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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it airs right after at 8:30 p.m.. i was a busy show for us. thank you so much for having us in your home. we hope you have a good weekend. we will have a lot more monday and a lot of breaking news for you. we have charles payne on making money, starts right now. charles: good evening i am charles payne. it was a crazy day on wall street with the dow jones industrial average hitting an all-time high. just as tech stocks were getting hit. how to make money on this big world stage and i will tell you about it later but we have breaking news for you. president trump going on the offensive a couple of hours ago dropping the hammer and former fbi director james comey's testimony along with those who are accusing him of obstruction inclusion. >> now collusion, no obstruction he is a leaker. james comey confirmed a lot of what i said and some of the
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things that he said just weren't true. charles: this of course follows president trump's tweet this morning also slamming comey which reads quote despite so many false statements and lies total and complete dedication and wow comey is the leaker. here to discuss gina loudon in the studio though gavin and joel wash -- walsh. what do you make of the whole thing? at the list is decisive victory for president trump at how much more should he cling to it? >> charles i agree yesterday was a dog on good day for tron. i wish he would leave us alone. i wish he would move on. i think it's a mistake to go after comey. i was so disappointed when i woke up this morning and saw that he tweeted at james comey. i don't want him to leading james comey anymore. cut my taxes reform the tax code and build the wall. the longer charles said he focuses on this he's going to keep the story out there in the public. he has got to learn to win and move on.
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charles: i will say today in a press conference when he was asked by reporters he had this key bars and a shift to gina into his agenda so i think the message is beginning to resonate with him as well. >> i think it is a something because there was too much to do about it. i think it's beginning to look like charles they are having a little circus sideshow and he is the adult in the room who is continuing to talk about reforming our government and infrastructure and the things that matter to america. i think middle america is fully on board with him and has no clue about these nuances with comey and they are saying we just wanted to get the job done. charles: build those nuances they probably will linger for some time. if course come he had a closed session with the same senators yesterday. there's the ongoing investigation. so what do you make of that because politically from a view
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trump had a gigantic victory and comey has more questions to answer. >> i agree with you but none when i looked at this hoping yesterday a good part of it is theater and like joe says i wish it would just go away. the two important things that came out yesterday were telling the american public that the action that this russians have taken to get into a democratic voting system, that's very important and he brought that out. the second thing is something that i really have an interest in and that is when loretta lynch came and told jim comey changing from an investigation she absolutely neutered that whole investigation because with an investigation you at least have the possibility to have a grand jury and issue subpoenas. that's the only way you are going to get to the truth in a manner like hillary clinton's e-mail in per server.
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he has no subpoena power and no access to a grand jury. i wonder did she make that decision on her own or did somebody in the administrative tell her this is how we are going to do it. charles: bill will it be possible for the current ministers to go back out and find out exactly what were the sources of that order? >> i think it's possible. there was no trial. jim comey offered the prosecutor's opinion which is not helpful in that matter but i'd really like to see somebody take one more good look at that acus i think there's a lot of potential. charles: joe on that note what do you make of that g.o.p. senators on this committee. marco rubio had the zinger of course but some people were frustrated that there were so many openings for comey and they didn't necessarily pounce. they didn't take it to him. >> charles i think they want
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this to go away too and look i get that trump had a pretty good day yesterday but let's put some context here. the former fbi director called donald trump a liar. i think as a trump supporter anytime we have a day where we are talking about russia and comey that's not a great day for trump. when we are talking about tax cuts and tax reform that's a better day and i can tell you a lot of my former colleagues up on the hill a lot of these republican senators charles they want to be done with this. they want to move onto policy. charles: we are going to talk about that later rate i'm not sure what they want to do to be quite frank with you but one of the recurring themes since president trump's come to washington is not a full-throated support from these folks and particularly on the senate side. they have never stepped up to the plate and hammered home his agenda or defended him and it feels like albany's out there by
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himself. >> they need to take note of the fact in their state he took the stadium while the left has to have -- president trump has a deep and loyal following. you can poll all day long about his popularity or whatever but the same poll that everyone was quoting through the election saying he was going to lose. the people and the support speaks for themselves and the senators better take a look at the fact that this president is very popular with his base. they are very loyal and they are willing to them if they don't get their jobs. >> apparently some of these senators are frustrated with president trump's attorney. you think the a tourney filing the motion's, they quibbled about typos and things like that but do you think this was the right move to continue to press him? we know it's president trump mo anyway. if the counterpunch in a counterpunch is pretty hard. >> i want to say republicans are home watching their televisions
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in their support of the republican party cowering in the corner every time they raise sexism whatever to this president's mo is part of what got him elected and if he goes off at that to some of his base i think you would risk maybe not looking like the man that they elected. charles: bill what are your thoughts on that. the lawyer and his role in this now. he has become the mouthpiece if you will. obviously his personal journey but again because it's been. difficult on capitol hill to get these republicans to step up to the plate and circle the wagons around the commander in chief. >> charles when it comes to be a tourney it's a lot of block, block,. they can't file anything against comey. comey is a civilian and the attorney general's office is not going to do anything but i agree with gina. the problem is though some of
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the congresspeople are somewhat afraid of him from the standpoint they don't know when he's going to turn on them. he's in the white house because of everything he said he's going to do. people like you voted for him but i just wish he would get back on line again and stay on task in need have much more support from congress. charles: i will give you the last word joe because the first questions about comey. i think he hit three key bullet points and then he shifted to the task at hand. this is what you want to see? >> gina is right, we love the fact that trump fights but you can't can't fight all the time and you got to be smart. was okay to fight comey but after you fired him he took shots at him? you have to be smart too. charles: all right guys is leave it there. unfortunately that may just be getting started. we will be right back.
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strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. charles: james comey, he didn't hold back yesterday that's for sure accusing president trump of lying and saying he was fired as of the rest of the investigation but did the former fbi director get himself into legal hot water fix the president's legal team is reportedly going to file complaints with the justice department and the senate judiciary committee after the one-time top cop exposed himself as a leaker. here to discuss randy zeldin and michael barnes. michael is comey in trouble now? >> i think he is pretty the very least he had to stay in the limelight as he tried to get for to get vermont and his credibility is quickly shot. any reasonable attorney or person the criminal justice system has an opportunity to do
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a noisy withdrawal when the individual believes there's new pressure and there's nothing else he can do about it. what comey did was he wrote his league letter said it is resignation letter. did he ever have any credibility which frankly hasn't. there is not and now to yesterday. charles: randy certainly the word is now that they are looking into, the probes if you willing to comey and perhaps not only did perhaps he leaves himself in the open air but this thing with large avalanche hit feels like he might have hurt himself yesterday. >> i could not disagree more. mr. comey has been a lifelong government servant. he knows the law inside, outside backwards and forwards. what he did was very well calculated. he can't get into any trouble. first of all nothing that he leaked was classified. number two he is now a private citizen. this is a man who thinks two,
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three, four, five steps ahead on the chessboard. he has done absolutely nothing wrong. he has insulated himself well and if anything he has positioned himself where is the white house goes after him he is a whistleblower. think retaliation. charles: michael, look he might be a good chess player but he did know he was going to get fired. he wasn't playing 3-d chess at lease but what do you make of this? he was the victim yesterday in his own mind and who knows maybe he would go down to whistleblower path and more victimization. gee whiz lordy i'm just a good guy trying to do the right thing. >> that's what he was trying back in the campaign and that's what he tried yesterday but the reality is he does that credibility. the worst thing is this is resulting in what he is eyestrain dove which is being his own reality tv star. we have to look at what this
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means from a political perspective as it relates to the russians because russians are getting a twofer here. they were able to prevent hillary clinton from being elected in the first place and this notion that there was some sort of collusion the campaign or obstruction they are undermining this government under this president. he's not allowing internal politics, take a step back and realize wait a second where playing better than they could have intended or let's stop and let mueller do his job rely on the facts and stop assuming there is a presumption of guilt unlikely dealt with the hillary clinton administration where there was always assumed presumption of innocence and relies our political system is at stake here. >> let the investigation go forward on the facts. charles: the loretta lynch part of this, the whole thing about let's make it a matter.
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could they look deeper into this and perhaps there's some form of obstruction of justice they are? >> i think nothing would make the white house happier than to take attention away from them but i thought it was strange. to me it was like a code. a former president clinton was allowed onto that plane that was a signal that everything was cool as far as the clintons were concerned. you can go back out war but i see that as a little bit of noise and permeate think whatever you want to know where are the tapes? charles: what tapes? >> lordy i hope there are tapes. mr. comey better hope there are no tapes. charles: he would not want the tapes? >> he would not have said that unless he was fully confident that those tapes were going to be his undoing. charles: we know today president trump cities willing to testify that he did not order, he did not pressure calm he and any
6:17 pm
sort of way. both gentlemen say they are willing to testify and maybe they will get an opportunity. guys thank you both very much. speaking of hot water, over is in hot water. uber ceos going back to e-mails about sexism of employees. we will be right back. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one.
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charles: uber under fire again. this is the company tries to reinvent its toxic corporate culture. they got last from the past coming back to haunt the ceo the e-mail obtained from 2013 where travis. .. seemingly laid out quote rules for the company
6:21 pm
celebration in miami and let's say it sounds like a fraternity mantra more than a company trip to joining me to discuss julia meltzer and rachel compos-duffy free to let me start with you. for people who haven't seen it others think if it had been crafted by a lawyer maybe the intent was there and smart but the way he put it was incorrect. whether your thoughts? >> highly unprofessional, immature. you are right it sounded like a couple's swinging couples getaway weekend rather than a business weekend the way they described what was allowed in terms of having sexual relations with your co-workers and what wasn't allowed. highly inappropriate and as you mentioned before it comes on the heels of some other instances in the corporate culture but also these rate charges. this is a business that builds on the idea that you can be
6:22 pm
saved getting into the car of a stranger and they need to get this under control or a lot of women and a lot of friends will stop using it and by the way there's a lot of competition out there. charles: there is a lot of competition. gina a lot of bad news and a string of negative news from her evolving during the executive suite firing 20 employees last week and this kind of stuff pair minds me of american apparel which was a hot apparel company and the ceo got into some troublesome sexual related stuff in the company went us. >> absolutely and we are seeing this happen a lot with startups in particular. they are a little bit looser caller, summer friday mood that they have crossed a step too far. i will say about uber they found themselves in particular scrutiny is they have run afoul of some of the liberal causes. we saw this with the company thinks which was very progressive, very liberal and very activist on social justice
6:23 pm
causes. their female ceo who referred to herself as she e all macs and other explicit e-mails and it's just not getting the same coverage as uber. charles: so what are you saying? what you think it is? >> i think it's political. uber is in the crosshairs in part because the company that liberals don't like. charles: rachel the overarching theme here of course is we are seeing a major shift with respect to how companies treat their employees particularly when it comes to relationships between men and women. is there reflective of society in general do you think? >> i think we see there's a lot more monitoring of things it works up to full 50 years ago in the workplace are no longer except civil but also i would say this. one thing that most of the companies we were just talking about have in common is they are run by young people today think a lot of mixed messages are being sent to young people pick on one hand they are being told all the time about what is
6:24 pm
sexual harassment and what is not acceptable prevention and young people are told watching is empowering for women. there's a lot of confusion among the sexes so maybe it's good we start to lay out the rules. maybe uber could hire more women in their up juwan and maybe there could be more conversations about them by the way their letter should be drafted by lawyers not by frat boys. charles: it seems like he did try in his own way in his own soft way not to have sex with another employee and of course he comes to the end where he says it means travis will be celibate on this trip and of course that's the life of the ceo. so what do you say this company with a private dilation of near $80 billion. it's a hot ipo.
6:25 pm
where do you see this going? will they have to clean this up before they go public? >> i think they have an image problem. they are going through two countervailing forces. one handy of legitimate controversy like this. on the other hand they have been dragged through the mud a lot predicted what would happen for example with the iran trumps travel ban. there was a study that came out today on companies and boycotts in and found one in three democrats in urban areas had white coated uber so i think it's very thorny and the company can't afford another scandal right now. charles: the progressives hate the big economy, they really do. major animosity and thank you very much appreciated. talk about parallel universes while the trump team sees sunshine rays of hope the mainstream media only see storm clouds. we are here to discuss it, next. .
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charles: breaking news, cnn announcing that it is dropping reza aslan after his recent tweet about president trump being a piece of [bleep]. he tweeted this in response to donald trump's remarks after the london terror attack. meanwhile, james comey's testimony, well, it reveals that neither president trump, nor his administration ordered the former fbi director to end the russia investigation. last night i called this a win
6:30 pm
for the trump team and that his, quote, cloud had begun to clear up. but apparently, the mainstream media thinks it's the exact opposite. in fact, "the new york times" writing, quote: for trump, the cloud just grew that much darker. and bloomberg writing: comey leaves trump under crippling cloud of investigation. so which one is it? is there sunshine out there, or should we believe the mainstream media and cower under those dark clouds? here to discuss, lawrence jones, gina louden and patrick griffin. lawrence, the media somehow saw that testimony yesterday and thought donald trump walked away with dark clouds over his head. >> the media have made it very clear that they are a part of the resistance. it's clear to everybody that's watching unless you're living under a rock. when comey admitted to the senators that when the president asked him to make it clear to the american people that he wasn't under investigation and he refused to do so after getting on stage and talking about hillary clinton and her
6:31 pm
e-mail scandal, i think it was pretty much clear to the american people what was going on here. charles: gina, is there a progressive e-mail chain that goes out and says the word of the day? [laughter] chuck schumer also said trump was under a dark cloud. was that the phrase of the day coming in -- >> no doubt. i think they read the chicken little story, the sky is falling, too many times. here's the funny thing, like, they were hoping yesterday, all of their hopes and prayers were invested, honestly -- if they pray -- in this bomb dropping, and it dropped on their side. it dropped in the wrong place, and they are literally so blinded, charles, that they didn't even see it fall. the chi is falling, it's -- the sky is falling, it's just falling on them. charles: patrick, you've dealt with the media for a long time. have you ever seen it this unhinginged before? >> no, charles. it's hard to put your arms around this. the bottom line is if we don't know where donald trump is coming from and where he's going by now, folks in the mainstream media haven't been paying
6:32 pm
attention through this last entire time of the campaign. look, the bottom line is if i hear people like elizabeth warren or chuck schumer use the term "outraged" or "shocking" to describe the president's behavior -- [laughter] i think chicken little was a very good example. the sky is always falling with these people and, therefore, they lose credibility every time they might have a chance. by the way, this is democrats too. if they're going to criticize the president, they should be very direct about it. they don't do that. it's always a problem. charles: you just mentioned credibility -- >> they won't even -- charles: go ahead, lawrence. >> charles, they won't even talk about the headline of loretta lynch telling comey to call it a matter instead of investigation. that was obstruction right there. charles: that was obstruction. and we talk about credibility. this was maybe the worst week in a long time for so-called anonymous sources. i mean, think about cnn and that redacted story and some of these other networks, gina. i mean, it's -- they really look really bad. they went out with confidence. these were headlines, and they
6:33 pm
mostly were crushed yesterday with that testimony. >> yeah. that's exactly what happened, charles. and that's exactly what's happening long term, because the american people are figuring out that this pratt is an execs -- this president is an executive x he's going to continue to move forward. charles: what about the media? again, listen, the media uses unnamed sources, they use some leaks, but, you know, i think they've used these unnamed, anonymous sources because often they're phantoms and they don't exist, and they get to use it as a tool, a weapon. and these headlines are damning president trump almost every single day. >> they are. it's so funny, because i saw in the green room the papers all laid out on table, and i had to post outen social -- post it on social media because guy somewhere in middle america, he is not seeing what they're seeing. and that is why their ratings are a lot lower than president trump's -- charles: what do you make of it, lawrence? all these anonymous sources being used for headlines.
6:34 pm
i mean, headlines that typically convict -- try and convict the president. >> right. and they're not actually verifying the sources. and by the way, can we get some corrections for the past headlines for these past months saying that our president was in bed with russia, suggesting somehow that he was a double agent for russia when they knew all along they have leaked every single thing to the press, yet they didn't leak that the president was never under investigation. never will, never will he be, never was he before, and there should be some corrections issued. charles: of course, patrick, again, if it happens, it's going to to be, you know, maybe tomorrow morning page 13 or -- just, but it doesn't happen, does it? >> well, it doesn't happen, charles. look, there is some real, serious casualties in this thing. take a look at cnn's behavior. cnn is clearly rattled by what's happened to them by this president. they are the perennial poster child for fake news to the president, and look at the way
6:35 pm
they're responding. look at the way their talent is behaving. kathy griffin with the severed head, this reza aslan thing. this is a classic example of trump doing what he does best, which is to point to people and basically say exactly what the american people are thinking. charles: yeah. >> mainstream media's on the spot, and i would say the president's winning this war. >> and i think the market speaks so much. the american people are looking at the markets and going everything really is okay, this president does have plan, and they're tuning out the old media. charles: in the meantime, of course, these media folks saying president trump broke them. i got a feeling they were broke in many ways before this all happened. thank you all very much. speaking of the market, big tech names were crushed today, but there's good news. all that money went to the dow and ore places. i'm going -- and other places. i'm going to tell you where you can make money on the great rotation. be right back. ♪ ♪ that college experience that i had.
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charles: the air force canceled flights for the f-35a lightning 2 aircraft assigned to the 52nd fighter wing in arizona, this after pilots reported five incidents.
6:39 pm
charles: it was a wild session on wall street, but the moves actually began earlier in the week when we started to see stocks in certain industries that have been out of the limelight begin to perk up. it began as a trickle on monday and, of course, today became an avalanche. now, there were numerous factors culminating with this extraordinary session, and i want to start with today's a massive selloff in technology. these stocks had been on autopilot for a long time, so it's easy to see why shorts -- people who bet that markets go down, they actually try to force them down -- wanted to pounce. of course, it wasn't enough to go short, but to have a platform
6:40 pm
to promote a certain kind of fear is also necessary. and that was the story with invidia which got raked over the coals by well known network, a different financial network, by a well known short who was allowed to beat the company up. although this particular short has been wrong in general a lot of times but specifically with invidia, it didn't matter, and it didn't matter for the stock which began to give up gains and then, of course, selling triggered more selling. and as invidia began to freefall, selling spread to other high-flying tech names as the general e biny struck traders -- epiphany struck traders. you start to couple this with the report from goldman sachs, these are stocks right now the big tech names, bubble names from 2000. and they're sunlighting that there are -- suggesting that there are reasons for us to be worried. investors fled these names which, of course, were up huge in the last few years. and this is the great part of
6:41 pm
the story, those investors didn't run for the hills with those gains, instead they put that money to work in blue chip names and value names, and that lifted the dow jones industrial average to an all-time high. it was a great week, by the way, for trump stocks. the white house touted this as infrastructure week, and while, listen, those plans were drowned out by the mainstream media's search for sensationalism, the market was listening. take a look at these names that will be huge infrastructure winners. martin marietta, regional banks, they continue to act great. a big assist, of course, given to be them by republicans in the house, finally beginning to dismantle dodd-frank. and then there was president trump's video to the queen city this week, fifth third bank saw shares rally 3% today, 6% for the week. and, of course, there are beaten-down stocks. well, you know what? maybe they're just oversold. even bad stocks can be oversold. department store stocks went through the roof. of course, nordstrom's kind of
6:42 pm
got the whole thing rolling when they talked about going private earlier this week, but you had other big winners including dillards, up more than 6% for the week. here's the bottom line, you must always have a balanced portfolio, okay? because with the best names in several sectors and a lot of times you want to be in sectors that are not hot because that, as today proved, right, what's not hot can become hot, and what's cold can become hot. so in other words, don't always chase. in fact, the rest of the market in my mind is starting to break out. the dow made a new high, the russell 2000 made a new high today. that is great news for investors. one of areas you've got to be in, those infrastructure stocks, that dirty fingernail report i told you about? a lot of those stocks took off. go to for that. you don't want to miss wall street week tonight, special guest egyptian billionaire and developer, najib. >> i also want to do my
6:43 pm
contribution. we can't just stay like that and watch them continue doing that, continue lives going down in manchester, in london, in paris and everywhere and nobody's doing a damn thing to stop this. charles: you'll see the full interview tonight, 8 p.m. on fox business. and you don't want to miss the latest episode of property man, that immediately follows at 8:30 eastern time. well, president trump finally making some headway, moving forward on his infrastructure plan and the economy is loving it. next, we're going to tell you just how much can be accomplished if the republicans get on the trump train. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hi.
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♪ ♪ charles: i've got to tell you something, president trump has been more focused in the last few weeks, and it really is paying off bigtime. not only is he pursuing pro-growth policies, but he's also slashing and trashing all of those obama-era regulations. and, well, his heartland growth agenda, today it sparked rail stocks, railroad, car-making stocks, oil stocks rebounded bigtime and, of course, those construction names moved significantly higher. all of this is getting congressional republicans -- at least in the house -- to stop making excuses. in fact, the house today touting 158 bills passed thus far this year, signaling their support for president trump. i think one of the big questions though is how much pressure will this put on republican senators to get really the big stuff done. joining me to discuss, ron meyer, eric beach and joe walsh. i love the idea that the stock market was so opposite of what we saw in the mainstream media
6:48 pm
today, and it kind of told us that the infrastructure plan is gaining traction and there are believers. >> well, we've got to hope so. it means they're watching your show and not the mainstream media, and i think that's what we all hope for, right? here's what it comes down to, i think trump is calming down. the foreign trip calmed him down, hopefully this comey thing is passed, and he can actually focus. this turned into russia week, and hopefully today -- today there was more focus on infrastructure. the house and the senate need to get their act together and pass this agenda, use the repatriation tax, bring that investment back into the united states which'll help create jobbed and give us a funding source for this infrastructure. the truth is there are bottlenecks across the country. a lot of urban areas, places where jobs are growing faster, there are bottlenecks and congestion. you have to be able to get to your job efficiently. you know, trains have to work. you have to be able to ship large shipments especially in the amazon era.
6:49 pm
we have to make sure that goods can get where they need to go, and trump's trying to make that happen. charles: eric, when i look at the house and i watch and listen to members of the house, it feels like they're applying more and more pressure to their senate colleagues. they're saying, hey, listen, we've passed 158 bills. we're doing the heavy lifting. we did work this week on dodd-frank, what are you guys going to do? >> i think that's exactly right. the other thing, as you mentioned, trump ran against the obama regulations, but he also ran against regulations from president bush and president clinton as well. he's rolled back more regulations than any president since reagan, and i think he's really trying to pick up this environment. and look, you know, yes, a lot of the focus has been on him personally, but you have to look at his record. when he ran against a status quo and a broken system inside washington, d.c., he ran against blowing up those boxes can and really so they can, you know, break the chains and really try to move forward. and now congress is starting to move, and we need the senate to start to follow. and the way that we do that, as
6:50 pm
was mentioned, is to really repatriate money, also secure our borders, secure our -- and do those types of things and really start to push and promote the tax reform that he's talkind about during the campaign. charles: joe, it sounds so simple. why can't we get it done? [laughter] >> charles, it's really an amazing story. donald trump's our our oldest president, and he's been running circles around these republican senators and members of the house who are half his age. look, when i was in the house, we did a lot of stuff, and we sent it over to the senate, and harry reid would never do anything with it. we've got mitch mcconnell and republicans in the senate now who are sitting on a lot of the activity right now. this has got to change, and they've got to learn how to keep up with president trump because, charles, as you said it, to me the biggest success of his first five months is what he's done cutting government regulations. charles: he's done amazing.
6:51 pm
i do want to ask you real quick, ron, as president trump laid out the infrastructure plan, the one item that caught my eye -- and i think it's amazing -- one million apprenticeships. we've got an amazing skills gap in this country. not one where people need a college education, but they need to be brought up to snuff on how to use modern-day machinery and tools. i love that idea. >> yeah, no, it's a great idea. trying to work on the infrastructure, trying to get people to use their hands more. i know there's a heavy demand for that. and that's one of the reasons why i think you're seeing these construction and manufacturing stocks start to pick up. the truth is, too, it's also the rollback of regulations. the truth is it can take a year or longer, i actually in my other job on the board of county supervisors, we build roads, and it would take more than a year for most of the projects to actually have to follow current regulations. so slashing those regulations mean we can build more roads. when we build more roads, more people can have jobs. and where are construction jobs? you're looking at younger people -- charles: right. >> -- with less education who
6:52 pm
can then get opportunities and then save up and maybe afford education and step up in the economy. i mean, this is the american dream and, hopefully, we can help enable it by doing good projectings. charles: for every billion spent on infrastructure, i read that's 18 good-paying jobs. gentlemen, thank you very much. now, coming up, north korea on the brink as the rogue regime showing off new threats that we must take seriously. be right back. ♪ ♪ [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest
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charles: north korean aggression rising to a boiling point. it's testing a cruise missile
6:56 pm
that's capable of striking south korean and american warships. i think -- before we sort of not latest off but think they are not capable, they are way behind. it seems every time they have these tests i'm looking more convincedder in become more capable. they are 2-5 years away from having an intercontinental ballistic missile. the concern is seoul and tokyo. this launch was successful, it hit its target. it was a surface to ship missile they are demonstrating that can attack the ships we have off the shores of north korea.
6:57 pm
even weren't last few years they have have had five nuclear tests. so they are quite capable and quite a threat. charles: you are very concerned about this? >> i'm absolutely concerned about this. kim jong-un made it quite clear. he will relentlessly pursue a nuclear weapons program. he will test a nuclear weapon this year. he is not going to stop until he has the capability to deliver a nuclear war head to the united states. and i have to give the trump administration kudos for making doer * a top pry -- north korea a top priority. charles: wasn't it knead more
6:58 pm
difficult when south korea said we want to do environmental tests. are they serious? who is the crazy one in the guy in the north or the guy in the south. north korea has over 1,000 missiles. most those missiles can deliver kem quabl biological and nuclear weapons. the south korean needs as many defenses as it can to defend itself. this is a mistake that will come back and haunt the south korean government. charles: the president said it was sort of his visit to saudi arabia, and saying we have to make a typical tough decision and they are pressuring them to tomorrow sponsoring terrorism. if you can cut off the money to these terrorists, that's a major step in ultimately defeating
6:59 pm
them. > >> what we are look at now is we have this tension that's [they are trying to cut off all of the blockade outside of qatar. the americans are trying to alleviate this tension. we have a critical ally. charles: 's a quagmire. but the ball is rolling. we boxed them in along with saudi arabia. do you think they will blink? >> i suspect we'll be able to get our gulf state allies to back off. we don't want the blockade to stop business. this is a no-win for qatar to continue to back iran.
7:00 pm
charles: do you agree with this approach, terry? >> i agree. any funding of terrorism is something the united states cannot tolerate. charles: i think qatar was trying to have it both ways. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump firing back pat former f.b.i. director james comey who yesterday acknowledged that the president has mr. trump maintained throughout the senate and house intelligence hearings has never bent target of any investigation by any agency of the intelligence community, including the f.b.i. the president never wavered during the fiasco of these hearings and the false reporting


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