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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the responses are pouring in. it is a traitorous act of war. this is a complete disaster. he hates it. risk and reward starts now. the united states pays the cost and bears the burdens. the united states pays billions of dollars. present trumpet did fulfill a campaign promise.
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and the market today seen it through this whole thing shaken off any worries from critics. very interesting to watch. they were all closing at record highs. i head of tomorrow's monthly job report. in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect america and its citizens the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> with that we welcome you to risk and reward. present trumpet announcing the u.s. will pull out of the global climate deal. we look at green energy stocks something of a big reaction. they are higher on the day. the first solar closing slightly lower on the day.
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they are down by 64 cents today. the tesla ceo in the apple ceo should be pointed out advised president trump to stay in this paris deal now elon musk of tesla he just tweeted this out. i am departing presidential council. they are leaving paris not good for america or the world. apple, its stock close a bit higher. the tesla share price as we sit down 64 cents. the energy analyst starts us off with all of these developments chris, good to see you. for our purposes i think it makes sense and made this an economic issue pulling out of the paris climate deal. so from your perspective the economics of it good or bad for the u.s.
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their individual companies that obviously were premised upon. the rent that they received. on the whole obviously for a self imposed restriction. are they were forcing this on to intermittent reliable energy. >> is a something that we are making too big of a deal up. it is of course all of us. it is a major input into an awful lot of what we do. we do still have a awful lot of people who make stuff and dick stuff. the u.s. has a tremendous cost advantage. that was actually the point. i want people to forget several years ago just a few. the un official believe it or not said this isn't about the
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environment. it has very little to do with the environment. the eu climate minister said it's about leveling the playing --dash back the playing field. remember the europeans have done this to themselves. other parties are same if saying if we don't do it it's unfair. this was aimed at reducing the energy cost advantage. money go to steve mnuchin. he was just on. and here is what he have to say. about the development of the day. >> people who quote to that i think are living in the stone ages. we are about broadening the base and we are to make sure that this is tax reform not just tax cuts and that they are paid for.
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so he was talking about tax reform there. he said about the climate deal as well. in terms of this was a bad deal. i think this is what you were getting are getting a little bit. it's not necessarily the is anti- environment. go to rich community or a poor country. the richer you are. this is about while the creation which makes us healthier, greener and cleaner. you're talking about the trump bump in all of the optimism that came with the deregulatory agenda. we have attorney general whose documents have been released. showing that they are organizing to enforce this thing. just because is not legally binding it doesn't mean you do
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don't have to do it. we had courts waiting for this. and today the president said you have to find another hook. good for him. we did see a bump on the daily basis. the other side of it the democrats are making what our predictable comments about the pullout from the paris deal. many of them were made even before the president made it official. >> it was sent to the rest of the world. the united states does not care doesn't care about this planet that we all see. this is no longer he is doing his thing. this is endangering the world. if we stayed alone to face the global crisis. we are really endangering the planet. the american people and our economy. adding to that democrat. many of them made the case that cities well now take up this cause.
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this is a dagger aimed straight at the heart of new york city. he should know better. and we in new york city again i can have to take matters into her own hands. that is what cities all over the country in the world are to do. it shouldn't be this way but it's what's necessary. i want to make it absolutely clear that the white house in our partners worldwide that the city of boston well not back down. icon them nationwide to do the same. let me make this the final point. they are taking this into their own hands. and possibly more local regulations. obviously they don't have confidence in his argument. there was no projected impact to this.
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it's good to talk to tonight. we appreciate your perspective. our next guest defense that decision. science is actually on his side. it's good to see you joe. the president has had these discussions over the years. he thinks he is economics on his side. i agree 100 percent. he knocked of the park. here is the fact of the matter. if you look at the past record of the earth everybody believes in climate change. the question is how much is main contributing to that. the entire 10 million year geological record there has been no linkage between co2 and temperatures in the variations of the earth's climate.
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you are denying if i may use that word. 10million years of previous records as shown. in addition climate optimism's were times that were warmer than what we are now. here's the thing. are you cannot formulate policy based on computer models. i work with these things every day even in ten to 15 day forecast. they are all over the place. in the chaos in the variants of the atmosphere leads to these things. finally a look at the progress. this gets the economics. look at the fossil fuel era. as chris is pointing out. the wealth created in the fossil fuel era makes it possible for them to research these things and makes them -- makes it possible.
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here is another thing on a personal level. i'm 61 years old. i come from back in the 60s and 70s. i cannot deal with the fact that the inner cities are collapsing the way we are and that this is with science. when we can't even feed our own poor in this country. your argument as will taken because as we said this is an economic debate. more than a scientific one. do want to ask you about the settled science part of it. there are articles written and i've read them. something to the effect if you look at the peer review climate science papers more than 97% agree that it is a real climate change. as likely caused by human activity. it's only 32 percent of the
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people that question actually answer that. and all those people that answered it have written papers. i wonder what would happen if you stacked the deck in any kind of search. is your point that we just don't know. my argument is you have to believe that the increase in one part of co2 over a. of a hundred years now. now beats the sun, the oceans and of the design. throw all that out. we've increased this one part. that is a stretch at best.
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one last quick point before we go. the claimant does change. is it worth crashing our economy. lou dobbs tonight. now a big day. for the dakota access pipeline. in general today. we were talking a little bit about this earlier. they released that video. after his dui arrest.
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have you taken any illegal drugs. have you taken any illegal drugs. we will show you more from that arrest video. hillary clinton is continuing to play the blame game. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.
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>> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. at some point it was the biggest nothing berger ever. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. >> guided by americans. >> so hillary clinton putting forth quite the list of culprits for white she lost the election in a recent interview she did out in california. they have no total up the excuses and they found a whopping 24 items. that's all we could fit on one screen for you. the former trump campaign spokesperson is here.
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you have to wonder which reality the hillary clinton and many of the left are living in today if they truly think that those are all the reasons why it hillary clinton loss. she is even claim the dnc and facebook. we could just recall that it was rigging the primary in her favor. and they actually had their own version of a beer summit. again this is a psychology of the left and their unwillingness to accept the election results. she lost because she was hillary clinton. she was a bad candidate and she did a lot of bad things why when she was in the public eye. it something cheaper up and that's russia. the trump campaign was guided. that there was some collusion going on.
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i want you to listen to a former obama national intelligence chief. and what he has said and he said this repeatedly about the allegations of collusion. i saw no direct evidence of collusion between the campaign and the russians. i did not had any smoking gun evidence of collusion. we did not include any evidence in a report that have anything in reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. mister clapper a high-ranking obama official. with that katrina you worked our permanent public official. to borrow mrs. clinton's term.
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and it's pretty safe to say it by now that the only person that guides present trump is the president. and there was absolutely no -- no collusion. what type of collusion are we even talking about. one thing we been saying is that donald trump could have won the campaign. we were just gonna be there to help out. in some ways that's how it actually turned out. let me ask you about something else that has come up this week. the reason i ask you about it today is a new report of tmc this is the picture we blurted out part of it. they have their port about mister trump and his son thinking that the image here just about everybody comes out. he thought it was his dad.
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he thought may have been his dad. ken jennings for some reason weighed in on this and joked about it on twitter. he saw a very long net -- neck tie. he thought it was his dad and his little heart is breaking. he responded saying it takes a real man to pick on an 11-year-old. they will rationalize this away with their usual excuses. so we look at all of this today i don't even know what to say after kathy griffith straight. i don't know many people are rationalizing that. i guess some are trying. many people that are close to the trump family. attacking an 11-year-old is completely unacceptable.
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the people that claimed to be loving, compassionate and caring who simply lose all of values when it comes to things that they particularly disagree with it is unfortunate. we should no longer stand for this. this is another reason why hillary clinton loss because people on the left are vile and disgusting and this social psychopath he now is now infiltrated into the homes of all americans. she is losing business over all of this. >> katrina, good to see you. thank you so much. jupiter police releasing that video. we will show you more of that. we will come up and talk about that. cnn was criticized for taking too long to get rid of kathy griffin. the ceo that removed her.
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>> it was a top trending story all day. >> i thought they would come out after they said saw that photo. it took them about a full day but they eventually did get to taking her off of that coverage. were at a point now where she has an endorsement which a great american company. and they yesterday about five minutes after that photo came out said we are denouncing her. that's where were at now. so cnn is criticized a bit there.
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following this gory follow photo. with us now. is that ceo of the aforementioned squatting party. the crazy story. can i work backwards. we are a diverse company and we are always looking for ways that we can sell a product. we reached all different demographics because everybody can use it. we found a script that was very funny. she carried the part. she reached the key demo for
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us. we hired her for the spot. we did the spot. she did a great job. and unfortunately i was on vacation. a photograph. and i was just shacking my heart. we can't have an image of this person i believe in freedom of speech i do. but this was just an absurd prank and a joke. the sacred place. that we all need to respect. they immediately made the decision to end it. we played a soundbite. it took them all day. they acted right away.
5:29 pm
take me through yesterday and what you're thinking it took about 45 minutes to craft a response. i was talking to my team. i was about to get on the plane and coming back to the u.s. from mexico. i said we have to do something. we worked on the phone. it was just something that i realized we could not attach very much to our company. it was a very simple decision. only hundred percent of the people that we talked about. who did you talk to about this.
5:30 pm
who had you spoken to. my parents mom and dad. we immediately got phone calls. the phones lit up. we just assessed the situation. and no matter the cost we have to just do it. you just went through her representatives. bobby edwards good to talk too. i got rid of her right away. they are releasing videos. it was a missile test over the pacific ocean. the military testing a missile defense system to counter a potential threat from north korea.
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we take a look at the defense stocks today. they are all down on the day. orlando police with that new body camera footage that has been released from the pulse nightclub attack. horrible stuff. we will show you more and talk more the other video that is being talked about. >> do you know where you're going. more on all of that. right after this. when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
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we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. >> have you have anything to drink tonight. are you taking any illegal drugs. it's part of the arrest video.
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we can now hear him saying he did have legal drugs. and here is a little bit more of the police giving him the sobriety test. his biggest sponsor is nike. it is down by a little bit. in the former bush 41 campaign. it's interesting. this video in many ways it's just sad. it speaks to a lot of problems that we have. the epidemic that is there.
5:37 pm
from the business perspective. what do you make of that. i don't get sad. i believe it is shameful. i don't care if he was high on a cocktail of medicines or red bull. he have no right to be driving. ironically as it relates to nike for their business. they should be able to make decisions. i believe nike can decide best for themselves. the epidemic of these
5:38 pm
prescription drugs. not necessarily what's going on with tiger woods. the guy doesn't do what he's paid to do very well. with all of this are you surprised. and see what unfolds over the next few days. they did in 2009. and looked a lot worse than it did right at this moment. yes it is shameful for anyone to be so irresponsible. legal or not legal. it's addiction. it's something that needs to be treated. this is something that we talked about alter the presidential election. the opioid crisis that is ravaging them.
5:39 pm
>> i respect that. he should be putting tiger woods in the same category as these people. these people are low income people who are stuck in addiction. tiger woods makes more money in two weeks than most people do in their lifetime. he i think we do know that. i'm not a dr.. with the wealthy person after wealthy person. it is a disease. >> when you've got vast resources even less excuses in your life. i wouldn't put it on the same level as most people who are
5:40 pm
struggling. and families have lost loved ones. we don't know yet why tiger woods made the decision to get in the car when he was totally incapacitated. we do know that he is still in the third highest paid golfer despite the fact that he doesn't even play anymore. it's a different case. i feel sad for him and his family. he deserves 30 days in jail wearing stripes and then he should be dealing with his addiction. nobody got hurt here. mark, jessica thinks for both of you. it was diverted back to melbourne. we are watching video of some of this. they wrestled the sky to the floor as he was charging into the cockpit. this video came from a passenger of armed police on the plane.
5:41 pm
the airline stocks today trading for the most part in the green. they were all up today. a bouncy hunters arrest. it was all caught on tape. >> the full clip in some context. they are releasing body camera footage of the brave police officers who handle that pulse might come -- nightclub attack.
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breaking is just coming into us. the newly elected president has been speaking here over the last few minutes. we will not be renegotiated.
5:45 pm
it is a mistake for u.s. interest and the u.s. affected -- allen west is here to join us. before we get to our plan topic of discussion. i do want to ask you about this breaking news. with that president trump. that pulling out of this deal makes us less safe what you say. >> i think as president trump said he is the president of pittsburgh and not the president of paris. it would be more important for him to worry about his own economy there in paris.
5:46 pm
not that massive wealth. with as a us turning our backs on france. he should remember what the american soldiers did there to liberate france in the last century. the pittsburgh line will be the most remembered line. now the topic as i said. they had released hours of new body camera footage from just cass and hora that those officers encountered. it was almost a year ago. here is a little bit of that. the police body camera company digital alley.
5:47 pm
that stock closing in the green today. though it has been down over a little bit of a longer time. this was some of footage. and going back to what president lagrone said. i think he needs to focus on it. it happened at a nightclub. we just saw what happened in manchester england. and we know about omar and the pulse nightclub. in all these cases what just troubles me is that these individuals were under the watch . just the same as a young man over in manchester england. we know about the isys attackers who would come in
5:48 pm
and refugees. i wish that we focus on that real enemy instead of trying to predict the weather. and ruin the economy of the united states of america. it is something that he would like to put in place to combat all of this. it doesn't look like he's getting anywhere anytime soon. don't you find it quite interesting that they are instituting a temporary travel ban because they realize they had 23,000 jihadists. the perpetrator had just come back from a three-week little vacation. in the return back to the united kingdom. it's always a pleasure. the first president obama had what people at the time have fof
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. she does not look well. she was just having fun and laughing and vibrant. losing is not fun. but the inability to see the lack of a campaign connected with blue-collar americans who been women left behind by both republicans and democrats after all of this time with all of her education and all the help she got they made
5:53 pm
that the election was rigged. the democrats in the left. insular -- hillary clinton combine them all together. they are like the new tinfoil hat conspiracy contention. they have lauren graham. saying that they are blaming everyone. the failed bid for the presidency. and as we said before the they are talking about notthe pg
5:54 pm
field so you know how to face. we will give you the tools. it's interesting to see her treating herself. that's how they all treat the electorate. when people deny something that others are kind of a know to be true are they able to
5:55 pm
convince themselves to believe it or do they know in the back of their minds many mind many times is not true. so she has to explain in some way. and the way i think she adds things up in her mind is that i'm perfect there must've been people at fault for my defeat. some quick thoughts. on how mrs. clinton can't talk in a way that doesn't try to evoke sympathy. here it is. >> i don't think she is capable of discussing anything about the election in a way that makes anything other than
5:56 pm
sympathy for her. she has made herself pathetic. she cannot even provide analysis or anything like that. and i think they can't possibly get behind that kind of explanation because there is no real responsibility being expressed. good to see you. there did you mean to make any money today. we will be right back. it's the place where you feel safe to have those little moments that mean everything. at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home.
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i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. connell: the market really, as we're putting it tonight, shaking off any kind of critics' worries with the pullout from the climate deal. dow, s&p, nasdaq, record highs ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. strong report could encourage the fed to, you know, not worry about rates so much.
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be sure to tune into maria tomorrow morning, she has a special report, jobs in america. 6:00 in the morning eastern time. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm connell mcshane. now it's charles payne with "making money." charles: thanks a lot, buddy. good evening, we do have breaking news tonight. first, you're looking at it. the dow, s&p and nasdaq soaring, all now record highs on that strong jobs report that dovetails with a slew of other economic data that proves that an economic renaissance has begun. the big, breaking news later that america is saying good-bye to the paris accord also giving investors confidence late in the session. now, president trump just announcing that climate bombshell, and already global elites are losing their collective minds. although the move that reportedly divided the west wing, the president adhering to his base and keeping a major promise. but president trump was clear, this action wasn't about climate. he says that he's actually open to renegotiating.


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