good for american jobs, and he says keep in line with the president's america first pledge. >> he complained as being president of the united states first. not president of the world like barack obama was. and so when you're president of the world, you don't put america first when you're making these negotiations, making these deals. >> very brief comments. the president argued he lobbied on those both sides of the argument. in this deal, companies all across this country. big business. there is an add today out in the new york times from the likes of apple, facebook, google, microsoft about 15, 20 companies in which they make the following argument to stay in, trish. they say quote by expanding markets for innovative clean technologies, the agreement generates jobs and economic growth. u.s. companies, they say, are well positioned to lead in these markets.
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2:04 here on the east coast. ticktock about an hour away. we'll find out. >> oh, my goodness. we will find out. and in the meantime we will debate what either side is going to look like. thank you so much, blake burman joining me now republican strategist ford o'connell and k street media company cofounder pablo. good to see you guys. >> thank you, trish. trish: what are you hearing? >> i think he should withdraw. look, there is a reason why president obama did an end around congress to make part of this agreement and that's because it's not good for america. it's going to hurt american jobs, particularly in the coal country and it's going to have us picking up the tab for other country's bad behavior and putting us at the unelected international governing body who's going to tell us what we should do. we should either get out or make this more america first as a lot of folks are suggesting. trish: pablo, what's wrong with that? >> i'm going to disagree with
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ford here, the case when he was running as the american president but also to join other global leaders and make huge responsible decisions about not just the country but of the world. and when we think about it, this isn't a bunch of hippies with their hair on fire telling them to pull out of the paris accord. it's companies like exxonmobil. it's people like pope francis, who i hope, and i think one of the reasons we haven't seen so many tweets and, you know, sort of knee-jerk reactions saying that we need to pull out of this paris accord is because he's had input from people who we see as equals or his stature of influence in the world. trish: and i would add that we hear his daughter and son-in-law are proponents of saying in the accord. that said when you look at this accord, ford, i have some problems with it. and here's what i don't like. i don't like the fact that we
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have to reduce by 30% when india has to reduce by 35 or 40%. and we know it's more painful to reduce because we have ayou better carbon footprint. if you go to india, china, russia, any of those countries, they pollute like nobody's business. so why are we not asking more of them? why do we have to burden all of this? >> well, i think that's exactly right, trish. we need to be pushing other countries, and that's why i suggested if you're not going to fully withdraw, you need to renegotiate. people need to understand what this agreement calls for is a reduction in the next ten years of greenhouse gas emissions in the u.s. by 26 to 28%. and we've actually reduced more than any other industrialized country in the world not because of peer pressure in the rest of the world but because of our source to natural gas. and something else what pablo just said. understand something about pope francis. his job is to secure souls, not make sure americans have jobs. trish: yeah, look, this would be a disaster for the coal industry. american businesses are
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already dealing with so much regulation, one of the things that's striking about this is that this is all coming from the oval office; right? you're basically signing businesses up for environmentalism that not everybody has agreed to. and that in many ways is problematic. . >> but that's exactly why president obama didn't go to congress to ratify this agreement. so there you go. you've answered your own question. it's certainly not exxonmobil's job to secure jobs. and that's why they've been a forward-looking company. trish: hear me out on this. it's like the cool thing to do; right? how would you not want to sign onto the paris accord? it sounds fantastic. but let's deal with the reality. a lot of the people, by the way, that are pushing this are people that are flying to the darn paris accord in their own private jet with a bigger carbon footprint than anyone
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else in this country. >> can't argue with you there, trish. trish: i'm just saying it seems like an opportunity right now for us to say okay. world, we're in this. but you have to be in it with us. and we're not going to give any special concession to china just because you joined the world economy a little bit later than us. no special concessions to india. if you want to play by these rules, then we all have to embrace green energy, end of story. but the way it's currently structured, the burden once again is on us. hey, another story i want to get to, which both of you guys right now is that hillary clinton is out there, you may have seen this one speaking and very much playing the blame game. i want you to see this. this is just some of the reason why she thought she lost the election. >> my e-mail account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. this is the biggest nothing burger. i was very responsible and not
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at all careless. and at some point, it sort of bleeds over into misogyny. the russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter intel people i've talked to could not have known how best to weaponnize that information, unless they had been guided. and here's -- >> guided by americans? >> guided by americans. >> goldman sachs. >> yeah. >> you knew you were going to run for president. why did you do those? . >> why do you have goldman sachs here? because they pay us. they paid me. trish: at least she's honest on that one. the list goes on and on. one after another. all the reasons why she did not win the presidency. james comey, the fbi, the new york times, media, overall it's the dnc, which she claimed was bankrupt when she went in. the dnc did nothing to help her at all. ford, my goodness. i would argue that, you know, in many ways, she had every
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advantage in the world. she had the media with her and has a party with her. >> let me say this. there needs to be a statute of limitation on hillary clinton's whining. she says her mistakes didn't cost her the election. i disagree with her. the russians didn't tell her not to set up a private server, the russians certainly didn't tell her to ignore the midwest about, have a terrible trade policy and terrible energy policy that's going to cost jobs. she basically said i'm a woman, i'm running for president trump. donald trump stinks and i don't care about your jobs and livelihood. this is all about me. trish: so, pablo, let me hear you. >> honestly, trish, if you think about it today, you had an amazing segment this morning on fox and friends with your family, and then you sat for the out numbers another hour-long segment and now you're doing your show. that's more exposure that you've had in a single day in the media than i think she had for a month on her campaign. trish: come on. you're saying the media didn't give her exposure?
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>> no. i'm saying she chose to hide away in the shadows, to not go out there, to not speak directly to the american people like you did today. but as a result, nobody really understood -- >> but, pablo, you're making the case that this is absolutely her fault. >> ford, i'm agreeing with you. i'm agreeing with you, big fella. trish: he's a democrat, but that doesn't mean he can't agree with you. >> trish, i was not only a democrat, i was a booker for the democrat national committee. and i can tell you i sent dozens and dozens of opportunities for her campaign and her personally to appear in media in two different languages. she turned them down. she ignored them, and there were opportunities that came from this network and from fox news that, you know, you guys wanted to engage, you wanted to know more about what she was about and what did she do? she didn't want to do it and now all of a sudden she wants to have a big voice and as a democrat, i am extremely concerned about this. if she doesn't step aside, if she doesn't step aside and let the future talent rise and
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emerge, then we're never going to get anywhere as a party. >> i love that fact because you guys don't have a message other than hate trump. and if you tell america what you're for, donald trump is going to win in 2020, and i'm going to be the happiest person on earth. trish: pablo, is she delusional? is she frustrated? >> i don't think she's delusional. i think that she is frustrated and angry. and i think russia certainly had an influence over the election. i also think that hillary -- this was an election that was not well run by our side and when our candidate did surface to the top, we didn't do enough to bring people together. to bring the bernie people together and the hillary people together to consolidate a message, a voice around the economy to acknowledge that people in this country were suffering and are suffering from economic neglect. trish: here's what i tell you and ford and i talked about this a lot at the time. what was amazing to me is that the democratic party really has historically embraced those working class folks out
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there. and this was a very different field. she was the ladiest that couldn't be bothered. >> donald trump had the largest union households since george w. bush. not ever visiting the battleground state in wisconsin, she ignored the coal country and industrial midwest and when we look at the 78,000, i can pinpoint where, when, how, and why that occurred. trish: i think this is important from a political standpoint. donald trump, don't forget, he made quite a bit of fun of the left, basically, for saying that the most critical issue facing the world today was climate change; right? i mean, he said no. no. it's isis. it is not climate change and so perhaps as we await his decision here on the paris accord, ford, he'll come back to that. in other words, this is not the most pressing thing in the world.
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and if he decides to get out of this agreement all together, does it play well with his base? >> donald trump has to remember who put him in office and who put the republicans and the majority of the united states senate, and that is coal country and the industrial midwest and the democrats don't care about them. they ignore them. they throw them off and say guess what? you guys are behind the times. we care more about the environment than your jobs and livelihood, and that is a very powerful message that donald trump should never let go of and never forget. trish: we will see in 45 minutes from now. ford and pablo, thank you so much, guys. >> thank you. trish: and, pablo, thank you for watching this morning. the house intelligence committee issuing a number of subpoenas into the investigation of the unmasking of u.s. citizens. president trump, taking to twitter today in response writing quote the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. judge andrew napolitano is here in the house. we have that for you next are allergies holding you back?
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trish: the house intelligence committee issuing subpoenas for former national security adviser michael flynn and the president's personal attorney michael cohen. this is part of an investigation into russia's activities in the election. now, separately the committee awesome issuing subpoenas to the national security agency, the fbi, and the cia for information about the obama administration unmasking of u.s. citizens. the subpoena specifically named susan rice, samantha, and john. tweeting quote the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano joins me now and,
2:20 pm
you know, if there's something there, if, that's scary stuff. >> well, if there's something there, meaning unmasking, the revelation of a person whose communication has been captured by the intelligence community and used for political purposes, we have a very, very serious threat to the republic. so unmasking is only illegal if it's done for the wrong purpose and given to the wrong people. so if susan rice needs to know with whom citizen x is speaking in russia, and she needs to know the name of that person, she's entitled to know it, as long as she uses it for intelligence purposes. but if she uses it for political purposes, or she is unmasking citizen x talking to citizen x and has nothing to do with national security, then we have a very, very serious threat to the integrity of the republic. trish: do you believe that's what's actually going on here? remember, this is an administration that targeted people via the irs who may be
2:21 pm
considered part of the tea party. they don't have the best track record. >> well, susan rice will not admit she did unmasking for political purposes. that would be criminal. that would be admission to a felony. that's the same thing as hacking. but somebody unmasking donald trump when he was mr. donald trump. somebody unmasked general flynn before he was national security adviser flynn. somebody sent that stuff to such an array of people that it ended up in the washington post. so somebody, probably part of a team or group that has been trying to undermine donald trump's presidency began this unmasking back before he even was running for president. trish: that's what i think is very scary. and if you were to take this a step further and basically say that these were obama politicos doing the unmasking, then you have a very bad situation, as you said for the united states of america. . >> do you remember -- this was just a couple of months ago, a couple of weeks after donald trump was elected.
2:22 pm
devon nunez ran for the house building in the white house. and then he said i have some intelligence agents present me something that was so -- i had to show it to the president immediately. i believe it was this unmasking i believe he knows the victims of the unmasking. the people who did the unmasking and what became the data that was unmasked. and so he recused himself from running the intelligcommittee on these issues. guess what? he's back. he signed those subpoenas. enough with the recusal. enough with the democratic interference. trish: and it was clear at that time donald trump was very angry. i mean, you saw that in the tweets and people felt that at the time the tweets were over the top. but if he had seen something that would case that this was going on, you can understand how he would be very upset. let me play devil's advocate, judge, and just run this by you. so what if -- what if the russians somehow were involved? and they were trying to artificially influence things?
2:23 pm
say, via general flynn. it makes sense; right? that we would be then spying on that russian in communication with general flynn. if you were part of that intelligence gathering, raise a red flag to the appropriate people because you need to let them know the russians are somehow in contact with members of the trump campaign. >> absolutely. that is the proper use of the unmasking. mr. president, this is what we found. not mr. president, guess what paul manafort and donald trump talked about last night. the ladder would be criminal. the former would be perfectly lawful. trish: how is this going to play out in your view? . >> i was surprised to see samantha powers name in there. she's not security at all. but devon nunez seeing the raw data must know that she had something to do with the unmasking. this is potentially very explosive, particularly, trish, if it
2:24 pm
happened over and over and over again and the ultimate recipient of this was the then man in the white house, you're talking about extremely explosive stuff. donald trump's allegations are very, very well grounded. he was being spied upon. he was unmasked. i believe it continues to this day. trish: judge, thank you very much. judge napolitano, everyone. all right. let's turn to the markets right now. the s&p 500, the nasdaq all hitting all-time highs today. how about that? the nasdaq on track to close its 4th record since election day. so someone likes what we're seeing out of the white house, at least on wall street. meanwhile, we want to talk about the jobs market; right? apparently what we're seeing in jobs has something to do with boats, which is where we find our own jeff flock on a boat right now. explain the link.
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we have a sax right right now up 120 on the tao. their trading and new records. we will see whether or not we close out here and a new record. there is a lot of optimism right now in wall street and this is in part because of some expectations that we will get out of the paris accord. we will find out and in just about 32 minutes. and there is also the adp report on private sector employment and that came in way higher than expected we ended better than 200,000 jobs. that is good news. and of course you have tomorrow's jobs report. the question is how is his
2:29 pm
plane out in america right now. if you're seen the optimism on wall street doesn't mean in fact things really are improving the boating voting industry has been looking at the best sales in a decade. they are confident enough live with a look at how things are doing right now. incredibly positive. i have that the boston wheeler this is a big boston wheeler. i will tell you wall street has been very kind to the voting --dash mike bodine stocks. it is the maker of this as well as the mercury engines
2:30 pm
right there the tower these things in. as i talk to the president of mercury marine. incredibly optimistic right now. just a positive feeling out here. >> the conditions in the u.s. are favorable for the marine market. alloy --dash mike low unemployment rates. single family housing starts training at very positive. it all correlates. we were up 3% overall 247,000 sold. its forecast to grow in 2017. we feel pretty good about where we are headed right now.
2:31 pm
we are looking at a boston wheeler. go ahead and give us the full power there. i'm having a pretty good day. i love it.u are a lucky guy. some of my happiest times will be up on a boat with that. it's good stuff. making me look forward to the weekend. president trump expected to announce in just a short time whether or not we are going to remain in the paris climate accord. it will have major implications for the economy. for jobs, all of it we are on
2:32 pm
it for you next. find out what he is going to say.
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>> we are getting word that there has been gunfire and there have been explosions that have been hard outside the resort hotel in the philippines. casino tables were set on fire. the state department in the tweet is telling americans to avoid the area into monitor
2:36 pm
local news. you will recall as recently as last week there was an area that was under siege by some aces related fighters. this is not a new development there. we will continue watching the story for you. i do want to look at the market which is a little bit off the highs that we saw earlier. upper triple digits. a gain of half a%. the s&p 500 and nasdaq hitting all-time highs. today they are closing in on record territory here. you get the big jobs report tomorrow. the question is how a second look. it all continues on in the momentum and in that direction. a credit sweep report said a quarter of american shopping malls are to be closing in the next five years.
2:37 pm
they were all recently announcing store closing. present trouble make his final decision. just minutes from now. about 25 minutes away. it's a beautiful day here in washington. whether not that president will officially change it. they have that. they had been a part of the camp and trying to earn the president -- urge the president to stay at the negotiating table. they had been argued to the president to pull out of that deal. that includes a 22 republican senators who recently wrote the present a letter. one of them was the senator.
2:38 pm
i think he is went to pull out. i think he made that commitment. i think you'll do it. sources do tell fox that it is expected that the president will announce that he is getting out of the 2015 agreement. they are waiting on the president to see if we are going to be in or out. how is that decision want to affect you in your wallet. we will see right here in two minutes. we cut the price of tro give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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>> minutes from now the president will announce his decision for the paris climate agreement. whatever his decision we want to talk about the economic impact. seen in the deal would negatively affect american jobs and raises the raise the cost of living and shrink the
2:42 pm
cost -- the companies economic growth. >> there is always a chance the president may surprise us. it has been said when they're faced with a difficult decision. that said the expectation is he will announce his decision to pull out. believing that the agreement takes in the u.s. economy. >> it is bad for a couple of reasons. it will have no impact on climate itself. and the temperature impact might moderate by couple tenths of a degree. if everyone plays along. the argument that we are to make money because of all the technological innovations is almost laughable. >> 1,000 private businesses had urged mister trump to stay in. it's a life blood lifeblood of the american economy. they are all pretty unanimous
2:43 pm
that it would be better to stay in. it is likely to list -- worsen the deep political positions. they have already been laying the groundwork for a revolt. as many as 12 of them vowing to abide by the paris accord. >> by being a denier by going against science is actually simulating a reaction. in every action is going to be strong it's can be sustainable. they will be right there in the forefront. if the government does do that. we may have two different energy standards governing our states. not just read states against blue states but fossil states against renewable grenoble estates. overtime for the best economies may prove to the victor is here. i have cited earlier today. ge was in connecticut.
2:44 pm
connecticut raised taxes. they went to massachusetts. he had to create environments that are not too much of a burden because otherwise you risk losing these companies altogether. it's not just the sunshine in the spring and a lot of retirees down south. we have or trading partners. good to see both michael, i just look at this and i go back to free markets and the ability to be able to do what you need to do within reason. it doesn't seem fair that other countries can pollute in a far greater way. the other part is governor brown is here. he's talking about what people like.
2:45 pm
he said he's their sane he's gonna be there. this is gonna cost them in terms of who's going to pay for a. what does that mean for companies. they see these opportunities how do we go out and get those sander supporters. and climate change is very much an issue for those on the left. it was the number one issue. we have to ask ourselves as is the is this the time to do it. back in the late '90s and the clinton administration they were operating at a surplus. we need to promise ourselves if we really care about that that is attempted not now. we had two at other work to do first. it is a noble cause. it's not practical right now.
2:46 pm
>> the main thing to focus on here is this is an example of this terrible international agreements that trump said he was going to get us out of. and by doing that he's going to save the economy $3 trillion in growth. as much as a tax cut. then he has to go in to epa and get rid of the bad regulations that obama started you see the paris accord that is something that is detrimental to our economy. i think mike is my michael's my is a good one too. when the other countries don't have to abide by any fixed carbon limitations. the whole thing doesn't do anything to help with their environment. to make you get to join the cool kids club.
2:47 pm
unless the paris accord is actually really doing anything meaningful it's not actually changing actually changing the carbon footprint. the ones that are polluting. they would argue why you in the united states in america you that to pollute for all of those years. given how much you have ascended in your economy. to pick on the more emerging type of economies that need to pollute in order to get ahead. if rock in a try to make a commitment here shouldn't it be fair and equal. and should they assume some of the burden. i'm in favor of free trade here. it has to be fair trade. the same with climate policy. as can is gonna cause a problem here.
2:48 pm
i'm not looking for protectionist policy. this is something different. you are going to 70 years later. let's have fun with it. it is just the hypocrisy of it all. they are traveling there on their own private jets. when you think about that. all of these business elites they are in businesses that aren't going to pay the cost in fact the real thing that the president will accomplish by getting it out of this accord. he will save a six and half million americans from getting a pink slip is of all of the regulations that would appoint their jobs there. there is something to be said for the market economy. if green energy really has a shot at taking off and should.
2:49 pm
we will make the transition but putting these artificial limits and not holding everyone in every country accountable is bad precedent. president trump you have to stay in the sink. over these kinds of regulations. we will talk about all of it. you see wilbor ross there. anticipating donald trump. i will see you back here in two. your insurance company
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moments away from present trump's expected announcement that the u.s. is going to get out of the paris claimant accord. all of this as a president gets some pushback from some big businesses. not the likes of apple, facebook and google. it creates jobs. and reduces competitive imbalances globally. you will recall. i don't know if he so concerned about creating those jobs. he would just drop out to the present.
2:54 pm
tim cook even called the president himself. our own ashley webster joins us now. they are very worked up. it's interesting. i will cause -- cost 6 million jobs. they say it look for those very reasons. plus we want a seat at the table when things are decided. what bugs me about it though and beyond what the companies are saying is that china doesn't really had to play or get involved until about 20 years down the road where as we have a bunch of money. we reduce our admissions. that's why think the whole thing is just some kind of stamp of approval that you can
2:55 pm
get. the idea that somehow by china gets a free pass because they deserve a shot at that. the biggest clue. and as we sit here china continues to construct factories at the rate of a one a week. i just think the whole thing is just plain lip service. it's a climate change. how much impact are we having. i'm not really sure. it could be whatever. i think being tied into an agreement like this in the course mean been a big contributor of money towards it i think he said on the campaign. it's a bad deal were getting out. i think he probably well. politically it would be very tough in fact for him right
2:56 pm
now were in a state part of this. when he has made it so clear and made that clear. that he was actually going to try to save jobs are for example in the coal industry. if he were going to say i'm a menacing day part of this deal. some people said he may try to do a deal. i don't think so. i think donald trump says no good were out. we will find out any minute from now. thank you so much. stay tuned we are coming back and we will find out for sure just exactly what the president decides to do on the paris accord. stay for a special coverage. a two minute break. we will see right here. think again.
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3:00 pm
paris climate accord. he is announcing that momentarily. we have full coverage will we be in what we go working to find out right now liz claman. and headlines are now just breaking. as he heads to the white house rose garden. any moment now he is pulling out of the paris climate accord but that he will seek a better deal he will reveal the decision on whether the u.s. well abandon the paris climate agreement. now course of the president promised on the campaign trail they raise global temperatures.


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