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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 8, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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shrub tweets during james comey's testimony. >> there's so many questions. why so many meetings with president trump, how did his mamma scared to "the new york times"? all of this on the table today. >> he essentially said that a clear donald trump and the russian investigation. maria: was this vindication for president trump. so much for maria bartiromo to go through the next three hours. maria: hytner, ladies. thank you so much. thanks for being with us. i maria bartiromo. thursday, june 8th. happy thursday. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. voters headed to the poll is the world awaits the results of the historic snap election. new concerns over terrorism fresh in the minds of voters follow following out the latest out of britain this morning. the latest that tape as they come in. an intense day.
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fbi your james comey will testify before the senate intelligence committee this morning. comey will tell lawmakers about the complicated relationship with president trump, prepared remarks claiming he told comey loyalty, expect loyalty. he wrote the president is not under investigation. >> i've been a prosecutor, defense attorney military judge. that means in the minds of special counsel mueller there is no obstruction of justice case to be made because if he felt like he had a case he wouldn't make comey is cheap and only witness going public and can't be bad. maria: fox business bringing you live coverage of the comey testimony. the drama unfolding. the president pushing forward with his agenda. president trump will be with governors and mayors as part of his plans to revamp our country's infrastructure. more on the agenda coming out.
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yesterday we did see the beginnings of the markets impacted by all the noise in d.c. looking at a rally. dow industrials up 30 points. nasdaq s&p 500 in the grade. in addition to the british election we await the ecb can the european central bank decision will happen this morning. headlines as soon as they had the tape. watching for any additional stimulus out of mario brexit & co. a 5% decline yesterday. a new report this morning from "the wall street journal" says u.s. oil exports at 1 million barrels a day this year. breaking news out of ts. the device exploded outside of the u.s. embassy. no injuries have been reported. coca-cola dropping the sugar. the soda maker at the sugar-free option in some markets.
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will consumers straight up or will it fall flat? the biggest stars took to the stage at the cmt awards, country music awards. the big winners last night this morning. jamie to talk talk about it, fox business network's dagen mcdowell. the fra strategist length about an editorial page investor at "the wall street journal" james greenback as it does. dagen: good morning. let's watch the comey clock. under four hours away. i want to know after reading that hbo movie script that he wrote to play him, most people in hollywood are like 5-4, 5-5. i'm sure he has a short list in an hbo movie sure to come to this. trade to a movie script. good one. trade. he just said vince on. that is an excellent suggestion.
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trade two really good because he is that all is well. why did james comey releases testimony a day early, what do you think? dagen: you. >> typically when you appear before a committee, you didn't get them to prepared testimony ahead of time so it will come out before the hearing anyway. he obviously did not give lawmakers ofoth partiethe information they asked for. we'll see how to ey get about that. the bottom line looks like no case here. maria: do you think the question of did the read allege ask jim comey to lay off the investigation during the election. will that come up? >> that is a good question. we are obviously getting the play-by-play of interactions with president trump. we haven't heard the back story that caused him to break protocol last year. he doesn't seem to believe he ought to have a boss.
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he obviously doesn't think the president should be his boss. maria: he is a real operator worried about his reputation. there are a lot of traveling games in there about jim comey and not president trump. i don't think we've learned anything about the way she manages people or his personality from the prepared testimony. maria: we've got a lot to cover pictured in the conversation, former whitewater independent counsel robert ray is here. the senator from north dakota john hilton is joining us. washington congresswoman cathy mcmorris rogers also weighed in on the president's agenda in the regulation rollback. we will bring you all of that coming up. british voters headed to the polls today for the third time in over two years in a snap election called by prime minister teresa knight to shore up our mandate to the negotiation -- the conservative
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party and her main rival the labor party led by jeremy corbett with the "financial times" poll of polls put theresa may's conservative party just ahead. that is down more than 20% back in april. the election after to terrorist attacks in the span of three weeks. see what kind of voters had to say about whether security will affect their votes. >> i think they are more important this election. i think security is an important thing, but not only important thing. >> i think it's a really important aspect. the selection to me was very much a brexit though. >> is only one issue among several. i wouldn't necessarily say at the top. by end of this type drug i'm more interested in things that
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pensions and so forth. trade your joining us now from westminster with the latest, business editor of the independent josie cox. thank you for weighed in this morning. >> hi, maria. trade to do you think the terrorist attacks will affect your vote? >> for what we were hearing as well, of course it's on the minds of people. it was a relatively sizable attack. it took the lives of people. people are still talking about it. definitely on the top of our conscious. on top of that as well, it is a brexit vote. we are a couple weeks away from starting britain's exit from the european union which is an unprecedented step that is still something that divides the nation at the moment. that is also one of the key electoral issues today. >> james springer with "the wall street journal." wondering if you could tell us about economics here. unlike previous conservatives,
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theresa may has not been pushing grow economics, less taxes. is this a problem in termof the identity of her party? >> i think especially this feeds into the brexit debate. so much uncertainty about what it will economically beyond the u.k. there have been projections that it will seriously hurt gdp growth. we've already seen inflation reached 2.7% which is the highest in a number of years. the pounds are significantly lower than the dollar down 10% since last june so. these things are feeding into concerns of the think tanks of the populace as well. there has definitely been a lot of criticism that theresa may has not addressed those concerns as well as she might have. dagen: josie, let say jeremy corbett does end up the leader of britain. you don't make spec that he
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would put another referendum in front of the british people to then decide whether they stay in the european union are not. he did not campaign for state in the union actively, correct? >> that is right. that's absolutely right. we are so far entrenched in the process that even though official negotiations haven't yet started, there's obviously talkbrexit &o. would n almost a yr now. it would be hard to reverse that. not least because of the willingness of our counterpart to cooperate and be willing to tolerate a backpedaling. >> what would be the real probability of jeremy corbyn winning. we've seen a titan. what would be the possibility of said three losing because that would be a risk.
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>> there's obviously a still a probability of a hung parliament coming out of the election tonight. overall, it does look like from the polls that theresa may's conservative party will secure a majority. the possibility of jeremy corbyn winning and becoming the next prime minister is reduced on all of the posters i've been talking to. that is very marginal at the moment. as we all know from the last couple of years, nothing should be taken for granted that we should brace for any kind of surprise. maria: now we know that. thank you so much. josie cox in the u.k. former fbi director james comey to take center stage today as he is widely anticipated to say a number of things. he released his testimony already. the prepared testimony making huge waves.
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kevin couric is that the white house right now. good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. always on washington and demand that president trump testified james comey is set to testify capitol hill. and a preview ofis opening statement, saying very clearly once again mr. comey did say exactly what we've been saying along that the president is not under investigation meddling into the 2016 campaign. let me share a part of statement. it says in part the president is pleased that mr. comey is finally publicly confirmed his report that the president was not under investigation in any russian probe. he goes on to add the president feels completely and totally vindicated, eager to move forward with his agenda. if they were only that simple. obviously not because mr. comey will still answer a number of probate in an very leading
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questions about conversations with the president included the so-called request for his loyalty about which the president told fox news base. >> no, i did it, but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. loyal to the country, loyalty to the united states is important. it depends on how you define loyalty. number one. number two, i don't know how that got there because i didn't ask that question. reporter: added mass that question. maybe he was asking it in a different way. either way the testimony set to begin at 10:00 a.m. we are very excited in washington and i will be here for you but the coverage. maria: a comeback as news develops. keep your right here on the fox business network. we will take live to james comey testimony today kicking off at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we will take it live right here. coca-cola cut the sugar.
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maria: welcome back. terrorist attack today at the embassy and kiev. cheryl casone. reporter: good morning, maria. attack at the capital of ukraine. officials calling it a terror attack. the device exploded, but no entry for the state department issued a travel warning in 2016 for all u.s. citizens living or visiting ukraine. they did ab states are drying up a list of demands tha must meet to return to normal diplomatic and economic relations. "the wall street journal" reports scaling back the al jazeera media network. saudi arabia coming on the air of everett and saudi arabia will cut its financing of middle east extremist groups. back here at home, coca-cola rolling out a new sugar-free drink cold coke and no sugar. the company served coke without
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sugar after diet coke and coke zero. a spokesman says the new drink is made with aspartame, the closest is ever tasted to the classic coke. 200,000 free drinks will be handed out as part of the kick off. in a memorable night for country music fans for the cmt music awards in nashville last night. ♪ reporter: carrie underwood continued her winning streak is the most awarded artist and cmt history bringing her total to 17 wins. last night she won female video of the year for her son church bells in her collaboration on the fire with keith urban who is undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night. >> and the winner is keith urba ♪
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>> there is his wife nicole kidman. awards including video of the year for his smash hit blue paint your color. a little british accent. i'm trying to do it, but i can't. dagen: he's australian. he doesn't have a southern accent. he fakes them and the lame song he sings. trade to president trump pushiness infrastructure song. who will get on it today. the truck for north korea. the escalating tensions coming up next. back in a moment. ♪
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train to president trump dedicating this week to the crumbling infrastructure. we will do governors and mayors listening session later today in an effort to ensure the administration's policy alliance at this day. after he pushes $1 trillion to restructure plan is in the matter yesterday. watch. >> the american people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world. we are a nation that created the panama canal, the transcontinental railroad and you think about this, the great highway system, the interstate highway system. we don't do that anymore. we really don't. trying to join nfl's policy director for mitt romney and research fellow at the hoover institution, lonnie chad. what do you make of the
6:23 am
president's focus on infrastructure. with everything going on in terms of jim comey investigations. >> the infrastructure pieces critical because it did for economic growth. the better infrastructure the president talked about waterways, air traffic control system. these are crucial things if we get our economy moving. in the long run, this is a big investment we can make. this is going to be absolutely crucial. it's unfortunate we haven't seen or support because this is an issue we thought would be able to get cooperation on. maria: we haven't seen any cooperation on the agenda. do you think is a little push this through? >> does he get some relief on permitting? every big effort is five or 10 years and bureaucratic hurdles. can we see that?
6:24 am
i don't expect that to be a democratic priority but could that end up in the bill? >> is absolutely critical. >> the rollback in ranks. >> has been undercover to really renovate the administrative state. we have so much stuff over the last eight years with barack obama they could have harder and harder for businesses to grow and invest. with respect to infrastructure, impacts have been huge and unfortunate. but in a different direction regulation absolutely critical. if we are going to get anything done. >> any private money in the process and get the $1 trillion target, you have to convince them again and again and again that it will be an easier permitting process. "the wall street journal" reported that their blackstone is behind this effort to lay cables to bring electricity from
6:25 am
canada into the new york city area. the permitting process is 10 years log in that effort. there is skepticism on the republican side as well. the journal reported today the effort to privatize air traffic control is facing resistance from republicans who are worried about rural areas and less populous areas. >> anytime you've got an entrenched system there would be people defending the entrenched system. there's no doubt if you look at air traffic and drove, this is something democrats and republicans have agreed on. for administrators coming out saying the system and crucial if we are going to move the system forward. they know how much the disaster this could bbecause of airspace design in the 1960s and 70s. >> it all begins of health care.
6:26 am
you are at capitol hill yesterday. lawmakers on capitol hill working towards replacing obamacare. kevin mccarthy was at this yesterday and he explained why obamacare is failing right now. >> no bill has passed the change obamacare. 18 of the 23 co-ops have collapsed. premiums have doubled. they want to increase next year. the insurance companies have pulled out without a bill passing before we got here. it's a lot of smoke and mirrors. to me it's almost laughable democrats would even bring that forward. twin to my question about them saying it is failing now to the gop because of uncertainty around it. >> republican and now really incumbent upon the senate to take action. mitch mcconnell has said he wants to get a bill out by the fourth of july. but if the tax reform and other issues.
6:27 am
on health care bears an opportunity for republicans to get better. the medicaid entitlement reform peace in the house bill is critical. so to fix health care the right way. unfortunately now, a lot of folks on the left love this program. it is doing beneficiaries. figure mitigated fiscally sustainable, through the program and give states some options around it. traded to republican governors who accepted the medicaid friendly affordable care act, they like it and it looks like the republican plan coming out of the senate is going to be a severely watered down one that they might have trouble getting arch conservatives on board with. >> this is in the republican party. but ultimately they will come out with an approach that looks at medicaid to reformat. but ultimately it is the most
6:28 am
important. maria: they look set to defend against them now. if they accept it and are able to get this done by july 4th as you say are right after, before the july recess, and you think tax reform and infrastructure plan can get executed with 40 days to go but congress is working? less than 40 now. >> i would hope that all the stuff going on and they can get some tax reform. obviously, the difficulties you've got a house plan. people in the senate who don't like the house approach. the white house is more aligned with her the senate is. let's do business tax reform. we agree we need agree we need lower rates at a broader race to incentivize growth. a lower statutory rate. let's get that done. maria: thanks so much, lanhee chen. james comey and the hot seat today. headed to capitol hill where he will be questioned.
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it is thursday, june 8 top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. comey takes capitol hill toengs high this morning in washington, d.c., as the former fbi director prepares to testify before senate intelligence committee will tell law enforcements about a complicated relationship with president trump apparently claiming commander in chief told comey i need loyalty i expect noticing that president is not under investigation paul ryan weighing in. >> i want to see all context all of the n witnesses that are going to be investigated in this that investigation is just begun the way i look at this let facts go wherever they are wait till final judgment all evidence facts. >> fox business network live coverage of jim comey's testimony 10:00 a.m. eastern we've got it live historic day in britain, terrorism key issue for voters as they head to the polls, for the election
6:33 am
in britain the latest out of britain the very latest updates as they come in, on that snap election, on wall street gains today futures indicating a gain opening of trading about 30 points on dow industrials, about 9 points on nasdaq in europe in addition to the british election we are also awaiting the european central bank ecb will issue a decision on interest rates next hour we will have it for you as soon as it hits the tape markets are quiet ahead of all this in asia overnight markets hive best performer up a third of a percent trouble from a north korea south korea reporting they law enforcement several over night. >> trouble for chipotle employees suing burrito chain alleging it failed overtime compensation to employees, what it means for the brand, and snap looking less than picture-perfect analysts warning apparent company of snapchat could see a slowdown
6:34 am
in active users, stock up a quarter of a percent as you see there a big night in cleveland for the away team. >> incredible opportunity, about durant for 3 it goes, count from it downtown golden state takes the lead. >> yeah healths after ken durant warriors take 3-0 lead on lebron james and cavs, we will have that for you coming up, top story this half an hour, a bombshell testimony is expected from former fbi director jim comey on ecologically according to prepared remarks he will delve into what he called complicated republican with president trump before mittee t the president put pressure on comey in january president trump said i need loyalty i expect loyalty on top of mike flynn coverings with return ambassador comey recalls president trump said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this to go to letting
6:35 am
flynn go he is a good guy, i hope you can let this go despite sometime harsh cast on president's test comey mentions three times between january and april mr. trump was note personally under investigation, he failed to say that publicly, for that reason alone president trump's outside attorney released a statement saying in part, the president feels completely totally have i beened he indicated, senate intelligence committee member said last night he doesn't believe there is a case for broadcast centers of justice. >> details on that more visit with jim comey, jim comey didn't want to be alone with president thought that put him in awkward situation, he mentioned that later on in his written prepared statement there, what is very clear on is that the president wasn't saying you've got to do this or else. >> joining us this morning, is former white ware independently council robert ray great to see you thanks for weighing. >> expectations for today.
6:36 am
>> i don't think there will be any bombshell testimony obviously a fair amount of public interest followed closely i don't think we will see anything much new that we don't already know or hasn't been released now with the statement by jim comey that was released by the committee yesterday afternoon. >> why all of the sort of noise around it then if you think just going to be more of the same. >> because -- the democrats pushed impeachment line i think i agree with you know people who are responsible looked at this there is not an obstruction case to be made, that was not obviously provable and not the president's intent i think the president is right to say that he feels vindicate he indicated, he ways assured three times as he previously said by director comey confirmed it that -- is not under investigation we kind of start from there go forward all this nonsense about obstruction, and impeachment so forth we ought to be put to
6:37 am
one side the country ought to get past that in a hurry investigators ought to get on with task determine one way or the other whether any evidence of collusion the whole purpose of the investigation to begin with. >> we ought to do that expeditiously done in time doesn't put a cloud over the administration, which the president has every right to expect. maria: yeah. >> this new testimony also keeping in mind, the clinton investigation, what can we say about comey job performance, his -- his obligation to the follow the traditional protocols of law enforcement, investigating of prosecution, looking at he is talking about duty to report publicly, is that -- he is that the job of the fbi director. >> well, i mean you raised a legitimate point what traditional is done let's sort of start with seasonal historical precedent hr the notion fbi director doesn't
6:38 am
have any communications or should not have communications with the president of the united states is a rather recent historical development, that was not historically true fbi director works for the president the fact the president would expect some degree of loyalty, to his administration is not completely a ridiculous notion, with regard to the to what the fbi director is free to comment about yes, department of justice protocol ordinarily emphasis on word ordinarily not comment about a pending investigation if there is going to be comment it is ordinarily done by deputy attorney general or attorney general, further, that communications with president regarding a pending investigation or white house should be routed to the deputy attorney general's office remember that is a relatively recent development, and the emphasis should be on ordinarily jim comey was faced in the oppressive administraon witrather unfortunately development which is the actions of the then attorney general loretta
6:39 am
lynch, sensationly compromised her with regard to the investigation of hillary clinton result of meeting on tarmac with former president bill clinton jim comey was gesticulate concerned whether or not he could trust highers legals of justice department said so he otherwise has an obligation, although now say that will there be questions about that -- trump saying lay off did loretta lynch say lay off hillary clinton investigation. >> i don't know what the answer is i expect i imagine that he will be questions. >> he should also be questioned about any potential unmasking of american citizens request by obama administration what he knows about that what fbi looked into that. >> everything is wide-open i would think. >> fair game the hill should recognize probably one opportunity to question jim comey, before we move on to the effects phase which is you know the appointment of a new fbi director go forward from there.
6:40 am
>> do you think he lost credibility going into this testimony after dan coats mike rogers said they didn't feel pressured by president trump in any way night is in eye of the beholder, look both men could be right the president you know, suggesting that he certainly didn't ask the fbi director to stop any investigation. and whatever the president's hopes information with regard to the to mike flynn may have made jim comey feel awkward. and uncomfortable but in a position of awkward uncomfortable with president of the united states does not make obstruction case. >> more awkward than your boss behaviori basically meeting -- is more awkward than that. >> they were awkward about uncomfortable moments during obama administration as well to answer your point what ordinarily is the case we don't live in ordinarily times this is a difficult position
6:41 am
to be in he was in difficult position to be in in obama administration, he faced a similarly difficult position trump administration we move on a new 20 director will have a new fbi director. dagen: one issue do you get a portrayal president trump working with him that would proevent talented people from want to go work there if future the editorial refers to president trump at he worst mr. comey'sat of mr. trump reveals a willful naïve narcissist not new information. >> i don't buy all that -- the country at highest lelz who wouldn't want to do that i don't think enough qualified people in this country would like to serve? heck i would like to serve, you know, you come a point you are given an opportunity the president asks who says no to that i think nonsense about the first you know 100, 150 days whatever how difficult it has been, boloney, is president trump a hands-on
6:42 am
person did he meet have lots of communications with fbi director yes, i thought most remarkable thing about the statement was how few times, jim mey had direct can being with president obama, atas what was unusual. >> great analysis, thanks so much for coming. >> thank you. >> robert ray keep it right here fox business taking you live as jim comey testifies before the senate intelligence committee this morning 10:00 a.m. eastern we take i right there to watch all thapgs as they happen, first coming up the threat to north korea round of missiles launched by hermit kingdom tensions ahead chipotle grilled fast-food chain faces a lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay voim to employees stay right here back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i am totally blind.
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"ordinarily." . maria: markets looking higher this morning futures caught a gain of 30 points on dow industrials, nasdaq s&p 500, also higher today, couple names we are watching, growing concerns this morning of slowing user growth at snapchat. expecting dailily users downloaded to line to the stock sold off 4% closed below 20 a share first time in a month today up almost 1% in premarket, sirius xm reportedly interested in pandora talks fell apart recording to roirt the company is negotiates a private investment to tuna of 150 million dollars pandora shares up 2 1/2 he percent premarket provocations from north korea fires antiship missiles cheryl casone on the story. cheryl: good morning earlier north korelaunching four short range cruise mils from east as south korea suspended
6:47 am
use of the american base missile defense system, the launches pressure to rein in weapons program united nations passed situatioanctions on nort korea. >> accused of releasing a top seethe document leigh winner accused of giving a highly classified report about rirn interference winner in county jail consoled for hearing today. >> chipotle sued potential action lawsuit claiming chain did not pay some employees enough for overtime work in every a federal rule took effect last year arguing role expands overtime today to millions in effect despite injunction banned labor department for enforcing it
6:48 am
chipotle says does not discuss pending litigation to result in pack by a for employees, shares up more than 22%. a of an list out walmart topping list holding spot five years in a row berkshire hathaway coming in two, followed by apple, exxonmobile and mccan he sayon the top five in tol reprenting two-thirds of the u.s. gdp. stocks to watch, back to you. maria: thank you. coming up next it was a big night in cleveland, of but not for the home team healths after kevin durant warriors take 3 and 0 lead on james and the cavs, back in a moment. ♪ think again. this is the new new york.
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. . maria: finally a close game nib.a. jared with highlights. >> good morning first time all series cavaliers took lead would it be enough warriors enter 2-0 series lead, after golden state made nine 3 pointers first quarter lebron james tries to get into the party but not allowed the other end curry to durant golden state up 6, third quarter cavaliers undoing against kyrie irving scores, the cavaliers outscored warriors by 11 third quarter cavs up 5, entering fourth durant best for last warriors
6:53 am
super star scored 14 final convert watch this 3-point shot over lebron golden state would trail by 6 came back scored final 11 points of the game go 3-0 finals, 15 and 0 this postseason 118-113 lebron scored 39 played 45 game 48 minutes was he exhausted? >> -- gave vr that i had at times throughout game i was tired, because i was playing hard as i could i don't contribute that losing because we got tired like i said we missed shots they made some. >> game four a must-win or for cavaliers tomorrow in cleveland no team has come back from a 3-0 down to win finals last time warriors lost will april 10 today genuine 8, won 30 of 3 1569 game a tweet for cavs j.r. smith read cavs in seven.
6:54 am
a prediction that clive landed would win four smith said he didn't do that toll i got out of shower phone was buzzing i did not tweet that richest athletics in world record 3 nba pleas on list lebron second overall durant 5th nobody tops reynaldo 93 million dollars in earnings between salary endorsements 63 of 100 top 100 american, question who is the longest active 10 year head coach division one college football after nearly about to decades stipes retiring. >> stepping down after 18 yearhead football coach at oklahoma feel like i have been absolutely the luckiest most fortune guy in the world blessed.
6:55 am
>> 56 years old won big 12 title 10 times with oklahoma with 2000 national championship, lincoln riley to become head coach. >> would you be willing to pay 600 dollars for 8 hour uber ride. >> saving my job, yes. >> right. >> what i love about this really technology has saved potentially two jobs in the last few days, there is a wright player from buffalo bills took a trip he needed a ride basically because flight attendant from chicago he took uber. >> didn't want to miss football practice. >> gave driver 300 dollar tip. >> on top of 63 dollar ride, 550 child orchard mark made it amazing also just a few nights ag, there was a player in green bay packers landed
6:56 am
minneapolis missed connecting flight to green bay 11 pm goes on twitter any packers fans want to take -- >> great. >> have maybe hitch a ride so 6 minutes later one guy sees it i can't i will do it brother sees it two brothers organized the ride pick him up at airport then go in the middle of the night they get to him green bay 3:00 in the morning then players say come with me to locker room 3:30 in morning packers locker rm photos getting things signed guys drive back middle of the night make it to work next morning also. >> wow! how does that happen that is amazing. >> technology, right, these players might not have gotten a chance without uber or twitter. >> jets fans nobody would have showed up. >> i got to get -- you got to be kidding me drive me to philly? get outta' here. [laughter] great. thank you, catch sports
6:57 am
reports fox news headlined 24-7 or siriusxm. >> one of the biggest events u.s. open broadcasting "mornings with maria" live from wisconsin. join us june 15, 16 next week thursday and friday ahead a high stakes vote in great britain a victory for theresa may no longer a assure thing vote under way next hour "mornings with maria" right here. ♪ ♪ godaddy godaddy ♪ but when family members forget,
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. maria: we'll back good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is thursday, june 8 your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, tensions high in capital this morning, former fbi director jim comey will testify before senate intelligence committee will tell lawmakers about complicated relationship with president trump released prepared remarks yesterday late in the day claim the commander in chief told comey i need loyalty i expect loyalty, president trump says he feels vindicate indicates we tell you why fox business network live to coverage of jim comey's testimony 10:00 a.m. eastern stay with us we take a that li as it happens across pond voters to polls in uk, the world awaits results of historic snap election
7:01 am
concerns over terrorism are fresh on minds of voters now. >> i think -- this election to be very much a brexit vote i don't think that is in the hearts or minds of londoners at the minute, mainly as much as security. >> important thing but not only important thing, not so much. >> we are following the very latest out of britain this morning we will bring all the updates as they come in markets higher today take a look at futures a gain of 40 points on dow industrials, nasdaq also firmer up 13 in europe in addition to the british election we are awaiting european central bank they will have a decision on further monetary stimulus this hour, as soon as it hits tape 7:45 a.m. eastern we bring it to you markets close to the flatline ahead of the ecb results dax in germany best up 1 1/21%. >> asia overnight high we're nikkei average down a third of a percent others up we are
7:02 am
keeping eye on oil prices this morning, they are rebounding after a big decline yesterday oil down 5% on session yesterday, new report from journal says that u.s. oil exports hit one million barrels a day this year oil 45.93 right now, verizon deal for yahoo! could lead to lay-offs expected to get,000 jobs from aol yahoo! following acquisition, 1,000 jobuts are expected there. details coming up and could soon be easier to fix broken eye phone screen apple will put a repair machine self third party locations by the end of the year developments coming up to infiniti beyond we are talking to one of the companies to conquer final frontier this morning joining me to talk all about it fox business network, dagen mcdowell, cfrainvestment strategy lindsey, assistant editorial pagior "the wall street journal" james freeman
7:03 am
with us. dagen: super thursday. maria: good way to you the it ecb comey britain. >> i think, the comey thing we are sort wondering how tough they are going to be on him, i think the judiciary committee would be may be tougher on him we will see if the -- the -- intelligence committee wants to get into some of the questions here on you know why if this was real pressure from the president, if he thought it with a as problem why didn't he report it to more people at justice department, that is one question. dagen: jeff sessions made conscious decision not to report skernl conversation with trump in february right to jeff sessions said i expected him to recuse himself anyway why did he think that know that comey operating in a bubble journal points out in editorial fbi is not an independent agency there are checks and balances don't think you are "j. ear" hoover buddy rhyme your happy comey is gone.
7:04 am
>> it is a year now when we still haven't seen evidence of this collusion, so -- i think it is reasonable to say why is this cloud still hanged around. maria: but but but. >> looking for it. maria: looking for it let me ask you did he keep memos during 2016 election. >> he has memos, about trump, does he have memos about loretta lynch and hillary clinton? >>. dagen: what obama said to him in few meetings they potentially had. maria: did obama say layoff vacation of hillary clinton. >> what changeded tone to start taking notes all of a sudden. >> public has a right to see notes saming it is not confidential material related to something else but his reluckance to share when you have bipartisan requests from hill i don't know if going to make some kind of claim this is potential property, but -- this is -- clearly official business. maria: when did he start keeping notes we will talk about that. dagen: two words work pro
7:05 am
duck. >> john with us, conference chair kathy mechanic morris rerjz with us, rocket lab ceo don't miss a moment. stay with us we kick off this hour with top story it is big day for global markets, british elections under way as european central bank policy meeting expected to begin this hour, on top of that as we have been reporting former fbi director jim comey testifying global economic editor for "the wall street journal" jon hilsenrath goom to see you. great to be here. >> moving parts what is your expectation o most important. >> you know puzzling the way markets are behaving nothing in their way. you know, the trump economic agenda led to a rally, at the end of last year has been very slow to get off the ground the markets just keep going up, up, up, the fed if raising interest rates usually sends markets down now -- they are still rising i think we have
7:06 am
to start talking about the wo bubble again, i mean it is early for this i think we have to worry start to worry about the risk we could be getting makes of a new financial bubble particularly in stock markets. >> when you look at technology stocks i guess lindsey where money has been moving. >> absolutely, technology has been on fire, jon i would ask you, what is going to make at a bubble pop we have three huge news events happening, waiting for all week what where could surprise come from? >> i -- i don't see it right now you know one of the things that i find very interesting, is you know we are looking ahead to the federal reserve likely to raise interest rates next week ecb talking about unwinding some easy monday policies i think we have to look back to 2004, 2005, hour you housing bubble didn't
7:07 am
quick in 05, 06, may be the case that even when the fed is raising rates we could get financial asset prices going up. >> i will tell you looking at rotations you are seeing investors pile into more defensive play consumer staples utilities real estate on fire last couple weeks, so the investors seem to be positioning for more cautious tone for it as we get through the summer. >> don't you think james when you look at this market, it has been under until they -- make -- they he go horribly wrong in terms of not producing tax reform if market feels tax reform won't happen, really won't happen the market falls other than that isn't there a bit under this market. >> markets not cheap but we have had good earnings groh, yes, i think a lot of there a lot of expectation i think, still, maybe less than there used to be, but that tax cut is going to get done this year, but i also wonder if we talk about bubbles, jon, i
7:08 am
kind of thing maybe the stronger case is a government debt bubble around the world, negative rates a lot of places over last couple years, first time, in 5,000 years of recorded history it is this a concern ucb? >> well, i mean, the ecb has been most concerned getting down unemployment, they have got unemployment 8, 9% through much of europe, so that has been big concern, and banks have not been lending i think ecb is now around where fed was a couple years ago, saying all right, growth is picking up time to start looking towards unwinding some stuff i think you are right james to be looking at the global picture, because you know we look a lot at u.s. we say well, you know tax cuts that is going to help u.s. stocks but this is a global boom. one of the things that really struck me, yesterday was you know gold prices are going through the roof, so not through the roof but gold prices are rising that is no
7:09 am
it tied to tax cuts has to be tied to something else. dagen: yield on 10 year treasury i watch every day still below 2.2%, but i have been talking about a bubble in treasury market since just after the financial crisis. because the people in washington won't deal with the looming explosion and entitlement spending, but investors n't seemo care about it. >> also, you know, the -- 10-year yields are another really -- they are another puzzle because, usually if the economy is doing really well and stock prices are going up you would see 10-year yields rising not falling if people were word i about entitlements 10-year yields would be rising not falling, instead as you he say they are towards 2%, that is a sign i think that investors around the world we haven't talked about china i think china is part of it, they are looking as going into stock looking for safe u.s. assets that is a 10 year
7:10 am
treasury one final point 10 years alan greenspan when we had housing boom talked about conundrum, fed raising interest rates long term rates with flat to going down we have same thing going on again right now. maria: jon you think quarter point move next week by fed on wednesday. >> put that in the bank. maria: all right, in the bank, jon hilsenrath thanks so much, right here fox business network all day coverage uk elections special reports from lou dobbs cavuto coast to coast 7:00 pm eastern we start to get results after the close tonight, out of london, coming up verizon makes cuts lay-offs expected from company after latest acquisition deal, deals there locked out of housing market why millions of young people are actually being shut out. we've got the story. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
7:11 am
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7:14 am
>> at the police. -- [gun shots]. >> [bleep]. cheryl: arm routine suspect got off the bus started shooting at cops he saw there the suspect reportedly robbed two people nearby attempted to flee via public transportation a bus one officern and bystander shot injured the suspect we should say shot and killed. well, verizon communications deal to preclude i can't ho reportedly as many as 1,000 layoffs report says lay-offs amount to 20% staff of combined company as you know going to be called o, that to be completed next week or so the shermaned meetings approved that deal we should staipgs later today, well, millions young people shot shut out of the housing market
7:15 am
a new study tight tending standards shortage of affordable housing reduced the number of potential first-time home admirers they urban dr. demand because starter homes allows those homeowners to trade up to larger homes not really happening. and this is easier to fix that iphone screen a lot of us seem to drop phones, apple machines that are going to mend screens for you, orders report that apple will give machines once restricted to stores to 400 repair shops in 25 countries believe it or not, fixing the cracked screen is multibillion-dollar global business we all drop phones so much change comes as 8 u.s. states launched right to repair bills they want to pry open, look at apple high-tech manufacturers, again my point, because people drop phones crack screens, repeatedly.
7:16 am
maria: seems one of the frequent things you drop it you break screen have you done that. dagen: yes, apple is the bomb when it comes to fixing in a good way fixing it make an appointment at genius bar go to one not that busy they can assuming the phone isn't bent will fix it for a very reasonable price. that is why i never understand people walk with broken screens, even give you a discounted price if they can't fix screen that is if making the rvicailable to through different outletis a huge win for apple. maria: i had great service i went on my phone, and all of a sudden everything on calendar was gone, i don't know why nothing on calendar i am thinking the i know i have a ton of meetings nextek week i couldn't get appointment at genius bar i called up, they said okay, leave us your number we will call you back called me back within 0 seconds guy trouble shot with me i got calendar back great i
7:17 am
agree they were the bomb. dagen: i am in apple ecosystem not going with android i can't do it. maria: i said that is why company is successful service awesome. dagen: weem who work in stores really love what they do they are very good like going to -- chick-fil-a. happy to be there be. maria: we like it. >> that is an endorsement. dagen: with his. maria: what chick-fil-a? >> no more missed tweets social media giant is saving users from embarrassment what snap and twitter are up to space race getting more crowded another private aerospace company reaches for the stars start-up that attracted massive attention. >> ♪ don't you forget about me, don't, don't, don't, don't you forget about me, ♪ -- think again.
7:18 am
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maria: welcome back, the private space race heating up aerospace start up rocket lab the first private company to reach space from the southern hemisphere last nonnasa has at an notice joining us ceo rocket lab, peter beck congratulations. >> thanks very much. >> what was biggest takeaway from latest test launch? >> well, i mean it was a great, great first launch you know we achieved on that launch what most you know countries do, so as the beginning of a flight program put up a solid position to commercial launch program
7:22 am
later this year. dagen: you are in. >> you are in new zealand california what is benefit is it a cost thing? what is the deal? >> the deal really is that it is purely geography from new zealand can achieve largest amount of a lunch, frequency out of any other launchpad in the world the only private orbital launch site in world also licensed to launch every 72 hours next 30 years can get serious launch frequency. maria: good question. >> we are seeing kind of exciting space race here people bringing pay loads into space better faster cheaper in terms of consumers thinking about befit is it mainly future ideas about travel or is it more about new services that we will enjoy when satellites can be launched more cheaper or other
7:23 am
technologies? >> absolutely, i mean space is infrastructure no different to any other from your like water electricity the problem until relatively recently or even still cost and frequency of getting there is so prohibitive you've got to be government to make use of it whoint of rocket lab is democktized space that everyone can use you see starting programs like internet 600 satellites to every person on planet a massive change for humanity but all academic unless we find way to get satellites up quickly and reliably. >> cheaperly. >> what do you think be honor musk say his same say "disgust.
7:24 am
>> waved way for commercial space amazing thing we are doing things differently trying to commercialize space we are not exorcise only thing we sxeet for us talent, about incredible human being for sure. maria: you have inked deals with nasa what technology is rocket lab offering so ticing walk us bd the text. >> sure, the launch frequency is really most important thing, and in the vehicle itself, the average cost of a rocket if you want to rock up apply a rocket you are going to have to shell out about 180 to 2 hundred million dollars if you want to apply one of our rockets 5-million-dollar price tag difference in get-go instead of waiting years to get on orbit you wait weeks. maria: why a huge difference in the price how are you able to offer that rocket at 5 million dollars.
7:25 am
>> sure. it is really totally rethinking how you build a rocket, a rockets are designed for production, and you know we manufacture all 3-d print all engines, so you know we can print one engine every 24 hours if that technology. and everything about company launch vehicle all focused on how do we make space, get frequency to space, right up there. >> you've got-billion-dollar evaluation unicorns space exploration, ipo on your mind? >> we will see what future holds it is a pretty capitalpiece of business launch vehicle is a start we will certainly see what future holds on that. maria: we will be watching peter thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks very much. maria: joining us this morning coming up former fbi director jim comey opening
7:26 am
states he released ahead of testimony we will go through that prepared speech to twee or not tweet social media giant giving a second eat of eyes before posting mission to save you from embarrassment coming up, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:27 am
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maria: thursday morning welcome back, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday june 8th. top stories on 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. here comes the bombshell. james comey expected to give explosive testimony on his relationship with president trump. in his prepared remarks which he released yesterday, the formerrt asked for and expected loyalty. lindsey graham says it is not enough to prove obstruction. >> i'm convinced mueller looked at facts tell your side of the story. if you believe there was obstruction of case made against the president, he wouldn't let the star and only witness go out. maria: bars and restaurants in washington are putting the pub in public testimony. how comey'hearing is turning inppointment televisioat bars. fox busiss network is taking you live to jim comey's testimony today. 10 a.m. eastern when it kicks off. we'll be there live.
7:30 am
british voters headed back to the polls for an historic snap election. we're following all the latest out of the uk. we'll bring you all the updates. we're live as well in london. the election shapes markets. dow industrials up about 25 points right now. nasdaq up about 13 points. a quarter of a percent higher. in europe in addition to the british election we're awaiting european central bank. we'll get that in a few minutes. we'll bring that news as soon as it hit the tape. in asia markets mostly higher. hang seng, shanghai, best performers. don't dread the direct message. twitter is tweaking its dms to avoid potentially embarrassing tweets. we'll tell you what they are doing. spokenful of sugar for disney fans. first look at emily blunt as ""mary poppins"."
7:31 am
the the sequel to the beloved classic. james comey will testify before the senate intelligence committee. his prepared remarks were released yesterday. they are already making waves. in seven pages of prepared testimony, jim comey told this, president trump told him quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty. comey written memos toself after the dinner with president trump. comey informed president trump three separate occasions between january and april that he is not personally under investigation. on that last claim, president trump's outside attorney, mark kasowitz released this statement saying the president feels completely, totally vindicated. joining us to weigh in, former special prosecutor and served aspects counsel to jim come my while he was deputy attorney general, bill mattea. good to see you, bill. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you, maria. maria: president trump described
7:32 am
jim comey as showboat, unquote. comey expected to tell his side of the story. what are you expecting? >> i expect jim will stick to the facts. if you remember the testimony in 2007 related to general ashcroft on his deathbed and andrew card coming to his side. he kept to the facts. he didn't try to stray from that and didn't try to give opinions. he stuck to the facts and i expect him to do that today. >> the famous rod rosen soon memo went through chapter and verse looking back at 2016 how mr. comey violated normal procedures for conducting an investigation. does jim comey have a problem following the rules? >> no, but i think that jim, he is is coreign bled talented individu with amazing moral compass and he is is not he af of anything. he felt compelled to get out in front of it. i think some people might have done it differently. that is jim's style. jim is a gregarious person. he is not afraid to tell people
7:33 am
what his opinion is. our new fbi director if chris wray is confirmed will be much different. maria: how will he be different? >> chris is much more introvert ed. he will not put himself out there. it is not in his dna. dagen: in terms of james comey, dagen mcdowell by the way is he bitter and got fired the way he did and will we see any evidence of that today? >> no. i don't think so. jim is just not that way. you will not see any bitterness. quite frankly jim had a distinguished career. he had a distinguished time when he was at the fbi. i'm sure he feels proud about that. i think he feels proud the way he handled the situation. maria: do you think he was under pressure during the 2016 to lay off the investigation into hillary clinton given the fact that his boss, loretta lynch had meeting on tarmac with her husband, president bill clinton? did he feel pressure to lay off of that investigation?
7:34 am
>> you know, i don't think jim felt pressure one way or the other, because the man has amazing confidence in himself. he is an incredibly bright individual. probably one of the brigest individuals i ever worked with. i think he wanted to do the right thing. i think he felt like he needed to do the right thing and getting out telling folks what was happening in different stages in the investigation. maria: so you think he did the right thing? >> you know he, i'm not sure if i were in his shoes i would have done the same thing, then again i'm not jim comey. >> this is lindsey here. you know chris wray very well. >> i do. >> he has extensive experience in white-collar crime and corporate fraud. how is his experience in national security and defense? >> well it is strong, when he worked for larry thompson the deputy attorney general, it was in the aftermath of 9/11. he worked hand in groff with larry in order to buttress doj's terrorism efforts. when he became assistant attorney general in the criminal
7:35 am
division, he also worked on terrorism issues a great deal. i know chris will feel very comfortable with that, in addition to his white-collar background and a lot of things he has done since he left the justice department. dagen: bill, he has been in private practice nearly 12 years working in corporate litigation. does that put him at a disadvantage? much has changed about what is going on around the world in terms of our fight against terrorism? >> you could have said the same thing about jim comey but you didn't see it because jim was with a private equity firm before the head of the fbi. before then he was at lockheed martin, not working with these kind of terrorism issues at least directly. chris i don't think, he will get up to speed very quickly. he is a very bright guy and he is a quick learner. >> bill, back to jim comey if we could. the investors have looked at this prepared testimony, judging by the markets they have sided there is nothing here that creates any legal jeopardy for the president, would you agree? >> i tend to agree.
7:36 am
i don't think, if demanded that the investigation be closed into russia, that would have been one thing. i think probably closest it comes trying to talk about flynn and saying hey, he is a good guy, can you see fit to move past that? that would probably thing the closest thing in my eyes. >> could we all agree flynn was mistreated by our government? that his rights were violated? >> i'll tell you what, i'm not sure i'm nuanced you enough to tell but the flynn situation. you may have more facts than i do about it. i don't know that i can agree with that but i'm not going to disagree either. maria: what about unmasking and spying under obama administration? we're talking about this day in, day out. we know rand paul was spied on. he said it. he told us, that he was unmasked. lindsey graham was also unmasked. what is your take what went on and whether or not there was criminality here? >> so, maria i would love to give you my take on it, i don't have a take on that.
7:37 am
i don't want to talk to something i'm not prepared to talk about. maria: this is the moment people will be focused on that, james freeman. >> this is the question, whether mr. comey can come in, do what he wants to do, serve himself, drop a few bombs on the president and not discuss things he doesn't want to discuss. that is what a lot of american people would like these senators and mr. comey to discuss today. dagen: he will be used, expect jim comey to use robert mueller for him if he is asked anything specific about the on going russia investigation by the fbi. again it raises issue can he use mueller as to block him if he is asked about unmasking during the obama administration. maria: cherry-pick the questions he wants to answer. dagen: or i'm a private citizen, particularly looking see how he is pressed particularly by republican lawmakers. maria: jim, do you think this kind of questioning should be on the table. >> it should be on the table but
7:38 am
what you're talking about current investigation i don't think jim comey will talk a lot about that. you will hear about the conversations with donald trump. he goes through that painstakingly. he is quite a story teller, if you already when he testified in 2007. maria: you think he could hide behind as it relates to hillary clinton there is still active investigation and i can't discuss it? >> i do. i do. i absolutely do. maria: did he always keep memos? those memos that he wrote after the dinner with president trump, he kept a memo and wrote what trump had asked him? in your working with him, is this a regular thing that jim comey would keep memos after each meeting? >> that a great question, maria. i don't think he kept memos in normal course of things but he did with regard of donald trump. one thing i know about jim comey he has note graphic and phone graphic memory everything he hears he felt compelled to write
7:39 am
about the situation. maria: do you think he took memos about hillary clinton and loretta lynch and felt all pressure and active investigation during the election? >> i wouldn't doubt that he did. i haven't heard that he said. i understand why he did with regard to trump. i think he did with regard to that situation too. dagen: bill, should he be asked why this information about was leaked to press in the first place? because clearly somebody he was close to had permission to go to say "the new york times" with what was in these memos? and some of the reporting was accurate and some of it has not been accurate. >> well i think those are fair questions for him, if he knew about a leak. i'm not sure he will tell you he knew about a leak. at least reports that i have seen when he discussed it with trump he said he would try to get to the bottom of it and put an end to it. maria: what is your take on all of these leaks going on? isn't it fascinating to look at intelligence community or some people within the intelligence community who have been actively leaking things to obstruct
7:40 am
president trump's agenda and sort of go against the president, have you ever seen this kind of behavior before, bill. >> no. i never seen the kind of behavior in d.c. we're seeing now quite frankly. it is wholly inappropriate to leak this kind of information. we see just the other day that the justice department has taken steps towards that end by prosecuting at least that one individual we know of did leak information. maria: all right. bill, good to have your insights this morning. thanks so much. >> great to be here, maria. maria: fox business is taking you live to james comey's testimony. he is testifying before the senate intelligence committee at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we'll be there live as it happens. still to come, bars gear up for the testimony. pubs opening their doors early so patrons can watch the hearing with a drink in their hand. that special coming up. behind the scenes photos of disney's highly aicipated "mary poppins" sequel. we have. keep it right here.
7:41 am
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♪ maria: welcome back. congressman-elect forte apologizing for body-slamming a reporter. cheryl casone with amazing details. >> this is something. greg giantforte said he had no right to assault a reporter. he wrote apology letter. the republican will contribute $50,000 to the committee to protect journalists as part of a settlement agreement. he body slammed ben jacobs from "the guardian" before the special election.
7:45 am
we played audio. giantforte went on to win the election. the michigan house approved legislation that let gun owners carry concealed handgun without a permit. the bill moving to the state senate. now handgun owners have to pay 100 bucks for a concealed pistole license if they want to legally carry the weapon out in public. 12 other states allow people to carry weapon without concealed permit. twitter will warn you before a dm fail. according to mashable twitter's app may help prevent you from embarrassing yourself displaying a warning you detect, you may send a public tweet instead after direct message. seems like obvious thing, dm which is direct message, i'm sorry if i wasn't clear, has been a problem for twitter users since the company first came on the scene. shares of twitter are up nearly 7% so far this year. like when you text the wrong person and it is too late. anyway, that is on twitter.
7:46 am
there is is the stock. 17.44. "mary poppins" set to fly into theaters, christmas 2018. audience get as a sneak-peek what is to come. "entertainment weekly" gives a glimpse what "mary "mary poppins returns" looks like. taking on the original role played by oscar winner julianne druce in 1964. she was not going to appear on screen, i was hoping she was, former co-star dick van dyke, who played burt in the original, has a come yo. i'm a big fan of the original movie. looking for the remake. maria: as we are. central bank is keeping rates unchanged. they say the reyate will remain at the current level for extended period of time. thoughts on the ecb this morning. not a major move in markets. we're still seeing european indices going into the decision, lindsey. >> that was expected, remain unchanged. what will be more important
7:47 am
hearing what mario draghi has to say at the conference especially with regards to stopping the buyback program. maria: that happens at 8:30 @ eastern this morning. in 45 minutes we'll get details ofario dghi's comntary, james. >> we were talking earlier, the big question how much this renewed optimism, not just stock markets but european economy seems to be rising. how much is just how much is generated from the european central bank and how much is economics activity. they said they would reform the economies. i'm not sure we saw a whole lot of that. instead they print ad lot of money. they're not out of that business. we'll see what happens here. >> you saw news earlier this week, when bloomberg reported that inflation rates, the ecb's expectations will come down. so the market kind of cheered that because they expected this buyback program, this monetary easing program to continue. so if the party stops the market
7:48 am
could see a little bit of a pullback. maria: we'll see what they say about inflation. that will be one of the key things to listen to in 45 minutes at the press conference. >> fixed income investors. they have driven rates basically down to the, nearly no return on negative rates in some places. maria: right. >> i just, we're talking earlier, people worry about a stock bubble maybe, but i would worry about a government debt bubble. maria: what dagen has been talking about for a long time. dagen: a long time. once the 10-year yield gets 2 1/2% thereabouts, even since the financial crisis as rates went up a little bit, it is a buying opportunity at 2.5%. has been over and over again. maria: sometimes things are expensive but they get more expensive, you know? >> i think we need to, in the united states, let's hope the fed continues moving back to normalized rates. whatever the rest of the world decides, let's hope we get back
7:49 am
to an era where the real economy actually drives our markets. maria: fed meeting next week. the 13th, the 14th. we'll hear if the fed raises rates by a quarter of a point we expect wednesday of next week. coming up bars across the country want you to watch former fbi director james comey's testimony. with a drink in your hand. bars on tap. we're back in a minute. ♪
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back. big bay in washington and washington, d.c., bars are putting the pub in public testimony today ahead of former fbi director james comey hotly-anticipated hearing this morning. tracee carrasco with all the details. tracee, it is 5:00 somewhere? port it sure is. former february by director james comey's testimony is today bars and restaurantsre opening up to watch the drama unfoiled. they're taking social media to advertise specials what they have to offer for these viewing parties. some women have french toast, bacon and ice cream? you can wash it down of course with a cocktail or russian vodka.
7:54 am
now union pub in d.c., they have turned the testimony into a i think doctoring game. the bar tweeted it will buy a round of wings for the house every time trump tweets about comey during his testimony. even late-night talk shows are having fun with it too. >> saw a bar in d.c. is opening up at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow for comey's hearing. [shouting] it is a big thing. the bar is opening up at 9:30 a.m. in d.c. for comey's hearing and give everyone a free round of drinks each time trump tweets about it. which means everyone will be blacked out around 9:31. >> if you're on the west coast, bars open up at 7:00 a.m., it will be a lot earlier. maria: there is a lot of expectation here but you know, what are we really going to hear? this is turning into like the super bowl for the summer for the media, dagen? dagen: to ruffle comey's
7:55 am
feathers get under his skin. maria: or comey ruffle trump's feathers. dagen: i'm curious how gutsy these lawmakers are going to be. the democrats, many democrats and republicans don't like him. the democrats feel like he is responsible for losing the election for hillary clinton and the republicans don't like kind of the self-involved shenanigans of how trump's been, you know, ridiculed in the press based on these leaks of these comey memos and how comey has -- >> prepared testimony there is not much here. then you add on to that, listening to a bunch of prepared statements from lawmakers is not exactly normally must-see tv. so i could see the consumption peaking very early. people going out very hard and that's where i think the dangerous tweets come in. this is basically kind of a party for beltway nerds, right? it will be government officials and journalists drinking heavily and then, then tweeting about it.
7:56 am
so we could get some entertaining messages over the social media -- maria: drinking game? >> turn it into something entertaining. dagen: i'm curious if trump tweets at all during the day and response is. based on fox news's reporting that potus and his team, they're prepared to aggressively correct the record of anything that comey says. they are ready to pounce if he says anything that they don't agree with. maria: we'll see if he live tweets during this. incredible. tracee thank you. still ahead a memorable night for country music at the cmt awards in nashville. we have all the highlights next hour. "mornings with maria" right here. ♪ york. we are building new airports all across the state. york.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is thursday, june 8 here are stop satires 8:00 on ooefks fireworks in capital former fbi director jim comey will testify today on capitol hill, kicks off 10:00 a.m. eastern we are live, comey apparently will tell lawmakers about a complicated relationship he has with president trump, he released prepared remarks yesterday in that sclaimd commander in chief told comey quote i need loyalty i expect
8:00 am
loyalty he wrote president is not under investigation, fox business network live coverage jim comey's tesmony 100 a.m. eastern across pond fireworks voters headed to the polls uk today as world awaits the results of this historic snap election concerns over terrorism are fresh on minds of voters there, we are following the very latest out of britain we will bring all of the updates as they come in we are live this morning all day, in london, futures indicating a gain opening of trading we are well off the highs of the morning, dow industrials now expected to be up 20 points at open, nasdaq up about 12 in addition, to the british election, we are also watching european central bank ecb decision out moments ago traditional bank keeping interest rates unchanged, investors now waiting on mario draghi news conference in 30 minutes' time we will see what he says or suggests about further monetary stimulus in europe asia overnight take a look at markets mostly higher exception of japan down a third of a percent, breaking
8:01 am
news this morning out of kiev, device exploded inside fence of the u.s. employee in ukrainian capital no injuries reporting we bring the latest, there are growing concerns over health care, for american fae.s meanwhile, a survey shows a staggering amount do not seek medical attention because of financial worz latest health care concerns, country music biggest stars cmt awards in mashville carrie underwood keith urban big time ashton kuchar stole the show. >> nashville. [cheers and applause] maria: yeah, got crowd hyped up dropped a dead fish onstage, move a staple for nashville hockey team in a battle with penguins, for stanley cup more of of the big night coming up this morning joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell cfrainvestment
8:02 am
strategy assistant editorial page editor "the wall street journal" is here. >> comey day comey about a hashtag comey day comey clock. >> uk russians not getting very much play here, there could be a surprise you never know given recent track record right. maria: that is probably a bigger story yet jim comey what is yesterday is focused on. dagen: go ahead james. >> i just markets obviously thinking that comey has nothing on the president, in terms of that anything that would create a legal problem for the president, i think they are probably right, once we see something that is -- not of proposed testimony i think could be a nonevent as far as fish thing? you know i love hockey but just -- it never seems to translate on television, does it. dagen: you need -- >> big fish. dagen: will testimony about jim comey, i say rental prepared you get a sense of president trump is somebody looking on are you going to be
8:03 am
loyal to me or what? this flynn thing can you let i got? and comey on the other hand is a very willey very guarded political operator, d might not -- he keeps everything close to the vest might look you in eye and not tell you what he really thinks about you, at least trump you he kind of know. maria: i don't think anybody told the president you are not to say those things to fbi director. >> that comes across. >> two agreed that comey would provide honest loyalty. >> because trump went, you know, loyalty -- loyalty and honesty. >> i think wufrs he was fired comey told trump three separate occasions you are not under investigation but jim comey refused to say it publicly, why? if not under investigation not under investigation, say it publicly why wouldn't he -- >> i mean, in a perfect world we would love him to not say anything, we love him to not
8:04 am
say anything last year or this year instead of having to opine, but i think, the president you know we're now about a year in, would think some point when there is no evidence reasonability to say you know reasonable to say can this be removed how many years does it have to go. maria: right. >> without evidence. dagen: pretty good after reading that testimony he had lawyer come out and say so vindicate vindicated. >> fox news reporting -- >> dems credit on this story legs no official reason because no evidence. >> yee, how does it sentenced. >> does this -- there is something there? are they -- there is -- >> not they can kind of quietly let it. maria: how much does investigation cost taxpayers like that if you keep doing hearings and keep doing hearings, even though you don't have any evidence we will talk about that this morning, former fbi director jim comey to get grilled on
8:05 am
capitol hill today blake burman at wisely right now very latest, on what we should expect good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you if alarm clock is not set do so two hours to the dot from jim comey. >> written testimony comey has submitted he will confirm some claims the president has made by also disreputeing others comey to outline he told president three separate occasions he was not subject of counterintelligence vacation comey will say he one point -- lift cloud of the rung investigation separately comey wi the president a demanded loyalty from him in a january 27 one-on-one dinner here at the white house, and later in mid-february, in the oval
8:06 am
office asked for comey end investigation into the then national security adviser michael flynn the president has disputed both accounts what he telled jeanine about that pledge. >> would you suggest -- that the question apparently "new york times" is selling, that you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate? could you -- >> i don't think it is inappropriate. >> did you ask that question. >> no, no, i didn't. >> president has personal attorney as relates to all things russia mac kasowitz released the statement the president is pleased mr. comey finally publicly confirmed private reports that the president was not under investigatn, in any russian probe the president feels completely totally vindited eager to continue to move forward with his agenda maria that is mart of the argument that you will likely hear from the republican senators on intelligence committee later
8:07 am
today however as far as relates to the democrats, they will point to this whole issue of pressure with loyalty pledge michael flynn whether or not that rose to the level of obstruction of justice important to point out comey did not use that phrase in his written testimony. >>. maria: that is very important to point out blake burman at the white house right now bring in north dakota senator john o hoeven thanks for joining us. >> good morning you are not on senate intelligence committee what are you expecting from colleagues, in the senate this morning, on this testimony? >> well, i think they are going through, of course, all of the comey's opening statement, and you know try to get more of the facts out. and also i think they are going to try to get into what really happened in terms of russia, interfering you know election so i think they will do both. maria: what about jim comey's behavior performance during the 2016 election?
8:08 am
do you think your colleagues are going to ask him or press him on whether or not his boss at the time legislator wlor at the attorney general asked him to lay off the investigation of hillary clinton? >> i think they will, refer back to last year as well i think all those things will be part of this hearing today i think it will be far-reaching broad-based discussion yes. >> senator let me ask you this with all conversation about russia, and about jim comey, over the last several months, has this been a distraction for you and your colleagues in terms of executing the agenda? i am talking about health care, tax reform and, of course, the president has discussed infrastructure this week. >> you know there is no question has taken time attention obviously. at the same time, though we are working very hard to stay focused on our agenda. which as you say is is vital for our country whether tax reform, regulatory burden health care he reform infrastructure all things yes distraction but, at the same
8:09 am
time, we work very hard to stay focused on business at hand. >> what can you us there tell us about that focus in terms of the bill within senate right now on health care. >> wleer working to get something ro where we can get at least 50 votes in the sete obviously wh vice president we can pass it trying to do under budget reconciliation that is challengings we are writing our own bill again -- we keep our eye focused on the goal that is to make sure that people have access to health care and more affordable health care insurance working towards. >> when would you expect the bill to turn into legislation, i mean when are you expecting to get this done? >> i know, we want to be careful about setting a deadline the goal is to build that consensus and pass it i hope we get it done. before the august recess we don't want to set hard fast timeline. >> mitch mcconnell said he wants it will by july 4 weekend right? [laughter] >> i think he would like that we want to be careful about setting hard-and-fast deadline.
8:10 am
>> let me ask you about tax reform, senator where are you on that? well there are i think of we are optimistic we are quite anxious to get to it for a lot of us that is something is that we will with want to get focused on we want to move to as soon as possible. and i believe we will get it done this year. >> what are the big issues there? walk us through what some of the issues are that the debate is taking place around. >> well, one of the biggest challenges is that -- neutral in terms of the debt and deficit, and do you use dynamic scoring if you go to dynamic scoring meaning that if you lower the tax ratings make -- fair and simple you get economic growth generators revenue rather than from higher tax rates if allowed to use dynamic scoring our task is much easier i believe it really works may be combine with infrastructure pae try to get colleagues on the otheside of the aisle to actualoin with us on something the kind of approach i really have been pushing i hope we get to -- >>. maria: you want revenue in
8:11 am
the tax bill some revenue whether border-adjustment tax, or corporate rates that is not 15% is that what you are saying you want you are in the camp that wants revenue? >> i will be carefully here i want lower taxes i am saying you will get revenue from economic growth with lower taxes that is called dynamic scoring rather than statisticig scoring cbo uses i think a have a republican concept that is how how we get our economy growing and growing create more jobs lower taxes. maria: you believe we will see growth once we start generating growth will help pay for a it. >> bingo remember doing through budget reconciliation that is why an issue scoring is issue in order to meet rules of the senate. >> great point you make let me ask you this senator can you put to rest, some of the speculation that you guys are not getting anything done in 2017? i mean are we just talking about a difference in corporate rate or couple deductions that may go or may stay? like you said revenue. neutral.
8:12 am
or are we talking about the possibility that no tax reform happens are we just talking about a change in corporate rates here? put to rest any speculation out there you get nothing done this year. >> we are already we have already made real progress on reducing the regulatory burden that is real affects every small business across the country helping our economy going to by an with what i believe real tax reform i hope infrastructure package all-important to grow economy create jobs. >> down the you have under 40 days left when workingays you are going to get all this done in 40 days? >> i have got my fingers crossed working hard on it every day. >> do we need more than fingers crossed senator can you put to rest speculation. >> we need hard work we have to stay at it, it would be nice if we could give colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with us we are trying. >> will you be able to do that they want to obstruct don't want agenda executed you want really rely on that right. >> i believe we will, i am committed to doing it. >> senator good to have you on
8:13 am
practice many thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. >> senator john hoeven, keep it right here live to the jim comey testimony today set before senate intelligence committee 10:00 a.m. eastern we have cameras ready to bring testimony as it happens next pronounced of recruits for the finalizing frontier nasa drug the world to new class of astronauts, who made the cut from agency's biggest pool of applicants ever, twinkle and twang shining right last night cmt awards highlights from the historic night keith urban and carrie underwood, back in a moment ♪ ♪ dancing ♪ just dancing dancing dancing, dcing ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. . maria: welcome back o o explosive device on u.s. embassy compound ukrainian capital cheryl casone good morning. cheryl: good morning, so officials say that small device was thrown over a high fence detonated on employee lawn on western outskirts of kiev it happened after midnight, local time, luckily on in injured police say they are treating this incident as terrorism. the embassy posted a statement saying at this time we do not consider this incident a terrorist act, embassy working with local partners investigation is ongoing.
8:17 am
a smart thief in maryland determined to steal aisle seat tm check out surveillance video shows thief operating backhoe he had stolen trying to steal a bank atm machine failed to but have atm caused 10,000 dollars in damages. all right, vice president pence on hand at the johnston space yesterday as nasa road to astronauts pence congratulating seven men five women the commitment to nasa's mission. >> under loip of president donald trump united states will usher in a new era of space exploration. that will benefit every facet of our national life will strengthen our national security safety of the american people. >> astronauts come from nasa's biggest pool of applicants ever more than 18,000 people
8:18 am
have applied. >> there was this a memorable night for cup music fans cmt awards in nashville listen. ♪ ♪ cheryl: great song carrie underwood continuing winning streak most awarded in history bringing in totals 17 wins last night won female video of the year for "church bells" collaboration on "the fighter", keith urban the biggest winner of the night. >> and the winner is keith urban "blue ain't your color" whoa [cheers and applause] ♪ cheryl: big kiss his wiveningale kidman top honest for smash hit "blue ain't your color." maria: ashton kooshar bringing a dead catfish to the
8:19 am
stage a collaborative video of the year. >> stanley cub fans known to throw catfish on ice. >> funny thanks. >> british voters headed to polls with terrorism fresh on their minds we are taking a live to london next what to expect from day's historic snap election the rising cost of health care costing a trip to dr. shocking amount of people would i medical attention because they don't feel they can afford it coming up a new report. ♪ i don't care about that ♪ .
8:20 am
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8:23 am
price health care due to rising costs some are for going medical care to save a few or few thousands from bank rate found one in four do not seek medical attention because of finance minister worries to talk about that president founder of preventative medicine reach institute dr. dean ornish thanks for joining us what is your solution for cutting the skyrocketing cost of health care. >> that is a good question, all of our work is based on the very simple idea to say what is the cost, turns out that 86% of 3.2 trillion dollars we spent last year on health care, kron i've beening diseases largely accountability prevalent reversible. >> we have done studies showing that simply lifestyle changes eat well whole foods plant based diet more of more interest family ties community
8:24 am
cannot only prevent but reverse most common chronic di found it can reverse heart disease diabetes prostate cancer change lifestyle gene turns on good genes off bad genes writes into chromosomes. >> we know all this stuff don't do it. >> turns out 5% people account for up to 80% health care costs the people we work with so people i think it has to be a new drug laser high-tech expensive so we partner with a company, medicare covering program many insurance companies are creating a paradigm of health care rather than sick care showing people onlio can prevent reverse diseases not only good for you but saves money high market cost cut overall health care costs in half mulute omaha saved almost 30,000 per patient first year if you want to make health care affordable available to people we need to
8:25 am
really get to the cause of why most people get sick large degree he lifestyle changes. dagen: i am living proof i had a lifelong chronic gi problem incredibly painful instances rather than going on some drug that might give me a heart defect or horrible side effects i became vegetable tar january svegetarian six years ago changed my life my problem went away with change in diet there is a lightness, and working this early morning shift for so many years, luckily i didn't gain a lot of weight. >> body digests easier when clean vegetable tablz. dagen: i eat a ton of food feel fantastic. >> people have more energy this can clearly sexual function improves don't need
8:26 am
as much sleep people say my ctor said take -- ther no way to change your lifestyle, most people not taking drugs, we are getting 85 to 90% to lifestyle program not fear of dying sustainable it is of joy living what you gain so much more than you give up sounds like what you are finding too. >> you said a lot of insurance companies are picking up your program are you seeing corporations jump on want to complement to employees he to cut costs. >> yes 5% of people account for 80% of cost most large corporations self insured accrue directly to bottom line. >> in terms of eating well speaking for nonvegans, in the crowd. dagen: you don't have to be a vegan can be vegetarian is not fat fatty meet less dangerous than we used to think given recent medical literature. >> not really not all or nothing we found to directing you make changes there is a corresponding benefit more you change better you feel you
8:27 am
feel you want to keep doing it the more you change, the more diseases we look at more underlying mechanisms we study more reasons to explain, why these are worth doing not all or nothing i wrote a spectrum based on on finding more you change more you improve if trying to reverse an illness that is pounds of cure. >> there is a book saying the war on fat was misguided. >> i think -- the nice thing about research why i spent 40 years doing research published leading adjourns unfortunately, she hasn't helpful people start out what is true you what isn't the directing you move towards plant based diet healthier. >> a journalist citi peer review medical studies. >> they say even devils can quote script script ensures the masking of can beom
8:28 am
figured out eating poorly causes heart disease diabetes do we know more about brain in terms of autism alzheimer's. >> there is a lot of information coming out same lifestyle changes there it wasn't like one for reversing heart disease,diabetes, prostate cancer the first study showed we can reverse alzheimer's disease unifying same approaches evidence seems to indicate that is true what is interesting with talk about personalization if you are talk being about developing a new trueing to target a pancreatic cell line that is great personalized but for most people it is the same lifestyle program eat well move more stress less love more cannot only prevent but reverse common diseases as indicating side effects are good ones. >> plant benefited diet. >> we will see.
8:29 am
>> the iron of meat you can do everything in mooed deregulation you are not buying it. >> i grew up in texas eating meat all the tile felt better when i changed that is why i am doing it. >> great to see you thanks so muchs for ining coming up uk election expected to move markets live to london as voters lead to polls for historic snap election, financial regulation how republican law enforcement plan to dismantle dodd-frank. back in a moment. .
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
maria: welcome back good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is thursday, june 8 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, historic day in britain this morning, terrorism key issue from voters as they head to the polls, in the uk, for a snap election. we are following the very latest out of britain we will bring all the updates as they come in, the vote coming ad a tense day in nation capitol former fbi director jim comey will testify before senate intelligence committee apparently will he will the lawmakers about a complicated relationship with president trump prepared remarks released yesterday in it claim commander in chief told him quote i need loitering expect loyalty he wrote president not under investigation hottest
8:33 am
ticket if town people lining up inside the hearing room since early as 4:00 a.m. this morning fox news network taking you live to that coverage jim comey's testimony begins 10:00 a.m. eastern keep it right here, to hear all of the drama, of course, drama coming as president is pushing forward with his agenda. president trump, will meet with governors mayors today as part of plan to revamp our infrastructure, a plan he touted in ohio just yesterday. >> right? everybody was happy. then came obamacare now they have fewer choices, obamacare is in a total death a spiritual only worse if congress fails to act. >> more on agenda coming up markets higher we are off the highs of the morning nonetheless we are looking at fractional movers dow industrials and s&p 500 something happened this morning, it possibly coming out of e. cb completely turned market around because we were looking at gain 50 points
8:34 am
earlier, market is now showing a gain of 2 points on dow industrials, weekly jobs claims245,000 worse than expected, expectations 240,000, in europe in addition to british election ecb decision came out last hour central bank kept rates unchanged, investors are now waiting on mario draghi's news conference under way momentarily look at markets looking at declines in europe because of ecb inaction you see turnaround in european markets hit u.s. markets as well in asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher exception japan down a third of per cent on nikkei average others higher wleer watching oil this morning, possible looking for a rebound oil down again, extending the 5% line to we saw yesterday, oil now down almost 1%, 45.35 there is a new report out of "the wall street journal" today saying u.s. oil exports hit one million dollars a day this year snap less than pif point of view analysts warn the
8:35 am
parents company snapchat could see a slowdown in active users stock right now is up one and a half 1%, as president trump is looking to shake up the saa google may plan one of its own for drones search for a new air air traffic control coming up this morning, first a high stakes vote in great britain teresa may no longer a so a sure thing the very latest. good morning. reporter: this election called early by he conservatives they thought they would win by a mile, but a number of things have happened in the last couple months mean prospects of far left government in uk closer than before, theresa may came to poween cameron resied july he she called this election wanted if you will political capital in her mandate moving ahead but been
8:36 am
accused of political u-turn failing to inspire people and called uk hillary clinton front runner against her, jr jeremy corbyn, he refused to say he will press nuclear button wants to nashlize rail -- raise taxes, his own party held a vote no confidence against him in a matter of weeks been able to close the gap. recently terror attacks have taken center stage twice suspending campaigning jeremy corbyn blamed the foreign policy for terror attacks said -- sports dialog with terrorists i.r.a., in the past hamas this is a triumph of dplo democracy over terrorism under may that relationship would stay pitcher the same if,
8:37 am
jr.,jer a 180 could could have real affect on fight against terrorism as polls continue the country holding braet to see what happens back to you -- >> we will watch leave this morning in london stay tuned for comprehensive coverage, of the uk election throughout the day we will break down the results on special editions lou dobbs that is 7:00 pm eastern, tonight, as well as on cavuto coast to coast 9:00, join us for special coverage tackling obamaca over regulation house will vote to dismantle dodd-frank act republicans say job killer, that sensitizeels financial services among others joining me republican conference chair, washington congresswoman kathy mcmore insides you look at suksz conditioning successes has to would with regulation you and colleagues have been able to
8:38 am
make the biggest impact; right? >> that is true, lifting the regulatory burden on this country is one of our top priorities one of the best things we could do to get more jobs created in this country, grow our economy, create more opportunity that is why we have made it a corner stone along with other you know issues like tax reform and health care reform but regulatory burden has been suffocating holding down economic activity and innovation in america. >> explain the choice act why the choice act is important in terms of doing just that. >> right, the choice act is lifting the regulatory burden imposed by dodd-frank included more accountability, no more bailouts of wall street, but really focusing on what is going to take to ensure that people in this country hardworking americans, have access to credit i was just out in davin port washington small town eastern washington on main street, it was it was -- a topic of conversation that local bankers, credit
8:39 am
unions did not the ability to offer loans to main street to farmers so important we have lost on average, one community bank every day, since dodd-frank was passed. >> incredible, connect the dots how this leads to economic growth. >> well, what we are doing is that we are -- i think we are picket it be accountability where it belongings, and you think about the -- the small wlending institutions that community banks credit unions that are so important you think about someone trying to get a loan, the key to getting ahead at times, because of the regulatory burden, so often you go into local bank even they didn't have flexibility to make a decision, even if they thought it was best in the best interests and that you should qualify the regulatory burden was such that they didn't have the ability to do that. and it was a top-down approach. maria: we want to talk more about agenda a because obviously congress working hard on repealing and replacing we've got now the bill in the senate, there are growing concerns, though things like, for example,
8:40 am
today, jim comey's hearing getting in the way of achieving those goals, has this been a distraction? >> i -- for me, and for the house we are focused on getting our job done we recognize that we have a lot of work to do we have a very aggressive agenda, that we put together, a beginning of the year the house has at an taken action to repeal and replace obamacare important action to overhaul dodd-frank going to work on tax reform working on it for many weeks and months we are anxious to move forward with legislation. and we believe that we just have to keep passing the bills, and continue to work with the senate and administration, so that we can get more done. maria: reef we had kevin mccarthy on yesterday said the same but what i asked him was you have less than 40 days, in terms of of the working days that you are there, with your colleagues in the senate. can you put to rest the speculation or thor would out
8:41 am
there that in fact you won't get this stuff done, and you lose the house next year? or are we talking about about debating corporate rates on tax, debating revenue neutral is this just a debate and ultimately you come to agreement or is there a real risk here that you don't get tax reform done? >> doing big things is not easy. for me this is a window of opportunity. that we have been given as republicans in the house, and the senate, along with president trump and the white house this is a time that we must act, we have been talking for years about many of these proposals many of these important priorities, that are going to help hardworking americans all across the country so we have to get it done i am encouraged. i am encouraged by what i hear in the senate, working every day, with a goal of getting health care out on next few weeks. and we are committed to tax
8:42 am
reform we must get tax reform done this is a once in a generation opportunity and we have been talking about it for many, many years we need to get this is a time for action. maria: mow come the senate always wants to start from scratch on everything you have been working -- right you have been working even on the roll back in regulations, talkinghoi senate saying we are going to start again do our own bill on -- on reratinging rolling back regs. >> perhaps you need to ask that of the senators, i am very proud to be a member of the house we are the people's house, we are closest to the people and i am proud to vote the work that we have done that focused on what is going to take actually create jobs create opportunities, and help people all across th country have a better li. maria: are we hope you get it done appreciate your time this he more ofteningo morning thanks so much, keep it right here fox business network taking you police, to d.c. with jim comey testifying before the senate intelligence committee this morning kicks off 10:00 a.m. eastern cameras will roll and bring you the very latest, coming up.
8:43 am
we'll be right back. ♪ . >> hi welcome back for another tennis channel court report fox business. the mens final four lineup set at roland garros wednesday saw quarterfinal action. >> dominique, a single game off novak if rome to clay court slam but it was a very different store in the french capital. austrian in style taking up defending champion straight sets to search semis second straight year last year murray one win away from championship match after he fired back from a set down to get number 8 seed. and don't forget our live coverage from roland garros continues thursday 6:00 a.m.
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