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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 2, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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in the line of duty. the we could is the american law enforcement heroes act which is cosponsored by senator john cornyn and senator amy klobuchar which also unanimously passed the senate and assists state and local law enforcement in adding veterans to their forces by prioritizing the department of justice funding to law enforcement agencies that is used to hire veterans.
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his base was very pleased with what the president decided to do. is that part of the calculus? i would like to ask as follow about the xl pipeline, terms of jobs and development? >> what we said with respect to the executive order in question, has been fairly consistent since
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implementation and in the first court action. last night we asked the supreme court to hear this important case. confident that the president's lech sieve order is well within the lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism. the president is not required to submit entrance from country that sponsor terrorism. until they're properly vetted or pose a risk to the united states pretty consistent what we talked about. i don't have update, talking about in terms of production? i don't have that at this time. >> you were asked about the president's personal view about climate change. you hadn't had a chance to had conversation with him. it has been 48, 72 hours. what does the president believe on climate change? does he still believe it was a hoax? can u ify that, apparently nobody in the white house has. >> i have not had opportunity to have that discussion. >> doesn't the american people deserve --
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>> president is focused on making sure we have clean water, clean air, making sure we have the best deal for the american workers. blake. blake? >> no worries. quick question for you on related to the paris climate agreement, why is the president feel it is important to continue to reduce carbon emissions and export clean energy technology? >> i think he, he understands the importance of clean air, clean water as i just mentioned and healthy environment. also doing so in that provides the american workers and our economy a way to go but obviously administrator pruitt pointed out we have a lot of technology that we can export to other countries to help them. >> just a quick question as it relates to climate change. very simple definition of climate change is a change in the earth's weather patterns. epa administrator said he does feel there is some value to the
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studies that say that the earth is warming somewhat. does the president share the epa administrator's thoughts on this topic? why is the administration sort of backed away from using the words climate change? >> i have not, as i mentioned i have not had the opportunity to specifically talk to the president about that. >> thanks, sean. yesterday the president paint ad pretty dire economic picture if the united states were to stay in the paris accords, it would be disasterous for u.s. economy, yesterday dozens of top ceos of american corporations lobbied of the president in order to ay in the paris accord. why would the president argue this is bad for the economy if all those ceo's are saying you know what we need to do this? is the president right about the economic forecast and all those private sector leaders wrong? >> president took input from a lot of individuals. there were other sectors that were very concerned about the implementation of it. frankly i think there were some companies on some organizations that are among those you
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mentioned that while they maybe wanted to stay in, also expressed concerns about the target levels. at end of the day the president's number one priority to get the best deal for the american people. this who they elected last year. one of the things that we've got to remember the president was very clear on the campaign trail about his position on this but he was also clear he will negotiate the best deal for the american people. and if you look at all of the deals that we have whether the trade deals or paris president made it very clear he committed to getting best deal for america's workers and american manufacturers. >> will he replace elon musk and bob iger on the economic council? >> i don't know. jim. >> president's critics pulling out of the accord will lift china as global leader do you agree with the sentiment? what does the white house has to say about that. >> part of the reason the president said it was bad deal yesterday, countries including china were not making
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substantial progress in reducing their carbon footprint. they weren't doing enough and america was carrying the load. i think by negotiating a better deal, hopefully we can get a better result for our country and the world. john. >> thank you, sean. yesterday president macron of france delivered a sharply-worded speech in english attacking the president on the climb mat change decision saying it is bad for all of our children. he specifically called on scientists to come and move to france. what is the president's response to president macron? >> i think that president had made it clear since day one that his job is to protect the interests of this country and our citizens. as he said yesterday he was elected to represent pittsburgh, not paris. hunter? >> thank you, sean. "washington post"has reported that administration is considering returning these properties in maryland and new york to russia.
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what is the reason for that? what would the white house have to see before giving back those properties? >> the state department issued comments on that earlier saying quote, the u.s. and russia reached no agreements. they're projecting negotiations further along than they are. so the state department is lead on that they have been very clear where we stand on that. charlie? >> has president been following the kathy griffin meltdown? does the family want a personal apology? >> does what? >> does the family want a personal apology from kathy griffin for the beheading photo? >> the president, first lady, secret service all made it very clear their view on those thoughts. steve. >> sean, there has been matter of curiosity in this town for couple days now, is the white house going to invoke executive privilege to prevent james comey from testifying before the senate intelligence panel next week? >> that committee hearing was just noticed. obviously it has to be reviewed. >> so that is not a no.
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>> i was just saying literally, my understanding the diet for that hearing was just set. i have not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know whathey're,ow they're going to rpond. jen? >> two questions, sean. one on the tax bill and one on debt ceiling. rose garden yesterday, president said something about our tax bill moving along in congress very well. we heard something about a bill being drafted in house ways and means. is that what he he is talking about or what tax bill is he referring to? >> as a you know, secretary mnuchin and director cohn were here couple weeks ago laying out broad principles in legislation, they had several discussions in both the house and senate, bipartisan industry groups. i think reception that the president's initiative has received in both chambers is moving along very well with leadership and rank-and-file members. >> we've been getting mixed messages from the administration official whether you like to see a clean debt bill or can --
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explain the president's feeling whether he like to see riders attached on spending, what is the feeling? >> both secretary mnuchin and director mulvaney have weighed in on this. this is something we'll work with congress on. so we're not there yet. something our team will continue to work with them on. jessica. >> thank you, sean. two questions, number one when we heard the admin administrator talked about the exit from climate accord is not a signal that the pus wants to disengage from climate polly. what steps are they taking and as you well know climate is key part of cooperation between the u.s. and china. will you try to replace that very important intersection of interests with something else? will you continue to do some technological cooperation on clean energy for example with the chinese? do you have any thoughts on that? >> well this is a decision that was just made yesterday afternoon and i think the president is going to gauge both with domestic stakeholders he mentioned in the speech yesterday. he looks forward to talking to
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leaders in both both parties on a way forward, reasonable ways we can engage. we can talk to world leaders that is a process that has to resolve. what's that? >> china, relationship with china, the point of cooperation, have you guys given thought to how you will manage? because the model was manage tensions with china and u. government by having areas of cooperation and this was prevusly an area of cooperation. obviously other areas that white house is working on now with china, other cooperation of areas of cooperation with the chinese government? >> the relationship president trump established through president xi has been quite remarkable. he talked about it very clearly. it's a model which they will continue to build their relationship and talk about issues, whether it is this or north korea or other areas, economic areas that they're going to work together on. so i think the great thing about this issue is that the relationship that the president has continues to build with president xi is one that will
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allow them to move forward. >> thank you, sean. recent statement by senator mccain he said that vladmir putin is a greater threat to the united states security of the u.s. than isis. president had any conversation with you about that comment. >> no, he hasn't. >> sean, secretary mnuchin says he wants debt ceiling raised before the august recess -- [inaudible]. this morning he want it clean as well. this morning geir hery cohn said that the administration is going to do whatever with congress to get it passed before august. freedom caucus wants spending cuts. what does this look like? doesn't sound if the treasury secretary will get a clean bill. what is the administration willing to take to as far as spending cuts to get the debt ceiling raised. >> that is nature what jen is asking. that is a conversation our team is going to have with congressional leaders and other stakeholders, freedom caucus, other members what it will take. there is bipartisan recognition
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that we need to get that done. and so secretary mnuchin, director cohn, director mulvaney other members of the team will continue to work with congressional leaders to figure out what it takes to get it done. april? >> sean, could you tell me how is the president dealing with the fact that there are several mayors, many mayors from bipartisan group, u.s. conference of mayors, who are against the president's withdrawal of paris agreement? how does this president move forward with what he is saying about making colgate again and taking the -- economics of clean energy and, walking out of paris plans to have mayors we're saying we'll continue with the paris agreement? >> well if wants to enact a policy that is, on range of issues, they're accountable to their own voters. that is what they should do. we believe in states rights. so if a locality, municipality
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or a state wants to enact a policy that their vote es or citizens believe in, that is what they should do. but i will say, with respect to elect the officials, there was i think a large contingent of officials at every level of government were very pleased with the president's decision yesterday and applauded him for that. >> large bipartisan group of republican and democrats mayors were critical. >> when he is have bipartisan support for it. >> last topic. there are numbers of reports -- [inaudible] museum african-american cultural museum, negative word -- spray-painted on lebron james's home. what is the president saying specifically, people are saying over the last 130 plus days people feeling there is divide perpetuated from this white house? >> well i would respectfully disagree with the premise of
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that. we need to denounce hate in any form in any act, and this president made it clear from election night to his inauguration that he wants to unite this country move it forward. caitlyn. >> secretary of state rex tillerson endorse withdrawing from the paris climate agreement? >> i'm not privy to conversations individuals had with the president. >> he was not as the announcement yesterday? >> i don't know. >> secondly, can you clarify the nature of conversations that jared kushner had with russian officials with a banker in december and what cast date of meeting? >> i can not. as i mentioned the other day we're focused on president's agenda and going forward all questions on these matters will be refer outside counsel mark kasowitz. >> how can you not answer questions when president tweets about it. >> we're focused on his agenda. going forward all questions on the answer will be referred to outside counsel? >> -- any of those questions? where are you guys are finding,
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spoke people, spokespeople would want to respond to those that would be helpful. >> okay. >> do you have any update on search for fbi director? >> as i mentioned yesterday, i guess, couple days ago, the president continues to be meeting with candidates. when we have update on that we'll let you know. >> said you had intalked to the president yet he still believes climate change is a hoax. can you, would it be possible to have that conversation with him and report back to us at next briefing? >> if i can i will. >> you can't say where the president stands on climate change, does this mean members of this administration helped esident make digs to withdraw from the paris accord without knowing president stan without knowing whether or not he thinks climate change is real? >> my understanding individuals gave president advice on deal at hand. he made a decision on what was best for the country and our people on the merits of the agreement. >> sean, we know the president heard a lot of points of view on this on both sides of the issue. there was impression, maybe a
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false impression it was a difficult decision. that he was waivering. in the end though yesterday he was emphatic about his, getting out of the agreement. in the end was this an easy decision or was it a close decision? >> i honestly don't know. that is what the president is ultimate decider. when he comes, gets information that is requires he lets us know he has a decision he announces. >> one other thing. there is a lot of talk about renegotiation. why renegotiate? the united states has the authority to simply reduce the targets. why not just do that? >> because the president believe it is in our country's best interests to renegotiate a the deal. >> sean, president signed a waiver yesterday that delays campaign promise to move embassy to jerusalem. you said this was -- sort of peace deal, how confident can his supporters be that campaign promise he will keep? >> when the president signed the waiver, under the jerusalem embass is sy act and delayed
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moving embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, no one should consider sp in any way to be retreat from the president's strong support for israel and for the u.s.-israeli relationship. the president made this decision to maximize the chance of successfully negotiating a deal between israel and the palestinians, fulfilling a solemn obligation to defend america's national security interests. but as he repeatedly his stated his intention is not if that move happens but when. >> promised during the campaign to do it on day one. is there -- >> ultimate goal to get peace as i said. it is not an if, it is when. francesca. >> thank you, sean, following up on caitlyn's question, question after that, still the administration ace position though that jared kushner was in the meeting with the russian banker as a representative of the transition, representing the president? >> as i said to caitlyn we're focused on president's agenda. going forward all questions on matter will be referred to
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outside counsel. >> something you can answer directly. does the president still have confidence in jared kushner? >>absolutely. >> thank you, sean. one of the waivers of white house all white house appointees concerning discussions with news media retroactive. was that aimed at, did white house have steve bannon's communications with "breitbart news" in mind? was that applied retroactively to address those communications and any response to director schwab's claim if you need a retroactive waiver you have violate ad rule. >> that's correct. there are two pieces to that are important. one is remember, this didn't have to do with the law or regulatis. this had to do with the president's pledge. the only, is the ulmate decider on that. this isn't with respect to a law or regulation. what we discovered was that several individuals on staff had previously worked for media
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organizations. in order to continue having those discussions and advancing the president's agenda and priorities it was important to make sure all individuals had the opportunity to speak to the media about what the president was doing to make the country stronger. for what it is worth todays happens to be national leave work early day. [laughter] i hope you all get a chance to participate if you maybe go home, if you participated in national doughnut day. go home early, work it off. with that i hope you getted a advantage of that day. have a great weekend. >> all right at this time, sean spicer white house press secretary wrapping up daily press briefing today
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trish: we're looking at new highs. dow, s&p, nasdaq, closing at all sometime highs. dow jones industrial average now at 21,219. tells you something, investors really thought theky was falling as a result of us getting out of the paris accord, then you would he see a whole lot more downside in the markets. people are taking this news just fine. of course they had today's jobs report. we added 138,000 jobs to this economy. the u6 rate of unhe will employment, something some folks don't want to talk about, it is confusing when you say u 6. this basically likes at all the people in the workforce currently employed part time hoping to be full time. that is never good, right, part-timers you want them to be full-timers, if they're not getting it suggesting something wrong with the work place. that rate came down. that is very good news. that is encouraging. mash get likes all of it. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." big day.
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joining me to discuss what we heard from scott pruitt and sean reporter, media reporter at the, joe concha, evan siegfried and former dnc deputy press secretary. joe, i will start with you. once again you see a media that is angry, that doesn't like what the president decided to do on the paris accord, really made that the number one priority letting the economy, jobs, you know, fall to the side again. >> let me ask you a question. what do you think got donald trump elected? number one eshoo. trish: i know what got him elected. it was the economy. >> economic, by far. going away. and during this press conference we've been tracking, there were zero questions on a jobs report. how uld that be? instead it was jim acosta, c, many worry, you're putting your head in the sand over climate science. another one was, scott pruitt,
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epa, why did you celebrate at french restaurant last night? was that symbolic. these are questions people are asking, people in middle america hear more about the jobs report an economy. this is why the press is hated so much. trish: you say this i want to report out new "gallup poll" showing, economic issues are number one priority for americans. 21%. that was the most polled, economic issues. you know what? environment, pollution ranges down there at bottom, 2%. evan, almost like a luxury if you can be that worried about climate change, you're not worried where your next meal is coming from, not worried how you pay for you kids college education you got climate change to worry about. >> if you are wore heried about climate change why are you not outraged at deal? paris accord was toothless climate change agreement, had no enforcement mechanism. you could violate left and right. it was meaningless. a lot of hypocrisy on part of democrats, went out with the
2:23 pm
ahca a, attacked republicans something is better than nothing. now, they're saying well, staying with the paris accord something is better than nothing. we should do that. trish: you make a very important point. jose, one of the things troubles me about the whole paris accord, if we agree to do something on climate change, gosh why not do it? why are we allowing china to continue polluting at rate they're polluting? why allow india to do that? why allow russia to do that? why not comp with an agreement that changes that? >> look, this is the agreement that we had in place. you want to talk about china. talk about the fact that now we're pulling out of paris agreement china can now produce more renewable energy, go towards solar while we stand back and do nothing. >> what stopped them before. >> the getting out of agreement is dangerous. this is huge mistake. trish: i you say it is dangerous. i keep hearing this. i keep hearing people on the left are so worried about what it is going to mean.
2:24 pm
i talked to a friend this morning on not really on left or right but buying into all the rhetoric she keeps hearing. she is worried somehow the world will fall apart as a result of all this really, truly, evan siegfried what will this say. >> as much as i want to see new jersey under water like democrats claim, nothing will happen. let's be honest. this was imperfect deal never had any teeth to it. jose saying now china can do all this really bad stuff. what stopped them before with is? illogical. tris tre is -- joe, think about you will at mayors across the country. bill de blasio here in new york city. we'll do our own deal with paris. we'll have our own accord in these various cities because it seems to me they're saying this is opportunity. this is opportunity, maybe get some of those sanders voters into the fold.
2:25 pm
>> shows you how symbolic it is right? 193 companies and american municipality in new york is going to jump on board. but the reason why your friend is so scared, editor from vise said your kids will die from climate change. "huffington post," trump to earth, drop dead. even aclu, holding up paris agreement would be massive step back for racial justice and assault on communities of color. it is a racial thing. trish: i have to take a break. we'll be right back. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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shawn spicer says that the administration is working with congress to get spending cuts into raise the debt ceiling. for the very latest i want to go to adam shapiro who is their life inside of the briefing. we did not cure many questions there from reporters. about the jobs report. the jobs report is kind of an port story. there was the discussion about the jobs report.
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in the jobs report my needs on increase of 7,000 jobs. since october when my need hit its low point in 2016 we had added 47,000 jobs in mining and trade that supports it. you hear this from people like gary cohen. it will make other products competitive. you heard scott pruitt did ministration same the only issue that the president considered is the paris feel good or bad for the united states does it put doesn't put it as an economic disadvantage. the ruling on that is a yes. the other issue is that congress comes back to washington next week and boy does it have a full plate. most important among some is raising the debt ceiling.
2:30 pm
the secretary of the treasury has said we had hit it actually. the extraordinary measures. he wants this race. the administration is willing to look whatever they can. to help them pass it. that is a conversation. that is the other stakeholder freedom caucus. bipartisan recognition. what it takes to get it done. today the questions were mostly about the paris accord and climate change and what the president intends to do.
2:31 pm
thother signers ofaccord to move forward. back to you. >> let's take a look at these markets you can take a look at the highs of the session. fifty-five points. this is on the heels of today's job report. the unemployment rate the unemployment rate is pretty darn good and wages they met expectations. increasing to a half% so how should we be thinking about all of this. is this market going to keep on moving higher. he has the intel and next. there's nothing traditional about my small business. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs, and i get back to business.
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it's a turn to the markets right now. we are on fire everyone. here we are getting ready to hit records. it is all on the heels of maze jobs report. that is not what people have suspected. it is in the right direction and importantly we saw the unemployment rate fall to 4.3% the lowest level in 16 years and you heard we mentioned earlier. that is the rate that looks at all of those people out there that are working part-time right now. it has really struggled. people have been working on this part-time economy.
2:36 pm
that is significant. you need wages going up. what does it mean for the market overall. adam johnson along with our very own nicole. in anaheim guessing you have a bullish read on this. a positive overall on the market on the economy and on some of the economic policies you had been seen. see mcqueen earnings growth of 13.6 percent. that is outstanding. full employment the lowest in 16 years people are making more. twenty-third of our economy is spinning. that is good for corporate america. the washington post they said
2:37 pm
that we only edit added a hundred 38,000 jobs. far below expectations i know it was below expectations but are some people getting a little ahead of themselves. with a market that still doing while right now. and it really shows a lot of resilience each year. everybody was so worried about when the u.s. pulls out the paris accord and in the meantime by closing belt we have to record highs. and then today which was a little bit soft. to your point there was a some good parts of that report. in the idea here is a lot more big picture. the progrowth policies are in place. the cuts in particular. unless spending growth. and as something is so key for our government. when you talk about investing here on wall street people are still buying on the pullback. they still feel optimistic
2:38 pm
about the entire market. i do think there is optimism out there. if you've a pro-business administration. and perhaps it is more evidence of it that we don't need more regulation and a time like this for businesses. let me get to that. and what it might mean. for the federal reserve. they had signaled that they have wanted to get away from that. could anybody had read the data differently. how do you think they are going to react to this. this is really quirky step. we will try to make it simple. if you have the probability
2:39 pm
and the odds of a june increase go up by about three percentage point. that is a one side of the story. you actually had the yield go down meaning bonds rallied. it's cheap to borrow money. if we want any infrastructure plan. this is the time to do it. you can get this money pretty cheaply. the nonfarm payroll growth of a hundred 302000 it's only about enough to take care of population growth. there are that many people coming. from the right side to the left side. in the washington post would say he has lost his way.
2:40 pm
we have enough bond traders. they said wait a minute hundred 38 is a great. maybe they won't go quite as fast. it's very interesting to watch. good to see both of you. the handful of business leaders are speaking out. is there more to their objections than meets the eye. is there a lot of hypocrisy here. you know it. we will explain next. my fries at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help
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we saw a lot of business leaders speaking out from the climate accord. he tweeted interestingly his very first tweet. we wonder if it was timed accordingly. it's a setback for the environment it for the u.s. leadership position in the
2:44 pm
world. by the way the same company that recently went out and buy all of those bonds. propping up his socialist regime. so how is goldman to be talking about what is best for the world. he is in hollywood. gift of all the stars on your side. they will be leaving at the the white house advisory council. he needs to keep hollywood happy. he has a financial interest. he wants to go greater for his own sake and his own company's sake. let's talk about lloyd blankstein. he is out there bankrolling
2:45 pm
the bonds that they bought were in the national oil company. not only is he propping up this socialist regime he is propping up the evil fossil fuel company in venezuela. every time he comes back to bay for more government funds. he is creating more metric tons than the average american citizen does. it's what we do not by what we say. what you are doing. it shows you might not believe what you're saying. we know what is best for you.
2:46 pm
and then doing exactly what they want. we to tell all of the peons this is how you are supposed to live. we will do things our way. you're gonna do what we please. as we look at paris and the corporations they had have sustainability programs in place for decades and you know what the market has forced them to do that. either shareholders or good business or pr or whatever reason they put these programs in place and they are already baked into the bottom line. we've seen success in doing this. good to see you sir. we will be right back. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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wisconsin governor scott walker. he's pushing a bold new plan that it would force them to be drug tested before they get the get medicaid benefits. if the law passed it would make wisconsin the first state to require this kind of a drug testing and set up a precedent here for future nationwide reform. i do want to clarify though it's not like if you're on drugs you have no possible chance of getting healthcare but you would be asked to start some kind of treatment program. we are life at the very latest. explain it mike. this is a proposal as you mention that mentioned that could very will set the standard for those across the nation. the idea is to get people who are on medicaid into the workforce where they would likely be required to pass a drug test.
2:51 pm
seeming i think most of us believe that public assistance should be more like a trampoline than a hammock. for those who are able to work we should enable them to get back into the workforce. opponents say that they are being singled out and you get arguments that it won't discourage drug use. we think this would be a big step backwards because it approaches drug addiction is a moral failing rather than as a disease. as you mentioned the key element here is that someone who tested positive for drug use and doesn't get thrown out of the program they get rolled to an addicttreat program. this measure would need to be approved by the trump administration. it will be sent to washington at the beginning of next week and it will will need to pass the wisconsin legislature. he has a comfortable margin without votes there.
2:52 pm
also expect a court challenge. thank you so much. josé, do you have a problem with this. you can't deny people medical coverage simply because they have an addiction. the rack that i can to tell us. shouldn't we be helping people to help themselves. shouldn't we be sent we will help you you have to want to do it. you have to want to start laying down the law. enough is enough. let's get people better. let's get them healthier. let's not just give them handouts.
2:53 pm
>> if this were a bill which we were saying we just want to point the finger and say your drug addict it actually says we will also give you coverage will actually help you get in a treatment program. it is the state is paying for the state medicaid. they are trying to take care of the problem now. it is considered a mental illness. we've every response ability to help. we've every response ability to help. what that government here is trying to do is help the people that had addictions. you just want to keep on going. we have problems with opioid addictions. you just want to bankroll and say okay just keep it going. doesn't somebody had to stand
2:54 pm
up and say enough is enough. it is right that their than i can admit there cannot want to get drug tested. we cannot put together conditions that they have on getting healthcare. if he gets his way with this it will go all the way. as a second work. you think taxpayers should be selling out their hard earned money to people who are on drugs yet refused to get any kind of treatment for it. it is just bizarre. if the start putting some parameters up addiction is a terrible thing. and we need to help these people and you are standing in
2:55 pm
the way of that help save well just continue to allow them to spiral downward things do need to change. i think they're coming up with a innovative solution. see mike on this friday afternoon. as something very special to show you. here is little preview. after the break.
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i love toast because she's a lazy di. [camera's shutter clicking] toast makes me laugh. [snoring] [laughs] when i walked into the shelter, i knew she was special. [toast snoring] i'm very special moment on fox and friends. my entire family came with me to the studio yesterday morning and we baked our very favorite new hampshire blueberry pie take a quick look.
2:59 pm
>> what's your favorite part about making this pie. how old are the girls. is it so much fun being a twin. jamie was just saying the fact that he was for and he loves having twin sis. he found a lull in the conversation there. it was great to have all of them there.
3:00 pm
the first person they've all been on set together. and jamie has ever been on tv. it was a very big day they were excited about it for weeks and they loved making that reps --dash make that recipe. you can actually catch the whole segment and get the recipe on facebook on my page have a great weekend everyone. maybe you will have a chance to pick some blueberries. ashley webster invert list claimant today. i'm still waiting for my slice of blueberry pie. i'm sure the kids already have agents also. you are looking at that triple-double. for the second day in a row.


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