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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 14, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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that's it for us. christopher ferrell and kimberly guilfoyle among my guests tomorrow night. we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy is next. kennedy: attorney general jeff sessions cops out swinging. did he put the james comey investigation to bed? obamacare in a death spiral. hear how fast it' reportedly collapsing. and an american held hostage in north korea finally on his way home. did dennis rodman have anything to do with it? there was plenty of heat in the congressional sessional. members of the senate judiciary committee were ready to give sessions both cover and hell.
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and the attorney general made no bones about the fact that he was ready to bring it. >> the suggestion i par taste is pay thed in collusion or was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country that i served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie. kennedy: the a.g. selectively invoked executive privilege. >> you testified i am not able to invoke executive privilege, that's up to the president. has the president invoked executive privilege with regards to your testimony today? >> he has not. >> the president hasn't asserted it.
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kennedy: do you like spy fiction, daniel silva, jason matthews. do you like jason bourne or james bond movies? >> i do. kennedy: the attorney general was wailing. >> mr. comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me. there are none, senator, there are none. i can tell you that for absolute certainty. this is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me and i don't appreciate it. kennedy: i do. i love innuendo.
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senator john mccain doesn't love russia and he made that plain with questions about the armed services committee in regards to the motherland. >> did you raise concerns about russia's support for bashar al-assad and violence against his own citizens and the use of chemical weapons? >> i don't recall if that was discussed or not. kennedy: what does he recall? kamala harris can't see when she is going being hysterical. >> the policy is based on the principle that the president -- >> i'm not asking about the principle. >> you would rely on that policy? did not ask you're staff to show
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you have the policy that would be the basis for your refusing to answer the majority of questions. >> senators will allow the chair to control the hearing. senator harris. let him answer. >> thank you. kennedy: that exchange damaged the rookie. they let sessions slither away without pinning him down for his actual fault. i think it's fantastic, and i'm kennedy. so what does the sessions testimony mean politically? chad, welcome back to the show.
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let's talk broadly what did we learn today from the sessions testimony? >> this shouldn't come at much surprise. the democrats were not impressed by some of the answers. the republicans maybe not impressed, but they were more differential to their republican colleague. there was a moment in the opening statement where attorney general sessions referred to them as my colleagues and then said you are my former colleagues. that shows the lil level of that's why the exchange with ron wide be was so striking. that was a pretty testy exchange. you talked about the exchange with senator harris. she was firing questions and
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almost gatling gun fast, and attorney general sessions said wait a minute, i need to slow this down a little bit so i can keep up. there was a question from senator marco rubio if he knew if there were recordings from the president. and again the attorney general asserted that he wasn't with the -- with the russian ambassador at any point about this secret meeting. that's where you got into this issue of secret innuendo the attorney general referenced. kennedy: james comey made vague reference to some of these things without filling out his answer and giving us any sort of detail. that's what jeff sessions took to be a personal slight. as tom cotton and others pointed out, there wasn't much to the meeting at the may flower it sounds like there were a number of people in the room.
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jeff sessions didn't have room there and it was quite impossible for them to meet up. it goes to the ultimate point, trying to connect the dots between russia and the trump campaign requires facts, and the facts so far just aren't there which makes this an exhaustive process. i want to talk about the attorney general's explanation of his recusal. we thought originally when he recused himself from the russia investigating was because of some of the contacts he had with sergey kislyak but he said it was because he was a campaign operative. >> that's why some democrats got on him. they said what is the text of the recusal. you had people at the justr justice department saying look at what we said here. we told aides not to talk to the
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attorney general about anything related to the campaign investigation. i thought it was noteworthy in another hearing early today before the senate appropriations committee that rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general was asked, can you talk to us about the recusal. and he said no. we can't get into that have much. there is a gray area here and that's why democratic senators are wondering what are the terms of this recusal and what's the limit on this and ways written down on paper? kennedy: those are valid questions. i understand the frustration senators have when attorneys general aren't forthcoming with their answers and invoke executive privilege which is something eric holder has done in the past. it was jeff sessions who wanted it to be a public session. what kinds of grade would you give him? >> when you look at how he comes
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off. the democrats will be critical, the republicans are not. it looks like something people might say this is about a "b" performance. i saw a statement from chuck schumer. but that's why you look at what senator angus king with really got into knowing or asking about the recusal questions here. if he was getting into executive privilege, was he invoking executive privilege. he was asked, how invoking right now? he said wait a minute, what are you doing? kennedy: much more to discuss. thank you so much, chad. right now i'll go to my brass-coated party franl if the fox news specialist. a co-host and correspondent on "the greg gutfeld show," kat
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timpf. and evan siegfried. evan, you are outnumbered. let's talk about jeff sessions' performance today. i was watching ken starr say that he thought sessions did an amazing job. he is such a sterling human being that his beautiful heart light shown throughout the entire testimony. >> i thought it was a rorschach test where both sides saw what they wanted to. kennedy: isn't that the case these days. you have see what you want to see. >> i thought jeff sessions did a fantastic job protecting the president. he can't get pinned down for
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something discovered in the future. and he made know drama the president can go to. when we are talking about him not technically invoking privilege. it's appropriate. that's smart. democrats can't hold him in contempt for not doing that. they require the senate to vote on every single question he avoided. >> chairman burr said you can take these questions to the president and get approval. way was curious about. i felt like sessions was all over the map with russia. kamala hire rils said we have to have a harmonious relationship with return. to mccain he said we need to do more and said he believes russia was meddling in our elections. sow what is it? >> i have thought i heard him saying he ought to be trying to
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have a harmonious relationship with russia. i agree. i want to us have harmonious relationships with as many people as possible. but there are things with the russian-u.s. relationship that are troubling. say election meddling. but this particular three-ring circus is merely about one thing, it's grand standing primarily on the part of conservatives. i don't like mr. sessions. he may be a remarkable human being. but as attorney general and as a senator, there are plenty of things about him that are deplorable and worth criticizing. him being a secret spy for the russians, i have seen little evidence of that. i don't know if the democrats actually believe this. kennedy: it's a huge tool of distraction. eric holder has done the same thing in the past.
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should we have a uniform idea if you are going to testify before congress, say something? kat: i'm not an attorney, but if i were be i would advise all my clients to speak in a southern accent. for two section i thought oh he seems nice. but executive privilege. people asking the questions could predict that. you could tell they practiced obstruction and stonewalling and saying those words forcefully in the mir r mirror all morning. kennedy: democrats were quick to react to today's testimony. dick durbin said in a statement, the nationest ranking legal authority recommended the
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dismissal of the director of the f.b.i., reportedly offered his resignation to the president and refused to answer questions from the senate intelligence committee. it's hard to see how he can continue to serve. speaking about the report about resignations. why didn't we hear about that today? that seems like an important point. someone could have asked him. are you ready to resign? >> what republican would bring that up? democrats don't want to bring up the resignation. they want to put him in allege orange jumpsuit for his spy activities with ambassador kislyak. >> there is no doing well with a circus like this. they are asking the same questions over and over again, knowing their colleague next to
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them did not get answers of those questions. so there can be video of them. it's prolific politics. i should be clear, i don't think the hearings themselves are injuring the country it's keeping them busy which means they are not passing laws harming the rest of us. kennedy: i think that's why republicans like it. they don't have to work. they can say busy and distracted. this russia cloud is over us so we can't tackle healthcare. are we addicted to the drama of the senate hearings? having seen comey and sessions just a few days apart. >> people are disappointed. obviously sessions still works for the guy. you are not going to be -- thinking he has a reason to still care about what he says. but eventually you would think people would get bored.
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one of my favorite things now, regular civilians don't realize congressional hearings are quite boring. kennedy: yes, they are. the party panel rurnts later in the show. does anyone in the administration have to worry about legal trouble after jeff sessions' testimony today? james mattis says the united states military lacks readiness and it's all congress' fault. everything is conscious' fault. how much more money do they need? i am totally blind.
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kennedy: we have a lot more on jeff sessions testimony on capitol hill. gregg jarrett joins me live in studio. there was a little bit of contradiction between what former f.b.i. director james comey said and what jeff sessions said about that meeting in february where the former f.b.i. director went into a
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location with the president by himself. greg: jeff sessions said in a gentlemanly southern way that comey is a liar. that when comey said jeff sessions just stood there in silence when i complained about meeting privately with the president, sessions said it didn't happen that way. and he recited what he told james comey. comey has credibility problems primarily because we know he's a leaker after railing against leaks most of his professional career. kennedy: , and comey himself, how often those three names have combined in "new york times" stories. gregstories.gregg: we learned jf
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sessions collude with nobody, and he has endured a public thrashing over nothing. kennedy: he gave certain senators some pushback including ron wyden and kamala harris. sessions was supposed to be in legal jeopardy. judge andrew napolitano said that sessions could be in a lot of trouble here because he could get the president in trouble or himself in trouble because he wasn't testifying as the attorney general. is that an explanation for why he invoked executive privilege? gregg: he was obligate to invoke a privilege, not executive privilege. for 30 years since the supreme court ruled on executive privilege. it's only the president can invoke it.
12:23 am
not sessions. there is a procedure that you follow. if you have a conversation with the president and you think it might be executive privilege, you decline to answer it. if congress wants it they move to compel, then the president can invoke it or not. and if they still disagree, it goes to a federal judge. sessions was following the law. in particular ron wyden came across as a legal blockhead for not understanding that when sessions tried to explain it to him. kennedy: i wanted to get back to comey. sessions' explanation ways comey has been f.b.i. director for a number of years and he knows his way around the presidential suite and he knows the rules and bylaws within the bureau and department of justice. sessions who had only been attorney general for about a
12:24 am
month said the guy knew how to handle himself. it's not like i left him in a dark alley. gregg: if james comey really thought the president tried to obstruct justice. the law demand that he go immediately to his superior at the department of justice. failing that, he can go to congress. if he doesn't do that, comey is committing a crime. comey couldn't say in his testimony i thought the president was obstructing justice because he would be incriminating himself for his own failure. kennedy: that's a point california congressman adam schiff made. he said there are chans to be a whistleblower. -- channels to be a whistleblower.
12:25 am
gregg: it requires a threat, a bribe, a lie, obstruction of evidence or concealing documents. comey alleges none of those things happened. so by legal definition it cannot be obstruction of justice and comey knows that. kennedy: thank you for your legal expertise. gregg: can i take one of your skittles pens? and you are wearing a dress that is no color at all. kennedy: it's the absence of color. dennis rodman is back in north korea. michael malice is here with reaction next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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the five more than a year after his arrest expects in north korea. we have learned he's been in a coma since march of last year. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a political pastor from a hotel. they reportedly learned last week that he had been in a coma since contracting botulism after his conviction and that's what the north koreans claim.
12:30 am
spencer secretary referred to north korea is the most urgent and dangerous threat for peace and security. plus, whatever you do, you don't have t worry, against dennis rodman has arrived on the scene to lend his foreign-policy expertise. state department says rodman is not there in an official capacity but is made for other visits to the hermit kingdom and upon landing today, he told reporters he was there to quote do something that's pretty positive. joining me now to discuss the host of the new show, you're welcome, on compound media, michael malice is back. he's also the author of dear reader: the unauthorized autobiography of kim jong-il. it's a must-read, go get it today. >> really disturbing events. is there any staff we can put in north korea's claim that the kid contracted botulism and fell into a year-long?
12:31 am
back when they're held captive, were told there held -- your spending a week in the coffin. they don't have medical care for their own citizens. this guy wasn't a prisoner, he was a hostage. hostages have value and they surely got something in return for him. i do not believe for a second, necessarily, that they're telling the truth. they could have been beating him all this time mercilessly and now they started to get rid of him. >> host: that's what his parents claim is that he had been beaten and have been a victim and the secretary of state rex tillerson says they certainly until he decides was more. i want to ask you, and what i think is pretty interesting, it's so odd. it's so absurd that dennis rodman is over there, once again, and happens to arrive on the day they released this kid. it's a medical release. is there any correlation?
12:32 am
>> what north korea does it still go in waves in terms of their propaganda. one week will kill you all, will nuke guam and then the next week, look, were good guys. were inviting citizens to come visit. they play this loop over and over in the been doing it for years. still have a moment of sunshine, then a moment of the rattling and the press reports it aggressively and still think they're crazy when they're just good at being manipulative five there are still three americans held captive there. my question is do you fear that they had been receiving the same horrific treatment that he has been receiving. is there anything that gets any inclination that they are in better shape? >> we don't know that at all but we know the prisoners are treated quite well, especially compared to the average north grand is a prisoner. in fact, the guards have been known to press their awards for information about the outside world because they can't believe what an average person in america standard of living is.
12:33 am
if you're treated wellin north korea, you still treated horribly compared to a american standards but that's what dennis rodman forgets. he was asking about concentration camps and he says we have presence, so what's the difference. * prisoners in america they rather be in north korea and you find your answer. kennedy: ask what they do to newborn babies in front of their own mothers. is there a tv in north korea, are the citizens seen dennis rodman arriving with the press gaggle? >> of course. this is how popular kim jong-il is with the rest the world. we have american celebrities coming to visit and basically bow down and kiss his ring, that proved their argument that everyone in the world worships him and generates him and that our leadership is hated and is a pariah. kennedy: will keep our eye on the story. have the night. they're looking to set up as well. that is has asked for an additional $33 billion for what
12:34 am
he claims are unfunded military needs. that's on top of the $603 billion that the president is already proposed for 2018. the claimant is also claims the united states is quote not winning in afghanistan right now. inside of that is a need for the increased funding. today, the government accountability office head back and said the department of defense needs to better manage his finances. so, does the pentagon need a raise? or financial planner. the party panel is back. camille, evan, i will start with you. let's say, hypothetically, we gave the defense department a trillion dollars. we already gave them $600 million. let's give them a trillion dollars. what would be be safer? >> i don't think the money would be well spent. they do need a financial planner for what they're doing right now is throwing good money after bad. they did highlight some instances of incompetence on
12:35 am
their part but the thing that stood out about the gao report to me was the gao started protecting the military how they should be engaging in military matters. in half but they said instead of setting special forces to deal with it, you send a whole bunch of the ground troops and leave them there for its more american lives at risk and that's not as effective as having a highly elite special forces team going to take a surgical strike. kennedy: government, the office showing the inefficiency of government. camille, here we are, still in afghanistan. america's longest war. this is a bloodied and brutal conflict. we need more money in the defense department to win in afghanistan and what does winning in afghanistan even mean at this point? >> this is my next question. i'm not sure who it is purchasing at this point.
12:36 am
i don't know what a good outcome looks like, normal in afghanistan is not certainly any standard that is good for americans. before we pour in additional money, that is the conversation that needs to happen. quite frankly, any number of conflicting foreign policy objectives and more money is not point to help clarify those things. kennedy: what about credibility for the department of defense? is it possible to have the civilians oversee and apply any accountability? >> too many is very offensive. when you suggest hey you spend your money better, while you don't care about, you love ices. look at the threat of terrorism is real. they hate us, and they go sorry, and then they're able to spend as much money as they want or we go to ices. of course, it's real, but what else is real is money. it's because it's able to be stroked with emotion, fear, they can get as much money as they want. >> also jobs. also congress make sure there these components and regression distance are built. >> they keep making tents.
12:37 am
by even suggesting cutting the military budget they say if you don't like it, just leave. okay. how much is ough perspective. kennedy: a trillion dollars is an insane amount of money. what does it mean to rebuild the military? >> especially when you see the not spending their money well. >> one of the questions here is what sort of bureaucracy do we actually see at the pentagon and the fact is it's an advisable one. a significant proportion of the pentagon budget -- back and there are patriotic long serving members of the military who love this country and they love their jobs and they are the first to say that it's incredibly inefficient and maybe we need to think some of the structure and not necessarily arming the warriors. you are so good to be there. coming up, i want to think the panel. ivan, camille and kat. there we go. obamacare continues to bombard
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according to present who told senate republicans to come up with something more generous. that was before flying to wisconsin to meet with what the white house is calling obamacare victims. the president said there will be many more victims to come. >> nationwide one in three us counties have only a single insurer and many of those insurers, as you know, have announced that they are leaving. obamacare is been broken and has been a broken promise. kennedy: he's right. you don't have to exaggerate. it's awful but how much worse can it get? the new york times reporting that by next year 45% of us counties will have one or no insurer options. that is some state governments in fear of a total healthcare collapse and now iowa is looking for big bailout. i was insurance decision reported still need more than $350 million from federal government to help keep accurate in its counties. this feature ever editor take me
12:43 am
through this. what is going on in iraq which market is this a pilot program for single-payer. >> i wouldn't call it that. it's a bailout for insurance companies under obamacare. basically, what has happened is that remember when obamacare was sold, one of the big pitches that president obama made at the time was that you have a lot of choice that you could go online, shop for insurance, that it be like going to a travel site and picking a hotel or plane ticket. that really hasn't worked out. in part, because insurers have dropped out of this program. dropped out of exchanges throughout the country and now it looks like 45 counties is still preliminary but right now 45 counties may have no insurer next year and 1388 are likely to have one insurer in the obamacare exchange and iowa,
12:44 am
depending on how things go with the insurance they are, could have none at all. what iowa is doing is basically saying we want to repurpose the money that's already coming in and we want to use it to pay off insurers to stay in this program. kennedy: because insurers are absolutely bailing because they have no choice, if the companies want to stay afloat. what happens to its bigger states? what if they run into the same issue with no healthcare options and no insurers and the majority of the counties? >> i think that what we'll see happen and a lot of these states is that they'll start looking for unusual solutions. like we are seeing in iowa. this is one that they're having to ask washington to repurpose all of this money. they're seeing get permission for an emergency backstop. you do see congress, members of congress, looking to talking about and perhaps allowing some of these things to go through or perhaps even congress voting to pay off insurers, at the federal level, and make that happen.
12:45 am
part of the issue is that the obama administration is making illegal payments to insurers under obamacare, payments that weren't authorized according to a federal judge. the trump administration has continued to make those payments so far but donald trump has also said, a trend that he may not continue to make those comments. all of this is part of the negotiation over the american healthcare act, the gop bill to rewrite obamacare. kennedy: last question, peter. we'll have ten seconds. is obamacare in a death spiral? >> i don't know that in a death spiral but it's incredibly unstable from both a political and policy perspective and it is going to have to change somehow or another. kennedy: that the last word. thank you so much coming up a colorado company has the perfect pick me up for dogs. we'll tell you all about it in we'll tell you all about it in the tropical storm, get hungry,
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kennedy: earlier today the ceo travis is taking a leave of absence from the company. his replacement is expected to arrive in nine minutes in a great you're a corolla. pick up your feet and enjoy the
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ride because this is the tropical storm. storms never rest. that's unless the weather is cold. topic number one: we begin tonight with a cautionary tale about cell phone use. for once, it doesn't involve anthony weiner. the story takes place outside of america in new jersey where a woman was texting and walking and didn't see a pair of the sidewalk doors. zero no. there she goes. [laughter] having a typical jersey conversation and they want to go dancing but maria will be on hogwild. the ultimate dropped call. luckily, she's a jersey housewife so she's able to land safely on her press on nails. she smudged her spray tan which would ruin the group pictures in the bon jovi concert. paramedics say this woman is
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lucky to be alive. she was using a samsung phone which could explode at any moment. and he heard of the plane announcement? get off the plane and then will punch you in the face. topic number two. the apple announced that their driving self driving cars. a no-brainer for apple. most of the workers aren't old enough to drive themselves to the iphone factory. look at their little tiny hands. how does the old saying goes? come to kennedy for the expert analysis for the child labor jokes. what fun. they permit a thomas carson california back on april 14th but the cars have admitted to apple headquarters yet because they're still stuck in traffic on the 405. hopefully they'll get there soon because self driving cars way safer than humans. i don't know if you heard but humans get distracted quite easily. here we go.
12:52 am
google is also working on a self driving car but you have to be careful with that one because no matter what you type into its google gps, it always takes you to. i swear i put it interest and, yes, family show. topic number three. we don't normally cover serious subjects for the colorado company has opened up an ice cream truck for dogs. yes, this is just the brilliant type of art for neural breakthrough that can only take place in a state that is legalized recreational marijuana. dude, what if we opened up and i could scream truck for dogs? i really hope my impression for a stoner is good. i haven't been anywhere near
12:53 am
marijuana since great, god, i hate missing hanging out with drew barrymore. nearly every major sponsor has pulled out of the julius caesar production over a tasteless depiction of donald trump's assassination. but not alec baldwin. the boss baby took time out from his busy schedule, whining about the election and popping the paparazzi to attend the show's premiere on monday night. prior to the play, director oscar to the stage to assure everyone that the public theater does not see violence as a solution. the line caused the crowd to clap and baldwin let a photographer out of a headlock. put that cameraman down. cameramen are for closers only. topic number five: finally, a feel-good video that people on
12:54 am
both sides of the aisle can get behind. check out this adorable mother bear and her four cups hopping a fence, look at that, so fun. they're like where we come overcoming for your mom. the person who took the video said the buds untrained bears were disgusted after watching the tasteless ending of julius caesar in a central part. they didn't want to get stuck in traffic with a bunch of self-righteous theater stops. they climbed out and called it a night. over 5 million people have watched that video including one new jersey woman who couldn't stop watching it. they were just all about to get over. [laughter] this poor lady. so feel better when she gets that snapshot from america's funniest home videos. from what i hear, it's down to her and kathy griffin and it's not looking good for kathy. shall be in lady macbeth and the tramp what? i'll be right back to the
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five breaking news on the war of afghanistan. they're now reporting that president trump has given pentagon unilateral authority to send as many troops as they see fit to the battlefield there. the decision expected to be announced tomorrow is a big reversal of obama administration policy. earlier we reported that defense secretary matus is speaking
12:59 am
33 billion in additional military funding. right now i have some final thoughts on the sessions hearing. some of the more contentious moments from today's test when he came from oregon tenant senator ron wyden. is a fantastic champion of civil liberties and the fourth amendment and he deftly has a nose for smelling. today's questioning and past statements reveal the senator 6 cents. >> mr. chairman, that answer, in my view doesn't pass the smell test. i don't like your answer. i believe the timing of your firing stinks. yesterday you put on the record, testimony that demonstrates why the odor of presidential abuse of power is so strong. it is hard to see how this claim passes the smell test. kennedy: what is he waiting for it to smell like?
1:00 am
team spirit? i understand he's from the northwest. thank you so much for watching the show tonight. i will see you tomorrow evening, video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot.


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