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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. lou: good evening, partisan witch-hunt known add russia investigation, now has a special counsel joining the circus created by the house and senate intelligence committees, and the recusal of the attorney general, and in all of thises venal madness of the dems and deep state worsens and grows more troubling by the day, only now close relationship between special counsel robert mueller and fired fbi director james comey is drawing greater scrutiny even as republican leaders on capitol hill have been complicit in mueller's
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service at special counsel, they have said nothing, now mueller is building a legal team filled with democrats, at least 4 prominent members of special counsel team have donated to democratic president at campaign and democratic organizations according to federal election filing, neither speaker ryan nor leader mcconnell have called for mueller's removal despite range of conflicts of interest, or for that matter, as trump white house or justice department. president trump is now building up his baggag legal team in response, hiring his personal attorney to lead president's lawyers and respected of the american center for law and justice, joining the trump teal last week, he is not ruling out the possibility of firing mueller. >> president of united states as we know, a unitary
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executive, president of seek advice of his counsel in government and out side, i am not going to speculate on what he will and not do. gerri: reporter: he will join us to talk about how the white house can win over the dems and deep state, in this broadening deepening conflict between the establishment and the left. and the presidency of donald j trump, and have the dems, left and deep state already crossed the line into subversion? first what to expect in the clash between attorney general sessions and dems and left on the senate intelligence committee tomorrow in what is sure too be an historic dramatic hearing tomorrow afternoon. attorney general sessions will testify in what will be an open hearing befores intel committee about his role in the russia investigation, and fired fbi director comey's sleazy insinuation about
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attorney general, attorney general one of most respected senators to serve in sense add evsenate over past two decades. reporter: there is no such thing as a dull day here at the white house. but today, pales in comparison to what is expected tomorrow. >> we have much great news to share with the american people today. reporter: president trump meeting with his full cabinet today. seeking to put his agenda back on track after last week's focus on infrastructure was derailed by james comey testimony. >> we're working every day, we have been working hardin together for our country to protect their safety, bringing back jobs into the country and putting always america first. reporter: but president threatens to be overshadowed again. at he promotes jobs in
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wisconsin tomorrow, his attorney general jov jeff sessions will be testifying in open sessions, saying that attorney general requested it hearing be public, he believes it is important for american people too hear truth from him, and looks forward to answering committee's questions tomorrow, president trump fought and continues to believe it was a mistake for sessions to recuse himself from the russia investigation. but to hear press secretary tell it today, the president has no issue with sessions testifying in a public setting. >> i think that president has been clear last week in the rose garden, he believes that the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with there has gone no collusion, he wants this to get investigated soon as possibling and be done to continue with the business of american people. reporter: another distraction today attorneys general of maryland and district of columbia filed suit against
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him, insisting his continue stake in his business empire violates the clause of the constitution. >> never, have we had a president, with these extensive business entangle ams or a president who refused to adequately distance themselves from their holdings, president trump's businesses, and his dealings, violate the constitution's anticorruption provisions. reporter: lawsuit claims that president's ownership in property like trump international in dc harms state and -- disif district. and foreign diplomats, have made clear, that his position as president increasing likelihood they wil frequent his property and businesses, today, it was dismissed as nothing more than a political
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attack. >> it is not hard to conclude partisan politics may be one of the motivations. lawyers driving suit are advocacy group with start so part son ties. reporter: what is unclear is how many the attorney general is willing to talk about private conversation he had with with the president. lou: john, neff never a dull day. >> a stunning admission by left, senator feinstein calls for an investigation into former attorney general loretta lynch. senator feinstein said that like comey, she too would have felt queasy by lynch's request to refer to vote of buying a
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investorgation as a matter. >> i would have a queasy feeling too, to be candid with you, i think we need to know more about that, and there is only one way to know that is to have judiciary committee take a look at that. lou: to know more about so many matters of the obama administration. should be a goal as well. i think. first ghost is here to -- first guest says is here to set record state on fired comey's leaking and opportunity ahead for the attorney general to set the record straight in tomorrow's open hearing. joining me, a member of president's legal team, jay second low and gray to have you with us. at-this-point, we're watching two committees house and intel senate committees they produced no evidence. they have produced a witness
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in james comey. who has made ridiculous allegations but who is pro tuesday more evidence against si himself than anything else. >> look, james comey, not been a credible witness in congressional testimony on many times, but let's look at facts, what to we know? president trump was never under investigation. for any of this. never subject to an investigation, we know in james comey's written testimony that president, it not in his view try to stop the russia kroab or obstruct justice. and james comey leaked material that he obtained in his capacity as fbi to be a director. stored this memorandum in his fbi desk. then decided to leak it, to a friend of his who would leak
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it to new york time for one person, that person was to draw a special counsel, who is now that special counsel which has been drawn, bob mueller. that raises a whole host of issues, i believe that min feinstein is correct, the idea that attorney general of united states then said, do not call this an investigation, call it a matter. the irs does not deal with matters they deal with investigations this looks like a political move at that time. lou: it is. to come into alignment with the obama administration and clinton campaign, and hillary clinton herself, so she could say, there is no investigation. it is -- i think remarkable
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and noteworthy and commendable that senator feinstein, unfortunately alone but she should be commended for having recommending an investigation. >> absolutely. >> it has not happened from any other quarter. turning to what president will do. he is being attacked by the deep state, by the lowest, by the dem carattic party, the lowest left, and republican leadership of house and senate are rolling over like trained dogs. this is contemptible this president, working as hard as he is, taking on the establishment, the status quo, having to deal with what are best neutral parties who should be partners against that onslaught. >> well, it is a media filibuster right now, all of
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the tumult that is being created. all these leaders that have testified. they say there is no evidence. and warner saying there is no evidence of violation. you look at this, what is it? they are trying to interfere with the president's agenda. i don't care if you are right, lo left or center, elections have consequences no matter which way you go on this. president was elected to be president. he needs works on his agenda, but these distractions, i think fall on a very difficult position for the united states that is what i'm concerned about. i think this is hurts the united states, and our standing to have this going on, you want to investigate, house and senate wants to then special counsel, now they have it. but here is interesting, the special counsel, allowed james comey to testify, before the congress, i take it because of
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the rules on this, then james comey is not a witness against the president because there is no investigation against the president that is what -- it gets lost in this. lou: it is madness what we're watching unfolded. to me it rises to the question at who point to the dems, the left the deep state cross the line into subversion, have they already crossd. >> you know go back to security leaks. we did they come from? hopefully they have impaneled a grand jury, and they are investigating this, president made it clear he wants the leaks stopped. but leaks, voaz involved in subverting interest of u.s. government when they conduct those leaks, those are crimes, they need to be investigated
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and prosecuted. that is what needs to be looked at here, i am hopeful that administration will focus on that, attorney general is testifying tomorrow, this say man that as you says had a distinguished career in u.s. senate, someone i call a friend, he will testify with integritiy and honor. lou: all rightly, you know, if there is collusion, somebody is looking toward russia. the fact is. >> kluthe collusion among let left wing media, the democratic parties, deep state against presidency is the collusion that should be fully investigated, and my opinion prosecuted. >> invested gate that. lou: thank you so much. >> appreciate you're time. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> growing calls for firing of special counsel bob mueller.
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>> i distrust independent counsels, i think that people that mueller is coming in are dangerous people. lou: mueller stocking his staff with democratic donors and cronies next. gerri: president trump ou trump touts progress. >> we'll have a news conference in two weeks on that fight. that fight. >> discussing will you be ready when the moment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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did you hear, "talk more and disappoint me"? ♪ do do do do ♪ skiddly do do ♪ camping with the family ♪ [ flame whooshes ] lou: joining us tonight, a member of house freedom caucus, ron desantos with us. let's start you heard jay, talking about the this assault on president. where is the leadership in the house that says enough? the other question is, when it is enough putting up with a special counsel who is conflicted in so 1 many ways and alliances with the domecrattic party, and -- democratic parties and why are republicans tolerating that. >> they are great questions in congress, i told leadership is, vis-a-vis the president we
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need to bring these investigations to a conclusion if they have not found any evidence of anything improper. we know there has not been. this is fine to investigate anything that russia may be doing in future, learning from the past. but it is important for the committee to say, look, we have no evidence of any type of illicit activity. then they will proceed without it being a cloud. in terms of special counsel this is very concerning with a number of these prosecutorring brought in -- prosecutors that are brought in who are big donors to democratic party and candidates, i believe three of them maxed out to hillary clinton in last presidential election against donald trump. you have a politically charged case, there is no crime to investigate. i don't think a special counsel should have been appointed. why would you then not be more careful to bring people in
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without obvious political allegiances, this hurts the credibility of the inquiry. i am surprised that special counsel has chosen to do that i have not seen anyone brought in that has any type of republican ties, another thing. why do you need so many prosecutors? have they identified any crime? that was actually committed, yet? lou: and answer is, not. and by the way, all of this obscures fact that there has been an investigation into quote, unquote collusion for 8 months now. and without a scintilla, i love that word scintilla, without a scintilla of evidence produced. where is the leadership saying, enough with the special counsel, enough with the senate intel investigations, they are unproductive. they have become farce. and are taking away pressure
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time from the ledg -- legislature to enact the laws. to america first and make america safe and rebuild our military. >> that is true in light of comey's testimony, this is really outrageous for months he tells the president, you are not under investigation. you are not under investigation. and yet when he testified in public. he was very coy about, that highigh inviting speculation that president may be under investigation, high helped fuel months long feeding frenzy that focused on president, and president of the right, he said, jim, i have a cloud over my head, you told me i am not under investigation, we neighborhood tneed to be honest with the public. president of the just fighting for truth. having gone through, that i think that house leadership, senate leadership, they need to be tough on comey's conduct, because i think it was really outrageous he would have let that happen. knowing the facts and knowing
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the president was not u under investigation. lou: and "gang of 8", briefed by fbi director, that there was no investigation, of the president, and what is it that didn't leak? from any of them that president of united states. >> i know. it is ridiculous, that you have everything -- by the way, a lot these leaks they are false, meadial report home, as -- media will republic them as a leak, iting turn out can be a conclusion they are drawing that is later refuted when witnesses testify under oath. lou: you notice that is balanced by an equal number of fake news, false leaks against democrats in various forms across the board, of course,. >>iace, don't be yes, don't get bet on that. >> comey admitted he trying to trigger a special counsel with president trump.
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and loretta lynch telling him not to call it a -- >> no. lou: he just called it a matter for hillary clinton. selling out in the worst possible way. congressman great to have you with us. congressman ron desantos. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question is, is it time for the national republican leadership to end the so-called russia collusion investigation. if have you had a belly full yet? cast your vote on twitter, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, and instagram. >> on wall street stocks closed lower, dow jones down 36.
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s&p lost 2, and nasdaq down 32. volume on the big board, 4 billion shares, tech stocks extending their decline for a second session. tech stocks across global markets are falling. ge shares rose more than 3.5% on the announcement that jeffrey immelt is stepping down at ceo. and a reminder, listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next. one of the few republican leader with the brains and guts to defend president trump against the fake russia collusion claims. >> i am not going to get into what special counsel should or should not do, i will say troubltrump administration is complying 100%, they want it
10:25 pm
go on. democrats have a playbook, we know it, it is resist, and obstruct. lou: russia's witch-hunt and special counsel mueller's troubling conflicts of interest, the subject of interest, the subject of tonight's commentaries, stayayay
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lou: a few thoughts on what we have been reporting for months. special counsel robert mueller loading his staff with democratic supporters. democrats they are. and four of the prominent members of his team have been dough fighting in dems for some time. the solicitor general donated to hillary in 2006. andrew wiseman and jeanie ree
10:30 pm
also donated to president obama and the dnc. and the special prosecutor on watergate gave money to clinton, obama, various democratic congressional campaign. they are quite a bunch to be on the special counsel who are supposed to be independent, as for mueller, he has his own conflicts of interest. ' he's known james comey since 2003. they have been described as brothers in arms during surveillance showdown. and in 2007 comey said of mueller, quote, he's one of the finest people i have ever met.
10:31 pm
comey admitted to leaking his own memos to a friend to leak to the "new york times" in order to help prompt the appointment of a special counsel. the left and the deep state are thrashing about, fighting as hard as they to be preserve the status quo in what is turning out to be a political mortal battle against the president. so far only one republican lead her has had the brains and the guts to call phone an end of house and senate intel investigations into russian collusion. let me say again twhribles no evidence of any kinds whatsoever, not a scintilla. the republican national committee chairwoman calling for an ends to all of these investigation, calling for the special counsel to end his investigation quickly. robert mueller already proved his version of a special counsel
10:32 pm
cannot be truly independent. this is, no matter what else you want to say, an absolute witch hunt against the president of the united states at best, and at worst orchestrated acts of subject version of his lawful presidency in the special counsel in the senate and house so-called investigation. let's get on with draining the swamp of these nasty, nasty creatures. my quotation of the evening. will rogers said i don't make jokes, i just watch the government and report thfacts. we a coming right back. stay with us. president trump blasting the dems for being the party of no opposing every issue, every program, every proposal.
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lou: president trump could receive a healthcare bill from senate republicans as early as tomorrow. they could meet with the president tomorrow. republicans also considering whether to combine healthcare and tax reform into single legislation that ostensibly would make it easier to move both forward. joining us to talk about that, the latest on the potential healthcare vote, the battle over tax reform, just 2 working days before congress gets to its august recess, we are joined by kevin brady. mr. chairman, good to have you with us. give us your sense what you understand as early as tomorrow, really? >> you are doing breaking news here. i think that would be awfully even couraging.
10:38 pm
-- awfully encouraging. if they have made a break through that would be awfully encouraging news. i know it would take them some time to go through the process. but if they are reaching consensus, that would be terrific. lou: the cbo had news for you and the house. what do you think? >> they can beef up the tax credits for those 50-60 years old. i would be eager to see the results. lou: as would we all. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin making it clear he wanted to get the debt ceiling moved before the august recess. he said the government has enough money to operate through september.
10:39 pm
but he would like to have that cushion. are you going to provide it? >> i think sooner rather than later on the debt ceiling. this issue has had a lot of drama over the years. my thinking is half the time congress attached spending cuts or serious budget reforms to start washington to live within its means. we either go that route or make it the are you seen approach used for many decade going forward. it's really important to get it done on time. there is no question about us meeting our obligations and our debt. lou: no question but always a lot of drama it seems every year. let's turn to if we may what's going on with the senate intelligence committee, the house intelligence committee, the special counsel.
10:40 pm
mr. chairman, where is the house leadership here? it's time to shut this deal down. this has become a bitter, vile, venomous attack. it's a witch hunt. the special counsel and all the conflicts he has with james comey and half the government, this is crazy stuff. is it time toned it? >> i'll tell you my own views here. i don't know that a special counsel is needed. i'm sceptical there is any there there. from the house side we have in chairman mike conway leading this investigation in the house. you have one of the most solid, thoughtful, most respected members handling this investigation. in my view from the house side it will be done right. lou: it well may be done as you say right. but so far there is no evidence
10:41 pm
of any kind. we are talking about no evidence of any kind and there is no defined crime to investigate. and eight has been -- this is just such an obvious partisan act of jihad being carried out against the white house. i think it's embarrassing to both parties. >> i think there are some especially among our democrat friends who want to delegitimize this president. i have nod had the chance to look at the evidence. but i'm sceptical there is anything there to be investigated. but imwilling to let our chairman do his job. lou: you can tell i'm aggravated. and you know i never get aggravated, congressman. congressman kevin brady. great to have you with us.
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kevin brady. please roll the video. this cyclist living on literally the evening. the daredevil carefully maneuvering his bike. carefully probably is somewhat superfluous. the railing all the while. the rocks below, the crashing waves. up next, is the vile left losing it collective mind? sponsors dropping a play that shows the think again. this is the new new york.
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lou: joining me now, the dean, ed rollins. great to see you. happy monday and no disapointments in the content of the day newswise. this an extraordinary moment where we are watching an
10:47 pm
administration under assault, unrelenting from he quarter. ed: we are sick months in now and we don't have all our personnel in place and a fully functioning white house team in place. being so distracted by the special prosecutor and pegs counsel. unless there is significant evidence, this becomes a distraction for everythingles else he want to do. the infrastructure story gets dropped off. this president has to go sell his healthcare. i hope there is a bill tomorrow. i hope the senate gets it done quickly. then it has to be sold to the country. so my sense is there i a lot to do and they have to get on that agenda and not get distracted by this other stuff. lou: this country has not seen a president build a consensus on a
10:48 pm
major public issue inthe over three presidents. and this president can sell. this president can get it done. ed: that's his great skill. lou: he just need adequate leadership in the house and in the senate to get this through. ed: we have to be unified. at the end of the day the democrat are unified on the other side. he has to sell it himself. no taking away from the head of the committee. i'm just simply saying everybody has to be joining with her and going out and selling this thing. the key thing is this is a big sell, the public don't know what in the bill.
10:49 pm
this president got elected to change this country and change it dramatically. it's pretty clear now, i wish i would have thought. i can't say i came to this without experience. the fact of the matter is, if he could have changed the leadership of both houses, he could have moved forward. they have been the greatest obstacle to his presidency so far, his agenda. do you disagree? ed: you can't change at this point in type or until after the next election. lou: paul ryan has not done a damn thing for 20 years except become speaker of the house two years ago. ed: the reality is he is the speaker of the house. i think the key thing is, if you get distracted by comey and all the rest of this stuff and spend thee months fighting over those
10:50 pm
issues as opposed to moving forward with this agenda, you are not going to get to the agenda. there is a short type frame to get all this done. >> 26 legislative days remaining before the recess in august. ed: there is a lot to do, and that's my argument at this point in time. lou: and we are out of time. up next, the "new york times" vows to stand by new york's public theater despite their controversial play which they chose to depict president trump' assassination. we'll take up the left. it venom, it vile, its attitude
10:51 pm
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set it free. see you around, giulia
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked do you think attorney general jeff sessions should make it his priority to remove the leftover mbers of
10:55 pm
the doj that served the political left? 98% say he should. joining me, eboni williams and mike gallagher. great to have you both with us. let's start with jay sekulow laying out way thought was one of the strongest defenses of the president's position and demolished bob mueller and the idiot democratic cronyism in the legal profession, the deep state judiciary. that's just my legal opinion. eboni: i can't figure out which side of this you fall on, i have got to figure it out. lou: i have got to give you a hint. truth, justice and the american way.
10:56 pm
mike: we should all have a jay sekulow in our cam. this is war. the president is under siege, an needs some of the best and the brightest. lou: i'm asking, why aren't the churches, why aren't all of the folks who supported this president, why aren't they coming together and demanding mueller go away. demanding ryan and mcconnell end this nonsense? this is just nasty -- it's futile, useless, it's awful. ebony: i think you have to look at some of the tweets from some of the gop. you have to look at the may 17 tweet from speaker gingrich who said mueller is a great gave integrity and honesty. lou: they said the same thing about james comey.
10:57 pm
ebb any *: i know. he's always e democrats in every conflict. ebony: registered republican by the way. they call them rinos for a reason. this gets to the heart of your question some people don't know what to make of it. they shall hearing this from some people and hearing honesty and integrity from others. if you think there is an objective person in washington, d.c., where does one look to find that. mike: all of this is uncharted territory. we are dealing admittedly with a president who doesn't play by the rules they want him to play by. that's why he was elected.
10:58 pm
everybody gets it. but everybody is afraid of this volatile day to day narrative. >> we knew this man was going to be the answer to everyone praying for a disruptor to take over washington, d.c. liberals as well as conservatives, republicans and democrats. here he is disrupting. it's as if he lost his rights to the first amendment. he can't speak the way he wants. he cannot tweet. who are these fools who think they can impose this kind of shackles on him? >> change is difficult, lou. the american people elected donald j. trump. personally i didn't vote for donald trump but that's the aspect i like. what it feels like, though, is very uncomfortable for a lot of people.
10:59 pm
mike: i ask my radio audience all the time. do you think he should stop the tweets? i get as many democrats call in and say no. ebony: was that my mom again? lou: think how uncomfortable those people felt under 8 years of america that was nothing more than a trash bin, there is no such thing as american exceptionalism. we are hearing for the first time that this is america first. make america great again. he's a truly aspirational president, but he's not doing it according to the very people he ran against. the establishment and the orthodoxy. you have got to leave washington behind. >> in the dust. that's my point.
11:00 pm
mike: at the end of the day he's blowing it up and that's what they want. lou: that's it for us tonight. lou: good evening, partisan witch-hunt known add russia investigation, now has a special counsel joining the circus created by the house and senate intelligence committees, and the recusal of the attorney general, and in all of thises venal madness of the dems and deep state worsens and grows more troubling by the day, only now close relationship between special counsel robert mueller and fired fbi director james comey is drawing greater scrutiny even as republican leaders on capitol hill have been complicit in mueller's


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